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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  November 2, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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everybody is gearing up to officially welcome home the world champion giants. hi, don. >> reporter: hey, dana. a big parade lend up here at san francisco city hall. after retracing the route of the parade that welcomed the giants to san francisco in 1958. tomorrow's parade is coming together in a hurry. how bic is the crowd going to be? judging from the indications we saw today and last night, the weather tomorrow it should be huge. >> reporter: the victory parade for the giants will end up here at san francisco city hall. after retracing the route of the parade that welcomed the giants to san francisco in 1958. tomorrow's parade is coming together in a hurry. barricades are already in place along the route. and all police officer days off have been cancelled. meanwhile, there is a search for critical celebration material. >> we are trying to find every orange confetti that has ever existed anywhere on the planet. if you manufacture orange confetti, i need you to send fedex! we need it desperately.
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we're running out. that's my one concern. >> reporter: the giants parade will perhaps do better than the 1982 49ers after super bowl xvi. that crowd was estimated at more than 1 1/2 million. >> bowers transportation here in the city workers were cleaning up 7 motorized cable cars expected to carry players and giants staff in the parade. many of these folks lining up to buy giants world series championship gear say they will be lining up along the parade route early tomorrow. >> i'm going to get there early. i want to wake up --because i live in the dog patch. i want to wake up at 8:00 and just come and wait in line. >> be really early. if i leave at 8:30 a.m., yeah, coming to the parade. breakfast at reds. >> reporter: what are you doing? >> driving in it taking some of the club people. >> reporter: how is that going to feel driving in the parade? >> amazing. >> reporter: billy pierce's first giants game was at a brand-new candlestick park.
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she will be on the road for the 11 a.m. parade. what are you going to be doing watching all day? >> just sitting and watching and jumping and screaming and adding for my laryngitis. i have been cheering this team on for quite some time now. >> reporter: the city emphasizes that tomorrow's event will be a family affair and the police department says they are going to make sure of it by enforcing a zero alcohol tolerance policy. but we have to say, allen, that so far most of the response to the giants has been very jubilant but pretty well under control. >> one more thing that the giants have aside from the big old trophy, they have world class fans and they are going to be out there tomorrow in droves. >> reporter: and they love the giants. >> it will be fun. >> don knapp, thank you. let's take another look at the moment san francisco giants fans have waited more than 50 years for. giants leave brian wilson with two out bases empty in the 9th. those are the fans on the right civic center plaza holding their breath and then the celebration.
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lot game played hundreds of miles away, orange and black faithful gathered outside at&t park to cheer the team and sharon chin has more. >> reporter: about 200 fans showed up to surprise the team with a homecoming fresh at 4 a.m. the team didn't disappointed. they showed off the world series trophy and they shared the love. >> i'm just waiting, i hope i don't wake up from a dream. i'm just so happy. i'm so proud of my team. we had an unbelievable, unbelievable run. i'm so happy for san francisco and the whole organization. >> does it seem real? >> definitely hasn't hit me yet but i'm assuming once everything settles down get a chance to relax and kickback. unbelievable feeling. >> way to go, skipper, way to go. >> reporter: the team was
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appreciative of the fans who endured a season of torture. >> did anyone sleep on the plain? -- on the plane? >> we tried. wasn't going to happen though. >> you know, the plans --they believed we could do it. we did it. >> pure salt of the earth people that know that this is where it's at that the fans love them. they were playing as much for us as we were playing for them. >> reporter: sharon chin, cbs 5. the parade goes down montgomery to market and west to civic center plaza and you can see the parade right here cbs 5 beginning at 11 a.m. we are turning from the giants to election day our other big story. hundreds of thousands of mail- in ballots in the south bay have been rejected by an optical scanner. kiet do is in san jose to show us the army santa clara county employees mobilized to try to pictures problem. will they be able to do it?
