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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  December 14, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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for our evening commute happens to be the eastern portion of our district. pleasanton, san ramon, dublin, also livermore, that 580 commute heading out of the dublin grade towards airport road and out towards livermore into brentwood under moderate to heavy rainfall at this hour and then 680 over the sunol grade as you back into milpitas towards the santa clara valley, whenever you see the yellow on your tv screen that indicates a moderate to heavy downpour. around the peninsula rain is falling and that's why we have delays over an hour now on arriving and departures. here are the totals so far. sonoma and half moon bay approaching an inch. peninsula .71." east bay .42." this is a system that did develop out of the gulf of
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alaska. it is sagging south. it has quite a bit of snow to fall in the greater lake tahoe area today, as well. if you are out and about this evening at least for the next 60 minutes, you will still encounter some scattered rain showers and the temperatures pretty mild still in the 50s and the 60s. the winds are nonexistent. but this is the area of low pressure that is going to open the door for a series of storms to spill into the bay area. we are going to pinpoint the timing of the bigger storms that are heading this way and we'll tell you more about that coming up later on in this newscast. >> all right. roberta, thank you. new details out today on the san bruno pipeline explosion. federal investigators released findings from test on the ruptured pipe and as anne makovec shows us, at least one finding did not match pg&e's records. >> i think we'll all know more about pipeline safe than three months ago. and i think pg&e had a
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-- a horrific wake-up call. >> reporter: that's when this pipeline explosion and fire wiped out the san bruno neighborhood on september 11th 9th. 8 people were killed, 37 homes destroyed on september 9. the cause is still undetermined. today congresswoman jackie speier and the san bruno mayor spoke out about a report from the ntsb. >> it is a process of elimination. >> reporter: they have been examining a 28-foot piece of the pipe that flew out of the ground and landed on the street. it's been at a lab in washington, d.c. since a week after the blast as the ntsb, which provided these pictures, has been inspecting it. it turns out the record presented by the pg&e didn't add up. pg&e had long reported this was a seamless pipe. the ntsb says it found a patchwork of seams. welded from the outside but not the inside. >> i do believe and we will
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find out as the inquiry continues, that there is a more rigorous inspection that's required when you have a seamed pipe. >> reporter: inspections that weren't being done. >> this pipe has probably not been examined since 1956. >> reporter: investigators didn't, however, find any corrosion, dents or gouges or any leaks. but the pipe itself is only part of the investigation. the ntsb found that pg&e had a power failure in the system just before the explosion and lost communication with the valve that regulates the pipeline in san bruno. and then there's what happened after the blast. pg&e workers had to shut off the valves that supplied the gas at remote locations, a process that took about an hour and a half. in the meantime, gas continued to feed the flames. >> a snapshot in time, we don't have all the answer. it's going to take a long time but as i said early this
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morning, it's going to take a lot longer to rebuild our community and neighborhoods. >> reporter: local politicians are holding another town hall meeting coming up this sunday 2 p.m. at the san bruno senior center. in san mateo county, anne makovec, cbs 5. the former head of pg&e's smartmeter program is in hot water again. william devereaux resigned last month after admitting that he used a phony name to monitor online discussions by opponents of smartmeters. he said at the time that he acted alone but documents obtained by the "mercury news" reveal a series of e-mails that show pg&e sent an employee to monitor a smartmeter demonstration in rohnert park where he took photographs of protestors. there are accusations of nepotism, bailing out city employees and more. don knapp shows us the decision to bit same property twice is also under scrutiny. >> reporter: could be some
