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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  December 3, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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killed an unarmed passenger returns to court. what he is asking a judge to do. he is asking a judge to good morning. it is friday, the 3rd of december. i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining me. juliette has the morning off. so what do you think? will it be a wet morning or not roads? let's get a quick look at traffic and weather. tracy, miss sunshine, has your forecast. maybe not today, though. >> i'm trying to squeeze out a little sunshine today but it's still unsettled. and showers are still possible across the bay area during the day. we'll take a look at your friday forecast and more importantly, how about this weekend? yeah, we'll take a look at that, as well. for your traffic, here's elizabeth. >> we have some slick roads out there. here's live look at 880 through oakland nearby 16th avenue and you can see those headlights moving southbound towards the coliseum. so far, so good in either direction. chains are required though from you planning on making a trip up to the sierra this weekend. we'll tell you where coming up in a little bit. back to you.
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>> thank you. a steel ball collides with concrete this morning to start the demolition of a bay area transit hub. let's go to anne makovec. she is in san francisco where a new transbay terminal is being built. anne, good morning. reporter: good morning. the demolition starts at 10 a.m., sydnie. here's the wrecking ball behind me that red machine that you're looking at. they call it big red, a propos. it is 85 feet tall and it is going to be bashing into the old transbay terminal here at fremont and mission within the next few hours. but transbay terminal is 71 years old. the last bus departed here august 7th. so it's been closed since then. the crews have been gutting the inside of this building, getting rid of the hazardous materials and selling off anything of value. the wrecking ball is going to be slammed into the building several times over the next two or three months until all the debris is piled into the basement. they say they are going to use
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that basement like a bathtub to gather the material and recycle much of it. here's what the new transbay terminal center will look like in 2017. a new financial center in the district will have shops, apartments, transit terminals including the future high-speed rail system. we'll tell you about all the agencies planning to make a home here in the new transbay terminal once it come. but again, the demolition starting here at 10 a.m. >> thank you, anne makovec in san francisco. former bart officer johannes mehserle has a court date in los angeles this afternoon. his attorneys will ask the judge to release him on bail while he appeals his involuntary manslaughter conviction in the oscar grant case. mehserle was sentenced to two years for killing oscar grant on new year's day 2009. now, with credit for time served, he could be eligible for release in about 7 months. in making his decision, the judge is expected to consider
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the likelihood that mehserle will win his appeal. also, whether he is a flight risk or a danger to society. legal experts surveyed by the oakland tribune do not think that mehserle will be released on bail. this morning, the man accused of sexually assaulting a 2-year-old girl in a union city dollar store will face a judge. 36-year-old eugene ramos is a registered sex offender. he is facing charges of kidnapping and sexual acts with a child. the assault happened wednesday at the dollar tree store on dakota road. police say the girl was with her grandmother and aunt when she wandered into the next aisle. less than a minute later, the women found the toddler pinned to the floor with a suspect on top of her. two customers heard the commotion and chased the suspect outside. >> he broke past and he kind of just sprang -- why is this guy running? did he take a purse? get him, get him! i kind of just, you know, put on my good shoes, i kind of
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just chased after him and finally caught him and grabbed him by the shirt. >> the other customer tackled the suspects and sat on him until a bart officer who happened to be nearby arrived. aunion city police gave those customers an award saying they couldn't have caught the suspect without their help. an antioch boy shot to death on his second birthday. there is a memorial in front of the home where guillen carr was killed yesterday. he and his 4-year-old brother were playing in a room alone where their father put a loaded gun in a bedside drawer. it's not clear who fired the deadly shot. the boy's mother talked with the brother after the shooting. >> she wasn't doing good. wasn't good. it's hard to deal with something like this. you don't expect this. >> both parents are now under aarrest on charges of child
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endangerment and reckless storage of a firearm. the boy's father is a felon with a criminal history that includes arrests for weapons offense. 5:04. a new step by pg&e to boost customer confidence following a gas line explosion in san bruno. they have agreed to hire a consulting firm out of texas to study its gas lines. it will identify what pg&e is doing right and things that can be changed. the review process should last through next september. this morning, some students in oakland are stepping inside warm classrooms for the first time in days. >> i just brung a big jacket, pants, thermals because it was really cold. >> the oakland unified school district shut off the heat for the thanksgiving weekend to save money but on monday there were problems restarting the equipment. older systems had broken parts or blown compressors. frick middle school was without
