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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  December 8, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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morning. which areas will see rain for the commute.. and how long the wet weather is expected to las get out the umbrella. soggy start to your wednesday morning. we'll tell you which areas will see rain for the commute and how long the wet weather is expected to last. >> double the number of murders, fewer cops to solve the crimes. i'm live in one local city that's dealing with that unfortunate issue. good morning. it is wednesday, the 8th of december. i'm sydnie kohara. juliette has the morning off. your time is 5:00. grab your umbrella. you need get those rubber galoshes on because it's going to be wet on the roads this
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morning. you might want to get an earlier start. let's check in two traffic and weather. tracy, good morning. >> good morning. you might want to get an earlier start and here's why. look at all this rainfall that we're seeing in the north bay. heavy downpours through healdsburg and santa rosa. the color has changed. green is light. heavier -- a small line of heavier showers through petaluma. we'll move in just a little closer to areas of the east bay. we are seeing some light showers through benicia, oakland and alameda. and some light activity through novato, san rafael and mill valley. more light ran in parts of the peninsula, redwood city, palo alto, union city, fremont, milpitas and also in san jose. showers, rainfall in the
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forecast for this morning. rainfall in the forecast for this afternoon. we are expecting your temperatures later on today to be cooler, as well. highs today in the upper 50s. how much rainfall are we talking about? some parts of the bay area more than an inch when it's all said and done. we'll look at how much rainfall is expected in just a few moments. right now for your traffic, here's elizabeth. >> thanks. as you just said, all that rain is really coming down in the north bay. word of an accident up in santa rosa. southbound 101 near highway 12. so chp head together scene of that. in the mean -- chp heading to the scene of that. in the meantime puddling in the middle lanes approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. but right now the biggest story is how dark it is. you may have noticed this traffic shot darker than normally. the street lights are out. they are trying to fix it. the lights are on, on the bridge itself across the span. and the lights at the toll plaza illuminating the fastrak signs and telling you the toll,
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they are working. but the street lights are out so it's dark and wet so be extra careful this morning if you are crossing towards the bay bridge. back to you. >> thank you. antioch police arrested two murder suspects this week but the force is still shorthanded. anne makovec is in antioch, where the mayor is taking action. anne, good morning. >> reporter: the mayor is hoping to meet with police top brass sometime today to talk about how to keep the city of antioch under control. here's a map of some of the crimes that have taken place actually in a 14 hour period earlier this week. a woman stabbed to death in a grocery store parking lot on monday. then some shots fired between vehicles leaving a man hurt that afternoon and a man shot and injured in a carjacking that evening. and then, a woman is hit and killed in a hit-and-run dragging yesterday morning. here's a look at that crime scene. police say a man drove a woman to this market just before 2 a.m. and when she got out of the
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truck, he ran her over, dragging her body through the parking lot. she died. he was arrested and police are still trying to figure out what their relationship was and why he may have killed her. so a nearby market manager says that area near cavallo and 18th has become a haven for the homeless and prostitution. so we have police here trying to deal with all of those violent crimes, plus property crimes and prostitution and in the meantime fewer officers on the street. we'll talk about some of those budget constraints coming up at 5:30. sydnie? >> anne, thank you very much. anne makovec in antioch this morning. the registered sex offender accused of molesting a toddler in union city last week will be back in court this morning. 36-year-old eugene ramos is accused of sexually assaulting a 2-year-old girl in a store where her family was shopping. in court today, ramos is expected to ask for bail and to enter a plea. attempted murder,
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kidnapping, assault, those are just some of the 29 charges against a santa cruz county inmate who is scheduled to be arraigned in santa cruz this morning. 24-year-old maurice ainsworth was arrested hours after escaping from a deputy who took him to a hospital appointment november 29. he was already charged with home invasion robbery. there is a meeting this morning in sacramento to work on ways to handle california's budget deficit. the governor-elect calling that meeting and inviting allst state lawmakers and constitutional officers. one of them is the governor schwarzenegger's finance director and she will remain in the position for incoming governor brown. the americas cup is the world's best known yacht race and now san francisco is deciding in and how it can host the event. anser hassan explains what's at stake. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. we are live here at pier 27
