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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  November 2, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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campaign of good afternoon, everyone. this is it. after months of campaigning. millions of dollars. it is election day across the
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nation. mark sayer is in the south bay with what is on voters' mines as they cast their ballots. mark? >> reporter: good afternoon, sidney. what is the most important race or issue depends on who you ask, and whether they're polling places like this one, up and down the state, voters right now are making their opinions known. at this polling place in downtown san jose, the first voters arrived shortly after the 7:00 a.m. opening and voters have many different issues on their minds. for john, it is the state budget budget. >> for me, it is the ability to push the budget through on a timely basis and making sure the money is there and shifting funds are not happening. >> and many important issues this woman feels are forced out of the debate. >> i'm a little concerned on the overemphasis on the economy, kind of a fair approach, i think, that level heads need to prevail. so i'm kind of avoiding any
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extremes. >> reporter: voter claudio says the top concern is the race for governor and also working to get his students engaged in the election process. >> i'm trying to encourage all of my students to go and vote. so whether or not they will show up or not, that's a different thing, you know. so yes, i teach at san jose state university and i'm like you better go out and exercise your right to vote. >> reporter: the two candidates for senate made final bay area appearances today. carly fiona came out to her place to drop off the ballot. and barbara boxer greeted voters at the grill. and both will attend respective party events tonight in california. and back in san jose, carrie believes voter enthusiasm is high and voter turnout will be strong. >> half my friends are angry and half are fighting the angry people. there is a lot of enthusiasm. >> reporter: statewide voter turnout is expected to be around 60% and we're told that
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is pretty typical for a mid- term election. back to you. >> mark, thank you very much. today, attorney general jerry brown cast his vote in his hometown of oakland. the democratic gubernatorial vom knee voted at a fire station -- nominee voted at a fire station on colleton boulevard. meg whitman is in southern california and the former ceo of ebay voted by mail. and the outgoing republican has not endorsed a candidate to succeed him. he has been in office since 2003 for arnold schwarzenegger. a ballot snafu is causing a commotion in santa clara county. electronic scanners couldn't read thousands of mail-in ballots because of printing smudges. and county workers and volunteers have been inspecting every ballot by hand and then cleaning them up with rubber erasers. election officials say no votes were double counted or missed. and the problem will not delay
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tonight's results. and we want to let you know we will have extensive coverage of the election tonight on cbs 5 with an election special from 9:00 to 11:00, and then a special edition of cbs 5 eyewitness news from 11:00 to midnight. the world series champs are back in the bay area, and san francisco is doing all it can to welcome the giants home. take a look at this sign in south san francisco. where the letters s & f have been died orange in honor of the team. meantime fans are gearing up for tomorrow's victory parade. sharon chen is live at the dugout store in san francisco where any and everything giants is flying off the shelves. hi, sharon. >> reporter: hi, the victory parade is tomorrow. but right now, this is the place to be. if you're a giants fan. check out the long line at the dugout store. it is past the third straight bridge. they are snapping up souvenirs and early this morning, some fans had to greet the team in
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person. [ cheering ] >> reporter: about 200 fans lined up at at&t park to surprise the team with a giant home comes, fresh from sfo at 4:00 a.m. the team did not disappoint. they showed off the world series trophy and several players shared the love. >> are you still pinching yourself? >> absolutely. i hope i don't wake up from a dream. but i'm just so happy. i'm so proud of my team. we had an unbelievable run. and i'm so happy for san francisco and the whole organization and the whole city. it is unbelievable. >> does it seem real at all yet? >> no it definitely hasn't hit me yet but as soon as we get to settle down and sit back and relax and soak it in, unbelievable feeling. >> way to go. >> reporter: the team was appreciative of the fans who endured a cease of of torture. >> anybody who is out here at 4:00 in the morning is awesome. >> did anyone sleep on the
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plane? >> we tried. it wasn't going to happen though. >> the plan was to support them throughout every game. and they believe we can make it. >> pure salt of the earth people that know that this is where it is at, that the fans love them, and that they were playing for us, as much as we were cheering for them. >> and now, the city is gearing up for tomorrow's big victory parade. >> we're trying to find every orange confetti that has ever existed anywhere on the planet. if you manufacture orange confetti, i need you to send fed ex, we immediate it, desperately. we're running out. >> for the most part, celebrations have been nonviolent. they will report the rowdy behavior of smashed windows mostly and graffiti and for the most part, what we're hearing near the third street bridge, the wait is about 45 minutes to get in and they probably have about a half hour more. but as you can tell, these fans, they don't mind the wait.
