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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  December 6, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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marriage saban legal. simon perez on why the final decision may come down to one person. >> that's the right to marry is an aspect of the right to liberty, privacy, association, and identity. >> reporter: that's the main argument attorney ted olson made before the three judges of the ninth circuit court of appeals in the battle over proposition 8 passed by a majority of californians who said marriage is between one man and one woman. during the hearing the judges focused on the california's extending nearly all the rights of opposite sex married couples to same-sex couples. >> you have had all of the aspects of marriage other than the title. what is the reason for wanting to take that title away? >> the people of california needed no reason beyond the fact that they disagreed that
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their constitution ordained that result. that their constitution outlawed and invalidated traditional definition of marriage. >> reporter: reinhardt is considered the liberal supporter of same-sex marriage. conservatives judge randy smith thought to tilt toward traditional marriage. so all isles are on judge michael hawkins, considered more moderate. >> i thought they did a very good job at not tipping their hands. records in legal terms the prop 8 crowd says this case comes down to whether the idea of affirming opposite sex marriage is rational. >> we have articulated multiple rational bases and so that is really the end of the constitutional query. that is our position. >> reporter: rational has nothing to do with the ethics of it whether you believe it's right or not? >> no. the question before the court is one of constitutional law and whether somebody believes that something is the right thing to do does not affect what this court is doing under the u.s. constitution. >> reporter: on the other side? >> all citizens are equal and all citizens have the same rights to relationships. >> this is one of those issues
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that splits our culture. and so when an issue splits the culture, the question, does the minority view have constitutional protection or can you obliterate it? >> reporter: no matter who lose, analysts say this is definitely going to the united states supreme court. one attorney today predicted that the whole issue could be decided sometime in 2012. but this one probably a decision sometime early next year. but then it keeps going through the appeals process all the way to washington. >> there should be no misunderstanding that even though it ultimately more than likely end up at the supreme court, this decision is important. however it goes. >> reporter: without a doubt. the more times that you win along the way, the more times the next set of judges look and see what the previous judges thought and they are likely to agree with them. >> precedent. >> thank you very much. well, the news earlier in year sent shudders through the
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community. >> they are going to balancing the budgets on this. >> reporter: that was oakland police union chief charging the city is deliberately allowing its police department to quietly bleed out officers to save money. and he may be right. since the highly publicized layoff of 80 officers this summer city officials have repeatedly assured the public that there would be no further layoffs and that hasn't been but what they haven't talked about is that since the layoffs, another 38 cops have opted to retire or join other departments. >> so far this year, we are down 121 police officers here. >> reporter: but wait. there's more. another 30 cops are actively looking to join other departments and 77 cops are out with injuries. upshot? on any given day up to a sixth of the city goes unpatroled.
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>> you know the numbers. 925 officers, we are down to a level in the 600s, that's a pretty dramatic reduction in what we should be staffed at so it does impact our ability to get there quickly. >> reporter: incoming mayor jean quan said it's all about priorities. >> the chief has moved more officers from desk jobs and investigations on to the streets. and so you're going to have 290 people on 911 response which is the same amount we have had most of the time i have been on the city council. >> reporter: if you dial 911 they will still send a squad car but it's another matter when it comes to investigating finding out who stole your car, broke into your home or the mugger who got your wallet. >> investigation is obliterated. there is hardly anyone investigating crimes. >> less officers in cid means there are more cases for those who remain and it's a matter of staffing. >> reporter: and this downward spiral is likely to continue until 44 more cops are off the
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payroll. as for the union charge it's about saving money? >> yes. that's right. >> reporter: the police department here is trying to make up for it by rehiring back retired cops but they are only going to do clerk duty. the thing their going to try to do is get more community officers out on the street but the bottom palestine is the chief here says he needs 925. he has 670 and that's likely to drop even further in the coming months. >> that is unbelievable. and we don't -- i'm sure we will see him pounding this point for weeks, months to come, phil. >> reporter: keep your eyes on it. this is not a story -- it's not going away. >> no. thank you, phil matier in oakland. and checking other bay area headlines, a high-speed chase in hayward ends with a bart officer and a suspect in the hospital. alameda county sheriff's deputies were chasing the driver of a stolen car just before midnight. that driver hit a bart patrol car that wasn't involved in the pursuit. the barred officer was hospitalized as a precaution.