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where if the city gets its way, pier 27 will get a makeover as part of the deal to host the 34th americas cup one of the world's biggest sporting events. development will convert this terminal into a modern airport- like cruise terminal, just one of the many projects that the board of supervisors will discuss today at their budget committee meeting looking at the city's new pitch to host the americas cup along piers 19 through 29. this is a big deal because the race could pump up it $1 billion into the bay area economy and create almost 9,000 jobs locally but the race does have its critics. in order to bring the race to san francisco, the city has to give up development rights to race organizers. that's led by oracle ceo billionaire larry ellison. also, the city would have to sign leases of up to 75 years to developers who would control the city's waterfront. now, this new plan to move the
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development to the northern piers 19 through 29 will actually reduce the amount of public space going towards private development and, of course, it would be on the list of the issues that they discuss at today's budget meeting. >> okay. anser hassan, thank you very much, in san francisco. elizabeth edwards was surrounded by friends and family during the last weeks of her life. and a family friend says her adult daughter and estranged husband john edwards came to be with her as her condition worsened. she died yesterday at her north carolina home after a six-year battle with cancer. elizabeth edwards was 61 years old. could california's bullet train be a black eye for one bay area city? >> sometimes in the eyes of the beholder but usually if you see ugly, you know ugly. >> why some aren't so happy with their potential new view. she spent nearly a week cold and alone in the wilderness. what this hiker is saying about
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her miracle rescue in the santa cruz mountains. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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if you are heading out the door this morning, look at this. it is really coming down in the north bay in buckets. yeah. you are going to have to deal with this throughout much of the day. we got your forecast in just a few moments. >> going to be messy out there. get an early start this morning. san jose city council urging the state's high-speed rail authority to keep studying the option of an underground tunnel downtown. yesterday's vote echoes the feeling among leaders of the many cities along a proposed route. they are concerned that an elevated track would be a divisive eyesore. the rail authority has said a tunnel would be unfeasible adding $2 billion to construction costs in san jose
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alone. the authority says elevated tracks can be designed to look attractive but mayor reed and the city council want to keep options open. >> tell us what is tunneling all about. and then you're at least able to have that conversation knowing that all the facts are on the table and then we could actually get to whether it's underground or above ground and if it's above ground, what is it going to look like? >> the city plans to adopt visual guidelines for any above ground options. the city council made a couple of other key decision yesterday. councilmembers voting to annex a small neighborhood in the cambrian area but negotiate with the city of campbell for a possible land swap deal. the council also approved slight changes to the living wage ordinance for workers at mineta international airport which seems to satisfy business and labor groups. in san francisco, supervisors approved a plan to use eminent domain to buy up properties needed for a new transbay terminal. four properties stand in the
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way of transbay transit center project because the owners haven't agreed to sell. the authority in charge of the project has already acquired 13 other properties. demolition has already begun on the 71-year-old building. 5:12. a big boost for bay area jobs. one city's push to hire more local workers. plus, a break for drivers who are lucky enough to find a broken meter. how long you can expect that free ride. and a wet start to our morning commute. here's live look at traffic heading into downtown san jose on the guadalupe parkway. got a new accident in santa rosa. we'll have details after the break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lightning fast. lightning strong. verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world. busy morning weather-wise. it's going to be a busy morning for traffic as well here's why. look at all this rainfall we have coming down out there. it's playing favorites for now mostly in the north bay the heavier rainfall through guerneville, santa rosa as well as calistoga that's where it's coming down heavy to sonoma and napa. lighter rainfall through parts of the east bay and that's going to be outside of oakland,
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benicia, concord, walnut creek and danville. more light showers through san rafael, mill valley, and light rainfall in san francisco and also in daly city. moving down just a little more, more light showers through hayward, union city, sunnyvale, san jose, and we are going to keep that rainfall in the forecast during the day today. and it's moving from the southwest to the northeast all compliments of a frontal system that is draped along the bay area. that's going to keep us wet for the morning and the afternoon. and when it's all said and done, maybe more t ann inch of rainfall in the north bay. today, cloudy, rainfall expected, temperatures in the mid-40s to the mid-50s with rain in the afternoon and highs in the upper 50s. up to 1.5" in the north bay today, half inch in the peninsula and the santa cruz mountains. up to a quarter of an .25" in the south bay. the bull's eye is the north bay for today. here's a look at your five-day