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tense moments here at city council in hercules tonight as newly elected councilmembers sit down with the other councilmembers and take some actions that could drastically the way hercules does business. like communities everywhere, hercules is scrambling to make up shortfalls. that may explain in part why hercules bought this building twice. the first time in 2008, the second in 2009. that's when the city sold it to the city's public financing authority. the city manager defends the sales but some residents say it's not the economy that's causing problems for hercules. it's the city government out of control. >> we have a city government that has nepotism in it. there's been special deals for city council members, families, special deals for city employees. there's been a misuse of the public funds for affordable housing. >> reporter: this long-time resident's claims are listed in a "contra costa times" editorial that calls hercules's
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financials a putrid mess. the city manager and the council approved $3 million in no bid service contracts to a company he once owned that's now run by two of his daughters. at the company's recommend day, the paper claims, hercules redevelopment agency put up $1.65 million in 2007 and 2008 to bail bale out owners of five homes under water in their mortgages. two were city employees, and a third the project manager for the company that recommended the loans. citizen dan romero stopped short of calling it criminal but has asked the district attorney to investigate. >> if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, that's what we have right now. we have a problem in hercules. i'm asking for the district attorney to look at it. >> reporter: mr. owe leave va had offered to meet with us after 5:00. it's now after 6:00. we have still waiting. perhaps he got tied up in a closed session. he said buying the building twice provided an infusion of cash to hercules when it needed t as for conflict of interest
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with the company he formerly owned he said the city attorney said there is no conflict of interest. >> thank you, don knapp. it's called a blue protest. but it comes down to a lack of green. tonight teachers and staff members of an east bay school district are protesting continued budget cuts and as ann notarangelo reports, the worst may be yet to come. anne. >> reporter: the mount diablo unified school district doesn't know how the finances are going to be. they won't know until the new governor submits his proposed governor on january 10 but at this point they think there are chances they won't be able to cover next year's expenses. tonight, as you can see behind me, the union membership is holding a blue protest. it's a unity rally. they say they are blue over the lack of school funding but they are not the only ones who are concerned. today parents got word that their schools might be closing. >> i'm surprised and i'm not at all pleased. >> reporter: lots of talk across the mount diablo unified school district about three proposals to shut down schools
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to save the district $1.5 million. one option would close glenbrook middle, silverwood and wren avenue. another shuts down glenbrook, silverwood and holbrook. the third option closes the district's three high performing choice schools. sequoia elementary school and middle schools in monte gardens. we talked to parents at sequoia elementary school. >> just the fact that our school is own on that list sunsetting to us because i was on the waiting list for three years for my daughter to get into this scoop and it was a choice that i really wanted and really wanted her in this school. >> i have never seen this school where you have so many volunteers participating in each event, parents and grandparents. i think it would be a huge error. >> maybe they think because everyone chose to go here and a bunch of motivated parents that funneling us back into our home schools would be a great thing to do because we would bring a bunch. motivated parents into the local schools. >> reporter: but the parents
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say that's faulty logic. >> if i have to we will home school. we will do anything else. but the school that we're supposed to go to is meadow homes and it is not the school i choose to send my children to. >> we just feel like there is nothing that we can do, that it's already a done deal. no what nent to do. we can go and do everything that we can think of. they know wha they want to do. we feel helpless. >> reporter: this person on the school committee says there is a long list of criteria deciding which schools to close including test scores, cost to run the schools and if there is room t grow. they will also have to cut $18 million from a $265 million budget. ogden is also a union rep who says teachers keep paying more for healthcare. >> every january, our salary goes down, our take-home pay goes down and the other unions within the district haven't given that up yet.
