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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  December 1, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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fransisco from the peninsula during the peak times, it could raise 60 to $80 million a year and cut down and traffic and pollution. >> it does sound like a lot. fortunately the era of free and unfettered driving needs to be reconsidered. >> i think it's criminal. >> reporter: drivers on the peninsula predictably say it's a dumb idea. who would? it's a hard sell, especially in san fransisco's. daly city council member is among one politician fighting this border war. >> to penalize san mateo residents to go into san fransisco is bad policy. >> reporter: it brings up interesting scenarios. >> i live in daly city, i drive into san fransisco, $3, i forgot
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something, i got to go back, another 3 bucks, then i got to go into san fransisco, 3 bucks. then i got to come home, 3 bucks. $12 and i just went downtown. >> there are stores people go to their amenities that are just in san fransisco and they have to pay $3? they'll go on small side streets. and then no toll. that could mean lots of traffic on the small streets which is one of the reasons the transportation agency is still studying the plan which at the earliest wouldn't go into effect until 2015. they'll decide in two weeks whether to go on with a study. they've been talking about this for the last six months. now the study may continue and the politicians on the peninsula made the statements they don't want it and are fighting against
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it. >> i'm sure some people will say where does this end? every city is going to charge to get in and out within city limits and it could be krazy. >> reporter: if you can take park, that's what they want you to do. if you can ride a bike. they just don't want cars downtown and it's -- there's a lot of traffic down there and it does cause a lot of pollution. so that's the idea and it's done in london and stockholm. i don't know what london's neighbors and stockholm's neighbors think but it's going on there. tens of thousands of people are going to lose their unemployment benefits. congress has passed extensions twice already but republicans say that they won't allow any legislation to move forward until the senate votes on push era tax cuts. a lot of people are about to
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lose a life life. >> reporter: wally has been out of work for two years and his financial safety net is about to disappear. he's expecting one more check from the government before his unemployment benefits run out. >> sometimes you can -- you'll have breakfast in the morning, you skip lunch, have something minimum in the evenings in order just to get by. >> reporter: he worked for more than 20 years in the financial industry but now says he'd take anything. being americans are in the same built. congress failed to pass an ex-tense for the so-called long-term unemployed meaning 2 million people could lose their benefits by the end of the year. >> it's necessary we get it done. >> reporter: 100 jobless workers joined speaker nancy pelosi in calling for a one-year extension. >> you can't imagine the despair we feel knowing we've reach the end of the line despite our best efforts. >> reporter: listings are on the rise but improvement is gradual
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and so far it's not enough to put a meaningful dent in the number of unemployed. lawmakers are dead locked on how to pay for an ex-tense without increasing the deaf -- extension without increasing the deficit. wally says that's wrong. >> i'm calling the agencies week after week, sending out resumes week after week and there's nothing. >> reporter: nearly half of the 15 million unemployed have been out of work for six months. . oakland's top cop wants to combat crime at school and he's turning to washington for help. chief anthony bats met with senators feinstein and boxser lobbying for money to put more police in schools. his goal to place six officers at four middle school campuses. if it gets funding, some of the officers laid off this summer
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could be hired back. sketches have been released of two suspects wanted in the robberies and sexual assault of three women. they were seeng driving a black four door honda -- seen driving a black four-door honda civic. a woman took a suspect back to her apartment where the man sexual assaulted and robbed her two roommates. $30,000 is offered for information leading to an arrest. in concord, three teenagers are accused of breaking into a chicken coop at a school and killing the chickens. four other chickens were found unharmed running free on campus. for a lot of kids, school pe class is where they get the majority of their exercise. some parents are wondering if that's enough. but now parents who think their children are being short changed
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can take if to the judge. >> reporter: love it, or hate it. >> 25 jumping jacks. >> reporter: almost everybody has experience with physical education in school. >> let's go, let's go, ladies. >> reporter: and parents say they believe p.e. helps their children on many levels. >> it's very important because they stay healthy and strong. >> and it's got for their health also and then their brain. >> left side, now your back leg. >> reporter: 200 minutes of p.e. is mandated for elementary school it goes up to 400 minutes for middle school and high school. >> they take the time to make sure our kids get out there and make sure they're not sitting in school all day. >> reporter: now parents can sue their public school if the minimum requirements are not being met. rich dwayne is a p.e. teacher in san jose. he supports the state
