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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  December 14, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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commute and wet rainy weather. we're talking tracy humphrey. >> is that my cue? >> i'm ahead of it. >> plenty of rainfall expected across the bay area especially for the morning. take a look. we are looking at moderate to light rainfall moving into the north bay mainly but showers will be expected for the entire bay area today. how much rainfall we're expecting and also a look at the next big storm that's headed this way. looks like it will be here in time for the weekend. your complete forecast in a few moments. here's elizabeth with your traffic. >> that means a lot of busy morning commutes. let's start off in oakland. westbound 580 before grand, tow truck on scene is block the right lane as you approach grand avenue. so watch out for that. we're not seeing huge slowing on the sensors because it's early and traffic is light. but be care. there were slow speeds on 13 earlier. by the way, they did re-open the posey street tube after
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overnight roadwork between alameda and oakland. a sweat start to the morning commute. we are expecting higher accident count unfortunately when the morning begins this way. so a wet start to the morning commute. traffic light on the bay bridge although there is a little puddling. no metering lights yet. we'll have more on the morning commute coming up. back to you. >> thank you. prosecutors in contra costa county are facing a dozen furlough days. attorneys say public safety is at risk. anne makovec is at the contra costa county courthouse with more on today's vote. anne. >> reporter: you know, juliette, we have heard about furloughs for all sorts of government workers over the last few years but prosecutors are really the ones that seal the deal in the justice department, bringing criminals to justice and closure to victims. the board of supervisors is expected to approve a mandatory furlough today meaning deputy district attorneys must take 12 unpaid days off before june 30
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which will slow up the cases they are working on now and the additional cases they get every day. prosecutors say that means public safety is at risk. >> we are the type of workforce that, if you reduce our staff and you reduce the number of people on the job, public safety potentially could suffer and in a serious way. >> reporter: the number of county prosecutors has already dropped 25% in the past 10 years. right now, there are only 6 attorneys handling all the of the sexual assaults in the county including some very high- profile cases like that richmond high school alleged gang-rape case and it was last week that i was out in antioch talking about the increase in violence there. they had three murders in four days. that is a lot more violent crime than they had last year so just adding onto the workload of the prosecutors here in contra costa county. >> they do have a lot of work there. all right, anne makovec in martinez, anne, thank you.
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the virginia kidnapping suspect found at ocean beach in san francisco will be facing a judge today. 32-year-old jeffrey scott easley is now under psychiatric observation at the county jail. he is accused of kidnapping 12- year-old brittany smith in southwestern virginia the two were spotted outside a san francisco grocery store last week. smith has been reunited with her family. man accused of molesting a young girl in a san leandro wal- mart will be in court this afternoon. police arrested carlyle villazon friday night. he is suspected of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl when she wandered away from her mother. the girl ran back to the girl crying and told her what happened. the mom yelled out, that guy touched my daughter and an 18- year-old tackled him. then another man helped hold villazon until police arrived. >> i was like man, i ain't about to let this guy get up. i couldn't let that go. that's it. >> i saw the tear in the little
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girl's face and it was a serious thing. i just had to stand and take charge. >> you might remember less than two weeks ago union city police arrested a registered sex offender they say sexually assaulted a 2-year-old girl in a dollar tree store. in thanks dent two men outside the store -- in that incident two men outside the store tackled the suspect. another report is expected on the pipeline blast in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight and destroyed 37 homes. in its first report, the national transportation safety board made a connection between the explosion and a power supply problem within the pg&e system. internal pg&e e-mails reveal that i former executive monitoring public opposition to smartmeters sent an employee watch a protest in rohnert park and take pictures. that contradicts pg&e's earlier claim that william devereaux acted alone. he also communicated with other employees about online
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discussion groups where people expressed concern about possible health effects of smartmeters. the e-mails were made available to the "mercury news" yesterday. another round of pink slips for a silicon valley giant. let's go to mark sayre in sunnyvale, where yahoo's latest layoffs could be announced today. mark, good morning. >> reporter: well, sydnie, good morning. still no official word from the company on this potential round of layoffs, which is being record by the "new york times." let's give you the details on what the times is saying is going to be happening possibly as soon as today between 600700 layoffs at yahoo representing about 5% of the company's workforce. if it happens, these layoffs would be the company's fourth round of mass layoffs just in the past three years alone. now, this week's round of layoffs is expected to be concentrated in yahoo's u.s. product group. the product group is responsible for designing and building consumer and also advertising services. tech analysts point to a few missteps which are possibly contributing to these layoffs.
