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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  December 5, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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the east bay injures one near a bart station. police are talking to three people about rain and winds pounding the bay area and a cold front still isn't here. how much more we can expect. a shooting in the east bay injures one near a police station. the santa day holiday parade is in jeopardy of going away forever. the problem it faces, and how you can help save it. . and this is just the beginning. don't be fooled by good evening. rain and wind hitting the bay area right now, and this is just the beginning. don't be fooled by the brief break coming. get ready for a wet and wild night. lawrence is tracking the storm. >> very interesting, ann. lot of moisture moving in the bay area right now, really being pulled up out ahead of the system. pretty impressive totals already, getting closer to an
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inch. 0.79 in mill vel. how about oak cland, 0.91. latest doppler radar shows plenty of yellow and orange showing up. those are heavy amounts of rainfall through the bay area. if you were driving around anywhere today, kind of a white knuckle ride out there. heavy rain continuing, danville, pleasantton. we're starting to see a little break in spots. not much so towards walnut creek and concord. behind that, oakland and alameda, scattered light showers. scattered showers towards the south bay, san jose and east. there's still more to come in parts of the north bay. we're going to catch a brief break, but the main cold front is just about to come onshore. more details, coming up in a few minutes. ann, back to you. >> lawrence, thank you. a shooting in the east bay sent one person to the hospital and three others were taken into custody and there's still confusion over exactly what happened. the shots were fired either at the san diego bar station or
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somewhere in the area around 1:30 this afternoon. bart police say the victim was shot in the leg and he was taken to the hospital. police arrested three people running from the scene. police used a stun gun on one of them. authorities are trying to pinpoint where the shooting happened. >> we checked the entire bart station. we can't determine where it actually occurred. we're checking the immediate areas around. we recovered what we believe is evidence involved. and that's all i can tell you right now. >> police say they released two of the three people arrested. no word yet on a motive for the shooting. well, a hiker who survived about a week stranded in the bay area wilderness is in stable condition tonight. firefighters rescued debra collins at ball creek state park in the santa cruz mountains yesterday. collins had an ankle injury and survived temperatures that dipped into the 30s, with no food and only water from a nearby creek. a man and his son went looking for her at the creek, based on a psychic's tip his wife told him about. >> this morning he wanted to go
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hiking. i said take one of our boys. he needs to get out. they are getting stir crazy in this weather. go to the creek, maybe you'll find the lady. and they found her! >> yes, they did. they spotted collins 2 miles suffering from hypothermia. collins' friends say she's okay except for frostbite and the ankle injury. collins will remain in the hospital overnight. donations have poured in, now three months after the san bruno disaster. the question, how should the money be spent? the city has collected about $380,000 in donations for victims of september's pipeline explosion. the red cross raised another million. in addition to compensating those affected by the blast, the city council might use donations for a memorial for the eight lives lost or a beautification project. some survivors wanted money distributed in time for christmas, but the city says it will decide after the holidays. a water main break in san
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francisco left a block of homes without water. it happened on the 2800 block of octave. a 6-inch pipe broke. neighbors on the block, still without water right now. workers are trying to figure out what caused the break. there was no construction going on in the area. well, a sick sea lion found wandering the streets yesterday was rescued near a school yesterday, taken to the marine mammal center. she suffers from acid poisoning, an illness affecting animals that feed on fish that have eaten toxic algae. spokesmen for the center say the sea lion is eating and moving in her pen, a good sign. until a fullwork up is done, they can't tell exactly how sick she is. the same sea lion has been rescued two other times. it's one of the most popular holiday parades in the
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bay area, but san jose's budget problems could end the city's celebration. anne mackovic was at what could be the last san jose christmas parade. n]♪ >> this parade is one of the most awesome parades in the world. >> reporter: but today's trip through downtown san jose could have been its last. you know things are bad when even santa is talking budget. >> they are looking for some sponsors. unfortunately, the city, you know, financials, but i'll be here! >> reporter: the city has laid off most of the parade planners, because it's out of cash, much to the dismay of south bay families coming here for 29 years. >> and we're out here, like, 6:00 a.m. my husband was up at 5:00 to get seats. >> i like all of it really. >> it's nice being back in san jose, nice seeing all the kids and some of them really grow over the years. >> it's a family tradition. >> reporter: it's not just the parade in danger. it's also the nearby christmas in the park event.
