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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  October 26, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. i'm allen martin. an astounding 56 shots fired in berkeley this morning. one person is dead another in the hospital. mark sayre is live with the latest.
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>> reporter: this shooting happened about 8:45 this morning on sacramento between ashby and russell. let's bring in a sergeant with the berkeley pd. where does this investigation stand? we heard reports of 56 shots fired here. is that true? >> our detectives and investigators are on the scene as you can see trying to piece together the dynamics of this shooting. there were a lot of rounds fired, and there are a fair amount of casings still on the sidewalk behind us. >> reporter: there is a specific number at this point, we see 50-plus evidence markers. that doesn't necessarily mean you have 56 shell casings? >> no. any piece of evidence, anything that looks like it may be of evidentiary value is marked. so some are casings and some are other items that may be of interest. >> reporter: as for the victims, you have one deceased, a second in surgery. in terms of the people, person or persons who did this, what can you tell us about that or motive if you have one? >> it's really early to share what we believe to be a motive.
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but had anytime from our experience when there are this many rounds fired at these two adult men it's likely they were the focus of attention of we don't believe it's random. >> in terms of an immediate threat to the public with these people on the loose, you don't believe necessarily there is a threat to anyone else at this point. >> reporter: no we didn't believe that. we believe that energy was focused towards these two adult males. >> reporter: sergeant, thank you very much. when we were here earlier, we did have occasion to talk to and actually see the mother of one of the victims. this is videotape was taken before this mother knew that her son had passed away. so that is the situation there. she did offer us some words as well but again, before she was aware that her son had died. so that's the situation here in berkeley. police do not believe that there is any immediate threat to the public although they are looking for two men who they believe were the shooters in
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this case. again we have one person dead one in surgery here in berkeley. >> mark, as far as the neighbor, it looks like behind you that whole block has been blocked off by police? >> reporter: it is. if you have an extra second, this is sacramento. you're looking southbound, we're at russell. ashby is the next corner over. ashby is open. the shooting occurred outside a barbershop. we don't know if the barbershop has any significance to the shooting but that's where it happened. >> thank you, mark sayre in berkeley. female nurse is hospitalized after being attacked by an inmate at the county jail in martinez. this happened yesterday and the nurse's condition is unknown but she is going to need surgery. authorities have not identified the inmate who attacked her. they are trying to find out what provoked that attack. a napa state hospital patient accused of killing a hospital worker will appear in court today. police say he killed her after
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a robbery. the 37-year-old suspect has an extensive criminal history. he is deemed to be criminally insane. union workers will push for more security. the family of a truck driver who died after his bay bridge theirr son plunged off the bridge is suing. the attorney faults the truck company for overloading the big rig and the "s" curve. >> this is the only way to get justice for a poorly designed and very bad traffic plan that caused this unfortunate death. >> they say caltrans implemented safety measures
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only after the death. the chp says speed and shifting load contributed to the accident. carly fiorina is in the hospital today. this is after coming down with an infection. her staff issued a statement saying that infection is associated with reconstructive surgery that fiorina had as a result of her treatment for breast cancer. she was admitted to the hospital this morning to receive antibiotics. the statement went on to say she is expected to make a full recovery and will be back on the campaign trail soon. this morning, bay area residents wanted to know about the integrity of pg&e's natural gas pipeline. sharon chin has more. >> reporter: the bay area mayors got out of a meeting about an hour ago and their concern is that they are still not confident that bay area gas pipeline are safe. the main topic of discussion, the inspections that the public utilities commission had ordered pg&e to do after the
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deadly explosion and fire in san bruno. pg&e answered questions for two hours from mayors, jackie speier in a closed-door meeting. they learned that because the pipes are all of different diameters there is no easy way to evaluate them. they would have to go with pressure testing, taking large segment of pipeline out of service for long periods, a second concern there are inconsistent results on a stretch of pipe north of the san bruno runture . the mayors' third concern, pg&e's apparent contention that the age of the pipes is not a major factor in determining their integrity, that it's only important in 10% of the cases and jackie speier expressed frustration that federal authorities haven't determined a cause of the san bruno fire yet. >> i think there's just an ongoing frustration that we still don't know why the pipe exploded in the glenview area. and until we know why, it's hard to know what steps need to
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be taken to protect residents throughout the region. >> reporter: pg&e is expected to have a more complete review of its pipeline network to the puc by december. now, reporters asked the pg&e representative for comment after the meeting and she said no and referred us to a phone number, which was the storm damage hotline. now this friday there's expected to be a town hall meeting at 6:30 at saint robert's catholic church in san bruno. members of the pg&e, puc and the ntsb all expected to attend. >> thank you. in other headlines in the bay area, investigators are looking into a suspicious fire at an apartment complex in hayward. 20 people had to evacuate when the fire broke out in the carport. nobody was hurt, but four cars were destroyed. one apartment unit was damaged the two teenagers accused of setting fire to a san jose school are expected to enter their pleas in court this afternoon. that fire at trace elementary school caused about $10 million
