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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  December 11, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> cbs news. ,,,,,,,,
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girls found in the bay area in two days... how both w you're watching cbs "eyewitness news." >> two missing girls found in the bay area in two days. how both were spotted and their alleged abductors arrested. a holdup in an unlikely place where two masked bandits made off with money during an early morning robbery. >> just surreal and you almost have to pinch yourself wondering am i really watching this. >> pull over prius, a new eco friendly ride arrives here in the bay area, the proud owner of the all he electric one. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. what are the chances. in just 24 hours two girls allegedly abducted in separate kidnappings both found safe in the same bay area city. in the lei latest case a keen eye gave police their big break as don knapp records. >> reporter: in two unrelated
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cases two missing girls, both underage, both in the company of older men, turn up safely in san francisco san francisco. the men they were with both in custody. today it was jean mary burlinghoff missing for a month discovered in the mission district. a sharp-eyed relative just happened to see her. >> a family member happened to be in the area and spotted the juvenile female victim. that's what prompted this relative to contact police who knew she was missing out of shasta. >> even more remarkable was the discovery yesterday of brittany may smith. it was a long shot but a shopper in this safeway store recognized the child from a cable tv program. >> this is one of those cases like yesterday where, you know, right place, right time, someone who is very observant and attentive and the great work of the police department. >> reporter: the man and child apparently were living in anen
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campment near ocean beach. the two may have been living with the homeless. >> i understand that they were there with some type of a cardboard sign. but that's -- wee [ inaudible question ] >> i understand that they were asking for money. >> reporter: brittany and scott easily had last been seen december 3rd in salem, virginia, about five miles from roanoke. brittany's mother who was easily's girlfriend was found dead in what police consider to be a homocide and her at her southwestern virginia home. easily is under arrest on kidnapping charges and awaiting can extradition to virginia. brittany is safe and being cared for by child protective services. they called today a day of sunshine. >> brittany will not only be home for christmas, she will be here to tell her mother good- bye, she will be able to tell her mother and sleep tonight. >> reporter: detectives from
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roanoke have arrived to take over the case of easily and brittany smith while detectives are here to deal with burlinghoff and her uncle charles burlinghoff. if you have been out today you may have seen a heavy fog settling over the bay. robert liles says those conditions are going to continue tomorrow. robert? >> that's right. in fact the national weather service says the visibility is down to less than half a mile. what does that look like outside as we take a live look from the golden gate bridge. fog is alreadien develop opening the coastline, fog has been spotted and stormtracker suggests this dense fog advisory will follow you throughout i-80. if you were traveling tonight take extreme caution, particularly from fairfield to sacramento all the way to marysville, with that much fog out there we do expect poor air quality so a winter spare the air alert is also in effect for your sunday.
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that advisory is not expected to cancel until 9:00 a.m., which means we could have some hazardous situations out there on our roadways. i'm going to tell you much more about what you can expect in your pinpoint forecast. back to you ann. police are searching for two managed gunmen who tied up a worker and held up a book store. they broke into the barnes & noble book store about 7:15 this morning, they tied up the female employee but she managed to get free and call police. then police activated the campus identification system that alerted some 15,000 students and staff. >> i was pretty scared because i didn't, like, i didn't know what was going on and we just get this random call telling us not to leave, that two people had just robbed our book store, and it was kind of crazy. >> the gunman got away with an undisclosed amount of money. they had extra cash on hand for the book buy-back program.
