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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  December 4, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. couple light showers but a strong storm headed our way. get ready for gusty winds and heavy rain. details coming up. a little girl shot answering the door. what police are learning about the attack. i think it looks healthy. probably just tired from the traveling. >> turned up again in the wrong place. the latest on the saga of the wandering sea lion. good evening i'm ann notarangelo. a bigger storm will be coming into the bay area. >> this system really on final approach now headed towards the bay area. going to watch those winds really ramping up in the next few hours here. still a couple scattered showers showing up around the bay area. light insures to the east bay. also shower continuing a little
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bit further to the south in towards the san jose hour. light scattered showers out there right now but things will be picking up and winds whipping heading into tomorrow morning. wind advisory up along the coastline from 2:00 p.m. until early monday morning. sustained winds. 25 to 35 miles per hour. gusts to 45. maybe higher out towards the beaches. this storm system just winding up off the coastline now. you can see it right here beginning to set itself up. it will move onshore just when and how much rain can we expect? we will talk about that in the forecast coming up. >> thank you. lost in the wet cold wilderness for more than a week. a bay area hiker has been found alive. a man and his son spotted debra collins off an unmarked trail in false creek state park in santa cruz this morning. based on a psychic's tip they went looking for her today at the park and found her about 2
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miles in. collins was suffering from hypothermia but was smiling when rescuers arrived. several rounds were fired around 10:30 p.m. last night along brighton street in hercules. don knapp on the police search for the shooter. >> reporter: it happened here in the 100 block of brighton street. a neat hercules neighborhood of modern homes and nicely landscaped yards. about 10:30 p.m. last night a 9-year-old girl answers a knock on the door and when she answers it she is shot in the neck and back. a gunman fires nine or ten more shots into the house. >> she was transported to children's hospital in oakland where she was in critical but stable condition. this morning she was upgraded to stable condition. >> reporter: no one else was struck. the suspect fled on foot. why would anyone shoot a 9-year- old girl? did someone actually target a
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child or family member? police will only say -- >> the information that we received, we are confident that this was a targeted event for this residents. >> reporter: it isn't the first time there have been incidents at this residents according to the police spokesman doreen matthews. >> please have been out there in the last several months on different types of calls. at this point the details on those calls i don't have. >> reporter: matthews says police have leads and are following them. >> hercules police did interview the family. they canvassed the neighborhood. they do have substantial leads they are working on and they are hoping to make an arrest. >> reporter: neighbors declined to speak with us on camera but one woman said she was saddened to learn a woman had been shot but relieved to learn she survived. a man told us he didn't know what to make of it. he just moved into the neighborhood to get his family
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away from the violence in oakland. in oakland, don knapp, cbs5. police are investigating a sexual assault at the cal train station in south san francisco. a woman said she was attacked thursday night by a man who approached her and then touched her inappropriately. when she struggled the suspect punched her in the face and took her purse and ran. the suspect is 18 years olds, 5'5". anyone with information is asked to call south san francisco police. a catastrophe for the second year in a row. once again salmon season canceled because there are so few fish. the salmon summit was held today to decide what to do next. >> reporter: all along california's coast and in its rivers the natural resource is drying up. in part because water is being diverted from the delta for use all over the state and over fishing. >> you lose salmon and recreational fishery in
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northern california is gone. >> reporter: these guys are fishermen who came to the standing room only in half moon bay where local congress members wanted to put pressure on the people in charge of our water and fisheries. >> i'm horrified and i think most californians will be horrified when they realize that the salmon as a species is about to be obliterated. >> reporter: there has been a 97% decrease in california's fall salmon run. that's led to a federal disaster declaration and the commercial fishing season has been closed for years. >> so when i say this is code blew i mean it. i think we are at a tipping point here and i thank you it is important to raise everyone's awareness. >> reporter: but the plan of action hasn't been drawn. >> we are not in the position right now to be able to make a final decision. >> reporter: the bureau of reclamations and department of water resources want to do more studies. in the meantime the political
