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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 8, 2010 1:35am-2:10am PST

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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." she inspired many with her battle against cancer. tonight, remembering elizabeth edwards. >> hi speed rail means a bridge right in the middle of downtown san jose, why that image comes to mind for some residents as not a pretty one. ho ho ho. >> jolly old st. nick lands on the naughty list. the joke that got this santa sacked and the job offer he received tonight. good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. the president says her fortitude and grace will long remain a source of inspiration. tonight tributes are pouring in for elizabeth edwards who died today with cancer at the age of
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61. dean reynolds shows us edwards spoke frankly about not letting her deadly disease get in the way of her intentions for living. >> you trust to get it done. >> reporter: she was often direct an to the point even about the illness which today took her life. >> you really have two choices, you push forward with the things you were doing yesterday, or you start dying. that seems to me your only two choices. >> we're very optimistic. >> reporter: she pushed forward through six years, through several campaigns for high office, through a readorns of the illness and through her husband's infidelity. >> there are days when those who have been what i have been threw in my marriage or lost somebody they care about have days when they pull the covers right back up over their heads and stay put. >> reporter: she died this morning at her home in chapel el hill, north carolina. doctors had told her further treatment would be unproductive but held out the hope she had
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maybe a few weeks more. it was not to be. and in a statement a short time ago the edwards family said "today we have lost the comfort of elizabeth's presence but she remains the heart of this family." and it was her family. her two daughters, her son and her estranged husband john who were with her at the end."we love her" the family statement continued "and will never know anyone more inspired and full of life." she could be difficult and head strongs behind the scenes orsenter stage. but the portraits her admirers recalled this afternoon, passionate, inspirational, could ragous were on display for years as her death drew closer. during her illness she somehow found the strength to write two best selling books about her life and struggles. >> i'm hoping that's one thing this discussion will fix that people will see that you're not
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necessarily dying of cancer but that you can live with cancer and that you can live full lives, concentrate on the things that matter to u we're all gonna day and i pretty much know what i'm gonna die of now, but i do want to live as full and normal a life as i can, from this point on. >> reporter: dean reynolds, cbs news. dr r death. and well tonight a brentwood man is under arrest i cuesed of using a truck to drive a woman to her death. and surveillance video is helping investigators recreate a minute by minute detail. the disturbing details police have pieced together so far. >> lucy a have a you la d tried to hide from our cameras but did not hide his guilt. >> we do have a confession from the suspect. >> reporter: that can only be
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described as a vicious and bloody measured by pickup truck. he is accused of driving 47- year-old shelley baker at the market at the corner of 18th street just before 2:00 a.m. but what happened in the dark came to light courtesy of the gasoline surveillance camera next door. >> looks like some of her property is being pulled or thrown out of the vehicle. >> reporter: by have a you la, say police, who was arguing with baker. as she bends to pick up strewn belongings surveillance video shows him jumping behind the wheel of the pickup truck, gunning the engine, and -- >> hits the victim very hard with the front end, knocks the victim down. the vehicle proceeds through the parking lot and it appears that the victim is under the vehicle for some time. >> reporter: the skid marks suggest the antioch woman was dragged more than 50 feet before the curb dislodged her body from the undercarriage. the market's manager tells cbs5
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his lot has been coma haven for the homeless and prostitution. he allegedly told police he just met his victim. perhaps that explains this response. >> he has made some statements trying to mitigate his culpability on this issue. >> reporter: his motive may be at question but police say what was captured on camera was crystal clear. >> was clearly intentional. >> reporter: in antioch, robert liles, cbs5. other bay area headlines now. the man police say beat a priest in loss galt ospleaded not guilty today. william lynch says the priest, gerald lindner, moe lefted him and his brother nearly three decades ago during a camping trip. the priest denies the accusation, they say he tracked him to his retirement home and beat him up this year. supporters of the dream act held a candlelight vigil tonight.
