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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  December 11, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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it is the second missing girl case to be resolved in the bay area in as many days. a 15-year-old from shasta county missing for a month found safe in san francisco. two masked men hold up a college campus book store. what they did to the one employee inside. and a bay area man becomes the owner of the world's first mass-produced all electric car, priced for every day people. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. well, for the second time in as many days, an abducted child has been found safe in san francisco. last month, on november 10, 15- year-old jean marie burlinghoff disappeared from her home in the reading area. this morning, the girl was
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found safe in the mission district. she was with her uncle who was arrested. $100,000 arrest warrant had been issued for charles burlinghoff for allegedly keeping his niece from her parents. the police news conference has just wrapped up and more on the story on the news at 6:30. as we mentioned, that is the second girl abducted outside of the bay area found safe here within 48 hours. the first was from virginia. roanoke police have arrived in san francisco to take over the investigation. don knapp tells us about the big break in the case. >> reporter: one week after 12- year-old brittany mae smith was reported missing she turned up a continent away, right here in san francisco. the long shot hope that someone would spot the virginia girl, or the adult male she was with, actually came through. when a woman at the safeway store on 48th near ocean beach recognized the two from a cable news program. >> i just know that the person who contacted police had observed a television show on
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cnn saying that these people were the one on the show that aired today. >> reporter: brity and jeffrey scott easley, had last been seen november 23 in salem virginia about five miles from roanoke. and brittany's mother, easley's girlfriend was found dead and what police kerred to be a homicide at -- considered to be a homicide at the virginia home. easley is under arrest in san francisco on kidnapping charges awaiting extradition proceedings. brittany is safe and being cared for by child protective services. in the dark days, neighbors called the news a ray of sunshine. >> now we will have a christmas, she will be here to tell her mother goodbye and she will be able to tell her mother rest in peace. >> roanoke police were wading through 700 tips that come in when she learned that the child and alleged abductor had been picked up in san francisco. >> it is a fantastic sense of relief and i know in my heart that it is due to information
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that you folks put out and the national news media. >> roanoke police are trying to determine what connection if any the man and girl had to the san francisco bay area. and how they got here. they're calling the as yet unidentified woman who spotted the two at the ocean beach store a hero. >> thank goodness for her. thank you very much. the search for a man who fell from a sailboat into the bay has been called off. the call came in to the coast guard just before 8:30 last night and the caller said a man tumbled over the side of the boat and into the water. this was in richardson bay in marin county. the coast guard searched until 4:00 this morning but had no luck finding the man. two armed robbers wearing ski masks tied up a worker at a north bay college. the suspects broke into the pwrarpbs and noble book store on the sonoma state university campus at 7:15 this morning and carrying handguns. after the robbery, they tied up the employee, managed to call
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police and the campus notification system sent out alerts to about 15,000 people, notifying them of what happened, and telling them to stay inside. >> i was pretty scared because i didn't know what was going on. and we just get this random call telling us not to leave. that two people have just robbed our book store. and it is kind of crazy. >> 15 minutes later, the school sent out another alert saying it was safe to go out again. all classes and business resumed as scheduled. police searched the campus but did not find the suspects. no word yet on how much money was stolen. the key to solving a theft case on the peninsula might be this grainy black and white surveillance video. and cameras on the karlmont high school campus captured these images the sunday after thanksgiving. belmont police say the suspects might have driven away in the suv or crossover vehicle seen in the video, after stealing dozens of laptop computers and ipods. the electronics are worth more
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than $50,000. a vacaville man who was fired as a salvation army bell ringer has been arrested because police say he kept ringing the bell and kept the money he collected. maurice van buren had been fired when it was discovered that he was a convicted sex offender. but police say van buren used boxes with the salvation army logo on them to collect money for himself at several vacaville locations. the money he collected has been recovered. well, still to come, free screening to make sure your children's toys don't contain toxic metals. officers found it hanging from the pipe of the living room in the apartment. >> bernie madoff's son falls to enormous pressure. the erie sign to his life that made her believe something was terribly wrong. saying goodbye to elizabeth edwards. somehow she was remembered today at her funeral. a day of extremes, at least
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when it comes to weather. it was sunny and warm, in the inland areas, and now chilly and some fog in other communities. and that fog is only expected to get worse. how much worse? i will have answers coming up in your pinpoint forecast.
