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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 11, 2010 1:35am-2:10am PST

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virginia. how she ended up right here in the bay area. her mother was murder and she was kidnapped in virginia. how she ended up right here in the bay area. a sea lion shot in the head. the biggest challenges he faces and why the next 72 hours are critical. move over farmville. pot farm is the latest online game craze. >> it is not just any set of rules, they are the first for basketball. how much they sold for and why it will never be far from home. good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. seven days and 2300 miles later. tonight, a missing virginia
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girl has turned up in san francisco. her mother is dead. and her mom's boyfriend is under arrest accused of kidnapping a 12-year-old girl. linda yee with the story. >> reporter: ken, the big break came late this afternoon when an alert woman inside a safeway store here in san francisco spotted that missing girl, recognized her from a program she had seen earlier on cable news and immediately called 911. >> reporter: 12-year-old britney smith and her alleged kidnapping jeffrey easley were last seen on the 3rd. this video from a virginia wal- mart store shows them buying camping equipment. police have been looking for them since they found the girl dead in the home. the mother was easley's girlfriend. this afternoon the pair turned up at the safeway show in san francisco. the witness recognized them from news reports. >> i just know that the person
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who contacted police had observed a television show on cnn saying these people were the ones on that show that aired today. >> we will be able to help my mother. >> reporter: police say they found the suspect and the victim in the store's parking lot near the shopping cart. >> my understanding is they had backpacks. >> eastley had been booked in county jail on kidnapping charges. >> we will have detectives responding to san francisco as soon as we can get a flight out or any other close buy city. we are anxious to get there. >> reporter: the girl is now being carried for by child protective services. >> i understand that she is well and not harmed. there are no visible signs of injury. . >> reporter: virginia authorities could not believe it when they got the call from
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san francisco police late today. >> it is a party atmosphere, believe me. >> tickled to death doesn't come close. >> reporter: san francisco police said they did not know where the two had been staying this past week. there was a question asked on whether or not they may have been camping in nearby golden gate park because we talked to some witnesses tonight that said that they noticed police gathering evidence in that area which is about a half a block away, kim, from that safeway but no one can say for sure if that was true. >> a long way from home to say the least. >> a guilty verdict for the man accused of putting elizabeth smart through what she describes as nine months of hell. a utah jury deliberated just five hours after finding mitchell guilty of kidnapping and other charges rejecting his
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insanity charges. smart said she was raped every day during her captivity. she was 14 at the time. she is now 23. >> i hope not only is this an example that justice can be served in america but that it is possible to move on after something terrible has happened and that we can speak out and we will be heard. >> smart plans to return to france where she is son a mission for the mormon's church. mitchell's wife has already been sentenced to 15 years in prison. mitchell could face life in prison when he is sentenced in may. an alcohol fueled fight may have triggered a shooting involving a police officer. police say that the officer was trying to detain a suspect at garfield. he and the suspect were both taken to the hospital. the officer will be placed on routine administrative leave
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during the investigation. >> tonight a sea line is in critical but stable condition after somebody shot him in the face. right now he is practically blind and was malnourished. this is not the first time they have seen this. >> one eye lost and the other one swollen shut the sea lion is loaded up with pain meds after getting hit with buck shot. >> we have a number of them still left, embedded in the tissues. a couple are close to his brain. >> vets at the marine animal center decided not to remove them because of the risk of massive internal bleeding. people noticed the injured animal wednesday night on a beach. although it is difficult to tell if that's where the shooting happened. >> when he was admitted the wounds were fairly fresh.
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so one would speculate it wasn't too far away. >> reporter: it is a federal offense to shoot a marine animal but these attacks are all too common. >> last year we had 19. this year we have seen 9. and those are the ones that present to us. those are the ones that actually could to us here at the marine animal center. undoubtedly there are others that never make it that far, never get here. the wounds are fatal or they develop complications. >> reporter: in october a sacramento county fisherman convicted of shooting a sea lion was sentenced to 30 days in jail and hit with a $50,000 fine. the animal named sergeant davis survived. he had plastic surgery on his muzzle and now lives at six flags discovery kingdom. as for silent night it is too soon to know whether he will return to the open water. >> could get an infection that spreads or the swelling could
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actually impact the central nervous system. >> the marine mammal center says they have been known to survive in the wild with them in their heads as well as complete blindness. the state wants to sell 11 buildings to a group of private investors. the price 2. 3 billion. the state would lease-back those buildings. three former state officials tried to stop that sale saying it is not in the best interests of the state of california. a san francisco judge ruled today that the sale does not violate any state law and is not a waste of public funds. an appeal, though, is scheduled for monday. >> it is not too late to continue the case to show that this was an unconstitutional watch this word stealing of taxpayer's money. >> it is important we all know given the current budget system to be able to generate this money now to help support the sagging state budget.
