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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  October 12, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. all right. just stepping outside this morning, you knew it was going to get hot. we have a red flag fire warning in effect for a lot of the bay
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area along with an excessive heat advisory. mark sayre at cal fire's morgan hill headquarters where crews say they are ready. >> reporter: indeed, allen. good afternoon. both the winds and the temperatures rising here in the south bay this afternoon and elsewhere in the bay area, and officials here at cal fire say that makes the conditions perfect for fire. >> a dead tree, it's been there for a couple of years now. >> reporter: morgan hill resident henry enriquez is very concerned about dead trees and dry brush that he sees while out walking his dogs in anderson lake county park. when you look around the park here, lots of dry brush. >> i know. >> reporter: do you worry about that? >> yes, i do. yeah. >> reporter: the national weather service has issued a red flag warning for most of the bay area, mainly in mountain areas over 1,000 feet from napa county all the way to santa clara county. a cal fire representative says no recent rain combined with the current warm weather means the bay area hills are ripe for fire activity.
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>> so the fuels are very receptive and very dry and the concern is that if we do get a fire start with the wind and the low humidities and the conditions of the fuels the, we could get a fire that sustains itself and becomes dangerous. >> reporter: dry brush can be seen just about everywhere in the bay area. and just because the official red flag warning is only for higher elevation, cal fire says everyone has a role to play to prevent fires. >> he what you take care of your yard, when you take care of your yard, you're mowing, and things like that you need to do it early in the day and not -- i would say not after 10:00 a.m., because all it needs to start the fire is a blade hits a rock, starts a spark and then the fire is off and running especially with the wind. >> reporter: bark at the park in morgan hill, henry has seen careless behavior before and he
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is worried. what are you worried about? >> careless. a lot of people are careless. and then you come out here on saturday or sunday, i mean, when they have these big parties and everything out here, i mean, it's -- it's gonna happen. >> reporter: now, as for the red flag warning, it will continue officially through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. for the rest on the weather conditions here in the bay area, let's check in with lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. >> yeah, they are heating things up around the bay area today. started warm this morning. 7:00 a.m. some of those temperatures already at 70-plus degrees. now, we are still looking at problems outside. we have a heat warning that's been issued for the san francisco bay. temperatures expected to be between 80 and 90 degrees so yeah, it's not impressively hot but still hot enough. and folks, you know, some of the elderly and children more susceptible to some of the hot conditions. you need to take extra care. drink plenty of fluids and stay indoors in these hot hours. temperatures heating up around the bay area right now. those numbers are going to be smoking toward the afternoon house of representatives. right now it's 84 degrees in
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fair feel, 83 livermore, 81 on the coast in pacifica. you get the idea. we are looking at hot temperatures all around the bay area but we are seeing some signs that things may change very shortly. we are talking about some fog returning to the coastline. of course once that happens, the temperatures cool down. >> and the fire danger lowers, too. >> that's right. >> we are looking for that, lawrence. see you in a few minutes. more than 700 nurses are on strike at children's hospital in oakland this afternoon. the walkout scheduled to last three days. anne makovec outside children's hospital, where the nurses say key issues, pay and benefits. >> reporter: that's right. now, nurses of course are used to working in shifts and they seem to be doing the protests in the exact same way because we are told that there are about 700 to 800 nurses striking and we have only seen a few dozen out here this morning. the main theme in their signs and their chants is healthcare. [ pause ] >> reporter: early this
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morning, the proverbial line in the sand. children's hospital of oakland marking off the private property line where picketing nurses weren't allowed to cross. >> patients will be affected by this strike and we're sorry. >> reporter: at the only trauma center for kids in alameda and contra costa county, the surgery schedule has been cut in half and patients are without their normal nurses through thursday. >> they work real hard. they probably deserve whatever they are out here for. so that's for sure. >> reporter: the california nurses association has been without a contract since july. >> we do this as a last resort and we don't do it lightly. >> i find that really hard to believe. i'm very disappointed quite frankly. we have been negotiating with the california nurses association for five months. >> reporter: the main point of contention, benefits. in addition to pay freeze, the 100% coverage healthcare plan is with kaiser instead of their own hospital. >> it seems wrong for dedicated