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requirements. >> life-long fitness. exercise right now, eat right, right now, to strength our bodies now, and later in the future you won't have to deal with heart disease and what our older population is dealing with. >> reporter: kindergartener may not know about health. >> why do you like it. >> because. >> because? >> because i like it. >> reporter: it's up to local school districts to monitor compliance with p.e. standards. . professional golf said today transgender females can play in tournaments for women. this at lana lawless sued the information. she was born a man but had a sex change operation in 2005. she wasn't allowed to play in a 2008 tournament because she wasn't born female. yesterday members voted to
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effort to free her fiance and a friend, who are still being held in iran. . uc berkeley graduate freed from an iranian prison has taken to youtube in an effort to have they are friends released still being held in iran. this has been posted on line. >> reporter: it may seem like an unusual tactic to use a youtube video to get prisoners released from in a foreign country but it allowed sarah shourd to speak out without offending the people she needs. >> we don't need them sitting in a prison. >> reporter: she seems to be walking a fine line. campaigning for the freedom of
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her fianci shane bauer and josh fat olympic who are holding them captive in iran. >> this song is put out there with the intention and hope that the certainty that i feel that they will be with us again and that they will be with us again soon. >> reporter: this music may be shourd's protest song but one song softly. [ singing ]. . >> reporter: we asked alsandra rom to watch and tell us about its her effectiveness. >> i think as a device it's effective because it's on youtube. [ singing ]. . >> reporter: surprisingly many of the students we talked with
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are unfamiliar with the story of the three hikers who were taken prisoners by iranian border guards in 2009. shourd was released after 13 months. the music video is released to coincide with the 17th month they've been held in custody. . [ singing ]. >> reporter: the video is called a piece of time, that's p-i-e-c-e. we attempted to call shourd family members today but had no response. people who devote their time and their talents to a.i.d.s. research and education gathered today for world a.i.d.s. day events all around the bay area. [ music ]. . >> world a.i.d.s. day pays tribute to those who have lost their lives to the disease. it honored those who worked to find a cure and to keep the
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disease from spreading. >> most memorials are created after a war, after a plague. we are still in the middle of the fight so it's interesting place for this organization to sit to consider to memorialize while it is going on. >> organizers today honored jeannie white ginder, the mother of ryan white. they became activists for the rights of a.i.d.s. patients in the 1980s. go to city hall and you can see the lighting they've done for world a.i.d.s. day turning city hall red. san fransisco and oakland joining other major cities across the u.s. commemorating world a.i.d.s. day. >> it's almost like a little grey cloud that's in the side of the eye. >> next, what you should eat more of to sharpen your eyesight and we're not talking carrots. then they say they can't enjoy the movie. they say it is the theatre's fault for that. major movie theatre chain that's
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under fire. as we get ready to take a peek outside, we have clouds around the bay area. the big question does remain, the rain is falling to the north, when it will hit your neighborhood. the pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,
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markets were up.... including the dow which closed 250 points higher. a report on small g sparked the . wall street starting off the month with a banner day, all the major markets were up, including the dow which closed up 250 points. a major movie theatre chain is accused of discrimination here in the bay area. it's filed by the deaf and hard of hearing. they say the theatre denies them access to movies by not having
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closed captioning devices. it projects captions to a screen in a small cup holder. >> it doesn't change the experience at all for the rest of the people in the theatre. only to that seat. >> the lawsuit claims cimamark says it's one of three chains does not offer the system. it demands that the captioning system be added to every screen. a nationwide recall, is one of the stories being covered on consumer watch. >> reporter: a warning about window covers. lows is recalling 11 million roll up blinds and roman shades because of a strangulation issue with the cords. low's is just now joining the recall. consumers can go to any lowe's and get this free repair cut.
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remove the cord and use these clips to hold up the blinds instead. you can get them on line through the window covering safety council's website and we have a link on our website pg&e is doing an effort to minimise the wear and tear on the pipeline that exploded last september. average less gas than you did during the last three decembers and you can take advantage of their offer. the website air fare watch dog compared voucher systems and they found most airlines will honor the vouchers for one year after the issue but other policies vary widely.