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forecast. we have rainfall today. thursday and friday, showers. what's the difference? well, showers are more scattered in nature. and they are also more sporadic so you can see a passing shower here and there as well as some sunshine. today's expected to be a widespread event. saturday and sunday, plenty of sunshine temperatures near 70 as well as monday. more rainfall back in the forecast tuesday. that's a look at your weather. for your traffic, here is elizabeth. >> thank you, tracy. i think you said coming down in buckets? was that your word in the north bay? >> yes. >> in santa rosa that's where we are seeing a problem. sounds like it's southbound 101 the ramp to westbound highway 12. the ramp is partially blocked. this was a one-car spinout. tow trucks just got to the scene. so again, watch out. it is wet this morning especially in the north bay. and so we're already seeing our accident incidents pop up. if you are continuing down southbound 101 still looks good through novato and down into san rafael. or if you are heading towards the golden gate bridge, quiet through the waldo grade.
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all right. elsewhere bay bridge toll plaza. our big story here is actually not so wet pavement but the darkness that you will notice that our shot is a little darker than usual because the street lights are out right in this area as you are coming around the berkeley curve and approaching the toll plaza. since we have been on the air about 4:30 they have been out but it's not impacting traffic. just watch out for it. you can see the fastrak signs and the toll signs. they are lit as well as the lights on the bridge span itself. san mateo bridge, still looks good approaching the toll plaza. and no delay in the commute direction westbound 92 looking great if you are heading out towards foster city and the peninsula. same thing with 880/237, all of our traffic cameras mostly showing traffic moving at top speeds. but again, like tracy said, widespread rain event today so today may be the day you use mass transit and bart is running 39 trains all on time, ace number one off to a good
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start, muni and caltrain, no delay. remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you. let's take a look at this morning's top stories. a suspect confessed that he ran down and killed a woman in antioch yesterday, one of two recent murder suspects arrested in antioch. today the city's mayor hopes to meet with police officials to discuss staffing problems. hosting the america's cup could mean building a second cruise terminal in san francisco. the board of supervisors will meet today to discuss that proposal and other financial impacts. san francisco is in the running to host the sailing race in 2013. president obama defending the tax cut agreement he reached with republican congressional leaders. but some democrats are outrages that he agreed to extend tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. the president says it is the only way to get congress to pass a package that continues tax cuts for all americans and
5:20 am
an extension of unemployment benefits. the woman stranded in the santa cruz mountains for nearly a week is telling her story. >> said, are you debra collins? and i said, yes! and it was like i was just so shocked that he knew my name. it was like oh!! i'm found! >> at a news conference last night, debra collins said she stayed positive and knew she would be found. she says she was walking in the woods late last month when she was twisted her ankle. she spent 6 nights in 30-degree temperatures. two hikers found her. she was weak, tired and cold but not seriously injured. san francisco supervisors want more hometown workers hired for city funded construction projects. they have approved a quota system for hiring construction workers. in the first year, 20% of those hired must live in san francisco. that would go up by 5% each year until it reaches 50%. it's still awaiting approval
5:21 am
from the mayor. parking at broken meeters in san francisco is still free for at least another month. the city's transportation agency was deadlocked on a vote to impose a one-hour time limit on the spot. right now drivers can park at a broken meter as long as they don't overstay the maximum time posted. the mta will revise the policy and bring it back to the board in january. the world's second most famous santa booted for a naughty joke. >> i asked them if they had been good. and they said oh, yes. and i said, well that's too bad. >> that's not so bad. this kris kringle has a new reason to smile this morning. why this won't the last time we hear his ho ho ho. ,,,,
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i think there are eggnog people and non-eggnog people. and which are you? i'm a fish. on a tree. [ female announcer ] if it tastes like the holidays, we've got it. safeway. ingredients for life. hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. good morning, we are preparing for a wet morning commute. rain showers coming down already in the north bay and we have seen a couple of accidents up there. just cleared one in fact in santa rosa. more details coming up. traffic in six minutes. >> thank you. that santa fired because some adults thought he was a little more naughty than nice has a brand-new gig this morning. >> ho ho ho!