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authorities in southern california say the house they burned down in a controlled fire on thursday is free of danger. the sheriff's bomb and arson unit sifted through the ashes and debris yesterday. the escondido rental home contained the largest cache of homemade explosives found in the u.s. and the officials say burning it down was the safest option. mark madoff committed suicide today and his lawyer says bernie madoff's 46-year- old son is the latest victim of his father's monstrous crime and it happened on the second anniversary of the day his father's financial empire collapsed. terrell brown reports mark madoff was never charged in his father's scam but he remained under a cloud of suspicion. >> reporter: mark madoff took his own life, exactly two years
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after his father's arrest. >> mark madoff was found hanging from a pipe in the living room of the apartment. >> reporter: police say sometime overnight, the 46-year- old madoff e-mailed his wife, who was out of town, and she sent her father over to the apartment where she discovered the body and the couple's 2- year-old son was asleep in the bedroom unharmed. >> have you talked to your dad? >> i have no comment. i'm sorry. >> reporter: that was mark madoff in 2009. he and his brother andrew worked for their father's company. but said that they had no idea he was running a multibillion dollar ponzi scheme. and when it collapsed, bernard madoff confessed to his son who then called the fbi. he is now serving a 150-year sentence in federal prison. mark madoff and his brother were never charged. they were under investigation. and victims of the madoff scam were suing them for tens of millions of dollars. a court-appointed trustee was seeking to recover millions the madoff brothers had spent on luxury homes. another lawsuit filed just this week sought money from their young children. mark madoff's attorney released a statement saturday calling
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him an innocent victim of his father's crimes and blaming his death on two years of unrelenting pressure from false accusations and innuendos. and the question is whether bernard madoff will be able to attend his own son's funeral. family, and friends and supporters said goodbye today to elizabeth edwards. more than 1,000 mourners attended her funeral in north carolina. edwards died tuesday, after a six-year battle with breast cancer. she was praised in eulogies as a strong woman who had to deal with a number of tragedies. during her final days, her husband, two-time presidential candidate, john edwards, was by her side. the two separated after a tumultuous period in which john admitted to an affair and fathering his lover's child. he did not speak at the service. outside the funeral, a
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planned protest fizzled. only a handful of protesters held signs like thank god for breast cancer, and kansas-based west boy baptist church is known for the opposition of homosexuals and jews and other groups and regularly protests at funerals for soldier's funerals and there was a protest for edwards doubting her faith after her son died. hundreds of others showed support for the family. keeping kids safe from potentially harmful toys and what a bay area lawmaker is doing to keep tainted products out of children's hands. a chilly night is on tap. don't throw a log on the fire. a spare the air alert is in effect and so is a fog advisory. when will we see clearing? stick around. answers are next in the pinpoint forecast. ,,
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a bay area man is the first in the world to get the next generation of green cars. the car is 100% electric and more affordable than ever. and mack -- anne makovec shows us the new nissan lease. >> how does this work? >> press the start button. >> it is the first zero emissions all electric car made for mass consumption in the world. and olivia of redwood city is the first leaf owner in the world. >> i want to get this car, because it is the only one which is electric, and it is going to fit my family. >> reporter: and one that he could afford at about $33,000.
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just over 20, with tax credits. and he ordered it in august. and last night, it arrived in petaluma. >> just surreal and you almost have to pinch yourself wondering am i really watching this? >> reporter: and of course, the key is keeping an electrical charge. the city of san francisco plans to have 100 of these charging stations in place within the next few months. >> are you concerned you will run out of a charge? >> i'm thinking about it now. and i got to get a charge. >> reporter: one charge lasts less than 100 miles and the stations are funded through taxes and grants, and drivers won't be charged for juice but will for parking. >> what we're doing now is making the market ready for the electric vehicle technology. >> reporter: cars like the more extravagant tesla roadster, the first all electric car which costs around $100,000. within the next few weeks, more mass market competition for the leaf and the chevy volt which uses gas when the battery runs down. as for the leaf, if you join
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the waiting list now, you will be lucky to get one by the end of next year. in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5 eyewitness news. >> a free screening today in san mateo for toxic metals in children's products. parents brought in children's jewelry and toys and other products with painted surfaces and the stuff is being tested for a harmful level of certain metals that can be hazardous to children's health. representative jackie spear became involved when a constituent brought to her attention a shrek glass given away at mcdonald's that had toxic levels of cadmium. >> upon hearing about it i had my staff go out and buy the glasses and called the consumer product safety commission and they came and picked them up and within 10 days, pháeubg's had decided to withdraw all of the -- mcdonald's had decided to withdrawal all of the products from the stores. >> they have looked at protecting children from
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hazardous metals and chemicals in products. and we like to have you here. but are you bringing with you fog? >> a lot of fog. as a matter of fact, let's look at conditions outside, as we speak. right now, we do see some fog creeping in from the ocean. that's a live look at the embarcadero. we are seeing clear skies right now. but don't expect that to last. the coast guard is tellings that you they're having a visibility of about a half a mile and slowly creeping west. that means the fog is only going to get worse. why is there so much fog out there? we're seeing mild temperatures. 59 degrees saratoga. and we're seeing the upper 50s. there is a lot of water out on the ground. and so you add the fact that the water has not evaporated, and then add that in to some temperatures, and that's why we see the fog, expect the temperatures, 47 santa rosa. 52 in oakland. and 51 in fremont. because of the fog, we are expecting a fog advisory. as a matter of fact, tonight, the fog advisory stays in
