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tv   CBS Evening News With Katie Couric  CBS  December 8, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> hello, there allen. >> "cbs evening news with katie couric" is next. see you at 6:00. >> couric: tonight the f.b.i. says it was home grown terror. an american muslim is arrested in an alleged plot to blow up a military recruitment center in suburban baltimore. i'm katie couric. also tonight, they're out for revenge. supporters of jailed wikileaks founder julian assange launched cyber attacks against credit card websites. america needs jobs. the mayor of new york says he has the answer. my exclusive interview with michael bloomberg. and 30 years after the murder of john lennon, the prophetic interview we've never heard. >> what they want is dead heros. i'm not interested in being a dead hero. captioning sponsored by cbs
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>> couric: good evening, everyone. more and more the terror threat in this country is coming from within. today a young muslim construction worker, a naturalized u.s. citizen from nicaragua was charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction against a military target in suburban baltimore. our chief investigative correspondent reports the suspect was caught in an f.b.i. sting. >> reporter: another case of suspected home grown terror. another u.s. citizen plotting to blow up americans. today it was 21-year-old antonio martinez, aka muhammad hussain, arrested by federal agents this morning after attempting to detonate a car bomb outside this armed forces recruiting center in maryland. the bomb was fake, supplied to him by f.b.i. undercover agents. >> because the f.b.i. was controlling the weapons that were used, there was no actual danger to the public as a result
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of the operation this morning. >> reporter: in court papers the government charged martinez, a married construction worker, with attempted murder of federal officers and employees, and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. according to this affidavit, the government was tipped to martinez back in october, recording numerous conversations he allegedly had with an informant, as well as an undercover agent over two months. in one martinez said: as evidence the government also sites facebook postings including: >> we're likely to see more of these types of cases, where the f.b.i. is trying to get close to individuals who are expressing not only an intent but a concrete desire to kill fellow citizens. >> reporter: today's sting is the latest in a string of
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successful operations by the government in the last two years. last month in a similar case, 19-year-old mohamed osman mohamud was arrested after his attempt to detonate a fake car bomb supplied to him by f.b.i. agents right before a tree lighting ceremony in portland, oregon. others include a jordanian national after he attempted to blow up this dallas office tower, and four new york men apprehended for plotting to attack a synagogue in 2009. last week u.s. attorney general eric holder defended these types of stings. >> we are bound and determined to try to find those people and stop them in which ever way that we can. >> reporter: for those who criticize these cases as entrapment, the government says it won't back of off because these operations are protecting america. if convicted martinez would face life in prison. >> couric: armen keteyian, thank
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you. now turning to wikileaks, the website has made plenty of enemies by posting secret documents, including u.s. diplomatic cables. but it also has supporters, including it appears, an army of hackers. and today mark phillips reports they launched a cyber attack. >> reporter: wikileaks founder julian assange is still in jail, but his battle is still being fought. the same internet power that's been used to attack wikileaks is now being used in its defense. a cyber-war has broken out. the targets, commercial websites which have withdrawn services from wikileaks including master card and visa which have refused to process payments to the site. and the swiss bank post finance which froze assange's account. it's being called operation payback. so called "hacktivist" secretly infiltrate thousands of online computers whose owners who are unaware of the process, they form a so-called some by army of
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slave computers that bombard the main trails of the target companies with so many messages the target computers slow down or crash under the on slot. >> the group that's taking credit for this, quote unquote is a group called anonymous, which is a very well-known dark side hacker group which does this, they do it for sport, for retribution, they do it for attention, and that's what they're doing now. >> reporter: the credit card companies say their services to consumers were not affected. but the attack is a warning to other companies like amazon and paypal, which have also severed ties with wikileaks and are being singled out on the hacktivists internet forums. as is the swedish lawyer claes borgstrom who represents the two women who have accused julian assange of sex offenses. wikileaks itself says it has not launched a cyber attack and will continue to release secret documents. its supporters though appear to have joined a cyber war that they vow to continue and to expand.