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sidney? >> what an incredible line. sharon, thanks so much. how exciting. well, if you have heard, the official victory parade is tomorrow. it starts at 11:00. near montgomery and washington streets in the financial district. then they will travel down montgomery to market, and west to civic center plaza. we want to let you know, you can watch the parade right here on cbs 5. beginning at 11:00. the young and the restless and the bold and the beautiful, they will be shown at a different time. checking headlines now, around the bay area, oakland firefighters rescued seven people from a burning apartment building. two of them were children. fire broke out on 15th street around 6:00 this morning. only minor injuries were reported. and the cause is still being investigated. police are searching for the gun plan who shot and killed a 22-year-old man in san francisco's marina district. it happened last night at the gravity room on scott street. the victim was taken to the hospital but died soon after. anyone with any information is asked to call san francisco
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police. and pg&e being hit with more lawsuits in the wake of the deadly san bruno explosion. 18 more families are suing the utility company. they say pg&e, quote, failed to take corrective and life-saving action, when earlier gas leaks were reported. after a heated campaign season, voters are getting their say. coming up, republicans vye to take control of congress. but will they get the votes they need? they say think pink. but it is not just a woman's disease. the other side of breast cancer you rarely hear about, and why it is potentially more dangerous. and another beautiful day. check. coming up, we will take a look at the giants parade forecast tomorrow. that's all coming up in just a few moments. ,,,,
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that could threaten our jobs. fiorina's plan would mean slashing social security and medicare, which would devastate seniors. and she'd make abortion a crime. no wonder fiorina is endorsed by sarah palin. carly fiorina. just too extreme for california. [ boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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oters. welcome back, everyone. a big push to get out the vote today. some cabs in oakland are even giving free rides to voters. friendly cab is offering free rides to and from the polls tonight. from 6:00 until 8:00. service is first come, first served. today, voters across the nation will decide the political fate of candidates for congress. 37 governorships and many local races. we have more from washington, d.c. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, sidney. the fight for congress will be decided today. voters are already weighing in. and their decision could impact president obama's ability to
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get things done. voters in all 50 states have the last word today on whether it is time for change in washington. >> i have a pretty good idea who is going to be winning. >> people don't have jobs. and we need a change. >> reporter: with 37 senate seats and all 435 in the house of representatives on the line, most polls are predicting a republican come back, especially in the house. to win a majority in congress, republicans need to pick up 39 seats in the house, and 10 in the senate. >> the american people are going to reassert themselves into the political process and i think remind the political class in washington, d.c. that they're in charge. >> reporter: if the polls are roit and the republicans win control of the house, it will mean president obama could face tough opposition in congress. democrats were doing all they could to try to keep that from happening. the vice president joe biden cast his ballot early this morning, and president obama
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addressed voters on the internet. >> all you have to do is vote. >> reporter: the president is giving interviews today to radio stations in los angeles and las vegas, where democratic senators barbara boxer and harry reid are in very tight races. analysts say many contests are too close to call. and it could be days before winners are decided, in some critical battles. cbs news, washington. and lawyers on both sides are ready to go if there are any complaints about voting fraud or machine breakdowns. sidney, back to you. >> there is is a lot of talk about house speaker nancy pelosi and her fate. what is the impact if republicans win control of the house? >> well, obviously, she is in a very powerful position as the speaker of the house, and she is maintaining that her party is going to maintain control and she will keep her position. but republicans are expected to take a majority in the house. so that said, they said that
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they're making plans for changes that they want to make. but right now, she hasn't said too much about what her position would be moving forward but voters will have to decide today. >> thank you. coming up, it is not just a woman's disease. >> never in a million years would i ever have imagined that my dad would have breast cancer. >> how one family faced the reality of two positive diagnoses. sunny, warm, mild, and that pretty much sums up today's forecast. but you know what? there is some rainfall, and yes, it is in the forecast as well. and we will take a look at the seven-day forecast, and we will let you know when you may need to grab the umbrella again. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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thanks, tracy. the weather for going out to vote? >> i don't think the weather could be any better. today is beautiful. the parade will be amazing. 70 degrees. if you haven't voted just yet, there is nothing to stop you from going out weather-wise. >> go out and enjoy the sunshine. >> get out and enjoy. the director always says tracy, what do you want for your live shot? and i took a look at this one and i said give me ocean beach. that looks so good, doesn't it? coastal locations as warm as the lower 70s along the coastline. i want to talk about the coast
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for a moment. we have a high surf advisory that began at 11:00, this morning, through 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. we could see waves breaking as high as 20-25 feet. here is a look at the afternoon forecast. sunshine. warm. temperatures up to 80 degrees. don't you love it? it is november. sunshine and warm conditions around the bay. with 72 to 75 degrees expected. and sunny conditions, again, with a high surf advisory along the coast. for tonight, mostly clear with valley fog expected. mostly clear conditions around the bay. and even some valley fog. or even some fog rather along the coastline with the high surf advisory still expected until about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. and so here we go, waves anywhere from 15-20 feet, possibly 25 feet, and so asking if you are planning to go out, to use caution, and we have strong waves out there and rip kurns rip -- currents are always a concern. here is a big picture. warmer conditions expected. high pressure in control. that's why we warm up nightly.
