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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  December 10, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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sale. don knapp on why opponents say it stinks. >> reporter: an 11th hour lawsuit to block the execution of a sale of a california supreme court building and 10 other buildings has failed. >> it's too late in the sense that the properties will forever be owned by the new quote owners. it is not too late to continue the case to show that this was an unconstitutional watch this word stealing of taxpay money. >> reporter: also included in the sale is the hiram johnson building at 455 golden gate. and this civic center building at 505 van ness is home to california's public utilities commission. eight other buildings including the ronald reagan state building in los angeles are part of the sales that are expected to bring in 2.$3 billion. >> it's important. we all know given the current budget situation to be able to generate this revenue now. to help support the sagging state budget. >> reporter: eric of the department of general services
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says the could the confirmed that the sale is legal and proper. but opponents are lived vitt. >> there are which was of things that don't smell good. >> reporter: the former city attorney and supervisor. >> for example, the state said it didn't pay a finder's fee. we know the state didn't. but we know somebody did. we have a mayor in southern california who says he was going to get a finder's fee. >> reporter: a half million dollars finder's fee would go to santa ana's mayor. security may be an issue when overs possibly overseas take the buildings and the computers. >> including those that guard the security of the california's attorney general's offers with all the law enforcement facilities in the buildings. >> reporter: the state claims the buildings will be safe or safer than now.
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opponents say the sale money will be gone in snap and generations of california taxpayers will pay $6 billion over 50 years to rent back the office space. opponents will go to state court of appeal first thing monday morning. if that fails on to the state supreme court and even if they can't beat the deadline they will fight the legality of the sale. >> it's unbelievable that they can do this. >> but it's not that unusual. china owns much of our debt anyway. >> so they come in and buy part of the state. >> thank you, don. moving day for nokia. the tech company is settling into new offices in the south bay and nearby merchants could not be more excited. mark sayre on how the new neighbors could help redefine a city. >> reporter: the moving trucks are already busy bringing in office furniture and supplies to nokia's brand-new sunnyvale offers beginning monday 500 people will report for work
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mere as nokia consolidates four bay area offices now located in san francisco, redwood city, menlo park and mountain view. >> sunnyvale being in the heart of silicon valley gives us great access to the developer community, to innovators here. >> reporter: nokia workers will initially occupy the second to fourth floors of the building with room to expand. the ground floor lobby will be used to host large group events but wouldn't be ready until next year. the seven any veil city manager says the move is a huge break for ongoing redevelopment efforts according to the sunnyvale city manager. >> it's been several years in the making. we needed a solid anchor and nokia brings that. once you get a company with that kind of credibility, getting tenants for the other two buildings down there is going to become much easier. >> reporter: merchants in downtown sunnyvale are holding out high hopes for the new neighbors from nokia. it's a short walk away from murphy avenue where it's hoped
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the new employees will come to shop and dine. >> looking forward to the new people and faces. >> reporter: jason is the manager at the italian restaurant and while business here is already strong, on a friday afternoon during the holiday shopping season, he says nokia's move should be good for all merchants. >> for all the restaurants it means that hopefully we'll have at least 300 to 400 people having lunch every day. >> reporter: all of nokia's business divisions other than research will be located in this new building. in sunnyvale, mark sayre, cbs 5. there was an officer involved shooting in san francisco late this afternoon. police say the officer was trying to detain a suspect who was drinking at garfield park. well, a fight broke out between the two and the officer opened fire. the suspect was hit in the leg. both the officer and that suspect were taken to the hospital. we are told their injuries are not life-threatening. the officer will be placed on routine administrative leave during the investigation. now, a 12-year-old girl from virginia has been missing