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jetblue and united charge a redejs fee and u.s. airways will not let you use vouchers if you book on line. and speaking of travel, b.a.r.t. is giving away 120,000 free tickets good for trips anywhere on the system during the next three weekends. the give away takes place tomorrow between 6 and 9 a.m. at the embarcadero, montgomery, and civic center stations. you can get the tickets downtown berkeley and 12th street in oakland. it's intended to encourage holiday shoppers to ride the rails instead of driving their cars. if you have a great consumer tip, call us, or go to the website, click on that cbs 5 logo and click on consumer watch. >> thanks, julie. if you have to drive your car, here is a good one. shoppers can save cash on parking this year if you're willing to car pool. starting today, car poolers can park for free at eight city garages, including several that
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are downtown. cars with three people get one free hour, four people get two free hours. the deal is every day through december 26th. >> you're talking about december. >> i know. >> it's hard to believe. >> it's the first day. >> and we are into the throes ever winter time. today is the first day out of the past 12 that we cracked the 60 degree mark. >> where? >> let's go ahead and head outside. looking out towards the bay area. wow, we have mid-and high level clouds thanks to chopper five flying high in the sky. these clouds continue to race over the entire bay area. all associated with an area of low pressure that's located well to the north of the bay area. if you are counting the numbers, here is how they stack up. 49 to the east in pleasanton. low 50s in tibberon. out and about this evening for
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at least the next 60 minutes we have temperatures falling quickly into the 50s. official sundown at 4:50 which means hannaka has arrived. this is the deal. we've got this huge area of low pressure, the core right there, british columbia, meanwhile this is the tail end of the frontal boundary and this low pressure system is banging up against this ridge of high pressure and it's not allow this system to go anyway so it's stationary. so all the rain that has been falling today to the north of the bay area, that's where it wants to stay tonight and overnight hours, and then it gradually and ever so slightly moves towards sonoma county producing rain showers by lunch time in the north bay. otherwise everybody has a slight chance of rain showers by thursday night. for the most part, mostly cloudy skies across the bay area with
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temperatures in the 40s and into the 50s. much different than what we've been experiencing near that freezing point. tomorrow's daytime highs in cracking 60s again, in livermore and san jose including santa clara. with partly cloudy skies, daily chances of rain showers on sunday through tuesday. i know that sounds iffy. but it's an unsettled, uncertain weather pattern all the way through the forecast. thank you katie for this photograph. that's what you see outside right now. monarch butterflies. do you know much about this? >> the monarchs? >> yeah. the monarchs. >> i used to see them in pacific grove when they winter there. >> you nailed it. that's where they are. and we were able to capture them today. if you're in the area, you can see them, too. that is your pinpoint forecast. >> get to gillroy a little more often. >> we forgot what it feels like,
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right? >>. the window for the surf contest at maverick opens today. the newly named contest, they called it j and maverick's big wave invitational. it will be between now and february. remember last year a rogue wave crashed into people, so now nobody can watch from the beach. ,,,,,,,,,, @k@o@o@o@o
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. if you eat a diet your entire life that's rich in fish, your eyes will thank you. here are the details. >> reporter: we're talking about macular degeneration. now a new study finds a diet rich in fatty fish and all knows omega 3s may prevent the problem. joelle has trouble seeing. as she gets older, macular degeneration is damaging her retinas. >> it's almost like a little grey cloud that is in the side of the eye. >> now a new study shows that diet may play a role in macular degeneration. doctors find who people who eat fish regularly lower their risk for the disease. >> we've looked at individuals who eat more omega fatty acids in their diets and they have
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better looking retinas and less macular degeneration. >> reporter: researchers based their study on 3500 seniors. those who had macular degeneration were less likely to eat fish regularly. a healthy diet equals healthy eyes. >> colorful vegetables, fish, and nuts, those specific food products contain a lot of nutrients that are healthy for the retina. >> reporter: joelle is being treated for her eye trouble and she's thinking twice about her diet. now, it's unclear whether those popular omega 3 supplements will have the same effect on eyesight as the fatty fish. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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