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wrangling between the interests of california farmers and fishermen continues. >> there is so much money behind water. the old saying that whiskey is for drinking water is for fighting is so true. >> reporter: in half moon bay, cbs5. salt ponds along san francisco bay used for industrial purposes are being restored to wetlands. this one along the dunbar bridge was completed earlier this year and on monday another one will be opened as well. the federal res ration project began in 2003 to convert salt ponds into tidal marshes for the birds, fish and other wildlife. in san francisco, a vigil tonight at the old mission basilica for a city college student facing deportation. steve lee was supposed to be deported to peru last month. but it has been put off. lee's family originally immigrated from china and has
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been granted political asylum. trying to cover an evidence mixup last year. the d.n.a. lab director destroyed records that documented the mistake. the lab director is no longer with the department. and it is no deal in google's attempt to buy groupon. the online coupon site. the $6 billion offer would have been the biggest web deal in history. a published report says groupon has decided to stay independent and may pursue an initial public offering of stock. an unusual rescue in east bay. a sea lion waddled onto a school yard. it is miles from water. sheriffs helped corner the 170- pound sea lion at school then
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the marine mammal center caught her. she will be taken back to the center for a medical checkup. >> i think it looks healthy, just probably tired from the traveling from however far away from water to this point here. >> we find them up by sacramento and throughout the delta. it is not unusual. >> okay, but this sea lion has been rescued three times now. in may volunteers saved the sea lion in santa cruz county. same thing happened just two months later. she suffered from toxic algae poisoning in the past. that may be why she strands herself. the final salute to a bay area soldier killed in afghanistan. the tug of water over tax cuts. what lawmakers did and didn't do today on capitol hill. ,,,,,,,,
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[ bell rings ] what are you doing, friending somebody? yeah. you got time for that? you got time to earn more on your savings, online at that's new school banking, baby! instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? "nats taps" the funeral for 19-year-old san jose marine killed the day before thanksgiving was laid to rest today. the funeral for 19-year-old lance corporal oswell was
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helped this morning. the decorated combat engineer was killed during his first combat deemployment less than two months after arriving in afghanistan. no word on how he died. and another bay area soldier died this week in afghanistan. 26-year-old sergeant matt o'body from piedmont was killed in action thursday. he grew up in piedmont with his father and stepmother and went to school there. he was married and had a 2-year- old son. on capitol hill senators dug in their heels over tax cuts. republicans rejected two proposals to extend them for the upper class. . >> reporter: they say now isn't the time to raise anyone taxes. >> people are struggling. there is a role for the government. but this is not the time for
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our government to raise taxes on anybody. >> reporter: if congress can't compromise taxes will increase for all americans on the 1st. >> it would cost an additional billions of dollars. >> the nays are 36. >> reporter: senators voted twice saturday. the fist proposal was to extend tax cuts for individuals making under $200,000 a year and married couples making less than 250,000. the other would have allowed taxes to rise for americans making more than $1 million a year. republicans struck down both proposals. they failed by seven votes. >> today's votes were an affront to the millions of americans that are struggling to find work and a clear signals democrats in congress still haven't gotten the message of the november election. >> reporter: president obama says he is ready to cut a deal with republicans. agreement will likely extend tax cuts to all levels but also
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include some democratic priorities such as renewing jobless benefits for the long- term unemployed that just expired. >> we need to get this resolved. >> reporter: the president says he is confident a deal can be reached by the end of the year. terrell brown, cbc news. >> extending the tax cuts would increase the deficit too much but also in favor of extending unemployment benefits. >> if we don't renew unemployment benefits that's $1200 a month. a month that many of people are not going to see. so we have got to weigh what's critical. and then move forward that way. >> spears says if the senate does not reach a compromise agreement the tax cuts would then expire without any group getting an extension of tax cuts. bikeers, big balloons and bands spreading holiday cheer in the east bay today. street near lake merritt. even >> the oakland holiday parade this afternoon traveled from
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11th and broadway to harrison street near lake merit. even under grey skies thousands of parade goers gathered to watch the annual festival celebration. this is the 11th year of the oakland holiday parade. >> holiday cheer of another sort. more than 1000 santas gathered at san francisco's civic center today to start their annual santacon pub crawl. water holes all over the town to imbide in the spirit of christmas. among their rules pay with cash, tip well and walk or take public transportation. >> looks like he has already had a little too much there. lawrence, we have got a storm heading our way. >> looks like it could be pretty fun around the bay area. hit and miss. a lot of clouds. really not a whole lot in the way of rain but that will change as we head into tomorrow afternoon. clouds will roar onshore and winds whipping up with the rain all around the bay area.