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>> after getting the boot at a san francisco macy's, jolly old nick has taken a job at lefty o'doul's, the irish bar just down the street. 68-year-old john toomey was fired after 20 years as the santa at macy's in san francisco. toomey says it's all over what he thought were a couple of harmless jokes. >> couple came in and sat on my knee and i asked them if they had been good. and they said, oh, yes. and i said, well that's too bad. >> the couple complained. several days later santa john was fired. he says he only tells these jokes to adults and has been doing it for years without any problem. we have received dozens of facebook comments on the story. chris writes, he has provided years of happiness to adults and children alike and gets canned because one uptight lady complains about a joke he made? i'm done shopping at macy's. >> robin writes, we have no
5:26 am
idea if john has been warned before for similar incidents. we have no real idea exactly what he said, only what he says he said. >> it would be nice to hear from that couple that complained. 5:26. google is offering a preview of its new internet-oriented operating system. the mountain view-based company says notebook computers running chrome os should be on the market by the middle of next year. the ceo says google os will be a viable third choice for an operating system along with microsoft windows and apple's mac system. imagine all the people ♪ >> today marks 30 years since the death of music legend john lennon. founding member of the beatles shot to death on this date in 1980 near his new york city apartment. rolling stone magazine is marking the occasion by releasing his final interview three days before he died. he talked about his son and his strong bonds with his wife and
5:27 am
long-time band mate paul mccartney. 5:27. a surge in the number of high school dropouts around the state. one bay area city is seeing one of the biggest jumps. more murders, fewer officers, and a meeting today where one local city tries to figure out how to keep the street safe. san francisco makes its bid to host one of the world's largest sporting events but at what cost to taxpayers? ,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. there's what you're facing. you might want an early start. the rain is coming in. it's going to be with us for quite some time. we'll get an update from tracy on how long it will last and who is going to see most of it. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, the 8th of december. i'm sydnie kohara. juliette has the morning off. the man accused of killing a bay area socialite in her own apartment is due back in court this morning. 43-year-old gary scott holland accused of posing as a utility worker who said he was checking for a gas leak in the russian hill neighborhood. he was arrested a week after kathleen horan was killed. today's hearing is to talk
5:31 am
about releasing evidence to holland's lawyer and to set future court dates. an inmate who escaped from us custody last week is facing 39 charges for what happened when a deputy took him to a hospital appointment. the deputy's taser and handgun were taken by maurice ainsworth, a preschoolteacher was held by gunpoint and two homes were invaded during the five hours ainsworth was on the loose. there is a shortage of police officers in one east bay city but they still managed to catch suspects in two murders this week. anne makovec is in antioch, where the mayor is now taking action. anne, good morning. >> reporter: today the mayor hopes to meet are police top brass here in antioch to try to figure out how to maintain order in the city because they have been seeing more crimes and have fewer officers than they had last year. here's a map of the real spate in violent crime that took place over 14 hours this week.