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mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> couric: to washington now where the clock is ticking on the lame duck congress and the democrats are still not buying the tax cut deal worked out between president obama and the republicans. as congressional correspondent nancy cordes reports, the president has put the vice president on the case. >> reporter: after making little head way with senate democrats yesterday, vice president joe biden came back to capitol hill today to try his hand with house democrats, who if anything have been even more skaving in their critique of the tax cut deal. >> i don't think that the president should count on democratic votes to get this deal passed. >> the people are letting loose and saying what's wrong with this and what's wrong with that. >> reporter: meeting with the president of poland, president obama predicted his party would come around. >> you've just had economists over the last 24, 48 hours examine this and say this is going to boost the economy. >> reporter: goldman sax
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>> reporter: goldman sax estimates the package of tax cuts and tax credits would enhance economic growth next year by as much as 1%. moody's predicts it would bring the unemployment rate down from around 10% to 8.5. but it's the two-year $900 billion price tag, more expensive than the stimulus, which has democrats hung up. along with cuts in the estate tax for the rich, which they argue does nothing for the economy. >> there's some things i think i would make the bill much better and i'm going to work on those. >> reporter: but in that meeting late today the vice president told house democrats this is the deal, take it or leave it. so it's not clear how many changes harry reid or anyone else can make. >> couric: nancy cordes, reporting from capitol hill tonight. one politician applauding the compromise on tax cuts, new york city mayor michael bloomberg. who also today gave a speech about how the government can create more jobs. later in an exclusive interview i asked him what he thinks it will take to get the unemployment rate down. >> build confidence, there's a
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lot of people ready to go, but they are worried that our regulations will stop them, that there's a different tax law every day. get the president out there promoting business here, that's one thing. second thing is immigration. i know some people are opposed to immigration, but unless we open our borders, we are not going to have a future. all of these industries that we need are starting to move or be created overseas, we can't tolerate that. >> couric: what else? >> getting congress to work together. you know, when you see all the bickering and you see all the partisanship and you say look all they're interested in is promoting their own campaigns, it doesn't give you a warm fuzzy feeling. and you don't want to go and invest your hard earned money and run some risks. so we've got to get them to work together. and if you want to be encouraged and i still am more encouraged about america than i've ever been in my life, but if you
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really want to be encouraged for the first time in a while, the president and the republicans have gotten together and have come to an agreement-- not an agreement everybody likes that's okay-- but they are at least working together. and now the trick is to make sure they continue to do that, because it's easy to get together to cut taxes. it's going to be much harder to get together to cut the deficit. >> couric: but centrists like you are an endangered species in washington d.c., is this a pipe dream for you to say they need to compromise on more issues? >> no. more and more of the public is choosing not to register in either one of the two major parties. take a look at what just happened. the democrats were thrown out of the house-- why? because the public said all they're doing is partisan bickering and fighting for their own party and their own power and their own perks and their own campaigns. go back to 2006, the republicans were thrown out for exactly the same reason. >> couric: this speech sounds as if you may be laying the ground work for a third party candidacy. in fact thomas freedman wrote in a recent column, we need a third party on the stage of the next
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presidential debate to look americans in the eye and say these two parties are lying to you, i'm not going to tell you what you want to hear, i'm going to tell you what you need to hear. are you the person to do that? >> no. but tom freedman is a very smart guy and he's probably right. we need to have a voice for those who are not affiliated with either party, that's a good third of the population and growing. >> couric: why not you? >> well, i've got a job and i'm going to... >> you have a job for now. >> i've got a job for the next 1,119 days, but who's counting. >> couric: do you think the time is right, though, for a third party candidate? >> i don't know about that. but i think the time is right, however, to stop all this craziness and hope that the president fails. we have to hope that the president succeeds. we have to help the president succeed. if you want to run against him, and i don't and i won't, but if you wanted to do that, the time to do that is near the next election.