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for a week, was found today unharmed in san francisco. she was last seen at this wal- mart in salem, virginia, with apparently her mother's boyfriend. that was last friday. 32-year-old jeffrey easley is in custody accused -- well, of abducting the girl, but he is also accused of murdering the girl's mother. she was found dead on monday. the girl and suspect were in a store when somebody recognized them from a wanted poster and called police. first, the pot raids. well, now the protests. a day after a series of police sweeps, bay area pot clubs are fighting back. len ramirez shows us cannabis users are fired up so to speak. >> exactly right. >> reporter: this morning, the president of this cannabis collective here in san jose wasn't even sure if he would open because of all of those raids yesterday, he felt intimidated. but as you can see from our live picture hire, they are pretty much going in the opposite direction, 180 degrees. they are holding a little party
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here. they invited the cameras in to show everyone because they want to send a message to police that they're here and they want to stay that way. [ laughter ] >> reporter: workers at the medex cannabis collective in san jose responded to a police crackdown with hits from a bong. like the smoke, the statement they were trying to make is a bit hazy. especially since the club's president says he was afraid to open today after yesterday's series of raids. but he says he has nothing to hide. >> we are very concerned here at medex-in regards to staying open even because of the tactics that they are using in order to keep us fearful and while we are just trying to provide safe access for this medicine to the people who need it. >> reporter: yesterday more than 50 narcotics agents with santa clara county special enforcement teams sweeped into several location in san jose, gill provide and morgan hill to serve search warrants.
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they shut down the businesses, seized documents, marijuana and computers. >> i thought it was a robbery. >> reporter: she was not in yesterday's raids but the patient was at a santa clara club called angel's care during a similar raid in october. >> i didn't hear so much what they were saying as the scene, the black mass, the black sunglasses. total black and guns. i thought it was a robbery. it took me quite a few seconds to realize that this is not a robbery, this is a police or law enforcement special task takeover takedown. >> reporter: no one from the task force was available for comment today but police have been concerned about an explosion of marijuana cooperatives in santa clara county. a gilroy press release accused medileaf operators of selling metropolitan illegally and money laundering but charges haven't been filed according to the district attorney's office. >> we have been to court twice. they have discharged us. >> reporter: nor have charges been filed against doug carter the owner of angels care
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arrested in october but his assets were seized and his finances are a mess. >> every parente in california is tired of the harassment of the confusion. we are going by the letter of the law. they are not. so we need to stand up. we need draw a line in the sand and show these people there in a that we're not cartel. we're not mobsters. we're here to do a legitimate business to help the patients. >> reporter: now this little get-together serves adieu wal purple. medical marijuana facilities here in santa clara county say they will be filing a federal lawsuit within the next 30 days and so this is a bit of a fundraiser. dana, i'm not sure how much they have raised but there is an awful lot of smoke in here. >> yeah. it does look a little hazy there len. hope you get a little air in a bit. >> reporter: exactly. >> okay. len ramirez in san jose, thank you. well, after we first told you about it, we heard from an expert. what a former employee tells us about the practice of selling
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insurance at public storage. time out. >> time out. >> a lot of noise today over a peace prize. >> and another victory lap for the san francisco santa who hit it big by being just a little naughty. is ,,,, ,,,,,,
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east bay city. beginning december 23-rd.. the city of concord is shutting the closed for business sign is going up in one city. beginning december 23 concord is shutting down all but essential service such as fire and police. some of those days are holidays but the rest are unpaid furlough days. >> it's time spent with my family. >> we are trying to reduce our costs in terms of the operations of the city and our employees partnered with us to come up with some ideas in how
