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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  December 15, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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tollbooth, a record of where and when is generated. today the metropolitan transportation commission which runs the fastrak program announced changes to its privacy policy but that still may not be enough to keep your whereabouts a secret. would you go as far as to say if out don't want people to know where you are, don't use fastrak? >> i would say that absolutely. >> reporter: attorney matt graham has subpoenaed fastrak records to help prove cases. >> a party who claims they were spending 80% of their time at home during the day and by getting ahold of that party's bridge records, we could prove that that person was traveling across the bridge in the morning and coming back 8 hours later in the evening five days a week. >> reporter: today the metropolitan transportation commission renewed its efforts to keep fastrak customer information private. joined of the terms of the new policy. >> under the terms of the new policy, once a customer closes his account, it will be
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eliminated after 4.5 years. >> reporter: the mtc only shares it with specific companies such as the one that runs the customer service center and the golden gate bridge district. do you sell the information? >> we do not, never have. >> reporter: you may not know your fastrak transponder plays a role in the travel time estimates you see on variable message boards on bay area freeways. receivers along the freeway pick up your transponder signal. >> it's entirely anonymous because the information is encrypted so we know that the same tag has gone from point a to point b but we don't know that it's my tag or we didn't know that it's your tag. >> reporter: how long is that information kept? >> that information is destroyed every day. >> reporter: still, what about this business of lawyers coming after your travel history with a subpoena? >> we are obliged to comply with that. >> the first time i did it i was shocked. i did it as a kind of a lark. when the documents all showed up in a nice envelope all dated and with the information, i was surprised. >> reporter: is it something to
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worry about, the fact that you can find out where i'm going? >> oh, i think absolutely. i would be pretty angry if i knew someone was finding out where i was. but you have to understand my role as an attorney is to do the best job i can for my client. >> reporter: the mtc points out the only place where there is a record generated of where you are is here at the toll plaza. when you're driving along the freeway, you are completely anonymous there. >> you are? all right, simon perez at the bay bridge toll plaza, thank you. there is a new push to answer questions about the shooting death of an oakland man at the hands of police coming from the department's top brass. phil matier reports from oakland where the chief explains why he is calling in the fbi. >> reporter: it's not the first time we had an officer involved shooting in oakland and there is tension in the community over it. that's one of the reasons why the chief decided to put his own department under investigation. here's the story. >> we carry guns and we have the right to take human life. and so we should be open to all
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questions by everyone. >> reporter: that was oakland police chief anthony batts explaining why he is calling in the fbi to conduct an independent investigation into the police shooting of derrick jones a 37-year-old father and parolee who was fatally shot by officers after running from police and then reportedly reaching for what police thought was a weapon in his waistband. it's a story, however, that the jones family attorney john burris and others are questioning. >> our view is that he didn't display a weapon or reach into his waistband. there are witnesses. >> i have no trust in police. >> reporter: it was oakland's fifth police shooting of the year and the third fatal one. it also comes after the shooting of oscar grant by bart police ahe lay detained face down at an oakland bart station. as with the oscar grant shooting protests followed quickly and even though there is an ongoing district attorney investigation into the shoot, chief batts decided to take the extra step of calling in the fbi. >> the primary reason is public
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trust. and when you have an officer- involved shooting in the community we need to be open and transparent. >> reporter: at least on this point the jones family agrees. >> wonderful, i mean, i was blown away. i think it's a good thing because i have no trust in the locals. >> i want people to know that this matters to us. all this matters to us. >> reporter: it's interesting to note that one person that didn't know about the investigation coming down the pike was the oakland police officers association chief, who heads the union here which represents the police in question. as a matter of fact, he didn't find out about the investigation until reporters began calling him. grace? >> live in oakland, phil matier, thank you. a police crackdown on robbery suspects has landed nine people in jail in berkeley. the arrest came over a period of several days but the crimes date back to november. at least five were armed
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robberies involving pedestrians north of university avenue. police haven't identified the suspects. >> your holiday "to do" list may be daunting but caltrans aims to raise 4 million pounds of steel into place by christmas eve. in all, five section of the eastern span suspension tower will be lifted 40 stories above san francisco bay and set into place by cranes. chopper 5 got these pictures of the first section being hoisted up there this afternoon. caltrans started the job a day early because of the stormy weather in the forecast for the weekend. >> it's all based really on weather. we have enough time to do it as long as we aren't pushed too hard by the weather. segments that make up the tower legs are barged out into place, then they are tipped up on top of those barges and lift almost like a rocket up in this case over 300 feet in the air and then set down on top of the previous lift very carefully and then there are steel slice
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plates on the inside of the tower leg and on the outside that are bolted together that sandwich it into place. we want the tower to be flexible in a large-scale earthquake so these towers are connected by an engineering innovation called sheer length beam that allows the legs to move independent in a big earthquake. the length beams are like fuses. they can bend and we can replace them. >> each section will take about 30 hours to complete if all goes well. when they're in place, the tower will stand 374 feet tall, about 70 persons of its whole height. the last group of tower sections is expected to arrive february of 2011. the entire eastern span of the bay bridge scheduled to be completed in late 2013. bart riders listen up. starting today, clipper cards could be the way to go. the ez-rider card is out. transit riders must now use this new system or pay cash. the electronic clipper card can be used on bart, caltrain, muni and other mass transit.