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the suspect is expected to survive and faces multiple charges. a push tonight to lift the ban on infused alcohol in bars and restaurants, san francisco state senator mark leno has introduced a bill to allow businesses to infuse their own spirits with fruits and vegetables. the current law banning the practice has been on the books since prohibition. homeless people may have started an overnight fire that destroyed a vacant walnut creek restaurant. the building that burned on oak grove road has been empty for about 20 years. it took firefighters about an hour to get the fire under control. the investigation into the exact cause continues. well, the wrecking ball has already started swinging and hitting. the transbay terminal construction project in san francisco could hit a snag because of a stalemate with nearby property owners. don knapp on the sticking point that's turning the deal sour for a handful of nations. neighbors. >> reporter: before you clear
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the ground you have to only properties and they don't own them all so they are working on that. demolition of the transbay terminal began last week even before the project acquired all the buildings that stand in its path. tomorrow the san francisco board of supervisors will likely vote on a resolution of necessity which could lead to an eminent domain taking of the buildings. they bought up several buildings for the project dubbed the grand centralstration of the west. owners of four buildings in the way turned down offers. >> my clients support the project. they don't dispute that the properties are necessary to the project. quite the opposite. it's just we want the project to take all the properties that are in the path not just some of them. >> reporter: the buildings and the offers are four-story 568 howard, $6.2 m neighbor 564 howard, 1.45 million. a million dollars for 60 tehama
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and about 3.58 million for three owners of 58 natoma 580 hours already taken in parts. chris daly told the examiner the owners were holding out for more money. no one at city hall returned our calls for comment but this attorney says. >> the issue my clients haven't said they are going to take 580 howard in the path of the project and they haven't made any offers. so they have taken two of the five pieces of 580 howard you want them to take the rest because it's hard to run the building with only three-fifths of it. >> reporter: supervisor supervise chris daly says they are holding us up for more money. >> there is negotiation over fair market value. we want the negotiation over all the property that's going to be taken. >> could this problem stand in the way of progress on the transbay terminal? >> i don't think so. i mean, my clients support the project. they don't dispute that the properties are necessary to the
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project. quite the opposite. it's just we want the project to take all the properties that are in the path, not just some of them. >> reporter: which raises the important question, will the standoff stall the project? >> at the end of the day that would probably just be about fair market value and hopefully we'll be able to negotiate something before it goes too far in litigation. >> reporter: the transbay terminal now of course as we know is worth $4 billion. so a dispute over a few million dollars probably isn't going to stop anything. >> well, it's happened before in the bay area where it hasn't stopped projects. all right. don, thank you. sales were kind of sluggish back on black friday. but 'tis the season and since then, it appears that shoppers have really gotten down to business. ann notarangelo reports from frugal fatigue evident at the mall. >> reporter: it's quiet at the mall typical for monday night but if you have been shopping recently you probably noticed you are not alone. here at the sun valley shopping center in concord they are
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seeing numbers that they haven't seen in years. >> long lines, lots of shoppers. i don't know how the economy is so bad that everybody is still like buying a lot of stuff. >> reporter: tiffany howard and sharon were pondering the holiday shopping frenzy as they gave their feet and sharon's wallet some much-needed rest. think you're going to spend more, less or the same as last year? >> ilatee hate to say but i have spent more already. >> reporter: shoppers spent $45 billion on black friday. >> we have seen increases both in traffic and sales numbers every day from black friday through this past weekend. this past weekend was phenomenal. >> reporter: at concord sun valley shopping center the first sign this could be a good shopping season started in october and they have seen some shopping records broken. what do you think is going on? >> i don't know whether it's
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pent-up demand. i don't know whether the customers are just improving their confidence. i don't care. what i'm seeing is customers that are here having a good time and shopping. our merchants are happy as well. >> reporter: we posed the question to the economist working on his newspaper column. >> the story is tremendous bargains, tremendous promotions and frugal fatigue and pentup demand. >> reporter: he says people are just tired of not buying. online sales are going gangbusters. and everyone seems to be noticing there are deals to be had. >> i actually see people opening their wallets this year a lot easier than they did last year. >> reporter: and if the numbers are to be believed, it appears that trend will continue. >> it only a third of people have done their christmas shopping compared to 45% by this time other years. so i think that there's still a lot of shopping to be done.