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>> reporter: they say that they are and we are live outside of the registrar of voters office where people are -- they were busy dropping off ballots at the last minute here but they are using this inside an eraser to clean more than 100,000 ballots that they say are dirty and they say at this point, they are completely caught up. now, the office of the registrar of voters says that they call it a smudge, look closely it's a faint discoloration that runs along the fold of the mail-in ballots. the problem, the counting machines see this as an error and rejects the ballots. the county noticed this last week after 100,000 ballots were mysteriously rejected. so workers have been staying late working through the weekend and using erasers to clean the smudge on every, single mail-in ballot. the county assures us votes cannot be changed since they are made in ink and they are confident that the dirty ballots will not cause a significant delay in the counting. now, you're saying this is not a problem? >> absolutely not. if it is, we're taking care of it.
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>> reporter: is this election tainted, do you think, because of this? >> i don't think it's tainted. we feel very confident about it and again, in this the second --now that we have learned about this we're taking every step, everything we can do to make sure that all the other ones are done correctly. >> reporter: the printing company says santa clara county is the only county out of 15 counties reporting a smudging problem and they have agreed to pay for all the overtime spent to clean the ballots so the county is saying, no, this is not going to cause a delay in the counting tonight. we'll be we'll be here throughout the night to keep an eye on it and bring updates. >> that had to be very costly . those people are not volunteers correct? >> reporter: they are just county workers, no volunteers. so they are keeping tallies on all the hours and they will send the bill to pro vote solutions. >> there you go. somebody else can pay for it. kiet do, thank you. we are just getting started tonight. we are going to have an election special from 9:00
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until 11:00. and then a special edition of cbs 5 eyewitness news from 11:00 until midnight. and much more to come in this hour. i'm simon perez live at the fox theatre in oakland where attorney general jerry brown hopes tonight it's back to the future. i'm robert lyles in universal city. the polls have yet to close but results are in on spending and meg whitman has outspent hollywood studios. just how much? i'll have the figures next in a live report from los angeles. i'm mike sugerman. will californians make marijuana legal? could happen if the vote is "high." turnout is important. ,,,,
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for three months for a limited time. at&t u-verse tv. tv like you've never seen before. personal attacks: right now, voters are deciding whether they want jerry art record campaign spending and the personal
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attacks, right now voters are deciding whether they want jerry brown on meg whitman to be the next governor of california. simon perez is at jerry brown's campaign headquarters in oakland. >> reporter: the finishing touches on the decorations going up here at the fox theatre in oakland where jerry brown hopes later on tonight he will be thanking voters for electing him governor, again. now, brown voted this morning near his home. he is attempting to return to the state top job 36 years after he was first elected california governor in 12974. he didn't spend much of his own money on the campaign compared to the republican rival, meg whitman but brown did count on the support of unions, who lavished him with money. the 72 is vying 72-year-old is vying to become the oldest governor of california and touting his experience as assets. the latest polls show him up by
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double digits going into election day. >> i think the signs look favorable but we'll know when the polls close. and then i also have to add that think it's going to be tough in the next year or two because all signs point to some very hard decisions and my goal will be to get the republicans and democrats business leaders as well as labor leaders to recognize we are in a very tough fix but if we all pull together then california can be prosperous again. >> reporter: brown is expected to show up here in a little bit more than an hour to watch the returns. now, he is pretty familiar with this neighborhood, allen. he used to live about 10 blocks from the fox theater. simon you can't ignore the fact that he has spent a fraction of the money that meg whitman has spent on her campaign. >> reporter: you can't ignore the fact. but remember, she spent a lot of her money. he didn't spend much of his money but when it comes to
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union and outside independent support, brown is way ahead of whitman. simon perez, thanks. we are going to check in now at meg whitman's headquarters in southern california. robert lyles is in huge city. reporter: meg whitman and team whitman have yet to arrive here at universal city. they are expected to arrive after 8:00. but let take a quick look over my shoulder and we'll see this this is the location she hopes will be her celebration headquarters. the balloons are already in place. the orange and green are already hoisted above the ballroom. they believe this will be a celebratory environment. as the state waits for polling results, the results are already in on spending and get this, to date meg whitman has spent an astounding $141.5 million. that's not only more money than any candidate has spent here in the state of california; it's more than any candidate has spent in the history of this country.