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in damage. the suspects are 16 and 17 years old. but they are charged as adults. they face 10 years to life in prison if convicted. some neighbors at an oakland apartment complex are itching and scratching. they say that their homes are infested with bedbugs. one tenant showed cbs 5 some scars as well as what she called evidence on her mattress. >> i was scratching all over my arms and my legs and my body and then after that, you know, i took a shower. >> we are told the building is in foreclosure and the company working with the bank to sell it will hire an exterminator as soon as the winning bid for the sale comes in. a new recommendation for women who have just given birth. what doctors want to start screening for in new mothers. a wireless device that rivals cable quality hd. see what happened when our consumerwatch team put it to the test. >> and it is another beautiful
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we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets. one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now. i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message. new mothers. but experts now realize how this can also take a toll on a new baby. that's why a group of experts postpartum depression can be devastating to new mothers but experts now realize how this can also take a toll on the baby. that's why a group of experts says pediatricians should now screen new moms. dr. kim mulvihill here with more. >> the american academy of pediatrics year more than 400,000 babies are born to depressed women. since new moms don't usually see the obstetrician until the baby is six weeks old it makes
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sense to get pediatricians involved when they see babies at 2 weeks for wellness checkups. reporter: when molly gave birth to her son five years ago, it was not a joyful moment. the new mom had feelings of regret and guilt. she suffered from postpartum depression. >> i was anxious. i thought i made a terrible mistake. >> reporter: one in four women suffers depression after birth. the condition is damaging for mothers as well as baby, which shows that it can harm the infant's development. >> there is severe depression in mothers the babies are not as interactive or verbal. they can grow up being depressed. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics is now recommending pediatricians start screening new moms for depression. a doctor looks to see if a mother is affectionate. >> watch out for the ones who are not happy about a new baby or the ones who are not eating or sleeping. don't be afraid to ask how they are doing. >> reporter: the academy urges pediatricians to recommend counseling if mother seems depressed. the doctor thinks it's a good
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line of defense. >> pediatricians are in a unique position to screen for postpartum depression because they see mothers so frequently. >> reporter: she went to a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with postpartum depression. she started her own support group to help other moms struggling with the condition. postpartum depression is the most common complication of childbearing affecting 25% of new mothers. pediatricians are encouraged to ask mothers 10 questions to screen for depression at the well baby check-ups including the 1, 2, 4, 6 month visits an easy way to screen for a serious condition. >> seems like it would do a world of good. kim, thanks. coming up, what your cable company doesn't want you to know. how you can get free hi-def tv just about anywhere. and you don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars to sit in the bleachers? the game plan in the works to let you see the world series action up close. ,,
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,, i'm among 30,000 employees who used to work for hp. i was supposed to retire there. carly fiorina changed all that. fiorina laid off 30,000 people and she shipped our jobs to china and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night. we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets. one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now.
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giants paraphernalia starting to accumulate in the cbs 5 newsroom here because it is just one more day until the world series begins and giants fever as you might imagine is sweeping the city. both teams are working out today at at&t. they are going to release their
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complete rosters we are told this afternoon. now, we know some of the pitching line-up for san francisco. game one is going to be tim lincecum. matt cain game 2. sanchez and bumgarner games 3 and 4 in texas. tickets are sold out at the box office at at&t. but on stubhub, season ticket holders are selling their tickets on average about $800. it was about $600 yesterday. >> can you buy a half seat? >> if it's a communal experience, city official will set up a big screen in a public place like they did for the world cup. we'll have details on that. san francisco gavin if you some and the mayor of arlington, texas have a wager. the losing mayor with travel to the windy city for a day of
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community service. san francisco adding crab and beer to the bet. arlington is offering barbecue. texas barbecue. >> bar-b-q! >> will the whole city of san francisco get to eat barbecue when the series is over? >> we'll need bibs, man. >> no kidding. >> they make barbecue. >> we love barbecue. >> we also love good weather but the game day tomorrow you know what -- >> yesterday we were talking about showers. that storm system must have heard you because it is slowing up. >> really, slow down. >> right now we're expecting partly cloudy conditions for the first pitch. here's a look out coast tower looking good here in the bay area, plenty of sunshine, not a lot of cloud and here we are looking at san jose, down the santa clara valley and more sunshine to go around. temperatures today are slightly below average but no one is complaining because you got all that sunshine to go along with those temperatures. this afternoon, mostly sunny, mild, temperatures to the upper 60s inland. mid-60s around the bay with mostly sunny and breezy conditions. northwest winds around 15 to 20 miles an hour.
