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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 22, 2010 12:35am-1:10am PST

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we take you into the locker room you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." back to philadelphia we go as the phillies win. >> and it was so close tonight. we're gonna take you into the locker room, you're gonna layer how the giants explain this loss. >> a standoff in a games store ends with a fire raging in a big california mall. why fir crews were reluctant to fight it. >> the mayor raises money and the one question he had for google. >> i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. >> the giants could have done it, could have wrapped it up and been world series bound. >> well, instead, they are
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bound for philly. dennis o'donnell with what the guys said happened on the field tonight. dennis, nobody said it was gonna be easy. >> yeah, should have, would have, could have, the giants had a chance to finish off the phillies at home and clinch a spot in the world series for the first time since 2002, as you said, but they are headed back to the city of brotherly love. >> they are out of that, back to philadelphia we go, as the phillies win game 54-2. >> so the champagne stays on ice. roy halladay wins the rematch against tim lincecum as the phillies force a game 6 saturday back in philadelphia. >> we came up with big momentum last night and really wanted to get it done today. we're not machines, man. >> you know, with this club, as you know, we don't do anything easy and you know, what they
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have been through, they'll put this behind us. >> if you told us before the series started we were gonna be in this position i think we'd all take it. but we've got to go out and play like we have been playing all year. >> if we get back home and the way we play i figure we definitely kind of changed things around a little bit. >> feels good to be able to go back to philly. obviously those guys still have the upper hand there three games to 2 but the only thing we can do is take it one game at a time. >> to me it feels like we have all the more confidence, we had confidence last year but we really feel like we're the better team. >> well the series isn't lost, ken, but the home celebration as in you and i came out to the ball park tonight. remember seeing people lined up, they didn't have tickets to the game but everybody was congregating in this area, they wanted to be a part of the action. they'll have to watch it, instead, on tv. >> the phillies can feel like they are the better team, but statistically they are not in this series, and the score
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proves they are not in this series. that's like predicting you're gonna win. >> well they do think they are a better team, matter of fact they are going to talk about that coming up in the philadelphia locker room a little bit later on. >> thanks dennis. as for the fans, well, joe vasquez says the general feeling is just wait for saturday. [ cheering and applause ] >> it's been a long time since san francisco has had a winning team in this area and we're so excited. >> reporter: how excited are they? thousands of ticket less giants fans were lined up to get in. not to at&t park but to the various bars near the stadium. [ cheering and applause ] >> this is our time. let's go. >> reporter: inside the park, a sea of orange and black, thrilled to cheer for a group of players none of whom are superstars. >> we've got a team now, something called a team, all players working together, all
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contributing, it's just outstanding. >> we've got the city of brotherly love behind us, phillies are taking game 5 tonight. >> how brotherly are these giants fans? >> i don't know. they are like puppy dogs. not for it all. >> we're gonna cheer baby. >> yeah. >> we've got two more games. tonight was not how we wanted to go. >> i mean it's disappointing you know, but being up 3-1 and not winning tonight, but eh, i believe in the team. i think we're gonna do it in philadelphia. >> and they'll have their chance saturday afternoon in philadelphia. joe vasquez, cbs5. well it rain during the game, yeah, not enough to delay the game but enough to make bay area drivers use their windshield wipers. a little unusual and roberta it's not over yet. >> dusted off, fired up our high def doppler radar, picking up even more precipitation ken in the form of some very light rain showers, now just lining the immediate coastline, all
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this is drifting up in an easterly derrick gunn direction. but take a look at this, the satellite is on a fringe, behind it a series of storms are stacking up and we'll make a huge dent in your weekend. we'll pinpoint the day that it will rain the hardest. system straight ahead in this broadcast. >> all right. thanks roberta. headlines from around the bay area now. three gunmen who robbed a denny's in pleasanton are still on the loose. it happened just before midnight last night at the denies on owens drive. the men threatened the staff and customer and got away with cash. but nobody was hurt. a man accused of attempted murder is in the hospital following an early morning shootout with san jose police. officers say that they first approached him for a traffic violation but when they got close to his car he started shooting so they returned fire. no officers were shot but one was hurt by flying glass. the suspect was also hurt but it's not clear if he was shot.
