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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  December 4, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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"this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." a late night knock at the door at an east bay house. a little girl answers. shots are fired. and the shooter runs off. it is being called a catastrophe. the dramatic decline in the salmon population and billions of dollars in losses. the ideas talked about today to reverse the damage. a few showers today. get ready, folks. we have got serious wind and rain coming our way. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. a girl who answered a knock on the door was shot at her east bay home. witnesses say the suspect fired about 10 rounds through the front door. it happened around 10:30 p.m. rast night on brighton street
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in hercules. dan knapp says this is not the first time shots have been tired there. >> reporter: that's right, ann. the shooting may be a culmination of events over the past several months but whether intended or not a child was shot. it happened here in the 100 block of brighton street. a hercules neighborhood of modern homes and nicely landscaped yards. a 9-year-old girl answered a knock on the door last night and when she opens it she is shot in the neck and back by a gunman who continues to fire nine or ten more shots into the house. >> she was immediately transported to children's hospital in oakland where at that time she was in critical but stable condition. i'm happy to say that this morning she was upgraded to stable condition. >> reporter: no one else was struck. the suspect fled on foot. why would anyone shoot a 9-year- old girl? did someone actually target a child or a family member? police will only say -- >> the information that we receive, we are confident that
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this was a targeted event for this residence. >> reporter: it isn't the first time there have been incidents at this residence. >> the police department has been out there in the last several months on different types of calls. at this point the details on those calls i don't have. >> reporter: matthew says police have leads and they are following them. >> hercules police officers did interview the residents and those that were home at the time of the shooting and neighborhood as well. they canvassed the neighborhood. they do have some substantial leads that they are working on and they are hoping to make an arrest. >> reporter: a neighbor approached us a while ago to tell us he recently moved to the neighborhood away from oakland to get away from the violence. >> sounds like the police have a suspect that they are looking for. at least some leads. >> reporter: they are looking
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forward to getting an arrest. >> don knapp in hercules. thank you. a marine sergeant from piedmont was killed. he died in combat on thursday. he grew up in piedmont with his father and stepmother and went to school there. his parents say he always dreamed of being a marine and became one when he turned 20. he was married and had a 2-year- old son. a woman was sexually assaulted thursday night. this is a sketch of the man police are looking for. he is about 18 years old and around 5'5". police say he tried to engage the woman in conversation then touched her inappropriately. when she struggled the suspect punched her in the face, took her purse and ran. anyone with information is asked to call south san francisco police. the all clear has been given for east bay island after a chain reaction of boat fires. 2:15 a.m. yesterday morning fire spread from a single boat to five
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others. after the flames were put out investigators found a sheen in the water where two of the boats sank. booms were used to contain the pollution. one person was treated for smoke inhalation. two other people had to be rescued after they jumped in the water to escape the fire. the cause of the fire is not yet known. all right. a little on the showery side today. it is not over. meteorologist lawrence karnow saying more rain for tomorrow. >> i think we could get a pretty good soaker as we head into tomorrow afternoon. today a lot of clouds outside. still some scattered showers continuing around the bay area. let's check out our high-def doppler right now and we do have some light activity if you're headed out the door. bring that umbrella with you. on and off showers showing up outside tonight. looks like that will continue on and off throughout the night. and probably into tomorrow morning before the main event begins to approach the coastline. heavier amounts starting to make their way in through parts of the south bay and into central valley but really the biggest storm system sitting off the coastline. take a look at the satellite image. i'll show you what i'm talking
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about. that system right there is just putting itself together and will start to approach the bay area. we will watch those winds really kicking up. gusty winds by tomorrow afternoon. some heavy rain around the bay area. just how much could we see? we will talk about that and the rest of the forecast coming up in a bit, ann. back to you. >> lawrence, thank you. well, it is being called a catastrophe for the second year in a row. salmon season has been canceled because of the scarceity of salmon in california waters. bay area congressional leaders hosted a summit to discuss what can be done about the near extinction of the salmon policy. >> salmon is the life blood here. >> reporter: all along california's coast and in its rivers the natural resource is drying up in part because water is being diverted from the delta for use all over the state and overfishing. >> you lose salmon and recreational fishery in northern california are gone. >> reporter: these fishermen came to the meeting in half moon bay where local congress members wanted to put pressure on the people in charge of our
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water and fisheries. >> i'm horrified. and i think most californians will be horrified when they realize that the salmon as a species is about to be obliterated. >> reporter: 90% decrease in the salmon run leading. . >> i think we are at a tipping point here and i think it is important to raise everyone's awareness. >> reporter: but the plan of action hasn't been drawn. >> we are not in the position right now to be able to make a final decision. >> reporter: the bureau of reclamations and department of water resources want to do more studies on how to best restore the salmon population. in the meantime the political wrangling between the interests of california's farmers and fishermen continues. >> it is frustrating because there is so much money behind water. you know. the old saying that whiskey for drinking, water is for
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fighting, it is so true. >> reporter: in half moon bay, cbs5. restored to wetlands. this one along the dunbar bridge was completed earlier this year. the resterrations are part of a series when the federal government bought salt ponds used to create commercial salt. it is a battle over taxes on capitol hill. senate republicans blocking legislation that would raise taxes for the rich. what could cause a tax hike for everyone come the 1st of the year. a plane skids off the runway during an emergency landing and breaks apart. the series of events that triggered the emergency. than 80 others injured when a [ mom ] my son only wanted one toy this year.
