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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  December 2, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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for drivers stuck in that bay bridge standoff. why they are suddenly getting slapped with ticket. good morning to you, it is thursday, december 2. i'm juliette goodrich. sydnie has the morning off. let's get a quick check of weather and traffic. let's start with tracy with a look at maybe some rain today. hey, trace. >> that's right, juliette. you hit the nail on the head. cloudy conditions expected today and showers possible. yeah, that's going to be the drill today and also throughout the rest of the workweek and moving into parts of the weekend. we'll take a look at your seven- day forecast, that's coming up. in the meantime, we got some traffic with elizabeth. >> we do have some good traffic. things are flowing fine right now in the south bay. here's live look at 101 northbound near the 680 interchange in san jose. those headlights are northbound, nice ride this morning towards santa clara. and mass transit also off to a nice start. everything is rolling along on time for bart, ace, muni and caltrain. we'll have much more coming up. in the meantime, back to you. a lot of lawyers meeting today over the deadly san bruno
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pipeline explosion. anne makovec is in san bruno where dozens of people are suing pg&e. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the legal wrangling will be continuing today but look at this. this is something we found here in the neighborhood in san bruno that was destroyed by the blast. a little sign of hope, a little humanity here. apparently the property owner's kids, took it upon themselves to put this little tree up so there is something in this neighborhood that reminds people of happy things. but in the meantime, as we mentioned, all of that legal stuff, a lot to work out today. lawsuits involving the loss of homes here and the emotional and physical damage for those who used to those. attorneys for pg&e and those representing more than 100 san bruno residents will plan court proceedings including the timeline. the examiner is reporting those lawyers are expecting to decide to meet with the judge who was
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assigned to the lawsuit. almost all the suits are accusing pg&e of neglecting the pipeline that exploded failing to properly maintain or inspect it. now, we have heard pg&e has said it does not plan on rebuilding that pipeline here in this neighborhood. a lot of the people who used to live here, including this property owner, are planning on rebuilding. that's obviously going to take some time. there is one other little point of contention with these lawsuits. some were filed in san francisco county, but there's a move right now to consolidate all of them here in san mateo county. we'll talk about that coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you, anne makovec in san bruno. today some people concerned about pg&e's smartmeters will have a chance to be heard. opponents plan to attend today's meeting of the california public utilities commission. they want more studies on the potential health risks from the frequencies submitted by the meters. pg&e says the frequencies are
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minimal, but the utility may still seek a compromise. california's high-speed rail authority could decide today whether to go ahead with a proposed route for the first sections of track. the federal government wants the first part of the system to be in the central valley to make it easier to build. but some critics say it would be a train to nowhere since the 65-mile route would not directly connect any major cities. the old transbay terminal in san francisco will start crumbling tomorrow morning. they have everything worth saving out of the 71-year-old building. next, a wrecking ball will knock down the concrete and steel structure over the next three months. the new transbay terminal is scheduled to open in 7 years. a new headache for drivers who are stuck on the bay bridge during last month's standoff. the "san francisco examiner" reports many drivers who were forced to turn around on the toll plaza are now getting tickets from fastrak. drivers were stopped when a man parked his suv and threatened to blow up the bridge.