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>> this is an earthquake drill, please doesn't cover. today thousands of school children took steps to make sure they are prepared for the next big one. the san francisco mayor gavin newsom ducked under a desk as best he could. at alamo elementary, as part of the shake out this morning, this is the third year of that drill. >> pretty bizarre day at a big northern california mall. what started out as a standoff ended with the malm engulfed in flames. and, tonight, we have some new information about the young man who police say is to blame for all of this. robert liles is standing by at the roseville galleria with more. robert? >> reporter: well ken, you mentioned bizarre, it was also absolutely chaotic. imagine this, firefighters arrived here at the galleria mall to lab reports of a fire upstairs on the second floor. at the same time, police arrived to reports of a man inside on the 2nd floor with a gun.
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well when both crews race inside what do they find? a man completely out of his mind and barricaded. well tonight cbs5 has uncovered clues that may suggest why that suspect was incoherent and, more important, why he is linked to another major fire earlier today. lung-choking black smoke bill load from the rooftop. forcing hundreds of shoppers and workers to run for their life. >> we did have a partial roof collapse. if you look at the wind side near j.c. penny, whatever that direction is, eastside. >> reporter: as they dashed from the second floor forced to fight from outside roseville police were wrestling this man into custody. alexander piggy. that's because the people fingered piggy as the man who came in the store around 10:00 this morning with a gun and a demand. "get out." the. >> the employees ordered out of the business said he was
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speaking incoherently, they didn't know what he was trying to say. >> reporter: his face page may offer a clue about why. he said "i popped two oxy con continues." then he saidy needs to buy fizz on the street. he barricaded himself inside the video game store and once he the employees ran out he started or the having the shop. piggy allegedly set another. >> my son never caught fire, never played with matches as a kid, no, none of that. >> reporter: his mother described her son as a good kid never in trouble with the law but police now say a trail of recent fires lead right to piggy. >> he is a person of interest in two separate fires. >> reporter: one erupted in the wal-mart in antelope just before dawn. they say piggy was fired from the store and returned this morning to the garden section when she noticed flames. she too described piggy asinico herein. >> i called my friend and i said "piggy is not the seam from school, he is losing his
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mind," for some reason i thought something was going to happen, i never knew this would happen, i didn't think it would end in this. >> reporter: back out live after more than 11 hours fire crews are still on scene pouring thousands of gallons of water on to the walls and the rooftop of the galleria mall as hot spots continue to flare up. there is one fortunate bit of news in this all. we're receiving reports that there are no injuries related to this fire. we're also being told that the atf is being brought in tonight. that is because police tell us that piggy allegedly brought in a backpack to the mall, that backpack allegedly contains explosives so they'll spend tomorrow trying to find that pack pack and determine exactly what's inside. >> robert liles with the latest in roseville. the president is in the bay area to raise cash. >> what people got if they shelled out 6500 bucks. and what would happen if
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prince harry got kidnapped? that's what a new movie explores. the one thing harry wanted to the one thing harry wanted to know ,,,, you know it's bad when the press asks if you'd take a lie detector test. meg whitman didn't tell the truth about not voting or about how long she lived in california. she got caught in insider deals at goldman sachs. she changed her story about physically abusing an employee. she campaigned as tough as nails on immigration knowing her housekeeper of 9 years was undocumented. her tv ads have been condemned as false and misleading.
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and even her hometown newspaper said meg whitman has demonstrated "a loose relationship with the truth"
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cash, thanks to president obama. the president headlined a pair of fundraisers on the peninsula bay area democrats are counting their cash thanks to president obama. the president headlined a pair of fundraisers on the peninsula tonight. one was for attorney general general candidate pamela harris. she trails against l.a.
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district attorney steve cooley. kiet do explains why the president is taking an interest in the race for the state's top law enforcement officer. >> a heavy police presence here at the west burn hotel in mill bra where the president will be spending the night. he headlined a couple of those events you mentioned here. he, his poll ratings are at an all-time low right now at 44%. you would think with the economy going the way it is candidates would be trying to distance themselves from him. but in this case, in politics, loyalty is rewarded. in typical silicon valley style president obama is in the bay area multitasking. first it was a 45-minute sit down with apple ceo steve jobs. then it was off to a private fundraiser in atherton for a democratic candidate for state attorney general camilla harris where they paid $6,500 each for a photo op.
