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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 8, 2010 12:35am-1:10am PST

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meet the real meg whitman: serving on the board of goldman sachs, whitman was caught reaping millions from insider stock deals. after ebay shareholders sued and a judge cited the obvious conflict of interest she was forced to pay the money back. what kind of person would be involved in deals a fellow republican congressman called corrupt? and in her last year at ebay, whitman paid herself $120 million right before the company laid off 10% of it's workers. we're choosing a governor, shouldn't character matter?
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i say baloney. this state belongs to all of us. we just have to decide we want to change. i know government isn't a business and it shouldn't be, but the same values of accountability and focus that make california businesses among the best in the world could do a lot to fix sacramento. i'm on a mission to create more jobs, stop wasteful spending, and improve our schools. let's get to work. ♪
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one candidate's camp talking about another. why someone a nasty night in politics. one candidate's camp talking about another while someone in the brown campaign meg whitman a whore. arrested but now free to go. how police say this man warns women he is out to get them. and a new option for women suffering from hot flashes. the remedy and the side effects. good evening. >> this is one of the nastiest campaign years in memory. now, someone in jerry brown's campaign is caught on tape calling meg whitman a whore. the recording released just
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hours ago. >> reporter: meg whitman has been in the good graces of police and firefighters ever since she agreed to protect their pensions from any cuts. so last month jerry brown was calling the los angeles police protective league asking them for their endorsement. at the end of that voice mail, he thought he had hung up the phone, but he did not. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: a few days after that voice mail, the police union ended up endorsing meg whitman anyway. then a law enforcement police call action committee donated nearly half a million dollars to her campaign. it was the police officers
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union in l.a. that released the recording to the l.a. times. >> obviously, attorney general jerry brown was in a panic and was in concern over what our action were going to be as far as our commitment to the governor's race. he slipped up. >> reporter: brown's campaign manager confirmed the authenticity of the recording and released a written statement saying this was a jumbled and often inaudible recording of a private conversation. at times our language was salty. we apologize. whitman's camp says this is an appalling smear at meg whitman. mr. brown may have used the term at least once on this recording. just got off the phone with her people. they say they are sticking by
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their statement. i asked if they are accepting this apology. at that point, they had no comment. >> and so it goes. thank you. well, a little for that i canness in california senate race as well. this is barbara boxer commenting on sarah palin's endorsement of fiorina. >> i can tell you, you can tell about a person when you look at the company they keep. >> well, palin is scheduled to be in anaheim for a republican rally next saturday. fiorina says she won't attend. if the rest of us pulled what the elected officials in sacramento are doing right now, the banks would foreclose on our homes, repress our cars, and cancel all of our credit cards. tonight, the legislature is working to pass a budget 99
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days after it was due. to make it work, they have come up with some creative accounting measures. >> reporter: first, they've got to come up with a creative way of passing the budget. the assembly has passed the main budget bill butt senate is stuck. let me show you video now. this is what it's been like for several hours. the senate floor there. the budget is on hold until leaders can either twist some arms. the budget claims to plug a $19 billion deficit. there is pension reform as employee unions are making some changes. today marks 99 days since the beginning of the fiscal year. the longest the legislature has ever taken it past the budget. now tonight we're hearing it could go longer. >> i would predict that we will get this done tonight. i hope it's done earlier rather than later, but we must get this done. >> reporter: some critics are saying the legislature is using
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creative accounting. they claim there are no new taxes, still the budget somehow increases spending by a billion dollars. the budget optimistically assumes the federal government will give the state $5.3 billion which is about $2 billion more than the governor recently projected. some payments will also be delayed. for example, $2 billion to schools will be delayed until the next fiscal year. >> the key here is it's pass the buck. it's the responsibility is down the road. it's to a new legislature. it's to a new governor. it's the legislature not doing their job. >> there are no new taxes, but there's a billion dollars more in spending. >> part of that are further tax cuts for the largest corporations, which my republican colleagues are insisting upon to give up the last votes for us to get to the super majority. >> reporter: among those
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holding out tonight, senator leeland yee. just to give you an example of some of the cajoling going on, right now there's a bill to help the folks in san bruno with tax relief. it could be millions of dollars there for the folks there victims of that explosion. it's been put on hold. it's yee's bill, and they're putting the screws to him. >> my goodness. interesting stuff. thank you, joe. headlines from around the bay area now. a muni bus hit and killed a cyclist in san francisco. it happened around 5:00 tonight at the intersection of 6th avenue and clement. the victim has not been identified yet. the driver is suspended with pay during the investigation. losaltos police say this
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man threatened to rape several women. most victims lived on the peninsula. he's free on $25,000 bond. and the cal train board of directors approved higher fares and less service. beginning in january, fares will go up 7%. midday service will be cut from half hourly to hourly. some new measures to protect golden gate park after 60 acts of vandalism in just the past few months including two attacks on the golf course in one week. don shows us what the city is doing to prevent future vandalism. >> reporter: in the dark of night, at least three vehicles roared over this narrow lane. it won't be so easy in the future. some logs or other barriers will block the way. police will be looking for anyone trying to get on the course. and there will be a reward, looking for the bad guys.