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the company lost its battle with google and search functions also failed to capitalize on social networking. the company's ceo under pressure to raise earnings which have been struggling in the past two years so again expecting layoffs here at yahoo possibly as soon as today. these pink slips will be going out. if it happens, given the timing, just before the holidays, certainly a very tough story in silicon valley today. >> thank you, mark sayre in sunnyvale. it is 5:06. the roads are slip this morning because of rain. tracy has our seven-day forecast. hey, trace. >> hey, juliette. yeah, we got plenty of rainfall out there this morning as we have a frans moving in towards the bay area. there we go. plenty of rainfall major in the north bay but some of it moving into san francisco and also the east bay so here we go. light rainfall outside of san rafael and mill valley.
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more rainfall into berkeley, oakland, walnut creek, all getting in on the action. forecast for the morning, everybody we all got some action. cloudy, fog expected inland around the bay even possible for the coastline. showers expected for the morning as you head out the door and for the afternoon, more showers are expected across the bay area. that's a look at your weather. for your traffic, here is elizabeth. >> thank you, tracy. no chain controls for 80, 50 or 88. but we are hearing about slight delays for trucks being screened at applegate to be sure they have chains on them. chain controls will be in effect later on possibly but for right now they are not. word of a new accident westbound 580 approaching north greenville road. chp is heading to the scene. we are already seeing slowing on our sensors meaning likely again at least one lane is blocked there. right now it's a 14-minute drive time if you are coming out of the altamont pass and
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heading towards the dublin interchange. where that accident is, that's the only spot where we're really seeing slowing on our sensors but it is raining and we have seen several spinouts including this one in oakland. westbound 580 before grand avenue. the right lane is blocked. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. -- that's a check of traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 5:08. a bay area city vote to nearly double the tax on medical pot. >> seriously ill people, it's not right. you can't tax somebody's medicine. >> but some dispensaries are actually celebrating the price hike. we'll tell you why. plus, he is called a criminal by some but berkeley is calling him a hero. the vote that's firing up the wikileaks debate. ,,
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rain showers expected across the bay area this morning and also into the afternoon. moving into the north bay, most of it's coming down. santa rosa, sonoma, napa, petaluma, novato and vallejo. all looking at some light rainfall. how much rainfall can you expect today? we'll take a look coming up. the tax cut compromise could get final approval in the u.s. senate today. the senate voting 83-15 to send the bill to a final vote. support in the house though isn't so certain. the estate tax is an issue for house democrats. they might vote to raise and that would sent bill back to the senate for another vote. it will soon cost more to buy medical marijuana in san jose. the city council voted 8-2 last night to increase the tax on pot by 7%. that tax will total 16.25% starting in march and will apply to all the steps in the
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production and sale of medical marijuana. >> pass the tax even though it's a lot we're glad they passed it because it legitimizes it. >> for the seriously ill people, that's not right. >> besides boosting the pot tax, the city council voted to stop issuing business licenses for disfence is ris. there are currently -- dispensaries. be there 98 such facilities in san jose. an east bay city could go on the record tonight as honoring the man accused of passing information to wikileaks. the berkeley city council considering a resolution to declare army private first class bradley manning a hero. manning is accused of providing classified military documents to the wikileaks website. the berkeley city council meets at 7:00 tonight. 5:12. now, could san francisco miss the boat on hosting the america's cup? what needs to be done before a crucial deadline. plus, dimming the christmas
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spirit. how thieves are ruining a popular holiday tradition in one bay area neighborhood. and very slick very wet right now on 880 through oakland as you pass the coliseum. chp working two separate accidents right now in the east bay. we'll have details coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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stories: well, it is a wet morning. we have plenty of rain in the north bay and more showers pushing into the peninsula and east bay and that's the drill for the morning. got a front moving through so it is pushing things from the north down towards the south. so this is where all the the activity is for now. but it will be sinking down to the rest of the bay area for the morning and the afternoon. what's going on? rainfall from petaluma do you know to mill valley. more -- down to mill valley. more rain in napa, vallejo, fairfield. scattered showers currently and more like ativity moving into just through the peninsula, pushing into oakland and hayward and more light rainfall moving into fremont as well as livermore. forecast for the morning, expecting showers even a little fog out there as well as plenty of clouds. showers will continue through the afternoon with highs in the 50s today.