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we can do that and having furlough days throughout the year was one of the solutions. >> the city was already scheduled to close for christmas and new year's. but it will be closed from the 23rd and open again for business january 3. concord isn't the only bay area city taking long holiday breaks. san jose, fremont and walnut creek are also shutting down for a long period of time because of furlough days. it just happened to tennis pro pete sampras it can happen to you. stuff stolen from storage lockers. julie watts has an update. >> reporter: our original investigation revealed the insurance of public storage encourages you to buy may not provide the coverage you expect. it's something our viewers have experienced and told us about it after they saw our first report. now we're learning more about that insurance from an insider. >> insurance is required. >> reporter: that's what we
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heard from a public storage employee during our cbs 5 undercover investigation. a statement that sounds all too familiar to this former public storage manager. >> insurance is required. we drop out the brochure. >> reporter: cody says selling insurance was all part of the sales pitch he was taught during training. but as he soon found out -- >> it's not required. there is nowhere in the system that would prevent us from renting you a unit if you don't have insurance. >> the other thing is to look at your deductibles. >> reporter: according to cody, employees continue to push insurance because they have a quota. >> every 10 rentals we had to get at least 8 people to sign up for insurance, otherwise we would get reprimanded or with the constant threat of firing if we didn't meet our numbers. >> reporter: a public storage spokesman tells cbs 5, there are no quotas, no one has been terminated for not selling insurance, and the they say insurance whether or not it's from public storage is required. the company's website says that, too. but we found no mention of the
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requirement in the rental agreement that customers signed. and lawyers tell us, if it's not in the agreement, it's not required. so what exactly is public storage trying to sell you? it's an insurance program provided by willis insurance services and our investigation uncovered many complaints about it. >> i thought it was ridiculous. >> reporter: anna said despite recovery of some of her items in a neighboring long, her claim was denied. there were 22 burglaries at that facility. >> they said sorry no evidence of forceful entry. >> reporter: another woman had all her life long possessions at the oyster point public storage in south san francisco. >> i had just lost my home to foreclosure. >> reporter: and when her storage locker was broken into, she lost everything else. >> i was shocked. i was upset. >> reporter: even more shocking
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is what police told her after. >> he had said that he had responded to other break-ins at the same storage place and that there was a hole in the fence, that the burglars were coming through the fence. >> reporter: police say there have been nine break-ins here in the past year. just like in anna's case, diana sent in her cut padlock only to have her claim denied and the insurance company refuse to send it back. >> i think their insurance is a scam. >> it would be different if i didn't pay for insurance. but i paid for insurance. >> reporter: and he says he is not surprised. >> i think i have had a total of three people that have gone through and had a success. >> his advice? >> i wouldn't buy it. it doesn't cover anything anyway. >> reporter: so what can you do to protect yourself? often your home owners or renters policy will cover your storage. but keep in mind, different companies have different policies. you have to check to see just how much they cover. and it's definitely a good idea to take photos and make an inventory list of everything in your locker. and we are learning more about
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the frequency of storage break- ins throughout the bay area so keep an eye out for our continuing investigation. we get bombarded with folks with similar complaints. >> i guess a padlock would be dysfunctional if it's cut. [ laughter ] >> all right. thank you. well, 'tis the season for roberta to make the rounds with the firefighters. >> what? >> oh, dear i just heard that. oh, dear. hey, i wanted to ask you, somebody just told me this was a moose and i said how can you tell? it's not no moose. it's a reindeer because as dana was alluding to, 'tis the season so yes i'm making the rounds with the firefighters and island tell you why. but first let's look at the current conditions right here in san ramon. it is 62 degree under mostly cloudy skies. we have a little bit of mist, stray showers still possible. overall mostly cloudy.