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heat the longest. 50. let's get another check of traffic and weather. and tracy is looking ahead. it is friday and she is looking ahead to the weekend but it might be a little wet. >> it is going to be just a little wet out there, sydnie. we are going to keep some showers in the forecast today. even though your hi-def doppler is showing that not a lot is going on currently. but take a look at your satellite and radar and that shows the bigger picture. we have some clouds coming in out of the southwest, satellite and radar, clouds coming in out of the southwest... showing that we do still have that nice flow coming in. so moisture is still expected to be moving through the bay area through the morning as well as the afternoon. and that's why we are going to keep it in the forecast. sprinkles expected for the morning, fog out there and another chance of showers in the forecast through the afternoon. temperatures for the morning in the mid-40s to the mid-50s. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast, that flow will not be changing anytime soon. so the ongoing flow or chance of showers could be sticking around. we'll take a look at your weekend forecast in a moment. that's a look at your weather. for your traffic, here is elizabeth. >> thank you, tracy.
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this might be a good day for mass transit because the roads are still wet and even when the roads are a little wet, it usually means more accidents on the road. so far no big hot spots. but just might be a good idea. bart, ace, muni and caltrain, everything is delay-free right now. san mateo bridge do a quick bridge check, westbound 92 fine all the way towards foster city and the peninsula. about a 13-minute drive time there. all the approaches to the bay bridge still look good. we are not seeing any big accidents yet. here's live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic still very light and no metering lights. now, from you planning a little getaway this weekend, heading up to the sierra, chains are required. the only requirements are for i- 80 between kingvale and donner lake. here's live look near the truckee scales. no chain requirements on highway 50 or 88. back to you. >> thank you. a rumble over recycling in one bay area enabled. we'll tell you why people are pushing to replace bottles and cans with another kind of
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the chance of showers will be sticking around the bay area today. antioch showers possible. berkeley 58. oakland 59. you forecast coming up in 6 minutes. three state's high-speed rail authority voted unanimously to approve a 65- mile stretch in the central valley going through fresno.
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it's dubbed the train to nowhere because of its rural location. the 4.3 billion project is expected to create 80,000 jobs in the coming years. planners hope this will lead to an 800-mile-long system from san francisco to san diego. it is a battle of green versus green in the golden gate park. this morning the recycling center is out. parks and rec voted unanimously last night to replace that center with a community garden. the center has been in the spot near kezar stadium since the '70s. opponents say it's noisy and doesn't account for a big chunk of the city's recycling and draws the down and out. >> because poor people happen to recycle doesn't paladino that recycling creates poor people. that's absurd. and, you know, a certain percentage. our customers might fall into that category but less than one in five self-identify as being homeless and more than half come in cars. i mean, there's a lot 6 very well to do people -- there's a lot of very well to do people
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who come down and recycle. >> about 10 people will lose their jobs when get an eviction notice. the community garden will have 40 plot. in west oakland it's a welcome healthy addition to the neighborhood. for the first time in years, a new grocery store is opening there. produce pro it is called is in a blighted area near san pablo and 23rd. the owner says he is working with growers in the central valley to try and keep prices down. plans are also in the works to open an meat and deli counter. 5:12. the honeymoon is over for governor-elect jerry brown. his plan to tackle the budget crisis. >> how facebook is becoming a recipe for disaster for marriages. coming up. >> and everything is moving along great in the south bay. we'll have more coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,
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keurig. forecast for the morning as you head out the door, we do still have plenty of clouds out there across the bay area as well as some fog and sprinkles. temperatures for the morning ranging from the mid-40s to the mid-50s. and as we move into the afternoon, the chance of
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showers will increase ever so slightly. 30% chance of showers in the forecast today and temperatures in the bay area ranging from the 50s to the 60s for the afternoon. our jet stream is going a good job pushing everything into the bay area out of the southwest. showers possible today through the weekend. we'll have the sierra forecast. a lot of people heading up because it is that time of the year. snow showers expected friday and saturday. and a rain and snow mix for sunday. so keep abreast of the weather if you are heading that up way. five-day forecast, showers possible saturday and sunday. still around 30 to 40% of temperatures going up because of the mild flow coming in out of the southwest. monday and tuesday some sunshine expected and another round of showers will be likely for wednesday. we are moving into the weekend and we do like to do weekend events so here's one.