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and here's what's happening. nice low pressure system moving into the bay area. and that's the cold front that's coming in right now. that will be today's rainfall as well as something else, snowfall in the sierra. but how much rainfall can you expect here in the bay area? up to .75" in the north bay. a quarter in the east bay. a tenth in the south bay. three-tenths in the peninsula. and up to 4/10ths in the santa cruz mountains. winter storm warning in effect for the sierra until 10:00 tonight with a rain and snow mix expected through wednesday. five-day forecast, showing plenty of rainfall today and another storm system moves in by friday. that will give us a continued chance of rainfall into monday. that's your weather. for your traffic, here's liz. >> thank you, tracy. we'll go out live show you what it it looks like out there. here's live look at the san mateo bridge. you can see how wet it is out there as you cross the span. this is the commute direction westbound 92. still looks okay, still 13 minutes. but again take it slow. this is traffic coming off the high-rise heading towards the east bay. same thing at the bay bridge. you can see that standing water
5:18 am
there in the middle lanes as you approach the pay gates. word of a stall now in the commute direction on the upper deck near treasure island. of course it is so early, it is blocking one lane but it's not making much of a dent in your morning commute. another reason to be careful. chp has been working several accidents since we got on the air at 4:30. right now there are two of them seem to be the biggest. westbound 580 approaching north greenville road in livermore. several cars involved in this crash. one car in the center divide. another in the shoulder. so nothing in lanes right now. but it is pretty slow as you approach the scene. sounds like a fire crew is there, as well. right now your drive time is still holding steady at 15 minutes on westbound 580 from the altamont pass towards the dublin interchange. we have better news now in oakland. this accident has been completely cleared. that is why you see that tow truck. westbound 580 approaching grand avenue there for a half hour 40 minutes but right now the rest of the east bay 580, 880, nimitz freeway, you can see how wet it is out there but for
5:19 am
right now no big problems towards downtown oakland. and we'll heard farther south to milpitas. the 880/237 interchange pretty quiet here. that's westbound 237 traffic heading towards san jose. we have been relatively problem- free actually so far across the south bay. minneapolis, good day to use it. everything is on time for bart, ace, muni and caltrain. if anything changes, remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. in the headlines, a possible furlough has prosecutors in contra costa county worried about public safety. the county board of supervisors is expected to approve a mandatory furlough today. under the contract deputy district attorney's must take 12 unpaid days off in the next 6 months. yahoo is expected to cut as many as 700 more workers loose. the layoff notices could go out as soon as today. it would be yahoo's fourth
5:20 am
round of layoffs in three years. also, san jose could become california's biggest city with a ban on plastic bags. the city council votes today on the ban. store customers would have to bring their own reusable bags or pay for paper. if approved, it would take effect january 2012. san francisco's board of supervisors will be voting today on a revised bid to host the america's cup. the effort appeared to be on the rocks over the weekend but yesterday a budget committee tried to iron out differences. the new bid shifts the race from the central to the northern waterfront of the city and is less expensive. the city has until friday to submit a bid. san francisco supervisors may decide today who will be the city's next mayor. need to appoint an interim mayor because gavin newsom is about to become lieutenant governor. a candidate needs six votes from the board to be appointed and he or she will have to tackle a $400 million budget
5:21 am
deficit next year. the next mayoral election is set for november of 2011. police are looking for the grinch who stole christmas decoration from candy cane lane in alameda. neighbors say thieves stole several items friday night. and then the same thing happened again saturday. people in the neighborhood say it's disappointing to have their hard work stolen. >> i think it's just an isolated incident t just takes one i had why the to come out and take a few things. >> four homes were hit. it's been a tradition in alameda for more than 60 years. it's the first sign of oscar buzz. the golden globe nominations being announced right now. we'll take you live. >> plus, you probably have seen the spectacular video of the metrodome from all the snow? we'll tell you what's holding up the clean-up and what it means for next week's game. ,,