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so it's a tough pill to swallow. >> reporter: another union rep says the union feels the district is taking and our way or the highway approach to negotiations. superintendent steven lawrence presented a much different picture. >> the state's the one that's letting us down. it's not our employees in our district. they are doing an excellent job. >> reporter: are you purposely wearing blue today? >> yes. i'm as blue about the educational budget as anybody else. >> reporter: a couple new school board members take over tonight. they will be brought up to speed on all this. dana, they will talk a little bit about the budget tonight and they will discuss the school closures sometime in january. >> all right. ann notarangelo, thank you. the suspect in the sexual assault of a girl at a san leandro wal-mart did appear in court today. bail was set at $150,000 for carlyle villazon. he is accused of grabbing a girl while she wandered away from her mother on friday. he is due in court tomorrow tonighter a plea. in soft man accused of
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kidnapping a girl from virginia will not fight extradition. jeffrey easley will be sent back to roanoke to face charges. he was captured friday after a woman spotted him and the 12- year-old girl panhandling outside a san francisco safeway store. easley is also a suspect in the murder of the girl's mother. the 12-year-old is now back with relatives. >> just when you thought it couldn't get worse at the dmv it does. just how bad the delays have gotten and why a solution is not coming anytime soon. >> introduce san francisco's border wars. protests drive the decision. i'm mike sugerman. the story is coming up. and the most successful disney star in history caught using a bong. why time may be running out for the legal substance she says she was smoking. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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only good common sense. why be stuck with one expensive car wen you can enjoy all the fun and freedom of two fin announcer: "to it's a whole new way of life... now i'm free to go anywhere, do anything, see anybody anytime i want to. it's only good common sense. why be stuck with one expensive car when you can enjoy all the fun and freedom of two fine fords. >> today, more and more families are finding out how easy it is to become two ford families. >> is that a flashback or what? the automobile didn't just change the way we live. it even changed the way americans defined freedom. but these days city like san francisco are admittedly trying to get you to rethink the car as your primary mode of transportation. for example the plan that wants to charge drivers from entering the city to the south, while it may be scrapped the city's war on cars isn't over. mike sugerman is in san francisco where supervisors are looking at other ways to tax
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drivers. >> reporter: it's shocking but it's within line of city policy. to charge the toll at its southern border from san mateo cars coming up. there was a revolution. a protest, they got an earful. they decided maybe it's not such a good idea. but they have other plans. >> reporter: bay area traffic border wars chilled bartender chuck davis to the bone. >> if you add it up that's $1,500 a year. that's my christmas. >> reporter: crossing the count line twice. his home is in san jose, job in san francisco. it could have cost him six bucks a day. >> reporter: jerry hill is livid over the city's plan to charge a toll. like a nightclub and cover
6:16 pm
charge. >> reporter: public response was negative, which would have raised car, lower congestion and pollution. the city's san francisco transportation agency dropped the plan though again supervisor chris daly's opposition on environmentall grounds. >> the world is going to end anyway. >> i hear it is going to end. >> reporter: several plans could charge $3 in, $3 out. it's specific times possibly starting in 2015. >> what are these guys making up this stuff smoking? >> a san francisco bar owner thinks it will hurt business, though some studies showed it helped cities like london and stockholm where such a fee is already in place. as for bar at the ender davis, who may still have to pay a toll to get to work... >> i can sneak through that. i'll just park on the other side
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and walk. >> reporter: that's fine with the city. keep his car from the downtown area. these studies will cost between $1 million and $2. if it goes into effect in 2015, again if the world doesn't end by then. >> we are just going to spend a million dollars to figure it out? >> reporter: if it keeps cars out of downtown and maybe lowers the gas house -- what do you call it, the greenhouse gas, maybe it's good? that's what city hall is thinking about, drivers have other ideas. >> that they do. mike sugerman, thank you. it is synonymous with long lines and delays. and tonight, the dmv faces a huge backlog on driver's license. so much so that thousands of drivers in california will have to wait for weeks on the ids. >> reporter: the folks in line to renew their driver's licenses at the daly city dmv are learning they can take as long as six-weeks to get their new id in the mail.