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she has been an obama supporter from early in the campaign. osh cholera was onstage with the president and made the introduction to the crowd. >> they have been friends for quite some time, the families have been friends, so when they see each other it's con gene y'all and informal and happy. and when the rest of us saw the president we were giddy. >> reporter: terry christianson says it's unusual to have a president throw his weight into a state attorney general race. but harris is trailing republican steve cooley and president obama is here to help a friend. >> the down-ticket races once you get beyond governor and senate, people bayless attention to those, and people pay a little more attention as you get closer to the eye alex. so the fact that the president is here with her, yeah, that's gonna help a lot. >> reporter: the last event of the night was a $30,000 a plate dinner at this palo alto home of a google executive. the president says he has been trying to find out what has prevented more companies like
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google from being created. >> google is like the symbol of the successful company. i mean they are making money. who is making money now? >> reporter: and speaking of making money, the democratic national committee made upwards of $1.5 million tonight. and obama's next stop is las vegas. >> they will be spending that money over the next two weeks i'm sure. kiet do, thank you. well there will be a pep rally tomorrow in favor of legalizing marijuana. the state chapter of the naacp is endorsing proposition 19. it says that it's a matter of civil rights. the group claims current marijuana laws unfairly target minority use. this weekend, the n-double-a-c-p will r at show >> it is in fact is no longer a crime then i believe the underground market will begin to dissipate, i believe some of the violence in my community from gangbangers who use drugs for their cash crop will be minimized. >> this weekend the naacp will
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reveal some studies that show the arrest rates for young black hen are often double or triple that of white suspects. despite pro tests a mock documentary that depicts the kidnapping of britain's prince harry is still scheduled to air. the movie explores the ramifications if prince harry were to be abducted in average. it shows the 26-year-old behind enemy lines and being forced to appear in taliban propaganda. some brits say it is in poor taste. others say it compromises the country's military. prince harry reportedly just took it in stride and reportedly was worried about how handsome the actor was that portrayed him. >> rain all over the bay area. roberta, what's the latest. >> hi detective doppler radar after we look at this, we're not going to be able to see this tomorrow. it's a 99% waxing gibb let's moon, it will be at its state
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tomorrow, you won't be able to see it, they are all associated with this palestine of showers moving in around the north bay coast in throughout the golden gate bridge, the san mateo coast. the santa cruz mountains, all this is gradually sliding in an easterly direction, very light, will measure in just a few 100ths of precipitation. out the door, be sure you carry an umbrella. a hit and miss scattered showers with temperatures in the 50s, these showers are all associated with this right here, at the tail end of this cold front trailing through the state, behind it, see how unorganized this is. this is your friday forecast. behind that we have yet another system that promises to bring even more rain, heavier rain, i want to say beefier totals by saturday night through sunday. we're putting your friday out like this. notice it's a random scattered light rain drop here in the north bay, across the golden gate bridge. that's about it. the bottom line is it will be just enough to make the roadways a little bit slick.
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be mindful of that as you're driving along. otherwise your friday, chance of rain, saturday the light rain in the morning hours, north bay, gradually sliding to the south. the heaviest rain saturday night through sunday, going to measure this up anywhere between 2 1/2 and 3" of rain. what is the spot, north bay, generally speaking a half inch of rain throughout the entire district. meanwhile, tonight with the cloud cover and even some low clouds at the coast, numbers the 50 its. tomorrow's numbers 10 degrees below normal in our inland areas. playing them out, the beaches, the mid-60s in our inland areas. winds up to 10 to 15. this weekend is a great time, just make sure you have the slinger. there will be a few raindrops. otherwise it's walk you through this seven-day forecast because it does bear some explanation. we do have the heaviest rain saturday night to your sunday. then we begin to gradually clear out with partly cloudy conditions on monday through thursday. i got to tell you from now all the way through sunday in and out of the rain.
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and dana and ken, that is your very wet pinpoint forecast. >> thank you ma'am. >> all right. tonight's good question gets a little cheesy. up next. brought to you by capital one
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cheeses pray 6th pay attention to the x probation date. >> these cheeses are fresh, made to be consumed quickly after they are made. they are not made to be aged. >> cheeses that ripen like camem bears or other bloomy linedded cheeses, they can go a little longer. >> you go to your cheese shop, you ask them about it, they'll certainly have the knowledge and understanding to know exactly where this choose is in its stage of ripe engineer. >> then there is the aged stuff like the parliament zaun, the aged monocharge owes and good as, then aged for months or years. she says a few weeks past x probation you're gonna be okay. >> good cheese. >> i need your good questions. send them to me at hello everybody, dennis ,,,,,,,,,,,, at&t park t
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the mound with a chance to win the series and get the giants getting the start tonight at goalie... second period... the
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