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to the families that we serve and we deserve to have our families seen here. >> this hospital lost $69 million in the last few years. we have to be good stewards of our resources. >> reporter: the hospital brought in 125 nurses from other states to cover the 700 to 800 nurses striking. they will be working with hospital management on 12-hour shifts. >> we wouldn't walk out if we thought that nobody was here to take care of them. >> reporter: and this patient is taking the strike in stride. >> i think it's cool. i have never seen one before. so i'll still be here when she gets back. >> reporter: both sides have expressed some willingness to return to the negotiating table in the future, although they are not ready obviously quite yet. the next step, mediation. allen? >> all right, anne makovec in oakland, at children's hospital, thank you so much. well, the clean-up is finished, so now city and county leaders are going to announce the next steps for rebuilding in san bruno. it's been nearly five weeks
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since the deadly pipeline explosion and fire. the major clean-up is finished. however, workers will return this afternoon to haul away more debris and install erosion control barriers. well, new safety measures are in place at the spot where a hit-and-run driver killed an 11-year-old girl. a new traffic signal was activated this morning at the corner of 64th avenue and foothill boulevard. the city and parents have asked that the light be installed after the death of alana williams. she was killed by a hit-and-run driver as she walked to school in october of 2009. >> thinking about it, still hurts for what happened but thinking about her every day and every night. keep her in our prayers. on her birthday, she would be 12 this year... >> another safety measure recently implemented in this oakland neighborhood was to move the bus stop away from the crosswalk to make it easier for drivers to see pedestrians. tonight's going to be the
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final showdown between jerry brown and meg whitman . it's the third debate between the two gubernatorial candidates. they will be at dominican university in san rafael tonight. and it comes at a time when both candidates are caught up in scandals. a staffer for jerry brown was caught on tape using a slur against women. meg whitman is facing criticism about treatment of a former housekeeper. a poll taken after the housekeeper story broke but before the recording of brown's staffer became public shows brown ahead of whitman. both candidates will try to reach nearly 1/5th of california's undecided voters. sarah palin will be in the bay area this week in san jose on thursday. the former alaska governor is scheduled to answer questions at the san jose center for the performing arts. the visit is being organized by a foundation that says it is not affiliated with the tea
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party movement. tension above ground. in just hours, the first of the miners trapped underground in chile will be lifted to the surface. what each one is going to have to go through. they say their daughter suffered serious illness from a child hook vaccine. what they hope the supreme court will allow them to do. we are getting that autumn heat here in the bay area. high pressure and offshore winds, clear all the way to the coastline. but maybe not for long. we'll explain coming up. ,,,, p
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trapped miners in chile are about to be rescued. we have a live look at what's going on above the mine. the 33 men could start coming to the surface as early as tonight. charlie d'agata on what the miners and their families can expect during this rescue operation. reporter: the rescue cage is ready to go. engineers in chile tested the bullet-shaped capsule sending it through the entire length of the escape shaft. the shaft held firmed and just as important, the capsule didn't spin much. rescuers say they will start winching the miners to safety late tonight. >> from here on out it will be nice and smooth. i believe they will all come out fine. >> reporter: some worry it cause the mine's roof to collapse. it will take more than 36 hours to get all 33 miners out once the rescue begins. each man will face a claustrophobic 20-minute journey alone from their underground prison to the surface. [ chanting ] >> reporter: most miners have
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remained in high spirits even after 68 days trapped half a mile unground. officials have divided the men into groups. the fittist will be pulled up first. they will be more capable of handling early difficulties. sylvia nevarez is nervous for her husband. she says i only have one desire, to see him and kiss him. the miners won't be going home right away. they will go to the hospital first where hot showers and fresh clothes are waiting. the miners are asking for privacy when they come up so they can make up for lost time with their families. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: this is how people partied when rescuers broke through to the underground chamber. imagine the celebrations when the miners are finally freed. charlie d'agata, cbs news. >> and again, back to the live pictures from chile now. crews estimate the entire rescue operation will take 40 hours. you see, it takes one hour to
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send the rescue capsule down, pick up a miner and then bring him back up to the surface. parents who say their daughter suffered serious health problems from a childhood vaccine are bringing their case before the supreme court today. they want the court to give them permission to sue the vaccine's manufacturer. if this case movers forward, drugmakers could face a flood of lawsuits over vaccine side effects. a special vaccine court was created 24 years ago to keep supplies stable by shielding companies from most lawsuits. a hearing in the case of an army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people at fort hood, texas, was put off today. major nadal hasan is charged with 13 counts of murder. the defense team was granted a day's delay and even longer may be considered when the hearing resumes tomorrow. straighter hair with toxic
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chemicals? up next, what inspectors discovered at salons that use a popular brazilian blowout. temperatures soaring around the bay area today but look what's creeping up along the coastline. how that will factor into your weather coming up. ,,,,,,,,,, [ whitman ] they say california can't be governed anymore.