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saturday evening is the hometown holiday parade. main street pleasanton. cloudy with a chance of showers, but with kids that cute, who cares if you are standing out in a little rain. temperatures in the upper 50s. that's a look at your weather. for your traffic, here's elizabeth. >> all right. thank you, tracy. let's go out to 880 in oakland. live look near 16th avenue where everything is moving along fine right now. is that 880? i think that's the guadalupe parkway shot. oh, that is 880. hard to tell this time of the morning. 880 through oakland looks good. we have a new accident just popped up eastbound 980 at 580. we don't have many details on it now but chp is heading to the scene. there are possible lane blockages through the stretch. we are not seeing slowing on the sensors. clock the ride out of the altamont pass, looks great, 13- minute drive time towards the dublin interchange, no yellow on our sensors. and in the south bay, we are still doing great coming up northbound 101 through morgan hill looks clear towards santa clara. and heading through downtown san jose on 280, nice and quiet
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as you approach the 880 interchange. now let's go out to the guadalupe parkway. we have a photographer standing by. here's a live look, this is near the taylor street exit. everything is quite north- and southbound on 87. back to you. >> thank you. in the headlines, johannes mehserle has a bail hearing this afternoon in los angeles. the former bart police officer wants to be released while he appeals his manslaughter conviction for killing oscar grant in oakland nearly two years ago. a registered sex offender accused of sexually assaulting a 2-year-old girl inside a dollar store in union city will be in court today. that incident happened wednesday. police are thanking and rewarding two men who tackled eugene ramos's tried to run away. and a wrecking ball, there it is, this is live look at that wrecking ball, it's
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scheduled to crash into the old transbay terminal in san francisco at 10:00 this morning. gather your kids around. this is going to be a great sight. the terminal is being demolished to make room for a new facility that's due to open in 2017. one month from taking office, oakland's mayor-elect has her transition team in place. jean quan says the group will help her identify the city's top priorities when she begins her term january 3. quan spent the last eight years on the oakland city council. she says one of her goals is to be more open to the media and hold weekly press conferences. and california's next governor is already working on the state's budget problems. jerry brown planning to meet next week with all 120 state lawmakers as well as other state and local officials. the "chronicle" reports that meeting in sacramento will come as the new legislature meets for a special budget session called by current governor arnold schwarzenegger. federal appeals court judge stephen reinhardt is not going
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to remove himself from the prop 8 case. supporters of the same-sex marriage ban wanted him to step aside because his wife was involved in the legal fight over the ban. next week, reinhardt and two other judges will hear arguments over the constitutionality of prop 8. well, it may have been a rough fall for house speaker nancy pelosi politically but she had a banner sports year. since her hometown giants are the world series champs, she collected her winnings yesterday in the traditional senators bet. and, you know, because the giants beat the phillies en route to the series, pennsylvania's senator gives her a huge hershey's chocolate image of independence hall. and in texas, senator joe barton gave the speaker deep dish chocolate pecan pie. 5:20. the commercials you are about to hear may never sound the
5:21 am
