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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  December 15, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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bay . workers your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. a big push to get a major piece of the bay bridge
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installed. workers will be on the job around the clock hoisting huge section of the tower. this is video that we just got in from a boat tour given to the media allowing us to get underneath the bridge there. caltrans says this is the last time that we're going to see daylight between the bridge decks as the work goes forward. and the weather is clear right now, but sharon chin joins us. engineers have their eyes on this big storm coming in over the weekend. sharon. >> reporter: yes. they are going to have to take that into consideration. now, work today started at 4 a.m. and in the eight hours since crews have lifted that white pillar to the left from lying on the barge to its current hanging position. by tomorrow it's expected to be in the third section of the new bay bridge tower. before dawn, construction crews began round the clockwork on the third of five sections of the new bay bridge signature tower. the section of the tower under construction is made up of four steel legs, strand jacks are
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holing up the parts, lifting them 40 stories above the bay is tedious. the steel pieces which arrived monday were set to be lifted into place thursday but the work was pushed up a day because of weather concerns. >> oh, goal is to be done by christmas eve so the crews can go home and enjoy the holiday. we have estimated that each lift should take 30 hours. so if we can go 30 hours, 30 hours, 30 hours, we could potentially be done by sunday but we also know we have some weather that we are going to be incurring. safety will be a priority on this. wind is a big challenge. >> reporter: when it's in place the third section will bring the tower to 374 feet. that's three-quarters of the tower's final height of 525 feet. taller than the coit tower or tribune tower. drivers going across the bay bridge will be tempted to watch the work but caltrans urges motorist not to be distracted. caltrans hopes to have the last
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two sections of the tower in place by february and the entire new bay bridge all complete by late 2013. that's 24 years after loma prieta. >> thank you, sharon chin. as a second person has died after a violent shootout at a sacramento strip mall that killed an innocent bystander. police say a gun battle broke out between four men inside a barbershop, then spilled out into the parking lot where a mother was putting her 2-year- old son into his car seat. 30-year-old monique nelson was caught in the crossfire. she died from a gunshot wound to the chest. the child was not hurt. one of the six people wounded died and police made one arrest. a school board meeting in florida ends in gunfire. this happened in panama city in the panhandle. an armed man began complaining to the board that his wife had lost her teaching job. manuel gallegus on what happened next and a warnings, you might find the video disturbing. >> i don't want anybody to get
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hurt... >> reporter: bill, the superintendent of schools in panama city, florida, pleaded with the man who pulled out a gun during a school board meeting. but the man clay duke refused to back down. what happens next is disturbing to watch. >> please don't. please don't. please. [ gunshot [ . >> reporter: despite shooting at point-blank rage, duke missed his targets completely >> he was going to do this. there was nothing we could have done to stop him. >> reporter: the 56-year-old kept shooting until a security guard wounded him. the suspect then turned the gun on himself. before he opened fire, duke let most people leave. ginger littleton a board member snuck back in and used her purse to try to knock the gun from duke's hand. it didn't work. >> these guys were sitting ducks. they were lined up like pigeons on a wire. and i couldn't leave them without trying to at least divert or somehow or other defuse the situation. >> reporter: duke pointed the gun at littleton but didn't fire. >> anybody else injured? >> no! >> reporter: by the time s.w.a.t.