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i say baloney. this state belongs to all of us. we just have to decide we want to change. i know government isn't a business and it shouldn't be, but the same values of accountability and focus that make california businesses among the best in the world could do a lot to fix sacramento.
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i'm on a mission to create more jobs, stop wasteful spending, and improve our schools. let's get to work. ♪
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salons have reported, after using a popular hair straightening tr 's chest pains, irritated eyes, breathing problems. that's what salons have reported after using a popular hair straightening treatment that is apparently all the rage. it's called brazilian blowout. kiet do reports. >> reporter: brazilian blowout, the wildly popular hair straightener is now trying to straighten itself out of a tangled mess. >> we were told there is nothing in it that's bad. it's natural product. >> reporter: stylists hailed it as the biggest hair product in the last decade smoothing out curls for up to 6 months with the claim contains no formaldehyde. formaldehyde is a wildlied chemical in a over time increases cancer risk but some salons were skeptical. >> it started to burn my lungs and hurt my throat. so two separate agencies
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including oregon' osha office tested two samples of brazilian blowout with surprising results. >> we found -- [ inaudible ] [ signal breakup ] >> video blowout. >> that's what i was thinking. oh, well, you know, sometimes that happens. >> exactly. >> anyway, it does apparently contain formaldehyde and people should be at least aware of that and then choose accordingly if you want to do that, want to risk that. >> all we're risking is heat exhaustion today. >> that could be a problem. we are not used to these temperatures. most of the summer cool around the bay area. yeah, offshore winds cranking up the heat today and guess what, we have beautiful conditions all the way to the coastline. over looking san jose, camera just shaking around a bit with some winds kicking up but haven't been too bad just yet. we have seen stronger winds over the mountaintops over 20 miles per hour so far today. watch out for that. red flag warnings run. mount vaca looking good, clear
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skies and clear at the coastline as that offshore wind is blowing the fog well away. but it's starting to creep up along the coastline towards the next 24 hours or so. in the meantime, this afternoon, it's going to be hot no matter where you go, the fire danger running high especially in the north and east bay hills. at 1,000 feet you see some of the stronger gusty winds and low humidities and the fire danger will be way up there. very warm inside the bay, heat warning has been issued just because the temperatures running warm folks not used to that inside the bay. up the coast temperatures in the 70s even some 80s. we have had to move some of the numbers upwards cranking up at the coast. tonight clear, warm around the bay area. numbers in the 60s and the 70s outside. mostly clear toward the coastline. we are really watching for that steady surge of fog. we may see patches on the coast tonight into tomorrow morning if not then by tomorrow afternoon we should see that move onshore. that means temperatures are going to come down. strong ridge of high pressure
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overhead, 60 shore winds and as the winds move from the atlanta to the coastline, they sink, they subside. and they start to warm up and dry out and there goes your fire danger causing all kinds of problems here in the bay area, typical for this time of year. it doesn't look like we are going to get to the records but we are going to be close. it going to be hot around the bay area. record in san jose at 93. probably coming just shy of that. also shy of that in san rafael at 90. oakland probably five degrees below the record but you get the idea. these are still some hot temperatures around th bay area. another couple of hot days before we cool down. around the bay 91 in morgan hill. 83 in half moon bay. 91 in redwood city. about 90 in san mateo. and about 89 degrees in sunnyvale. many east bay temperatures already on the hot side already and you will see those temperatures climb up a few more degrees before the end of the day. 94 danville, 92 walnut creek, 80s inside the bay and 88
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degrees into oakland. north bay we could see some of the hotter temperatures. you get those down slope winds and those temperatures running high about 97 degrees in santa rosa and 89 in san anselmo. next couple of days, the fog makes a return. temperatures will cool off around the bay area. another couple of days before the temperatures start to cool off inland but looking toward this next weekend a lot of people struggling to get out of the 70s. much cooler. >> yeah. middle of the week struggle to get out of dodge. >> yeah. >> all right. thank you, lawrence. all right. well, the dalai lama is in town. the focus of his lecture in silicon valley this afternoon. things are not always obstacles. got to look at it a different way. we are going to tell you about that. ,, ,, 3q
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calling it quits. actors courtney cox and david arquette split after 11 years of marriage announcing the trial separation yesterday after celebrity gossip magazines reported the split. the couple says they have been separated for some time but are, quote, still committed parents and best friends. they met on the filming of "scream" in 1996. and they have a 6-year-old daughter. see you at 5:00. ,, [ male announcer ] carly fiorina.
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