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since we are just steps away from one of hollywood's most famous studio back lots, we thought this information would be quite a propos. meg whitman in this race has spent more than the hollywood >> things look like they are going very well. we are looking at the absentee ballots coming in. we are seeing the tidal wave across the united states it's going to come to california and we are going to win this. >> whoo! >> now, that was whitman's message to volunteers at a gop. she says she will create jobs for california and is still trying to get out the vote tonight. pundits say in order to win, whitman has to woo latino
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voters but the undocumented maid situation led to a slide in approval. whitman needs undecided voters and women voters. but two weeks ago, scores of likely voters attending the women's conference right near southern california booed the former ebay executive after whitman refused jerry brown's offer to remove attack ads from the airwaves. now, this has certainly become the race to watch. we have seen media assemble here in universal city from not only all over the state but around the country. everyone is waiting to see if a woman will become the first governor of the state and if a republican will be governor. we'll track all the details of tonight's race and we'll bring them all to you as they become available. for now, that is the latest from universal city. dana, back to you. >> the only difference in that movie analogy is ironman probably made money on that $140 million. >> reporter: a considerable amount of money at the box office. but when you consider the
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amount of money spent to make that movie and this is from her personal fortune on this race, that's an astounding figure. >> sure is. thank you, robert lyles. a lot of bad vibes from recent polling so how are prop 19 advocates feeling tonight? a live report from oakster dam in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that's new school banking, baby! instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? good evening, live from the cbs 5 weather center i'm roberta gonzales where today's high temperatures topped off from 74 degrees. that's right. 47 in half moon bay to 81 in morgan hill. we are looking at the scene as the sun officially sets. it went down officially at 6:08 but still a glimmer of it there. temperatures still relatively mild, mid-50s at the coast to
6:18 pm
right around, oh, we're talking about at this particular time the mid-70s inland. looks like we'll see the satellite showing us cloud cover to the north of us. we are under the influence of the abundance of high pressure. and that's going to keep us in a quiet weather pattern across the western u.s. storm track is diverting north of the bay area. but this storm track is generating some very high surf so the high surf advisory remains in effect until 3:00 tomorrow. moderate air quality from the north bay to the santa clara valley. we got ourselves a parade. and there will be no rain on the parade tomorrow. at 11 a.m., sunshine, 70 degrees going up to a high of 76 degrees in downtown san francisco. your pinpoint forecast we are slating 67 at the beaches, 78 in san jose, temperature-wise in the eastern portion of the district the warmest up t 84 in brentwood, 85 discovery bay, 60s at the beaches and bodega
6:19 pm
bay to 82 in sonoma. we have the return of temperatures into the mid to high 80s on thursday with the slight chance of rain by friday, much cooler temperatures, threat of rain returns by sunday. we talk more about that in earnest, oh, yeah, dana, in earnest, that's coming up next time around. >> all right, roberta, thank you. one of the most talked issues this election, should california legalize pot? mike sugerman is in oakland with both sides of the debate. mike. >> reporter: well, dana, the pungent smell of what could be california's newest legal cash crop is wafting right in front of me here at oaksterdam university, where the staffers of prop 19 hope to party tonight. and they hope it's going to be a victory party but polls indicate it may not be. is marijuana a wonder drug that will help california out of its economic doldrums? with a shot of $1.4 billion in tax money?