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vandals returned monday night to do more damage, including an improvised road rally. golfers are outraged. >> i equate that to someone urinating in a church. this is holy ground. >> probably young fellows who think it's okay to destroy something everyone enjoys. >> reporter: this is green number 8. it's damaged so bad, it's not even recognizable as a green. they're going to have to dig it all up and replant it. it's the third big hit on golden gate park resources this year. in may, vandals cut down 17 elm trees. in august, 36 rose bushes. chase bank put up $30,000 to help replace trees. now the san francisco park's trust is putting up $1,000 as reward money and asking for more money to repair the damage. >> we already have a fund called the restore fund where
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people can donate and buy supplies for the gardeners and seeds and tools and trees and plants. money is contributed to that fund. well, nobody expected this to happen. >> i went in, and i was scribbling my signature. frankly, i was trying to get out of there. >> a candidate running for san jose city council crashes a news conference called to publicize allegation that he's a liar. cooling the hot flashes. a new option for women going through the big change. and the giants won tonight thanks to that man, tim lincecum, who threw 14 strikeouts. tonight, the science behind his award-winning pitch. oh, yeah. we love the freak. there's nothing freaky about your friday forecast. we'll pinpoint your neighborhood and your forecast
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feed. you've already seen how the governor's race has turned nasty. now has the race for san jose city council seat. >> when someone comes forward and they have such fundamental character flaws. >> reporter: the well- orchestrated news conference targeted larry pegram. but no one counted on him showing up to dispute the claims. then he tried to crash the news conference, but was blocked at entrance and a turned away. >> i've been denied access to the building. they won't allow me to come in and defend myself and my reputation. >> reporter: inside, the government attorney's association released documents they say proves he used a false name to declare bankruptcy 14 years ago a. pegram is running
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for city council. under the city responsibility banner. >> why would someone sign something like that under a fake name? >> reporter: he was later accused of using the alias to throw off the bank. he had trouble explaning the signatures on the documents which look more like pillman than pegram. >> i went in and was scribbling my signature. frankly, i was trying to get out of there as fast as i could. >> reporter: he says his bankruptcy has long since been resolved. >> unions are after me. this is political. this is distortion. this is an attempt to discredit me. >> reporter: his council opponent was not involved in digging up the information, but says it does raise questions of character. >> if this is true, i also would ask supporters to reach out to him and ask him about this. he's campaigning on fiscal responsibility. if this is true, that's not
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fiscal responsibility. >> reporter: mr. pegram has been described as chuck reed's hand-picked candidate. today, mr. reed was not available for comment. well, seems the cost of being overweight is bigger for women than for men. researchers found that women pay more than twice the amount than men when it comes to being obese. those payments include medical expenses, diminished productivity, and loss of wages. for men, the total is about $2600 a year. for the women, it can be more than $4800. soon there might be a new way for women to cool down from a miserable symptom, hot flashes. >> you have to stop and take care of what's happening to your body, which usually means running to the window and throwing it open, even when
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it's very cold outside to try to cool yourself down. >> well, now a drug provides some hope. an earlier version of it was showed to reduce the number of severe hot flashes. it was also linked to side effects like dizziness. scientists tweaked it to make a different version. >> reporter: hot flashes can be miserable. we have a very effective treatment, estrogen. a lot of women shy away from taking estrogen because it's been linked to an increased risk of breast canner, heart attack, and stroke. this new drug could help a lot of the women reduce the symptoms of menopause. >> doctors say it's not as effective as estrogen, but this new investigational formulation might be a useful alternative for women who cannot or do not want to take hormones. >> this is what we use around
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here. although, we do have a little fan. roberta, do you need it? >> i'm doing just fine. just fine over here. who you looking at? dana, i am your biggest fan, by the way. take a look at coy tower, all awash in orange tonight. go giants. for tomorrow's game, temperatures near 60 degrees under mainly clear skies. that's how we'll kick start your friday. we have this area of low pressure riding north of the bay area. the tail end of this system is going to skim the northern portion of the state leaving us with a few clouds. otherwise, we'll call it mostly sunny. temperatures, maybe a couple degrees warmer than today. east bay, west winds 5-10.
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gentle breeze. san francisco 67 degrees up from 66 today. we will have the sunshine in dylan beach. by the way, this weekend looking ahead. breathe, california, is sponsoring breath of life walk. we hope to see you there. real fun day. beautiful weather for it as well. take a look at extended forecast. over the weekend, warmest day will be on sunday. pleasant conditions for the blue angels, yes. temperatures, gradually on the increase as we approach columbus day. it's a holiday next week. we'll be here though. >> we will. >> did you see my pictures? >> i did. >> thank you so much for the photos. >> the fan is going. be careful. don't hurt yourself. >> don't want to lose a finger.