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it would allow young isa chance to earn citizenship if they meet requirements includingen rolling in college or the u.s. military. the house is expected to vote on the dream act this week. they said "are you deborah collins," i said"yes," i was so shocked he knew my name. it was like "i'm found." >> the woman stranded in the santa cruz mountains for nearly a week held a news conference tonight. deborah collins said she stayed positive and new she would be found. she said she was walking in the woods late last month when she twisted her ankle. she spent six nights in 30 tree temperatures. two hikers set out to find her and did. she was weak, tired, and cold, but not seriously hurt. well it's full speed ahead for the state's planned 800- mile long high speed rail project. good news for travelers, not so good for people in downtown who say it might be an eyesore. kiet do joins us from san jose
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to explain toe options and obstacles discussed tonight. kiet? >> reporter: the city is is in the early stages of trying to figure out just what this rail line might look like when or if it comes through san jose. but one thing is very clear. this is going to take a long time and not everyone is going to be happy. when it comes to design it is a fine line between being iconic and being ugly. this is what the california high speed rail authority thinks an elevated track might look like. the concrete towers could stand like this, 20 to 60 feet tall with suspension cables. lorena alvarez says she could see it from her window and says the concept design is beautiful you don't mind looking at it every day? >> i don't mind looking at it but i'm just worried about the noise. >> reporter: at hasan josi council meeting the mayor says
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a tunnel is expensive and unlikely to happen. but they decided to study the options. >> tell us what tunneling is all about, you could have that conversation knowing all the facts are on the table, if it is under or above ground, if it above ground what will it look like. >> reporter: the white bay a bridge is not new. the city will adopt visual design guidelines to make sure if a bridge is eventually built it isn't an eyesore. how are you going to keep it from looking ugly? >> ugly sometimes is in the eye of the beholder but if you see ugly you usually know ugly. >> reporter: it would dominate the sky but, at this slow pace, she is not worried. >> i won't be around, i'm 81 years old. >> reporter: so that's kind of a morbid way to look at it? >> it's terrible to say that, but i hope to live to be 100. >> reporter: and so the city tonight voted to spend $200,000
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on consultants and staffing to make sure this bridge, if it is a bridge, looks world-class. and the rail authority expects to be moving passengers by about 2020. ken? >> sounds good. kiet do in san jose. thanks kiet. one of the bay area's most loved san takes fired for a joke he told hundreds of times. did santa john's humor go too far? >> check in out, how you can get your hands on these big rocks. today turned out to be the warmest day of the workweek. now we have rain moving in. now we have rain moving in. the commute, it will affect, we,
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that awesome? enter the "tron: legacy" get on the grid sweepstakes, at this film not yet rated. it themselves. some bay area cities are finding it easy to make money these days by minuting it themselves. businesses in west marin are using specifically-designed tokens to promote local companies. businesses buy them and give them out as change. the toe kentucky also raise money when people don't redeem them. since they are sold for $3 but cost only 1 buck to make the remaining $2 go to the coastal marin fund. >> that money goes into that organization and then is given out in grants to kids that need guitars for the music class, new books for the library, the fire department needs something. that money stays in the
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community. >> it has raised about 16,000 bucks. the first grand will be awarded next year t program is so popular it may start in the city of fairfax next year. it seems that santa is on his own naughty list this year. at least one macy's in san francisco thinks so. why he got the ho ho ho. >> reporter: where does santa stay in right next to the dollar store on market at the budget inn. let's go in and say hello. [ coughing ] >> reporter: 68-year-old john tumey has been explaining over and over again why, after 20 years as one of the main santas, macy's fired him. >> this couple came in and sat on my knee and i asked them if they'd been good and they said
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"oh yes" and i said"well that's too bad. you know why santa is so happy and jolly all the time, don't you. they said no, i said well that's because santa knows where all the naughty girls and boys live." >> methot it was a cute joke for grownups, he has been egg the it for 20 years. that couple complained. when macy's called the manager and told her the gig was up. >> they told her to get rid of me right now. >> reporter: really? that's all? we wanted to get macy's side of the story but they told us they don't comment on personnel matters. >> ho ho ho. >> reporter: but santa john is still laughing. there is now a facebook page to get him rehired and 900 comments on sf gates. i met him 10 years ago when he taught me how to be a santa in the bay area santa community, he is known as one of the real pros. >> if you come forward we'll give you a job double what you used to make and have a chair
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higher than you used to make. >> the owner of lefty o'douls wants him to work his annual toy drive with city firefighters and thinks having a celebrity santa would be great. he is a celebrity. >> tv stations, radio stations, print media all want a piece of santa now. >> reporter: getting fired could be the best career move this santa ever made. in san francisco, mike sugerman, cbs5. ho ho ho ho. >> it turns out santa john will work this holiday season, we're told he did accept that job at lefty oh duels leaf lefty o' towels. 69 degrees in gilroy. did you see the sunset? officially at 4:50 as we take a peek out towards the eastern portion of our bay area. now those clouds are all o technician leading edge of some rain showers. i'll move out of the way so you
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can see a little hint of the rain moving towards the northern portion of sonoma county t rain is falling around the northwestern section of the state of california by passing eureka and moving right into redding. bottom line is out the door tomorrow morning, you will need that umbrella with the rain, beginning in the north bay. gradually sliding towards the central bay and ending up towards the santa clara valley before lunchtime. there you have it. it's all associated with a really big area of low pressure. it's really beautiful. this right there, that's the frontal boundary, it wraps around back here. this is kind of like the heart, the meat of the storm, the core. that is what is going to push through our area during the day wednesday. then we have a little secondary impulse behind it so we'll be in and out of the rain all the way until your friday. okay. take a look at this. there's your morning commute. rain pretty much north of san francisco. then during the afternoon hours we paint and fill in the precipitation across the bay
