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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  December 7, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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is tuesday, december 7. i'm juliette goodrich. sydnie kohara is off. 4:59, let's check traffic and weather. tracy is starting first with a dry spell. >> at least for today. plenty of sunshine expected but something else, of course, rainfall. it is the rainy season on the way, that will be moving back into the forecast. we have your seven-day forecast. we'll take a look at the rainfall as well as 70-degree temperatures in the bay area. that's a look at your weather. for your traffic, here is elizabeth. >> thank you, tracy. it is a dry commute and very quiet therefore on the roads. it's amazing a little bit of rain and we see our incidents -- the number of incidents blow up on our reports. nothing like that this morning. quiet across the golden gate bridge. all lanes open to traffic towards the toll plaza. south bay roadwork everything is wrapped up.
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coming out of downtown san jose, a couple of little -- one little headlight there approaching the 880 interchange but overall a nice ride continuing up northbound 280 or 101 towards san mateo. we'll have much more on your morning commute coming up. back to you. >> thank you. a house under renovation explodes sending the owner flying outside in flames. sharon chin is in east oakland where an actual gas line is apparently to blame. good morning. >> reporter: for the sake of comparison, this is the house next door what it used to look like. now it looks like this. the explosion was so strong that the second story of the duplex collapsed sending debris on top of the parked car and all over the street. the owner of the duplex, a 61- year-old man who was inside, is in critical condition this morning with burns over 80% of his body. fire crews got report of a fire just after 8 a.m. last night on 87th and dowling. neighbors say there was an
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explosion that felt like an earthquake. they put out flames from the duplex and helped give first aid to the home owner, who was badly burned. they identified him as leon spencer, who lives on the ground floor but was having the second story renovated. >> it appears to be a natural gas explosion on the second floor of the unit. >> it must have been wednesday or thursday, i heard leon tell the gentleman who was working on the place saying, hey, i smell gas. and the guy's reply was something like, uhm, okay, i'll check it out. >> reporter: witnesses say the home owner was on the second floor when the explosion happened. no one knows how he ended up outside but he may have been blown out of the house. the explosion sent debris flying into the street. nearly two dozen windows from neighboring buildings blew off forcing people to stay elsewhere last night. pg&e inspectors looked at the gas line and determined that
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the explosion was not caused by a flake their equipment. they say it appears to have started outside the home where pg&e says the gas lines and the appliances are the home owners' responsibility. so this morning, the investigation here continues. >> sharon chin in oakland, thank you. 5:03 now. tonight a state legislator representing san bruno will hold a forum there about pipeline safety. assemblyman jerry hill has introduced legislation to toughen safety rules and increase oversight to try to prevent a repeat of september's deadly gas explosion. ab-65 would force utilities to share emergency plans with fire and police departments. and it would require the installation of valves that close automatically when a pipeline ruptures. he's dressed in military clothing and trying to pull over drivers in the peninsula. anser hassan is in millbrae to explain the police imposter who
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struck at least twice yesterday. >> reporter: good morning. yesterday at 1 p.m. here at this in-n-out burger in millbrae a woman driver says a male driver in a pickup truck and flashing lights pulled her over. the woman said he pulled her over for a speeding ticket and then asked that she pay for the ticket. now, when the female driver asked to see the ticket, the driver took off and that's when she called police. a similar incident happened earlier yesterday morning as well when a flight crew on their way to sfo also saw the man try and pull them over. they were running late so they didn't stop. but they reported the incident to police as soon as they got to the airport. a third incident happened in pacifica but no word yet if it's related to the millbrae pullovers. police describe the driver to be about 5'6." he is wearing military clothing. he is said to be clean-shaven and a shaved head and driving a teal nissan frontier. millbrae police are asking drivers to be on the lookout