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>> okay, i like this one. >> reporter: sharon's feet good more rest than her wallet. before leaving she bought a $200-foot massager. so can this shopping frenzy be sustained even after the holiday season? probably not. but as we know consumer confidence is one indication that the economy is improving. maybe this is a sign that things are improving on main street. >> that would be great, great news. >> yeah. >> ann notarangelo in concord, thank you. a hiker injured alone found after nearly a week stranded on a mountain trail. >> she was very relieved and answering yes. >> how a determined father and son saved the day just by chance. keeping foreign freeloaders out of our bay area waters. the new technology being tested to make sure ships are not carrying unwanted cargo. one bay area city says its policy on broken parking meeters is broken. is it and that means less free parking for you.
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i'm mike sugerman. the story's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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one man's hunch led to an amazing rescue of a woman stranded for days in the santa cruz mountains. debra collins was walking in henry coe redwood state park. her break came six days later when a man and son came looking for her. >> reporter: they are not a search and rescue specialist. >> it took us an hour to get
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there. >> reporter: he is a software engineer who likes to hike with his soon. he decided to do something to find the missing hiker. >> thought i could help while i'm hiking. >> reporter: the father and son had been out for almost an hour and decided to turn back. but then an idea flashed through his head. >> instead of heading back, i called my wife and asked my wife to pick us up from another park entrance to could more ground. then it wasn't but 10 minutes later we found her. >> reporter: just off a steep unmarked trail cold, wet, and exhausted after spending six nights in temperatures as low as 30 degrees. >> i had dylan wait and then i went up ahead and called her, hello? are you okay? and she started responding yes, and very quiet and very low energy responses. but once i said, are you debra collins, then she was very relieved and answering yes.
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and she was amazed that we had come out to look for her. >> oh, it's like a dream. >> reporter: collins' friends who had been out searching for the 58-year-old triathlete marveled at her luck. >> this fellow who found her, he was going to hike anywhere he thought he would hike here because he might be able to do some good. he came from the completely other direction. >> reporter: collins told rescuers she had questioned an ankle during a run on november 28 which left her stranded. she had nothing to eat and scooped water from a small stream to drink but she was ready for the cold. she reportedly had on four layers of clothing when she was found. >> one of the things i find remarkable is that debra although she was low energy and just waiting for the paramedics that dylan would be doing crazy things like climbing up fallen down trees or standing close to the edge of some rocks and she had told him a few times, oh, be care. , you don't want to get hurt. be careful. >> reporter: so far she is not speaking to the media about her
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story of survive. she was transported here to anyone can hospital in santa cruz suffering from frostbite and exposure. but she is expected to make a full recovery. in santa cruz, len ramirez, cbs 5. roberta, got some big changes coming our way this week? >> more rain, dana. we are going to see a little sunshine first for our tuesday which would be a nice break. today we had high temperatures anywhere from 60 degrees gill gilroy. this is a look at coit tower. currently temperatures in the 50s across the board from sunnyvale in 57 degrees, pleasanton mid-50s, san mateo along the peninsula the same. north of the golden gate bridge, it is now 57 degrees in tiburon. winds have been a little bit breezy inland and interior valleys out of the southwest
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13, 15 miles per hour. cloudy, temperatures overnight dropping between the low 40s in penngrove and santa rosa to about the mid-50s in downtown san jose and including willow glen and campbell. upper 40s to 50 in san francisco. we're already seeing the leading edge of some precipitation all associated with a brand-new area of low pressure. it's the front that's producing that precipitation. but the core the center that will affect us is way back out over the pacific ocean. now, those are the clouds overhead tonight. but meanwhile, behind it, that's our next system providing us with rain for wednesday, thursday, in fact the rain begins after midnight on tuesday. so by 7:00 in the morning, it looks like most of the rain is north of the golden gate bridge for the commute and then it gradually slides around the peninsula and into the santa clara valley by the evening commute. i'm planning on about an inch to 1.5" of rain in the highest locations of our bay area region. tomorrow a little haze in the
