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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  December 14, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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today on the san bruno pipeline explosion. federal investigators just released findings from te good afternoon. i'm allen martin. new details out today on the san bruno pipeline explosion. federal investigators just released findings from tests on that ruptured pipe. anne makovec now live with what
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they found. >> reporter: they have been working on this investigation for weeks. they are not even close. this was an intermediate report but the most interesting thing to come of it was just discussed with congresswoman jackie speier and the mayor of san bruno and that was that pg&e isn't even aware of what kind of pipes it has underground. that is of course one of many points in this particular report that came out. we're expecting many more reports. but a lot of eyebrows raised by that concern. and jackie speier made a lot of comments about that because if they don't know what kind of pipes they have underground how can they be properly inspected? that's something that people have been certainly thinking about and will more so after this report. >> i think we all know a lot more about pipeline safety today than we did three months
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ago. i think pg&e had a horrific wake-up call. >> reporter: that's when the explosion and fire wiped out the san bruno neighborhood on september 9. eight people were killed, 37 homes destroyed. the cause is still undetermined. today congresswoman jackie speier and the san bruno mayor spoke out about a new intermediate report from the ntsb. >> it is a process of elimination. >> reporter: they have been examining a 28-foot-long piece of the pipe, the piece that flew out of the ground and landed on the street. it's been after a lab in washington, d.c. since a week after the blast as the ntsb, which provided these pictures, has been inspecting it. it turns out the records presented by pg&e didn't add up with what investigators found. pg&e had long reported this was a seamless pipe. the ntsb says it found a patchwork of seams, seams that were welded from the outside but not the inside. >> uhm, i do believe -- and we
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will find out as the inquiry continues -- that there is a more rigorous inspection that is required when you have a seamed pipe. >> reporter: inspections that weren't being done. >> this pipe has probably not been examined since 1956. >> reporter: investigators didn't, however, find any corrosion, dents or gouges or any leaks. but the pipe itself is only part of the investigation. the ntsb pound that pg&e had a power fail -- found that pg&e had a power failure in the system just before the explosion and lost communication with the valve that regulates the pipeline san bruno tes the pipeline and then there is what happened after the blast. pg&e workers had to shut off the valves that supply the gas at remote locations a process that took about an hour and a half. in the meantime, gas continued to feed the flames. >> this is a snapshot in time.
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we don't have all the the answers. it will take a long time. >> reporter: they will have another town hall meeting for anyone concerned about what happened and how the neighborhood going to move on that's going on at the san bruno senior center sunday at 2. . >> all right, anne makovec in san mateo, thank you. some new documents show that the pg&e executive who resigned after his online snooping came to light may have done more than just use the internet to spy. according to the internal pg&e documents, that were obtained by the "mercury news," william devereaux sent an employee to watch and take pictures of a smartmeter protest in rohnert park. that contradicts the agency's earlier claim that the former executive had acted alone. the virginia kidnapping suspect found in ocean beach is heading east after waiving extradition today in a san francisco courtroom. 32-year-old jeffrey scott easley declined to fight his transfer back to virginia. four investigators are here
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from roanoke county, virginia. they say easley will be moved in the next few days. he is accused of kidnapping 12- year-old brittany smith. he is also a suspect in the murder of brittany's mother. the girl is now back with relatives. set to be in court in a couple of hours this man carlyle villazon who is accused of sexually assaulting a girl in a store. the 8-year-old was with her family friday in the san leandro wal-mart. she left for a few seconds to try to find her brother, then she ran back to her mom crying. the mom yelled, an 18-year-old chased the suspect and tackled him. then another helped hold villazon until police got in >> i was like man i ain't about to let this dude go. i couldn't let that go. >> i saw the tear in the little girl's face and it was a serious thing and i had to just stand forward and just kind of take charge. >> two weeks ago union city
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police arrested a registered sex offender that they say sexually assaulted a 2-year-old girl in a dollar tree store and in that case two men outside the store also tackled the suspect and held him until police arrived. four million pounds of steel are here and now work is ready -- really kicking into high gear on the bay bridge. today crews were unloading the steel that arrived from china yesterday. drivers will see the third of five towers put in place this week for the new eastern span. we are told the work is going to go around the clock to finish that 300-foot tower by christmas. construction is months ahead of schedule and caltrans now predicts the 6.3 billion project will be finished by late 2013. a silicon valley giant is expected to cut nearly 700 jobs right before the holidays, too. mark sayre reports from sunnyvale on financial problems facing yahoo. >> reporter: yahoo was founded in 1994 and today has nearly