same. the push to bring some relief. what should be in place of frost from us should be arsenic. we measured it as arsenic. >> an alien life form discovered close to the bay area. what it is and why nasa says it's such a big deal. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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traffic break in oakland 880 a car slammed into a wall. the roads are slick. we'll have much more on your morning commute coming up. thank you very much. it is 5:24. nasa is calling it a major discovery in the search for extraterrestrial life. scientists say they have discovered an alien life form buried in california. they found it in mud from mono lake on the east side of the sierra. it's called bacterium gsaj-1. it kills old ideas about life forming elements. >> all life we know requires various elements. we have discovered in our organism that can substitute one element for another. >> scientists study mono lake because it's teeming with life even though it has high levels of arsenic. the new discovery means that they are going to be looking at other worlds differently in the search for life elsewhere in the universe. google is promising a
5:25 am
faster crackdown on copyright violators and that could bring some changes to youtube. google, which owns the popular video site, says it's going to be stepping up enforcement efforts to respond to any complaints within 24 hours. many have complained that google takes too long to remove illegally posted content. the purpose of facebook is to bring peopling to but it's also splitting up a lot of people. a survey found that one in five divorces, 20% of divorces, involved the social networking website. attorneys say they have seen a huge spike in cases that use facebook messages as evidence of cheating. researchers say many. cases involve people who get back in touch with those old flames thinking they are going to look as good and be as hip and happening as high school. no! >> congress a step closer to turning down the volume on loud tv commercials. the house passed a bill that
5:26 am
would prevent advertisers from abruptly raising the volume on their ads. the measure now goes to president obama. if he signs it, we could hear quieter commercials starting i 2013. big news this morning on jobless numbers. plus, secret messages from one of the most notorious killers of your time. how charles manson has been communicating outside prison. big red is going to swing this morning, ushering in a new era for the transbay terminal in san francisco. have the story coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. it's an exciting morning around here. this is a live look at the wrecking ball about to come down on a piece of bay area history. good morning. it's friday, december 3. i'm sydnie kohara. juliette has the morning off. walls will start tumbling down today at a major san francisco demolition project. anne makovec is there where a new transbay terminal is being built in san francisco. good morning. reporter: i'm here in the financial district mission in fremont and they are calling it big red here behind me, this wrecking ball which is going to
5:30 am
tear into the old transbay terminal, the 71-year-old transbay terminal, this morning at 10 a.m. that's an 85-foot boom you're looking at there. it is going to take a big crack at it and things are going to start tumbling very quickly here but it's going to take a couple of months, several swings are planned over the next few weeks. now, the last bus departed august 7th. crews gutted the inside of the building, got rid of all the hazardous material and anything of value. and now everything is planning on being piled into the basement once they start wrecking. it's going to be used like a bathtub according to the project managers. and a lot of the material then is going to be recycled. here's what the new transbay terminal center will look like in 2017. a new citycenter here in the financial with shops, apartments, and, of course, transit terminals including the future high-speed rail system. here's a look at some of the other systems that will make a
5:31 am
home in the new transbay terminal. transbay terminal, bart, caltrain, golden gate transit, greyhound, muni, samtrans, west cat links, amtrak, paratransit, and again, that future high- speed rail system. so a lot of action here planned. i'm sure there's going to be plenty of pomp and circumstance as there was for the groundbreaking this fall starting at 10 a.m. >> we'll be there. or you'll be there, i should say, anne. >> reporter: i will. >> thank you, anne makovec in san francisco. just months after warning of cancellations, caltrans will expand weekend service. on january 1 they will be running baby bullet express trains on weekends in addition to the normal weekend schedule, as part of a three-month trial program. the trains will stop at 7 major stations between san francisco and san jose. today a former bart officer will learn if he will be freed while appealing his conviction
5:32 am