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5:25 am
"despicable me." how to train your dragon. the illusionist. tangled. "toy story 3". that's it. [ applause ] >> thank you very much. there are 16 important nomination to be announced. in just a few minutes, we will be joined by the morning show's live exactly at 5:38 a.m. at this point, we can -- >> what is he talking about? >> -- we'll take a short break but -- >> you already on the most important morning show. >> that's right. >> the social network is expected to receive a number of nominations. you heard "toy story 3", true grit, the black sidewalk, the king's speech, the fire, winter zone all getting oscar buzz these days. they just announced the category of i guess, uhm, animation? >> well, the actresses for a comedy series and there was toni collette for the united
5:26 am
states of terror, edie falco, nurse jackie, tina fey "30 rock," laura lynn knit big c and "glee." >> probably will get a lot of nods. >> we'll keep you posted. >> bright and early they do it every year always bright and early-morning in the morning. actor hugh jackman certainly made a dramatic entrance to the oprah winfrey show but it didn't go smoothly. he said afterward he was >> he was going a little fast there. >> ouch. >> jackman received an injury just under his right eye. he said afterward he was fine. he's a pro. jackman of one of winfrey's final guests. awww. >> having a little glass of line this. >> shake it off. >> oh, easiest. couple stitches maybe, huh? she is taping her last two shows in sydney, australia this week. >> well, all right. it is 5:26. it's the video people can't get enough of. cameras were rolling sunday as
5:27 am
the roof of the metrodome caved in under heavy snow. now the question is, how long will it take to clean up the mess? so as of last night, crews hadn't even started. it's just too dangerous right now. snow is still piled on the remaining roof panels. it is a slow clean-up process. >> when everything happens on sunday morning trying to gather labor and materials mobilize that always is difficult. i said the only thing that could have been worse would have been christmas eve morning or something like that. >> there is never a good time. crews are hopeful the stadium will be ready for next monday's vikings game against the chicago bears. >> didn't the vikings have to play somewhere else last night? >> yes. >> not ready yet. 5:27. california's giant fire sale on hold again. >> why some are convinced your getting a a bad deal. -- why some are convinced you're getting a bad deal. >> and another local government talks about furloughing employees but this time it could affect the whole justice system. we'll tell you why coming up
5:28 am
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at 5:30 this morning. and well, looks like he is walking without his umbrella. but that's -- let's see what our forecast is. >> but there is a lot of rain out there. i saw the doppler so we'll talk to tracy about that. good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, december 14. i'm sydnie kohara. >> she saw the doppler. i'm juliette goodrich. it's 5:31. >> we'll talk to tracy in just a second. it is 5:31. they say it could pose a serious threat to public safety. deputies district attorney's who were supposed to be putting the bad guys behind bars may be forced to stay home when they could be working. let's go to anne makovec, she is in martinez with why contra costa county prosecutors say now is the not time for something like this. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's because they are already overwhelmed with cases. i was just out in antioch, you may remember, last week talking about a sharp rise in crime. all of those cases are going to be more difficult to close if this proposal goes through. the county board of supervisors here in contra costa county is
5:32 am
expected to approve a mandatory furlough today. that would mean deputy district attorneys must take 12 unpaid days off before june 30 of next year, which will of course slow up the cases they are working now and the additional cases that they continue to get every day. and their workload is rising. in the past decade the number of county prosecutors has dropped by 25% while the county's population and crime rate have risen. >> don't have the attorneys we need. we don't have the support of staff to support the attorneys. we don't even have the clerical staff that we need to get the work done. >> reporter: that was a sexual assault prosecutor. she says there are only six attorneys handling all the sex assaults in the county including the richmond high school alleged rape case that we of course have been talking about. that case alone has seven defendants. getting it to trial to tie up
5:33 am