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transit officials say anyone who got a ticket can appeal and have it wiped clean. also, an early christmas present for bart riders this morning. here's live look in san francisco. bart is actually giving out two free tickets to 60,000 riders. it's to encourage holiday shoppers to ride the rails. the free tickets are good the next three weekends before christmas. and the giveaway is happening between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. this morning at the berkeley, oakland citycenter, embarcadero, montgomery center, powell and civic stations. oakland won't lose the as without a fight. san jose is trying to lure the team away but missed a deadline and now hometown fans are growing more vocal in an effort to keep their team. robert lyles has more on this stadium showdown. reporter: it's the chant as fans want sent from city hall to the commissioner of ball's ears. >> rather see ground broken open for a new stadium before another world series. >> reporter: so they have made
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it. shirts, flags, even signs, whatever it takes, they say to keep the boys of summer in oakland, not san jose. >> it's the last chance for oakland. if it doesn't take off, it's a sink disaster for oakland. >> reporter: victory court is a dead-end street between lane college and the oakland estuary but a group of boosters wants to turn the street to nowhere into a 39,000 feet boulevard to a waterfront stadium. >> send a signal to major league baseball that oakland is serious about the effort. >> reporter: more like serious about a battle. for two years lew wolff has tried to transplant the team anywhere than oakland. >> oakland has struck out. there is no project in oakland. we are ready to go in san jose. we have the site, environmental review. lew wolff wants to come here. >> it's like the movie "major league," they are doing everything they can to make it
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look like oakland isn't suitable. >> reporter: so the planning commission, the impact of a new stadium is under way. >> i may ask some of you to leave the room. >> reporter: so many fans wanted to weigh in most found that they were ushered out to wait and watch from another room. >> this is just an environmental impact report but people need to see and understand that there's a lot of people that want this ballpark here. >> reporter: in oakland, robert lyles, cbs 5. major league baseball will have the final say on where a new stadium isby . the as have the second lowest home attendance numbers in all of baseball. well, a small bay area casino is going to court to get some violent video pulled from youtube. here's one posted in september. it shows security guards wrestling a man to the ground. this is at the lucky chances casino in colma. it says this and other videos are misleading and paint them
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in a bad light. 5:06. let's check traffic and weather. tracy has our pending showers. >> that's right. pending showers. got more clouds out there this morning. so temperatures not as cold. let's take a look. 38 degrees in livermore. 40 in concord. 39 in fairfield. the lower to the mid-40s in napa and santa rosa. mid-40s in vallejo and san rafael. 42 in fremont. 41 san jose. these temperatures are 5 to 6 degrees higher than yesterday morning. 49 in san francisco and 47 in pacifica. so for this morning, mostly cloudy conditions are expected. temperatures in our coldest spots in the upper 30s to just near 50 degrees. and this afternoon, cloudy with a 30% chance of showers across the entire bay area. highs ranging from the lower 50s to the lower 60s. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast there. could be more showers on the way. in the meantime, for your traffic, here's elizabeth. >> thank you, tracy. eth. let's go out to castro valley. we have a little lingering roadwork going against the commute. eastbound 580 between redwood
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road and castro valley boulevard. various lanes will be blocked eastbound until 6:00. so for another 45 minutes or so. but otherwise, slight delays through that area. the westbound 580 commute direction though looks great right now coming out of the altamont pass. as you can see, it's a very nice light 14-minute drive on westbound 580 towards the 680 and dublin interchange. i know delay there. all the approaches to the bay bridge, you're fine on westbound 24 heading out of the caldecott tunnel. and if you are heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are off. now is a great time to head into san francisco. you're delay-free across the upper deck. lower deck looks good as well. i didn't see any construction overnight on the lower deck heading into oakland. san mateo bridge westbound 92 we'll show you live look at this very light in either direction across the span. your drive time is about 13 minutes there between hayward and foster city and the peninsula. to the south bay we go now getting a check of traffic out of downtown san jose. very light. you can see a couple of headlights there approaching
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the 880 interchange. mass transit is on time. back to you. >> thank you. 5:09. a new cost in the works for dog owners one bay area county. what you have to do if your pet gets lost before you can get it back. ♪ [ music ] >> singing for free. how a music video could help in the fight to bring two berkeley hikers home from iran. ,, (greenery) hey cheese log. (cheese log) hello centerpiece. (greenery) fruit cake. how are ya? [fruit cake] dry. (greenery) who's the new guy? edible arrangements bouquets, beautiful like flowers, but unforgettably delicious, visit, call, or go to
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get it weather is coming up in 6 minutes. >> thank you, tracy. in contra costa county, if your dog gets loose you might have to get it fixed to get it back. the board of supervisors is considering an ordinance that will require all impounded dogs be spayed or neutered. this idea came up after a 2- year-old boy was mauled by pit bulls in july. owners could be charged from $50 to $150. the san francisco woman whose dog mauled a neighbor to death in 2001 has lost her appeal. the state supreme court has upheld the second-degree murder conviction of marjorie knoller. it's the latest development in a long legal battle. diane whipple was killed by knoller's 140-pound dog in her apartment hallway, knoller serving 15 years to life in prison. a graduate freed from iranian prison is taking to youtube to help free her fiance and a friend still being held there. [ singing ]
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the music video for sarah shourd's song peace of time is now posted online. she says it's one of many she composed while in solitary confinement. money from the sales will be used for the expenses to free shane bauer and josh fattal. it was releasinged to coincide with the 17 months of the men's imprisonment. 5:13. a possible conflict of interest in the prop 8 court battle. why some are pushing for one of the judges to step down. >> i'm beyond disappointed. i'm disgusted. >> it's a chemical known to cause cancer. so why is it being sprayed on strawberry fields near schools? what's being done to keep students safe. and right now, we have 33 bart trains running on time. here's live look near market street in san francisco. this morning, bart is giving away free tickets. we'll have more after the
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break. ,,,, lightning fast. lightning strong.