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and to report any similar activity to the thunderstorms with the very latest in millbrae, anser hassan, cbs 5. >> thank you. 5:05. today san francisco supervisors are expected to approve new legislation that could help put more rapists behind bars. the san francisco examiner reports a proposed legislation could speed up how quickly police process rape kits. it would set goals requiring evidence to be collected within 72 hours and tested within two weeks. the legislation could also free up more money for police. also in san francisco, county supervisors today will start hearing from potential candidates for interim mayor. the board needs to appoint someone to finish the term of gavin newsom who is moving to sacramento to become lieutenant governor. several san francisco supervisors and local school board members are said to be interested in the mayor's job. also new this morning, the man behind wikileaks is due in
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court in london in the coming hour. this is the a live look in london where julian assange surrendered to police today. he is facing a sex crimes investigation in sweden. assange is accused of sexual molestation and other crimes by two different women. a spokesman for wikileaks says the arrest of the website's founder is an attack on media freedom. all right. 5:06 now. let get another check of traffic and weather and tracy has our forecast. hey, trace. [ pause ] >> hello? >> hi. how are you? now , you know, i had no idea were you talking to me. >> a lot of people say that to me. >> i didn't know that. i had no idea but now that i do know you're talking to me i'll talk back! [ laughter ] out the door this morning, partly cloudy conditions with some valley fog inland. partly cloudy at the bay and the coast. and temperatures from 40 to 52
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degrees this morning. this afternoon, sun and clouds expected inland highs near 70. okay, 67. 70. i'm pushing it but get what i'm talking about. mild temperatures inland, partly cloudy around the bay and sun and clouds along the coastline. those mild temperatures will be in the forecast today but more rainfall is also moving back into the bay area. i'll let you know when in just a few moments. i got elizabeth over here hanging out in the wings. what's going on? >> i was distracting you. we were talking, hang outing with billy. let's go out live to the guadalupe parkway. the you know, not a whole lot is going on on the roads right now which is great if you have to commute. just not a whole lot for me to talk about. here's a live look at the guadalupe parkway near the taylor street exit. headlights are northbound towards the airport. looks good towards downtown san jose as well. nice and quiet on all the roads around the south bay. there was roadwork on 101 near story road. that is now gone. i will mention this. there is a concert tonight, roger waters of pink floyd
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performing at ph pavilion around 8:00 tonight so you could find some delays later on. but for right now we're looking good. here's live look from the silicon valley commute westbound 237 fine exiting milpitas and towards san jose. juliette, are you there? back to you. >> no. not here. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> i'll hang out for a while. >> twitter. twitter. >> i could talk about twitter. [ laughter ] >> thank you. 5:08. a santa scandal. why a popular store saint nick is suddenly out of a job. plus, cutting costs without raising tuition. how a new plan could have uc students graduating sooner. ,,,,
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ed. the university of california is looking for ways to deal with its financial problems. among the ideas, increasing the number of out of state students who pay more to go to the university of california offering online courses for degree credit and allowing undergrads to earn degrees in three years. those are among 20 recommendations in a report from the uc commission on the future. the uc-berkeley grad released from jail shared her story at a fundraiser in san francisco last night. the money collected at the club will help pay for the fight to free sarah shourd's fiance and her friend from an iranian prison. the three were taken know
5:12 am
custody in july of 2009 when the three saw they were hiking in northern iraq. authorities say they crossed into iran illegally. shourd was released in september due to medical concerns. >> shane and josh say prison is harder without me. it's like in prison your whole world is -- our whole world was each other. you know? and now shane and josh a third of their world is gone. and they really only have each other. and everything that you lose in prison has a huge impact. and it's, you know, they are depressed. >> last week shourd released a video of a song she wrote while behind bars, aimed at keeping the spotlight on the imprisonment of josh fattal and shane bauer. a major court truly could affect more than a million women. police it's a popular santa getting the boot from a bay area store. what he told parents that