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organizers figure they need about $200,000 for each event to continue next year. >> we invite you to come down. >> reporter: in fact, if everyone who attends does give a buck therks will have more than enough cash. there's talk of holding a much smaller event next year. >> there's always opportunities. got to be on the positive side with christmas and holidays. this is a gift of joy and love. >> reporter: one that will hopefully be enjoyed next year, too. >> it's so fun! it just feels like christmas! >> merry christmas! >> reporter: in san jose, anne mackovic, cbs 5. >> if you want to donate to help keep the parade alive, we have a link for you on our website, click on links and numbers. well, the governor says it's going to be ugly. up next, the talk about what could happen tomorrow when lawmakers begin dealing with the state budget deficit. and the extraordinary gift of the art. the five celebrities being
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celebrated tonight, when kennedy center honors. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a day before the state legislature's special session begins, an ominous warning, ugly cuts are coming. that word from governor schwarzenegger's spokesman. tomorrow, lawmakers will get down to business, with a budget, trying to agree on a way to close the $6 billion deficit. this morning on cbs 5 early edition, assembly woman talked about the governor's plan. >> we probably know what his cuts are going to be and he's already foretold they are going to be drastic, ugly, nasty cuts. i think for us, we want to see what our next governor is going to do. he is going to be there for the next four years. we want to see what his plan is short-term and long-term and work with him. >> governor-elect jerry brown will take over for governor schwarzenegger in about a month. the clock is ticking on tax cuts, and unemployment benefits extensions. both of which expire at the end
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of this month. as terrell brown reports, leaders of both parties are optimistic they will reach a compromise before the end of the legislative session. >> reporter: the republican leader in the senate has offered reassurances a deal will be reached to extend bush era tax cuts for americans at every income level. >> i think it's pretty clear taxes are not going up on anybody in the middle of this recession. we're discussing how long we should maintain current tax rates. >> reporter: the cuts expire at the end of the year. president obama insists the legislation must also include an extension of unemployment benefits. his administration estimates that 7 million americans could lose their benefits in the next year. >> i could tell you that without unemployment benefits being extended, personally, this is a nonstarter. >> reporter: republicans say they are open to ensuring the benefits will continue, even if they don't get the cuts they want in other parts of the federal budget. >> i think that most folks believe that the recipe would include at least an extension of unemployment benefits for those who are unemployed and an
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extension of all of the tax rates for all americans for some period of time. >> the yeas are 53, nays are 36. >> reporter: saturday, senate republicans blocked legislation backed by democrats that would have allowed taxes to rise for americans in upper income brackets. senator john kerry called republicans reckless. >> the republicans have been willing to hold unemployment insurance hostage to this bonus tax cut. >> reporter: negotiations continue between both parties and the white house. terrell brown, cbs news. celebrities credit the white house today, as president obama honored a handful of them. five people were chosen to receive this year's kennedy center honors. oprah winfrey, paul mccartney, bill jones, merle haggard and broadway composer jerry herman. the president said the recipients have given the nation the extraordinary gift of arts and have an amazing ability to bring people together. don't like the idea of buying a
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cut christ 's just well, next, how much more it's costing to fill up your tank. and how about renting a christmas tree this year and returning it to the earth? rain and wind, whipping around the bay area today. still much more to come. we'll talk about that, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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highest price, at $3.19. the cheapest, fresno at $3.09. christmas trees that are environmentally friendly, but don't require a lifetime commitment are now available for rent in san francisco. for $80, you can rent a potted living tree to serve as your christmas tree. as you may notice, they are not traditional evergreens, but have been selected because they will thrive in the city. when the holidays are over, the friends of the urban forest will plant them on city streets. >> love this program. it's really, really fun. i think if anybody wants to be involved in urban forest projects, but can't plant a tree in front of their own house for any reason, it's a really great way to support tree planting in the city. >> to find out more about the tree rental program, go to click on links and numbers. lawrence is back, because there's this storm that's barreling through the area. >> that was an interesting ride coming in to work today. it was a really white knuckle ride. lot of ponding on the roadways.