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our forecast for this morning as you hid out the door more clouds as temperatures not as cold this morning.
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46 inland, at the bay 40, at the coast 50. so more clouds expected for the morning. more clouds well through the afternoon and there is a chance of showers today. a small chance. 30%. temperatures along the coastline the lower to the mid- 50s. mid- to upper 50s around the bay and up to 60 inland. here's what's going on. got a frontal system headed this way giving us the chan of showers during the day and keeping us relatively cloudy across the bay area. also going to give the sierra a good chance of snowfall. windy today with a chance of snow showers as well as friday and saturday. so if you are thinking about heading up for the weekend, keep that in mind. highs today across the bay area, no so high. 50s in san francisco, oakland, fremont, san jose. mid- to upper 50s in concord and livermore. and the mid-50s in fairfield, napa and in santa rosa. so for today, there is a 30% chance of showers in the forecast and that's going to be the trend friday, saturday and
5:18 am
sunday. and not expecting a washout but there is a chance of at least a passing shower today through sunday. monday we'll have some sunshine. nothing but sunshine as well as tuesday. and another round of showers likely wednesday. that's a look at your weather this morning. for your traffic, here's elizabeth. >> thanks, tracy. we'll start off with a look in the south bay showing you headlights northbound on 101 near 680. and you're crewing into santa cruz. all green on all our sensors pretty much. guadalupe parkway top speeds out of san jose, 280 looks good. out to the nimitz freeway, 880 oakland we have a warriors game later on tonight. warriors take on phoenix 7:30. so you may find some delays before and after the game. but for right now, everything looks good to go heading towards downtown oakland. i mentioned that bart. free tickets. let's go out to market street
5:19 am
in san francisco. yeah, bart is giving away those free tickets between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. this morning at various stations in the east bay and san francisco. it's to encourage holiday shoppers. the free tickets you can snag yourself two of them. the first 60,000 riders get them and they are good for the next three weekends before christmas. kind of a good deal. that's a check of traffic. back to you. >> that's a pretty shot. thank you, elizabeth. here's a look at this morning's top stories. lawyers plan to meet today to start working on dozens of lawsuits involving the san bruno pipeline explosion in september. attorneys for victims and for pg&e are expected to work on a timetable for future proceedings. oakland as fans are making another swing to keep the team from moving. there was a meeting yesterday. the team's owners has been looking for other options including a move to san jose. this morning the "san francisco examiner" reports many drivers were forced to
5:20 am
turn around on the bay bridge toll plaza during last month's standoff and are now getting tickets from fastrak. drivers were stopped when a man parked his suv and threatened to blow up the bridge. transit officials say anyone who got a ticket can appeal and have it wiped clean. california pesticide regulators say it's okay for fruit and vegetable growers to use a fumigant known to cause cancer. mettle iodide will be used to kill bacteria and bugs in the soil. its main use is expected to be on strawberry fields like those near several schools in the watsonville area. >> i can't believe they are being so irresponsible with our children. something can always go wrong. nothing is perfect. we don't want to be breathing pesticides. we want the fields to be natural. >> the state will require tarps
5:21 am
to cover fields because scientists have linked methyl iodide to cancer, miscarriages and investment al problems. one of the judges named to hear prop 8 arguments is being asked to disqualify himself. supporters of the same-sex marriage ban say judge steven reinhart should step aside because of his wife's role in trying to overturn prop 8. he is one of three federal judges scheduled to hear arguments next week. 5:21. a transgender woman's fight for equality on the golf course. the new development that could change the game as we know it. plus, an nba player sidelined after using a popular exercise ball. the injury that's leading to a major lawsuit. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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try cortizone 10 intensive healing. the strongest itch relief medicine now has three vitamins and seven moisturizers. feel the heal. light volume in both direction across the san mateo bridge. 13 minutes from hayward to foster city. no incidents blocking lanes in the bay area. so take your time, enjoy that extra cup of coffee. more coming up. >> thank you. professional golf will allow transgender females to play in tournaments for women. the announcement comes after a
5:25 am
