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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  December 10, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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result of a weapon but what we understand happened next is that the police officer drew his weapon and shot the suspect in the leg. both the suspect and police officer were rushed to san francisco general hospital that's where they are right now and police are still trying to find out why the police officer pulled his gun and shot, allen. we are trying to get the details. but this investigation scene is pretty active right now. we are expecting them to be out here a couple more hours. >> thank you, joe vazquez in san francisco. well, a 12-year-old girl from virginia was missing for a week, found today unharmed in san francisco. she was last seen at this wal- mart in salem, virginia, with her mother's boyfriend. now, that was back on december 3rd. 32-year-old jeffrey easily is in custody accused of abducting that girl but he is also accused of murdering the girl's mother. the mother was found dead on monday. no details yet on how or
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exactly where that girl was found. first it was the pot raids, now protests. a day after a series of police sweeps, bay area pot clubs are fighting back. len ramirez shows us cannabis users are fired up. >> reporter: if there were any other place would you say people were standing around, signature around getting stoned but this is a medical marijuana facility and so the word here is that they are medicating themselves. that's really the difference between this and any other place. they are doing this in defiance of the police right now. they are doing this in front of cameras. they want to send out the message that they are here and want to be here to stay. workers at the cannabis collective in san jose responded to police crackdowns with hits from a bong. like the smoke, the statement they were trying to make is a bit hazy especially since the club's president says he was afraid to open today after yesterday's series of raids. but he says he has nothing to
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hide. >> we are very concerned here at medex in regard to staying open because of the tactics they are using to keep us fearful. we are trying to provide safe access to the people who need this medicine. >> reporter: more than 50 county agents swooped into several location in san jose, gilroy and morgan hill yesterday to serve search warrants. they shut down the businesses. >> i thought it was a robbery. >> reporter: patricia sanchez wasn't there yesterday but the arthritis patient and cannabis user was at a santa clara club during a similar raid in october. >> i didn't hear so much what they were saying as the scene, the black masks, black sunglasses, total black and guns. i thought it was a robbery. it took me quite a few seconds to realize, this is not a robbery. this is a police or law
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enforcement special task force takeover, takedown. >> reporter: no one from the task force was available for comment today but police have been concerned about an explosion of marijuana cooperatives in santa clara county. a gilroy press release accused the operators of illegally selling marijuana and money laundering but charges haven't been filed according to the district attorney's office. >> we have been to court twice. they have discharged us. >> reporter: nor have charges been filed against doug carter the owner of angel's care who was arrested in october but his assets were seized and his finances are a mess. >> every patient in california is tired of the harassment and confusion. we are going by the letter of the law. they're not. so what we -- we need as to stand up and draw a line in the sand and show these people that we're not cartel. we're not mobsters. we're here to do a legitimate business to help the patients. >> reporter: in addition, medical marijuana facilities like this one are participating in a lawsuit, allen.
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in the next 30 days, they say they are going to file a federal lawsuit to try and continue operating and to try and block the special enforcement team here in santa clara county from continuing any further raids. until then, they will keep smoke and keep medicating. >> looks like they have a lot of support judging from the group behind you. >> reporter: there is plenty of support here. you know, this is billed as sort of a party and it's definitely a, uhm, party atmosphere. >> be careful inhaling. >> reporter: yeah. >> len ramirez in san jose, thanks. a horrible case of animal cruelty. a sea lion shot in the face in the north bay. now rescuers have named it silent night. it's in critical but stable condition at the marine mammal center in sausalito. the 7-foot sea lion was found on the beach in sausalito wednesday night. as you can see, its right eye is gone. the left sigh swollen shut. he is heavily medicated. doctors say it's too early to tell whether he will ever return to the wild. >> these are sometimes viewed as a nuisance animal by people
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but using a firearm or a shotgun to vent your frustration is never a good idea. >> the x-ray shows six or seven pellet fragments from buckshot lodged in the sea lion's head. silent night is the ninth marine mammal to be treated at the sausalito center this year for gunshot wounds. that's down from 19 last year. but the shooting of a sea lion last year has led to a criminal prosecution. a sacramento area man was sentenced to 30 days in jail and a $51,000 fine for shooting the sea lion that they named sergeant nevis. that was while the sea lion was up the sacramento river. it had surgery at six flags in vallejo in october. a police chase ends with a man being killed after his car flew off interstate 80 in berkeley. the chase began with a traffic stop in oakland at 35th and west streets. it ended hours later with the crash near university avenue. anne makovec shows us the
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driver reportedly tried to run down a police officer. >> got in the car looked like he was still moving slumped over the wheel. so, you know, it's pretty terrible. >> reporter: the 38-year-old man in the car lost control on 80 eastbound in berkeley. police say he was a parolee and had a warrant out for his arrest. >> the driver was critically injured. he was transported the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> reporter: two incidents led to the crash. the first at 8:30 last night when police saw the car in the middle of the street on 35th and west. >> the driver's agitated. wasn't answering the officer's questions. >> reporter: police say he then put the car in drive and hit the officer knocking him down. he is okay but the driver took off and police found out that the car had been stolen. hours later, an officer saw the car again at around 5 a.m. at west grand and isabella. the chase was on through the streets to eastbound highway 80 where the driver lost control
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here near university in berkeley. there is a frontage road between the highway and local businesses. the car careened off of the highway through a ditch across the frontage road and into the fence. on the way it hit a sign that flew into this vehicle breaking the back window. >> i don't know what he did if you would have an accident like that during this time of the year, it's too bad for his family. >> reporter: officers from the california highway patrol and the oakland police department spent much of the day out here investigating the scene. they have not released the report. in berkeley, anne makovec, cbs 5. it gives a whole new meaning to baby's first picture. coming up the special delivery that could make childbirth safer for babies and moms. ho ho ho! >> that naughty santa gets the last laugh. we'll see why being bad is really paying off. >> talk about being naughty. there she goes. a reindeer running wild through the streets of california. how this cowboy came to the rescue. ,,,,,,
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litninstro. rizo4g l. le t airn thmostadncedg neok the state wants to sell 11 buildings to a group of private investors. the price: 2- point-3 billion dollars. the sale of 11 state buildings to be sold throughout california can move forward. the state wants to sell them to a group of private investors and the price would be $2.3 billion.