for the shooting death of an unarmed man. johannes mehserle's attorneys will ask the judge to release him on bail while he appeals his involuntary manslaughter conviction in the oscar grant case. mehserle was sentenced to two years for killing grant on new year's day 2009. with credit for time served, he could be eligible for release in about 7 months. a two-year-old girl sexually assaulted inside a union city store while her mother was just steps away. 36-year-old eugene ramos is a registered sex offender. he is facing charges of kidnapping and sexual acts with a child. the assault happened wednesday at a dollar tree store. police say that the little girl was with her grandmother and aunt when she wandered into the next aisle. less than a minute later, the women found that toddler pinned to the floor with the suspect on top of her. two customers heard the commotion and chased the
5:33 am
suspect outside. >> he broke past the mother and kind of just sprinted. i'm like why is this guy running? did he take a purse? she's like get him, get him! i chased after him. finally caught him and grabbed him by the shirt. >> then another customer tackled the suspect and sat on him until a bart officer who happened to be nearby arrived. union city police gave those customers an award saying they couldn't have caught the suspect without their help. there is a memorial in front of an antioch home where a toddler was shot to death yesterday. the child was killed on his second birthday. his parents are facing child endangerment and other charges because the little boy was killed by a gun that was left in a bedside drawer. the boy and his 4-year-old brother were alone in the bedroom when he was killed. it's still unclear who fired the deadly shot. it's probably the last place you would expect town cover a meth lab in san francisco. five people living in a flat in
5:34 am
the upscale laurel heights neighborhood are now in custody. investigators discovered dangerous chemicals and paraphernalia to make meth. they say the material could have exploded at any time. the flat is just a couple of hundred feet from the laurel hills playground. >> people, you know, pushing strollers, getting checked up at the hospital, it's the last thing would you expect is a meth lab. but i suppose the best place to hide something is the place you never look, right? >> police called the lab small to medium in size but say it was efficient enough to produce a high volume of crystal meth and ghb, more commonly known as the date rape drug. everyone has a cell phone these days. even charles manson. the notorious killer was caught with the device in prison. now, it's not illegal for state prisoners to have cell phones, but they are considered
5:35 am
contraband. manson made calls and sent text messages to people in three states. next year, california will test a system called managed access. it would allow only calls from approved phones to transmit through towers near prisons. 5:35. let's go back to tracy and elizabeth to find out what's happening with our forecast and then our traffic. good morning. >> hey, good morning, sydnie. hi-def doppler showing that we have some light rainfall out there this morning. and it is moving into the vallejo area just to the north of hercules and also towards benicia. those showers are going to be in the forecast for this morning but they will still be relatively light well through the day. here's a look at our satellite and radar and this is the big picture. does a good job of showing the rainfall that moved in yesterday afternoon. and that's going to be the drill today. southwest flow will keep a chance of showers in the forecast light in nature. and temperatures today pretty mild. 60 in fremont, 61 in san jose. 60 in livermore.
5:36 am
upper 50s in oakland, mid-50s in fairfield, napa, 57 degrees in santa rosa. 55 in san rafael and 57 in san francisco and pacifica. the chance of showers will be lingering in the bay area. we'll take a look at your weekend forecast in just a few moments. for your traffic this morning, here's elizabeth. >> all right. yeah, let's focus for the moment on this morning. for right now, things are okay actually. we had early thissier accident in the may see but it's been -- we had early thissier accident in the maze but it's been cleared. emergency crews were out for a while. chains required in the sierra except for highway 50 no chains required. off the antioch bridge looks great slowing on our sensors through antioch. but through pittsburg and concord, that green appears again, top speeds towards 242.