lawsuit by lana lawless. she was a man and had a sex change operation in 2005. the lpga wouldn't let her play in a 2008 tournament because she wasn't born female. this week members voted to change that policy. the sacramento kings are suing the makers of an exercise ball after kings player francisco garcia broke his wrist, he said the ball gave way when he was laying on it lifting weights. the ball sold under the gymniy neighboring is advertised as burst resistant. lawyers are seeking $4 million. that's how much the team says it paid garcia during the 57 games he missed because of the injury. >> there is information that we have that the manufacturer and one of the distributors has been sued maybe half a dozen times starting from 2000 a lawsuit in colorado, there is a lawsuit in san diego, there is a lawsuit in tennessee, there's
5:26 am
a lawsuit in new york where they are sued over events where the ball failed. so they know this is something that's going to happen. >> that ball has since been banned from the kings training room. pat burrell is staying put. the outfielder who helped bring a world series win to san francisco will be back in 2011. it's a one-year deal, though details haven't been announced. burrell started in about half of the giants' games last season hitting 18 home runs. his role next season is expected to be reduced. burrell is a bay area local. he grew up in santa cruz. 5:26 now. he wrestled with a deputy and tased her with her own gun. now we are learning about his escape. how he planned the right moment to make his move. and lawyers are planning to make some moves planning lawsuits against pg&e in the wake of the san bruno blast. in the meantime some signs of life on the empty lots. ,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. and good morning to you. it is thursday, december2. i'm juliette goodrich. sydnie is off today. at least 35 separate lawsuits, eight law firms and 100 people suing after the san bruno pipeline explosion. anne makovec is in san bruno where today we're seeing the first steps to sort it all out.
5:30 am
good morning to you, anne. reporter: good morning. a lot of numbers involved. take a moment to check out the sign of the season among all the empty lots in san bruno, where this blasting happened on september 9. somebody put up a christmas tree. it has solar powered lights and it is a sign that eventually this neighborhood will be back to normal. but in the meantime, the lawyers are having their way with all of this. the loss of homes here and the emotional and physical damage to those who used to live here. attorneys for pg&e and those representing the more than 100 san bruno residents will start planning court proceedings in the case. the examiner is reporting those lawyers are expected to decide when to meet with the san mateo county judge who has been assigned to the lawsuit stemming from that explosion. almost all of the suits accuse pg&e of neglecting the pipeline that exploded failing to properly maintain or inspect t two of the cases were filed in san francisco county and pg&e
5:31 am
wants them consolidated in san mateo county to be heard by a single judge. a state judicial council hasn't ruled on that yes. lawyers in the case are against the consolidation. they say they should be able to pick their own venue. in the meantime, back in this venue, the san bruno neighborhood, a lot of folks are planning on rebuilding, including the gentleman who owns the property where this tree is right now. but obviously, that is going to take a while. things are slowly starting to happen, though, juliette. >> a little spirit of the season. all right, anne makovec in san bruno, thank you. pg&e is giving away gift cards to customers who cut back on their use of natural gas in december. the $25 gift card is good for people in san francisco and san mateo counties. it comes as temperatures drop and more gas is used to heat homes. some peninsula pipelines are running at lower capacity in the wake of the san bruno explosion. customers don't have to save a specific amount. they just have to use less gas on average than they did the
5:32 am
past three decembers. this morning, we are learning a santa cruz inmate who wrestled with a female deputy likely planned his brazen escape. santa cruz's sheriff says 24- year-old maurice ainsworth faked a shoulder injury since he knew he would be unshackled during an mri exam. ainsworth, who is 6 a 7" elbowed the deputy in the face and tased her with her gun. he is now being held in a secure medical facility. oakland police have released sketches of two suspects wanted for raping three roommates. they are described as being between 20 and 30 years old. they were last seen driving a 1993 four-door black honda civic. police say one woman was robbed and assaulted, then she was forced to taked the suspects back to her apartment where they sexually assaulted and robbed her two rooms mates. there is a $30,000 reward for
5:33 am
information leading to an arrest. he made dozens of threatening calls to speaker of the house nancy pelosi. now he is likely headed to prison. he is likely to get a year and nine months in prison when he is sentenced today. he made a plea deal after calling pelosi's office repeatedly in march. at one time he threatened to damage her home if she voted for healthcare reform. tomorrow a judge in los angeles will decide if johannes mehserle will be allowed to walk free on bail pending his appeal. the former bart officer was sentenced to two years behind bars for killing oscar grant, an unarmed passenger. today at noon the supporters will rally at the fruitvale bart station. they want mehserle to remain in prison. drivers who were stuck on the bay bridge during last month's standoff are getting fined. the "san francisco examiner" reports many drivers who were forced to turn around on the toll plaza are now getting tickets from fastrak.