5:32 am
a woman stabbed to death in a grocery store parking lot monday morning, shots fired between vehicles leaving a man hurt that afternoon, a man shot and injured in a carjacking that evening, and then a woman is killed in a hit-and-run dragging yesterday morning. here's a look at that crime scene. police say that a man drove a woman to this market just before 2 a.m. and when she got out of the truck, he ran over her, dragging her body through the parking lot. at least 10 murders in antioch this year, twice the number as last year and there are fewer officers to help solve them. in fact, officers are being pulled from their normal beats to suddenly become murder investigators. 50 positions are open right now in the antioch pd, that's a vacancy rate of 35%. and the department is it not able to fill those positions right now because of budget problems. so a similar story to what we can say all over the bay area. people do not have enough money to fully staff their police
5:33 am
departments. it becomes a concern in cities like here in antioch when you see such an increase in crime. >> it looks like they are working hard to get some results. >> reporter: strategy becomes very important. >> all right. anne makovec in antioch, thank you. 5:33. the man who police say beat a priest in los gatos has pleaded not guilty. william lynch says the priest, jerold lindner, molested him and his brother during a camping trip more than 30 years ago. lindner denies the accusations. investigators say lynch tracked the priest to his retirement home this year and attacked him. a teenager suspected of posing as a police officer is out on bail this morning. police in redwood city arrested a 19-year-old dressed in military clothes. they say he tried to pull over several people on the peninsula with flashing lights on his pickup truck. he stopped one woman for speeding and demanded money.
5:34 am
when she asked to see the ticket, he took off. new this morning, more students are closing the books for good. a new study shows dropout rates in california went up for the 2008-2009 school year. they increased to 21.7%. that's up nearly 3% from the previous year. the oakland school district saw one of the highest jumps in the state at 40%. that's the dropout rate. there could be a vote in washington today on the dream act, which would help some illegal immigrants go to college. senate democratic leaders will try to advance the legislation today. they face opposition from most republicans and several democrats. the dream act would allow legal status for children who were brought to the united states illegally. elizabeth edwards is being remembered today as a symbol of strength. after a six-year battle with cancer, she died yesterday at her home in north carolina. she was surrounded by friends, family and her estranged
5:35 am
husband, john edwards. president obama has released a statement saying he and the first lady are deeply saddened and that edwards' fortitude and grace will long be an inspiration. a wet wednesday. let's go to tracy now with a look at your forecast. >> a wet soggy wednesday, sydnie, especially in the north bay, where it is coming down this morning. here's a look at what we're dealing with. rainfall extending through the north bay all the way down to livermore and just outside of redwood city. a line of showers being caused by a frontal system moving from the southwest to the northeast. and we are going to move in just a little closer and take a look and see who is pick up what. heavy rainfall currently moving into calistoga, also sonoma, petaluma and novato. and look at where that band of heavy rainfall is moving towards. it's moving into the napa area, moving into the vallejo area and also headed into fairfield as well as vacaville. that's going to be the drill for the morning. rainfall expected for the morning could be heavy at times as well as again rainfall in the forecast for the afternoon.
5:36 am
so as you head out this morning, cloudy with rainfall, temperatures expected to be in the mid-40s to the mid-50s so mild temperatures. and that chance of rainfall will be likely through the afternoon. highs today cooling down a bit. yesterday the mid- to upper 60s. bye-bye. today's highs in the upper 50s. and more than an inch of rainfall in the north bay expected today. that's a look at your weather. for your traffic, here is elizabeth. >> thank you, tracy. let's start off the look in the south bay as we head towards the guadalupe parkway and the taylor street exit. everything looks good. headlights are moving northbound towards the airport. all those rain showers that tracy has been talking about haven't really affected the south bay much. we're pretty quiet there. but in the north bay, all those flashes of green and yellow you see on tracy's doppler radar, it caused an earlier accident in santa rosa. it sounds like it was a one-car spinout southbound 101 near the highway 12 ramp. the ramp was partially blocked for a while but you see that
5:37 am
tow truck symbol there. it's gone. a nice ride down southbound 101 continuing down into petaluma and novato. the east bay still looks good as well. we haven't seen a huge number of accidents because of these rain showers. that may change though as the commute continues to get under way. this is live look near the coliseum and as you can see, top speeds still as you head up towards downtown oakland. back to you. >> thank you. the san jose city council has voted to annex a small neighborhood in the unincorporated cambrian area. but the council left open the possibility of a land swap that could put the neighborhood within campbell city limits. most people in the neighborhood prefer to be in campbell since they are closer to that city's core. but the area is in san jose's sphere of influence, at least according to guidelines drawn up in the '70s. the america's cup is the world's best known yacht race. now san francisco is trying to decide if and how it can afford to host the event. let's go to anser hassan, who explains what's at stake.