5:37 am
take you live outside here's live look at the san mateo bridge. everything looks great. this is the commute direction westbound 92. it's a friday and it's still early. so no big delays really anywhere. looks like that should be 13 minutes. it's updating right now but it's about 13 minutes in the other direction as well heading toward hayward off the high- rise. might be a good day to use mass transit. everything is on time for bart, ace, muni and caltrain. remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you. this just in. america's unemployment rate moved higher last month. the labor department just reported the jobless rate reached 9.8% in november. that is up from 9.6% in october. and it is the highest rate since april. only 39,000 new jobs were created last month but here in californias it is much higher, around 12%. millions of people whose unemployment benefits are running out, they are getting
5:38 am
some good news. they could get a break. the white house is looking to extend jobless benefits as part of a tax cut package. meantime, senate democrats plan to vote this weekend on bills that would let bush era tax cuts for the wealthy die. republicans though don't give that plan a chance of succeeding. >> trying to catch my breath so i don't refer to this -- this maneuver going on today as, uhm, as chicken crap, all right? but this is nonsense! >> i believe it will get resolved. that doesn't mean there may not be some posturing over the next several days. >> the treasury secretary led bipartisan talks on the tax cuts yesterday. that's timothy geithner. sources tell cbs news the most likely compromise is extending all the cuts for everyone for two or three years. the president's deficit commission set to vote today on
5:39 am
a tough plan aimed at trimming america's red ink including reducing the annual cost of living increases for social security and raising the retirement age to 69. key leaders from both parties embrace it but it appears unlikely the plan will get enough votes to send it to congress. 5:39. a warning this morning about a popular teeth straightening treatment. the allergic reaction some customers are reporting. plus, it's always been a no- no if you are expecting. but a new study says a little alcohol may not be so bad... for babies. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:40 am
5:41 am
take a look at that wicked weather on the east coast. a truck jackknifed on a highway near buffalo, new york late wednesday. and hundreds of drivers were stranded in more than two feet
5:42 am
of snow. in fact, an 11-mile stretch of highway was still closed last night. they were rescuing people, others choosing to stay with their cars. but what a mess up there. nothing -- a little rain for us, no big deal. >> no big deal for us, sydnie. but having lived in buffalo and syracuse, i have been stuck in that. and it is no joke. that lake-effect snow comes down and it is just as you can see nasty. so i thought we would start off with the snow across the sierra. that's going to be in the forecast friday, saturday and sunday. a pretty good chance of snow showers and also a rain and snow mix in the forecast for the back half of the weekend. for us, cloudy with fog and even some sprinkles. temperatures for this morning as you head out the door the mid-50s to the mid-40s. no 30s. pretty mild thanks to a southwest flow that's going to keep us with mostly cloudy conditions and small chance of showers for the afternoon, highs today in the mid-50s to the lower 60s. so here's what's going on. satellite and radar showing we
5:43 am
do have a nice flow coming in all courtesy of our jet stream. those are the rain showers that came through yesterday afternoon and the chance of showers through the day. the jet stream is digging all that moisture off the ocean dumping in over us. that's going to keep us unsettled. showers will be possible in the forecast for today, friday, also saturday and sunday. here's a look at the five-day forecast. temperatures not moving so much. but the chance of showers will be sticking around. monday and tuesday, plenty of sunshine with temperatures warming up a bit. and another round of showers are likely in the forecast wednesday. saturday evening, tree lighting and stroll. piedmont avenue in oakland, cloudy with a chance of showers and temperatures expected to be in the upper 50s. that's a look at your weather. for your traffic, here is elizabeth. >> thank you, tracy. >> let's go out towards the south bay. take a live look at the guadalupe parkway. everything is flowing fine in either direction. if you have a flight to catch, everything looks good at the
5:44 am
airport. light towards downtown san jose. let's go to the maps towards the bay bridge toll plaza. just got a call from tim with the kcbs phone force to tell us about a stall on the upper deck. it sounds like it's just past the incline blocking a lane so bridge crews are heading out there now. tim also tells us there is no delay and that is no surprise because check out how light it is. it is a very quick ride right now into san francisco. nice and quiet as well as if you're coming down the eastshore freeway. 18 minutes great drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze. so far no big accidents out there right now. we had one earlier one in oakland. that's already since cleared. so this is live look at the nimitz freeway near the coliseum in the distance. these taillights are moving northbound toward high street. great ride towards downtown oakland. silicon valley, westbound 237 easy commute towards mountain view in san jose. 6 minutes there between 880 and 101. the marin county commute fine as well. they did the lane changes across the golden gate bridge so nice and quiet across the span. headlights are southbound
