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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  December 5, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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encounter by a father and son. injured and alone in the santa cruz mountains for nearly a week. how a hiker was discovered thanks to a chance encounter by a father and son. >> we definitely would be because it is a good chunk of money. another threat to the family's bottom line. why the government is considering an end to the mortgage and interest deduction. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." another storm moving onshore tonight. rain and gusty winds felt off and on around the bay area doll. there have been scattered power outages and some minor flooding. let's get the latest on the storm's progress from meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> the main cold front has gone on by now. more into scattered showers showing up in the bay area but
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those scattered showers been coming down for a while. moderate to heavier pockets of rainfall in santa rosa. down towardsson ole towards sonoma. near san rafael light showers there. south bay more scattered showers showing up over the santa cruz mountains. some places reporting over an inch of rain and more to come. we have got another band that is just about to move onshore and here it comes here. more off the cost. more rain on the way. and yes looks like it will factor into the commute tomorrow. more scattered showers rotating in. we will take a closer look at that coming up in a couple minutes. back to you. >> thank you, lawrence. she spent nearly a week alone. cold. and hungry in the santa cruz mountains but tonight she is recovering at a local hospital. debra collins injured her ankle hiking in a state park near false creek. don knapp shows us how a casual
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suggestion from a stranger led to the hiker's rescue. >> a twisted ankle left debra collins stranded for six days on an unmarked trail in the santa cruz mountains. two hikers, who already decided to turn back, made a last- minute decision to check out an unmarked trail. there they found collins lying beneath the tree. >> oh, my god. it is like i'm in a dream. >> reporter: good news for friends and family who had been searching for the 58-year-old tri-athathlete who regularly runs in the state park. >> the fellow thought he would hike here just because he might be able to do some good. >> came from the completely other direction. >> collins was wearing four layers of clothes when they went running on november 28th. after she fell she survived six nights in temperatures as low as 30 degrees with no food and just the water she could scoop from a nearby creek with a plastic bag. searchers came up empty.
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saturday morning hanna had a hunch. >> my neighbor has a friend who is psychic so she calls her friend. her psychic friend says i don't see any violence involved and i see here in false creek leaning against a tree. >> reporter: a little psychic guidance and weather that was giving folks cabin fever contributed to the rescue. >> i said take one of the boys. get out. they are getting stir crazy in this weather. go to false creek and maybe you'll find the lady. >> and they just kept hiking. >> and they found her. >> collins was being treated for frost bite and exhaustion. don knapp, cbs5. well, parents of an antioch toddler shot and killed on his second birthday are out on bail tonight. police arrested him on charges including child endangerment thursday. that day he and his 4-year-old brother were alone in a bedroom when he was shot in the head. it is unclear who pulled the
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trigger. police say he just bought the gun and the dad loaded it and put it in a drawer. they are due in court tomorrow. the registered sex offend err suspected of sexually assaulting a 2-year-old girl is back in court tomorrow. eugene ramos is being held without bail. police say he attacked the toddler when she wondered away from her grandmother and aunt. he has yet to enter a plea. checking other bay area headlines. a shooting at or near the san leandro bart station led to one arrests. police responding to gunfire. two people were briefly detained but two people were later released. investigators are still trying to piece together what happened and exactly where. a broken water main is still causing headaches for a san francisco neighborhood tonight. a six-inch pipe broke this morning. some residents are still without water. repair crews are trying to fix the problem and figure out how
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it happened. and a sick sea lion found yesterday near an elementary school is under observation tonight at the marine mammal center. it is the third time rescuers have been called about the wandering female. vets say she appears to be sick from eating toxic algae but right now she is doing fine eating and swimming around her pen. as the clock ticks to reach deal on tax cuts, democrats and republicans appear to be closer to a compromise debating an economic practice. both breaks expire tend of the month. the gop and democrats could reach a deal this week. meanwhile, another tax issue could hurt homeowners. the popular mortgage interest tax deduction is being eyed as a potential solution to offsetting the federal budget deficit. but some 75 million americans might disagree. >> reporter: a challenge to cut
