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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  October 23, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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sign stealer or citizen policeman? what a san jose councilman was caught with...and giants win in philly. next stop, the world series. sign, stealer or citizen policeman. what a councilman was caught with and why some say he was caught in the act. a soggy saturday. just a taste of what's ahead for rain tomorrow. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. the giants are heading to the world series. front page of the san francisco chronicle says it all. to the series. the win came in enemy territory. kim coyle reporting on how our champs pulled it off. what a night. >> reporter: the enemy just turned the lights off in the stadium. i don't think they want us here
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any more. talk about torture, ann. it could have gone seven games. i know fans are probably thinking here we go again when the phillys jumped out to that early lead but the bull pen was brilliant. another go ahead home run from juan and brian wilson did a magnificent job to close it out in the 9th. >> brian wilson. 3-2 pitch. got him looking and the giants win. >> reporter: never easy with these guys and they did it and they are one of two teams still playing baseball. the giants are headed back to the world series for the first time since 2002. >> i was up at 6:00 a.m. couldn't take a nap. i was here at noon today. hope i don't have to go through this again.
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nobody wanted to go seven. the crowd was unbelievable. so loud you can't even hear yourself think. >> you think about being the hero as a kid and the world series. this is so special for me right now. i'm going to cherish it as long as i can. >> reporter: of course they will only have three days to enjoy this one. game 1 of the world series versus the texas rangers is at at&t park on wednesday, and, ann, the giants tell me they will be back in the bay area tomorrow about 2:00 p.m. they will leave at 11:00 a.m. in the morning because they have a big party planned here tonight at the ritz carlton in philadelphia. but they will be back tomorrow and i'm sure that they are going to be really excited to see their fans. >> i bet. and the fans will be excited to see them. kim, watching television we were all holding our breath but you're in the middle of the philly fans. what was the last out like there? >> it was really amazing. bruce boche told me after the
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game that wilson tries to kind of -- bruce is always so stoic in the dugout and wilson tried to get a reaction out of him but just getting ryan howard looking it was truly amazing. some of the players were sick to their stomach i think. >> of it tough to watch but we were so glad we came home with the win. kim coyle in philadelphia, thank you. you saw kim, they turned the lights out. philly fans not ready to celebrate but we are. national league champions. they have already got the t- shirts out and of course the baseball caps and as we showed you at the top of the newscast there it is. the san francisco chronicle "to the series." the cheers were deafening at bay area bars after the giants struck out philadelphia's last at bat. fans here chanting for juan who smacked that tie breaking home
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run. the hands in the air, hugs, tears. >> i just want to say how sweet it is. [ cheers and applause ] >> everybody is horse hoarse right about now. fans going nuts on this saturday night. in honor of the giants nlcs championship the city is going to continue to fly the giants flag over san francisco city hall and around civic center plaza and the lights of the giants orange at city hall, the coyt tower. the other big news tonight the rain. it will continue to fall in the bay area tonight and it is causing some minor traffic problems. this oak tree that came out in sonoma county partially blocking a road. no one was hurt.
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but the weather clearly contributed to bringing down the rotting tree. and this was petaluma where a driver lost control of his car in slick conditions. it happened on a rural winding road. we don't know how the driver is doing but the wet roads likely contributed to the accident. our meteorologist lawrence karnow tracking the storm saying there is more to come. >> we will see the heaviest rain still to come here. we have got the main event setting itself up off the coastline. lighter amounts of rainfall. but you've got some pockets of moderate amounts of rain as you head up near santa rosa right now. headed in that direction also through gurnville. in around and the peninsula and more of that activity into the south bay. and that will be picking up throughout the night tonight and in towards tomorrow morning as we are seeing the heavier amounts of rainfall in the middle of the morning. heavy rain especially north of the golden gate bridge.
