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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  October 31, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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i didn't have a plan for california. it's all a lie. change of fortune for proposition 19. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. we know tuesday is he leaks
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day. a -- election day. a new poll shows a dramatic change of fortune for proposition 19. less than a month ago, the measure that would decriminalize marijuana was leading now it's trailing. don knapp is in oakland to explain the turn around in attitude. >> reporter: the polls may not look good for prop 19 but the folks here say who would tell a pollster how they feel about legalizing marijuana. they have been working the phones today trying to get the measure past. prop 19 supporters make a final push to legalize nonmedical marijuana use for adults in california. those opposed to the proposition appear to be leading those who favor it. >> they are coming to judgment in the final stages. they were together with the idea of approving this. it sounded like a good idea. it would raise money for the state. the state certainly needs the
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money. but with the feds coming out saying they will vigorously enforce the law would mean that the growers would be in jeopardy. >> reporter: prop 19 supporters say they don't trust the poll and say wait until people see this last minute tv ad. >> let's be honest, the war against marijuana has failed. i know from 35 years in law enforcement. >> reporter: many working the phones have their own reasons for supporting it. she came from canada. >> my husband was known as the prince of pot. he was extradited for selling marijuana seeds over the internet. >> it would be ironic and awesome to have california legal i r liz it -- legalize it because so does california go so does america and the rest of the world. >> people are already getting high on marijuana. it happens every day. it's not like we are introducing something. we are controlling, taxing and regulating something that is going on everyday out there. >> reporter: some say prop 19
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could help undo the damage to the failure on the war on drugs. and [inaudible] contributed a million dollars to the campaign. >> thank you. support for two other closely watched state propositions have not changed much in the past month according to the field poll. proposition 23 which would suspend the crackdown on greenhouse gas emission is losing. prop 25 which would allow a simple majority vote in the legislature to pass the budget is leading 48 to 41%. game 4 of the world series is going on. the giants may be in texas but that isn't stopping fans from partying in the bay area. linda yee is at a celebration hot spot. linda? >> reporter: hi, ann. the game may be going on 1700 miles away from at&t ballpark but the giants faithful, they are all around the park.
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they want to stick close. restaurants and bars are jammed. these are fans that bleed orange. they all believe. even with the loss, no one admits to being worried. >> giants baseball, that's the way it will happen. we will win. we will bring it back to san francisco, win here. >> reporter: fans are torn about bringing the world series back here. that would mean the giants would have to lose another game there and that would make this a scary halloween. >> i saw the last series. it was brutal. if they can close it out in texas, do it. >> i'm nervous. you get too cookie then -- cocky then you lose it. >> i would like them to win. i don't care where they win. >> i want them to win it there.
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i want them to win it monday but i kind of want it to be here to celebrate, right. it's all about celebration. >> reporter: they are already celebrating the players that make up the giants. >> is this halloween or spear the beer. >> both. we laid it on thicker for halloween. >> a little thicker for halloween for sure. >> reporter: giants fans are a unique bunch and definitely world away from rangers fans where our own ken bastida is in prairie country. >> you got it, linda. we are giving our love back to the folks there at momo's and pedros. you are hanging with us out here. they would know what it takes to put a big party on. think about staging a world series game. you have to move around ice, beer, people. here in texas, they perfected that.
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they call it the lawn tractor. texas is big. sometimes the best way to get around it is to go small. you see, deep below the luxury boxes, the ornate playing field and the clubhouse, there is a traffic jamming on down here. yeah, turns out the best way to get around the rangers ballpark is the deere, john deere. we have two that drag the infield dirt. everything else, the stuff that we material tell liz with all by john deere. >> reporter: some haul stuff, some people, some sit ready to haul. how about people in texas in general, a lot of riding lawn
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mowers. >> yeah just because of the heat. >> good place to put your bexar when you do the work. >> -- beer when you do your work. >> i guess so. >> reporter: it's 77 degrees out, ann, if you can believe it. a beautiful balmy night and i think it might be heating up for the giants as we speak. >> i was thinking you need to hop on a tractor and head back in there. keep a close watch for us. >> it could happen. a trip out to mow the back lawn could take you three days. >> were you inside the stadium when we got the home run by aubrey huff or outside. >> i was outside and generally speaking when you are in a visiting town, if you hear a lot of cheering, not good for us. so, i didn't hear much. i heard booing, mooning and --
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moaning and groaning. >> if you were out when he hit the home run you can't go back in. a suspicious device found by a bart station turned out to be fake. police found a package covered in duct tape with wires attached in the trunk of the car. there was an older model cell phone attached. the bomb squad was called. because it was close to bart tracks, bart temporarily closed three stations. >> when you have a possible bomb threat 50 feet from the tracks, and a quarter mile from the station, you have to take serious precautions. >> reporter: the san leandro coliseum stations opened shortly after 10:00. four armed robberies in seven days in the same bay area city and the search is on for the women believed to be responsible.