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temperatures in the 50s and low 60s relatively mild. tonight, overnight with a blanket of clouds, numbers 40s and 50s. the winds again nonexistent so therefore, we can count on some valley fog to develop. we have a ridge of high pressure developing off the coast and as it does so, it will dry us out this weekend and we will see some partly sunny skies. no precipitation in the sierra. tomorrow's highs across the bay area similar to today. from the 50s to the 60s across the board. the winds will be slight. the extended forecast does call for dry weather and warmer conditions on sunday. repeat performance similar on monday then we reintroduce the possibility of rain showers tuesday through thursday. andrea scott from club sport joins me in san ramon and you made a special presentation earlier. >> we donated $1,000 to the san
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ramon valley firefighters toys for tots program. bring an unwrapped toy anytime tomorrow and we'll take care of it. >> reporter: all weekend? >> all weekend. the tournament -- the racquetball tournament is tomorrow. >> reporter: even bring it by tonight? >> absolutely. >> reporter: live from club sport in san ramon. i'm going to lift some weights. >> don't hurt yourself. still ahead tonight, another nobel prize comes with some controversy and just one of the ways your icahn play tricks on you. that's in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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award. that's because the human rights activist is in the nobel committ he won a nobel peace prize in 2010 but he never got the award. that's because the human rights
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activist is in jail. today the nobel committee held a special ceremony to honor liu xiaobo. and as simon perez shows us, a protest in san francisco. >> reporter: about two dozen people protested at the chinese consulate in san francisco for that country's treatment of liu xiaobo, named the nobel peace prize winner of 2010 but still jailed in china. >> the norwegian nobel committee has decided to award the nobel peace prize for 2010 to liu xiaobo for his long and nonviolent struggle for fundamental rights in china. >> reporter: this person participated in the protest. he was in tienanmen square with liu xiaobo. >> he is a man with a big heart. i'm pretty sure he would talk about all the things in china and -- [ pause ]
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>> i'm sure he would be willing to share this honor. >> reporter: the nobel committee awarded the prize to an empty chair. [ applause ] >> reporter: the last time a winner was not allowed to pick up the nobel peace prize was 1936 when the nazis prevented the winner from attending the ceremonies. some of the protestors here today say the chinese government of 2010 is worse than the nazis. are they the same as the nazis? >> i think they are actually doing worse. no one from china -- there are like hundreds of people on the list that propose who can be the representative. all of them including their remote relatives were forbidden to leave china. >> reporter: the nazis at least let somebody show up. >> somebody did show up. >> reporter: and the chinese government nobody? >> nobody. >> reporter: liu xiaobo has been in jail offer and on for
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20 years. he is currently serving an 11- year term for his pro-democracy writing. >> well... all these years, the chinese people have been fighting for freedom. it's just their voice has never been heard. >> free china. >> reporter: in san francisco, simon perez, cbs 5. maybe you have seen it or at least you think you've seen it? one person in san francisco wants to know why do the wheels on cars in commercials seem to turn backwards? that's tonight's "good question." >> reporter: you're watching tv, you've seen it a car commercial or a movie, a car going down the street and the wheels seem to be going backwards. even though you know that vehicle is moving forwards. >> the reason that happens is because the motion of the wheel and the shutter speed of the camera are somewhat synchronized with each other. if they were perfectly sick carry-onized it would look like
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the wheels didn't move at all. >> reporter: you can see it demonstrated here. somebody who synchronized with the helicopter blades. the blades appear to be standing still. you change the shutter speed or the rotation speed of whatever you're photographing and you will a get what's called the s troboscopic effect. >> the wheel moves around .9 times for every time the camera takes a picture. that means the camera catches it a little bit before it actually gets back to its original position. >> strangely enough you can't see this with your eyes who says it can only be seen with a camera. >> your eye doesn't work as -- like a camera. it doesn't take successive pictures one after the other and string them together into something perceived a motion. your sigh working continuously. >> reporter: go to,click on the icon to send me your good question. >> how wild a day has it been
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in washington, d.c.? take this for starters. what prompted this flashback to the '90s at the white house? >> remember when a filibuster meant having to stand there to talk until you literally couldn't do it anymore? tonight one man is rocking the filibuster old school. and chief wikileaks-er julian assange treasonous? can you guess who just gave him a passionate defense on the floor of the house of representatives? ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they were working together. quite the day in washington. not only did two presidents appear together. they were working together. >> that's right. bill clinton and barack obama joining forces at the white house. the former president expressed his support for the compromise with republicans to extend the bush era tax cuts. clinton said the deal is the best option available and urged senate democrats to vote for it. >> the agreement taken as a whole is, i believe, the best bipartisan agreement we can reach to help the largest
6:29 pm
number of americans and to maximize the chances that the economic recovery will accelerate and create more jobs and to minimize the chances that it will slip back. >> i thought given the fact that he presided over as good an economy as we have seen in our lifetimes, that it might be useful for him to share some of his thoughts. >> president obama left the news conference before it was over because he said he had a meeting with the first lady that she was waiting for him. but while the president was trotting out bill clinton at the white house, at least one senator was making a point of his own. vermont's bernie sanders an independent took to the senate floor at 10 7:30 eastern time and launched -- at 10:30 eastern time and launched a filibuster. >> not a procedure type like we've seen. we're talking old school talk till you drop filibuster.