6:20 pm
or would legalizing it cause more accidents and cause teenagers to use it? that's what voters are deciding today when vote on prop 19. results are being watched around the world. campaign to legalize pot made 30, 000 get out the vote phone calls today it says. every vote important as we mentioned recent polls showing the proposition losing. let's hear first from the field director of the proposition, and then from a man who says he is against proposition 19 and he smokes pot. >> we open their eye this is 30 to 90 seconds. a lot of the stereotypes by the other side are strictly completely untrue t just doesn't work. what we talk to them for those 90 seconds we're able to dispel the myths and get some reality on things. >> i'm pro pot for medical, i want it to stay medical and out of the hands of the philip morris, budweisers, big corporations want to exploit it. they want to use it and exploit
6:21 pm
it and the money didn't trickle down to the money like it does to the community, dude. >> reporter: just a couple of minutes ago we had a chance to talk to richard lee who is the man and the money behind prop 19 and he has always been a straight shooter with me and he says he is not optimistic. the polls show it's down. but these polls don't take into account younger people often because you can't get cell phone numbers for these polling devices many times and that means that you don't get young people and young people are what's the driving force behind prop 19. so it's going to be interesting. we'll see from the absentee ballots at 8:00 and then as the polls start rolling in, in the next couple hours after that. >> thank you, mike. could this race be one of the few democratic strong holds in the country tonight?
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a live report coming up. i'm hank plante back with you tonight for election results and analysis. our coverage from across california continues right after this. from races in othe ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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getting results from races in other parts of the country. we are already getting results from races in other parts of the country. the tea party has picked up two wins already. rand paul won a senate seat in kentucky. marco rubio won his senate race in florida defeating governor charlie crist who left the gop and ran as a third party candidate but christine o'donnell lost to democrat chris coons in the fight for the delaware senate seat once held by vice president joe biden. republicans picked up a senate seat from democrats in indiana, dan coats won the seat being vacated by retiring democrat evan bayh. in arkansas democratic senator blanche lincoln lost her seat to republican john boozman. in vermont democratic senator patrick leahy won re-election. senator barbara boxer is looking for her fourth term in the senate tonight. thuy vu in los angeles with the boxer campaign. thuy. >> reporter: hi, allen. i'm at the renaissance hotel in hollywood and just look
6:26 pm
around here. lots of media here tonight, perhaps signifying the importance of this race. boxer is seeking her fourth term. this is widely regarded as one of the small number of races around the country that could determine whether democrats can hang on to power in the senate tonight. this morning, boxer was in oakland rallying voters and campaigning down to the very last minute. her campaign manager tells me they are in an optimistic mood tonight. in recent weeks, boxer has surged in the polls, which now show her leading from 4 to 8 points. she is one of the most liberal voices in the senate. but her campaign strategy hasn't really focused on that. since september, her tv ads have relentlessly portrayed her opponent carly fiorina as a heartless ceo and it's a message that they have kept up tonight. >> carly fiorina did lay off 30,000 workers shipped american jobs overseas and that's not the answer we need now with the
6:27 pm
economy and the need for job creation right here at home. >> reporter: boxer a arrived here at the hotel from oakland earlier this evening. she is now in a hotel room, i'm told, with her family and best friend of 56 years. she will be watching returns there this evening. her campaign had been planning from early on for this to be a very long night. but again, she has surged in the polls recently and her campaign says that if the early returns start looking as good as the polls have been looking, she may be down here a lot earlier than anticipated. allen? >> and given our coverage, we'll be coming right to you for that. thank you. carly fiorina is spending election night at the republican election night party and len len is there. >> reporter: despite what the polls are saying and they are not saying very favorable news for carly fiorina tonight, she
6:28 pm
