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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 15, 2010 1:35am-2:10am PST

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and hygienists use... oral-b. none of his victims was hurt. but a gunman opens fire in a school board meeting. you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. none of his victims were hurt but gunman opened fire in a school board meeting and it is all caught on tape. the unlikely item one woman used to try to stop him. what recession? luxury items flying off bay area store shelves. think your pets are safe inside your home? the four-legged predators using doggy doors to get inside. >> i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. incredible video of a school board meeting. check this out. a gunman holds the board hostage. one board member tries to stop him using her purse.
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later the gunman opened fire but none of the board members were hit. this happened in panama city, florida. >> i don't want anybody to get hurt. >> reporter: the superintendent of schools pleads with a man who pulls out a gun at his school board meeting but the man identified by police as clay duke refuses to back down. >> please don't. please don't. please. >> reporter: he doesn't hit anyone. but he keeps shooting exchanging fire with the district security chief before turning the gun on himself. >> on the ground. on the ground. >> reporter: by the time s.w.a.t. team officers entered the room the gunman was lying on the floor. no one else was hurt. a television reporter inside the room covering the meeting ran to safety. but kept her camera rolling. she described what happened before the shooting. >> i saw him come out, spray paint a big circle with a line or v through it. it wasn't nice. then he said i have a motion
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for you and pulled out his gun and when he pulled out his gun that's when i hit the floor. i ducked. >> reporter: after the reporter left the room school board member ginger littleton attacked the gunman with her purse. littleton says duke had a clear shot but left her alone. state records show the 56-year- old served four years in prison from 2000 to 2004 for aggravated stalking and other charges. he told the board his wife was fired from the district but didn't say what job she held district officials are calling the security chief a hero for stopping the shooting. cbc news. >> amazing stuff. a gun battle at a sacramento strip mall killed an innocent bystander. two men were inside a barber shop when two other men came in and started shooting. the men in the barber shop were armed and returned fire. the gun battle moved into the parking lot. and that's when a mother
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putting her 2-year-old son into an suv was caught in the cross fire shot in the chest. she died. five other people were wounded. >> the founder of wiki leaks will stay in jail for at least two more days. supporters were crowded outside the london courthouse as a police van with heavily tinned windows transforred julian assange to the hearing today. a judge said he could be released on bail but swedish prosecutors challenged the decision. they want him extradited so they can question him about allegations of unlawful sex practices with wikileaks volunteers. tabling a vote on whether to call a soldier accused of revealing classified information a hero. the council took public comment on the symbolic resolution tonight. bradley manning is accused of giving wikileak a quarter
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million embassy cables. a member of the city's volunteer peace and justice commission wrote the resolution. >> whistle blowers need to be respected and protected. >> never theless he is a traitor and he went against his -- whatever he signed to join the military. he violated his word. >> i would urge the council to vote no against this foolish resolution. the right to privacy is essential in our country and essential to diplomacy. >> we need to have information if we don't want to go towards a closed government. >> 90 minutes ago the council wants to wait and see what happens with manning's trial. if convicted of all charges manning faces 52 years in prison. a bay area soldier has been killed in action in
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afghanistan. army specialist derek simaneta was back home two months ago celebrating his 21st birthday. he had some misgivings about returning to the war front. he was one of six american soldiers killed on sunday. a man accused of kidnapping a 12-year-old girl from virginia and bringing her to the bay area will not fight extradition. jeffrey easley appeared in court today and will be sent back to virginia to face charges. he was captured friday after a woman spotted him and the 12- year-old girl panhandling outside of a san francisco safeway. easley is also a suspect in the murder of the girl's mother. the 12-year-old girl is back with relatives. racoons on a rampage in alameda. a woman and two dogs are among those injured. in more than half a dozen attacks since june. the mercury news is reporting that the latest attack happened at a home on liberty avenue near high street. police say up to four racoons got into a home through the doggy door then lashed out at a
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lab and chihuahua that lived there. people in the neighborhood say they have seen a steady increase in racoons over the past four or five years. >> we get them in the backyards. almost every night. sometimes we will see them on the driveway, our front yard. and they are getting braver and braver all the time. >> a woman said she was bit on the leg as she walked her dog. feds released their report in the san bruno explosion and at least one part of it does not match pg&e's records. the national transportation safety board investigators found a patchwork of seams on the pipe that exploded. the utility has long claimed that the pipe was seamless. on the other hand investigators did not find any outside corrosion, dents or leaks. hundreds of people at yahoo will be without a job through the holidays. the company handed out layoff
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notices to 600 employees which is about 4% of its workforce. this is the fourth round of layoffs in three years. yahoo's ceo has promised to increase the company's profit marginin yet revenue has only raisen 2% -- risen 2% this year. starting in 2012, store customers will have to bring their own reusable bags or pay for paper ones. recession. what recession? if you go to some of the luxury stores in the bay area this holiday season you will see people spending like the recession never happened. there will be a lot of high end ho ho hos over the tree this year. >> reporter: not to grandmother's house we go but to tiffanies. >> i take it you have been pleased with tiffany's. >> reporter: yes, i have.
