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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  December 1, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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will run out for mil good afternoon. i'm allen martin. as the holidays arrive, the money will run out for millions of americans. senate republicans have stalled efforts to extend unemployment benefits. as juliette goodrich reports, the line in the sand over the growing debt. >> reporter: unemployment benefits start running out today for about 2 million americans. a last-minute bid to extend unemployment benefits failed in the senate, even though the holidays are just around the corner. republicans and a handful of conservative democrats say they're willing to extend unemployment benefits. but not if it adds to the $13.8 trillion national debt. >> i want to help. more than anybody here, i want to help. but to just keep throwing money that is not paid for at a problem, it makes no sense to me. >> but liberal lawmakers and the obama administration argue
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extending jobless benefits actually helps boost the economy. >> that's money that they use to pay the rent, to feed their children, and to drive around looking for a job, and that's money that goes back in the economy. >> reporter: the unemployment rate is hovering just under 10%. and the federal reserve predicts it will stay around 9% for all of next year. congress has let unemployment benefits expire twice already this year. both times, lawmakers came back and passed extensions that included retroactive pay. to cover the time when people had to go without the unemployment checks. it will be tough for the senate to change its mind and extend benefits before the end of the year. republicans says they won't allow any legislation moves forward until the senate acts on the bush era tax cut which are set to expire december 31. if congress does nothing, and those cuts expire, taxes go up for everyone. juliette goodrich, cbs 5
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eyewitness news. we've got a big rally on wall street today. the dow jones industrials up right now about 260 points. jason brooks with kcbs and cbs money watch .com. jason, the story behind the numbers? >> reporter: we will take, it after the past several days which have just shown wall street dropping down and it fell below 11,000 a couple of times. a number of reasons for the big rally today. one of those reasons is why the market had been sinking. europe's debt woes. it took a break from those worries today. and european markets staged big rallies. thanks in particular to manufacturing in england having the biggest monthly income in 1 years. and also, yields on spanish bonds fell back which is important for that country and spain is considered along with portugal as the next two in line that could receive bailouts after ireland and greece and if the yields on the bonds fell down, it makes it easier for spain to pay off the debt. domestically, a number of reasons the market is happy. starting with the job market.
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adp says 93,000 jobs were added by employers last month. that's a trend that we need to see keep going in the right direction. we would need to see that number basically double on a month by month basis to drop the unemployment rate below 9% sometime next year. that is a lot to ask for. the federal reserve has a survey of a dozen regions around the country and all but two reported at least slight economic growth in the past quarter. that's another encouraging sign out there. and also it looks like people are spend morgue money for the holiday tk-rg spending more money for the holiday shopping season. and cyber monday hit $1 billion. the first time we have seen online sales hit $1 billion in the u.s. in one day. ebay mobile says it has mobile phone payments increase 146% over last year. the dow is up. the s&p is gaining 25 points.
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>> we will see if we can keep the rally going. thank you very much. you know what? the irs may be looking for you. don't worry. it is a good thing, actually. about 3,000 taxpayers in the bay area have a refund check waiting for them. it could be for hundreds, could be thousands of dollars. an irs spokesperson says the checks never made it where they were supposed to because people moved and didn't update their address. oakland police chief is on a mission to make schools safer. anthony basset is in washington, d.c. today, asking for federal money. it would help put officers on four campuses. if that million dollars program gets funding, some of the officers who were laid off this past summer could actually be hired back. from playing on the monkey bars to hitting a softball, p. e. plays a big role at school and now parents can go to court if they believe that their kids are not getting enough exercise. mark sayer in san jose to explain. mark? >> well, a california appeals court is now making it clear that the minimum p. e.
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requirements are not optional from schools. and they must be met. or parents can sue. >> love it. >> give me a pushup. >> 25 jumping jacks all together nice and loud. >> or hate it. almost everybody has experience with physical education in school. >> let's go, ladies. >> and parents believe they believe p. e. helps their children on many levels. >> it is very important because they stay healthy and strong. >> it is good for their health, also. and their brains. >> straighten out your back leg. >> reporter: the california education code mandates 200 minutes of p. e. in every 10- day period for elementary school students and the number goes up to 400 minutes for middle school and high school students. >> i think they should require it. i mean they should take the time to make sure our kids get out there and not just sit in school all day and go home and sit at home all day. >> under a new court ruling, parents can sue their public schools, if the minimum p. e. requirements are not being met. >> running, running, let's go.