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got to be careful. >> lot of solo accidents, people driving too fast. >> got to be careful. we're really getting into it now. we may catch a little break, but things will be wet and wild throughout the evening. lot of clouds around the bay area right now. rain continues to fall in many spots at this hour will continue to do so, maybe a slight break. it's going to pick up, and i'll show you why in a minute. meantime, high-def doppler picking up on the rain, moving eastward now, heading inland. as it moves that way, catching a break. still light scattered showers toward pleasantton, taking a break. still plenty more to come, as the system is moving eastward. concord, still seeing showers. heavier amounts of rain toward antioch and the south bay has seen plenty of rain and scattered rain showers continuing into san jose and the north bay not being left out. we've got plenty of rain in that direction, too. pretty good rain making their
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way to the napa valley, but we are going to catch a brief break. there's still scattered showers that are going to move on, but more rain is expected to move on throughout the night tonight as the front is really still off the coastline. you can see a lot of moisture moving up ahead of it, but behind it, this is where the cold front's at. we're seeing gusty winds to 35 miles per hour along the coastline today. wind advisories continuing, especially up toward the coast throughout the night tonight, in toward tomorrow morning. temperatures rather mild. this is, again, a system that's tapped in some tropical moisture. not all that cold and not getting cold overnight. that means snow levels running very high. tahoe area, looking at more snow. central valley, 50s and 60s, but, yeah, that snow level is running up into the higher peaks, starting out about 7000 feet. more snow for them. looks like a dry day on tuesday. another storm is headed toward the sierra nevada, likely to bring more snow. storm system barreling in toward the bay area right now. it is going to bring with it more rain and wind throughout
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the evening hours. then i think towards midnight, things begin to taper off a bit. still, a very stormy night all around the bay area, where we see plenty of clouds in the system moving onshore with strong, gusty winds. taking you through the evening hours, rain headed eastward, a brief break. here comes the next band moving onshore. after midnight, scattered showers. commute tomorrow will be a little wet. scattered showers around the bay area, on and off. as we head toward the afternoon hours tomorrow, things taper off, probably sneaking in a little sunshine by tomorrow afternoon, too. temperatures, not all that bad. 50s and 60s for highs tomorrow. tomorrow, not a washout, although it will start off pretty wet. as we head toward the afternoon, we'll sneak in a little sunshine. then we dry things out at least for a day, more sunshine on the way towards tuesday. another storm system dives in the bay area, middle of the week. chance of leftover showers, slight chance into friday. next weekend, pretty good. more sunshine returns. but for tonight, traveling around the bay area, be very, very careful.
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it's very slick. >> thank you. this is a sure fire attention grabber. a stadium implosion, take a look, the west grand stand at texas christian university in fort worth, texas was imploded this morning. there it goes. the upper deck collapsed like a loaf of bread falling in slices, one after another. the grand stand was demolished as part of a $105 million renovation. the project will be completed in 2012. probably won't cover it like we just covered the implosion. that's fun to watch. fair assessment to say one of our teams is imploding? >> the niners are! however, they play in the worst division, one of the worst divisions in football history. in fact, the niners were hoping they would win today tied for first place in the nfc west. and the raiders, they have to dot impossible to keep their playoff hopes alive. that would be to beat san diego on home turf, next.