the whole unit. prosecutors have volunteered to take paycuts if the county would increase staffing levels but that's not going to happen and, of course, from the county board of supervisors' position they are dealing with the same thing all our local governments are dwindling budgets. sydnie? >> so looks like their furlough days, 12 of them, smashed into six months, where state workers were taking one every month. >> reporter: yeah, for a while they were taking three. >> oh, that's right. >> reporter: it's gone back and forth but yeah, nobody likes the idea of furloughs. but this is going to affect a lot more than just the employees here. this is going to affect the victims. when you're talking sexual assault cases, everybody wants to see their case get wrapped under and unfortunately the prosecutors here are going to have to say, we're doing our best. >> thank you, anne makovec in martinez. 5:33. the virginia kidnapping suspect found at san francisco's ocean beach will face a judge today. 32-year-old jeffrey scott easley is now under psychiatric observation at the county jail
5:34 am
accused of kidnapping 12-year- old brittany smith in southwestern virginia the two were spotted outside a san francisco grocery store last week. smith has since been reunited with her family. and also in court today, the man accused of sexually assaulting a young girl in a wal-mart store in san leandro. carlyle villazon is suspected of molesting an 8-year-old girl. the girl was shopping with a family friday night. her brother became separated from them and a girl volunteered to look for him. the girl ran back to her mom crying telling her what happened. they saw the suspect at the garden aisle and the mother cried out. it two men tackled him until police arrived. >> i couldn't let that go. >> i saw the tear in the little girl's face and it was a serious thing. i had to stand forward and just
5:35 am
kind of take charge. >> you might remember less than two weeks ago union city police arrested a registered sex offender they say assaulted a 2- year-old girl in a dollar tree store. two good samaritanning grabbed that suspect until police arrived. a barrier is in place to keep anyone else from falling into the fountain of a hotel. an 18-month old boy had died in the fountain and died. he had been missing from the family for less than 10 minutes when he was pulled out of the water. the hotel has put a three-foot- high barrier around the shallow fountain. we could find out today hot next mayor of san francisco will be. the board of supervisors is scheduled to vote on a possible successor to gavin newsom. board members can nominate any city resident. the person just needs 6 votes to be appointed. mayor newsom leaves office in january to become the state's
5:36 am
lieutenant governor. a silicon valley giant is about to cut jobs again and right before the holidays. mark sayre is in sunnyvale where yahoo could start handing out pink slips as soon as today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there's still no official announcement from the company on this potential round of layoffs which are now being reported by the "new york times." let give you the details on what the times is reporting saying that as many as 600 to 700 employees here at yahoo could lose their jobs. that would represent about 5% of the company's total workforce. this would be the fourth round of mass layoffs within the past three years. this week's round of layoffs according to the times is expected to be concentrated in yahoo's u.s. product group. the product group is designing and building advertising service. tech analysts point to a few missteps contributing to the layoffs. the company lost the battle with going until search
5:37 am
functions and failed to capitalize on social networking. yahoo's revenue edged up 2% through the first nine months of this year. so if indeed the layoffs happen at yahoo beginning today, clearly a dark day for yahoo and some tough times for workers here in silicon valley. a deal to sell 11 state buildings including several in the bay area is on hold. an appeals court judge has issued a stay temporarily blocking the sale to private investors. the sale was expected to close wednesday and bring in 2.$3 billion. the property would be rented back to the state. opponents though say that would cost california taxpayers $6 billion over 50 years. >> what is being alleged is that the sale of the transaction constitutes a waste of taxpayer dollars for the simple reason that it's using long-term debt to plug a short-
5:38 am
term hole in the budget. >> the court has invited both sides to smith briefs before the end of the year. today, san francisco supervisors will vote on whether to continue studying a possible toll of $3 on rush hour drivers from the peninsula. the goal is to raise money and promote public transit. but san mateo county says that toll would severely affect people living there. and it's considering a retaliation with a $6 toll each way. the san francisco idea would not be implemented until 2015 at the earliest. still a lot of people mad about this. it is 5:38. the rain is back. but for how long? here's tracy with our forecast. >> reporter: the rain is back for now especially for the morning. here's a look at what we're dealing with. they are light and scattered showers. not completely widespread. and they are not heavy now but we have the likelihood of that being in the forecast today. we have a cold front coming through so that's why we're seeing the light scattered