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area, both commutes tomorrow will be almost equally as wet. and as far as your precipitation totals are concerned, by friday we're looking at up to 2 full inches of rain in the wettest spots of the north bay. generally an inch of rain, santa clara valley the, the south bay, getting a little shadow effect with only about 1/10th this is of an inch of precipitation. a southeast wind, 10 to 20 miles per hour, a little bit on the side and wet. we'll have a chance of a lingering shower thursday, then that second impulse moves in thursday night through your friday producing yet another risk of rain. clouds begin to clear late saturday leaving with us partial clearing sunshine and clearing for monday and tuesday. everybody was talking about it. did you see the beacon. >> just on our air. >> the beacon memorial to
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imperial harbor, thank you for being on top of it, all over it, you saw it tonight at mount diablo. quickly got on the computer. he sent his girl this picture. there you have it. >> nice. >> that's great. >> roberta. >> my friend. are you still making your holiday wish list? well a rare 40-carat sapphire ring is up for shale. it was on display today in menlo park. stephen silver fine jewelry is selling it for 75,000 bucks. if you're looking for earrings how about a pair of diamond earrings going for 1.5 million. for those who want more options they have also got a set of matching emeralds to make into whatever you please. they are worth about 3 1/2 million dollars. in tonig >> wow. okay, so now we're gonna go to dog pao. do you know the dos and don'ts of dog walking? of dog walking? ken is going ,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight's good question, "do i really have to clean up after my dog and what are the other rules about walking the dog?" national rodeo..i'm dod.. most dogs like to be outside, they like to run around, get a little fresh air. what's rule number 1? always on a leash? >> always on a leash. unless you have a huge back yard your dog is gonna need lots of exercise. >> lisa says walking the dog comes with do's and don'ts, most of them involve common sense. >> when you're on the sidewalk it's good to reel your dog in a bit. walk her walking on one side, the pet on the other, the leash in between. what am i supposed to do, jump up over your dog? >> don't take your dog into a restaurant where food is being prepared. be at of other people. even your local park. >> a bride was out taking her wedding shots, on her way to
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her reception, and a dog lifted his hind leg and peed on her. >> speaking of the pea thing, there is the other thing too. >> your leash here you have a little bag attached. what -- >> absolutely. >> i'm guessing that's for -- >> that's for if he why you are united states or defecates. it's never okay for your dog to do his business on someone's front porch or garden. >> go to, click on the i con to send me your good question. an amazing ride at the grand national rodeo today. i'm dennis o'donnell. when they say big ,,,,,,,,,,,,,a
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mismatch on very special sportscast, we can't tell you exactly why right now, but we will.
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okay that's a great toss. anyway the mav rick's had won 9 straight, the warriors had won 8 of their last 9. a mismatch on paper or on the court. what would have happened if the warriors had drafted dirk nowitzky instead, passed david lee on the baseline. down two. dorell wright ties the game with the steel and 2 dunk. then next play it's wright again this time for the lead. wright had 17 points and 11 rebounds. but warriors coach keith smart says something interesting. he says his team isn't playing hard enough. nowitzki finished with a game high 25 points, watch the slow reaction on defense here. jason kidd wide open for the three, can't do it. dallas' 10th win in a row. 105-100 is the final. in 1970 a gallon of gas cost 76 cents, jim stafford won for the stanford indians and
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mccartly left the band to join a band called "the wings." now, 40 years later and with a little luck, andrew luck wins the heisman. be wearing cal colors!!! he is flying to new york for saturday's big announcement and unlike the press conference he be wearing cal colors. >> i'ming the wearing blue and gold. >> i realized that on the way out. i have two dress shirts, the other one is in the wash and this is my only tie. so. -- >> did you buy a new suit for this. >> i did. i did. my mom gave me the green light to go get a new suit. she said i'm not gonna grow any more i might as well get one now. >> defensive end matt shaughnessy and darrius heyward- bey worked out with the kids as part of the nfl play 60 program at this your good marshall elementary school. they presented a grant check to the nfl for 10 grand to go to that pe program.
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derek jeter is 36 years old, coming off a career worst .270 batting average but got a new three-year contract for 51 million, not happy about how the negotiations went public. >> the negotiations were supposed to be private. that was an uncomfortable position i felt i was in. it was not an enjoyable experience. i would be lying to you if i said i wasn't angry at how some of this went. it's time for the top 5. check out the announcer at the end of this high school game in minnesota. >> schaefer has it. throws it up, oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh oh. >> they won the game. espn has lured the announcer away from channel 198. at number 4, grand nationals in vegas tonight. cody wright aboard sandman in saddle bonk, he won with an 88- point ride. how does he hold on?
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incredible. the rockets, number 3, doing their impersonation of the harlem globetrotters. the rockets win the game. junior league hockey, travis walk is 17 years old, put him on the charts, incredible goal tonight. number 1, lakers and wizards, nick young, the 360 move, with a little luck it goes down. lakers, though, win the basketball game. paul mccartney, you didn't know that. the stanford indians in 1970. >> thank you for sharing that with us. now we should share something with all of you. dennis' birthday. he is 50. doesn't he look good. great man. >> i'm glad this day is over. you're actually 50 years old. >> fide. >> fide. my new tractor said we make you my new tractor said we make you put grey hair to look more ,,,,,
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brought to you by cadillac, the new standard of the world. visit your new cadillac dealer today. >> captain jack sparrow on letterman tonight. johnny depp. >> yes. >> excited. shocking. >> yes. >> ho ho ho. >> happy birthday ,,


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