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over the mountain tops we could see gusts 45 to 55 miles per hour. urban flooding. you bet. could see puddles developing on roadways. be careful. more on that coming up in a few minutes. back to you, ann. game 1 of the world series on wednesday. we will ask you about the forecast for then. >> sounds good. firefighters locked in a bitter battle in san jose over ballot measure v. v would end binding arbitration for union negotiations. today firefighters say a city councilman stole their signs. don knapp on the battle of words over the sign. >> reporter: this looks like it could be an embarrassing moment for san jose council member oliverio. he was pulling out campaign lawn signs. the very on v signs are his. the no on v signs belong to
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firefighters who claim oliverio stole them. >> right here where those pole marks are is where he pulled them out. it was chalked full of signs in the back of his car. >> reporter: and this is what happened next. >> he was stuffing the sign in the back of his trunk. i rolled my window down and said, what are you doing? he saw me. we know each other. he jumped into his car and sped out of that parking lot. >> reporter: he says firefighters and volunteers drove to oliverio's home and waited for him. when he arrive and saw the firefighters he took off. >> he broke every speed law and speed land record you could see. >> did you try to catch him? >> one car lost him because they didn't. another car was able to keep up with him and he got out of his car and literally closed the door, locked it and ran away. >> reporter: but the council member tells a different story. >> well, the municipal code
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allows for the city and/or volunteers to remove any illegal signage in public right- of-ways, public property, etcetera. >> reporter: he says he was just doing his civic duty. >> their signs are littered all over san jose in our traffic medians alongside expressway roads and even parks and they shouldn't be there. >> reporter: oliverio has a sign in his trunk for a congressional race which he claims was illegally place. a group trying to find out what sparked the fire at westfield galleria today. they are trying to recreate the situation that led to thursday's fire. investigators believe a backpack that may contain explosives was left somewhere on the second floor. >> reporter: the backpack will be part of the scene that is processed and they need to
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determine the best way to approach that. the backpack has undergone a lot of -- through the fire, water damage and some crushing from the ceiling but it is still? play. >> he said he started the fire to get attention and said there were no explosions inside the backpack. a third of the small was destroyed and millions of dollars done in damage. no word on when the mall will reopen. even though mall employees are out of work plenty of job seekers could be hired for cleanup. they are filling out applications hoping to work for the construction company in charge of the cleanup. they are looking to hire more than 500 people. union workers join the call for justice. why they say the case for oscar grant touches home for them. how a neighborhood celebrated today.
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east bay today. it was a show of solidarity as the sentencing nears for the former hundreds of oscar grant supporters gathered in the east bay today. it was a show of solidarity as the sentencing nears for the
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former b.a.r.t police officer who shot and kill grant. more now on how the demonstration was held at the oakland city hall but felt at bay area ports. >> reporter: today hundreds of people came to oakland city hall to demand justice for oscar grant. >> it is very powerful because we have international eyes on us and we believe today there is an opportunity to see the system work. >> reporter: it was also a show of force by a local long shoreman's union which stopped work at several local ports including here in oakland. >> it is our way of speaking out to the world that that kind of behavior is unacceptable. >> reporter: dozens of members came to protest police brutality over the years against teamsters and say the shut down is justified. >> there is no amount of money
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that can equal the loss of a life. >> i think it is really important for the community to see each other coming together for a purpose. >> reporter: this rally comes less than two weeks before the sentencing of former b.a.r.t police officer johannes mehserle convicted in july of involuntary manslaughter for killing oscar grant at the fruitvale b.a.r.t station on new year's day 2009 a scene infamously captured on witness cell phone video. >> the closer we can get to sentencing the more stressful it becomes. but, yes, we are just leaning on the community. >> reporter: in the meantime, johannes mehserle's attorney is asking for a new trial citing a similar case in kentucky where the officer was not found criminally negligent. >> if he goes home on probation it would be a sad day not just for us as a family but for the system in itself when it comes to us understanding whether we have a right to justice. it would be a blatant slap in the space for the community and
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in the world. >> reporter: in oakland, cbs5. in spite of a budget crunch a $25 million community center is now open in san jose. the seven treed neighborhood celebrated the facility's grand opening today. 33,000 square feet. you will finally a ballroom, a game room, a gym and eventually a library too. voters approved this a decade ago. we are talking weather but we are talking wednesday and thursday game 1 and 2 of the world series hosted here in san francisco. >> we have got storms still brewing out there. they could affect the games. we will talk more about that in a minute. we have got a pretty good storm system putting itself together. already seeing rain across the bay area as we take a live like over the bay right now and the showers continue to fall out there as we are continuing to see that system work its way in that direction. the heavier rainfall still to come from the system and we
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picked upwards of 2 plus inches of rain in the north bay. high-def doppler radar showing you that activity right now. heavier amounts in parts of the north bay in towards santa rosa. pretty good cells around you here. lighter activity moving in along the peninsula, san francisco. south bay seeing scattered showers at this hour. most of that just light stuff. but i'll tell you what by tomorrow, middle of the morning things can get pretty hectic around the bay area. here it is. you've got some clouds already streaming across your skies. really, this stuff just out ahead of the main event. cold front still lagging on the backside here so it will be moving through and we are talking 2 to 3 inches of rain in parts of the north bay. inch, inch and a half in the east bay along the peninsula. santa cruz mountains still may be a good 1 to 1.5 inches of rainfall. have to watch for flooding.