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>> it's a shame because when you are younger you need to have your id all the time to show people and stuff like that, so not having it is a little bit worrying. i carry my passport everywhere i go. >> reporter: california began rolling out the new licenses in october. the updated identification has security features including signature with raised lettering, holes pun. in the shape after brown bear so you can only see it when you shine a light through the back of the card and a copy of the photo that's only visible under ultraviolet light. under 21 licenses are laid out vertically. the company that makes the new cards often get the security enhancements wrong so many licenses have to be remade causing the backlog. >> my current status it expired december 29 of this year. they did not tell me how long it was going to take to get new one, renew my driver's license. >> reporter: four to weeks probably. >> as long as i have my renewal paper to show if i need it. >> kind of an inconvenience
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firefighter i don't have a driver's license and i'm driving around without one. >> reporter: the tsa says you can get on a plane even if your driver's license expired. but you might be subjected to a more thorough patdown or the tsa might cross-reference the information on the license with publicly available databases and ask you questions like where was the last place you lived? the tsa latest points out there are several other acceptable forms of identification such as a passport or military id card. >> that's just the way it happens these days. everything is longer and more security checks. i had to go get my social security card and, you know, proof of address and all this stuff. it's like you're adopting a child. >> reporter: if you're pulled over by police, the officer running your id through the computer system can see if you have already applied for a new license and have made the proper payments. the expiration date on your license is above your photo. in daly city, i'm simon perez, cbs 5. changing drug habits among
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american teens, the miley cyrus bong uproar and and marijuana versus tobacco at least as far as your lungs are concerned. that's in two minutes. in san jose, the price of ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ bell rings ] what are you doing, friending somebody? yeah. you got time for that? you got time to earn more on your savings, online at that's new school banking, baby! instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? in san jose, the price of medical marijuana is going up. the city council has voted to increase the tax o in san jose, the price of medical marijuana is going up. the city council has voted to increase the tax on pot by 7%.
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critics say it is wrong to tacts seriously ill. supporters see a silver lining them. say it legitimizes the production and sale of medicinal marijuana. now, marijuana is not the only green leafy substance making news today in the golden state. a california lawmaker is determined to outlaw a plant called salvia. dr. kim mulvihill reports, it all began with a video of a disney star that has gone viral. >> reporter: you can see miley cyrus gracing the red carpet. now you can reportedly see her thanks to tmz all over the internet smoking a bong full of salvia. salvia is a plant that contains a potent chemical. at one point the hannah montana star giggles uncontrollably. salvia can cause intense hallucinations. >> a lot of people experience an out of body kind of experience. some people say that they meet other beings from another
6:24 pm
dimension. >> reporter: salvia is legal to sell to adults in california but that doesn't mean it's safe to use. >> there's a lot that still needs to be studied with this particular herb. >> reporter: in a recent study, dr. kathy dennehy of ucsf found salvia was the number one ingredient sold online as an alternative to illegal drugs. the problem, kids may think since it comes from a plant, it's safe. >> as a youth experimenting with drugs, how much is safe? >> reporter: it depresses the central nervous system. >> we need to take a history our salvia. >> some kids may drive. >> you don't feel like you're in your body, driving would be a bad idea. [ laughter ] >> reporter: now with the role model like cyrus taking a hit for all kids to see, one california lawmaker wants to ban salvia in the state
6:25 pm
accusing cyrus of setting a bad example. ucsf researchers were alarmed that salvia could cause a loss of consciousness and that websites recommended that users have someone sit with them just in case. dr. dennehy is also concerned if young people mix salvia with other drugs or alcohol, other substances that affect the central nervous system, they could stop breathing. they say it's clear salvia has a serious potential for harm. >> all right. >> thank you. well, on the subject of marijuana, it's often described as being less harmful than tobacco or alcohol. gluer in san francisco wants to know, is smoke -- gloria in san francisco wants to in is smoking marijuana as bad for your lungs as tobacco? that's tonight's "good question." >> reporter: the medicinal effects of smoking marijuana especially by cancer patients, those undergoing chemotherapy are fairly well known. but is that smoke as toxic as