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runway. the plane broke apart and two engines on the plane failed shortly after takeoff prompting the emergency landing. a third engine failed as the plane was coming into land. the cause of the engine failure is not yet known. senate republicans voted down legislation that would extend tax cuts for all but the wealthiest today. but as terrell brown shows us, this was just the first squirmish and a compromise is likely. >> reporter: republicans blocked legislation that would have allowed taxes to rise for americans in upper income brackets. they say now isn't the time to raise anyone's taxes. >> according to the strange logic of democratic leaders in congress the best way to show middle class americans that they care about creating jobs is to slam some of america's top job creators with a massive tax hike. >> reporter: if congress can't compromise taxes will increase for all americans january 1st. president obama says he is disappointed. >> makes no sense to hold tax
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cuts for the middle class hostage to permanent tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of americans. >> the nays are 36. >> reporter: senators voted twice saturday. the first proposal was to extend tax cuts for individuals making under $200,000 a year and married couples making less than $250,000 a year. the other would have allowed taxes to rise for americans making more than $1 million a year. republicans struck down both proposals. they failed by seven votes. >> it is the most astounding theory about how to raise jobs that i have ever seen. raise taxes to create jobs. >> reporter: president obama says he is ready to cut a deal with republicans. it will likely extends tax increases to all levels and renew jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed that just expired. >> we need to get this resolved. >> reporter: the president says he is confident a deal can be reached by the end of the year. terrell brown, cbc news.
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a big victory for the u.s. economy. that's what president obama calls a new trade deal with south korea. >> all told this agreement including the opening of the katrina service in-- this agreement will double u.s. exports over the next five years. >> it is meant to open the south korean market to electronics, goods, produce and cars and the reliance between washington and seoul. the agreement still needs congressional approval. it is not too late to get a flu shot and you might seriously consider it. why the cdc is encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. > >> this is a t area still yet to come. we will talk about that and let you know when it is going to move on shore coming up.
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pompeii is in danger again. two thousand years after it was buried by volcanic ash, this popular historic site is being threatened again -- this time, by water. in the last month, four structures have collapsed a popular historic site is being threatened by water. in the last four months four structures have collapsed because of torrential. 300 flights were canceled in chicago o'hare airport and flights delayed by at least a half hour. minneapolis snow buried taxi
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way markers causing a delta airline to slide over the runway. we saw sprinkles and lawrence is here to tell us more is on the way. >> i think a whole lot more in the bay area. we will see the rain and winds picking up outside. out there right now a lot of clouds out there, scattered showers showing up and nothing too bad. if you're headed out the door keep the umbrella with you. a light rain jacket. may see a couple of occasional showers wondering by but still nothing too heavy but the strongest storm is yet to come and it is lingering off the coastline. likely see the winds ramping up. wind advisories in effect 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon tomorrow and continuing into monday as that system approaches the coastline. looking at winds 25 to 35, gusting to 45 maybe even stronger than that over the mountain tops. high-def doppler showing showers around the bay area. band making its way into parts of the north bay and heaviest has moved into the central valley. this is what we can expect. a whole lot of wind kicking out
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of the coastline. rainy think will be heavy at times. late in the afternoon tomorrow. really going to get going. this is kind of a warm storm so we are looking at mountain snow and starting out about 7000 feet or so. but they could see a good couple feet. maybe 3 feet of snow in some of the higher terrain. temperatures right now not all that bad. lots of 50s under cloudy skies this hour but we are going to see plenty of rain showing up around the state in toward the central valley. kind of a mild beginning to the storm looks like it is landing on some tropical moisture. keeping rain down below and snow up above. the higher country going to see some of that. making its way across that area but really across the top of the peaks above 7000 feet. driving over the mountains doesn't look too bad although it will be very, very wet. so here is your storm system for today. bringing clouds wrapping around off the coastline. picking it up and putting itself together. it will start to slowly drag its way towards the coastline as we head into tomorrow. so we will notice those winds
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kicking off getting stronger and stronger throughout the day. and then i think by tomorrow afternoon they will be whipping pretty good as we head into latter part of the day. overnight tonight. computer models picking up on scattered showers. most of that just some light stuff on and off throughout the night tonight. it is interesting. a lot of the computer models on the west side are painting about an inch and a half in some of the wetter spots in the bay area. maybe 2. 5 inches might be more appropriate with a storm coming outs of the south. better part of the morning not too bad then here it comes, folks. this system just kind of rolling into the bay area bringing some heavy rainfall outside. temperatures fairly mild because of the origin of the storm system in the 50s and 60s. how about the next couple days. we will try to dry things out looks like by monday afternoon. scattered showers on monday morning. tuesday looks very nice right now. dry weather. by wednesday yet another storm system dives into the bay area to bring with it at least another chance of some rain. possibility of some lingering showers thursday and maybe even friday too but not much. then i think drying out saturday.