6:30 pm
he didn't stop until 7:00. 8.5 hours. here's a sample of what he had to say. >> i want to reiterate this point, senator if i might. and i'm not here to pick on george w. bush but during the presidency, his eight years, the wealthiest 400 americans, those are pretty high up guys, not the middle class, no matter how broadly you define that, their income more than doubled. got that? while their income tax rates dropped almost in half. the wealthiest 400 americans now earn an average $345 million a year and pay an effective tax rate of 16.6% on average that's the lowest tax rate for wealthy individuals on record. so the point is, senator landrieu and i'm talking about people out in the related world working longer hours for low wages, median family income has declined. people are scared to death that for the first time in our modern history their kids are
6:31 pm
going to have a lower standard of living than they do that. are you hearing that in louisiana? >> i am. >> all right. and the people on top are doing well and senator landrieu is asking a very simple question. millions of people are asking the same question. the wealthiest people are becoming much richer. middle class is declining. poverty is increasing. who decides who are the people who said that billionaires really need an extended tax break? and a reduction in the estate tax? it is a very simple question that she is asking. it's a very profound question because it speaks to what this country is all about. >> 8.5 hours. now, as for republicans, very little talk about taxes today. but they are certainly revealing some division of their own. while politicians from both party have had tough words for chief wikileaker julian asarge the gop has been particularly aggressive. for example, these comments from republican senate leader- mile-per-hour mcconnell. >> i think the man is a high-
6:32 pm
tech terrorist. he has done -- >> assange? >> yes. enormous damage to our country. and i think he needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and if that becomes a problem, we need to change the law. i think it's done enormous damage to our country. >> now, not every republican agrees. >> here now are spirited defense of julian assange on the floor of the u.s. house of representatives from a republican. ron paul. >> questions to consider. do the american people deserve to know the truth regarding the ongoing war in iraq, afghanistan, pakistan and yemen? number 2, could a larger question be, how can an army private gain access to so much secret information? number 3, why is the hostility mostly directed at assange, the publisher, and not our
6:33 pm
government's failure to protect classified information? number 4, are we getting our money's worth from the $80 billion per year we spend on intelligence gathering? number 5, which has resulted in the greatest number of deaths, lying us into war or wikileaks revelations or the release of the pentagon papers? >> ron paul there comparing assange to daniel elseberg and the pentagon papers. in other news congressman paul will chair the subcommittee that oversees the federal reserve, the same ron paul who wrote "end the fed." rioters why britain attacked a limo carrying prince charles and his wife. charlie d'agata reports. >> reporter: there are new security concerns after rioters got dangerously close to the heir to the british throne.
6:34 pm
>> oi, charles, how you doing, mate. >> reporter: an angry mob attacked the car as they road into demonstrations over tuition hikes. protestors smashed the windows on the rolls royce and then splashed paint on it. >> we do need to learn the lessons of this. it was a very regrettable incident but in the end let's remember that this was not the fault of the police. this was the fault of the people huh tried to smash up that car. >> reporter: the couple was said to be shaken but not hurt. security teams say they checked the route before taking it and got the all clear. but protestors changed course. >> it seems a bit stupid that there was a riot and hundreds of people come down and taking them down that very main road. >> reporter: london's chief of police called it a thoroughly disgraceful incident. the royal family isn't commenting on the attack or security procedures. royal insiders say the security lapse is raising serious questions ahead of prince william's wedding to kate middleton next spring.