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the state would lease them back. the two top officials sued to say it was stealing money from from taxpayers. the judge said it's not a waste of funds and doesn't violate the state law. more than $1 billion will contribute to closing the state's budget gap. the closed for business sign is going up in one city in the east bay. beginning december 23rd, the city of concord is shutting down all but the essential services such as the fire and the police for 11 days. some of those are holidays. the rest are unpaid furlough days. >> time spent with my family i guess they are out of school so... time off. >> we are trying to reduce our costs in terms of the operations of the city and our employees partnered with us to come up with some ideas on how we can do that, and having furlough days throughout the year was one of the solutions. >> the city was already scheduled to close for christmas and new year's. it will be open for business again january 3. and concord isn't the only
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bay area city looking for a long holiday break. san jose, fremont, walnut creek, they are also shutting down for a long period of time because of furlough days. just in time for the holidays, if santa doesn't have your sweetie's wish list, a new website may be able to help you. on the consumerwatch, julie watts helps us find what she wants. >> reporter: not what i want. what she wants. helps you find the perfect gift for the ladies in your life. >> what do you want? >> i want a boyfriend that would be very, very nice. >> reporter: most ladies know what they want. >> i'd settle for a cute purse. >> i ask for hints. >> reporter: but sometimes, surprise, you unwrap a big box. >> ugly socks. >> reporter: of disappointment. >> you doesn't want to hurt their feelings. you don't want to say you got me the wrong gift again. >> reporter: enter you can upload photographs, put urls, rate it, say what you want. >> reporter: make your wish
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list as long or extravagant as you want. even tell others where the gift is located. then create your she wants-not list. >> we want people to get to know other people better without going shopping with them every day. >> reporter: now people can view your registry and get shopping. >> absolutely great idea. >> reporter: the idea is to prevent returns and regifting. if it's the thought that counts, then just think. the next time you gift, you can say it's in the bag. >> that's just efficiency. saving everybody's time. >> a lot of headache and no worries. >> the account is free. >> reporter: log on, fill out your registry. here's my wish list. then send the gift to the people in your life. perfect way to get the gift. >> it's free for the ladies. how much does it consist a man to access the list. >> reporter: it's free. the gifts are not free. my wish list is a little pricey. >> better rank them in order of
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price. >> coming up, see why the bad santa is getting the last laugh. >> plus, santa was missing arraign deer. rudolph on the loose. running a little wild through california. what it took to finally catch this gal. did somebody say reindeer? oh, dear yes! 'tis the season. the reason why we are out at club sport in san ramon and your pinpoint weekend forecast as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,
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cheer. but first.. what about the weather for the weekend?? thanks, roberta. one door closed... another one opened for the santa claus roberta gonzales is out with the weather. >> at least guys from the san ramon valley fire department do
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great things all year long as well as the holiday season. we are entering the. you can bank on mostly cloudy skies throughout the bay area, temperature-wise, we're pretty much in the 50s and 60s and there is still that champs a
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random high pressure system is moving n ground spread ground fog tomorrow will then clear out to partly cloudy conditions. numbers similar to today up a couple of degrees. your extended forecast shows warmer conditions for your sunday. we're talking low 70s inland. cooler monday then we reintroduce the chance of rain back in the forecast on tuesday through thursday. hey, i'm a lucky girl tonight. i have brothers here. i have jerry and richard and we have a whole lot of people here.