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that's where they may be too bashful to show their purchase on camera but if you are friends of the family expect gifts in tiffany blue. >> for my husband's work managers. >> reporter: this isn't a christmas story of decadence it is a sign of the times. >> reporter: people falling into depressions meaning the red souls in the pristine windows. luxury spending is coming back. >> we can afford to live like we used to. >> reporter: neiman marcus and others saw spikes in sales of 45%. robin just spent $600 on a luis wallet. >> how often do you go to
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neiman marcus? >> luiv or neiman marcus? >> both. >> pretty often. when it is gift giving time. >> get this, high end retailers expect to jump 7% over last christmas. why? >> with the higher retail stores they will pretend they are lowering prices but they actually boost their prices up and then give you the cut. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: so, yes, virginia, there is a santa claus, only he has deep pockets. robert lyles, cbs5. plenty of movies out there about it but what does it really take to rip off a casino? how one person stole more than $1 million. see a price you like but not ready to commit? the new option for travelers who find an air fare they like but aren't ready to buy. mcdonald's not too happy about san francisco's ban on
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happy meals. how the golden archer is firing back. today's rain soaker is now moving due east and sagging to the south as well making way for yet another store. we will pinpoint when you should expect it as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs5. ♪
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♪ you can find your feet and you can find your way ♪ ♪ you can find yourself in bed at the end of the day ♪ ♪ you can find some fun on a tropical isthmus ♪ ♪but you'll never find my... ♪ you can find it in your heart to be patient with me ♪ ♪ you can find a new star for the top of the tree ♪ ♪ i don't mean to be coy and i don't mean to be vicious ♪ ♪ but you'll never find my christmas ♪ thief made off with more than one-and-a-half million dollars in chips from a las vega it wasn't exactly like oceans eleven but an armed thief made off with more than
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1.5 million in chips from a las vegas casino. he was driving a motorcycle and wearing a motorcycle helmet. he walked inside with a gun, robbed the craps table and fled. he got away despite the camera was trained on him. >> they have some safeguards in place that make that not impossible but makes it extremely difficult. i'm not going to go into -- i don't want to compromise any of the security measures they have in place, but that could prove to be difficultment. >> investigators think the same man pulled a similar robbery last week at another vegas casino. top man at mcdonald's is taking aim at san francisco. over that recent law that forbids restaurants from including toys with meals that are high in fat and calories. mcdonald's ceo jim skinner told the financial times that the new rule "really takes personal choice away from families who
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are more than capable of making their own decisions." skin, said "food police blame mcdonald's for contributing to the obesity epidemic but it is important to promote healthy eating habits for our children. >> this will help create healthier options. >> the law prevents soy prevents toys in meal and goes into effect december of next year. if you like to shop around around compare fares before you book a flight, continental airlines allows you to lock in a ticket price for a week for a price. you can lock in a fare for 72 hours or a week all without a commitment to buy that ticket. the fees start at $5 and vary depending on the itinerary and other factors. weather though, it is free. we are going to get that in a
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second. not just virtual stuff for farmville or mafia wars. now you can buy clothes and appliances on facebook too. jc penney set up shop on the social media shop. this way the chain can ask users for a look at their personal facebook information giving the company a leg up on marketing. and for consumers, getting customer feedback is as easy as writing a wall post. whatever that is. >> could get kim that sweater for christmas. >> regift it to someone, roberta. >> that means you would have to have a friend, dana. >> hey. >> getting rough around here. cbs5 camera looking out towards lake merit. 55 degrees in oakland. high temperature. 61 degrees in fremont. over an inch of rain in half moon bay. we still have a little bit of leftover precipitation according to our doppler radar.
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pretty moderate cell right there to the east. 6:80. eastern portion of our district otherwise we swing across the bay towards our peninsula. light rain drops on the rooftops in redwood city as well. notable numbers. we did see almost an inch in napa. sunnyvale a healthy number. to the mid and high 40s across the central bay. a pair of fours through willowglen. tomorrow's commute on the cooler side. will have the clouds until it becomes partly cloudy. a soaker of a rainstorm that moved in today. a cold front. it is now opening the door for a series of storms that are stacked up over the pacific ocean. once this one passes it makes way for this. friday look at the morning commute and everybody is wet.