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outside right now kind of quiet out there. winds fairly calm in most spots. so they will sort of see gusts showing up out towards the coastline. more on the way. still some showers showing up. you bet. we have got a couple light showers out there right now. we had some activity earlier in towards livermore area. still seeing a couple of light showers in that direction. can see some of the showers there. south bay beginning to pick up moisture now as things beginning to move just a bit. showers moving into parts of san jose, morgan hill. santa cruz mountains as well. north bay? they have got scattered light showers in that direction too. not too heavy just yet. but that is all about to change as the storm system really makes its final approach towards the bay area. so, what can we expect? we will see strong gusty winds sustained around 25 to 35 miles per hour. out near the coastline gusting to 45. maybe even higher than that across some of the mountain tops. rain will be heavy at times. especially as we look toward tomorrow afternoon. that's when it will really get going and probably right in
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through tomorrow evening, tomorrow night. snow going to be running very high at about 7000 feet with the storm system. subtropical in nature. the snow level will be running very high. temperatures a little too warm. still could see upwards of a couple feet. maybe three or four across some of the higher peeks. temperature fairly mild mainly in the 50s right now. i think around the bay area tomorrow not a really cold day. temperatures staying fairly warm. likewise around the state. you've got 50s, 60s around the central valley. right on the mountain tops above you you'll see lots of snow up there and more snow continuing on monday with that snow level lowering somewhat by tuesday if you want to get up there, sneak up there to do skiing that looks like the day to do. seeing a lot of clouds running up ahead of the system sliding in through the bay area. main event off the coast. this will be pushing onshore as we head in toward late tomorrow afternoon. so the rain and wind will be ramping up throughout the morning hours tomorrow. and by the afternoon the thing should really get going. so with that in mind let's check out our computer models throughout the night. scattered showers being picked up by the models. that's true as we will head on
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through the night tonight. doesn't look like a washout tomorrow morning. not bad at all. we will notice the winds kicking in before the rain starts. noon time hour rains begin to fall quite a bit as we look towards the afternoon that's when it will get pretty heavy at times outside. very heavy as we head into the evening hours. probably will continue well into tomorrow night. temperatures expected to be in the 50s and few 60s. so not a cold day but definitely a wet and windy one outside. looks like the next few days showers will taper off. monday sunshine sneaking in by the afternoon. tuesday dry. could see showers moving in the middle of this next week continuing into thursday and possibly leftover shower on friday but this one coming in tomorrow probably the strongest storm over the next seven days. >> all righty. thank you very much, lawrence. gary is in for kim coyle tonight. all about football. it is. big college football today. say good-bye to the regular season. time to go bowling and no game bigger than the civil war.
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i'm still confused by the whole bcs thing. >> that's the numbers thing. >> gary will try to decide for us. >> we are messedded up with that. i know one team that had an eye on what what was going on. >> stanford. >> they had an outside shot believe it or not at the rose bowl. they needed an auburn loss. auburn is tough and they have lady luck on their side though.
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>> they line up to the right side. >> there she goes. russell tips. oh, my gosh. adams. touchdown on the hail mary. [ cheers and applause >> love that call. love that catch. tigers win the sec championship. i'll take the beaver over the duck almost every time. only time i won't is when they are on the football field. all second ranked oregon had to do was win the civil war against oregon state and it is national championship time. they ran all their rivals. second touchdown of the game right there. oregon ran for 346 yards and beat oregon state. a perfect 12-0 regular season. here is a guess at how the bcs bowls will look when they are announced tomorrow. you can see those right there.