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hi guys. first of all, tell me that's what going on, jerry, here at club sport in san ramon this weekend. >> tomorrow we have a charity racquetball tournament at 9 a.m. gets over about 6 p.m. it is a benefit that we raise toys for kids in the area that wouldn't normally be able to have toys. >> reporter: how it works like a tandem team. i'm sorry i stemmed on your foot. this is hour it works -- stemmed on your foot. this is how to works. we have brother richard with the san ramon fire department. hi. >> hi. >> how does this work? they are raising the toys? >> for the san ramon valley firefighters and marines toys for tots program so we are going to take all the toys that are collected tomorrow and share them throughout the community to families in need. >> so anybody coming over here to club sport to work out so they can look good for the holiday bring a toy with you, right? >> so what are you going to do, collect toys. >> yes.
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>> on behalf of the club i would like to present this check to your toys for tots program. >> thank you. all right! $1,000! how did you raise that? through membership -- >> we do it through the toys and membership. >> reporter: good for you. any holiday message? >> happy holiday, be safer and donate to the toys for tots program. >> reporter: so in san ramon we are right off bollinger canyon road here in the east bay coming on out to work out or maybe it's a good excuse to come out to the east bay. please bring a toy for the tots. and help out the san ramon fire department. you do this annually, huh? >> we do. this tournament raises several thousand dollars. >> good luck with the tournament tomorrow, as well. allen good time out here at club sport. >> be careful. they have a rackets ball tournament. don't step on their -- they are a racquetball tournament. don't step on their feet. i've seen your shoes! [ laughter ] a special birth, a medical
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first how it could make things safer in the delivery room for other moms and babies. and you are telling me this, why? i...uh...thought you might be my secret santa? no. i'm giving for skunk. uh, i can hear you. no. not you. the other skunk. [ female announcer ] safeway is the place to stock up on itunes gift cards. right now, save $6 on a $40 4-pack. keep 'em on hand.
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a baby using m=r=i scans. dr. mulvihill has some tonight a medical first. doctors in germany have filmed the birth of a baby using mri scans. dr. kim mulvihill has some incredible photos. >> reporter: it happened here in berlin, germany at a hospital. a baby's birth photographed from start to finish. but these aren't the kind of pictures would you find in the
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family scrapbook or baby album. these are high-tech photos magnetic resonance images. mris. a radiologist explains. >> with the open mri system we were the first time able to demonstrate the dynamic birth process from inside of the woman and how the baby comes out of the birth canal. >> it's a completely different way of looking at childbirth from inside the patient. a doctor heads up the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the university hospital. >> first time we have realized the second stage of labor we could see the extended head during the second stage of labor and we could see the bony structure on the mother and the baby and the soft tissue. >> reporter: and while that might not seem super cool to everyone, to an obstetrician it's big news.
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you see, the more we understand child birth, what's normal and what's not, the better equipped we are to keep it safe for mother and baby. >> our aim, our goal, to prevent these secondary c- sections because the secondary c-sections in the second stage of labor, they have a high morbidity and mortality rate. and if we can lower this c- section rate, we'll be a good deal. >> reporter: it gives a whole new meaning to baby's first picture. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. all right. here's some food for thought. to stop yourself from over eating just think about eating too much. really. participants of a study were broken up into three groups. each was asked to imagine something. the first doing a task. the second, eating three pieces of candy. then the third eating 30 pieces of candy. when finally given the sweets
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the group who imagined eating the most actually imagined eating the least. the theory think about eating enough of a certain food you wouldn't want it as much. yeah. ho ho... >> why being bad really paid off for the world's second most famous santa. eyewitness news at 6. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. now get up to $300 back in promotion cards. at&t. rethink possible.
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i'm dana king. here's something we're working on for the 6:00 news. several of you got in touch with us about public storage and its insurance policies. well, tonight our second report and this time, we have some extra insight. what a former employee told us. and remember that historic private space launch earlier this week? well, it had some secret cargo. and the only thing more bizarre than the cargo itself, what
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inspired someone to put it on board. we'll have that and much more at 6:00, so join us. allen? >> looking forward to that. dana, thanks. one door closed another one open for the santa claus who was fired from macy's for making some racy comments. he starts his new job tonight, says it's a bigger and better one. today john toomey paraded through san francisco on a new mission. he wants to use his new international publicity about the case to help firefighters collect toys for their annual toy drive. lefty o'doul's hired him after he was fired from macy's. his new job at the pub includes twice the salary and a bigger throne. you can see santa at lefty o'doul's now through december 24. and santa john as he is known not just the bay area's most famous santa. his story went big time. jay leno poked fun at macy's last night on the tonight show for firing santa claus. could write a movie script about that. talk about being bad.
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if she was one of santa''s sleigh pullers she would be called dasher. apparently she checked her list twice and being confined at a christmas tree lot at santa maria wasn't on it. the reindeer ran wild for hours through the field and then a neighborhood. >> we were putting up christmas lights. >> we were in here and the next thing you know, a reindeer is coming down the street. >> sure it was... who has been dipping into the eggnog? no, it was! and a cowboy working nearby at a cattle ranch came over and lassoed the animal. they strapped her to the light pole. now it looks probably worse than it is because santa's responsible there for picking up the reindeer. she is fine. we're told she is going to be okay. but i bet that's the last time she does that. leading the sleigh before we know it on the 24th. coming up on the "cbs


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