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atmosphere in the north and east bay until the easterly kicks up to 10:15 then rotates southeast. numbers upper 50s at the beach to the low 60s inland. take a good look at the extended forecast for your week ahead. dry tuesday, rain wednesday, showers certainly possible thursday with a slight chance of a lingering shower friday but that sets the stage for the first dry weekend in sometime coming up this next weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up later on in this newscast. >> thank you. facebook's latest face-lift. that's in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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google today launched its own intern th about 15 m just in time for christmas a new library for your ereader. google launched its own
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internet bookstore with 15 million titles. they have a deal with 4,000 publishers to carry new releases. it's locked in a court case to offer millions more out of print titles if it can win federal court approval. facebook's latest face- lift? already getting a big reaction. among the new features being rolled out, pages that begin with basic information like where you live, work, go to school. it also emphasizes photos with rows of recent pictures. users can also list their closest friends and share activities and interests. >> you can see all the things you have in common with that person. it gives you this amazing connection with that person and with it the current version of the profile that we have today just doesn't do. >> the new layout doesn't alter privacy settings but some users are concerned because the new profile pages do highlight more personal information. the new look was launched today but the complete new look won't be online until next year. the invasion of alien
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species. not on your facebook page. may sound like a plot to a sci- fi movie. but it is a real threat to the bay. don ford shows us technology aimed at keeping unwelcome marine life from moving in. >> reporter: the training ship golden bear is getting under way and on board the first commercial grade ballast water treatment system is undergoing test. every year thousands of ships enter the ports and every one uses tens of thousands of gallons of ballast water to keep it balanceed. >> if you go out on the pacific ocean in the wintertime you you will get hammered by big weather so they put ballast to bring the ships down so it's a safer ride so all ships do that. >> reporter: ballast water also carries parasites, larval
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marine life and plants from foreign ports. with a huge worldwide growth of international trade, it has become a huge concern. >> that water normally is not filtered or treated in any way. so you're, say, taking water from korea and now discharging it into san francisco bay. >> ballast water taken in say in a port of china may have contaminants of cholera, other problems. >> reporter: an international group of observers is on board to watch. the u.s. government, the german government, u.s. military and ship owner representatives from around the world, all waiting to see the final results. >> at the end of today, about 4:00 or 5:00 in the afternoon here, we'll know whether or not this system is -- meets the international standards to treat ballast water or it doesn't. >> reporter: below deck, the ballast water pumps feed water
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through the experimental system for hours. they carefully gather samples from the moss marine laboratory making sure the system is make the water safe to pump overboard. >> it's a unique system the only one like it in the world. >> reporter: finally it passes and is the first system in the u.s. to become certified but there are many more technologies in line to be tested also. in the next few years, all ships will be required to treat their ballast water. with an estimated 50,000 ships worldwide, it's shaping up to be a multi-million dollar business. don ford, cbs 5, san francisco bay. the to end a horrifying case of a teenager tortured for more than a year. >> it defies logic and defies the imagination to what they were thinking. >> the sentencing handed down for three defendants called demented monsters in the courtroom. >> a "hail mary" proposal to
6:27 pm
balance the state budget. the governor's fiscal emergency savings plan and why it is dead on arrival. the fix is in for san francisco's broken parking meters, not necessarily good news for you. that story is coming up. ,, the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. what are you doing, friending somebody?