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rivers will stay in their banks. starting to drag to the south overnight tonight. rain and wind is going to be picking up in the morning hour. we will be hearing some of those winds howling around the bay area especially towards the coastline and over the mountain tops and that rain should get going. the main event still lingering to our north and here it comes. about 9, 10:00 p.m. things really expected to get going in parts of the north bay. some very heavy rainfall. then as we head towards the afternoon looks like it will sag further to the south but it starts to break up a little bit. you'll see pockets of heavy rainfall. heaviest will be north of the golden gate bridge. temperatures running in the 50s and 60s all around the bay area. cloudy skies. rainy day. good day to just kind of hang out and do not much. stay inside. enjoy. looks like rain will turn to showers by tomorrow evening and then by monday some partly cloudy skies and tuesday looking pretty good but you know what got that world series to worry about now and on wednesday it looks like a great
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day for the game. looks like clear skies and some pretty comfortable temperatures too. but as we head in towards thursday changes are coming. storm brewing again and there is a chance we could see some showers by evening that could affect the game that will come up on that night. have to wait and see. keep our fingers crossed and hope it is dry. >> no kidding. all right, lawrence, thank you. >> you're welcome. as we showed you earlier tonight, giants are national league champions. kim coyle has even more from philadelphia. >> reporter: i'm kim coyle in philadelphia with the giants. highlights, reaction. all the celebration is coming up in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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trip to the world series.. with more here's kim coyle in ph the giants wanted a win this game 6 and a trip to the world series. with more here is kim coyle in philadelphia. hi, kim. >> reporter: all right, thank you, gary. it may have been game 6 tonight but the giants certainly approached it like it was a game 7. they pulled their starter in the 3rd and they used madison bumgarner and tim lincecum out of the bull pen. jonathan sanchez picked a bad night to have hit shortest start of the year. 1st inning chase utley ripping one to right. one hops the wall. a runner scores. phillys get two runs in the 1st. roy oswalt did a good job of limiting the damage in the first six innings.
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aubrey huff singles up the middle. sanchez scores. but shane victorino throws a one-out strike to get him at the plate. a throw to 3rd. off the glove of ryan howard. aubrey huff scores. tie game. bottom of the 3rd sanchez drills utley in the back. utley flips the ball back to the mound on his way to 1st. sanchez didn't appreciate it and the benches clear. nobody was ejected but sanchez was pulled after two plus innings. it is game tied at two until the 8th. juan is just 2-25 in the post season coming into tonight. homers to the right off ryan madson. tim lincecum came out of the bull pen in the 8th but was pulled after giving up back-to- back singles. enter brian wilson.
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he gets him to line. giants three outs away. bottom of the 9th, two on, two out for ryan howard. >> 3-2 pitch. got him looking and the giants win the penant. >> reporter: the giants win 3- 2. they are headed back to the world series for the first time since 2002. let the celebration begin. >> the whole world just saw how we played baseball. giants baseball, man. >> the pitch to him. swing and a high fly ball to right field. deep. going back is jayson werth. still going back. at the warning track. at the wall. >> for him to come up and hit a big home run against madson who was lights out this post season. i don't think he gave up a run
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until that. and striking guys out left and right. our dugout went nuts. >> how about jeremy. how huge was he tonight? >> he was the mvp of the game tonight. no question about. he got that second inning and came in. guys said okay, we are going to win. it was the 4th inning and we were still down. so it tells you how important it was to all of the guys. >> i couldn't be prouder of this team. we got a contribution from everybody. castoffs and misfits they have been called. >> reporter: cody ross was named the mvp but the heros of tonight's game may have been madison bumgarner. combining for five scoreless innings and kept the game tied at 2. the giants just have three days to enjoy this one. world series game 1 at at&t park versus the texas rangers. that's on wednesday. that's all from philadelphia
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where the giants have won the national league penant. gary will be back with more sports after this. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina.
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ho, ho, ho; i don't like where this is headed. averaging over 47-points per if cal played all their games in berkeley they would be a national title contender. take a guess who she is pulling for? it must have worked because she poured that all over the guy's head. here we go. take a look at this.
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takes the snap and goes inside. 13 for him on the season. 2nd quarter cal. ends up in the hands of freshman allen. 16-3 in favor of the bears. later in the 2nd. dropping back is riley. 52 yards to marvin jones who comes down with it for another cal touchdown. an adjustment. that led to a 26-3 at half time. jones goes over 100 yards receiving for the second time this season. scooped it up and took it in for six. cal dominated every phase of the game. blowing out cal state. stanford up 3-0. pumping once. waits and finds a wide open ryan whalen. capping off a 13-play drive. stephane taylor answered the question who will replace toby gerhart. fourth straight game.
11:29 pm
stanford led at the half. doug baldwin wins the jump ball here. take a look at this great catch. the six-time luck in baldwin. 38-28 improving to 6-1. former san jose state head coach staying busy during retirement. hosting fresno state. opening up the play book big time the bulldogs. bingo. not even close. a little bit surprising in reverse. missouri fans. upset against oklahoma. look at that. 4th quarter up. looks like they stopped them. oregon will likely be atop the bcs rankings tomorrow. a big shock.
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a new ufc heavyweight champ. cain vasquez. he won down in anaheim. he improved to a perfect 9-0. to the ice we go. sharks and oilers from edmonton. six different sharks had goals and san jose cruises to an easy win. 3-0 on the road for the first time since 1991. tomorrow they will be in calgary. do not go anywhere because there is more news on the way. practically works [ son ] my parents have always lived in the states.
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