is still very optimistic. i'm going to give you a live look at our surroundings. there is almost no one here at the hyatt regency campaign headquarters right now because all the campaign workers and all the volunteers are are trying to get the republicans out to the polls. they feel that's the only way they will win. speaking of voting tonight, carly fiorina voted at her hometown precinct in los altos hills and here's what she had to say about barbara boxer. >> i think we defined ourselves very effective, she is a career politics who has done nothing for the people of california. i have lived in the real world, started as a secretary, became a ceo, understand that what we need to do now is focus on creating jobs. >> reporter: later after leaving los altos, fiorina helped campaign volunteers at a phone bank here in irvine. the republicans have been staging a massive get out the vote effort in these last few
6:29 pm
weeks of the campaign. they feel that there could be a republican voter surge that the pollsters have not been able to pick up. in fact, that's been tweeted around the internet quite a bit here in southern california tonight. at any rate, they are hoping for a very long evening. they are hoping to eke out a victory in the late night hours. they say it could go until tomorrow and maybe one of those races that goes on for a couple of days. they think it's going to be that close. >> it will be a very interesting evening. you know, all the other campaigns that we have been to have had a crush of media. is the media starting to show up at that campaign headquarters, as well? >> ? >> reporter: yeah. if we can show the camera around a little bit, we can city that there are plenty of cameras here. the media as i said earlier outnumbering the campaign volunteers. everyone is still working. they feel they can pull it off if they can get the republican
6:30 pm
voters to the polls. >> well, we'll be coming back to you for the evening. >> reporter: absolutely. we'll be here. >> see how it goes, len. thank you very much. >> reporter: thanks. as we mentioned, we'll be airing an election special from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. tonight and we are very pleased to have a familiar face with us for these proceedings. >> now for the first time this evening we throw over to our good friend and cbs 5 political editor hank plante. welcome. >> reporter: allen, dana, thanks. it's great to be back with you and with our viewers tonight. joining us for some perspective is professor of political science the usf and political analyst for the night dr. james taylor. great to see you. >> thank you. >> let's start by talking about what we are learning about who voted today because we are starting to get exit poll information nationally. we are learning voters are angry. no surprise. we have been hearing that for weeks. we are that's correct fewer young voters are voting this time compared -- that fewer young voters are voting this time compared to years ago and fewer african-americans than 2008. >> this is predictable especially in hard economic
6:31 pm
times like these. young people, african- americans, people are poorer, don't generally turn out en masse in midterms. women and african-americans are trying to send a message to the national democrats and to barack obama's administration in general that they feel in a tangibility way that his policies have not -- in a tangible way that his policies have not trickled down to them. >> he inspired so many voters. >> absolutely. >> here's what else we are learning in terms of exit polls. this is from the "sacramento bee" that just broke. they did exit polls of just california voters. what they are finding in california is, this is from the "sacramento bee," california voters prefer insiders who can get things done over outsiders who can shake things up. so you look at brown and whitman. >> and boxer, as well. this is i think the advantage that they have is the sort of
6:32 pm
understand the political process, understand the major players in california politics and in national politics and how to get things done and so this becomes i think an advantage to those sort of older sort of traditional democrats. >> wouldn't it be interesting tonight? i can see the front page of the "chronicle" tomorrow with this story. california bucks trend and goes democratic. >> absolutely. california is the one place that this sort of firewall that will allow whatever the national narrative is to be sort of stop at the borders of california because it appears that we are going to have a democratic governor. it appears that we are going to have a democratic senator. so for that reason -- >> and also, maybe lieutenant governor, maybe attorney general. that one is close though with kamala harris. treasurera, controller, secretary of state, all democratic. >> this is a blue state and we are in the bluest city of the bluest state and so i think that's -- >> what does this tell us? why is california so different from the rest of the country? >> i think california has always been a state independent of national trends. in fact it sets trends.