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verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world. well, good morning. it's 5:15. and we are starting off the day with partly cloudy conditions
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across the bay area as well as some reports of fog, valley fog for the morning. temperatures for the morning will range from the lower to the mid-50s inland, to the upper 50s around the bay to the upper 50s along the coastline. those temperatures are pretty mild for the morning. 52 degrees i mean. and for the afternoon, those temperatures will be pretty mild, too. sun and clouds are highs in the upper 60s inland. mid-60s around the bay and the lower 60s along the coast with a mix of sun and clouds. so here's a look at our satellite and radar. we do have something on approach. it is a low pressure system so today let's call it a freebie because after that things will begin to change. more clouds will be building in, chance of rainfall moving in late tonight courtesy of this nice line that you see here. those clouds moving in. and we'll have an ongoing chance of showers in the forecast thursday and friday. but again today, a dry break thanks to nice high pressure system plenty of sunshine. after that high pressure system is booted out, the low pressure system comes in and that's going to give us an ongoing chance of rainfall wednesday, thursday and friday. today's highs, boy, they are pretty high for this time of
5:17 am
the year above average that is. 65 in concord. 62 vallejo. 62 santa rosa. 62 san rafael. 66 oakland. 67 fremont. 65 san jose. 60 pacifica. 63 san francisco. five-day forecast, so the best chance of rainfall will be tomorrow. leftover showers off and on hit and miss will be thursday and friday. saturday, sunday and monday, i think that pretty much says it all. temperatures near 70 inland, mid-60s around the bay and the lower 60s at the coast. it should be a picture-perfect weekend especially for december. that's a look at your weather. for your traffic, here is elizabeth. >> thank you, tracy. that dry spell you're talking about makes it dullesville in the traffic department not a lot going on which is great if you can enjoy that extra coffee, chill out a little bit, highway 4 looks great. typically we didn't see slower
5:18 am
speeds until after 5:30. right now off the antioch bridge, top speeds towards pittsburg concord and commute near the 24/680 interchange at walnut creek fine as well. taillights southbound through the san ramon valley and westbound 24. nice ride towards the caldecott tunnel orinda and all the way into the macarthur maze. westbound 580 we're tracking the ride across the altamont pass here as well not seeing any yellow on our sensors as you head towards 680 and the dublin interchange about 14 minutes drive time there. and very light traffic still across the span to the san mateo bridge taking you outside. this part of your screen the commute direction westbound 92 that should be about 13 minutes right now to take you between hayward and foster city. no big accidents no huge stalls out there causing any big problems. and in the south bay most of the overnight roadwork has been picked up. in fact, here's some drive times, clear on the guadalupe parkway between 280 and 237 and 280 looks fine coming through downtown san jose.
5:19 am
remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. and we are on twitter. check out the latest hot spots. >> thank you. time now is 5:19. here's a look at this morning's top stories. an east oakland man is in critical condition after a natural gas line explosion. it happened last night at a home he was remodeling. the 63-year-old has burns over 80% of his body. state legislation to improve pipeline safety in the wake of the san bruno disaster. it would tough safety rules and increase oversight. there will be a public forum tonight to discuss it. and police on the peninsula want to know who was impersonating an officer. they say he tries to pull people over and then demands money. there were at least two incidents yesterday including one outside a restaurant in millbrae. the suspect is driving a teal
5:20 am
colored nissan frontier pickup. governor schwarzenegger has declared a fiscal emergency for california. but state lawmakers may not return to sacramento for the special session that he wants. the governor's proposing nearly $2 billion in cuts to deal with the current deficit of $6 billion. he is also calling for another $8 billion in cuts for the next fiscal year. the assembly is already adjourned until january 3rd. the legislature has 45 days to address this special. controversy over california's plan to sell two dozen state buildings. court documents show the mayor of santa ana would allegedly get a half million dollars if the sale goes through. it's sort of a finder's fee. since the times reported the fee, the mayor backed off and doubts he will get any money off the sale. there is no written agreement. he brought joy to kids for 20 years.
5:21 am
the joy that cost a popular macy's santa his job. plus a blast from the past. you won't believe some of the stuff they are digging up at the site of the new transbay terminal when we come back.