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but the next seven days i think tomorrow afternoon will be the biggest of all of them. >> wow. all right. lawrence, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. if you have been waiting to get a flu shot now may be the time. flu season is officially here. centers for disease control says reported cases of flu are up dramatically in some states. the cdc declared national week national flu vaccination week and everyone is encouraged to get vaccinated. the good news is that the virus strain seen so far match this year's vaccination. gary is in tonight for kim coyle and college bowl thing i have been asking him to fill in the details here. >> working on that now. picture will get much brighter for us here in just a few. >> okay. >> we are waiting for that. >> picture clearing up. stanford all over auburn. the auburn south carolina game. another civil war. that's in the books. did the beavers pull off the upset and knock the quack out
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of the ducks? a whole lot of sports coming up. stick around. ,,
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put rd's chances there may be a clearance sale on roses in palo alto. today auburn put an end to stanford's chances of going to the rose bowl. >> they line up to the right side. >> there she goes.
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dips. oh, my gosh. adams. touchdown on the hail mary. >> [ cheers and applause >> oh, my gosh. love that. auburn ending the half with the hail mary touchdown. 56-17 to win the championship. i'll take the beaver over a duck almost every. only time i won't is on the football team. all second ranked oregon had to do was win the civil war against oregon state and its national championship time. the ducks ran all over their state rivals. right there, michael james scored his second touchdown of the game. oregon ran for 346 yards and beat oregon state 37-20 to cap off a perfect 12-0 regular season. just went final in moscow. 26-23 in overtime. 1-12 for the spartans. >> derek jeter and yankees have agreed to a three-year, $51
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million deal with an option for a fourth that will keep jeeter in pinstripes through 2014. padres traded adrian gonzales to the red sox in exchange for three of boston's top prospectses. dallas hit over 30 home runs in each of the last four seasons but was in his final year of his contract and san diego wasn't going to be able to sign him to a long-term deal. lance burkeman. spent 12 seasons with the astro. a little afternoon hockey in montreal. game 2 of the sharks five-game road trip. first period sharks down 1-0. loose puck right there. tied it. his third goal in four games. but it wasn't enough. montreal scored once in each period. beats him right there on the put back for the dagger. the montreal canadiens win with
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a count 3-1. ames, iowa. iowa state. little basketball. first quarter. led the bears with 14 points, 10 rebounds. final minute in and out. cal up 3. scott christopherson gets open. tied it up at 69. gutierrez gets inside. hoop. foul. scores all nine of his points in the second half. cal gets the big road win. they beat iowa state 76-73. bears 5-0 this season but unfortunately this game was on the road. 7th ranked texas a&m too much for cal to handle. nobody stopping him. right through the lane. leads the aggies with 19 points. led the way that is. 10 rebounds for her as well. a&m wins 74-58. how about a little golf? tiger woods there sporting the goatee. tiger has got a little spring back in his step for good reason. check this out. approach on 7. that's pretty nice. he gets it within five feet. that left an easy tuck for his
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third straight bird. tiger fired a 68 and has a four-stroke lead over graeme mcdowell. bill belichick doesn't appear to be stressed out over his upcoming monday night game over the jets. he gave his players a day off then explained what they did. >> golf ball and badminton tournament. ate some watermelon. played cards. >> it was nice. yeah, yeah. then pony rides. and little canoeing. >> that's bill trying to be funny. >> first time i have ever seen the guy smile. rex ryan also very calm and cool. his team is very similar to the pats. both identical 9-2 records but the similarities don't end there according to him. >> i never reallyized how similar -- never realized how
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similar i am to tom brady. the physical thing. the fact that is he married to a supermodel. hello. yeah, i'm also married to a supermodel. i just happened to turn the page in style magazine page 329. okay. >> good to see that. coaches of course have a lot of fun and rex ryan i don't know if he can compare him but he is a go ahead looking man though. sure. >> oh, okay. >> yes. >> all right. >> he has got the supermodel wife as well. >> sense of humor. >> they are always so serious before those monday night games. >> no kidding. thank you. >> all right two peas in a pod. that's how nancy described her and her husband phillip garrido. we will have that for you in
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