6:35 pm
>> if this isn't resolved very soon i think you will see some kind of idea of somebody trying to ruin their big day, something that we hope won't happen. >> reporter: the prince's vehicle is designed to drive slowly through processions. as a former aide to the royal family put it you can't make a quick get why way in a vintage 1977 rolls royce. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. it was a voyage into space with some secret cargo. the only thing more bizarre than the cargo itself? what inspired someone to put it on board. the latest chanter in san francisco's big holiday kerfuffle. >> a huge game at oracle. i hope you have your tickets. bring on the heat. they are the most talked about team in the nba and even if you hate them, you have to see them. the miami heat are selling out arenaing all over the league. kim coyle have a preview coming up in sports. we'll see you in a few minutes. ,,
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brought you earlier this week. turns out - it was more amazing than we ever could have imagin an update on a story we brought you earlier in the week. turns out it was more amazing than we could have imagine. we told you about the private company that made history launching a spacecraft into orbit and then bringing it back to earth. actually made two orbits over earth. a company called space x hopes nasa will use this craft to resupply the international space station after the shuttle fleet is retired. well, now we have learned it there was some secret cargo on board that rocket. it was fermented curd, a block of at least, the first cheese in space. so why would they do that? other than they can. well, they would send a wheel of cheese into space because... well, here's the answer. >> some cheese. >> yes, certainly, sir, what would you like? >> well, how about a little red lester. >> i'm afraid we're fresh out of red lester, sir. >> never mind. how are you on --
6:39 pm
>> never at the end. week, always get it fresh on monday. >> there is the answer. the cheese cargo was a tribute to the famed monte python cheese. no word on where the space cheese goes from here. >> could have done the spam sketch. spam egg spam ham and spam. that's the next launch. one door closed another one opened for the santa claus fired from macy's for racy comments. he started his new job tonight a bigger and better one and even appeared on national television. joe vazquez on santa's new mission. >> reporter: santa claus is back at work. can i get a joke? and still trying to live down the sense of humor that got him fired. late last week john toomey to was the macy's union square santa for 20 years after an adult couple complained about a remark he made about naughty
6:40 pm
girls and boys out of the earshot of children. now he is on the new throne at left eve o'doul's a bar and -- lefty o'doul's at a bar and restaurant on geary. >> say any joke you want. >> reporter: lefty's owner offered santa john a job with twice the salary and bigger throne. >> they are cheering me and shaking my hand telling me how glad they are that santa is work at lefty as and doing just wonderfully. >> reporter: santa's mission now is to use the international publicity about the case to help lefty's collect toys for their annual firefighters toy drive. he kicked that effort off with a parade around the square a parade which happened to pass by his former home. macy's says no comment because it's a personnel matter. >> bring toys for santa. for the firefighters toys
6:41 pm
program. >> reporter: bring toys to santa. that's different than usual. >> oh, yes. quite a change. ho ho ho! >> reporter: santa's trademark laugh was the prop for a joke on jay leno's tonight show last night. >> can you give us an old- fashioned ho ho ho? >> oh, i'm sorry, jay. apparently you can't say ho ho ho anymore. [ laughter ] >> it's working girl working girl working girl. >> oh, i see. [ laughter ] >> reporter: today it's grownup firefighter but every afternoon starting tomorrow through christmas he will be back with the kids collecting presents instead of delivering them. joe vazquez, cbs 5. >> thanks, santa. and if you have holiday weekend plans we have you covered. the pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!! three times the national average!!! new school banking at capital one bank. with interest plus savings, go to!!!!! what's in your wallet? live from san ramon on this friday night, september the 10th. 'tis the season to be jolly. i'm here with my buddy here. some people say he's a moose.