5:45 am
traffic towards the toll plaza. mass transit is running on time. you can see the road are still a little wet out there. so might be a good day to use t that is your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. let's look at this morning's top stories. former bart police officer johannes mehserle going to court this afternoon in an effort to get out of jail. mehserle's appealing his involuntary manslaughter conviction for killing oscar grant. he wants to be released on bail while the appeal is considered. a registered sex offender accused of sexually assaulting a 2-year-old girl inside a dollar store in union city appears in court today. the incident happened wednesday. police have rewarded two men who tackled that man eugene ramos as he tried to run away. and the next step in replacing san francisco's transbay terminal is set for 10:00 this morning. that's when the live -- this is live look, that's when the wrecking ball is scheduled to start tearing down the old terminal to make room for one
5:46 am
that is expected to open in 2017. a warning this morning about the popular teeth straightening treatment inviscy line. the fda has sent a letter to the san jose company accusing of it not properly reporting side effects of. some people experienced allergic reactions leading to swollen limbs and mouth ulcers. the company's ceo says only a small percentage of its more than a miami customers have complained and it's working to resolve the issues. it's long been taboo but now it is a growing trend. pregnant women drinking alcohol. a new report suggests that very light drinking during pregnancy may not be so bad. the study found babies born to light drinkers who had five ounces of wine or 12 ounces of beer a week had no additional risk. >> i would have a half a glass to three-quarters of a glass of red wine every week, every other week, throughout the third trimester.
5:47 am
>> women do metabolize alcohol differently and experts warn drinking during pregnancy can lead to babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome. well a lot of people have opinions on is thisth study on facebook. n is thisth study on whatstudy? oh, that study. why take the chance? some things should not be let out in public. this is april. >> there are nutrients in both red and wine and some beers. i think it's fine have the occasional glass. and jennifer says, no way. i didn't even drink coffee or caffeinated soda when i was pregnant no matter how low the ris,my baby's health was my number one priority. you can see the study on the cbs 5 facebook page. i thought we were going to talk about how people going on facebook are getting more and more divorces. 20 percent of divorces they say are because of facebook. 5:47. ause of facebook. a black friday bummer. the glitch that's causing some shoppers to lose out on their deals.
5:48 am
>> barbie, action! >> barbie a danger to kids? why mattel's hot new toy is prompting a warning from the fbi. for itchy dry skin. try cortizone 10 intensive healing. the strongest itch relief medicine has three vitamins and seven moisturizers. feel the heal.
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5:50 am
more snow is expected this end, so you'll this is a live look at the sierra. highway 80 at the truckee scales. more snow is expected this weekend so you may need chains heading to the ski resorts up there. 5:50. welcome back, everyone. it used to be that black friday deal seekers had to just go wait out in the cold. but this year, many stores offered their black friday deals online. on the consumerwatch, julie watts found that comes with some headaches of its own.
5:51 am
>> i just got my own apartment so this would have been my first tv. >> reporter: so thanksgiving night she turned to for a black friday deal along with hundreds of others just like her. >> i jumped online, it was there, i grabbed it. >> the order was accepted online. i put my credit card information. >> got an order confirmation. my credit card was charged, and i thought it was good to go. >> reporter: but then days later, after other black friday savings had expired -- >> they sent out an email say it was cancelled. no tv for me. >> reporter: but it was no laughing matter for the more than 20 viewers who contacted consumerwatch after getting fry's order cancellation email. >> they supposedly had some type of technical error which allowed more tvs to be purchased than they had in inventory and they would not be honoring those orders. >> it's either in stock or it's out of stock. >> reporter: the better bureau received 66 complaints over the past four days and there are more than 900 signatures on this blog dedicated to the issue.