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antioch police are looking for a hit and run driver who killed a woman in a cross walk last night. investigators say the victim was crossing at the 2010 of lemon tree way and elm street when a minivan drove around a car that had stopped and struck the woman. she later died of head injuries at the hospital. the minivan appeared to be dark blue or purple witnesses say. checking out other bay area headlines, parking signs in oakland are going up again. they'll increase $3 on january 3rd to cover a state surcharge being imposed on cities. earlier this year oakland extended meter hours, raised meter rates and increased fines. but public outrage forced them to roll back the enforcement hours until 6:00 p.m. hundreds of bay area students gathered for a youth empowerment summit today to curb violence and bullying against gay teens. the public service campaign
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isn't enough to fix the problem. it's called "it gets better." the conference is supporting what they call the"make it better" project. and a hanger was transformed into a christmas carnival for children fighting cancer and their families. the cops care cancer foundation features a lot of gifts, santa and a few 49ers. they included patients from three hospitals, their parents and brothers and sisters, 125 kids in all. an emotional farewell today to elizabeth edwards, the estranged wife of former form vice-presidential candidate's wife who inspired so many and endured so much. >> reporter: elizabeth edwards was remembered as a friend, a fighter, and most of all a devoted mother. her oldest daughter, 28-year- old kate, gave an emotional yule oh gee.
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>> she has been a light house to all of us, a point of guidance when we feel lost or we aren't sure what the right thing to do is. >> reporter: her estranged husband john attended the funeral but did not speak at the service. he tried to comfort the two younger chilled, 12-year-old jack and 10-year-old emma claire. they have weathered two failed presidential campaigns, her battle with breast cancer and her husband's public affair. through it all he liz a bet edwards hung onto that her outlook on life. >> she remained the authentic person, a pro at staying true. >> reporter: here funeral took place at the same church where the family mourned their oldest son wade who died in a car accident in 1996 when he was just 16. four of wade's friends served as her pallbearers after the family said their final good- byes. >> we had a good conversation with our mom saying "i love you more" and she always
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responded"no, i love you more" and as you can imagine none of us ever won that battle. but, today, i have the honor of being the last to say, mom, i really really love you more. >> reporter: among the hundreds of mourners were some who never met elizabeth but said they were touched by the way she lived her life. manuel gallegus, cbs news. >> y lisa bet edwards was laid to rest next to her son at a cemetery in raleigh. on the second anniversary of person ard madoff's arrest his elder son hanged himself in his apartment. 46-year-old mark madoff was despondent over news coverage of his father's case. an ongoing criminal investigation of family members including himself. mark madoff and his brother andrew said they were unaware of their father's crimes. diplomat richard holbrook is recovering tonight from heart surgery. the president's special envoy
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for pakistan collapsed, he underwent surgery for a torn aorta. president obama says he is praying for the veteran diplomat. an opportunity that could literally sail away. why san francisco will have to cup regatta. thousands of wishes come true for the holidays. the massive celebration in southern california. ,,,,,, [ mom ] my son only wanted one toy this year.
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by your local honda dealer. happy holidays. it's one of the world's most prestigious sailing contests but if they want to cup they better get cracking. it is in oracle's ceo's hands. san francisco has been told it will lose out unless an agreement on some key demands is met by next friday. a bay area man is the first in the world to get the next generation of green cars. the car is 100% electric and more affordable than ever.
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ann macoh vick went along for the ride. >> reporter: how does this work? >> you press the button. >> reporter: it's the first zero emissions all he electric car made for mass consumption in the world. >> feels great. >> reporter: and olivier cheloe is the first owner in the world. >> i wanted to get this car because it's the only one which is electric, is going to fit my family. >> reporter: and one he could afford at $33,000, justify over 20 with tax credits, he ordered it in august and last night it arrived in petaluma. >> just surreal and you almost have to pinch yourself thinking am i really seeing this. >> reporter: the city of san francisco plans to have 100 of these charging stations in place in the next few months are you ever concerned you're going to run out of a charge? >> i'm thinking about it now. >> reporter: one charge lasts for less than 100 miles. the stations are funded through taxes and grants, drivers won't