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>> more than $1 billion from that sale will contribute to closing the state's budget gap. a blast from the past in the white house press room today. two presidents entered. one president left. but maybe not the one you would suspect. >> here's what i'll say. i have been keeping the first lady waiting for about half an hour. so i'm going to take off. >> now, before that briefing the two presidents had spent time discussing president obama's tax compromise with republicans. the bill has been hard for some democrats to swallow so president obama brought in the biggest name he could get to make his case and that being presiden clinton. >> given the fact that he presided over as good an economy we have seen in our lifetimes that it might be useful for him to share some of his thoughts. >> i think it is enormous relief for america to think that both parties might vote
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for something. anything. that they could both agree on. >> president clinton explained why he thinks a compromise on taxes is necessary. he argued corporations have the money to start hiring. the president also said that he was glad to be back at the podium at a time when any criticism likely wouldn't hit him. coming up first, there were pot raves now the protests. how bay area pot clubs are fighting back. >> and if actually growing pot was too much for you how about online? the face book app where you can grow and sell it. and it looks like today's high temperatures were above normal but we did have some scattered showers. the change [ male announcer ] earlier today, your living room s s game day central. [ cheering a place for friends, family, and your husband's trademark victory dance.
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do i still get all the dagnabbit coverage i need? sure. we give you a quote and you can adjust your price up and down to find something that works for you. ♪ this thing is okey-mcsmokey skiddly-doo. great! i think. diggity. oh! still not sure. the "name your price" tool. only from progressive. call or click today. sweeps, bay area pot clubs are fired up and fighting back. a day after a series of police sweeps bay area pot clubs are fired up and fighting back. today workers at the medex cannabis collective responded to the crackdowns with hits from a bong. yesterday more than 50 narcotics agents from santa clara county sweeped into many locations to serve search warrants. they shut down the businesses and seized marijuana, documents and computers. >> we are very concerned here
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at medex in regards to staying open even because of the tactics they are keeping us fearfulful. police accused operators of illegally selling marijuana and money laundering. charges against them have not been filed. a popular facebook app is about to mark a smilestone. it is called pot farm and people are spending real money for a high they don't get in real life. kiet do on what one addiction expert says about this game. >> reporter: well, ken, this is my pot farm. now, make no mistake given the bright colors and the cartoonish characters, this is an adult game. it took about 5 minutes to set up and in the process you have to acknowledge that you are over 21 years olds. but it was very easy to do and that is part of the problem when you are trying to keep it
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away from kids. it is the latest online game craze you've never heard of called pot farm and depending on your personal politics it is either a harmless video game or a gateway to addiction. it is just like farmville except players grow you know what. you harvest and sell them to buy more ganga. pot farm has 1. 5 million active monthly users paying about 150,000 real dollars a month. and what better place to find players of this video game at a good old fashioned smoke out. a medical marijuana dispensary where patients are busy inhaling their medicine. they say it is fun but not for
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kids. >> i feel like a different kind of farmer. >> if i ever had kids i don't think i would let them play pot farm. >> are you saying this is basically growing a whole new generation of pot smokers? >> absolutely. >> reporter: san jose therapist dr ee lane brady is an expert on addiction and said the game is making illegal activity seem normal. >> so it is harmless. it is a game. so it is just a short step from playing the game to actually engaging in it. they come to see the substance marijuana and the activity of growing that substance is perfectly okay. >> reporter: is it just adult entertainment or is it enticing new smokers? the game's creators haven't gone public yet suggesting that it like the drug is still in legal limbbo. >> we tried contacting facebook
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about this but they did not call us back. but we did talk to a gaming expert who says that as long as companies like facebook are making a good face effort at trying to keep kids away then legally they are okay and the best defense is mom and dad. >> you can get anything on the internet you want now. anything. kiet do in san jose. thank you. big friday night. roberta you look lovely this evening. >> it is because you know it is our cbs5 holiday party. look at you. >> seriously now. >> got a little fog over the golden gate bridge. yes, we do. temperatures tonight have fallen already into the 50s. winds are pretty much nonexistent and that's why we do have the fog forming with the areas of mid and high level
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clouds as well and the very moist ground from the recent rains. this is it right here. right there. that's the latest wave that has passed through the area. it is out of here. we had this huge ridge of high pressure. we are going to dry out. except to the north western quadrant of the city of california. 59 with the rain showers. get away friday heading into the weekend. 60s pretty common throughout the central valley and lots of sunshine. if you're heading to the high sierra no restrictions as far as chains are concerned. but i'd carry them to be on the safe side. lots of sunshine. make sure you have the sun block as well. locally numbers going up in comparison to today. 50s to the mid-60s. and again the winds will be very slight. here is your extended forecast. warmest day of the weekend will be on sunday topping off with the low 70s in our inland area. yes, that's what she said. low 70s in the inland areas and
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then more conditions on monday before we introduce a risk of rain from tuesday through thursday. yes, a chance of rain. >> i like to emphasize to date. i am still trying to figure out what you said at the beginning. >> what does she say at the beginning? >> happy holiday. >> all right. she looks pretty. >> have a great weekend. >> thanks, roberta. >> coming up, it is more than 100 years old. how much the book of basketball went for on the auction block ,, [ female announcer ] safeway talks gift ideas. music makes a great gift. i like rock, hip-hop, country... and you are telling me this, why? i...uh...thought you might be my secret santa? no. i'm giving for skunk.