5:52 am
but fry's isn't alone. etailers like target and face similar computer problems something experts chalk up to growing pains as the black friday phenomenon moves online. but that's no consolation on those who missed out on other black friday deals due to a computer glitch. >> because i assumed my deal was going through i didn't look for any other tv deals. i was out at wal-mart and could have stood in line there. >> what the consumers lost was opportunity. >> reporter: this former u.s. attorney says computer error or not, etailers are obligated by law to make good on the black friday purchases consumers were counting on. >> they lost the opportunity to seek deals elsewhere. and when they lost that, they gained the right to seek redress against fry's. >> reporter: earlier this week, both target and agreed to make good on their oversold black friday deals. and this afternoon, fry's tells us they are going to do the same. which will come as a relief to
5:53 am
this consumer, who will finally get her first tv. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. it is 5:52. the fbi warns the latest barbie doll might also be a new tool for pedophiles. >> lights, barbie, action! >> it is called barbie video girl. the fbi has issued a warning now to law enforcement saying the doll can potentially be used to produce child porn. video it records can be downloaded to a computer. >> barbie is such an icon that to put a camera above her chest, this isn't -- that alone bothers me a lot. >> the doll sells for about $45. it can record up to 30 minutes of video. it's a holiday tradition and style that's all san francisco. what do you get when you put them both together? ♪ [ music ]
5:54 am
>> happy holidays and welcome to drag queens on ice. >> very friendly. very colorful. >> it's part of san francisco. >> absolutely. the safeway holiday ice rink hosting drag queens on ice at union square last year. -- excuse me, last night. the main focus of the event just to have a good time. it was also a fundraiser, though, for the boys & girls club and the city's recreation and parks department. 5:54. we missed it. >> yeah, we did. i bet that was a good time, sydnie. [ laughter ] >> oh, my gosh. forecast for this morning, here's a look at our hi-def doppler and not a whole lot going on but we do have some locations seeing some light rainfall so we'll zoom in and show you who is picking that up. just to the north of vallejo moving into the fairfield area as well as vacaville. light rain showers currently. that's going to be the drill during the day. light showers expected for the
5:55 am
morning, light showers for the afternoon, here's a look at your temperatures to go along with that. upper 50s to the lower 60s. we'll keep a semiautomatic chance of showers, 30 to 40% clarence showers, in the forecast saturday and sunday. monday and tuesday, sunshine, temperatures warming up a bit. another round of showers wednesday. and then thursday, a mix of sun and clouds. if you want to get your ice skating on, holiday ice rink this weekend union square, cloudy with a chance of showers, highs in the upper 50s. and we also have the ice rink in san jose. cloudy again conditions for the weekend. there will be a small chance of showers, highs in the lower 60s and this will be at the circle of palms plaza in san jose. that's a look at your weather. for your traffic, here is elizabeth. >> thank you, tracy. >> i use to be a really good roller skater. does that translate to ice skating? >> i don't know. >> i used to fall a lot. 880 in oakland looks okay up and down the nimitz freeway
5:56 am
near 16th avenue. nice ride towards the coliseum. towards the so looking good. thank you for that live traffic shot. let's go out to our maps. if you are planning on getting out of town for the weekend, get your chains ready. chains are required on interstate 80 and highway 88. lanes are required on interstate 80 between kingvale and donner lane, chains are required. you can see it is very quiet out there right now. no chain controls right now by highway 50. slowing through antioch. it is friday we typically like to say friday light on a friday morning at this time and so far that appears to be the case. we are not seeing any red meaning speeds under 25 miles per hour. and it still looks good through pittsburg and on into concord. at the bay bridge toll plaza, i mentioned we got that phone call from tim with the kcbs phone force, letting us know about a stall on the upper deck. bridge crews got it. it is now cleared from lanes. so right now it looks great heading into san francisco. and no sign of any metering lights yet. give it another 20 minutes or so and this camera will likely
5:57 am
look different. your drive times for the east bay some of your more popular routes at this time of the morning, really all in the clear. everywhere down the eastshore freeway, westbound 580, coming out of the altamont pass, 14 minutes to take you towards 680 and the dublin interchange. and 880 as we just showed you the nimitz freeway 15 minutes from 238 up towards the maze. remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you. coming up in our next half hour, california lawmakers getting more than just an office these days. what the state is buying them sometimes worth $50,000. and the wrecking ball is ready to go. we are just a few hours from the time it's going to tear into the old transbay terminal ushering in a new future for this area of downtown san francisco. we'll have the story coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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