5:39 am
showers across the bay area. north bay location from sonoma to petaluma down to san rafael and mill valley light rainfall. even out to napa, fairfield, vacaville and vallejo. as we move down to parts of the east bay, you're also look at light rainfall through richmond, berkeley, alameda, san leandro and hayward as well as san francisco. the batch of showers is moving east. forecast for this morning, grab the umbrella, maybe the cute rain boots you have been dying to wear. cloudy, fog, showers well into the afternoon, highs in the upper 50s. more of your forecast in just a few moments. here's more with liz on the traffic. >> she is wearing cute boots with pompoms on them. here's the green on tracy's high-def doppler radar so it is a wet start to the morning commute. live look at the golden gate bridge. so far delay-free across the span but we are hoping people drive a little extra slow this
5:40 am
morning. we were already seeing several accidents before even 5:00 this morning including this one right here in livermore. westbound 580 before north greenville road. everything is gone now off to the shoulder. it was blocking a lane it sounds like for a while and unfortunately, we're left with a backup because of it. again, the accident is completely clear but once we start to see slowing in livermore, unfortunately it doesn't really stop because the volume is increasing now. 20-minute drive time on westbound 580 from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. past north greenville speeds improve towards 680 and pleasanton. off the antioch bridge, so far, so good. but we are seeing our usual slowing. this is our typical commute through antioch. speeds though averaging under 25 miles per hour passing a street. back to you. >> thank you. tributes pouring in from around the world for one of the biggest figures in world diplomacy. coming up, family members reveal richard holbrooke's dying wish.
5:41 am
plus, smoking up just got one bay area city. why the price of medical marijuana is about to go sky high. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:43 am
a federal judge agrees with virginia's attorney general that forcing americans to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. this decision a roadblock for the healthcare reform. a fudge agree that is forcing americans to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. this is the first decision against any part of the law. there were two earlier rulings in the law's favor. >> this case is not about health insurance. it is not about healthcare. it's about liberty. and the judge said as much in his order. >> our belief is that the healthcare act will go forward
5:44 am
and that it is constitutional. >> the next step for the virginia lawsuit is an appeals court. the case is expected to eventually reach the u.s. supreme court. leaders around the world are remembering a giant of u.s. foreign policy. diplomat richard holbrooke died yesterday after undergoing surgery to repair a tear in his aorta. he served under every democratic president since john f. kennedy. he authored a portion of the pentagon papers and was the architect of the 1995 bosnia peace plan. most recently, he was the special envoy to pakistan and afghanistan. according to the "washington post," his family says his dying wish was an end to the war in afghanistan. he was 69. the bush-era tax cuts stock exchange cleared a key hurdle to the senate last night and could come up for a final vote
5:45 am
today but as preeti arla reports, efforts to get the bill through the house will be tougher. reporter: with the senate on tax it to approve this tax deal tonight, president obama surging house democrats to get on board. >> if there is one thing we can agree on, it's the urgent work of protecting middle class families, removing uncertainty for america's businesses, and giving our economy a boost. >> reporter: he turned up the pressure monday after the senate overwhelmingly decided to move ahead with the final vote either late today or tomorrow. the measure would continue long- term unemployment benefits and extend all bush-era tax cuts for two years. >> we're telling the american people to keep money that's rightfully theirs so they can spend it and invest it as they please. >> plain and simple... this bipartisan compromise is about creating jobs. >> reporter: if the senate approved the bill it will go to the house where it faces stiff opposition. many democrats are especially
5:46 am
