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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 8, 2010 4:30am-5:00am PST

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look at the radar.. parts of the bay area already seeing showers this morning. where you it's back. the rain returning. this is a live look at our radar, as you can see, parts of the bay area already seeing showers this morning. we'll tell you where you can expect a wet commute. plus: the motive behind an ambience murder. why a woman was dragged to her death. good morning, everyone, it is wednesday, the 8th of december. juliet has the morning off. you'll need to pack your umbrella this morning, it'll be a wet commute for a lot of you. let's go to tracy humphrey with the latest. >> you guys definitely need to pack the umbrella, maybe some nice rain boots. really coming down in parts of the north bay. we're seeing the yellow and brighter shades of orange.
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that's where you're more likely to run into pockets of heavy rainfall. let's move in just a bit. heavier showers through gurnville. more showers through st. helena. more rainfall moving down to the vallejo area. green, lighter rainfall into mill valley. more light showers just to the south of vallejo and moving into the concord area. now moving into parts of san jose. forecast for the morning, probably figured it out. cloudy with rainfall expected. temperatures range from the mid-40s to mid-50s. rain will do likely well through the afternoon. high cooling down. upper 60s to upper 50s. take a look at your 7-day forecast, weekend, just a couple
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days away. rainfall sticking around through then. we'll take a look in a few moments. >> let's start off in hayward. getting reports of a structure fire. they're doing traffic control in the area. they've actually closed off a stretch of foothill boulevard. we're starting off with a wet morning commute. watch out for those wet pavement, wet surfaces. live look at the san mateo bridge. westbound 92. so far about a 13-minute drive time in either direction. traffic still very light. at 4:32 this morning. all right, mass transit might be a good option. everything is running on time. 13 trains running on time. ace, muni and caltrain reporting no delay. it is 4:32.
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this morning, antioch police trying to learn the relationship between a murder suspect and the woman he's accused of killing. a 51-year-old from brentwood admitted using his truck as a murder weapon yesterday. >> reporter: he didn't hide his alleged guilt from antioch police. >> we have a confession from the suspect. >> reporter: a vicious and bloody murder by pick-up truck. he's accused of driving 47-year-old shelly baker to this market at the corner of 18th street just before 2:00 a.m. but what happened in the dark came to light. courtesy of the gas station surveillance camera next door. >> looks like some of her property is being either pulled or thrown out of the vehicle. >> reporter: by the man who was arguing with baker. surveillance video shows him jumping behind the wheel of this
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silver nissan pick-up truck, gunning the engine. >> hit the victim very hard with the front end, knocks the victim down. the vehicle proceeds through the parking lot and it appears the victim is under the vehicle for some time. >> reporter: the woman was dragged more than 50 feet before the curb dislodged her body from the undercarriage. the markets manager tells cbs 5, it's become a haven for the homeless and prostitution. he says he just met his victim. perhaps that explains this response. >> he's made statements trying to mitigate his culpability on this issue. >> reporter: his motive may be at question, but what was captured on camera is crystal clear. >> was clearly intentional. >> reporter: in antioch, robert liles, cbs 5. a registered sex offender is
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scheduled to be back in court today. 36-year-old eugene ramos is accused of sexual assault on a 2-year-old girl while her relatives shopped in the next aisle. an inmate who escaped from custody last week is scheduled to be arraigned in santa cruz this morning. 24-year-old maurice ainsworth is facing charges. two homes wee invaded during the five hours that ainsworth was on the loose. the governor elect is the center of attention in sacramento today. jerry brown will hold a meeting about the state's budget deficit. he's invited all the state lawmakers and constitutional
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officers. among them is outgoing governor schwarzenegger's finance director. the san jose city council urging state's high speed rail authority to keep studying the option of an underground tunnel downtown. yesterday's vote echoes the feeling among leaders of the many cities along the proposed route. their concerned that an elevated track would be a divisive eye sore. the rail authority says a tunnel would be unfeasible adding $2 billion to construction costs. elevated tracks can be designed to look attractive. mayor chuck reid and the city council want to keep options open. >> tell us what is tunnelling all about and you're able to have the conversation knowing all the facts are on the table and we could get to whether it's underground or above ground. if it's above ground, what's it look like? >> the city plans to adopt visual design guidelines for any above ground options. the america's cup could
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bring big changes to theport of san francisco. it could mean building a second cruise terminal. the city has been running to host the sail and grace in 2013. a board of supervisors committee will meet to discuss the financial impact. analysts estimated that event could bring in more than a billion dollars to the bay area. some city leaders worry the event will cost too much to host. president obama facing an uphill battle, convincing fellow democrats in the house to support his tax compromise. the president spoke yesterday in defense of the deal he made with republican leaders. some democrats are upset that the president game in to republican demands including an extension of tax cuts for the wealthy and a lower estate tax. the president says compromise is the only way to get an overall plan passed. he says if nothing is aed, everyone would pay