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be charged for the juice but will for parking. the rules are still being worked out. >> what we're doing now is really making the market ready for the electric vehicle technology. >> reporter: cars like the most extravagant tesla roadster, the first electric car which costs around $100,000, within the next few weeks more mass market competition. the chevy volt which uses gas when the battery runs down. if you ordered now you would be lucky to get one by the end of next year. an macoh vick, cbs5. >> just in time, free screening for toxic medal in toys. people brought in toys to test for toxic chemicals. she became involved after caddied me umm was found on shr ek glasses at mcdonald's. >> i had my staff go out, called the consumer commission and within 10 days mcdonald's
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has decided to withdraw all of its product from their stores. >> spear has introduced legislation to protect children from hazardous levels of metals and chemicals. we're in los angeles, they call it the miracle on 1st street. for 29 years thousands of inner city kids have been stopping by to get christmas presents from santa. this year, 10,000 kids got gifts, santa has a lot of helpers, including governor schwarzenegger. robert is in tonight and we're talking fog and rain and maybe sunshine mixed in there. >> just a little bit. matter of fact we saw some incredibly warm temperatures today. in some areas 10 degrees above normal. with temperatures that warm and soggy soil it's the perfect ingredient for fog. take a look at a live look at the transamerica building right now. we already see the fog slowly beginning to envelop the city, that means it has already crossed over from the coastline
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and is making its way into the bay. fog in fact has already been spotted along san francisco bay and san pablo bay and we do expect that fog to quickly and easily infiltrate into the valleys of the north bay, east bay, south bay. i got to tell you if you're traveling tonight use extreme caution, particularly if you're traveling along i-80. we expect that dense fog advisory to be in effect from fairfield all the way into sacramento even affecting parts of marryville. we talked about the warmer than average temperatures and still quite mild at this 11:00 hour, 53 for san francisco, 48 for concord, 48 for fairfield, seeing 50 degrees right now in san jose. so the dense fog advisory, we expect it to remain in place until 9:00 a.m. that does not mean that your skies are going to be clear of fog, it simply means that that's when the national weather service will allow this
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advisory to expire. but because of that fog we're expecting pretty poor air quality so a winter spare the air alert has been issued for sunday. that means incredibly unhealthy air conditions, the rest of us will see moderate air conditions. we see it arcing well to the northwest, all the result of building high pressure over the bay area. that's why we saw the warm temperatures today. that's all so why we see the advancement of the fog and also it won't be ater blow strong high pressure system, going to allow clouds to slowly move in, that's going to be the making of some rain, let's take a look at the pinpoint forecast as far as the fog expected to be incredibly thick for the coastline and the bay and then as we march into the day we will begin to see that clearing. the areas beyond the east bay hills and the santa clara valley. we'll see the best hearing and temperatures into the upper 60s, perhaps we might even get a 70-degree mark. 66 for oakland, 65 for livermore as a daytime high.
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68 in san jose, easily teetering with 70 degrees. i talked about the possibility of rain, that comes on tuesday, mostly to the north. we do expect a little bit of it to try and make its way down to the south but we don't expect it to be drastic. by wednesday we'll see some partly cloudy skies but by thursday those clouds come right back and that brings the possibility of a rain-out for your friday and that means the likelihood of even more rain for the weekend and quite possibly some snow in the sierra. >> i know you said there was not much chance of sunshine. >> very little. >> all right. thank you very much. all right. high school football is making news. >> not over yet. going to be another game. last night was a huge one. tonight de la salle and cal high for all the marbles. and, get this, brett favre will not play tomorrow. >> ooh. >> also the sharks looking for payback for last season. you like that, huh.
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they through everything in the net except the chicago blackhawks, stanley cup champions. sports coming up next. ,,,,,,,,
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pinpoint weather sponsored by mancini sleepworld. all right. dustin byfuglien and antti niemi were the two blackhawks that the sharks had no answer for during the western conference finals. lucky for them buff line is in miami and niemi is in the net for the sharks. jason demers wins the sprint and sets up ryan clark for his third of thee season, logan couture tries to give them the lead.
