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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  December 5, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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up. you know, like a makeover. save up to 15% when you combine your auto with home or renter's policy. get a fast free quote at to get a whole lot worse. heavy downpours and strong, good evening i'm ann notarangelo it may be wet where
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you live, but it will get worst. heavy winds and strong gust -- heavy rain and strong gusty rains will be hitting. let's get the latest on the track from lawrence karnow in the weather center. hi, lawrence. >> reporter: it's interesting the main cold front has not gotten here. we had a lot of wind and a lot of rain, especially to the coastline. now we are catching a break. more showers are showing up towards san jose. pockets of modern amounts of rain. toward morgan hill a nice band of moisture along the peninsula. that's the sign of the next cold front, one bringing heavy rain fall throughout the bay area tonight. more rain on the way sitting off the coastline. scattered showers continuing into the east bay. this is the break, folks. we are not getting much of one. it was raining heavily around the bay area this afternoon. off the coastline, look at the yellow. it's showing up here. some places picking up to 1
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inch of rain. there's plenty more to come. by the time we are said and done, 2-3 inches of rain. we have had gusts of 45 to 47 miles per hour. ann, back to you. >> great, lawrence. thank you. a hiker who survived a week after hiking in the mountains is in okay today. she was found near fall creek. don knapp shows us the rescue. >> reporter: she was left stranded for six days until a twist of fate prompted two hikers who had already decided to turn back to make a last minute decision to check out an unmarked trail. they found collins beneath the tree. good news for the friends and family searching for the 58- year-old triathlete who regularly runs in the state
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park. >> to the person who found her, he thought he would hike her because it may do good. he came from the other direction. >> reporter: collins was wearing four layers of clothe when is she went running on november 28 november 28th. after she fell she survived six nights with no food and just the water she could scoop from a nearby creek with a plastic bag. search efforts from sheriff's deputies and others around her home came up empty. saturday morning, honna degora had a hunch. >> my friend has a psychic friend and her friend says i don't see any violence involved, and i see her in fall creek leaning against a tree. >> reporter: a little psychic guidance and weather giving folks cabin fever led to the rescue. >> he wanted to go to hiking and i said take one of the boys. go to fall creek, and maybe you will find the lady. >> reporter: they just kept
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hiking? >> they found her. >> reporter: collins is being treated for frostbite and exhaustion. she should be released from the hospital today. don knapp, cbs5. one person was shot and another was tazed. one person was wounded in the leg around 1:30 this afternoon. when the officers respond, they used their tasers on another person. two others ran from the scene. investigators are trying to determine if the shots were fired inside or near the bar station. >> we cannot determine where it occurred. we are checking the immediate areas around, and we recover what we believe is evidence involved and that's all i can say right now. >> police arrested two of the three people arrested and no word on anything else in the shooting. tomorrow the federal appeals panel will hear prop 8.
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opponents rallied on the eve of the hearing. >> reporter: they stood in the rain to make their point. as gay and lesbian couples, they have the right to marry, and they are hoping junes in the appeals court tomorrow -- the judges in the appeals court tomorrow will agree. >> proposition 8 hurts real people, real families, and real same sex couples who want the ability to marry. >> reporter: it's been ruled prop 8 is unfair and unconstitutional but it's argued that restricting marriage to heterosexual marriage gives values. >> the decision of the people of california is a legitimate and constitutional act. >> reporter: stewart and john were among hundreds of couples
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who legally married in 2008 before prop 8 passed. attorneys will argue that all gay and lesbian couples are being singled out from exclusion of marriage. >> california should not have marriage haves and have notes. that's what will be heard in the courtroom on monday morning. >> reporter: in the first hour of the hearing, judges will hear the arguments on whether the prop 8 sponsors have a right to appeal. and then the attorneys will argue the constitutionality of proposition 8. >> reporter: the three judges will issue a written opinion after the hearing. no decision will be known tomorrow. there's two possible scenarios. whichever side loses, they can choose to appeal again to a full ninth district court of appeals and eventually on to the supreme court. neither court is obligated to take up the issue. >> any long how long the hearing could last? >> it could take up to two hours. the first on issue and then the second on the