6:26 pm
tobacco? >> nicotine is detrimental whereas the compounds that are in cannabis seem to have effects that are anti- inflammatory and anti-oxidant. >> reporter: dr. donald abrams chief of oncology at san francisco general hospital. >> so ironically studies have actually found that, you know, startle everybody when they hear this information in a people who chronically smoke marijuana may have a decreased risk of developing lung cancer compared to people who don't smoke at all. >> reporter: abrams, who has worked on several studies on the effects of cannabinoids in the body says ingesting burned materials through the lungs is probably never beneficial no matter what you're smoking but technology is changing. patients can now inhale thc, the chemical compound in marijuana, without many of the harmful effects of smoke by using a special vaporizer. a technique that he believes may make the therapy more mainstream. >> so instead of inhaling burnt plant product, you're
6:27 pm
vaporizing the active ingredients and inhaling a vapor which is much cooler and exposes you to much less carbon monoxide. >> reporter: go to, click on the icon to send me your good question. as you well know, california is $28 billion in debt. but that is not stopping one lawmaker from asking for more money. why the assemblyman says california owes him millions of dollars in back pay. san francisco's bid for the america's cup hitting some rough sailing lately. what the latest plan will cost and where the competition goes from here. i'm len ramirez in san jose, where the error of the single -- era of the single use plastic bag is coming to an end. just ahead find out why san jose's ordinance is being called one of the toughest anywhere. ,,,, [ female announcer ] safeway talks gift ideas.
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but as mike luery shows us, that hasn't stopped one state lawmak california is $28 billion in debt. but as mike luery shows us, that hasn't stopped one state lawmaker from filing a claim for millions of dollars in back pay. >> state your name. >> reporter: new lawmakers are now facing a new controversy at
6:31 pm
the capital. one politician has filed this official damage claim against the state in protest over a legislative pay cut. if he is successful, assemblyman gilbert sedillo a democrat from los angeles could cost taxpayers an estimated $2.5 million in back pay at a time when california is $28 billion in the hole. i asked the assemblyman why he is doing this now. >> because it's very important that as we make these difficult decisions, that we're not leveraged that we're not blackmailed. >> reporter: is it really blackmail for politicians to take a cut in compensation? an independent citizens commission trimmed their salaries by 18%. legislators now make $95,000 a year plus another $141 a day in expenses for long distance lawmakers. that adds up to another $29,000 a year tax-free. and california is the only state that provides automobiles to all lawmakers for unlimited
6:32 pm
use at subsidized rates plus a gas card, another $5 million perk. so the protest over the pay cut doesn't sit well over the government watchdog groups like common cause. >> it strikes me as tone deaf. people in california are hurting. we have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. >> some people would say fighting paycuts at this time when california has record unemployment shows sort of a political tone deaf for the legislature. >> reporter: we want to make decision unencumbered. >> reporter: sedillo filed his claim against the california citizens compensation commission something voters approved 18 years ago. the politicians couldn't set their own salaries. >> and so you're going forward even though this is an independent commission that was voted in by the voters? >> yes. precisely because we want them to comply with the will of the voters. >> reporter: but 80% of
6:33 pm
california voters disapprove of the legislature's performance in the latest field poll. and visitors we spoke to at the capital told us this claim for back wages probably won't help. >> they are trying to get it restored? >> yes. >> i think not. [ laughter ] >> reporter: what troubles you most about that? >> i think that they already make enough. >> reporter: for some lawmakers, the protest over back pay is an unnecessary distraction. >> an independent commission set the -- they made the determination a year ago that we would have our salary and healthcare benefits cut by 18%. i think that we should live with that. >> reporter: the assemblyman's protest over paycuts goes before an official government claims board on january 20th. in sacramento, mike luery, cbs 5. just about an hour ago, the san jose city council passed an ordinance that makes the city the largest in california with a ban on plastic bags. several bay area communities have similar bans but len ramirez reports, this goes a step further.