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the clues that link them to all four crimes. ,, david harmer wrote an education plan titled "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers.
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i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message. you know it's bad when the press asks if you'd take a lie detector test. meg whitman didn't tell the truth about not voting or about how long she lived in california. she got caught in insider deals at goldman sachs. she changed her story about physically abusing an employee. she campaigned as tough as nails on immigration knowing her housekeeper of 9 years was undocumented. her tv ads have been condemned as false and misleading. and even her hometown newspaper said meg whitman has demonstrated "a loose relationship with the truth"
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halloween party in oakland early this morning. the gunman... still on the loose. the shootings nine people wounded at a shooting in oakland early this morning. the gunman is still on the loose. the shootings happened after midnight at the historic suites ballroom at broadway and 19th street. police say there were about 600 people there. they believe the intended target was a man. many of the wounded are women and innocent bystanders. police are trying to determine a motive for the shooting. a memorial is growing for a 16-year-old boy killed last night as he road his bike. police say dedrin chaplin left a party on his bicycle when he was shot.
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family an friend describe him as someone that loved basketball and cracking jokes. no suspects and no motive. the killing is oakland's 69th homicide of the year. two of the victims that overdosed saturday at a rave at the cow palace are in critical condition. 16 people were treated for overdosing on drugs or alcohol. leland yee is threatening to propose legislation to provide better police protection at the venue. he says because the facility is state owned, local authorities have little control. daly city police are still not talking about the incident. police are looking for three teenage girls that may have committed as many as four strong armed robberies. in each case they attacked other women while a male driver waited nearby to help them get away. a surveillance camera caught one of the attacks as it happened. they grabbed the woman's purse
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knocking her to the ground. the suspects are described as african-american between the sages of 17 and 19 -- ages of 17 and 19. the cost of getting an education is high and it could get higher for some. of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. ♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. [ female announcer ] so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. ♪ because it is. choose. brew. enjoy.
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state students. the chancellor is proposing a mid-year increase of 5-percent. that another tuition hike could
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be in the works for cal state students. the chancellor is proposing a midyear increase of 5%. that is about a $100 increase for under graduates between fall and spring semesters. another 10% hike is being considered for fall of 2011. the trustees will vote next month. marching bands provided quite a show at the hollywood parade. hundreds of kids showed off their costumes before heading out to trick or treat tonight. the parade is in its 9th year. organizers say it gets bigger and better. this year it included a fundraiser for a local high school band. >> they are out or heading out now. >> i think they are getting ready and railing to go around the bay -- raring to go around the bay area. a good day outside. you got a lot of sunshine today. a couple of clouds across the skies. now we are looking good. out there, how about that.
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giant orange shine overing over -- shinning over the city. the trend will continue into the next several days as high pressure is beginning to build in across the bay area. a weak cold front is sliding in. this ridge will strengthen the next couple. these temperatures will be something else as we head to tomorrow. mid-70s the warmest spots inland. out to the coastline, plenty of sunshine. temperatures into the 60s. this is the beginning of much warmer weather. numbers are not bad. 63 san jose. 62 napa valley. a little cooler at the coastline at 56 degrees. statewide a lot of sunshine, especially the further south you go. 72 in fresno. 74 in yosemite. a couple of clouds moving across the skies, 72 degrees. we have a big ridge of high pressure over the bay area.
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it will send temperatures soaring. impressive looking storm system but this will ride over the top of this ridge so we will be left high and dry. we will see the offshore winds blowing as early as tomorrow morning. as the winds blow, that will kick the clouds way from the coastline and we are left with lots of sunshine. temperatures running warm, upper 70s, maybe low 80s into the middle of the week. overnight lows in the 40s and 50s. not bad around the bay area. tomorrow looking good. 74 in morgan hill. 72 milpitas. 71 los altos. numbers inland mid-70s into antioch and brentwood, livermore going to be close. inside the bay, 60s and low 70s into oakland. north bay temperatures running up over mostly sunny skies. all right. the next couple of days it will get hotter. we will crank the numbers up
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through wednesday then cool things down as we look to the later part of the week then late in the weekend we start to talk about a return of rain. but, hey, yeah, for all of those trick or treaters heading out, we have clear skies, temperatures in the 50s to 60s. that's the latest weather. >> it was a good day to be a bay area football fan. raiders were looking for back to back wins for the first time since 2008. could they get it done. he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. endorsed for his "independence" by the contra costa times, stockton record, and our local teachers.