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constitutionality. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. the registered sex offenders accused of sexually assaulting a 2-year-old girl is due back in court tomorrow. 36-year-old eugene romos is being held without bail. she wandered away from her grandmother and aunt when he attacked her. neighbors on one san francisco block are without water tonight after a water main broke this morning. it happened on the 2800 block of octavia in the cal filbert neighborhood. a 6-inch pipe broke. a sick sea lion found wandering the streets yesterday is doing better tonight. the female sea lion was rescued here a schoolyard yesterday and take tonight marine mammal center. she is suffering from demoic acid posioning. it's an illness animals get
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when they have fed on fish filled with toxic algae. more pain ahead in the form of state budget cuts. what the governor says to prepare for tomorrow. this is one of the most awesome in the world. >> it may be the last bang for the san jose parade. why it may be ending for good. ,,,,,,
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cuts. the day before the state legislature's special session begins a warning, brace for ugly cuts. that word from governor schwarzenegger's spokesman. tomorrow the lawmakers will try to agree on a way to close the $6 billion deficit. it's the governor's last attempt to balance the budget before jerry brown takes over in a month. as usual, a big crowd turned out for san jose's holiday parade but the budget problems could end the celebration. anne makover on what could be the last parade. >> this is one of the most
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awesome parades in the world. >> reporter: but today's trip through downtown san jose could have been the last. you know things are bad when santa is talking budget. >> they are looking for sponsors, unfortunately the city has financial problems. i will be here. >> reporter: the city has laid off most of the parade planners because it's out of cash, much to the dismay of the south bay families coming here for 29 years. >> we are here at 6:00 a.m. my husband was up another 5:00 a.m. to get his seats. >> i like all of it. >> it's nice being back in san jose and seeing all of the kids and some of them really grow over the years. >> it's a family tradition. >> reporter: it's not just the parade in danger, it's chris -- christmas in the park events. they need $200,000 for each event next year. if everyone who attends gives 1 dollar, they will have more than enough cash. there's also talk of a smaller scale event next year. >> there's always
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opportunities. you have to bonn -- to be on the positive side. this is a gift of joy and love to the people. >> reporter: one that will hopefully be enjoyed next year, too. >> it's so fun. well, i just guess i feel like it's christmas. >> merry christmas! >> reporter: in san jose, anne makovec, cbs5. >> we have a link on our website and click on links and numbers. nontraditional christmas trees that are environmentally friendly are available for rent in san francisco. for $80 you can rent potted living trees for your christmas tree. they are not the usual evergreen but they will thrive in the city. when the holidays are over, the friends of the urban forest will plant them on the city streets. more wet weather rolling in lawrence with the forecast just ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what we are watching is pretty interesting to see what parts they got right and what parts they got wrong i think they got every single t-shirt with the mark zuckerburg character right. i think they own the t-shirts. >> mark zuckerberg talking about the movie "social network" and his portrayal of him. he talks on 60 minutes about what they got wrong. that's after this newscast. you don't have to wait to hear lawrence and the forecast, which includes more rain. >> reporter: we have had quite
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a bit of rain around the bay area, but things are getting going now, folks, the main cold front is making its way on shore. the rain will continue off and on for awhile. outside now, clouds and rain continuing to fall over the city of san francisco. more of that will be picking up. you're looking at moderate to heavy rain fall. wind advisories on the coastline. gusts as high as 47 miles an hour. expect that to continue over the next few hours. midnight, things are tapering off a bit. you get the idea. the storm system is moving on shore. here it comes. the rain with it, and the pockets of moderate to heavy rain fall in the san jose area. it's shifting eastward. we are seeing more rain to morgan hill. heavier amounts in the mountains. towards the coastline, we are seeing the front making its way onshore. you can see the white swath of green and yellow. you can see it moving on shore.