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a-- approved, everyone would pay higher taxes next year. >> might have been good politics, but a bad deal for the economy and bad deal for the american people. >> vice president joe biden will try to sell the idea to house democrats later today. 4:38. elizabeth edwards is being remembered today as a woman who showed courage through tragedy, betrayal and her own six-year battle with cancer. joel brown tells us how she's become a symbol of strength. >> reporter: elizabeth edwards died tuesday morning at her home in chapel hill north carolina, surrounded by her three children, friends and her estranged husband john. a statement released by her family reads: edwards family says monday she had weeks to live. she posted a message on her facebook page that said:
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president obama says he and the first lady are deeply saddened by the passing of edwards. she revealed the kind of fortitude and grace that will long remain a source of inspiration. vice president biden and secretary of state hillary clinton also released statements. biden said edwards fought a brave battle. clinton said she made her mark on america and will not be forgotten. >> reporter: edwards looked well at one of her final appearances. the stand up to cancer benefit in september. it was breast cancer that refused to stop its deadly spread. elizabeth edwards was 61 years old. >> the family asked that
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donations be made to the wade edwards foundation named in honor of the couple's 16-year-old son who died in 1996. 4:40. keeping jobs at a local bay area city taking a big step to boost its workforce. before you return that holiday gift, you may need more than just the receipt. the personal information that some stores are asking for now. plus: it's supposed to boot up your computer in just ten seconds, how google's latest invention could take the laptop world by storm. ,,,,
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. in it's going to be a wet morning out there. buckets of rainfall coming down the north bay. more than an inch possible by the end of the day. we'll look at your complete forecast for the rest of the bay area in a few moments. san francisco supervisors want more hometown workers hired
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for city-funded construction projects. yesterday they approved a quota for hiring construction workers. in the first two years, 20% of those hired must live in san francisco. that would go up by five percentage points each year until it reaches 50%. it's still awaiting approval from the mayor. attention holiday shoppers, before you make those final purchases, you may want to double check the return policy. on the consumer watch, julie watts reports on how several retailers are asking for your personal information. >> and the cashier said "i need to see your driver's license." i thought that was strange, i had my receipt. >> reporter: leslie was just plain uncomfortable when the children's place required they scan her id in order to make a return. >> they have all my information and maybe even a photograph of me, i don't know. >> reporter: it's not just the children's place. more and more stores are forcing
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you to swipe. some like victoria's secret say they don't store your personal data, but many like the fish line and children's place do. >> so the stores are trying to reduce the losses that come. >> reporter: susan freewell says the practice isn't surprising. retailers are expected to lose about $3.7 billion to fraudulent returns this holiday season alone. swiping your license is totally legal. it's in the dmv civil code and the disclaimer is often on the receipt. your information will be retained in a database. but where does that information go? >> apparently there's a third party called the return exchange. which is a company that contracts with the retailers. >> finish line and the children's place send their data to the retail equation, formerly the return exchange. the retail equation tells us they're not worried about hackers, necessary use the same type of security as credit card companies. >> i wouldn't be comfortable
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until um, i see some auditing in place. >> but internet security expert rob rotwell points out the standards are subject to third party audits. the retailers who store your information, are not. he points out, the more information a store collects, the more attractive it is to identity thieves. >> it was a couple months later, i had my identity stolen. >> while leslie doesn't know how her identity was stolen, she does know she won't be making returns this holiday season at stores that require a driver's license. >> on the consumer watch, julie watts, cbs 5. there is legislation being drafted that may help regulate how and how long those stores keep your personal information. so if you want to check your return activity report, log onto our website. cbs click news and then consumer. google just unveiled its plans for a major shake-up of the computer industry.
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a classic three-pronged approach. the newly opened chrome web store and the upcoming chrome operating system. google says the web-based operating system will be more secure than standard operating systems. notebooks using this new operating system should be on the market by the middle of next year. most cities are dealing with the cash crunch, but one bay area city is making its own money. plus: think all the bickering is bad? they have nothing on south korea. we'll tell you what sparked a violent brawl. this kris kringle may be having some people complained about what they say was a naughty joke and it cost a popular macy's santa his job. coming up: why this chris kringle may be having the last laugh.
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the country's budget... turned it is 4:48. with tensions already high in south korea, a hot debate on the country's budget turned into an
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all-out brawl in parliament. there we go. that's a good one. that looks like jerry springer. at least one lawmaker was injured last night when legislators from rival parties clashed over next year's budget plan. around 400 lawmakers: looks like they're moving furniture. lawmakers from the democratic party and minor opposition parties blocked the party from entering the meeting. wikileaks isn't backing off even though its founder is in jail. the website known for publishing secret government documents, founder julianne assange is fighting extradition to sweden to face sex crime charges. new this morning: former have been dick chan eney facing bribery charges in nigeria.