6:33 pm
and the diversity of state, that in that sense it is reflective of other parts of the country of. you have the southern region, central valley, northern california, three very different region that is reflect nationa patterns. but when you find in the los angeles area, santa cruz, bay area, your a very different element, politically, than elsewhere. >> let's talk nationally now because as you know, rand paul has been declared the winner by some of the networks. big win in kentucky. >> is that a preview of what's to come? >> i don't think so. >> you don't think so? >> no. in terms of the tea party specifically, i don't think so. i had think we have already seen two wins. we have seen two losses so far in connecticut. and in delaware. so so far they have mixed results. i think it's really interesting that if the tea party does have a great night, i think it's more of a challenge to the republican party than it is to the democrats. the conventional wisdom is this is a repudiation of barack obama's policies but the tea party in its origin was opposed
6:34 pm
to both parties and their political position and for that reason i think it becomes difficult because if the tea party moves the republicans to the right too far, they will be a short-lived influence that we have and we'll be back in 2012 talking about the short-term tea party candidates. >> i heard one politicallage list on tv comparing the tea party to a boy band. [ laughter ] >> all the enthusiasm gets worked up and they are gone two years. >> i think that's the case. i don't think the tea party is going to have a long-term influence on the political process. if it does, i think it is to the detriment of the republican party. because once they are in office, you have to perform. you can't raise, scream, protest, you have to produce legislation and policy so when you're on the inside i don't think people realize the way in which the apparatus in washington, d.c. itself changes people. barack obama went in with good intentions and we have seen what it's done with him
6:35 pm
carrying out policy. >> do you agree this election, do you agree it is a referendum on president obama? >> i think it's a referendum from the left. i don't think it's a referendum from the right. the referendum from the right is a repudiation of barack obama. quite clearing, mitch mcconnell said that, you know, this is not a time to compromise. i think what people are looking at is structural issues. we are looking at ideology and obama policies and ignoring the economy. all presidents can expect to suffer electoral punishment when your party is in office in these economic times and then obama won in places. so he was overexposed to place where he couldn't possibly be expected to sustain over a four- year term. >> thank you, dr. james taylor. always enjoy talking to you. >> me, too. >> thank you very much. dana, allen, we should tell our viewers the polls are still open until 8:00 so get out and vote. >> thank you. we look forward to your further analysis. in a moment, we are going
6:36 pm
back to the other big story of the day, and some of the moments you might have missed last night if you were out draping toilet paper over muni lines. colonoscopy versus sigmoidoscopy is controversial. >> the risk you need to know for the screening procedure coming up in minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
screened for colon cancer. but she m the disease. in medical news an east bay woman was given a clean bill of health after being screened for colon cancer but she still died from the disease. dr. kim mulvihill joins with us that story. kim. >> reporter: there are several ways to screen for colon cancer. when deciding what's best for you, you need to be aware of the benefits and the risks. >> my mom died as a result of them not looking, not screening like they proclaimed to do. >> reporter: in 2005, doris
6:39 pm
went to richmond kaiser for a routine cancer screening test. a sigmoidoscopy which uses a flexible tube with a camera to did the lower one-third to one half of the colon. -- to examine the lower one- third to one half of the colon. >> and her doctor told her she was good to go for ten years. >> reporter: but there is a problem with sigmoidoscopy. it doesn't reach the upper colon where her cancer was hiding. she died three years later. >> the frustrating part of this is just knowing that this was so preventible. [ crying ] >> reporter: preventible because a more complex procedure colonoscopy examines the entire length of the colon and might have found the cancer. so why does kaiser use one over the other to screen most of its patients? >> sigmoidoscopy is faster, cheaper and uses fewer personnel. kaiser profits, not the patient. >> colonoscopy versus sigmoid
6:40 pm
story of survival copy sigmoidoscopy is controversial because it's much more difficult to do a colonoscopy. >> reporter: he says the procedure requires a bigger staffer, more preparation, drugs for sedation and carries more risk for the patient. what's more, there aren't enough resources to screen everybody using colonoscopy. >> colonoscopy is a good test but there are other good ways to screen for colon cancer. >> reporter: he heads under the screening program for northern california. he says sigmoidoscopy and this take home test enables kaiswer to screen more people, find more cancer and save more lives. >> some screening is better than no screen. >> reporter: after much digging, doris' daughters