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>> i have her well-trained, don't i? we saw tonight the kids got some power. how does tim lincecum, that skinny pitcher for the giants, throw such powerful pitches? how does that work? throw such powerful pitches? how does that work? the answer, ,,,,,,
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as governor, he balanced budgets without raising taxes. and california created 1.9 million jobs. as attorney general, jerry brown took on wall street banks, mortgage scammers and public officials stealing from taxpayers. at this stage in his life, jerry brown has the independence to make the tough decisions california needs. as governor i'll cap government salaries and pensions. on the budget, we have to face reality. make do with what we have. and no taxes without voter approval. jerry brown, knowledge and know-how we can trust.
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it was hard to figure it out tonight. he only goes about 160. pitches 14 strikeouts tonight. larry asked, but a lot of people want to know, how does tim lincecum do it? how does he throw baseballs so hard? that's tonight's good question. >> reporter: it's not the prettiest delivery in the game, but it's been good enough to win the cy young twice. so how does this 160-pound kid throw so hard? >> well, it's a fancy name. it's called sequential summation of motion. we also call it the booster rocket effect. >> reporter: designer david barker has scientifically analyzed tim lincecum's pitching motion. >> there's this big, heavy bottom booster, a medium-sized middle booster, and the capsule at top. it's the same thing with the
2:01 am
body. you have the slow-moving hips, the faster-rotating torso, and the whip-like motion of the arm. >> reporter: barker says it's not all speed and power. it's about movement and rotation, demonstrating how a spinning objected will react to forces around it. in the cases of a baseball, the seams as they cut through the air. >> these stitches catch a little bit of air and pull that air around the surface of the ball around them. what happens to that air when i'm spinning the ball like this, that air goes around and jets back in this direction. >> reporter: it's a little science for us, but a big headache for hitters. i need your good questions. you can analyze that however you want. lincecum wasn't great, he was however you want. lincecum wasn't great, he was ,,,,,,,,,,,,utstanding.
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tell me we're still talking about insurance. rewarding loyalty. now, that's progressive. call or click today. giants and braves... game one and you knew it was going to be dennis is the last guy standing out at the park. >> i heard they turned the sprinklers on a little bit ago. they might have wet your toupee. no, that's your hair. i'm kidding. >> reporter: very funny. it is getting gray though. anyway, everybody expected a pitcher's dual in game one. that's exactly what they got in a very big way. tim lincecum looked like a playoff veteran in his first career playoff start. he struck out fife five in a row at one point. the braves choose to intentionally walk pablo sandoval and go right after
2:05 am
cody ross. that turned out to be a bad idea. ross singles underneath the glove of omar. buster posey, who had stole 2nd base, comes in to score 1- 0. the giants take the lead. that was all lincecum needed despite being over 100 pitches. bruce bochy sends him back out to a frenzied crowd in the 9th. then he freezes derrek lee to win the game. he gets 14 strikeouts. the giants take game one 1-0. kim, you and i were in both locker rooms tonight. everybody seemed to be in awe of tim lincecum. >> yeah, i'm going to used word you always use. domination sensation. when lincecum was asked about his performance, to rank it, you can imagine he was humble. >> i mean, that's just hard to judge. if you come out on top, i think that's good. you know, a shutout as far as
2:06 am
shutouts go, i think that was up there with one of my better ones. >> best pitching performance i've ever seen, been a part of. to be able to go out and do what he did, the nerves, the first post season start for him ever, and to set a record. it was incredible. it's fun to play defense behind that. >> we got lucky to catch a run. the way tim was looking, once we got that one run, man. >> i don't know how many he struck out, but it was more than the fingers on my hand. >> buster posey, who scored the winning run in the 4th, was called safe on a stolen base. replay showed he was out at 2nd. >> i had the benefit of the replay. i came up to see it, and it was, i mean, it was a tough angle for the umpire, but it wasn't that close. >> buster, were you safe? >> i guess it's a good thing we don't have instant replay right
2:07 am
now. >> well, it wouldn't be the mlb playoffs without a little controversy. i know you were surprised that bobby cox, the most ejected manager in baseball, didn't argue that call. >> reporter: i actually am surprised, and i agree with buster posey. that was a critical, critical call, and it dearly cost the braves tonight. we got two other games to talk about tonight. first, a-rod and the yankees are now one win away from sweeping the twins. 2-2 game in the 7th. lance berkman who homered earlier doubled off the wall. the yankees win 5-2. minnesota has lost 11 straight post season games. how about the rays and the rangers? james shields pretty much sums up the mood in the tampa bay dugout. the rangers win 6-0 and take a 2-0 series lead.
2:08 am
the rays have scored just one run in two games. some low-scoring games. matt cain takes the hill tomorrow for the giants. >> i think they can do it. i can see them wrapping this up in three the way they were playing tonight. >> reporter: ,,,,,,,,,,
2:09 am
lincecum, dynamite tonight. >> that was exceptional. >> letterman, going to be even better. >>


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