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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  November 1, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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>> may 26th, 19. >> which means he is 86. the oldest working bartender never seen the giants win a series. >> always up for the disappointments, i saw a lot of advertise appointments, why hype yourself, you know, ride thuy it. >> reporter: the san francisco steal's played ball across the street. they had some success but when you're a giants fan you're used to disappointment. and willie mays made what has been since known as the catch. >> in this delicate field that has involved the emotions of millions americans. >> dwight d eisenhauer talked about being american. >> torture, that's the world. >> reporter: ed wrangle a native tvan of a certain age, like everyone else here on a sunny monday, dreamt what that
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might be like. >> i know we're gonna could it. we have amazing pitching. >> reporter: he has been in san francisco longer than many giants. for him it will be the thing of the lifetime. >> it will be like taking a deep breath. nicely done now, without the screaming and the hype and all that, we'll kickoff watch the kids graduate. >> reporter: win or lose, 84- year-old bartender jim kolonoko will be pouring drinks and laying down the law. >> your momma don't work here and don't bug me about happy hour because when i see you walking out the door that's the end of happy hour. it's. >> reporter: it's a cool place to be. if you don't want to spend money on a drink or food -- everybody is cheering, everybody is hoping they don't have to do this again wednesday
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allan." >> standing room only. ken bastida is in ton, arlington. >> allen, you remember the movie "chosen counters" where people seemed drawn to that big mountain in montana. that's where this comes from giants fans, pittsburgh, florida, new york, they got the same thing on their mind all over the country tonight, just one more baby, just one more. >> four wins, one more win, just one more win. >> just one more, that's all robert shunned letter is asking for, he has spent a lifetime as a giants fan. he says it's time for the baseball foods to smile on him. >> we suffered too long, we have seen the mountain top, never been to the top, not ever, not ever. >> reporter: the giants haven't won the fall classic in 56 years. never won it in san francisco. only the cubs and the indians have endured a longer drought.
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shunned letter says enough is enough. would a win in the world series cure that. >> it's the only cure for the disease. . >> and by the way, if it goes to game 67 or 7, i'm flying mid dad back, he is a giants fan going back to carl lovell, he has been waiting a long time, he has the plane arrangements, we're just sitting and waiting. >> reporter: mr. schindler is typical of the old time giant fans. he says his dad is 88 years old, he has been waiting for this, he doesn't have much time left ton planet. let's go giants, let's get this thing done, he says, so we'll feel it maybe tonight. i don't know allen, we'll have to see how it plays out. >> ken bastida in arlington. >> the attack ads, the millions of dollars spent, the campaign
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has been one for the record books. the candidates may disagree but today they were all sipping the same tune. >> it's all about getting people out to vote. >> i have a message for the special interests. we will vote. >> it's a immany but important message allstate-wide candidates are sending to california. >> i'm ready, are you? >> reporter: at a southern california volunteer center meg whitman rallied her supporters. >> this is meg whitman calling, this is not a robot call, i'm in our woodland hills office. the next governor of the state of california, jerry brown. >> reporter: in los angeles, whitman's democratic opponent, current attorney general jerry brown, insisted voters must get out to support his party's ticket. he all is made a final push to differentiate himself from whitman. >> there is a pretty clear
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difference, values and vision. >> reporter: he was joined by incumbent democratic senator barbara boxer. >> if we work our hearts out over the next 32 hours we will win and californians will win. are you ready to work your hearts out? >> reporter: boxer is in a tight's with former hewlett packard ceo carly fiorina. she took a jab at laying off thousands of employees during her time at high pressure. >> i don't want to at hp. >> i don't want to create jobs in china, i want them in chula vista. >> reporter: she tapped into the economy. >> when you think something is going in the wrong direction do you go in and say "i think i'll vote for barbara boxer who has been there 28 years"? >> both races have been close. it's only in the last couple of days democrats have pulled ahead with brown and boxer