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14,000 employees but the company has struggled and has already been through three rounds of significant layoffs in the past three years. >> they don't have a unique value position. >> reporter: analyst larry magid says yahoo is facing tough competition from facebook and google. >> google has the great search offering which is very profitable and facebook has people staying on for very long periods of time because social networking kind of encourages you to be addicted. yahoo has kind of get in, get out. i go to yahoo to look at stock news, sports, ap, reuters, tech news but you don't spend time there. >> reporter: according to the "new york times," layoffs would be centered in yahoo's u.s. product group responsible for designing and building consumer and advertising services and magid says advertising revenue is a weak spot. >> the biggest shortfall is they can't get highly targeted advertising. sure, they can get ads built around looking at stocks and
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sports. but google can get very, very precise in their ads as can facebook because they have a lot of information about you. yahoo gets some of that but not enough of that to make the kind of revenue that you can do if have a targeted advertising base. >> reporter: we received a stakes. it says yahoo is always evaluating expenses to align with the company's financial goals, beyond that, we don't comment on rumors or speculation. mark sayre, cbs 5. a warning: your safety is at risk. why there is a fear today that things might very soon get more dangerous in the east bay. plus, proof that even in death, how motherly love can guide children through life's toughest obstacles. >> and it is the first of a series of storms hitting the bay area. that's going to be giving us scattered showers through the afternoon and also a winter storm warning for the sierra until 10:00 tonight. we'll take a look at the forecast and let you know how wet this week could get. that's coming up. talk
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of wikileaks will have to wait at least another 48 hours in jail. well, bail was granted but the founder of wikileaks will have to wait at least another 48 hours in jail. after arriving in court in london today, a judge granted bail to julian assange. but he will have to remain there while prosecutors appeal that ruling. assange has been in london in the prison for a week there. he is fighting extradition to sweden, where he is wanted on sexual assault charges, allegations he denies. the decision to extradite assange is expected to take another several weeks. and here in the break the berkeley city council could go on record tonight celebrating the man believed to be behind the wikileaks information. they are considering a resolution to declare army private first class bradley manning a hero. manning is accused of providing
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the classified military documents to the wikileaks website. the berkeley city council by the way meets at 7:00 tonight. a possible furlough has prosecutors in contra costa county worried about public say. the board of supervisors is expected to approve mandatory furlough as part of a new contract. deputy district attorneys would have to take 12 unpaid days off in the next six months. the attorneys say they are already understaffed and the furloughs would pose a public risk. >> we are the type of workforce that if you reduce our staff and the number of people on the job, public safety potentially could suffer in a serious way. >> the attorneys say that already, they have a backlog of more than 100 homicide cases. san jose could be california's biggest city with a ban on plastic bags. the council will vote today. store customers would have to bring their own reusable bags or pay for paper bags.
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if that is approved, the ordinance would take effect january of 2012. she inspired others even in her last days. >> made me realize that my mom, she was [ indiscernible ] >> now her son is mirroring that strength and inspiring countless others. and we have plenty of clouds outside and plenty of rainfall still impacting parts of the bay area. we'll take a look at the afternoon forecast, your evening commute going to be wet and slippery. we'll take a look coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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like many of our students rising well, we are calling it storm number one because it's the first one impacting the bay area as well as the sierra. take a look at that. boy, those winds are whipping, up to 40 miles an hour at lake level. the higher up you go, the higher winds are. up to 8,000 feet, two feet of snowfall possible.
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here's high-def doppler radar. not a lot of activity right now. light rainfall moving in through sonoma, some moderate to heavy rainfall illustrated by the yellow, and more light rainfall through novato and san rafael and mill valley. light showers into vallejo and concord and we'll continue to move down to the east bay and down to parts of the south bay. and san jose picking up rainfall currently as well as sunnyvale. and more importantly, what's still off the coastline here is we do still have more rainfall that's going to be pushing into the bay area well into the afternoon. so the forecast for the afternoon, cloudy with showers, we do still have delays on arrivals at sfo. so keep that in mind if you are traveling. and temperatures for the afternoon the mid-50s to the upper 50s. for tonight, clouds, fog and still a chance of showers in the forecast overnight tonight. so here's what's happening. love this low pressure system. right here, you can see that nice counterclockwise circulation. it is kind of pushing in a cold front. the cold front is what's giving us the clouds today and the rainfall today. but eventually that low
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pressure system is going to be spinning in a series of storms friday, saturday, sunday and monday. so today, stage one up to .75" in the north bay. up to a quarter in the east bay. up to three-tenths in the peninsula. 4/10ths in the santa cruz mountains and up to a tenth in the south bay. again the sierra, winter storm warning in effect until 10:00 tonight. rain-snow mix is possible. more of the same expected wednesday. and a mix of sun and clouds just in time for thursday. now, speaking of thursday, wednesday and thursday is when we dry out. a mix of sun and clouds. and then we'll have another storm system that comes in and that will impact the bay area friday, saturday, sunday and monday. we'll have different systems spinning through the bay area. looks like it could get wet. we are going to have to watch that weekend storm system. mypix photo yosemite snow. good job, mary. i got one more for you. this is enjoying the sunset.