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this morning stems from when cheney was the ceo of halliburton. halliburton and other companies paid $180 million in bribes to win a multibillion dollar contract to build a liquified natural gas plant. cheney's lawyer denies the allegations. it's going to be a wet commute out there. here's a look at our hi-def doppler. we are busy this morning. north bay locations, that's where it is really coming down this morning. that's where we're going to focus and concentrate on initially. heavy rainfall, that's illustrated by the yellow and even a couple shades of orange in here. we have some heavier rainfall moving into calistoga and rainfall period, light showers through santa rosa, petaluma, also through napa as well as vallejo. you can see light rainfall moving into hercules area and also moving in to the south of ridge bend. as we move down more, we're
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seeing more rainfall across parts of the bay area, down to south bay, san mateo. palo alto. sunnyvale and millipedis. cloudy with rainfall expected in the morning. more rainfall likely through the afternoon with today's highs in the upper 50s. cooling down from yesterday's warmer temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s. here's a look at satellite and radar, we have a system moving through. that's the rainfall associated with it. rainfall for us, snowfall for this year. how much can you expect today? up to an inch and a half in the north bay. up to a half inch along the peninsula. up to a half inch in the santa cruz mountains. quarter inch in the south bay, 3/10 of an inch in the east bay. leftover showers will be in the forecast thursday and friday. not expecting thursday or friday to be a washout, you'll see sunshine, but a few showers still remain in the forecast. saturday and sunday we have
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sunshine. temperatures will warm back up. more sunshine monday and another round of showers back in the forecast for tuesday. that's a look at your wet morning, here's your commute with elizabeth. >> thank you, tracy. >> we're expecting those numbers, incidents to go up. usually happens with racial. like tracy's been talking about. towards the bay bridge, toll plaza, we noticed this shot was dark. turns out, the street lights are out as you approach the pay gates. the lights are on at the toll booths themselves, illuminating the south track and tell you what the toll is, but the street light themselves are out. watch out for that, especially with the rain. makes things a little more treacherous. other-wise, metering lights are off. we have road work going on on the south bay. the onramps and god lure ya
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guadeloupe parkway, again until about 5:00. this drive still looks great. towards the dublin interchange. one live look outside. 880 through oakland. no big accidents out there yet. pretty quiet as far as your commute goes through oakland. taillights, northbound traffic, heading up towards downtown and mass transit, all running on time. the latest traffic information and weather information. 7:40 a.m. that's your traffic and weather. back to you, sidney . it is 4:53. some state lawmakers criticizing the head of california's public utilities commission. jerry hill and others meeting yesterday in san bruno, the site of the deadly explosion and fire, tied to a pg&e gas pipeline. hill has written a bill calling
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for utilities to prioritize pipeline repairs and install valves that could automatically seal off a rupture line. it would ban utilities to pay for penalties from the puc. some bay area cities are finding it easy to make monies these days by meanting it themselves. businesses in west moran used specifically designed tokens to promote local companies. people can buy the coins and decide to keep or use them. they cost only a dollar to make and cost $3, the remaining $2 is given to an organization and given out in grants the kids need guitars for the music class. new books for the library, the fire department needs something. that money stays in the community. >> so far the program has raised about $16,000. the first grant will be awarded next year. the program is so popular it may start in fairfax next year as
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well. 4:54. he lost his job for telling what some say was a naughty joke. this morning, that san francisco santa has a new twinkle in his eye with a new job at o'doulle o'doulle's. . >> reporter: right next to the dollar store on market, the budget in. let's say hello. >> john tombie had trouble catching his breath today. he's been explaining over and over again why after 20 years as one of the main santa's, macy's fired him. >> this couple came in and sat on my knee and i asked them if they've been good and they said "oh yes" and i said "well that's too bad." you know why santa's so happy
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and jolly all the time don't you? they said no. i said that's because santa knows where all the naughty boys and girls live. >> reporter: he said he's been telling it for 20 years. that couple complained. macy's called his manager and told her the gig was up. >> they told her to get rid of me right now. >> that's all? >> we wanted to get macy's side of the story. they told us, they don't comment on personnel matters. >> but santa john is still laughing. there's now a facebook page to get him rehired and 900 comments on sf gates. i met him ten years ago when he taught me how to be a santa. santa john is known as one of the real pros.
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>> owner nick bogus worked the toy drive with city firefighters. having such a celebrity santa would be great. he is a celebrity. >> tv stations, radio stations, print media, all want a piece of santa now. >> reporter: getting fired could be the best career move this santa ever made. >> he might consider working again as macy's santa in the future. but he said he's doing just fine at lefty o'dulle's. what elizabeth edwards family is saying about her fight with cancer. one local city today addresses a spike in violent crime just this week. we'll have more coming up. san francisco continues its bid to host one of the world's
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premier sporting events. at what cost to taxpayers? plenty of rainfall out there this morning. boy, north bay locations, it's coming down. we have your forecast for today. how much rainfall when it's all said and done? take a look, that's coming up. it's a wet and a dark commute as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza. the street light are out. how is it impacting your morning commute? right after the break. ,,,,,,
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