5:38 am
anceer, good morning. >> good morning. san francisco lost the bid to host the 2016 olympics. they never bid on the world cup. that leaves the world's number 3 largest sporting event and san francisco wants t live here at pier 27, which will be part of the city's bid to host the 34th america's cup, sailing's largest event. the city is one of two finalists to bring the sailing event to the bay area. now, if the city gets the bid, the city will completely change the waterfront as we know it. piers 19 through 29 will be converted into terminals and venues for the race. now, the race can bring up to $1 billion into the bay area economy. it would create almost 9,000 jobs not to mention the boon to tourism it would bring throughout the bay area. but it does come at a price and a price to taxpayers. at a minimum it will cost the city over $100 million in direct expenses just to plan and prepare for the race. and the city will have to give up development rights to race organizers. and the city would sign leases
5:39 am
for up to 75 years to those same developers. now, the race isn't until 2013, but the city has to have its bid in by early next year. the board of supervisors meets later today to discuss the current plan. sydnie. >> a lot for the supervisors to consider. anser, thank you. president obama facing a battle convincing fellow democrats in the house to support his tax compromise. the president spoke yesterday in defense of the deal he made with republican leaders. some democrats are upset that the president gave in to republican demands, including an extension of tax cuts for the wealthy and a lower estate tax. the president says compromise is the only way to get an overall plan passed. and he says if nothing is approved, everyone would pay higher taxes next year and unemployment benefits weeks conspire for millions of americans. >> it's tempting not to negotiate with hostage-takers
5:40 am
unless the hostage gets harmed. in this case, the hostage was the american people. and i was not willing to see them get harmed. >> vice vice presidented by len try to sell it to house republicans today. dick cheney is facing bribery charges in nigeria from when he was the ceo of halliburton. prosecutors say he and other companies paid $100 million in bribes to win a multibillion- dollar contract to build a natural gas plant. cheney's lawyer denies the allegations. new this morning, new video has surfaced of a captured u.s. soldier in afghanistan. it appears to show bo bergdahl. he disappeared back in june of 2009. the founder of wikileaks will have his day in court next week. the extradition hearing for
5:41 am
julian assange is next tuesday. he turned himself in yesterday in london. it's for alleged sex crimes against two women in sweden. despite his legal troubles, wikileaks vows to continue to release more classified documents. 5:41. whether you fidget or jitter, it's likely to come back. the unwanted condition that pregnant women can expect years after giving birth. plus, more fruits and vegetables, please. the place just named one of the fattest and how it doesn't even measure up to the u.s. ,, [ bell rings ]
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5:44 am
frontal system coming through and that rainfall creating just a wide swath through the bay area. we are going to move into where it's coming down heaviest in the north bay and we know that because we got the yellow here and that is showing we do have some pockets of heavy rainfall moving into the occidental area and through bodega bay and where are these heavy showers headed? they are aheaded into sonoma, moving into napa -- they're headed into sonoma, moving into napa, vacaville and fairfield. the green showing lighter rainfall currently in santa rosa and petaluma. but we do have some heavier showers moving into santa rosa, as well. into santa that's going to be the drill for the morning. so what can you expect as you head out the door? well, cloudy with rainfall. the heaviest rainfall currently is in the north bay, but we are going to kept a chance of rainfall for the entire bay area for the morning and the afternoon. highs today will be in the lower to the upper 50s. so not as mild as yesterday. how much rainfall when it's all said and done? 1.5" in the north bay. up to 3/10ths inch in the east
5:45 am
bay, quarter inch in the south bay, half inch in the peninsula as well as the santa cruz mountains. today is when we are expecting the heaviest rainfall. tomorrow and friday still a few leftover showers out there as temperatures warm up a bit. saturday and sunday, speaking of warm, temperatures moving up almost 10 degrees warmer than today for the weekend. pretty mild with plenty of sunshine. and then another round of showers will be back in the forecast by next tuesday. that's a look at your weather. for your traffic, here is elizabeth. affic, here is >> thank you, tracy. your doppler is blowing up, look at all that green and yellow, going crazy out there. all right. we were getting several spinout reports on southbound 101 in the north bay, they cleared one in santa rosa. now we have a new one in petaluma southbound 101 approaching highway 116. so watch out for that. we are told the right lane is blocked. two cars actually spun out one of which was facing the wrong way. so far not seeing any big delays on our sensors.