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right now we have to pull together. we have to start making good decisions based on what's good for the country, as opposed to what's good for a political party or political position. >> couric: you keep saying you're more optimistic than ever about the state of the united states. i think a lot of people might think, gosh, why. why do you still feel very optimistic about this country? >> because the time to make an investment is when the market is down, and the country is down. that's when new people come to the floor, that's when new coalitions are made, that's when people make great investments. the history of america is the great things were done in tough times. and so we're in tough times, why not think that it's going to happen now. what's more from a practical point of view: it's got to happen, i want it for my kids, i want it for me, i want it for you. >> couric: mayor bloomberg had more to say on a wide range of issues, so we have posted the full interview on it happened 30 years ago tonight former beetle john lennon was murdered by a deranged fan in new york city.
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right now there's a huge gathering at the memorial just steps from where he lived and where he was shot. his music of course lives on and so do his words. anthony mason reports on an eerily prophetic interview with lennon that only now has come to light. ♪ all you need is love... >> all you need is love. i believe it, it's not hard. but i absolutely believe it. >> reporter: john lennon, speaking just three days before his death, in 1980. >> what they want is dead heros, like sid vicious and james dean, and all that, i'm not interested in being a dead ( bleep ) hero. >> reporter: it was lennons last major interview with rolling stones. in the aftermath of the shooting most of it went unpublished. and two cassette tapes were recently discovered. >> i forgot the tapes, i found in my closet, let's transcribe and it see what's there, and so we did that and the interview was amazing. >> reporter: in the nine-hour conversation lennon tore into
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his critics. >> they only like people when they're on the way up. when they're up there, they've got nothing else to do but ( bleep ) on them. they like to imagine they create and break people, but they don't so forget 'em, you know what i mean? >> reporter: at the strawberry fields memorial in new york's central park, fans remembered lennon today, so did paul mccartney. >> it's kind of good for me to be in new york on this day, really, there's something sort of inspirational about it, even though it's a terrible thing. but i feel kind of close to him when i'm here. >> reporter: in 1980 lennon was about to make a long awaited return to the lime light, after a five-year layoff from recording he just made a new album, double fantasy.
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>> reporter: 30 years later, for millions of fans, that's still enough. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. >> couric: it's been 39 years since another rock legend died, jim morrison. now the state of florida is about to pardon him. morrison was convicted of exposing himself during a doors concert in miami in 1969. but governor charlie crist says he doubts it really happened, and today officials said the board has to vote to pardon tomorrow. morrison, possibly as early as tomorrow. still ahead here on the cbs evening news, what football player would pass up a chance to play for the nfl? he did, and wait until you hear why. but up next, elizabeth edwards, her family, and their final hours together.
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campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ you won't believe your taste buds. you won't believe it's fiber. benefiber. clear, taste-free, and dissolves completely. what a beautiful way to get fiber everyday. that's the beauty of benefiber. >> couric: the story of elizabeth edwards has touched americans all over the country. since her death yesterday, some have expressed their feelings on her website. one woman wrote, her wonderful children know how lucky they are to have had this spectacular human being as a mother. they clearly do.