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>> rich, the p. e. teacher at orchard elementary school in san jose, he supports the state requirements. >> lifelong fitness for health later on in life. that's what i promote for my kids. i tell them we exercise right now and eat right right now, to strengthen our bodies for now so later in the future they don't have to deal with heart disease and what the older population has to deal with. >> reporter: the kidder garn teacher may not know about health benefits, bought he does know one thing. >> why do you like? >> because i like it. >> and the state department of education says it is up to local school districts to monitor the compliance of p. e. in schools. as we learned from the court decision, parents no you have a say in this, too. and if they want to, they can take the local school to court. >> mark, sayer, thanks. coming up, a common household product now being recalled. the risk it could pose to your kids. another reason not to pack
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on the pounds this holiday season. especially if you're a woman. and the story behind this new music video from one of the three uc berkeley alums arrested in iran. while, we got plenty of sunshine. temperatures still a little chilly. and rain showers, yeah, they're also headed this way. more clouds, and certain parts of the bay area today, because of the showers that are headed this way. i will tell you which parts of the bay area will have more sunshine than the rest, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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second lar ovement check your windows for some dangerous blinds. lowe's, the second largest home improvement chain in the country, is recalling more than 11 million window shades.
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the recall involves all roman shades and roll-up blinds. and it comes after two young boys were nearly strangled by those dangling cords. a free repair kit is being offered. a san mateo hospital is being named one of the best in the country. mill peninsula health center in burlingame, the prestigious award given by the leap frog group which examines hospital standards for doing high risk procedures, safety policies, and staffing. another reason to avoid all of those christmas cookies. plus, new treatment shown to dramatically lower the risk of prostate cancer. but as manuel gallegus reports, some say the results are too good to be true. >> reporter: an fda panel is going to vote today on whether two drugs should be approved to prevent prostate cancer. avadart and procart are on the market to treat enlarged prostate. tkphrafplo smith line and merck say their drugs reduce the risk of prostate canesser by more
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than 20% and the critics argue they only studied a small number of african-american men who are at high risk for the disease. belly fat can put women at risk for osteoporosis. for years, doctors believed excess fat protected women against bone loss but a new study shows that abdominal fat can lead to an increase in bone density. fat in other parts of the body was not a contributing factor. abdominal fat which is deep under the muscle tissue is also associated with heart disease. the risk of getting cancer from ct scans may have been overestimated. scientists looked at more than 10 million patients who underwent ct scans, and found that less than half a percent developed cancer. that's 10 times lower than previously thought. the study also shows the number of patients undergoing ct is steadily growing. and those are some of the day's top medical stories. i'm manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. the bay area hiker, one of them who spent more than a year in an iranian prison is turning to youtube to help free her
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fiance and another friend. ♪ planes fly above me. >> sara short is singing a song called peace of time, which she says was written during prison and josh fatle and shane bower remain locked up. and shourd says they asked her to use the music to raise awareness. coming up, if you have old cell phones mp3 players lying around the house? don't throw them out. we will show you how to turn your trash into cash. and the last couple of days have been a little chilly around the bay area. but warmer temperatures are in the forecast. i will let you know when in a few moments. we're coming up after the break. ,,,, 3q
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day.. to honor around the bay area, people are taking time out for world aids day. to honor those who have lost their lives to the disease and those working to find a cure. in san francisco, people are gathering at the aids memorial grove in golden gate park for the 17th annual observance. among those being recognized will be aids activists and mother of the late ryan white. >> we obviously have not come far enough. none of us thought that we would be standing here today, in 2010, without a cure. but we have made strides medically to keep individuals alive. and keep them sustaining
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quality lives. >> oakland's allen temple baptist church is also holding a world aids day event with live music and a community barbecue. that will start at 4:00 this afternoon. a big red ribbon is on the front of the white house for world aids day. right now, more than a million americans live with hiv or aids. today, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is hosting an event at the white house to look at what is next in the fight. >> that's nice. >> that is nice. looks cold back there. it is cold here. and we got a spare the air thing going on. >> spare the air thing. that was really in effect for this morning. and also as you move in to later on today. you wake up, it is cold. and throw a log on the fire. you want to warm up. and you don't want to turn the heat on. you can't do that. >> it is against the law. >> it is against the law today. i want to drive the point home. you have to crank up the heater because we have unusual unhealthy air quality levels in the north bay, especially around the bay area. so for that reason, today is a spare the air day. here is a look from our mount