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team officers entered the room, it was over. no one else was hurt. >> it was a tragedy. we're very blessed to be alive and thankful. >> reporter: immediately after the shooting, the superintendent called out that duke had a cap gun but police confirmed it was a real gun with live ammunition. manuel gallegus, cbs news. the future is uncertain for some schools in the east bay. last night, parents protested at a meeting at the mount diablo unified school board. that district is considering closing a middle school and two elementary schools to save $1.5 million. >> that our school is even on that list is upsetting to us because i was on the waiting list for three years for my daughter to get into this school. and it was a choice that i really wanted. i really wanted her in this school. >> some of the factors that will go into deciding which, if any, of those schools will close, test scores, operational costs and expansion opportunities. in walnut creek, the contra costa county supervisors
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decided to remove one fire company from station 1 in downtown walnut creek. there are two companies there now. a recent study concluded the move would have almost no effect on response times. checking other bay area headlines, starting today, the ez-rider card is out, the clipper card is n transit riders must use the new system or pay cash. the ez-rider card is being replacessed by the electronic clipper card. the cards are free but riders have to set up an account to load money on it. the berkeley city council has tabled a resolution calling the wikileaks whistle-blower a hero. army private bradley manning is jailed for supplying the website with hundreds of thousands of classified documents and cables. after an hour of public comment, the city council decided to wait and see if manning is in fact the man who leaked the documents. and san jose is now california's largest city to put a ban on those plastic bags. the city council passed the
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ordinance last night. starting in 2012, store customers will have to bring their own reusable bags or pay for paper. frugal fatigue seems to be setting in this holiday season. macy's and other mid level retailers are seeing an increase in luxury purchases up about 3% over last year. and the really high-end stores, the increase double that. shoppers say it's not decadence. it's just a sign of the times. >> we can afford to more or less live like we used to live. >> the economy is a compilation of people willing to share their earnings. i'm doing my part. >> in the past several stores have seen spikes in sales of 45%. times person of the year has a local connection. >> what neighborhood founder mark zuckerberg has to say about the honor. >> and miley cyrus caught in a compromising hidden video. how it illustrates a new
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concern about substance abuse among teenagers. we're squeezing out some sunshine but a storm system is moving this way bringing heavy rain and high wind to the bay area. i'll let you know when it will be rolling into town, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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founder mark zuckerberg. the 26-year old billionarie edged out wikileaks founder - julian time magazine's 2010 person. year facebook founder mark zuckerberg. the 26-year-old billionaire edged out julian assange and the tea party. mark sayre has reaction from facebook headquarters in palo alto. >> reporter: at just 26 years old, mark zuckerberg is the second youngest person ever to be named time's person of the year. time credits zuckerberg with changing the way we all lead
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our lives. in a video interview provided by "time," circumstanceberg says his vision for facebook was -- zuckerberg says his vision for facebook was simple. >> it allows people to stay connected who aren't necessarily seeing in person every day who aren't necessarily comfortable picking up the phone and calling each other or arranging time to hang out and go out for coffee. but there's a lot of people who you care about who you do want to see what's going on in their lives and you might want to send them a quick note and facebook makes that really easy. >> reporter: the "time" profile features photos of him at a local hangout and chronicles some of his little-known life acleaverment such as setting up a network in his family's home long before you could set up a network from a box. the news of the honor was well received. >> i think it's cool. i think he got a lot of bad press from the movie and i think he's doing the right thing. i like that he's donated a good portion of his income to help
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others. and i think it's great to put palo alto on the map. >> the guy's smart. the guy was in the right place at the right time. it just shows, if you have a dream, go for it. >> reporter: he released a statement from his office here in palo alto that says, being named as time person of the year is a real honor and recognition of how our little team is building something that hundreds of millions of people want to use to make the world more open and connected. i am happy to be part of that. >> reporter: in palo alto, i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. and by the way, the youngest time person of the year and the first person of the year was charles lindbergh. he was just 25 when he flew solo nonstop across the atlantic ocean. hundreds of high-tech workers are out of a job for the holidays. yesterday yahoo laid off 600 employees, about 4% of the workforce. and this is the fourth round of layoffs in three years. yahoo's ceo has promised to increase the company's profit margin, yet the revenue has only risen 2% this year.
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ever wanted to see a world series trophy up close? today's your lucky day. the giants world series trophy just arrived at san francisco city hall under heavy guard, protection. it's going to be there until 3 p.m. today. then after the holidays, the giants are taking the trophy on the road through northern california, oregon, nevada, from there to new york making stops at the hall of fame in cooperstown and why not go to
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the big apple and rub the yankees' nose it. >> i saw it during the parade. it was so exciting. hey, tracy, anybody getting outside today will see a little bit of sunshine. that's a nice change! >> especially after the rainfall we had yesterday. so here's a look at some of that sunshine we are enjoying today in the bay area. looking toward the bay bridge, we have some clouds out there. those clouds will not be a big part of today's forecast. but we will include them. so here's a look at what you can expect for the afternoon. sun and clouds and have you noticed ? it's a little chilly outside. yeah, temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s. we're calling it cool. for tonight, chilly conditions inland. take a look at the lows, 34 just above freezing to 40 degrees well inland. clouds and valley fog expected again. some fog around the bay as well as some fog along the coastline for overnight tonight. here's a look at those clouds that have been streaming through the bay area. that will continue to be the drill a mix of sun and clouds in the forecast today and tomorrow. so we're calling it a nice dry
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break because -- it's dry. but eventually, a low pressure off in the distance will give a whole lot of rainfall. heavy rainfall expected friday and windy. chance of rainfall in the forecast friday, saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. sierra forecast, a mix of sun and clouds expected today as well as tomorrow. and then friday right on cue, with the rainfall moving into the bay area, snow and windy conditions expected for the sierra. so here we go. let look at the five-day forecast. today plenty of sunshine expected. temperatures in the mid up toker 50s. rainfall friday, saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday. that's a look at your weather. back to you. >> thank you. the justice department sued bp and other companies today for the gulf oil "sports illustrated" you might remember more than 200 million gallons of oil spewed from the undersea well after a deadly explosion there in april. it is the largest offshore spill in u.s. history. the obama administration's
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lawsuit asks the companies be held liable for all removal costs and damages totaling billions of dollars. after millions of recalls and more than 30 deaths, the u.s. has now banned those drop side baby contribution. the consumer product safety commission voted unanimously to forbid the sale and manufacture of the cribs. they have been around for years but in the past decade at least 32 babies or toddlers have been strangled. starting next june, cribs there have to have fixed sides. marijuana not the only green leafy substance in the news these days. a california lawmaker is determined to outlaw a plant called salvia. dr. kim mulvihill reports it all began with a video of a disney star that has gone viral. reporter: you can see miley cyrus gracing the red carpet. now you can reportedly see her thanks to tmz all over the internet smoking a bong full of salvia.