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a teenager. andrea at least three decades, that's how long three people from tracy are going to spend in prison for torturing a teenager. andrea menniti on the scathing words that the boy's family had for his captors. >> reporter: kyle faced through of the people who admitted forcing the 16-year-old boy to live a nightmare for more than a year. kyle's aunt called the trio demented monsters. she started shaking before saying, where you're going, you're going to be with monsters just like you. i hope you die in prison, no punishment is severe enough. michael schumacher his wife kelly lau and the pair's houseguest caren ramirez will now spend at least 30 years locked up in prison. it was almost two years ago when a badly beaten, burned and starved kyle escaped the schumacher home and ran inside a gym. prosecutor angela hayes is glad justice is served but the biggest question remains, why? >> everything we know is just
6:31 pm
-- it defies logic and it defies the imagination to what they were thinking when, you know, you have a young man starved in your home, shackled to your table, and you continuously beat him. >> reporter: the three accepted me deals that took life in prison off the table and prevents the schumacher children from having to testify against their parents. in stockton, i'm andrea menniti, cbs 5. in the face of billions of dollars of red ink, governor schwarzenegger today declared a fiscal emergency. he called lawmakers into a special session to deal with the budget crisis. the governor also proposed about 7.5 billion dollars in cuts including slashing funding for child welfare programs and prisons. governor schwarzenegger said that he has been told that lawmakers might rather deal with the budget crisis when governor-elect jerry brown is sworn in, in january. >> the bottom line is, i always say that i will go and charge through the finish line, that i
6:32 pm
took the oath to serve as california's chief executive until january 3rd. and that we serve people of california until the last second until the next governor is sworn in. >> the legislative analyst says that even though a budget was passed in october, the state still faces a $6 billion deficit this fiscal year. california's projected deficit is $19 billion next fiscal year. bay area school districts say that they fear that severe funding cut are inevitable since education makes up 40% of the state's budget. but some districts say that they have already cut about as far as they can. they say further cuts would mean bigger classes, perhaps a shorter school year, and layoffs of support staff such as counselors and librarians. it's kind of like finding that forgotten 20 bucks in your pocket. you pull into a parking space and discover, the meter's broken. free parking. yeah, well, the party is over. mike sugerman on how san francisco plans to change the
6:33 pm
policy on broken parking meeters. mike. >> reporter: well, yeah, allen, actually a broken parking mealer can mean up to a whole afternoon of free parking. you won't need all that change that i carry around. but as you say, the party is over. is there anything better than driving in busy san francisco and finding an open meter available parking spot? sweet! and then come to find out the meter you found is broken. it's out of order. it's a freebie. at least for as long as the meter would have let you park there. one hour, two hours, there are new ones that will allow you up to four hours. there are 26,000 parking meters in the city and on any given day, 300 to 500 are broken. ard here's one of them right here. happens to be right in front of the metropolitan transportation agency, the very agency that is in charge parking meters. so what are you doing there? >> just check to see what's
6:34 pm
wrong with the meter. >> reporter: jimmy travels around town fix meters and knows that people break them for all kinds of reasons. >> well, there's a guy that does go around and he sticks napkins in these things. >> reporter: why? >> well, when the coin is back up he comes and takes them out. >> reporter: more people do it because if the meter is broken they can park for free, again for as long as the meter would have let them had they paid. but that policy is about to, well, expire. >> what we're trying to do is to limit that to one hour because what we're faced with is people breaking meeters to park there for an extended amount of time. >> reporter: so if there is a two-hour or four-hour meter broken, you would still only get one four free. had he hope to that will take away the initiative to break meters. >> ridiculous. >> reporter: not surprisingly many drivers aren't happy with the plans to limit free parking. >> if the meter is broken, that's the city's problem. people should be able to park