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raiders were given virtually no chance to beat the chargers in san diego, where they had lost seven straight. meanwhile, chargers had won 18 straight games in the month of december. philip rivers and the chargers lost in oakland in october, but two huge turnovers cost san diego early. after a fumbled punt, campbell on a naked bootleg walked into the end zone. 7-0 raiders off the first turnover. then, after a philip rivers interception, campbell to ford
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for another touchdown. that's 14 points off turnovers early. 14-3 raiders. in the second quarter, campbell hits the safety, dell reece. reece turns it into a big play, hurdling over a defender. michael bush would later score to make it 21-3. rivers came into the game leading the nfl in passing, but the raiders blocked the pressure all afternoon. houston gets one of 4 raiders sacks and held them to another field goal. chargers lone touchdown midway through the fourth quarter. gates makes it 21-13. darren mcfadden put the game away on a 7-yard touchdown run. mcfadden had 97 yards rushing. bush had 95 rushing, as the raiders ran for 251 to beat the chargers in san diego for the first time since 2002, 28-13, the final. >> got four games to go, so every game counts. all the games are very important to us. we've got to play with that energy, same tempo and focus. >> the way we all see it, our
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playoffs started actually about two weeks ago. every game from here on out is a playoff. if we don't win these, we won't earn the right to play in january. kansas city beat denver 10- 6, so the raiders remain 2 games behind the chiefs in the afc west. raiders play the jaguars next sunday in jacksonville. today's game in green bay really wasn't a must-win for the 4-7 49ers. the fox announcing team had to be colder than the 49ers. smith gets sacked on back-to- back plays, settling for one of jeff reed's three field goals. 6-0 niners in the second when the explosive packer offense finally gets on the board. aaron rodgers airs it out to jennings for the 57-yard touchdown. the two would hook up again. this one gave green bay the 7-6 lead. end of the half, now packers up 14-6 when the niners connect on a big play of their own.
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tory smith hits davis for a 66- yard touchdown. it's the niners' longest play from scrimmage this season and he's telling anybody who would listen. just give me the football! green bay led 14-13 at the half. third quarter, rodgers finds a wide open driver, who makes the niner defense look -- wait till mike singletary looks at that one on film. rodgers throws for 298 yards and 3 touchdowns. packers win 34-16, dropping san francisco to 4-8. >> just a matter of really looking at the film and trying to figure out what the heck happened. >> we lose control of these games that we play with all these guys. people say they are way better than us and we can't compete, but we do compete with them. we put points on the board, hang in there and it just comes down to the last minute. we got to finish and that's one thing we ain't been doing. we'll look at the film and see
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expeas what happened and go from there. as they lost, 49ers guaranteed to another non- -winning season. both the rams and seahawks winning, niners fall two games back in the west. final four games are against division opponents, starting with seattle next sunday. for the first time in school history, stanford is heading to a bcs bowl. cardinals will face virginia tech in the orange bowl on january 3. tiger woods entered the day with a 4-stroke lead at the chevron challenge, but u.s. open champion graeme mcdowell forced the playoff with a 20- foot birdie putt on the final hole of regulation. on the first playoff hole, tiger needed this putt to extend the tournament. >> no! no! >> mcdowell denies woods his first win of the 2010 season with a dramatic come-from- behind victory. snow overnight forced the ncaa women's soccer championship, stanford scoreless with notre dame,
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second half. notre dame denies stanford yet again, snapping their 22-game winning streak. that's okay. stanford football team headed to a major bowl on january 3. that will be a lot of fun. >> that is good. thank you. the controversy heads back to court. the legal arguments are expected tomorrow when a federal appeals panel hears from supporters and opponents of gay marriage in california. we'll have that story and more for you in 30 minutes. and and that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30. we'll see you back in half an hour and then at 10:00 and 11:00. until then, find news updates and weather on good night.
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