5:34 am
drivers were stopped when a man parked his suv and threatened to blow up the bridge. transit officials say anyone who got a ticket can appeal and have it wiped clean. 5:34. let's check traffic and weather. let start with tracy to find out what's in store. >> a lot going on just on the cusp of the weekend and here's what's going to be happening today. going to be happening take a look. the satellite and radar sum it up. plenty of clouds expected today. rain showers currently well north of the bay area. but they will be in our forecast today. showers possible for the afternoon and in addition to that, temperatures today actually close to average highs. san francisco typically this time of the year in the lower 60s. now, san francisco a little bit off the mark but san jose pretty close. 59 today, 57 in concord and 55 degrees in santa rosa. so temperatures today definitely not as chilly as yesterday and the chance of showers looks like it's going to be sticking around. we'll take a look at your
5:35 am
weekend forecast in just a few moments. for your traffic, here's elizabeth. affic, here's >> thanks, tracy. highway 4 just now starting to see our first little bit of slow. usually slowing. some speeds are around 36 miles per hour from a street to somersville. past antioch then you can see it's back in the green through pittsburg, concord so quiet all the way down towards walnut creek and we have a live traffic camera right near that interchange 24/680. the taillights, traffic is just cruising down towards the san ramon valley and westbound 24, great all the way towards the caldecott tunnel. you can see one of our live traffic sensors there shows speeds averaging about 70 miles per hour. silicon valley so far, so good on westbound 237 as you leave milpitas. the ride towards san jose looks great. in fact, all of our drive times in the clear right now. clear, green. westbound 80 from the carquinez
5:36 am
bridge to the maze, 18 minutes. no delay westbound 580 through the altamont pass. 238 to the maze nice and light, 15 minutes. back to you. >> thank you. the fate of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy could be determined in the next few weeks. today the armed services committee opens hearings on the controversial policy. a review released by the pentagon this week pointed toward allowing gay or lesbian troops to serve openly. president obama has urged the senate to repeal the 17-year- old law by the end of the month. we could soon find out whether all americans will get to keep the bush era tax cuts. as whit johnson reports, talks between the obama administration and congressional leaders resume today. reporter: republicans and democrats appear closer to striking a deal on extending bush era tax cuts. >> we're not going to raise taxes on anybody. the only thing we're discussing now is just how long that extension will be. >> reporter: official close to
5:37 am
the negotiations say a one to three-year extension for all americans is becoming increasingly likely. still, that isn't stopping house democrats from trying to push through their proposal today. it would extend cuts for individuals making less than $200,000 and couples making less than $250,000. higher income earners would see their cuts disappear. >> tax cuts for the rich do not create jobs. >> reporter: but senate republicans warn a bill that doesn't include an extension for the wealthy would be dead on arrival. the gop has threatened to hold up any legislation until the tax cut issue is resolved. the white house is optimistic an agreement can be reached. >> there are going to be ups and downs this process but i'm confident we'll be able to get it done. >> reporter: if it doesn't get done by the end of the year, all americans will see their paychecks shrink. >> we need help. it's a recession. >> i think they should be definitely extended to the middle class, and wealthy? they're wealthy. what do they need a tax break for?