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effect through sunday morning around 9:00 a.m. and by sunday, because of all of that fog, we expect a winter spare the air day. and tuesday as if the fog and spare the air is not enough, we expect rain moving into the area. how much rain? we don't expect copious amounts of rain but we do expect some showers to start, first in the north bay and then begin making their way south, and then we're going to see a little bit of clearing and we talked about the spare the air day and the most unhealthy air in the santa clara valley and moderate conditions in the east bay and certainly in the central bay and a ridge of high pressure is going to start building and as it builds, it will keep most of the storm system well to the north. and that is going to allow a little bit of clearing during the day. so expect a foggy start to the day. and from the coast, and right inside the bay and then along the central valleys and the tri- valley will also see a lot of fog out there but we expect some clearing as the pinpoint forecast walks you through
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sunday morning, and most of us will wake to incredibly foggy skies, and then as we move later into the day, we will see some significant clearing. and that will be good news, particularly if you're in the inland areas where temperatures are expected to get up into the upper 60s. we might even see a 70-degree reading. and as we take a look at some temperatures outside, let's take a look at your five-day forecast. and as i mentioned, the rain is expected to move in by tuesday. and then we will see some clearing skies. by wednesday. but then thursday, the clouds are back on the march. and take a look at friday. we are expecting perhaps a full rainout on friday. and that could begin to spell some snow and rain as we move into the holiday week. >> all right. robert, thank you. >> definitely. and we have more in sports. >> a lot going on. we will get right to it on this cool saturday. foggy saturday. >> college football's most prestigious award was handed out today and who grabbed the heisman? we will find that out. and how about outdoor college
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warriors game.. why ? because osted the miami the hottest ticket in town last night was the warriors game. why? they hosted the miami heat. lebron and the heat beat the warriors by 2 to extend their win -- by 22 to extend their winning streak to seven. and love them or hate them it is pretty clear who is the most
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popular team in the league this season. >> they worked hard to get a ticket to the game. and you want to give them what they came for. >> we understand how important every game for us is. and try to get better. and continue to improve each game. so it is not a trap game for us at all. >> '08, '09 season, lebron james, baby. $300 off ebay. >> how long have you been a miami heat fan? >> just when lebron got here. >> so you got the tickets? >> yes, we do. >> i will be booing lebron and he will be cheering. >> he is only here a couple of times a year. and l.a. is a big drive from where we live. and we get to come to golden state. >> who takes the last shot?
5:54 pm
>> lebron. >> i would say wade. >> i don't know. >> i say wade. >> lebron. [ cheering ] >> outstanding job of taking advantage of quality defense. the heat roll. >> it is early in the season. right now, what is good is we won seven straight.
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>> we can get it going sometimes and when i get it going, i feel like i can't miss. so it is good -- you get in the zone. and you know, only a few players in the league get into that zone and we happen to have three on the same team. all right, who is the best player in the best team in the country and it could come as no surprise he is just about ready to win the heisman trophy. we're talking about cam newton winning the heisman trophy in a couple of minutes. we don't know for sure. we're thinking it is going to happen. it just came down. newt isn't heisman trophy winner. i know you were rooting for luck but it was cam newton. led the tigers to the first ever national title game. stanford's andrew luck is most likely coming in as the runner- up. there you go. no rivalry better than army/navy. midshipmen and army and end of the first half, army trying to punch it in. but trent steelman loses the ball. navy's wyatt middleton says thank you very much and i will take the thing an go the other way. and something no other midshipmen has ever done, took
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it back the other way 98 yards for the longest fumble return in school history. not exactly karl lewis but he gets to the end zone. the midshipmen make it nine in a row against army and win. i love outdoor hockey. why not? over 113,000 at the big house for the big chill at the big house in ann arbor. the largest crowd ever for a hockey game. the game itself not so cool. michigan's john merrill scored twice to have wolverines 5-0 route over the instate rivals michigan state. the raiders are coming off a big win last week in san diego and this week they're in florida for a game with jacksonville. not sure if they will win but pretty darn sure they will run the ball. and both teams for that matter will be doing that. the silver and black have the third best running game in the league after carving up the chargers for 251 yards. and the jags are ranked second thanks to maurice jones drew. >> this is a great game.
5:57 pm
it is no qualms about. it the same kind of game as practice and i don't expect to be -- you throw when you have to, but when it comes down to it, it will be their front seven against our line and our line against their front seven. and the bigger boy is going to win that one. >> and you can see the raiders and jags here on cbs 5 tomorrow morning at 10:00 and of course stay tuned afterwards for all of the post-game fun and the fifth quarter. so there you go. just came down, the timing was just perfect, wasn't it? >> yes, i was rooting for luck. it would be nice. >> a local guy here. but newton gets it. >> thank you. and helping kids cope with bullying and the conference in the bay area to teach survival skills to gay and lesbian students and the organizers say the conference couldn't come at a better time. that story and more coming up on cbs 5 in 30 minutes. that's it for cbs 5 eyewitness news at 5:30. we will see you at 10:00 and 11:00. and until then, our news updates are on
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good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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