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and for the coastline 56 to 59 degrees, again breezy conditions expected. but a whole lot of sunshine to go along with that. for tonight, cold temperatures, frost advisory in effect from 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. for the salinas valley and also for north bay valley. temperatures ranging as low as 32 to 44 degrees. if you have any plants outside that you want to keep, bring them in. clear skies and cool conditions expected in the bay overnight. and mostly clear conditions along the coastline. here's a look at today's afternoon highs. 66 santa clara, 67 san jose, usually around 72. so we are just a few degrees below average. mid-60s in palo alto and redwood city, upper 50s from daly city to pacifica. east bay locations plenty of sunshine, temperatures in the upper 60s a lot like yesterday. 67 in pittsburg, 68 antioch, 68 brentwood and the closer you get to the bay the lower 60s in richmond and berkeley. the mid-60s in oakland and
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alameda and 65 in san leandro and hayward. 64 kentfield and san rafael and san anselmo. and the mid-60s from petaluma to sonoma to napa to 67 in fairfield. moving down close to the city 62 in san francisco an 63 in sausalito. bear in mind it's going to be breezy around the bay so it's going to feel a little cooler than the lower 60s. here we go. tomorrow, more sunshine expected. chance of showers in the forecast thursday, friday and saturday. temperatures will be cooling down and then sunday and monday, more sunshine expected. not like i had to tell you this but game one will be tomorrow. conditions upper 50s as the san francisco giants take on the texas rangers. >> partly cloudy we can handle that. >> barbecue! >> we can handle that, too. thanks, tracy. have some breaking news for you in the oscar grant case right now. prosecutors are asking the judge for prison sentence for the former bart officer who
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shot grant. a jury convicted him of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting in 2009. the defense had requested probation. in the court filing prosecutors didn't say how much prison time it wants the judge to issue. mehserle does face up to 14 years behind bars and his sentencing is set for november 5, a week from friday. good thing the yankees lost because some folks could miss out on the world series because of a fight between cablevision and fox. some 3 million subscribers have been blacked out of fox programming for 10 days now. apparently both companies trying to settle this fee dispute by tomorrow but as tracy said, game one of the giants rangers series is tomorrow. not having cable may not be such a problem if you have the right device. on the consumerwatch, julie watts shows us how you can get hd quality tv without cable. >> reporter: ah, hd. an industry game changer.
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but with the high price of cable these days, getting that crystal clear picture can cost you a pretty penny. >> is she 20? >> $89? >> that's a lot! >> yeah. cable's expensive. >> reporter: well, here's a little known secret that your cable company probably won't like. you can get a picture as good as hd with no strings or cable attached. >> technology moved ahead and digital tv makes this possible with really good results. >> reporter: cnet's brian cooley points to the growing number of portable televisions that pick up local channels over the airwaves with a crystal clear digital picture. it's a big business that works because it comes in a small package. >> because the screen is small, it's easy to make a picture look good on a small screen. it's big screen at home that's a tougher challenge. so this doesn't even need hd nor does it get it to look great. >> reporter: but we all remember the old portable tvs with the grainy flickering picture. so we decided to put this tv to the test. we got a great picture outside with this 3.5" avio from radioshack, but to keep a
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clear picture we did have to hold it still. we found similar mini dtvs on best like the axion and koby. and brian cooley says, this is just the beginning. cell phone companies are now starting to design phones with a built-in dtv. >> anyone who thought portable tv doesn't work, try it again because now it does. >> reporter: he admits the mini tvs aren't for everyone. but for those looking to save a few bucks... >> i'd look into it. >> some prefer to watch the big game on the big screen. >> that's cool. julie watts, cbs 5. ,,,,,,
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