6:35 pm
there. parking is difficult. >> reporter: in los angeles you can't park at any broken meter. there still has to be a vote by the mta and the board of supervisors but it's expected to pass. we got a call from a viewer who saw the promo for the story and said, how often do they fix these meters? and i think the answer is, right away. as soon as they know, they come out. they are very good at fixing meters because if they don't have the meter working, they lose money. >> revenue. i'm thinking like cool hand luke what's the fine for breaking a meter? you know? [ laughter ] >> i don't know, allen. only would you think of something like that. >> just never been caught. just saying. [ laughter ] >> all right. mike sugerman. >> reporter: don't call me for bail. >> thank you. all right. mike, thanks. well, a tough start for a student rising above. >> my mom had blankets against the windows, so just in case a bullet was fired, the glass wouldn't come through the window and hurt us. >> the long and difficult path
6:36 pm
from kabul to college. how an extraordinary young man has survived that journey. and they are icon eckland marks in san francisco's castro district. why efforts to replace the rainbow banners have hit a snag. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, a football star and broadcast legend has died. >> turn out the lights ♪ the party's over ♪ they say that all good things must end ♪
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i see a lot of teeth that look great... until i look at the gumline. the problem is, you could have plaque along your gumline
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that can lead to gingivitis. in fact, one in two adults actually has gingivitis and might not even know it. that's why i recommend new crest pro-health clinical gum protection toothpaste. it helps eliminate plaque at the gumline, helping prevent gingivitis. and it's been clinically proven to help reverse it... in just four weeks. it also protects these other areas dentists check most. new crest pro-health clinical toothpaste. for healthier gums. very fact that he is here and alive. wendy tokuda introduces m. 'tis the season 20 appreciate. in our student rising above today appreciates the very fact that he is here and alive. wendy tokuda introduces him. >> reporter: everything is new for the student at george washington university in the capital. the first in his family to go to college. >> what function do we take the derivative of? >> reporter: we met him when he was a senior on full scholarship. the kids there call him moose.
6:39 pm
>> if you had told me back then i would be at athenian ready to graduate, go to george washington, i'll probably laugh at you. >> it's wonderful. it's amazing he's here. to think about a child having to go through all of this stress and struggle that weather went through. >> reporter: these old photo show him as a baby in kabul in one wearing the traditional afghan style. the taliban is not something i saw on the news. he saw their work in person when a bomb fell on his family's house, killing his grandfather and injuring his dad. >> my mom had blankets against the windows just in case a bullet was fired, the glass wouldn't come through the window and hurt us. and i would tug on the blanket telling my mom to take it down because i wanted to see the sun. >> reporter: his father was a government worker and in danger. so they escaped to a refugee camp in pakistan. he was only five or six when he went to work to help feed the family. >> i didn't go to school until
6:40 pm
middle school out here. >> your childhood was making rugs? >> yes, basically. >> reporter: this is him working at the carpet factory. they were barely making enough to eat. and then came word. >> one day find out that we were coming here, they were just -- words can't describe that feeling. it's like you're drowning and then you finally come up for air. that's what it looks like. >> reporter: he had never gone to school before he arrived in america. he had to learn to speak english, read and write. but these were opportunities, unexpected and deeply appreciated. >> for me to have -- having coming from a place where i have had nothing, i appreciate things a lot more. >> this is a part of everyone's human soul. you look at him and say, wow, what can we achieve? you know? with what we're given. >> reporter: living through a war and poverty makes a child different but he embracing his history saying it makes him who
6:41 pm