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. san francisco supervisors may take action to clear the
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way for the new transbay terminal. four properties are standing in the way of the project literally . the property owners have not agreed to sell. demolition has already begun on the old transit center. today san francisco supervisors will decide whether to take over the buildings through eminent domain. the wrecking ball has been coming down on the old transbay terminal so what's under all that rubble? anything worthwhile? here's ken bastida. >> reporter: doesn't really look like much now. but this empty lot used to be a thriving neighborhood. >> what we're doing in this particular area is looking at the daily lives of people who live in this block between the late gold rush which would be late 1840s, through the san francisco earthquake and fire 1906. >> reporter: heather price is an archeologist who, along with her team, has been uncovering a bit of san francisco's past. before it all gets covered up by the new transbay transit
5:25 am
center south of market, what they have found is nothing short of amazing. >> so one of the deepest finds and coolest finds that we made was thisser is ramming jar called an ol -- ceramic jar, an olive jar. >> reporter: probably from spain that got here by ship. when this was a working class gold rush neighborhood. >> the part of the city block that we excavated were people's backyards and we found all these little subdivided wooden shacks. >> reporter: in those little shacks 10 to 15 feet down, the team has uncovered a treasure of beer and soda water bottles of all shapes and sized. worse lincoln tainers, jugs -- porcelain containers, jugs, serving dishes, the remnants of san francisco life 150 years ago. so this would have been a little girl's somehow? >> probably a little kid's shoe wore a hole in the toe and we found lots and lots of shoes. >> reporter: archeologists plan
5:26 am
to dig at several more locations as the project moves forward to take a long look back. go to, click on the icon to send me your good question. the supreme court has agreed to consider whether to throw out a bay area-based lawsuit against wal-mart. next spring the high court will review a ruling by an appeals court in san francisco which involves a discrimination case with 1 1/2 million women. six plaintiffs in a class action suit claims wal-mart pays women less than men and promotes women less frequently. 5:26. we are learning more about what caused a popular east bay restaurant fire. plus, one of the most wanted men in the world in hiding no more. how the founder of wikileaks was caught. a powerful explosion levels half of an oakland duplex last night leaving a man in critical condition this morning. that story coming up. millbrae police are asking
5:27 am
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from 15 leading brands, including tully's. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. woman: way to brew. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. good morning. it's tuesday, december 7. i'm sydnie kohara. sydnie kohara has the day off. an oakland man is in the hospital this morning with critical burns after his house exploded last night. sharon chin is in east oakland, where firefighters blame the
5:30 am
blast on a natural gas line. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. to get an idea of the impact, i want to show you the actual house to see that the second story has completely collapsed. 61-year-old man is listed in critical condition this morning with burns on more than 80% of his body after an apparent natural gas line explosion at his home. firefighters say the man was inside the duplex he owns at 87th and dowling. witnesses report an explosion that sent glass and drywall flying. the victim, whom they identify as leon spencer, was on the second floor and may have been blown out of the house. fire crews got a report of a structure fire after 8:00 last night but the flames were out when they got there. neighbors put out the flames and gave the man first aid until emergency help arrived. >> an explosion and red, fire. you could see it through the windows just total explosion. >> saw this guy laying down on
5:31 am
the ground with flames all over him. so i jumped over the fence and started pulling his clothes off. >> reporter: are his clothes on fire? >> yes. so i had to pull him totally naked. >> reporter: the home owner lived on the ground floor and was having the second floor renovated the explosion also rocked the building next door shattering some 20 windows forcing three adults and a child to stay elsewhere last night. fire crews believe that the natural gas line exploded in this case and pg&e doesn't believe it was caused by a leak in their equipment. but it appears to have started outside the home, where pg&e says gas lines and appliances are the responsibility of the home owners. so this investigation continues this morning. and, of course, the 61-year-old man remains in critical condition at highland hospital. juliette. >> thank you, sharon chin in oakland. and there is new information about a fire that