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winds coming out of the north. dry winds. 80-degree temperatures today and tomorrow. and even as we move into thursday. take a look at the next weather maker, the low pressure system there is bringing us the high surf advisory. and really large swells. and that is what is going to cool us down and give us a chance of showers as we move into the forecast for friday and also for sunday. in the meantime today, 77 in fremont, and 77 in millipitas. 78 in santa clara. and 80 degrees in morgan hill. and 80 in los gatos. and 78 in san jose. and the upper 70s in mountain view and los altos and redwood city. east bay locations today, getting in on the warmup, upper 70s in pittsburgh and antioch and 80 degrees in danville and 77 in walnut creek. lower 70s in richmond and berkeley, mid-70s in oakland and 77 degrees in san leandro and in hayward. north bay locations, 77 from petaluma to sonoma. 76 in kentville. and 72 in sausalito. 74 degrees in san francisco. the five-day forecast, here we
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go. tomorrow, more sunshine. warmer temperatures. that will be the drill as we move through thursday. but take a look at friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. we're cooling down. and we do have a chance of showers friday into monday. the giants victory parade tomorrow at 11:00 a.m., downtown san francisco. sunny and warm. and 70 degrees. that's nice. that's a look at your weather. back to you, sid. >> i am loving it, tracy, thank you very much. it is something you don't often see at a ballpark. pink ribbon. but if you're watching the world series, you saw the fox commentators with the pink ribbons on in honor of breast cancer awareness and dr. kim mulvilhill tells us, breast cancer is not always pink. >> reporter: while breast cancer is common among women, men also get the disease and oftentimes their prognosis is worse because they're not looking for it. mike story loves working out. he may look tough. but he melts when he talks
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about his wife kelly. >> you get goose bumps. i mean it is emotional. i met her when we were kids. >> reporter: mike and kelly's life together raising their daughter carly seemed like a dream. until kelly was diagnosed with breast cancer at 46. >> we knew she probably had a less than five year survival rate because of the breast cancer in her body and where it was. >> reporter: mike supported the love of his life during her struggle which ended before her a 2nd birthday. and mike could never have imagined what was in store for him next. >> i felt a lump in my chest. simple as that. and i checked the other side of the chest, no lump. >> reporter: in the cruel twist of fate, less than a year after losing kelly, mike was diagnosed with stage four breast canser that had spread to his bones. >> never in a million years would i ever have imagined that my dad would have breast cancer. >> is he going to get the script today? >> now it is carly's turn to
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support her dad like mike did for kelly and with her mother's same sense of humor. >> she is probably up there like, you've got to be kidding me. cut these two a break. >> mike will tell you this is an unlikely journey but an opportunity to save lives. >> listen, breast cancer is all about women, but you know what? it affects men, too. >> now, the most common symptom of breast cancer in men is a firm painless lump found just below the nipple. roughly 2,000 men are newly diagnosed with invasive breast cancer every year. and each year, 450 men will die from the disease. so sidney, i think it is so important, just to give men that heads up, be aware, pink ribbons include men. >> what an incredible story. dr. kim, thank you very much. and stay with us. we'll be right back. stay tuned to c-b-s 5 ,,,,,,,,,,
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news from 11:00 to midnight. we have a big parade tomorrow. >> i'm excited. it would be mice to do weather live from the parade. >> yeah. >> i can't believe i said that outloud. >> well, 11:00, and beautiful forecast. >> beautiful. 70 degrees expected. and plenty of sunshine. and mid 80s tomorrow. >> it will be nice. >> thank you very much. we want to leave you with a last look at what giants fans have waited 56 years to enjoy. >> the giants are world champions! ,, are what keep me coming back for more. [goat sounds] and the customer says, on the carpet." what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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