6:45 pm
i say he's a reindeer. oh, yeah. let's look at the current conditions in san ramon where we have cloud cover, a little bit of drizzle. the current air temperature currently is in the 60s. the winds remain on the light side. otherwise, if you are out and about on this friday evening perhaps you have some shopping plans, perhaps you have some holiday gathering plans, cloudy with a slight chance of a stray shower, temperatures still in the 50s and in the low 60s. now,night tonight, we'll bottom out in the 40s and 50s relatively mild due to a deck of mid- and high-level clouds. these clouds are all associated with the disturbance that is now passing through the bay area. you see that big old area of high pressure. that's going to be ridging over northern california over the weekend. dry weather will follow. so therefore, sunnier and warmer conditions. statewide rain still a possibility from eureka all the way into ukaih into redding. full-on sunshine into yosemite
6:46 pm
and partly cloudy conditions. you will need that sunblock for skiing and boarding in the high sierra. your temperatures for your saturday, very similar to today if not a couple of degrees warmer. 50s beaches, 50s, 60s bayside to the mid-60s inland. winds will be mcgreevey pretty much nonexistent. we'll see valley fog developing tonight and saturday night overnight. once that clears on sunday, that's going to pan out to be the warmest day of the weekend. and then we reintroduce that possibility and probably of rain showers back here in the bay area. mark joins us here for a good cause. we are going to talk about something you can get involved with. >> how are you, roberta? >> i'm good. it's been a great night here at club sport. what's going on? >> a big racketed ball tournament here for toys for tots and we invite everyone to come out and join us.
6:47 pm
help the firefighters distribute the toys to the community. >> reporter: great idea. whether you're coming to work out bring the toy unwrapped or watch the racquetball tournament. >> there will be some good players. there are some world class players that will be here tomorrow. >> reporter: i heard of one, jerry price, local guy? >> absolutely. one of the best. world class. >> reporter: yeah. and he is from the san ramon area, as well. san ramon valley fire protection district, the firefighters got a donation from club sport, $1,000. we invite you to do your part for the holiday season. dana and allen, just come on out and bring us a toy. >> or come in with us roberta because it is a season of sharing. local food banks getting some much-needed support from generous groups across the bay area. bank of america last night donated $50,000 to the san francisco food bank. donations spanning the spectrum. big corporations, bank of america, to grassroots organizations. i'm joined by hillary halverson and these adorable sea monkeys. i'm not calling them names. you like to be called them from
6:48 pm
alamo. how did you raise the money? >> we had 50 kids that swam for an hour straight. they swam a little over 4200 laps and they did a great job. we are so proud of them. >> very proud of them. >> so your check? >> for $2,579. >> that's great! [ applause ] >> i see a little excitement on some faces there. you guys did great. we have the crowd. you guys can't hear it but we have a huge crowd applauding. tell us what it means for the food bank. >> first of all it's amazing they could do this physically. i'm astounded. but the fact that they did it to help us feed hungry people in the community is great, it makes a real difference. >> whose idea was this? >> we have been doing it for several years. it's a good way for the kids to give back to the community and feel proud about themselves so it's really nice. >> somebody likes being on it every. >> yeah. >> you got some spiffy shoes especially those red laces. >> thank you. >> you want to say happy
6:49 pm
holidays to everybody? >> happy holidays! >> allright. >> good deal. thank you so much for everything you guys do. it's great. all right, time for sports. g force is in the house. >> thanks a lot. hey, lebron, wade i hope you have your tickets. the warriors host the heat. we have a goal on the ice you have to see to believe. how about the score from behind the net? love that one. it's coming up in sports which just happens to be next. stick around. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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gary is here because kim coyle is where? >> down with the raidas! >> in jacksonville. >> that's right. >> we're talking football but we have to talk basketball now. huge game going on. you can expect another sellout crowd at oracle arena tonight. everyone in the bay area loves their warriors. but tonight, it's not just about the home team. all eyes will be on the visitors. lebron and the miami heat. >> the miami heat are in town for their yearly visit to oracle arena and normally it's just another game on the schedule. ever since lebron uttered those 12 words the heat are the league's hottest ticketed. >> this one i'm going to take