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stanford taking on big 12 champs oklahoma in the fiesta bowl but they could play virginia tech in the orange bowl. season finale for lane kiffin and usc. trojans band from post season play the next two years. they took on bruins. 7-7 after one. trojans score the next 21 points. need to jump in there and help him. running for over 200 yards. 73 of them coming on that touchdown. usc beat ucla. 28-14 finishing the year 8-5. bruins winds up a disappointing 4-8. what do you have to stay about that? >> bummer. >> that's right. another 300yard game. san jose stop drops its season finale to idaho. spartans finish the year with one victory at 1-12. a little baseball news now to warm you up. derek jeter isn't going anywhere reportedly agreeing to
11:24 pm
a deal to stay in the bronx. padres traded gonzalez. was in the final year of his contract. san diego wasn't going to be able to sign him to any long- term deal. third round of the chevron world challenge. tiger with spring back in his step. for good reason. check out the approach on number 7. he gets it to within 5 feet. left an easy putt for his third straight birdie. fired a 68 to go with his first rounds and second round has a four streak lead over graeme mcdowell. game two of the sharks five-game road trip against montreal canadiens. sharks down 1-0 first period. comes up with a loose puck and tied it. third goal for him in three games. wasn't enough. montreal scored once in each period. the montreal canadiens win the game 3-1. college hoop time. cal on the road in ames, iowa.
11:25 pm
first half great back door cut. leading the bears with 14 points and 10 rebounds. final minute. cal up three. scott christopherson gets open and knocks down his second three of the game. ties it. next possession. gutierrez gets it inside. hoop. foul. scores all nine of his points in the 2nd half. cal beat iowa state 76-73. bears 5-0 this season. unfortunately though today they were on the road. 7th ranked texas a&m too much for cal to handle. danielle adams with the easy layup. she led the aggies with 19 points and 10 rebounds. a&m victory 74-58. we still have a little bit of gas left in the tank here. more sports on the way after the break. and what do rex ryan and tom brady have in common? rex thinks they have a lot in common. stick around and find out. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ,,,,,,,,,,
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with the jets... he gave his players a day off, and then explained what bill belichick doesn't appear to be stressed out over his upcoming monday night game with the jets. he gave his players the day off then explained what they did. >> golf. badminuteton tournament. ate some watermelon.
11:29 pm
played cards. it was nice. >> pony rides. canoeing. >> coach not comedian. rex ryan also very calm and cool. his team is very similar to the pats. identical records of 9-2 but the similarities don't end there aaccording to him. >> i never reallyized how similar i am to tom brady. the obvious physical appearance would be the first thing. okay. the fact that he is married to a supermodel. hello. yes, i'm also married to a supermodel. i just happen to turn the page in style magazine page 329. okay. >> so maybe his wife looks like giselle but he does not look like tom brady. >> quite the comedian though. >> he is a funny guy. he is. big day. raiders at the chargers. 5th quarter right after the
11:30 pm
game. kim coyle is down there. >> meaning we could win. lawrence saying these are tough games. >> yes. anything can happen so keep your fingers crossed raiders fans. >> it will be a tough one. >> it will be good. >> it is sports. anything can happen. >> all right. we will be right back. finally spectacles around the world...,,
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in rio about 100,000 people turn out to watch the fireworks and lighting of the world's largest floating christmas tree. the 279-foot metal structures sits in a lagoon in the middle of the city. 1996. now rio's third largest tourist attraction after carnival and new year's eve on the beach. this from paris. a 33-foot 4-ton christmas tree made entirely of dark chocolate. yummy. >> it took more than a month to construct. the tree will soon be surrounded by santa and his reindeer all made of chocolate. you can break off a piece and eat it if you make a charitable donation. >> really? >> yes, head over there to paris. >> you can eat the tree. >> good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ,,
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