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vaca cam. we have high clouds rolling in. and eventually those high clouds will turn to mid-level clouds. and then we will get low clouds, and then we will get some rainfall. here is a look at the current temperatures, mid 50s in concord. and 53 in livermore. 55 in oakland. and 53 in fremont. 54 san jose. and 52 in san francisco. 53 in vallejo. and the lower to mid-50s in santa rosa as well as napa. currently these temperatures are again still pretty chilly but we're expecting highing today to be slightly warmer than yesterday. also expecting something else, a fair amount of clouds to be moving in, especially north of the golden gate. that's where we have a pretty decent frontal boundary and the northern edge of california there, and that is going to give us more clouds in the north bay, and more sunshine expected down in the south bay through the afternoon. and highs today in the lower 60s inland. and not as chilly and more clouds to the north. and temperatures warming slightly around the bay and partly sunny conditions around the coastline. for tonight, mostly to partly cloudy conditions and temperatures in the lower 40s
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to the upper 40s. here is a look at the five-day forecast, and we do have a mix of sun and clouds in there today. more clouds expected thursday. and then eventually, a chance for rainfall moving into the bay area. that is going to be friday, saturday, sunday, and i'm laughing because my producer told me one minute and i'm on the last graphic so this is about to get interesting. we have a chance of rainfall. and temperatures will go up just a bit. and then cooling back down below average for friday, saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. and bear in mind, each day we have a chance of rainfall in the bay area, we have a decent chance of snow showers moving into the sierras. so it will be a pretty decent weekend to go up there and get fresh powder. we just have 30 seconds. and allen, anything you want to talk about? >> we're talking about mavericks a little bit yesterday. the window is open for the big wave surf competition and it goes until february but the next storm doesn't look that
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big? >> it looks like a washout. but it is not a washout. there is a chance of a passing shower. so not expecting heavy torrential downpours or anything like that. and i finally got my wrap. >> just be prepared to be wet. >> thanks. a big deal may be in the works at google. published reports say that the internet giant is on the verge of buying groupon for $6 billion. that would be the biggest web deal ever. groupon if you don't know and i didn't, it offers daily bargains in dozens of cities, and no comment yet from either of those companies. think you're going to be getting a new smart phone this christmas? don't toss out the old one. on the consumer watch, julie watts has more on how to turn your electronic junk into cash. >> reporter: looking for some extra cash this holiday season? look no further than the technology junk drawer. >> i have phones and an old computer. >> i've got my palm phone.
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and an ipod. >> most people probably have around $100 of stuff just lying around their house collecting dust. >> reporter: anthony garsella is the chief gadget officer at gazelle .com. one of a growing number of web sites to let you trade in your old tech toy force cold hard cash. >> this is the original 3g, not the 3g now, and do you get anything for it? >> it is one of the most popular items on gazelle and just search iphone and pretty simple questions and makes it easy. free of water damage, yes. and rate the overall condition, and you could probably say perfect for this one. and then you want to click calculate. >> so $117 for an iphone i was going to throw away. >> that's correct. >> and c-net's brian cooley says that is not surprising. especially when you're talking about old apple tech toys. >> compare that to a blackberry bold which was a competing phone, same condition, same accessories, it only gets you $56. so apple products tend to get very good resale value. >> but don't count out your other gadgets. these old blackberries averaged
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30 to $40. digital cameras and mp3 players will get you about the same. laptops and video game systems go for around $80. and you can even cash in on some broken tech toys. >> iphone, i-pads, high end mac books, even if they're not functional there should be a small minimum payment of $50, $60 depends on the device. >> and you could get the money for last-minute shopping and gazelle says they will send you a label and pay you out within five business days. >> i will run to a computer right now and try to sell everything i have. >> who doesn't need extra christmas money? i sure do. >> and gazelle is not the only place. there are web sites like buy my tronics .com and stores like cost co and radio shack that gives you free stimes and then selling yourself -- estimates and then selling yourself, with ebay or craigslist and it comes with holiday cash, but added time and added risk. julie watts, cbs 5 eyewitness
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news. >> the consumer watch volunteers are there right now if you have a question. a lifeline for every husband. the easy way to find out exactly what your wife wants this holiday season. ,,,,,,,,
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like, maybe, your wife? still trying to decide what to get that someone special for christmas like, guys, maybe your wife? well, if santa doesn't have the wish list, there is a new web site that can help out. she wants .com. it can take the guess work out of buying gifts. women can make a wish list complete with photographs and links, and there is also a list on it for gifts that she doesn't want. like a chia pet. a snuggie. >> what don't you want? >> anything that makes me do more work. >> not a vacuum. >> don't do that. >> for women, go on there and fill out the list. >> i will just tell you what i want. >> tell me what you want, what you really, really want. >> a look at the seven-day forecast, we are still expecting a mix of sun and clouds today. many of you may want warmer temperatures. but they're not going up that
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much. highs today in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. temperatures in the same ballpark tomorrow. then after that, that's when the bottom falls out. no, just kidding. >> that's a chance of showers. >> they will move into the forecast about. a 30 to 40% chance, friday, saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. >> you know, one thing i forgot to mention about mavericks. you won't be allowed down on the beach. that's the big change. >> all right. >> that's it for news 5 at noon. the next newscast is at 5:00 tonight. have a great afternoon.
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