6:34 pm
reporter: you see them on the highways and byways and blowing in the wind. plastic bags are everywhere and they have become a real monster. >> i am made up of 500 plastic bags. and that's the number that the average californian uses in one year. >> reporter: san jose activist lisa bickford donned the bag monsters costume to make a point at city hall. >> i'm going to be here long after most everybody that's here today is gone anyway because i live 1,000 years. >> reporter: she is a supporter of san jose's tougher new law that would ban all plastic bags at grocery stores. >> what we saw in san francisco when they originally passed their ordinance was they banned plastic bags, people shifted to paper. and we know there are significant environmental impacts with the use of single- use paper bags, water use, trees obviously. and so we wanted to especially sure that we were moving from a single bag world to a reusable world, one that's much more sustainable. >> reporter: paper shopping
6:35 pm
bags will still be available but the new law allows stores to add a 10-cent per bag fee to the shopper's bill, eventually the fee going up to 25 cents. >> we have seen in other place that a small charge can really discourage people from buying those bags and it's all about teaching people to get in the habit of using reusable bags. >> reporter: the ordinance is opposed by the plastic bag industry and individuals who say that the council is melding too much in the marketplace. >> it should be my right to decide whether i use a plastic bag or not. that should be my choice! not -- that should not be forced on me by this city council! >> reporter: but backers say action is needed now because of the negative impact bags have on the environment. san jose's law would be the toughest of any big city in california and if successful, could be spread to other neighboring communities. in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. san francisco's supervisors apparently heard the warning loud and clear. if they didn't act by friday,
6:36 pm
the city was going to lose its bid to host the next america's cup. linda yee explains the deal supervisors approved this afternoon. linda. >> reporter: they did approve that deal unanimously, allen, but just like this weather, san francisco's chances of being a host city for the america's cup looked a little dreary because they made some changes to the bid and that change was done in order to save some money. they did negotiate up to the last minute so the question tonight is: did san francisco save its front-runner position? it's a billion-dollar view. who could refuse the sight of the next america's cup's sailing race? san francisco's bid was close to sinking after the city altered it taking awe pier 50 and the china basin in a development deal and instead offering pipes 30 and 32 along the embarcadero, piers 30 and2. the racing team said it wasn't
6:37 pm
happy and is entertaining bids from rhode island and italy. >> i wasn't happy but we continue to negotiate and i'm hopeful a deal has been truck. i think they wanted more satisfaction that they are getting the ability to get as much as they gave. so if they are going to put $80 million into pier restoration they wanted to get $80 million in economic benefit. and so language was struck that i believe can give them that kind of quality. >> reporter: city leaders are counting on deal. the bay area's big sailing community hopes it's enough. >> i feel like it's constantly been ours to lose,ly that think, you know, with politics it's complicated. >> i have sailed in different places in the world and followed the america's cup to. that i it could come here, i'm confident it can. >> reporter: you think the other side will embrace this bid? >> i hope so. >> reporter: the oracle racing team will decide in three weeks
6:38 pm
where the 2013 america's cup will be held. will they pick san francisco? >> i'm very hopeful that they will. >> reporter: you're hopeful but will they? >> i think they will because i think san francisco -- the good lord built the best stadium you could ever have to host an america's cup. >> reporter: he does have that right. but besides getting all those piers along the embarcadero fixed, they expect that the america's cup event here would generate $1.4 billion. >> wow. a lot of interest. it would be spectacular. linda yee thanks. some bad news though for the bay area workforce. today, yahoo handed outlayoff notices to 600 employees. the silicon valley giant is trying to cut costs as revenue has risen less than 2% this year. cuts were made mainly to the u.s. product group, which focuses on online advertising. this is the company's fourth round of layoffs in the past three years. all right. do you think american politics
6:39 pm
are messy? take a look at this. what sparked a wild day of violence on the streets of rome and even some scuffling inside the lower house of parliament. and the project that is long overdue, picking up speed tonight. what workers are aiming for after this massive delivery from china. a gay rights group blast the world cup soccer president. i'm dennis o'donnell. you will not believe why. and they call him godzilla. today's monster news conference proved it, coming up. area soldier has been killed in action in afghanistan. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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afghanistan. another bay area soldier has been killed in action in afghanistan. army specialist derek simon net that was in the bay area just two months ago celebrating his
6:42 pm