5:38 am
>> reporter: republicans have little incentive to make any concessions during this lame duck session. when the new congress convenes in january, the gop will have more cloud. whit johnson, cbs news, washington. encouraging news on the economy sparked a rally on wall street. the dow gained about 250 points yesterday, or 2%. the nasdaq added 51. the market took off on news that private employers added 93,000 jobs in november. the most in three years. most major automakers also put a big sales gains last month. early reports on early holiday shopping show americans spent more in november this year. clothing for the family was especially hot. mastercard advisors spending pulse says closing sales rose more than 10% for the last year. spending on luxury goods rose [ indiscernible ] and online
5:39 am
sales were up 12% last month. all right. you have heard of the "do not call" list. now imagine a do not track list for the internet. that is exactly what federal regulators are thinking about creating. it would keep online advertisers from abusing access to your personal information. the federal trade commission admits that companies don't always manage this information properly. the ftc plans to release a full report on the issue next year. it's a mysterious disorder with no known cause. now a possible breakthrough in detecting autism. plus, what you should eat more of to sharpen your eyesight. not carrots. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] safeway talks hostess gifts. hey, trout, what gift did you bring? my dance moves. [ beat-boxing ]
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[ laughter ] forecast for this morning, mostly cloudy conditions with plenty of clouds across the bay area. [ laughter ] >> temperatures ranging this morning from the upper 30s to near 50. it is not as cold outside this morning. you will notice it as soon as you step out the door. and that has a lot to do with more clouds expected for the morning as well as for the afternoon and those clouds are also going to give us a small chance of a shower through the afternoon. today's highs in the lower to the mid-50s along the coast, topping off in the upper 50s around the bay. and near 60 degrees in our warmest spots inland. so what's going on? we have a low pressure system, a nice cold front attached to it. that's what will be pushing through the bay area allowing clouds to move in and also giving us a chance of showers possible for the afternoon. that exact same cold front will also give us a chance of snow showers for the sierra that will be today, friday and also for saturday. so if you got weekend plans, make sure you stay abreast of the weather.
5:43 am
it could be tricky driving u there. 57 concord. temperatures still slightly cool in the north bay mid-50s from fairfield to santa rosa. 56 san francisco and pacifica. here's a look at our five-day forecast. we are going to keep a small chance, 30 to 40% chance of showers in the forecast through friday, saturday and sunday. i'm telling you the numerical amount because it's not expected to be washout. there is a chance of showers each day. monday and tuesday some sunshine. and another round of showers likely wednesday. that's a look at your weather this morning. how are you doing this morning, elizabeth. >> i'm doing great, tracy. i know, i almost walked into her weather shot earlier. all right. let me step out of the way because ep out of the way we have a live look at san jose. northbound 101 traffic looks great heading out of san jose and up towards santa clara. in fact, we're relatively
5:44 am
problem-free in the south bay. let's go to our maps and we can show you what it hooks like out of downtown san jose. 280 looks great. i didn't have time to draw this out but there is an accident just reported on our chp reports. southbound 17 at old santa cruz highway. sounds like a two-car crash and possibly blocking lanes. chp is heading out there now. that is the only thing that we have had to report all morning. otherwise, it's been really quiet especially in the east bay. no incidents, nothing out there blocking lanes. here's a love look at the nimitz freeway. 880 through oakland, this is as you pass the coliseum. i do know there is a warriors game later on tonight at 7:30 they take on phoenix. so you may find some delays later. but for right now, 65 miles per hour. our live traffic sensors are showing us as you head up towards downtown oakland and a nice 15-minute drive from 238 to the maze. southbound 880 looks just as good. let's show you some bridges. the san mateo bridge, traffic really beginning to pick up now on westbound 92 in the commute direction but not causing any delays and there is no problem.