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winds up in net himself. slippery out there watch out everybody. looked like we were headed for a shootout. ryane clowe strikes again. this time the game winner, the sharks get a little revenge for the western conference finals. they beat the blackhawks 2-1. from the nhl to college from inside to outside. check in one out. over 113,000 showed up at the big house in ann arbor for the big chill at the big house. largest crowd ever for a hockey game. cool or what. i think they had to use the by knows to see that goal right there. john meryl scored twice to lead them to a win over rifle michigan state. the best player on the best team in the country so it should come as no surprise that auburn's cam newton was named the heisman trophy winner. >> the winner is cam newton of auburn university [ applause ] >> there you go. newton has done it for auburn, everything for auburn, combined for 49 touchdowns, leading the tigers to their first-ever national game.
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there's one area of his game that might need work. the cliches. >> i'm also excited that i get to be on the team with unbelievable players that is not selfish, very resilient, and you know, when the goin' gets tough, i mean when the tough get goin', you know what i mean. >> didn't be lurey say that in animal house? something like that. just like toby gerhart last year an true luck came in second but it wasn't close. luck was nearly 1200 points behind newton. miking james from oregon finished third. brett favre will not play tomorrow. here it is. the entire vikings team will not play tomorrow. mother nature is giving brett favre an extra day off. the vikings giants game has been postponed until monday. the blizzard has the giants stuck in kansas city. division 1 championship high school, par tenants up 12
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in the second. lucas shapiro makes that incredible catch. draped all over him. does not look like a high school kid, great pass, great catch, 189th straight ncs title. they'll likely play in the open division take it title game next weekend. more sports on the way when we come back. miami put the heat on the warriors last night, tonight they tried to do the same thing to the act kings. sights and sounds from their visit to oracle. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lamichael james.
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suddenly heat.. all right. the hottest ticket in town was to the warriors game. why? they hosted the suddenly red hot miami heat. >> you know, these are people who set out all year and worked very hard to be able to get tickets for the game and you want to give them what they came for. . >> we understand how important every game for us is, trying to get better, and trying to improve each game. so it's not a trap game for us at all. ♪[ music ] . >> '08-'09 season with lebron james baby. $300 off ebay. >> how long have you been miami heat man. >> just after lebron.
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>> reporter: you got tickets tonight. >> i'm going to be booing lebron and he is going to be caring. >> he is only here a couple times, la is a 6, 7-hour drive from where we live. >> who gets to take the last shot. >> lebron. >> lebron, lebron. >> i would say wade. >> you disagree? >> i say wade. >> what about you? >> lebron. . >> there definitely is an electricity in the building. >> oh, it's incredible. [ crowd noise ] >> they run it back like no other team in the league. [ crowd noise ]
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>> mama's, that big man, an outstanding job of taking advantage of quality defense, the heat. >> early in the season, you know, right now we're good, we won seven straight. >> i can get it goin' sometimes and i get it goin' like i came here, so it's good you know, to get in the zone. there's only a few can get in those zones and we happen to have three on the same team. >> lebron did okay, how about 25 more points for him but it was dwayne wade stealing the show tonight. he goes off for 36. miami blew it open in the second half, beat the kings 104- 83, eighth straight win. sadly the final norcal appearance this season. right here on c-b- >> the raiders? >> as always, dana king, ladies and gentlemen.
11:30 pm
the raiders. love when she does that you can see the raiders and the jags followed by the very, very popular fifth quarter program. >> all right. you are predicting the raiders are going to win. >> and brett favre not playing tomorrow. big news. >> yeah, monday huh. >> he'll play monday night, actually, don't worry about it. >> thanks. we'll be right back. yeah. you got time for that? you got time to earn more on your savings, online at that's new school banking, baby! instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet?
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in this case, he called a cowboy. this reindeer made a run finally top, who does santa call when one of his reindeer gets away nhs this case he
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called a could you be. this robber made a run for it at a christmas tree lot. just kept ongoing for hours. the could you be on horseback had a las so, but he couldn't get close enough. reindeer run faster than horses. they stopped hanging christmas lights to watch the scene. if this can happen santa has got to be real one little boy said. so much for the reindeer games. huh. >> only in l.a. >> hi speed chases and high speed ranger chases. >> the only thing missing was a hopped overhead. news at 11, thanks for watching, see you tomorrow. good night. ,,,,,,,, ,,
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