5:32 am
destroyed a vacant walnut creek restaurant. investigators have are partly claiming it on a poorly maintained sprinkler system. homeless people are known it take shelter there. there was a million dollars in damage. tonight a state legislator representing san bruno will hold a forum there about pipeline safety. assemblyman jerry hill has introduced legislation to toughen safety rules and increase oversight to try and prevent a repeat of september's deadly gas explosion. a b6 5 would force utilities to share emergency plans with fire and police departments and it would require the installation of valves that close automatically when a pipeline ruptures. police on the peninsula are on the hunt for a cop imposter who pretends to be an officer and pulls people over. anser hassan is in millbrae to explain his m.o. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. a man pulled over a female
5:33 am
driver as she approached this in-n-out burger yesterday here in millbrae. we're at the corner of rollins road and millbrae avenue. yesterday, just around 1 p.m., a female driver says the man in military clothing driving a pickup truck with flashing lights pulled her over and tried to give her a fake speeding ticket. when see asked to see the ticket, the man took off. and that's when she called police. a similar incident was reported by a flight crew on the way to sfo heading south on 101. they didn't stop when the man tried to pull them over but they did report the incident to police as soon as they got to the airport. pacifica police are also reporting a similar incident yesterday. but no word if the three are related. now, here's what we know of the male driver. he is said to be 5'6" in military clothing. he is clean-shaven and has a shaved head. he is driving a teal colored nissan frontier. now, we have called out to millbrae police. we'll bring you the latest at
5:34 am
6:00. >> thank you, anser hassan. cold cases are growing in san francisco. the police department has more than 1100 unsolved murders during the last 25 years. it's also handling 900 reported but unsolved sexual assaults since 2000. the board of supervisors will vote on a $400,000 grant to dedicate more officers to the cold cases. 5:34 now. a little dry spell for now. here's tracy with our forecast. hey, trace. >> hey, juliette. a little dry spell for now. going to be a little short spell like if you blink you might miss it. yesterday afternoon was absolutely fabulous. plenty of sunshine across the bay area, mild temperatures. today a little bit more of the same. so we're going to focus briefly on the mild temperatures that we're expecting later on today. san francisco average daytime high this time of the year 60 degrees. san jose 60. concord 58. santa rosa 57. today we're kicking it up a notch. 63 in san francisco.
5:35 am
65 san jose. 65 concord and 62 in santa rosa. those temperatures three to five to seven degrees higher than average. take a look at what's off in the distance. more rainfall moving in tomorrow. we'll take a look at that seven-day forecast in just a few moments. that's a look at your weather. for your traffic, here is elizabeth. >> thank you, tracy. >> we are going out to city streets in castro valley. word of a residential structure fire and they have roads blocked off in the area. pretty close to the 580 freeway as you can see, as well. fern way is shut down between edwards lane and ohmega avenue, a residential area. the fire crews are out there now. we'll have more details as we get them. word of a new accident as well approaching the san mateo bridge toll plaza. a car went off the road into a ditch. fire crews and ambulance are on the scene now blocking the right lane approaching the toll plaza. we are told there is no big
5:36 am
delay to traffic. as you can see, once you get on the bridge traffic it free- flowing across the span. highway 4, we are now starting to see our first little bit of slowing from a street towards somersville. back to you. >> thank you. the future of prop 8 is now in the hands of three judges this morning. the federal appeals court heard three hours of arguments in san francisco yesterday. it has yet to decide two issues. does prop 8 violate the state's constitution? and can marriage be defined as a union between same-sex couples? >> california has engraved discrimination on the basis of sex and sexual orientation. >> the name of marriage is effectively the institution. and the issue here is whether it will be redefined essentially to be a genderless institution. >> the panel includes a liberal, conservative and moderate judge. the moderate could be the