unhappy with the provision they believe favors the rich. >> there's much consternation in the house about the estate tax. i expect there to be some consideration of that. >> reporter: leading democrats want to raise the estate tax. if they do, the bill would go back to the senate, possibly putting the whole deal in jeopardy. >> i understand those concerns. i share some of them. but that's the nature of compromise. >> reporter: house leaders say no matter what, they hope to get a bill to the president by the end of the week. preeti arla for cbs news, washington. well, it's going to be a wet start to the morning. pinpoint doppler showing we have some light scattered showers in the bay area. but look at what's behind me just off the coastline here. move out the way. those are rain showers moving towards the bay area. and that's what we're expecting a good deal of rainfall for the morning and also for parts of the afternoon. here's a look at who is picking up what. light rainfall through sonoma, napa, san rafael, mill valley,
5:47 am
scattered in nature from vacaville to fairfield to vallejo and moving east so it is moving into concord and danville. light activity north of half moon bay pushing into fremont, milpitas and light activity outside of san jose. our forecast for this morning, cloudy, we have report of fog this morning especially inland. san jose airport as well as santa rosa. the showers will be with us for the morning as you head out the door and the chance of showers will continue well through the afternoon. temperatures not moving. lower 50s for the morning and the mid- to upper 50s for the afternoon. beautiful satellite here showing that low pressure system and also the cold front that's coming in keeping us in the range or the region of rainfall for today. and as far as rainfall amounts, up to three-quarters of an inch in the north bay, up to an quarter inch in the east bay,
5:48 am
three-tenths in the peninsula, four--tenths in the santa cruz months, a tenth in the south bay. sunny wednesday and thursday but after that another storm system comes in. that's the big one. friday through monday continued chance of showers. that's a look at your weather. for your traffic, here is elizabeth. >> thank you, tracy. out to oakland, an overturned van for a while completely blocking the seminary avenue off-ramp to eastbound 580. sounds like they have one lane that is passible right now but again, watch out for some west surfaces. we have seen a lot of accidents so far this morning. that is just one that we have been following. all your approaches to the bay bridge look okay. a little bit of unusual slowing already on westbound 24 out of the caldecott tunnel. also some slower speeds as well as on highway 13 through oakland. at the bay bridge toll plaza, just some minor puddling in the middle lanes but overall no delay and no metering lights yet. usually they turn them on at 6:20. we are good up the incline.
5:49 am
they cleared an earlier stall out of lanes by treasure island. the south bay is relatively problem-free compared to the rest of the bay area. we have seen a lot of spinouts in the east bay because that's where the bulk of the rain showers is as well as the north bay. through san jose looking good out of downtown. that's a look at northbound traffic on 280. and then we'll head out to livermore because this is the scene of an earlier accident and unfortunately it's cleared from lanes but our backup remains. heavy out of the altamont pass. drive time a little longer you can see a long line of red there as you head out of the altamont pass and towards the dublin interchange. so it's probably closer to 20, maybe even 25 minutes for right now as you head towards 680. and a quick -- one more live look outside. here's live look at the san mateo bridge. this is the commute direction. so far, so good towards foster city and the peninsula. back to you. >> thank you. here's a check of today's top stories. a new round of layoffs at yahoo is expected to hit about 5% of
5:50 am
the company's workers. the sunnyvale company could hand out the pink slips today to as many as 700 employees. it would be the fourth time in three years for yahoo to lay workers off. and later this morning we'll get another report on the pipeline explosion that killed 8 people in san bruno in september. the national transportation safety board is investigating the explosion. it is the first report linking the explosion to a power problem in the city. san jose is raising the tax on medical marijuana. the 7% increase takes effect i march. the san jose city council won't it issue more business permits for san jose pot clubs. the piece of mail that could save your life, coming up. it's happened again. >> also, cruise ship passengers are stranded at sea. why they were forced to take an unexpected detour. for itchy dry skin. try cortizone 10 intensive healing. the strongest itch relief medicine now has three vitamins n moisturizers.