5:45 am
eastbound traffic looks good coming off of the high-rise. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, if you want to beat rush, go now. so far there is no backup at all. and it looks good from the incline out towards the "s" curve. mass transit everything is running on time for bart,'s, muni and caltrain. want to let you know we're on twitter now. look us up, our traffic department on twitter, cbs 5 traffic. we'll give you the latest hot spots and you can go on there with traffic questions on you got a traffic tip you would like to share. back to you. >> thank you. >> or just an issue. >> if you want to gripe. why not. thank you, elizabeth. in the headlines, lawyers meet today in san mateo county to discuss the legal cases stemming from the san bruno pipeline explosion in september. they are expected to work an schedule for future hearings involving dozens of lawsuits. oakland as fans are making another swing to keep the team from moving. yesterday they packed a planning commission meeting to support plans for a waterfront stadium. the team's other than has been looking at other options for
5:46 am
the as including a possible move to san jose. also many drivers who were forced to turn around on the bay bridge toll plaza during last month's standoff are now reportedly getting tickets from fastrak. drivers were stopped when a man parked his suv and threatened to blow up the bridge. but don't worry transit officials say anyone who got a ticket can appeal and have it wiped klein. also in health news this morning, a brain scan test may lead to early autism diagnosis in children. researchers have developed a test they say was 94% accurate in detecting the disorder. it uses an mri to measure the areas of the brain that deal with language, social and emotional functions. researchers say it could someday replace the subjective way now used to identify autism. but larger studies still need to be done. you eat a diet your entire life that's rich in fish, your eyes will thank you. dr. kim mulvihill shows us which kinds of fish can pro
5:47 am
vent blindness. >> reporter: joe el anderson has trouble seeing. when she gets older macular degeneration is damaging her retinas. >> it's almost like a little gray cloud that's in the side of the eye. >> reporter: now a new study shows that diet may play a role in macular degeneration. doctors find people who eat fish regularly lower their risk for the disease. >> we have looked at individuals who eat more omega- 3 fatty acids in their diets and those individuals have better looking retinas and less macular degeneration. >> reporter: researchers base their study on the eating habits of more than 2500 seniors. those who had advanced macular degeneration were significantly less likely to have eaten shellfish or fish like tuna or salmon regularly. dr. mark fromeer says a healthy diet equals healthy eye. >> colorful vegetables, fish and nuts. those specific food products contain a lot of nutrients that
5:48 am
are very healthy for the retina. >> reporter: anderson is being treated for her eye trouble and she is now thinking twice about her diet. >> that was dr. kim mulvihill. it's unclear whether taking those popular omega-3 supplements will have the same affect on eyesight as the fatty fish. people who snore loudly or who have trouble falling asleep could be at risk for developing heart disease. in a study of 800 people, those who reported snoring loudly were more than twice as likely to have metabolic syndrome, a cluster of risk factors for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. people who wake up unrefreshed at least three times a week are 70% more likely than their peers to develop those health problems. all right. 5:48 now. the grammy nominations are out and we'll tell you about the surprise sweep. plus, how a few inches could save you thousands of dollars in a car crash. we'll be right back. ,,
5:49 am
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bumper could make a big difference in repair costs. the insurance institute for in a crash between a car and suv the position of the bumper makes a difference, in repair cost. low speed collisionses between cars and suvs were tested. the highest position of suv bumpers cause much greater damage to cars than vice versa. costs were from 3 thousand dollars to $10,000. the organization suggests more regulation of suv bumper height. the feds are looking at technology that would make it impossible to driver while talking on your cell phone. they are actually evaluating software that would disable mobile phones while inside vehicles. it would activate when cars reach a certain speed. right now there are no federal
5:52 am
laws against driving and using a cell phone. distracted driving caused at least 5500 deaths last year. san francisco is offering shoppers an easy way to save some cash during the holidays. carpoolers can now park for free at eight city garages including several downtown. cars with three people get one hour free parking, four people get you two free hours. the deal is in effect every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. through december 26. it's the time of year for turning on the lights on holiday trees. and in oakland, they are having the annual official holiday tree lighting celebration at citycenter plaza at 500 twelfth street. festivities are from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. tonight. mayor-elect jean quan will be there. also tonight a tree lighting in emeryville. they have a 33-foot-tall christmas tree made from recycled shopping carts. they will turn on the light on