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if you have a photo would you like to share, send it to >> thank you, friday, saturday, sunday, monday? >> a washout. >> you're killing my last- minute shopping here. >> sorry. [ laughter ] >> okay. you're off the list! all right, trace, thanks. like many of our students rising above eddie ashley never new his dad. his mother's words helped him rise above. wendy tokuda shows us. >> reporter: in a cramped dorm room at uc-riverside, eddie ashley is changing lives not just his own but his family's. >> a lot of people in my family only made it to high school. and i felt like i'm breaking the barrier. >> reporter: food and a bed are not things eddie always had growing up. he spent a lot of time at the hospital while his mom was being treated for lupus and
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later kidney failure. this doctor treated countless patients over the years but not many made the kind of impression that eddie's mom did. arriving children in tow, totally dedicated. >> she was everything in their life and did everything for them. so what was going to happen when she was gone was -- who was going to take care of them? >> reporter: dr. feeney was the one who had to tell eddie and his two little sisters when their mother was dying. >> we went into the room, and we saw our mom -- she -- she looked so sad. and almost dead, she was still smiling. [ pause ] and... that made me realize that my mom, she was the strongest one i knew. >> you see one thing after another... >> reporter: at oakland technical high, eddie never talked much about what was going on, having to move from relative to relative. >> he didn't have place to study or anybody to talk to.
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he lived in an apartment with 10 people. >> reporter: he vently he and his sisters were separated eventually. but at oakland tech he plugged the way going to see some teachers before school to make sure he was on track. it was his mother's words that got him through. >> she would always say, be a man. take care of your sisters. and make sure you go to college. >> so what's your schedule now. >> reporter: and by hanging in there eddie ashley ended up inspiring people at school -- >> he has been my little hope, you know. things will be okay. >> reporter: -- at his tutoring center -- >> i am so excited for him. >> reporter: -- and at the hospital, where his baby picture still sits on a shelf above dr. feeney's desk. >> eddie is a testimony to her strength. and he lived on and persevered because of her. >> now that i'm graduating high school and going to college, i'm doing it, mom.
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so you don't need to worry. >> he is doing it. and eddie wouldn't be able to go to college without help. this holiday season, consider the gift of education. go to . find out how you can help at we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, today's tip of the day is going to be will be with bing cherries coming in from chile. their summer, our winter and
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all the summer fruit is now hitting our markets for the wintertime. and that's good. but anything out of chile, you have to make sure you select them and store them right. right now some grapes are coming in. peaches and nectarines are barely coming in but the cherries are at their best so always the first part of any summer crop are the cherries even here in the u.s. when you buy your cherries, now listen, take them out of the bag. this is what you want to look for, the redder the better. they have to be red. if not, they have this light red color to them, you don't want them. you want them nice and red with the stems attached. when you bring them home you have to store them in the refrigerator right away. remember, they are from chile thousands of miles away. so buy them and enjoy them quickly. cherries, from chile, in the market in december when it's kind of cold. not bad, ciao, everybody. oh, that was good. you want one? i'll give it to my photographer. now he's eating it. >> best fed man in the business
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i think. coming up at 5:00, unfortunately there are a lot of people looking for work so a lot of resumes are going out. what one business website says are the buzz words to avoid and what you should say instead. that's coming up at 5:00. best motion picture drama... black swan, the fighter, inception, the king's speech, the social network. >> i need to see all of them. those are this year's golden globe nominees announced this morning in beverly hills. the british monarchy's tale the king's speech has the most nomination with 7. how about our nominee for most generous? tracy humphrey has the food bank donation. >> i have andrew dawson and mike moy the alameda county community food bank board of directors. you have a small certificate here but you guys are doing big things. tell us about it.
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>> so we have been supporting name different local charities and communities throughout the past few years and the alameda food bank really is providing much- needed support do you naturing around 50,000 meals to families in need and people in need at this time of the year and is a really growing organization and significant presence here in the bay area. we felt it was our duty to do something and give back to the community around us. >> so mike you like getting things like this doesn't you? >> absolutely. absolutely, tracy. i can't tell you how pleased we are to receive the support from novartis. the leadership of companies like novartis and others in the bay area is just very important to the work that we do. we serve one in six families in alameda county. this year we'll distribute close to 20 million pounds. this sort of support is invaluable. >> we are always asking people to give if they have an opportunity. go to our website at that's what's going on over here. we have nothing but good
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things. it's holiday cheer. >> also people can donate at whole foods. that's it for cbs 5 news at noon. our next newscast is at 5:00. and don't forget, we're always on enjoy the day while it's not raining. ,, [ female announcer ] safeway talks gift ideas.
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