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basketball were created. three pointers dribbling free throws. been 119 years now since the original rules of basketball were created. >> yes and today those rules sold for millions of dollars in new york. anthony mason shows us the other artifacts up for auction. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. three remarkable artifacts of american history were sold at southerbies today. >> they are icons. >> reporter: the first. >> the kennedy lincoln emancipation proclamation. >> reporter: first was the document signed by lincoln that freed the slaves in 1863.
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>> and i also collect things having to do with american history. >> reporter: bought by robert kennedy in 1964 it sold today for more than 3. 7 million. >> that is custer's last flag. >> reporter: general george armstrong and his 7th calvary all died at the battle of big horn. the flag sold for 2. 2 million. the last item for up sale would bring the highest price. two pieces of paper. >> and to think without those two pages there would be no game of basketball. >> reporter: the two typed pages on which the rules of the new game were laid out. >> where were they kept all those years? >> my grandfather had him in a desk drawer until 1939. >> reporter: after more than a cen century in family he was raising money for the family
2:01 am
charity. >> reporter: they set a record for sports memorabilia. the buyer fans of kansas university where naysmith was the first basketball coach. >> he read about the rules being auctioned and he came up with this idea. >> reporter: her husband josh made it his mission to bring the rules to the school. >> he didn't have a whole lot of time. believe it or not he did it. >> reporter: he persuaded a mutual fund c.e.o. and kansas alumnus and his wife to bid. >> turned out to be a really good christmas present. >> yes. >> reporter: anthony mason, cbc news, new york. >> friday night means top five plays and warriors had their hands full tonight because lebron james and miami came to town. and to make things worse they ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that's new school banking, baby! instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? did you hear this? >> did you throw that dust up in the air make everybody go -- >> i didn't see the dust. >> everybody that was there, they know and they had one chance to see him and tonight was the only chance to see he had come through because they are in the east. >> here we go. you know what i'm talking about. warriors fans had tonight's game circled on the calendar as soon as lebron james announced to the world he was taking his talents to south beach. king james and the heat making their only visit to the bay area. chris bosh. huge two handed jam. miami led by six after one.
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warriors kept it close in the second. monte and david lee. setting up the big dunk. led the warriors with 20 points monte. shot from the corner. the three right there. and led by just three at the half. there they come at the break. but lebron james took over in the third off the turnover and you can see it coming. dwyane wade tossed it up for lebron james. pretty alley-oop. part of 13. then the king got hot from the outside. knocked down three threes to end the quarter. lebron james finished with 25 points, wade 34. heat win 106-84. >> we are just worried about continuing to play better. continue to take this up another level, another notch because we are behind 13-2 and only been playing 24 games so need to keep that in perspective. >> doesn't take a football expert to predict what kind of game we will see on sunday between the raiders and wario
2:06 am
is. >> all right, the raiders made the trip this afternoon, silver and black and the third best running game in the league after covering up the chargers for 251 yards and the jags are ranked second. thanks to five straight 100- yard games which maurice jones drew. >> supposed to be the same kind of weather we had today practically. when it comes down to it, it will be their front against our line and our line against their front seven. bigger boys will win that. >> you can see the raiders and jags right here sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. and of course stay tune afterwards on the post game fine on the 5th quarter. >> raiders. >> time for the friday night top five. fantastic. >> break up the knicks, would you please. they have won their seventh in
2:07 am
a row. amar'e stoudemire setting a franchise record in seven straight games. i know you have never done that, ken. >> number 4. more fun with the number 7 nuggets coach fourth coach in nba history to win his 700th game. george karl, congratulations. fast break. old man never got up like that in his dale. would have been reasons. youth. >> the youths. number 2, rockets, chris douglas roberts. great shot but came after the red light went on and didn't count but still good enough to make our top 5. easily the most creative move on the ice and came from a 17-year-old sweden in sweden after milton put the puck on the blade of the stick. look at this. right off the back of the goaliee head. that is very creative and very cool and definitely worthy of our top 5. >> that's a coaching move. you can lift it up -- >> completely legal. >> wow. >> using his head. >> he is using that. >> look at it again.
2:08 am
it is amazing. >> takes a lot of skill. >> there is no way the goalie can block that. bingo. >> turn the red light on. >>,,,,,,,,,,,,
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