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elaine quijano reports they were at her side until the very end. >> reporter: today we learned new details about the last days of elizabeth edwards' life. in her final hours, she was surrounded by the people she loved most, her son jack, just ten years old. daughters emma claire, 12, and kate 28. also there her estranged husband john, and a handful of close friends, including jennifer palmieri, who spoke about edwards' children. >> to say that she prepared them for her death i don't think is really correct. i think what she wanted to do was prepare them to live a good life. >> reporter: edwards were determined that her last days with her children be joyful. >> she was able to have normal, you know, good night mom, come and give me a kiss, going to school, it was not a sad place, if you can imagine that. >> reporter: elizabeth edwards knew she would only have a few
5:49 pm
years with her young children, as she told katie couric in 2007 right after edwards learned her cancer had returned. >> i've often said that the most important thing you can give your children, wings. because you're not always going to be able to bring food to the nest, sometime they'll have to be able to fly by themselves. >> reporter: although a successful lawyer in her own right, edwards built her life around her children. when her 16-year-old son wade died in a car accident, both she and john quit practicing law and turned to politics and public service. >> if you want universal health care plan, who do you trust to actually get it done? >> reporter: and for the sake of her children edwards put aside her anger at her husband's well- known infidelity, as she told nate berkus in her last televised interview. >> i see the father of my children, and it's really important to me, particularly since i have a terminal disease, this is the person at some point who will take over the primary parenting. >> reporter: elizabeth edwards' funeral will take place here saturday at the family church in raleigh. she will be buried at a cemetery
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next to her son wade. elaine quijano, cbs news, raleigh, north carolina. >> couric: still ahead, a very rough ride for the passengers on a cruise to antarctica. cruise to antarctica. night after night, i sat up. sprayed up. took a shower... or took a pill. then i tried drug-free breathe right advanced. and instantly, i breathed better! i slept better. it felt...better. thank you, breathe right! [ male announcer ] breathe better, sleep better, feel better. now try new breathe right advanced for free... at [ woman ] it's my right to breathe right. isn't it your right, too? i want to do it until they have to carry me out. b my first step... start eating cheerios. [ male announcer ] to keep doing what you love, take care of your heart with cheerios. the whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. love your heart so you can do what you love.
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stop taking cialis and call your doctor right away. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if cialis for daily use is right for you. for a 30-tablet free trial offer, go to >> couric: for the last year and a half, an american soldier has been held captive in afghanistan. today 24-year-old private bowe bergdahl of idaho appeared briefly in a video put out by the taliban. he is on the left next to a
5:53 pm
smiling man who is believed to be a top insurgent leader. this is the fourth time bergdahl has been seen in a taliban video. in washington the senate convened today as a court of impeachment and for only the 8th time in history voted to remove a federal judge. the senate convicted louisiana district judge thomas porteous of taking bribes and lying to congress. meanwhile a cruise to antarctica turned into more of an adventure than the passengers, including 88 americans, were counting on. the ship was tossed violently by rough seas off south america. a huge wave smashed a window on the bridge, knocking out communications and damaging the engine controls. tonight the ship is slowly heading back to argentina. and coming up next, the man who chose planes over jets.
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5:57 pm
>> reporter: for many little boys who grow up playing football, there's often a dream of one day playing in the national football league. so when the new york jets called 24-year-old keith fitshugh, a free agent safety yesterday to ask him to join them on their potential super bowl run, the call came and he said... >> no thank you. >> reporter: because the mississippi state grad has already been on the roster and cut three times by two nfl teams. and now he has a new job that he's not giving up. >> it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> reporter: he turned down a chance to make $5,200 a week to work with the jets practice squad. with remaining games and probable play-offs, a guaranteed $30,000 plus. but instead he chooses to earn the same money, but over the next 12 months, as a $31,000 a year trainee with norfolk southern railroad.
5:58 pm
his father is disabled and his parents are having a tough time making ends meet. keith is carrying the financial load. >> i just can't be selfish about that, from what i've seen my parents pushing me to become the young man i am today. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after fitzhugh turned down the jets offer, they found another player willing to take the job. but the jets say they have a deep admiration for fitzhugh's decision. >> he's a tough guy, he's a guy with a lot of character. and he just is a really outstanding young man. >> reporter: he may be giving up on a once in a lifetime chance to win a super bowl, but fitzhugh says his parents need him more now, and that he'd rather take the train than fly with the jets. michelle miller, cbs news, new jersey. >> couric: that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. i'm katie couric. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here tomorrow.
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good night. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. it was one point i stopped coming to school. >> and he is not alon oakland's dropout rate going to 40%, even higher for black students. what's the problem? we asked the students themselves. >> california is facing a serious budget crisis, as now. >> the campaign is behind him. now the hard work begins. why it's getting even tougher to dig out of the state's budget hole. >> and a bay area hotel offering much more than a mint on the pillow. how about a dog? good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm dana king. california's high school graduation rate is up, but so is the dropout rate. the state says 70% of high school seniors graduated in


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