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it's coming to the bay area in the next few hours. pockets of rain fall to peamont. walnut creek with showers this hour. the bay with heavier amounts of rain fall along the coastline. quiet in santa rose. give it 10 minutes, and you will see the rain coming down hard outside. today was an interesting day. we had the cold front approaching the coastline. the main cold front, sitting right here, and it's now pushing onshore. it will keep things going tonight. because it came from the south, the temperatures are not that cold. fairly mild for the tomorrow system with numbers in the 50s around the bay area. you will not get much colder tomorrow night. if you travel around the state tomorrow, be careful. the high country will see snow. the snow level starting out at 7,000 feet. it will drop overnight tonight. tuesday, the best day to get up there with partly cloudy skies. another storm expected by
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wednesday. spinning off the coastline, finally making its way onshore. you have the heavy rain and a stormy night on tap for the bay area through midnight. after that, things settle down a bit. the computer models with things and how they are working out tonight. the next band coming through, and then after midnight, things are more widespread into tomorrow morning. not a dry commute tomorrow morning, but not a complete washout either. scattered showers around the bay area. tomorrow afternoon, i would not be surprised to see the sunny breaks, and temperatures not that bad. 50s and 60s for the high tomorrow afternoon, and we look to the next few days. we will try to dry it out into tuesday, and then another storm barreling into the bay area come wednesday. showers left over on wednesday. into thursday a few more rain drops are possible. to the weekend, more sunshine. here's dennis o'donnell with sports. the bowel game is -- the
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get high-speed internet from at&t for only $14.95 a month. they'd lost 7 straight...meanwhi le, the chargers the raiders were given virtually no chance to beat the chargers in san diego. the chargers won 18 straight games in december.
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two huge turnovers cost them early. jason campbell walking into the end zone. 7-0, raiders off the first turnover. after the philip rivers' interception, to ford for another touchdown. that's 14 points early off two turnovers. 14-3, raiders in the 2nd quarter. campbell with the safety valve. reiss turns it into a big play. bush would later store. 21-3, raiders. raiders came into the game leading the nfl in passing. lamar houston with one of hour raid -- four raiders' sacks. rivers to antonio gates. darren mcfaden put it away on the touchdown run. bush had 95 in the game, and the raiders ran for 251 yards to beat san diego for the first time since 2002, 28-13 is the
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final. >> we are still in the fight, and we still have four games to go. every game counts, and all games have been reported to us. we have to play with the energy and the same tempo and focus week in and week out. >> our playoffs started two weeks ago. every game from here on out is a playoff. if we don't win these, we won't earn the right to play in january. >> kansas city beat denver, 10- 6. the raiders are two games behind the chiefs in the afc west. the raiders will play the afc east leading jaguars next sunday. the nfc west is so bad, today's game in green bay was not a must win for the 4-7 49ersers who have three division games remaining. 1st quarter, the 9ers are up 3- 0. smith is sacked on back-to- back plays. they have to settle for one of jeffrey's three field goals. in 2nd, the explosive packer offense is on the board.
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aaron rogers out to jennings for the 57-yard touchdown. the two would hook up again, and this one gave green bay the 7-6 lead. the packers up 14-6. troy smith to vernon davis, 66-yard touchdown. that's the longest play for a scrimmage this season. he said give me the football, give me the football. read his lips. the wide open driver here making the 9er defense look like the keystone cop on the way to the end zone for the 61- yard touchdown. wait until mike singletary sees the film on that one. the packers win 34-16, dropping san francisco to 4-8. >> it's just a matter of looking at the film to figure out what happened. >> we lose control of the games where people say they are way better than us, and we cannot
6:55 pm
compete with them, but do we compete with them. we put the points on the board, and we hang in there. it comes down to the last mint. we have to finish. that's one thing we have not been doing, finishing. >> we have to look at the film and see what exactly happened and go from there. >> with eight losses, the 49ers are guaranteed another nonwinning season. with the rams and the seahawks wins, the niners fall two games back. three of the final four games are against the division opponents starting with seattle. for the first time in school history, san ford is head -- stanford is headed to the bcs game with an at large bowl. tiger woods started the day with a four-stroke challenge but graham mcdowel was forced to a playoff. on the first playoff hole, tiger woods needed this putt to extend the tournament.
6:56 pm
oh, no! mcdowel denies woods his first win in 2010 with a dramatic come from behind victory. the nba warriors taking on one of the best one-two punches in the nba. throwing down the law with oklahoma city leading by 15 after 1. curry almost single handedly kept them in it. he turns it over five times, and jeff green with the pass. here comes the thunder. two more for durant. oklahoma city wins, 114-109. the 49ers were not the only ones playing on the frozen tundra, snow overnight before the ncaa women's soccer championship. 2nd half, the irish on the attack. the freshman iowa -- adriana leone in the back of the net. that is it. tonight kim coyle with san
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diego and the huge story of the raiders. >> great to see. thank you. a celebrity auction in beverly hills, how much michael jackson' went for -- jackson's glove went for. five celebrities getting honors from the president. that is tonight at ten. 60 minutes is next, and your latest news and weather is on good night. ,,,,
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