5:37 am
deciding vote. the days of hiding are over for the founder of wikileaks. julian assange surrendered to police this morning. he is due in court on two separate charges of sexual assault. legal troubles have grown for assange since releasing state department documents. bank accounts for his site have been cancelled and its also the target of cyberattacks. the wife of senator john edwards may only have weeks to live. elizabeth edwards is gravely ill suffering from cancer. she was diagnosed back in 2004. her family says that doctors believe further treatment would be unproductive. the 61-year-old separated from her husband after he admitted having an affair and fathering a child with another woman. 5:37. after weeks of fighting, president obama and the republicans agreed on tax cuts and jobless benefits. as preeti arla explains it might be a hard sell for some democrats. reporter: vice president
5:38 am
biden heads to capitol hill to pitch a new tax cut deal to democrats. the plan, which president obama and republicans agreed to monday, would offer a two-year extension of bush era tax cuts not just for the middle class but for higher income earners, as well. >> it's not perfect. but this compromise is an essential step on the road to recovery. >> reporter: the white house won a 13 month extension of unemployment benefits as part of the deal. there would also be a one-year, 2% cut in payroll taxes. but the president gave in to gop demands to temporarily keep estates under $5 million free from federal estate taxes. >> i'm confident congress will do the right thing. >> reporter: it may be a tough sell among democrats who think the president should have held out for more. >> certainly none of us in the house have signed off on any kind of understanding like this. we are going to have to look very carefully at the details. >> reporter: senate minority leader mitch mcconnell applauded the deal in a
5:39 am
statement saying, i'm optimistic that democrats in the congress will show the same openness to preventing tax hikes the administration has already shown. if lawmakers don't act before the end of the year, taxes will go up for everybody. preeti arla for cbs news, washington. more questioning today about the deadly oil spill in the gulf of mexico. a federal panel is expected to grill bp and transocean executives about the disaster. it's the 6th series of hearings before the panel. the explosion killed 11 people back in april. it is the worst oil spill in u.s. history. the secretary of defense has dropped in for an unannounced visit to afghanistan. robert gates is there to assess progress in the nine-year conflict. he is trying to learn whether the u.s. can meet its goal of starting to withdraw forces next july. he is expected to meet with afghan president hamid karzai during his visit. secretary gates says he is
5:40 am
not optimistic that congress will vote to repeal "don't ask, don't tell" before the lame duck session ends. meanwhile the head of the marine corps says it's up to policymakers in washington to decide the issue of gays in the military. the marine commander has expressed concern that repealing "don't ask, don't tell" could affect troops at war. 5:40. nipping cancer in the bud. what you should take every day to fight off the illness. and can you hear me now? the best and worst cell phone carriers in a new consumer report when we come back. ,,,,,,,,
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our forecast for this morning we have some clouds out there. partly cloudy conditions affected as you head out the door as well as some valley fog
5:43 am
reported well inland. take that into consideration this morning. your temperatures in the lower 40s and 50s. not bad. how about for this afternoon? temperatures warming up to the mid- to upper 60s across the bay area. plenty of sunshine expected. and our coolest spots will be along the coastline with the upper 50s at the coast to the lower 60s and temperatures basically highs in the mid-60s around the bay. a nice satellite and radar does a good job of telling the story. not a lot of clouds expected today. a mix of sun and clouds. but we do have clouds on approach and they are going to be coming in giving us a chance of rainfall as early as late tonight as well as during the day tomorrow. we are going to kept a chance of showers in the forecast compliments of this low pressure system back here. rainfall expected tomorrow, wednesday. then a few leftover showers thursday and friday. in the meantime today high pressure system in control. a nice dry break. nice day. plenty of sunshine. mild temperatures. here they are.