he is. >> it happened. and i can't go back and change it. so why not remember where i came from and use that past as motivation to, you know, be successful in the future? >> reporter: he wouldn't be able to go to college without help. this holiday season consider the gift of education. help kids like moose with a donation to the students rising above scholarship fund. go to for more information on that. >> the gift of an education can never be taken from you. >> right. >> so what does he want to study? >> he is thinking about journalism. >> ah. [ laughter ] >> very good. you know what? he would be a great journalist. >> to tell the story of afghanistan. >> yeah. that's one of the things that i found going back to afghanistan, they want their people to come home and help them. so he certainly could. >> he wants to. >> good. thank you, wendy. gay pride versus historic
6:42 pm
preservation is the battle in the castro. the rainbow banners that have hung on the light poles on market street for 10 years illegally as it turns out, well they getting shabby and some people living in the castro would like to change them to permanent banners. however, the light poles that they are hanging from are historic and fragile. only temporary banners are allowed. both sides hoping to find some sort of compromise. the president gets tongue tied before a big audience. >> and one storm down, another one to come. i'll pinpoint when you will hear those raindrops on your rooftops as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:45 pm
start that over -- to many people, the suprfl..superpl -- it's this lip, it s hard to say. you try it when you've had 12 stiches (laughter)" 30:32t t got tangled up i i have to tell from you firsthand experience some words just don't roll off the tongue. >> the sue per -- let me start that again -- to many people the sue per -- superfluous -- this lip! [ laughter ] >> hard to say. sue per -- you try it when you have had 12 stitches!
6:46 pm
>> the president got tangled up in a little tongue twister over the weekend. he was giving a speech before the kennedy center honors there. the stitches came after he was elbowed during a basketball game. >> that hurt. >> 12 stitches. that's one big elbow. >> how many stitches -- i can't say precipitation. what a day across the bay area. kentfield the coolest with 60 degrees and the most rainfall at half inch at .57. and then gilroy to the south was the warmest at 66 degrees. but only .10" of rain. now, this is our live cbs 5 weather camera looking out in the easterly direction towards oakland where today's high there was 66 degrees above the average of 57. so a good 9 degrees above normal. and this evening the temperatures are trailing off very rapidly as the sun has
6:47 pm
officially set. we have numbers now in the low 50s and even beginning to flirt with that 49-degree mark around the immediate seashore. tonight overnight pacifica will realize 49 degrees. we'll have a few stray clouds overhead so it wasn't be as cold. 40s in oakland. this is very interesting. we are already beginning to see some green on the screen which is an indication of some precipitation right there around that northwestern quadrant of the state of california. this is all associated with the leading edge, the frontal boundary of the next storm that will bring us more rain showers by midweek. all right. that's the passage from yesterday. there is yesterday's system with almost 2 inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains. the second one winding up over the pacific ocean, that will bring us the rain, not so much the clouds tonight. but that right there, rain showers began after midnight tuesday night into our
6:48 pm
wednesday morning. we play it out like this. we paint the precipitation to the north of the golden gate bridge for your morning commute. some hit and miss cells venturing out over towards the eastern portion of our district. otherwise, you see the rain plays tag with sunnyvale towards the evening commute and gradually slides south. we should see 1.5" of rain from this next system by the time it trails off on thursday. i thought it would be very interesting to take a look at how we're tallying up the numbers as far as precipitation of normal stats are concerned. we are at 159% of normal in santa rosa. okay that deserves some applause over there right? meanwhile, 68% of where we should be in san jose and almost 100% in the city of san francisco. sierra forecast, this is not a real big snow maker. this is coming from the west not so much from the north. so we have warmer air associated with it. snow level going to be very high at 8,000 feet. so it looks like rain chances are best with this next system in the high sierra.