6:41 pm
discovered that her doctor did find a possible precancerous growth in her lower colon. but the lab lost the tissue before it could be analyzed. and the doctor let the matter drop without ordering a full colonoscopy. >> he gambled with my mother's life and he was wrong. >> reporter: kaiser never admitted in this mistakes but in september, an arbitrator a warded the family maximum damages of $250,000 ruling that kaiser's treatment of doris scoby fell below the standard of care. >> she would still be alive today with us and our family and watching her grandchildren grow. >> reporter: now, this year kaiser plans to screen more than 400,000 members with one of these fit tests, a positive test will be followed one a colonoscopy. now, keep in mind, there is no perfect screening test for colon cancer so listen to your body. if something is not right, get
6:42 pm
it checked. for more information on colon cancer screening go to click on news and health. >> but if you feel that colonoscopy is what you want, you have to tell your doctor that right? >> reporter: right. and kaiser has told us that patients who insist on it can have that done. yes. but again, you have to weigh the risks and the benefits. if you have one you are more likely to have a perforation of your colon. it's a significant risk. not in the big pictures but if it happens to you it's a big problem. >> yes. >> you have to do your homework and advocate for yourself. >> reporter: and colonoscopies miss cancers, sigmoidoscopies miss cancers. so be aware. >> gotcha. listen to your body. kim, thank you. unseasonably warm across the bay area today. but the warmest day of the week still ahead. pinpoint forecast when we come back. ,,
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[ screaming ] >> where you were, huh? most of us were sleeping but
6:46 pm
hundreds of hard core giants fans greeted the world series champs when they got back to san francisco very early this morning. the giants, if you didn't to, beat the rangers last night four games to one to clinching the world series trophy. there it is. tonight preparation well under way for the big victory parade tomorrow. and the golden gate ferry is adding extra trips for those who want to see tomorrow's celebrations. this is the list of departure times that you can take in the morning from larkspur to san francisco. the 7:30, 9:45 trips have been added to the rest of the regularly scheduled ones. and bart is running longer trains for the parade depending where you want to be along the parade route. you can get off at any one of these downtown stations. embarcadero and montgomery closest to the start. powell in the middle. civic center/u.n. plaza are near the end. bart is warning that the parking lots are going to fill up early. and it's going to be so crowded along the parade route, you might prefer to watch it all from the comfort of your home or the office.
6:47 pm
[ laughter ] tune in right here at cbs 5 starting at 11 a.m. >> the weather will be glorious. >> you couldn't paint a better picture than tomorrow. you take a lot of art classes. is that at the academy of art? >> yes. >> do they have the museum there for the cars? >> they do. >> they are going to be providing nine cars for the parade tomorrow and willie mays is going to be riding in a '59 el dorado and willie mccovey a '41 cadillac and, of course, edgar renteria in a corvette. >> oh. >> a '54 corvette. >> good use of those cars. >> it's going to be a convertible, right? because the weather is going to be so beautiful! we'll have that forecast. right now it's our cbs 5 weather camera and we are looking at doors. official sundown considered at 6:08. we'll be going homing in the dark. that sunset will be after 5:00. out and about the sun has set but the temperatures are still
6:48 pm
in the 60s through the 70s. we are under the influence of this huge dome of high pressure strengthening over the western united states. thursday is going to be the warmest workweek with the storm track. that storm that we saw to the north is generating power and energy. high surf advisory in effect through tomorrow afternoon at 3 p.m. i took a look at some of the boys off our west and northwest beaches and some of the swells are up to 17 and 18 feet. so just be advised if you are heading to the beaches. tomorrow in the 60s through the mid-70s. san jose flirting with 80 degrees. low 80s in los gatos back through saratoga. 85 morgan hill, a little warmer in gilroy. it's an offshore flow northeasterly during the afternoon and eastern portion of the district. this is where we'll see some of the warmest numbers, as well. 84 in brentwood.
6:49 pm
76 hayward. low 80s throughout the tri- valley. normal is 70s. 66 in stinson beach and bodega bay. heading out to the giants victory parade at 11 a.m. when it steps off, 70 degrees lots of sunshine. you won't even be able to buy a breeze during the afternoon we should realize a high temperature 76 degrees in san francisco with the abundance of clear skies. cooler temperatures friday. a slight chance of rain showers. a slight chance of rain on sunday with the cooler temperatures this time next week. right now feels like the dog days of summer in the autumn months. thanks, heather. keep the photos coming to we are going to come back with sports. ring ring. progresso.