21st birthday. his family says that he had misgivings about returning to the war front. he was one of six american soldiers killed sunday in a suicide bombing in kandahar. he leaves behind a wife of two years. bail was granted but the founder of wikileaks will likely have to spend at least another 4 hours behind bars. a british judge granted bail to julian assange today. but he will have to remain in jail while swedish prosecutors appeal the ruling. assange has been in a london prison for a week. he is fighting extradition to sweden where he is wanted on sexual assault charges. support is being shown here in the bay area for the man believed to be behind the wikileaks information. tonight the berkeley city council will consider a resolution that would declare army private first class bradley manning a hero. he's accused of providing classified military documents to the wikileaks website. the 22-year-old soldier is being held in a military jail in virginia. it was another wild and
6:43 pm
unruly scene in europe today. once again, thanks to a mob of angry students. it's last week, students protesting tuition hikes attacked the car in which prince charles and his wife were riding. the window was partially open and one protestor actually poked camilla with a stick. and in rome today, riot police fired tear gas to disperse protestors, angry that prime minister sylvio perilous sconnie is still in power -- berlusconi is still in power. facing scandals, he narrowly survived a confidence vote in parliamentment. voting was delayed as politician came to blows. outside protestors set cars on fire, smashed windows and attacked police. dozens were injured. it's our live cbs 5 weather camera. we have light rainfall around the city of san francisco. some areas are clearing. some have fog. but wait until you see how much rain to expect this weekend. we have totaled it up.
6:44 pm
we have details when we come back. ,, ♪
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llion pounds of stee an early christmas present for bay bridge commuters was unwrapped today. crews are unloading 4 million pounds of steel today that arrived from china yesterday. drivers should see the work, which is going around th clock to see the third tower up by christmas. unless you have been in the north bay, you have had a horrible evening commute. this is our camera looking towards the transamerica building where we have light rainfall there, as well. let's call in the live high-def doppler radar. this is the back end of the front as it continues to slice in a southerly direction. a little bit more precipitation on the back side of it, as well. a lot of unstable air mass. meanwhile you see the light to moderate rainfall there throughout the tri-valley heading over the sunol grade towards the santa clara valley. we also have some moderate
6:48 pm
precipitation falling. peninsula, it's been raining there all evening. we have an hour delay on sfo on arrivals and departures. you have there the rainfall in san francisco backing all the way through ocean beach. let's tally up some of the numbers. so far over an inch of rain has fallen along the coast in half moon bay. sonoma approaching an inch. castro valley approaching a half inch. and to the south across the santa clara valley, a healthy hefty over three-tenths of an inch of precipitation. this is an area of low pressure that continues to sag in a southerly direction spreading some snow in the high sierra, as well. out and about this evening, carry that umbrella with the temperatures going down into the 50s. look at this. it's almost like a training effect. this is obviously the jet stream guiding storms along a particular path. after the departedture of this storm it's kicking open the door foia series of storms that are stacked up like planes at sfo. they are going to affect our weather from friday through tuesday. so watch this pinpoint
6:49 pm
forecast. there is your friday. and notice everybody's thick in the rain all day long. so the bottom line, once the rain ends tonight, friday a heavier rainmaker moves into the bay area with extremely gusty winds. by tuesday, we are going to be in and out of the rain up to 10" of rain expected in the santa cruz mountains. that's right. 5 to 10 inches, two to five inches across the bay area. partly cloudy wednesday. dry day. temperatures in the 50s. outside numbers around the low 60s. otherwise, there you do have the extended forecast two dry days then on friday, that's when the big storm comes in. a series of storms is wrapped around it. it will continue to affect our weather through tuesday. so you won't see a sunset for quite some time. so we share this one with you. send us your photographers to
6:50 pm nathan joins us tonight from visa with susan, and you have a very special presentation. by the way, welcome. >> thank you. >> was your commute in very bad? >> no, it was only a few blocks away. >> that wasn't bad! [ laughter ] >> so tell me what do you have here besides this big giant check? >> visa is headquartered in san francisco even though we're a global company. when we do our charitable contribution we focus on financial literacy and empowerment as well as humanitarian aid. in a community like ours people should not go hungry and visa is supporting the san francisco food bank for $50,000. >> how much was that? >> $50,000. >> whoo! >> wow! $50,000 to the san francisco food bank. >> and the san francisco food bank is truly great to feel visa for this very generous gift. >> it's a generous gift and you can keep on giving at gang, take it away but wow, $50,000! >> thank you.