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the amount of u.s. treasury loses by subsidizing homeownership. one way to do that. reduce the mortgage interest tax deduction and replace it with a tax credit. ray garcia and his wife are aware cutting the deduction could hurt their bottom line. >> we would definitely be bummed because it is a good chunk of money. >> reporter: their monthly mortgage payment is $3500. with more than half going to interest. now they are eligible for a $22,000 deduction and in their current tax bracket that yields more than $6000. >> it was always assumed in the back of my mind. >> reporter: but they are proposing to change the mortgage interest deduction that saves homeowners $80 billion a year in taxes. >> reporter: the commission would replace the deduction with a 12% mortgage interest credit for all homeowners. that's less than the average 17% credit homeowners currently claimed and would increase
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federal revenue around $300 billion over 10 years. for ray and his wife the change would reduce the tax savings on their home by $3500 a year. the choice whether to modify the mortgage interest deduction at all. >> if you buy a house and you can afford to pay your mortgage because of the deduction, you can't just get -- the government can't just get rid of it. that would put you in a pickle. >> reporter: which is why if the government did phase out the deduction it would probably do so over 10 or 20 years. >> that would give housing prices time to correct, time to adjust for the new reality and if you did that you could bring marginal tax rates down. >> reporter: the deficit commission also proposes limiting your mortgage interest deduction to one house. and cutting the amount of mortgage eligible from 1 million to $500,000. that would raise another $41 billion over 10 years. until washington makes a tough choice. >> live your life according to
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what's going on in washington. it is kind of crazy. >> reporter: it is life as usual for the garcia family. >> i make sure that i can pay my monthly mortgage regardless of the deduction. >> reporter: breaking in their new home. cbc news, ridgewood, new jersey. back to court over prop 8. the arguments expected tomorrow in the battle over same-sex marriage in california. ♪[ music ] and from broadway to the beatles. honors tonight from some of the country's biggest entertainer -- honors tonight for some of the country's biggest entertainers. people! look at you! texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at
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donations for the victims sit -- unspent. the city has collected about 380-thousand dollars...but seems to be in no hurry to hand out checks. some hundreds of thousands of donations. some survivors want money distributed in time for christmas. but the city says it will decide what to do after the holidays. tomorrow the battle over gay marriage goes before three federal appeals judges. the next step in a process expected to go all the way to the u.s. supreme court. linda yee on why opponents of prop 8's ban an same-sex
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marriage rallied on the eve of the hearing. >> reporter: they stood in the rain to make their point as gay and lesbian couples they should be allowed to get married. >> i would love for her to have my health insurance and all of those benefits that marriage provides you. >> reporter: a federal court judge already said prop 8 is unconstitutional. but prop 8 supporters are appealing. they say restricting marriage to hetrosexual couples promotes responsible procreation and child-rearing values. >> twice now the people of california have voted to preserve and protect marriage as union of man and a woman. and that decision of the people of california is a legitimate and constitutional act. >> reporter: same-sex couples say prop 8 singles them out to be excluded from the marriage. >> it makes me feel like the people of might have state hate me and think i don't count as a full citizen and shouldn't have
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the same rights that they have. >> reporter: the judge agreed prop 8 violates basic freedoms. >> the evidence clearly showed that discrimination hurts real people and proposition 8 hurts real families. same-sex couples that want to marry and have the quality for their family. >> reporter: both sides will argue their cases before three judges. first hour will concentrate on whether prop 8 supporters should have the right to appeal. and the constitutional will be the second hour. >> shouldn't have haves and have notes and that's really what will be heard in this courtroom on monday morning. >> americans are tired of litigants posing their view of marriage on rest of society. >> the three judges will issue a written opinion after the hearing so no decision will be known tomorrow. there are two possible scenarios. which ever side loses can choose to appeal again to a full 9th district court of appeal or to a supreme court.
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but neither court, ann, is obligated to take the case. >> we will have to see what happens tomorrow. >> linda, thank you very much. speaking about tomorrow. lawrence is here. he has been talking a little bit about this weird weather. >> it is good. it is really good. we either complain because it is too dry or we complain because it is raining and i'm not going to explain. >> i know a lot of folks, difficult to get around it. it was coming down pretty good in the afternoon hours. things becoming more scattered around the bay area. still lots of clouds in our skies. if you're stepping outside, you'll notice the beautiful holiday lights are up there. beautiful christmas there. showers to go along with that. another cell making its way over the city of san francisco. high-def doppler radar picking up on the showers and it is more scattered now. main band, frontal band went on by but we are seeing pockets of moderate amounts of rain. now into parts of southern santa rosa and kind of all around the north bay and spreading across the rest of the bay area. again, san rafael looking at moderate showers there. continues into the south bay.