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she's against banning assault weapons... and that's reckless and dangerous. she's for risky new oil drilling that could threaten our jobs. fiorina's plan would mean slashing social security and medicare, which would devastate seniors. and she'd make abortion a crime. no wonder fiorina is endorsed by sarah palin. carly fiorina. just too extreme for california. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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countryside was what the doctor ordered for the 49ers whose offense looked rejuvenated with former heisman trophy winner troy smith under center against the bronco a week isolated on the countryside was what the doctor ordered for 49ers. jerry rice and john elway representing their former teams in london. brandon lloyd is open for a 71- yard completion. they score the next play. smith scores since 2008. smith scans the middle to michael crabtree. 28-yard touchdown. 17-10 niners. later in the fourth, orton out of the pocket. out comes the ball. recover of the fumble and the
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niners looking to pour it on. frank gore powers it in from the three. gore 118 yards on 29 carries, 24-10 niners. 21 points in the fourth. broncos not done. 2:22 left, orton finds lloyd. they missed the extra point and cut the lead to 8.24-16 niners win kim coyle was on the field after the game. >> your thoughts on troy smith? did a remarkable job tonight. >> really stepped up and helped the offense out and helped the defense out. big play by troy. >> you guys are taking a lot of heat for not winning on the road. but you are almost 6,000 miles away. >> with all the red in the stands, felt like we were at home. >> going out to make a play for the guys. long flight with a loss. we should feel good. >> the raiders haven't won back to back
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games since december of 2008. they look to change that against the seattle seahawks. blacked out game at the coliseum. plenty of seats available. 30-yard gain sets up a field goal. 3-0 raiders. defense held their end of the bargain. branch one of 8 sacks on the day. jason campbell shows off his arm. 30 yards for the touchdown. hasselbeck going back. the pass is tipped. deon butler then a sweep in for the pick that sets up this. campbell dropping back finds darrius heyward bay.
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he is off to the races 23-0 oakland. only bad news, star corner goes down with a right ankle injury rolling it there. could not leave the field on his own power. just for good measure, michael bush punches it in. raiders at 500 beating seattle 33-3 in a laugher. >> we are getting there. it's great to win this game and get to 4-4. it's good to know there is a lot more in this football team. >> limited all week by an ankle injury, brett favre made his 292nd start. taking a shot under the chin, he would leave the game in the fetal position and needing ten stitches. the patriots lean in late in the fourth. ben jarvis green ellis. 28-18 improving to
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kardashian keeping up with miami's big three. is that a costume. lebron james with the two handed dunk. lebron with 20. heat win 101 to 78. kim coyle will have complete coverage of the game in london and dennis o'donnell with complete reaction with the world series. >> a lot going on. glad to have you here. thanks. so, dozens of people are going to lose their job tomorrow but in a way it's a good thing. this year's fire season is coming to a close and seasonal firefighters will be let go. what contributed to one of the mildest seasons in decades.
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all right. one last check. tonight looks good. >> trick or treaters will have a great time tonight. the next couple of days are spectacular. >> indian summer. >> the next few days. it will be fantastic. >> that's it for us. hope you enjoyed this edition of eyewitness news. 60 minutes is next. the latest news and weather is online. [ male announcer ] with jerry brown, it's just one dishonest smear
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after another. and another. just a dishonest politician, trying to hide his record of failure. the real brown plan? more spending on out-of-control state pensions. more favors for the big teachers union, blocking education reform. more job-killing taxes and regulations. more of the same old failure from sacramento. job killer jerry brown. always more taxes, more spending, and more lost jobs.
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i'm among 30,000 employees who used to work for hp. i was supposed to retire there. carly fiorina changed all that. fiorina laid off 30,000 people and she shipped our jobs to china and india. i had to pack my bags and i was out the door that night. we even had to train our replacements. she didn't need 5 corporate jets. one hundred million for herself. fiorina never cared about our jobs. not then and not now. i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.