5:44 am
65 in concord, 64 in livermore, 63 in fremont, 65 in san jose, 66 in oakland, 63 in san francisco, lower 60s in vallejo and san rafael, lower 60s in failed, 64 in napa and 62 in santa rosa. a few clouds coming in and temperatures pretty mild. rain tomorrow. weekend the best part. 60s on saturday. sunday warmer. sunday and monday near 70 in the warmest spots. and the mid-60s at the coast. pretty nice weekend considering we're in the month of december. that's a look at your weather. for your traffic, here is elizabeth. >> thank you, tracy. >> what are we on now, tuesday? never too early to start talking about the weekend. [ laughter ] >> that was a lot of focus on saturday and sunday. >> whoops! [ laughter ] let me face forward here. let's talk about the san mateo bridge. so far there is no delay
5:45 am
heading towards the toll plaza. but we had that accident a car that went off the road into a ditch. fire crews blocking the right lanes but no delays at the pay gates. on the bridge a nice clip. westbound 92 our drive time continues to update still should be about 13 or 14 minutes in these lanes towards foster city and the peninsula. same thing in the other direction heading in r towards the east bay and hayward. our slowest spots right now no surprise highway 4 through antioch really starting to get slow though especially around a street. you can see that line of red on our traffic sensors. speeds according to our little code here under 25 miles per hour. also backed upcoming out of the altamont pass. sluggish westbound 580 towards 680 about a 15-minute drive time. speeds pick up closer to the dublin interchange. all right. we have a little more information about this residential structure fire in castro valley. turns out the smaller fire one- alarm fire, but they still have fern way closed in both
5:46 am
directions between edwards lane and ohmega avenue. no problems on the freeway. outside a quick look at the south bay a live look at the guadalupe parkway. this is near taylor street and those headlights are moving northbound towards the airport. southbound 87 looks good heading towards downtown san jose. if anything changes, remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you. here's a check of today's top stories. police on the peninsula are looking for a man who pretends to be an officer. they say he wears military clothing and tries to pull people over and demand money. there were at least two incidents yesterday including one outside a restaurant in millbrae. the suspect is driving a teal colored nissan frontier pickup. a home explosion under investigation in east oakland this morning. the explosion set a man on fire
5:47 am
in the house. he is reported in critical condition this morning. and san francisco supervisors may take action today to clear the way for a new transit center. four properties continue to stand in the way of the transbay transit center project because the property owners have not agreed to sell. it can lead to those properties being acquired by eminent domain. a pill a day that may be a key player in the fight against cancer. a new study shows a daily low dose of aspirin substantially reduced the death rates from several common cancers. researchers found the risk of death went down 30% for lung cancer over a 20 year span. other types of cancer also saw big drops. however, experts say the results don't mean that everyone should start taking aspirin. many parents have long suspected it, sending your kids to daycare is good for their health when they get older. cbs news correspondent sandra hughes explains why.
5:48 am
>> reporter: like many mothers, joanne lombardo was torn about her decision to put her baby in daycare and go back to work. >> at one time i thought okay you know what? i think it's time maybe i should stay home because i started feeling guilty and, you know, and she is constantly sick, she is so little. >> reporter: but joanne's anxiety was eased by other moms. >> a lot of people that i knew they said you know what hang in there because by the time your daughter reaches kindergarten, then she is never going to be sick. >> reporter: a report published this month in the archives of pediatrics and adolescent medicine backs up what some parents know. children who attend large group daycare facilities before age 2.5 appear to develop more respiratory and ear infections at that age. but fewer illnesses later. >> these children who acquire lots of infection during daycare, first of all it didn't harm them.
5:49 am
it actually stimulated their immune systems. >> reporter: children in smaller daycare or who stayed at home had fewer illnesses when they were young but got sick once they went to school. joanne lombardo says in the long run, that's worse. >> it's better off that they miss the school now with the daycare as opposed to when they are actually in the school system. >> reporter: when being in class every day is crucial for learning. sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. 5:49 now. just in time for christmas, a new library for you ereader. google has launched its own internet book store with about 15 million titles. the mountain view company also has deals with some 4,000 publishers to carry new releases. google may also start offering millions of out of print titles if it wins a federal court case. a popular bay area santa claus has been fired for telling naughty jokes. the "chronicle" reports john toomey who had worked at the macy's in union square for 20 years was let go on saturday
5:50 am
after some parents complained when the santa asks older people who sit on his lap if they're good and they say yes, he reportedly says, that's too bad. and when they ask why santa is so jolly, he says, it's because he knows where all the naughty boys and girls live. he has reportedly been saying this joke for years. so far, macy's isn't commenting. some call it the liar card. others hire detectives. the sneaky thing he could workers are doing forcing companies to take action. plus it's not your regular facebook page. the inspiration one fremont teen has sparked in the wake of the san bruno explosion. could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you- now, that's progressive.