6:50 pm
oh yes hi. can you put my grandma on the phone please? thanks. excuse me a sec. another person calling for her grandmother. she thinks it's her soup huh? i'm told she's in the garden picking herbs. she is so cute. okay i'll hold. she's holding. wha? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pick vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant
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swing and a miss! and that's it! the giants... for the first time in 52 years, the giants are world champions as they come pouring out of the dugout! giants fans this party is just getting started! >> oh, yeah.
6:53 pm
last night, the giants won their first world series championship since moving to san francisco in 1958. and if you spilled out on the street upon that last strike you missed some amazing moments in the locker room and out on the field. >> dennis o'donnell was there. he is still trying to make his way back to this city. but he enjoyed his evening last night. >> whoo! >> it was an experience that you have an itch to want to go back. there is nobody left standing but us. we can rest our hats on that for the rest of the off season and for the rest of our lives for that matter. nobody can ever take away from you. >> you got traded to san francisco did you ever envision this happening? >> i didn't. you know, i got to be honest i didn't. after i got to be with the team and not guys the first couple months, i definitely knew it could happen. >> we nailed it, man. it's unbelievable we don't have
6:54 pm
enough game. >> wow, everybody here we get the feeling of how long it's been and how much it's needing to be in san fran and we're so happy to be able to bring this home. >> bring this home to san francisco, that's the most important thing. this city will be on fire. we are so excited for the parade and to know that since '58 they have been there battling every year. and that we were the ones to bring it home, man. that part of it is just mind blowing. >> some m . yeah! >> they have been waiting so long for this they deserve it. they put in their time and effort and poured their heart out for it. we're bringing it back, guys. [ applause and cheers ] >> what do you think of guys like mays, mccovey, all the legends who came to this town and never got a chance to be where you are now and you win
6:55 pm
it in your rookie season. i don't know if you can even discuss that. how does it feel? >> i mentioned it earlier. it really is humbling. you know, these guys -- these guys are some of the greatest of all times. and the cool thing is, hopefully we can share it with them. >> after 56 years of waiting, turn around, show this right there. 56 years of waiting -- >> i'm digging it. >> this is what we are talk about, 56 years, willie mays, we got you, baby, whoo! world series! >> willy,, ! we're on top of the world. >> what did willie mays say? >> he laughed and see i'll see you in san francisco. >> i thought the happiest moment in my life when i was 9 and i saw bobby thompson hit his home run. this beats that. we waited so long, you know? i was at that '54 series, the second game. 57 years, i waited for this. and all the close calls weaver
6:56 pm
had, 1962, 2002, all the memories from that are totally forgotten. >> can you put into perspective? >> i can tell you one thing right now. you know, we had a few little skeletons in the closet because of the last few teams but these guys buried them right here. [ chanting ] >> when you consider all the hall of famers that have come through this city, willie mays, juan mccovey, how do you feel? >> they deserved a world series and narrowly missed on a couple of occasions. we gotit done this year because the guys believed in each other. they made the little plays, pitched, caught, ran the bases. >> there is champagne in here. why are you drinking a bud?
6:57 pm
>> i couldn't find a bottle of champagne. [ applause and cheers ] >> what does it all mean for your history to win this now? >> you know, it's unbelievable. who my dad passed when i was younger. [ crying ] could >> my mom raised me and my sister. there she is, mom. she bought me a batting cage when i was a kid. and i wouldn't be here without this woman right here and she just deserves all the credit man. [ crying ] >> that was the best moment. you know what? what a gracious group of young men. >> yes. >> really. >> and dennis is still trying to wash the champagne out of his hair. >> and ther. >> he is still on his way back. thank you for joining us. the cbs news coverage. 2010 vote is next. see you at 9:00. about 8 . now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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