6:51 pm
>> that's great stuff. thank you. the as had a little more to give their slugger. the as show off their new big guy. i'm dennis o'donnell. trouble in niner land just two days before the biggest game of the season. next. [ female announcer ] safeway talks the main course. wow. i love the way she plated that roast.
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a's signed hideki matsui to a 1-year, $4.25 million dollar contract. over 100 media members, mostly japanese, packed the as signed hideki matsui to a one-year $4.2 million contract. over 100 media members mostly japanese packed the news conference room in oakland. >> our interest goes back but the ability to sign him jumped this year. >> reporter: it was win. most attended news conference in years. the cameras were lined wall to warm up. almost every seat was taken to see a japanese legend talk about becoming an oakland athletics. [ foreign language ] >> whether the green looks good on me or not, i'll leave that to everybody's decision. [ laughter ] >> reporter: despite eight years in the major leagues, matsui still uses a translator. but his play speaks for itself. >> that was smoked to right field and it is gone. grand slam hideki matsui.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: matsui hit a grand slam on his birthday against the oakland as. the number 55 was given to him in honor of a japanese legend who hit 55 home runs in one season. after 10 years in japan, the three-time mvp signed with the new york yankees and brought the nickname godzilla with him. ♪ [ music ] >> where is the series mvp? is he here? ♪ [ music ] [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: matsui left for anaheim where he hit 21 home runs last year. but when he returned to yankee stadium, fans witnessed a heartwarming moment when he was swarmed by his former players upon receiving his world series ring. a gesture indicative of the player he was and the one as fans hope he can still be. >> if i knew it was going to be like this i would have signed you a long time ago, hideki.
6:56 pm
guess who is cheering for the 49ers this week against the chargers. the raiders, who could use the little help with their sagging play-off hopes. our cameras caught disconcerting shots in the locker room today both patrick willis and spikes, the top two didn't practice. spikes was limited. they are both wearing casts. willis played a small small club cast during his rookie season. both hope to play thursday. homosexual behavior is illegal in qatar which hosts the 2022 world cup. today a gay rights group is demanding an apologies. >> gay football fans homosexual football fans -- [ laughter ] >> -- who would like to go to qatar in 2022 but are too afraid because homosexuality is banned in that country. [ pause ]
6:57 pm
>> take another one there. then i would say then that they should refrain from any sexual activities. [ laughter ] >> well, the gay rights group responded, quote, this is not a joke. this is a matter of life and death to people. qatar and more than 70 other countries in the world still criminalize individuals for homosexual activity. some countries punish them by death. it's disappointing to see that an organization that's promoting the game which in its statutes condemning discrimination of any kind is coming out with comments like this. >> hasn't the fifa president stepped in it before? >> yes, he has. this is not the first time he has made comments like this. >> see you at 10:00 and 11:00. for itchy dry skin. try cortizone 10 intensive healing. the strongest itch relief medicine now has three vitamins and seven moisturizers. feel the heal.
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