6:49 pm
temperatures tomorrow pretty close to seasonal. upper 50s to the mid-60s. winds will be breezy out of the southeast 5 to 15 miles per hour during the afternoon hours. all right. let's scoot out of the way. this is your forecast for the week ahead. rain begins on wednesday. begins to taper off thursday. a chance for a lingering shower. sunshiny weekend. this is a december sunset. thanks to georgio for the north bay. we invite all of you to keep your photos coming to dana, take it away. >> thanks, roberta. it was started to raise awareness but it is now garnered worldwide attention. coming up on eyewitness news at 10:00 on the cw and at 11:00 on cbs 5, how one south bay boy is helping victims of the san bruno fire one facebook friend at a time. the 49ers may be making another change at quarterback. i'm dennis o'donnell. and the heisman list is out. we will tell you if stanford's
6:50 pm
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quarterback for sunday's must-win game against mike singletary would not commit to troy smith as his starting quarterback for sunday's must win game against
6:53 pm
seattle. but the nfl network is reporting that the 9ers will switch back to alex smith. and after dropping to 4-8 record following yesterday's drubbing in green bay the 49ers addressed rumors about his job security. here's mike singletary. >> i think one of the saddest thing about our society today is anybody can say anything and write anything and then have no responsibility. for me, everything i say i'm responsible for. so any kind of reports or whatever that come out -- and i know that there are many -- you know, i told you before i really don't read them. but if it's true, it's true. but until i know it's true, my eyes are on seattle. >> one coach not looking forward to next week is josh mcdaniels. he was fired just hours after his weekly news conference. after starting 6-0 last season denver lost 17 of his last 22, he becomes the third coach fire
6:54 pm
at by the broncos this season the laws time the raiders won in san diego, forget about hoss in the oval office. they went to the super bowl. the silver and black left the chargers black and blue after yesterday's beatdown. this is incredible. they ran for 251-yard. they improve to 4-0 against the afc west and kept their play- off hopes alive. the defense sacked four times and held the chargers to a season low 13 points. >> we have some talented players. we are doing everything we can to bring guys together and continue to build and grow. we are still in the fight. we have four games to go so every game counts. >> now, can gets like the wild, wild west. that's the way we look at it. >>, buy tickets! they will play the jaguars next
6:55 pm
sunday in jacksonville. one day after being selected to plate orange bowl, the good news continues for stanford. andrew luck has been chosen as one of four finalists for the heisman trophy which would be presented saturday night in new york. he will joined by james, moore and cam newton the favorite. luck set a stanford record with 28 touchdown passes that led the cardinal to the best season in school history. >> most people wish he could do this or that. wish he didn't do that wish he didn't do that. but will andrew is perfect in every way. wouldn't change a thing. former cowboys quarterback and monday night football announcer dandy don meredith died last night after a brain hemorrhage and lapsing into a coma. >> ♪ turn out the lights the party's over ♪ [ laughter ] >> meredith was a star on the field but became a bigger star in the booth as part of a trio that included meredith, howard
6:56 pm
cosell and frank gifford. near the end of every game, meredith would turn sing, turn out the lights, the party's over. he was 72. if you were busy celebrating a milestone birthday, here's what you missed. [ laughter ] >> huddle! they'll play oregon for the >> there she goes. russell tips... oh, my gosh! adams touchdown! on the "hail mary"! >> okay, auburn blew out south carolina. oh, stop, it's not. they will play oregon for the national title next month. chargers runningback found out why mcclain is nicknamed the mcpain train. helmets collided. no flag. the shot of the weekend nuggets mascot rocky from half court makes me really manslaughter the warriors old
6:57 pm
mass scott thunder, very him? u.s. open champ graeme mcdowell sinks the putt on the first play-off hole and took dow tiger woods. he lost after a four-stroke lead. he goes winless in 2010. >> tiger will try again in 2011 to score that elusive 15th major. >> you're turning 50? >> no, i just read a cue card here. >> oh, please. you're not in control of that, old man. >> what did you guys say? i am so much the youngest one on this set. and don't you dare even go there, missy 60-year-old. >> is her nose getting longer? >> happy birthday, dennis. we have a pinata for you downstairs. >> i swear to god it's not my birthday. >> all right, tomorrow. >> it was yesterday! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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