5:46 am
it is still early but again be careful this morning especially if you are commuting through petaluma, novato, down into san rafael. we have a camera there at the 101/580 interchange and you can see from the glistening freeways that obviously it is wet and wet pavement. that's what causes those spinouts. all right. let's go over to the east bay now. westbound 580 out of the altamont pass. so far, so good here. your drive time holding steady not really seeing any yellow on our sensors so a pretty quiet ride towards the dublin interchange. to the south bay we go now they wrapped up some earlier roadwork. there was a little bit of roadwork near the 280 guadalupe parkway intersection, that's gone now. out of downtown san jose moving well top speeds. and along the peninsula, 101 and 280, both doing equally well this morning. so no big problems there. and a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, where it looks like the streetlight are still out and obviously it's still a wet commute there as well so watch out maybe for some puddling in some of the middle lanes later on for the morning commute but for right now, no metering lights and no
5:47 am
delay. back to you. >> thank you. let's take a check of today's top stories. the man accused of assaulting a 2-year-old girl in union city a week ago is due back in court today. that's 35-year-old eugene ramos a registered sex offender. he might enter a plea and ask for bail to be set in the case. hosting the america's cup could mean building a second cruise terminal in san francisco. the board of supervisors will meet today to discuss that proposal and other financial impacts. san francisco is in the running to host the sailing race in 2013. and san francisco supervisors have approved a plan to use eminent domain to buy properties standing in the way of a new transbay terminal. four properties stand in the way of the project because the owners have not agreed to settlement. the authority in charge of the project -- have not agreed to settlement. the authority in charge of the project has acquired 13 other
5:48 am
property shoppers are not using plastic this holiday season. the latest consumer reports shows credit card use is down for the 26th straight month. in fact, about 8 million people stopped using their credit cards over the past year. there was a small spike in student loans and car loans, however. and instead of using credit cards, some bay area cities are making their own money. this is in west marin, businesses have designed tokens to promote local companies. people can bit coins and decide to keep -- people can buy the coins and decide to keep and use them, but since they are sold for $3 but cost only $1 to make, the money goes into the coastal marin fund. >> it then is given out in grants. the kids need guitars for the music class, new books for the library, the fire department needs something, that money stays in the community. >> so far the program has raised about $16,000. the first grants will be award next year. the program is so popular, they may even start it in
5:49 am
fairfax next year. if you are shipping for u.p.s. for christmas don't forget your id. the delivery company now requires customers to show photo identification when shipping packages. the new rule comes after explosives made it onto a cargo plane bound for chicago back in october. 5:49. pregnant women who experience restless leg syndrome are more likely to have the problem later in life. italian researchers found that there is a five to 10% risk of the disorder returning when women are older. the condition causes unpleasant sensations in the legs when a person is regulars. it triggers an uncontrollable urge to move the legs. the exact cause is not known. and england now officially the fattest country in europe. a new study shows a quarter of all brits are now considered obese. ireland coming in a close
5:50 am
second, other countries topping the list iceland, malta, and luxembourg. the fittest countries are the ones where they love to eat, italy, france and holland. but even europe's most overweight nation can't beat america's obesity rate. ours is 33%. a third of all americans are considered obese. 5:50. still searching for that perfect gift for that special someone? the secret might be at menlo park. plus... >> i asked them if they had been good. and they said, oh, yes. and i said, well, that's too bad. >> he was fired at macy's but is now hired somewhere else. the new gig for a bay area santa who was let go for what some say was a naughty comment. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 am