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and it looks like some pretty heavy rainfall. also associated with this, some very gusty winds. i would not be surprised to see any kind of watches or warnings as far as wind is concerned up on friday. now, when the rain does begin on friday we will be in and out of the rain all the way through tuesday which means 5 to 10 inches of rain in throughout the santa cruz mountains. 2 to 5 inches of rain over a five-day spread in throughout the general san francisco bay area. i wanted to give you some lead time to make some plays. sierra forecast. still have the winter weather advisory in effect for wednesday otherwise it is going to snow on friday through the weekend. and i'm talking real heavy snow because this next system coming in is out of the gulf of alaska tapping into some tropical moisture. all right, partly cloudy skies. one day at a time. into the 50s across the board from the coast or inland areas north west. not seeing highs again into the 60s until about sunday. but again, a series of storms stacked up from friday through
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the weekend with very little breaks in the activity. and winter officially arrives on tuesday. but it is not going to feel like it. it will feel more like wintertime on friday. with the wet weather pattern. so you know what, we are thought going to see one of these for quite some time so i thought i would share it with you tonight. >> thank you. >> a sunset. david fehr took this photo for us. thank you, sir. we want to remind you, keep your photos coming right here. >> we will get it in and get it out before christmas. so santa can land and drop off the toys. >> that would be the plan but if you have any christmas declarations on your lawn i would make sure they are tied down we don't want to see rudolph rolling down the driveway because it is going to get very windy. >> we will be right back with tonight's good question.
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there are a lot of people in the bay area on fixed incomes that can't go out and buy a walker or wheelchair. ering wants to know is there any where you can go to donate or purchase used medical equipment. that is tonight's good question. it is thursday afternoon. a busy time at this distribution site in oakland. >> bed rails. commodes. >> reporter: it doesn't seem like much but for someone on a fixed income medical supplies can be a huge expense. >> medical equipment is expensive. they cost 2, $300.
2:01 am
>> reporter: susan murphy and volunteers at the four bay area locations will take your gently used medical equipment and recycle it, make sure that it gets to someone who could use it. >> people have walkers, commodes and shower seats because lots of people get hip an knee replacements and they get those things quick easy. >> reporter: too often when the person recovers or passes away this stuff ends up in the land fill. >> we need wheelchairs and four-wheeled walkers with the seats and brakes. >> reporter: you can connect with home cares by e-mail at go to and click on the icon to send me your good question. warriors could probably use one of those walkers because they have fallen and can't get up. i'm dennis o'donnell. as news conference,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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why did you say that about the warriors in walkers. >> last time they won against the timber wolves. they are coming back. what's the best way to end a seven-game losing streak? you invite the minnesota timber wolves and their 1-12 road record to town. warriors down 15 before the alarm goes off. his name was monte. golden state battled back.
2:05 am
three seconds left in the half. machineonte money and warriors take the lead into the locker room. new kid on the block. a.c. law. nice performance. then the d leaguer. off the field. watch reggie williams burning down the house for two of his 26. okay, now you can laugh. losing streak is over. funny now. 108-99. i'm going on record. randy bennett will have 200 wins before this season is out. hosting uc riverside. gaels up three early. you know who is making noise? rob jones. career high 24 tonight. 11 rebounds. third double-double. mickie mckonnel. career high 23. gaels easy over the islanders. they are 8-. if he can draw in
2:06 am
the fans like he can the media they better rip off the tarps. >> i would have signed a long time ago if i would have known this. >> amazed at the huge media turn out to greet godzilla. he gets a one-year deal worth 4.25 million. disconserting shot in the locker room today. both niner linebackers wearing caps on there's hands. willis did not practice today. spikes limited. both hope to play on thursday against san diego. don't look for any interceptions. >> of course, we came at the wrong time. >> it is never easy if you don't have both your hands. that's something that this game is about. you've got to be able to use your hands but sometimes you've got to make do with what you've got. >> right through the hands. and then intercepted. spikes with his third
2:07 am
interception of the year. >> might break the interception streak. that's one of the things you worry about. that means i've got to focus on snagging it with one hand, the left hand now. >> and i have in my hand -- what's tonight? i have the top five in my hand. haven't seen a rejection like this since my senior prom. huge victory over tennessee. number 4, some people think he should be traded for a big man. i've got to say there are few that can do stuff like that. number 3, andre iguodala doing a little doctoring right here. 76ers beat the nets. started at 10:00 p.m. and finished at midnight. bob cats beat the raptors. number 1. golden grove. best impersonation. garden grove led 30-29 and won. southern section final over beckman.
2:08 am
two northern california teams going for a state championship this week. palo alto and, of course, de lasalle. >> very cool. >> good for them. good for spartans and palo alto. and former quarterback of the 49ers his son is the quarterback for that team. >> really? >> yes. >> yes, you did that stor,,,,,,
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