6:53 pm
my talents to south beach. >> reporter: lebron joined dwyane wade and chris bosh that experts thought might be the greatest team in nba history. >> everybody wants one of them. he got them all! >> every place sells out when we come to town so they can thank us. >> reporter: but not everyone warmed up to the idea of three superstars joining forces to win a tightle. >> we have been in hostile environments before but this is a work in progress. we feel like we all know rome wasn't built in one day. >> reporter: be bron and wade were two players that would be cheered in nearly every city. now the heat enter every arena as the team everyone loves to hate. >> i think everyone was kind of happy that we started off from the start that we have because it's like i told you so. more so i told you so. that's the world we live in. >> reporter: the heat got off to a slow start but arrive in the bay area playing their best basketball of the season, winning six straight and finally looking like a team
6:54 pm
worthy of all the hype. >> there are more people asking for autographs. that's for sure. and there's more media. so -- >> there's people who set out all year to work very hard who get a ticket to the game. you want to give them what they paid for. >> reporter: kim coyle, cbs 5 sports. darrelle wright is having the best season of his career. all he needed was a change of scenery and chance to play. the warriors are providing both of those things. >> remarkable. they come back panned double team in avitz ski. wright what a play. it goes around butler. >> he still has ties to former team maids in mm. dwyane wade is one of his best friends and the godfather of his son. he still has ties to former teammates in miami. >> he is a great friend. i picked up a lot just watching
6:55 pm
him so many years, work as hard as he do, you know, filled me in, one of the lead players of the league. >> to be able to go against one might have best friends, you know, in the world in d-wright, i'm so proud of him. that's my little brother. to see him really succeed national way that he is succeeding and he is one of the only guys in the rotation that's used to winning that's won at a high level so he is bringing something to this organization. >> first round pick oudo will debut tonight. the sixth picture in the draft missed all of training camp and the first 22 games after undergoing wrist surgery. high school football. de la salle will try and win its 19th straight ncs title tomorrow afternoon at the oakland coliseum. standing in their way is california high school whose only loss this season came to the spartans as if they needed extra motivation playing the mighty spartans. >> people get psyched out by the whole de la salle name and we have learned it's nothing but a name. >> we have always dreamt about playing them in the game and the coliseum and it's surreal. it's one of those things i
6:56 pm
would wake up from dreams about and pray to god that i would be able to get that chance one day. >> well, his dream came true and look at this. easily the most creative move on the ice from a 17-year-old in sweden. oscar milton from behind the net. i put it on the blade and banked it off the goalie's head into the back of the net. that's the a goal light it up it's a goal very impressive. it's great. >> the guy standing next to the goal, what happened? >> we could -- take another look. it's amazing. he just flips it up it goes right off the back of his head. and there's nothing the goalie can do. >> just a little sooner. >> he has everything covered. all right? behind me i'm okay. he is not okay. >> he needs eyes in the back of his head. >> exactly. >> zoom. >> the game tonight at oracle. it will be fun. >> we were talking about pat riley heading up the miami heat. >> the heat have won 6 in a row
6:57 pm
so maybe they turned it around. >> he won't have to coach again. >> slick back his hair and get a new suit. all right. we are going to say good night here. we'll see you at 10:00 and 11:00. >> we're always on enjoy the weekend. for itchy dry skin. try cortizone 10 intensive healing. the strongest itch relief medicine now has three vitamins and seven moisturizers.
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