5:53 am
that tree at 6:00. it's located at powell and bay streets east of i-80. 5:52 now. let's check in with tracy and our forecast. >> hey, juliette. this morning, got a lot of cloud out there. so it's not so cold outside. mid-70s in san46 in santa rosa. yesterday morning the lower to mid-30s from fairfield to livermore this morning 40 in fairfield, 41 concord, 39 livermore. plenty of clouds expected this morning and they will be giving way to rain showers. 30% chance of showers possible. the best chance will be for the afternoon and temperatures for today will be ranging from the lower 50s as highs to just near 60 degrees. now, that chance of showers will be in today's forecast as well as tomorrow's forecast. saturday and also sunday. but do note it is a 30 to 40%
5:54 am
chance on those days so not expecting a washout but it's still a decent chance of a passing shower. monday and tuesday, we have some sunshine expected for the beginning of your workweek. and another round of showers likely for wednesday. saturday evening, it is the hometown holiday parade taking place main street pleasanton. cloudy chance of showers but those kids are so cute you don't care if it's a chance of showers. look at that. temperatures expected to be in the upper 50s. aren't they cute, elizabeth? >> adorable. did someone make those? very talented. >> totally. that's your weather. here's your traffic with elizabeth. >> i don't even know how to draw. amazing, impressive. so much for our quiet commute. santa cruz mountains we have a new injury crash now. they changed the location. it is northbound highway 17 where we have one lane blocked just past the summit. sounds like it's near old santa cruz highway. one of those cars is sideways blocking one lane. ambulance heading to the scene again for possible injuries. expect some slowing in the
5:55 am
area. it looks like our sensors may not have caught up. also, erica with the phone force says the accident happened on a blind curve and other cars were coming up fast approaching that accident scene. if you are continuing up towards the south bay, so far, so good on 101 coming up from morgan hill and heading out of downtown san jose. still pretty light even though it's getting busier on those northbound lanes of 280 and the highway 17 interchange. good to go, check the antioch bridge. no problems there. this morning it's no different. so it's quiet until you hit antioch. now we are seeing a couple of red sensors pop up meaning some speeds below 24 miles per hour from a street towards somersville. no delay approaching the toll plaza of the bay bridge. bart possible 10-minute delays in either direction coming out of the civic center station in san francisco. sounds like these are just residual delays. back to you. >> you. >> you are so cute? >> am i?
5:56 am
>> you really are. >> thanks, juliette. [ laughter ] the grammys named its nominees in grand style last night. the one hour concert in downtown los angeles featured star-studded performances from artist kd perry, justin being ber and train. eminem leads the list with 10. the 53rd annual grammies air on february 13 here on cbs. 5:56. in the next half hour, a perk just for commuting this morning. free bart tickets. where you need to be to cash in. legal wrangling is ahead of us for the victims of the san bruno blast. but in the meantime, some signs of life emerging on the empty lots. we'll talk about it when we come back. hey, you got groceries! yeah! i thought we'd eat at home. save some money. $200 bucks? that's not saving! [jacks voice] at my place i'm bringing back the bo. two patties, melting cheese and my secret sauce plus fries and a drink for only $3.99. i get it. you can eat a lot cheaper at your place than you can at home.
5:57 am
but do have this? i have dessert. what about this? ohhh. ohhhhhh. jack. that's for max.
5:58 am
between pg&e attorneys and displaced homeowners.
5:59 am
plus, it's like a golden ticket. can get free bar the meeting between pg&e attorneys and displaced home owners. >> it's like a golden ticketed. how you can get free bart rides starting this weekend. good morning to you, it is thursday, december2. i'm juliette goodrich. sydnie has the morning off. let's get a quick look at traffic and weather. there is a lot going on in the sky today, tracy. >> clouds taking over our forecast for this morning. not as cold outside. clouds giving way to showers possible for the afternoon. we'll take a look at your afternoon forecast and the also the weekend, more showers expected, that's all coming up. for your traffic, here's elizabeth. >> thank you, tracy. if you are a bart rider we still have 10-minute delays out of the civic center station heading in the sfo or millbrae directions. everything else is rolling along on time but now we are dealing with an injury crash coming through the santa cruz mountains on highway 17. northbound 17 near the summit. we'll tell you what it's doing to the morning commute


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