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salvia is a plant that contains a potent chemical. at one point the hannah montana star giggles uncontrollably. it can cause intense hallucinations. >> a lot of people experience an out of body kind of experience. some people say that they meet other beings from another dimension. >> reporter: salvia is legal to sell to adults in california. but that doesn't mean it's safe to use. >> there's a lot that still needs to be studied with this particular herb. >> reporter: in a recent study, dr. cathy dennehy of ucsf found salvia was the number one ingredient sold online as an alternative to illegal drugs. the problem, kids may think since it comes from a plant, it's safe. >> as a youth, there's someone who is, you know, experimenting with drugs, it's not knowing how much is going to be the right amount four, how much is a safe amount. >> reporter: sool salvation army via depresses the central nervous system. >> we need to take a history our salvia. >> reporter: some kids may make the mistake of getting behind the wheel. >> you definitely don't feel like you're in your body for a
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few moments so being in a vehicle in your body would be a really, really bad idea. >> reporter: now with the role model like cyrus taking a hit for all kids to see, one california lawmaker wants to ban salvia in the state, accusing cyrus of setting a bad example. >> dr. dennehy is also concerned about people mixing salvia with other drugs or alcohol. the substances affect the central nervous system as she said, it can make people stop breathing. racoons are on a rampage in alameda where there have been more than half dozen attacks since june. the mercury news says a woman and two dogs were attacked inside a home on liberty avenue near high street. police say up to four racoons got in through a dog door. the neighborhood has seen a steady increase in the number of racoons over the past four or five years. >> we get them in the backyard, on a regular basis almost every night.
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sometimes we'll see them in the driveway, front yard. and they are getting more and more brave all the time. >> one woman says racoons approached and bit her leg last month as she walked her dog in washington park. imagine needing a blowdryer to get out of your own house. the family frozen in time in the midwest. just ahead. ,, [ female announcer ] safeway talks gift ideas. music makes a great gift. i like rock, hip-hop, country... and you are telling me this, why? i...uh...thought you might be my secret santa? no. i'm giving for skunk. uh, i can hear you. no. not you. the other skunk. [ female announcer ] safeway is the place to stock up on itunes gift cards. right now, save $6 on a $40 4-pack. keep 'em on hand. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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great for the holidays for the salad. smell these. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. we have been hearing about the deep freeze gripping the country but check this out. this is a house in kansas city! it's literally encased in ice. a water main broke and, of course, the subfreezing temperatures did the rest. so the house, trees even patio furniture all coated in an icy crust. so there is no way we can complain about the little bit of rain or little bit of damp cold we have around here. >> i don't think the mail is getting delivered there, either. i heard they tried to blow dry to get if the lock and then brought a blow torch in to try to melt it to get inside. >> oh, my gosh. live it when stories come from that part of the country and they hear us going it's cold and rainy. >> i'm a softie. i used to be hard core. >> that's when you were in new york. >> that is a long time ago. i'm acclimated to the bay area now. here's the seven-day forecast. you might need to get some rain
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boots or something. take a look, wednesday and thursday plenty of sunshine but after that a big storm system heads this way. it will bring heavy rainfall and high winds to the bay area and giving us a continued chance of rainfall friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday... >> people got to get out there and get some shopping done. >> just dress appropriately. >> thank you, tracy. >> enjoy your afternoon while the good weather lasts. >> our next newscast is at 5:00. see you later. caption colorado, l.l.c.
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