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leading whitman and fiorina. republicans are going to have to depend on the enthusiasm gap to try to make up the difference. >> hours to go. simon, thanks so much. we're going to have extensive coverage of tomorrow's voting and the results here on cbs5 with our election special 9:00 p.m. to 11:00, then a special edition of "eyewitness news" from 11:00 p.m. to midnight. checking some other bay area headlines for you, an overnight fire has caused $2 million damage to two san jose businesses. investigators say the fire started at the savoy cafe north 10th street a about 2:30. the cafe and a recycling business were both destroyed. the cause of the fire is under investigation tonight. a 0-year-old girl is recovering from serious wounds after being shot in what police say was a gang-related hit. three people were hit by bullets on san francisco's portraro hill. police say her grandfather was hit trying to shield her from
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the bullets. a 20-year-old man was shot multiple times. >> that i'll well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter. congratulations [ applause ] >> 33 san carlos police officers are now sworn deputies of the san mateo county sheriff's office. the peninsula city is merging its law enforcement with the county in order to save money. they say it will be about $2 million a year. a bay area neighborhood fighting what it feels is a 50- foot men as. why they say a new cell phone r cell tower site is trading on holy ground. >> they grabbed the purse and wretched it away from me, i couldn't hangs on. >> robbed of more than her money, they also got her best friend, her plea to bring "duce" back. >> something to add to that christmas list.
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why it may be a good idea to wait on a tv. tonight at 6:00? ... ,, you know it's bad when the press asks if you'd take a lie detector test. meg whitman didn't tell the truth about not voting or about how long she lived in california. she got caught in insider deals at goldman sachs. she changed her story about physically abusing an employee. she campaigned as tough as nails on immigration knowing her housekeeper of 9 years was undocumented. her tv ads have been condemned as false and misleading. and even her hometown newspaper said meg whitman has demonstrated "a loose relationship with the truth"
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pinpoint weather is sponsored by mancini sleepworld. protesters made their voices heard in san francisco over arizona's controversial immigration la tors chanting ] >> hundreds of protestors made their voices heard over arizona's controversial immigration law.
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demonstrators marched to the federal court house. the state of arizona is trying 0 over rule a some vision that blocks and allows police to check documentation. there is no time frame for the court's ruling. a peninsula neighborhood is unhappy about plans to put a cell phone on top of a local church. the proposed sewer would be at st. albert the great catholic church. thuy vu is there. some neighbors are worried about health hazards, thuy. >> reporter: this is the church here. initially the cell tower was going to be placed inside that big tall steeple there but it turns out it is not quite big enough for the new cell phone tower, in fact a new structure has to be built, and none of this is sitting well with lots of neighbors. it's a place of worship and quiet contemplation. but many neighbors are praying st. albert the great church will back way way from
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something they say has no place here. a 50-foot tall cell phone tower. it would be housed in a new structure housed above the roof in this artist's recollectiondering. >> it is awful. >> true love lives across the industry. she is worried radiation makes her children sick. >> i don't want cancer. anything less than 5,000 feet, you're going to get contamination. >> you're going. >> anything within less than 5,000 feet of the tower? anything less than 5,000. >> reporter: but there are also studies saying the radiation is low and harmless. at&t wants to build it to hand will newer and faster devices but for a lady working two blocks away the idea is troubling. >> the radiation isn't going to help the public or the people or the kids so the less the better. >> reporter: they say it's well within the acceptable levels.