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okay, now here's our holiday gift list. aww, not the mall. well, i'll do the shopping... if you do the shipping. shipping's a hassle. i'll go to the mall. hey. hi. you know, holiday shipping's easy with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. yea, i know. oh, you're good. good luck! priority mail flat rate shipping starts at $4.90 only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. a 12-year-old is behind an online effort to help survivors
5:53 am
of the explosion and fire in san bruno. angelo tomascy of fremont had no previous ties to san bruno but really wanted to help so set up a facebook page which has 2300 followers and counting. people can log on to do everything from soliciting donations to announcing events. >> some people think that, you know, kids can't do anything, like they can't do anything. but i pretty much proved them wrong. >> even the city of san bruno uses angelo's neighborhoods site on occasion. at&t is dead last in cell phone customer service according to a new survey. consumer reports says more than half of the at&t customers who have responded have an iphone. and they were generally less satisfied with their service than other cell phone customers. as for good service, u.s. cellular was the top rated followed by verizon and sprint. we have been asking you on facebook what your worst cell
5:54 am
phone experience is. "never had a worst. i have used verizon for over 10 years from boston to all over the west coast even very small coastal towns, always had a connection. i'm lucky i guess." chris says, "worst experience, dropped 911 call because i was holding the phone wrong." to read other comments or share yours, log on to our cbs 5 page on facebook and we'll share your answers. if you play hooky from work, watch out employers are hiring detectives to find out if workers who call in sick are really sick. a study found 57% of salaried workers took sick days when they weren't really sick. that's a 20% jump from the previous report. some companies are even using new technology called the liar card. it claims to veal if an employee is telling the truth during that sick call. interesting. hey, trace, now that there's an app that if you say you're at a restaurant, you can
5:55 am
just put the restaurant noise in the background? maybe you can have a doctor's office app on your cell phone. >> cool. like if you say you got kids screaming in the background and you have an app for that? >> i already have that going on. that's an easy one. >> i figured you were going to say that. [ laughter ] today's forecast, you don't need an app for that plenty of sunshine for that. highs in the 60s. mild temperatures across the bay area. rainfall moving in tomorrow, and a continued chance of showers thursday and friday. check out that weekend. saturday and sunday and monday, pretty good. temperatures near 70 degrees in our warmest spots. and here's a look at ourmy picks photo. beautiful fall day in livermore, that's a nice day. taken at concannon vineyard. if you have a nice photo to share, send it to that's a look at your weather. for your traffic, here is elizabeth. >> thank you, tracy. that is very pretty. i love fall. let's go to the san mateo bridge. we are continuing to follow
5:56 am
this accident. it was approaching the toll plaza on westbound 92. a car went off the road into a ditch. the road at last check fire crews were still block the right lane but no delay to traffic at all. as you can see, 67 miles per hour as you head towards the bridge. and this is what it looks like past the toll plaza. it's fine in both directions and still a nice 13-minute drive time between hayward and foster city so that's our only accident that chp is working right now. right now the dumbarton bridge close to the san mateo bridge is moving fine on westbound 84 heading towards menlo park. no problems there. we'll take a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. obviously one of our biggest commute spots. kind of mistier conditions going on but otherwise no delay approaching the toll plaza. they picked up all the construction in the lower deck. we had some earlier construction on the lower deck blocking a couple of lanes near the serve but that's gone so now traffic heading into san francisco and oakland look great and mass transit no delays to anything.
5:57 am
bart, ace, muni and caltrain all quiet. back to you. >> thank you. in the next half hour, you have heard of a finder's fee. now talk of a cash reward for a california mayor if some state buildings are sold. plus pay more to ride. brace yourself for a spike in cab prices. the new amount being voted on today. an oakland man remains in critical condition after a powerful explosion rocks his home. what may have caused that explosion coming up. and millbrae police are asking for your help in trying to find a man issuing fake speeding tickets. ,,,,,,
5:58 am
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what's in your wallet? your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. a house explosion in oakland. the home destroyed and the owner badly burned. what may have caused the blast. plus arrested in london, the legal troubles ahead for the founder of wikileaks and they have nothin


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