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only from the postal service.
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may not do much to fight obesity. and a piece of mail.. that could save your life. it seemed like a good idea but it turns out that taxing sugary drinks like soda may not do much to fight obesity. here's manuel gallegus. those reminders that you're overdue for a doctor's visit could safer your life. a team followed more than 1,000 patients late for a screening. half received a reminder in the mail or on the computer and half did not. those who got reminders were twice as likely to go for a screening. a new study suggests higher tax on sodas may not be effective in fighting obesity. researchers found it would only cut about 13 calories a day from a person's diet. experts say taxing the owners of restaurants and vending machines might be a better way
5:54 am
to g and a new study finds bees also need their sleep to function properly. researchers discovered that sleep deprived worker bees are less able to direct other bees to food. just like people, don't perform tasks as precisely. and those are some of the day's top medical stories. i'm manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york. a carnival cruise ship stranded in rough seas off the coast of florida finally docked last night. whoo. passengers were tossed around for 12 hours in high wind and 15-foot waves rocking the boat. 2900 passengers and 855-foot boat were on the way back from cozumel, mexico. it was originally due to arrive monday morning. >> it was a little nerve- racking. i was ready to get off. >> felt like a baby in a rockin chair. >> thousands of travelers on
5:55 am
land were affected. the next travelers were forced to make other plans. >> not a good way to start your vacation or end it for that matter. >> we are supposed to go on a disney cruise in january. >> what is it about all these cruise ships all of a sudden having problems? >> i said it won't happen on disney, no way, not with mickey on board, right? 5:55. >> not with mickey on board. that's funny, jules. we'll be having light showers through san rafael, mill valley and more showers moving into hercules, pushing towards concord, walnut creek, danville and even down near san leandro and hayward. that's going to be the drill today. seven-day forecast showing showers expected during the day, highs in the upper 50s, mix of sun and clouds wednesday and thursday. and more showers in the forecast as another storm system, pretty big one comes in for the tail end of the workweek and that will give us
5:56 am
a continued chance of showers friday, saturday, sunday and monday. join the sunset, nice little pelican in there. if you have a photo to share, go to for your traffic, here's liz. >> do you have fun flipping through the photos and picking one for the day? >> yes. >> nice. >> here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. all that green that tracy was showing, this is what's happening. ponding approaching the bay bridge toll plaza in the middle lanes. no big delays, no metering lights. this could all change in 20 minutes or so but for right now no delay. we have seen several spinouts including this one in oakland. tow truck symbols, they have cleared it out of lanes. it was blocking one lane of seminary. it was an overturned van. take it slow. if you are heading up to the sierra, no chain requirements in effect right now.
5:57 am
but there are some delays for trucks for chp wants to make sure they have chains in their possession. back to you guys. >> thank you. you could be a lucky winner tonight. the mega millions jackpot up to $104 million. i mean, wouldn't that be a nice holiday gift for christmas. this is the biggest jackpot in recent months. 104million. >> that's sweet. hey, before we go, real quickly, before we get to our next half hour, happy birthday to my mom. she's watching. >> maybe she is vacuuming right now. >> i'm sure she is watching. >> we kidded her about that the last time. remember that pg&e executive busted for snooping? new evidence that shows he may have been up to more than just online spying. and prosecutors here in contra costa county are facing furloughs. we are going to tell you how that could affect the justice system coming up. it's shaping up to be a rough holiday season for yahoo where the company could announce as many as 700 layoffs
5:58 am
today. i'll have the details. ,, [ male announcer ] how do you say... welcome to the neighborhood. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you say... can you believe it's been 20 years since college? ♪ [ male announcer ] nothing says "you're special" like boursin, a creamy, crumbly blend of real cheese and savory herbs, boursin makes any moment more memorable. even if you're saying... my mother has the kids tonight. ♪
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