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>> it is well under the standards, way down below, probably less than 5 peers. so i think it's very safe. >> reporter: but try telling that to parents at this school on church grounds, alisa tupow whose kids attend the school is worried. >> reporter: you think there might actually be radiation from the cell phone tower to cause that? >> i think so. >> reporter: the city has asked at&t for more information, it will then review all of that data. the planning major for pal oh alto is expected to make an initial decision sometime later this month. >> i'm wondering if it goes on and on and on what recourse do they have to really get this thing stopped? the church is private property. >> we have seen this issue crop up from time to time from various communities in the bay area, the final say is going to be with the city they decide that this meets safety levels
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and the kinds of aesthetic criteria they are looking for. >> reporter: r. >> how it appears in the city. okay. a dognapping case in the area. what the 80-year-old owner of deuce says happened over the weekend when she was accosted by two men. >> never in a million years would i ever have imagined that my dad would have breast cancer. >> it is not just a woman's disease. how one family faced the reality of two diagnoses. we have a brand new forecast for you for the new workweek. we'll flirt with nearly 90 degrees. it's true. in your pinpoint forecast as "eyewitness news" continues, we'll be right back. ,, ,,
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more important to her. helen was walking home with her constant companion, a 6-year- old yorkie named deuce when she was accosted, two men demanded her purse and her dog and threatened her with what they said was a gun. >> they grabbed the dog and grabbed the purse and wretched it away from me, i couldn't hang on, i couldn't hold onto the dog or the purse. >> apparently deuce does have one of those little identifying microchips implanted. police are hoping that will help them get deuce back to helen. a lot of big state and national races tomorrow of course, but there were are plenty of local issues that could impact your paycheck. the unprecedented number of cities looking to raise the sales tax. >> reporter: in antioch measure p, in concord q. 8 cities are asking permission to raise sales taxes el if a read oh and half moon bay could see a hike
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of 10 1/4%, the maximum allowed in california. >> the local sales tax is one of the few places where they can still ask voters for a little bit of extra pony. >> reporter: professor eric zoom ring place the down turn in the economy. >> places have already made difficult cuts to their services and operations. without new revenues those cuts to services will likely continue. >> reporter: and he warns if those sales tax measures don't pass -- >> some cities will probably explore bankruptcy options and voters and residents are probably going to face new revenue requests in other areas. >> reporter: translation, they'll find creative ways to raise money like the cities of albany, mew arc and that are doing. they will decide if they let them raise taxes on utilities by expanding the definition of the word "utility." it's not just local cities that
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need money, proposition 21 would racecar registration fees by $18. if passed the extra funds would go to maintaining state parks. >> i understand the state is in financial crises and we have to find the money for somewhere. >> i think it's ridiculous to pay that money for registration. and for the service they give us inside it is baloney. >> i would hope most cities have a plan b because i think it's difficult to convince voters at this time in our economic experience that more taxes are critical. voters may be thinking with their pocketbooks first. >> reporter: now you can find more information about all the issues at our web site, there is also a good site called which will answer a lot of your questions. polls open at 7:00 a.m. >> until 8:00. sorry. this isn't going to make it for the world series but maybe super bowl there are reports ticket prices
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are coming down again. the big tv companies, panasonic, samsung, showny, prices for those flatscreen tvs expected to fall 25% over the holidays. but not those with built in ds, they won't get cheaper. okay. it was a spectacular day today. >> halloween night as well. >> yes. lots of candy. >> nothing scary. pristine conditions. we're looking out towards could i town, we're currently in the city by the way. currently 66 degrees across the bay, 72 in oakland. we're at 63 at the sea shore and that right there, take a good look at it. that's what an offer shore flow looks like. we have limited visibility, not even a cloud in the sky. it's still 74 degrees in livermore with a northwest wind at 12:00. we have limited visibility, we get to see that temperature at 6:10. temperatures tonight 45 trees in santa rosa, 54 overnight in
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san francisco and temperatures dipping in the mid-40s across the tri-valley to the east of our district. this is, again, what an offshore flow looks like. not a cloud within the state of california. all the clouds, miles per hour, are to the north of the bay area. in fact, this is a major area of low pressure. look at how tightly coiled up that sensor of the area of low pressure is. it's got so much strength and momentum associated with it we have a high surf advisory that goes into place tomorrow morning through wednesday afternoon, and some of our swells at our local beaches will build up to 25 feet. and there will be some very strong rip currents as well. remember, never never turn your back to an angry ocean. if you go out there to take a look another those large swells, tomorrow we're going to notice a business of a haze in the atmosphere, moderate air, moderate air quality from the north bay all the way in the santa claire valley. temperatures going up in comparison to today.