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because some adults thought he was a little more naughty than from you're fired to you're hired. that santa who was let go because some adults thought he was naughty has a brand-new big this morning. he has taken a job at lefty o'doul's. that's a irish pub just half a block away. 68-year-old john toomey was fired after 20 years as the santa at macy's in san francisco. he says it's all over what he thought were a couple of harmless jokes. >> this couple came in and sat on my knees and i asked them if they had been good. and they said, oh, yes. and i said, well, that's too bad. >> the couple complained. several days later, santa john was fired. now, he says only tells these jokes to adults and has been doing it for years without any
5:54 am
problems. we have comments on our facebook page. "salty jokes are out of place for santa claus especially during the season. why would he even do this? it's kids time. adults hang in the background." not those particular adults, though. >> but more reason says, i don't see any harm done. after all the years he's been with that store, it's just wrong." send us your comments on our cbs 5 page on facebook. i think santa john has his own page as well. our state capital shining brighter this morning. a 55-foot-tall white fir tree lit with thousands of lights last night. 9,000 l.e.d. lights. governor schwarzenegger and his wife attended. there was a performance by an "american idol" star. not sure what to get the woman in your life? how about a rare 40-carat
5:55 am
sapphire ring? it will only cost $75,000. it was on display in menlo park yesterday. if you are look for earrings, how about a pair of diamond earrings for 1.5 million dollars? a little bit more. for those who want more option they have a set of matching emeralds to make into whatever you want. and together, it's all worth $3.5 million. something for every pocketbook. one man needs some holiday cheer after a scary encounter with a deer. the nevada city man hit a deer which smashed through his window. the antler rammed straight into his hand. >> horns came in through a great big crack opening in the windshield. it stabbed, it went in. and then i've got a fracture in that small finger. >> he says he feels bad about the deer that didn't make it. his doctor says he has to keep the cast on for four weeks, but he is going to try to get it
5:56 am
off by christmas. back to tracy now with a look at your forecast. maybe not deer on the roadway, but lots of slick roads. you have to be careful out there. >> that is dangerous because we still have a lot of standing water out there and you can see why. rainfall extending all the way down to livermore and redwood city. much of this rain coming down pretty heavy especially through the santa rosa area. another batch of heavy rainfall moving towards san rafael. a line of heavy rainfall illustrated by the yellow here in the concord area as well as fairfield and vacaville. that's going to be the story for the day for the morning and the afternoon. rainfall is expected during the day. highs in the upper 50s. wettest spots will be the north bay up to 1.5" possible. thursday and friday, a few leftover showers but not expecting either one of those days to be as wet as today. saturday and sunday, even monday, plenty of sunshine. another round of showers tuesday. that's a look at your weather. for your traffic, here is
5:57 am
elizabeth. >> thank you, tracy. all right. any standing water that tracy just mentioned is mostly in the north bay. that's where we're seeing a lot of spinouts, southbound 101 in santa rosa we saw one. and we're still dealing with this one in petaluma. southbound 101 approaching highway 116, gravestein highway it was actually two cars that spun out. it was block the right lane but it's cleared to the right shoulder. all lanes are open on southbound 101. so if you are heading through the cotati grade everything is moving at top st. peter's but watch out another accident reported in santa rosa city streets hern avenue at santa rosa avenue. all our accidents are confined to the north bay pretty much. as far as the rests of bay area, just seeing the usual congestion. highway 4 very slow. even speeds under 25 miles per hour. back to you. >> thank you. 5:357. coming up in the next half
5:58 am
hour, an east bay school has been without heat since the thanksgiving break. why it's taking so long to get it fixed. one local city more violent crimes and fewer officers available to help solve them. we'll tell you what they are trying to do about it coming up next. ♪ one taste, and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. mm!
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