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over the santa cruz mountains. showers also. starting to make their way into san jose but a pretty good cell. right on the peninsula right now seeing a pretty good band of moisture moving through bringing modern amounts of rain down into san francisco. that will continue over the next few minutes but sliding to the north east but still more sitting off the coastline. so were that in mind, yes, we are not done with the stormy weather just yet. main cold front working its way up into the sierra nevada. lots of snow across the high country. be very careful if you're traveling up there. snow levels running high. fairly mild temperatures around the bay. because subtropical storm in nature. 50s and 60s in the central valley. high country still going to see snow across from the higher elvacations. about 7000. lowering somewhat for tomorrow. plan on that. tuesday looking dry. but there is another storm headed our way in towards the sierra nevada as we look towards the middle. week. winding up out of the south spreading into the bay area bringing mild temperatures and lots of rain and wind to the
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bay area and now starting to settle down just a bit though. spinning up a few more showers off the coastline through the rest of the night and probably into tomorrow morning. commute not going to be a washout but still could be wet in spots. overnight tonight you can see that next ban moving onshore through tonight and into early tomorrow morning but then some widely scattered showers tomorrow morning for the commute. and then looks like as we head throughout the day i think things winding down. we will sneak in some sunshine as we head into the middle of the day in the afternoon. rain will taper off and be gone and i think that's the beginning of some dryer area around the bay area. temperatures will be fairly mild. plan on 50s and 60s as we look towards the afternoon. next couple days we will dry things out into tuesday but not for long. another storm coming our way looks like on wednesday. thursday there is a chance of a couple leftover showers even by friday morning. may see scattered light showers. next week looking fantastic. little wet this weekend. next weekend looking great. at least right now. a bit of history on the
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dollars. jackson wore it during the "bad" tour in the late eighties. it was just one many pieces of celebrity memorabilia sold at an auction in beverly h michael jackson glove that he wore in the bad tour in 1980s sold for $30,000. an x-ray of albert einstein's
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brain for nearly $39,000. and marilyn monroe's prescription bottles. kenneth gibson shows us the celebrity studded ceremony at kennedy center in washington, dc. >> reporter: jennifer hudson took the stage in honor of oprah winfrey. one of five entertainers receiving kennedy center honors sunday night. [ applause ] >> reporter: the center was filled with celebrities and washington's elite for the gala event recognizing beatle paul mccartney, dancer jones. country singer meryl haggard and gary herman. >> reporter: oprahoprah was honored. >> on behalf of the women of america we thank you.
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>> reporter: jones was honored with a dance performance by his company. and herman with a medley of his work. obama sat next to the honorees and toasted them at a reception at the white house earlier in the day. >> it is my greatest privilege as president to honor the five men and women who have given our nation the extraordinary gift of the arts. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the night closed with performances of several of the beatles greatest hits. hello good-bye. and audience joined in for hey jude. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the show will be featured on cbc later this month. >> yes, the kennedy center honors will air on december 28th on cbs5. how long a long hair would-
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be princess took over from harry potter at the box office. coming up on "game day" right after this broadcast. kim coyle was in san diego for a must-win game for the oakland raiders and will take us inside the locker room following that incredible road victory. you won't have to wait to look at the film to know what happened to the 49ers. what san francisco said after a second half mental health down. we will be joined by stanford's athletic director who today made a pitch to keep jim harbough down on the farm. it's all coming up on "game day" next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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another face lift for facebook and once again a backlash over privacy concerns. the palo alto company is redesigning the profile pages of its 500 million users. among the new features pages begin with basic information like where you live and work or go to school. they also emphasize photos with rows of recent pictures. users can also list their closest friends and share activities and interests. >> you can see all the things that you have in common with that person. and it is just gives you this amazing connection with that person in the way that the current version of the profile that we have today just don't do. >> the new lay out does not alter privacy settings but some users are still concerned because the new profile pages do highlight more personal
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information. users won't see all the changes until early next year. all right. a jump at the pump. nationwide average for a gallon of regular gas is $2. 91. here in california the price up by a penny to $3.14. highest price in san francisco at $3.19. a shift at the top of the box office. >> you coming, blondie? >> long haired disney princess knocked harry potter out of the number 1 spot taking in 21.5 million in its second week. that was good enough to bump harry potter. cher musical burlesque tied for number 3 with run away train
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