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above normal. 69 degrees in pacifica. mid-70s coming across the central bay. the high 70s to the north, fairfield, offshore out of the northeast by about 15 miles per hour. there is your extended forecast, the warmest day of this workweek will be on thursday, when we start to flirt with 90 degrees towards hollister and gilroy. we quickly begin to cloud it back up again on friday with an area of low pressure that will produce rain friday and saturday. a second system produces a second chance of rain showers on sunday and monday maria thank you thank you thank you, she sends us a picture saying go giants, everybody in her office is dressed up in the orange and supporting their lucky caps. keep it on allen. >> that's not all the orange does. >> that's right. >> giants fans, they did support the orange wigs, the big beards, but the commentators potted something
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else. pink ribbons on their la pells. the ribbons are associated with breast cancer awareness but it is not always pink. dr. kim mulvihill joining us with that. kim? >> breast cancer is monday among women. when we think pink or wear pink ribbons that doesn't mean we forget about the men. often men get breast cancer and their prognosis is often worse because they are not looking for it. >> mike is a solid guy. >> you get emotional. i met when we were kids. >> their life together, raising their daughter carly seemed like a dream until she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 46. >> we knew she had a less than 5-year success rate. her struggle ended just before
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her 50th birthday. mike could never have imagined what was in store for him next. >> i felt a lump in my chest, simple as that, and i checked the order side of my chest. no lump. >> reporter: in the crew elest twist of fate less than a year after losing kelly he was diagnosed with breast cancer that spread to his bones never in a million years would i ever have imagined that my dad would have breast cancer. >> reporter: is he going to get fit today. >> reporter: now it's her turn to support her dad, just like mike did for kelly, and with her mother's same sense of humor. >> she is is probably up there like "you've got to be kidding me, cut these two a break." >> reporter: mike will tell you his unlikely journey is an opportunity to save lives. >> listen, breast cancer is all about women but, you know what, it affects men too. >> the most common symptom of breast cancer in men is a firm but not painful lump found just
5:24 pm
below the nipple. 2,000 men from r diagnosed with breast cancer and every year 450 men die from the disease. >> take it seriously. >> allen? >> thank you kim. with the elections just a day away candidates are making their final push. we'll look at some of the critical races. will these races change the face of congress. our expert analysis continues tonight only on "the cbs evening news." [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. she's against banning assault weapons... and that's reckless and dangerous. she's for risky new oil drilling that could threaten our jobs. fiorina's plan would mean slashing social security and medicare, which would devastate seniors. and she'd make abortion a crime. no wonder fiorina is endorsed by sarah palin.
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carly fiorina. just too extreme for california. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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"so what is my grand total? your total is ou pay me cash i'm dana king.
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here is something we're working on for the 6:00 news. what is my grand total? >> your total is $638.60 but if you pay me cash it's going to be $44 less. >> moves taking customers for a ride. the bay area company some call an organized crime ring. and the stripping of unhappy customers including the name on the truck. that and much more at 6:00 allan. >> we'll being looking for that and joining you then. 30 minutes away. cbs evening news, katie couric is next. as we say good night we put the chopper up over the civic center where giants fans -- look at that, that's a pretty big screen. >> i was there earlier, i want to check it out. 67 degrees, where else can you do that in america, watch jumbotron, baseball outside, yes. >> all we need is a win? we need a perfect outcome, yes we do. >> okay. we'll see you back here in 30 minutes. katie is next. >> go giants.
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and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message. what did you lie about when you were governor? it's all a lie. what did you lie about? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. you say you are going to lower taxes. you're gonna put people to work. you're gonna improve the schools. you're gonna stop crime. crime is up. schools are worse. taxes are higher. i mean be real.