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the cards are free but riders have to set up an account in order to load money on it. >> companies big and small trying to save money about any way they can. how the latest strategy could have you getting a lot closer to your coworkers. >> and it is the world's best selling cancer drug. so why might it be revoked by the fda? ,,,,,,,,,,
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this holiday season, chevy's giving you more. like a 100,000 mile/5-year powertrain warranty.
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that's 40,000 miles more than ford. and now we're giving you our best offer of the year. 0% apr financing... plus $1,500 holiday allowance... plus no monthly payments until spring. on most chevy models. but hurry, because your chance to get our best offer of the season ends soon. see your local chevy dealer now. if could be becasue offices are shrininkg, big time. mike sugerman shows do you feel a little cramped at work? it could be because offices are shrinking big time. mike sugerman shows us some of the ways companies are downsizing their real estate. >> reporter: in the movie office space, peter gibbons did what he could to knock down the cubicle walls around him. he was a decade ahead of his time. >> one of the terms that it's
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coined as is hotel-ing. >> reporter: you probably wouldn't want to stay in this hotel but ann kramer's office is a perfect example. notice the cubicles? no, you don't. there aren't any. >> the companies have been downsizing not in terms of people but in terms of real estate and they are trying to just in an effort to lower the bottom line and be more efficient. >> reporter: with an open workplace like the one here at ergo works here in palo alto, people come and go. more people are working from home or say a coffee shop >> i was more used to a cubicle and later my own office with the door and the window. >> reporter: but those are becoming a scarce as staplers in modern offices and karen newman who works part time doesn't seem to mind. >> it's more fun to kind of -- you're working with everybody and helping if someone needs help, you can help right away as opposed to calling someone and leaving a message and two hours later getting the help you need. >> reporter: it takes less
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space, too. in the 1970s each american worker took up 600 square feet. now it's 200. we are taking our cues from japan. >> part of our concept was collaboration. but we are doing it not only for collaboration but also to cut back on the cost of real estate. >> reporter: the trend is coming a decade too late at this offers. >> what's happening? >> poor milton. >> apparently, mike was working on his cover sheet for his reports that's why we didn't hear from him but roberta, you have your little space down there right, your office space. >> i do have some office space. i have a wonderful office space here, called our cbs 5 weather center. i want to see who is sitting in that space next to you. can we do that? >> sure. we should introduce her. she is here from hawaii joins us from hawaii. >> aloha. >> did you bring us some weather? >> think roberta is going totals that, right? >> it's so funny because she is here and i'm going on vacation
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to hawaii. >> you are? >> welcome grace. it's such a pleasure to have you here. >> thank you very much. >> this is the live look of san francisco where today's high temperature topped off at 56 degrees. now, that's down from the average high of 58 degrees. in fact, it was a pretty seasonal day in the bay area now that yesterday's rainmaker moved out. our live high-def doppler radar does indicate we are dry. in fact, the clouds are now clearing and as they do so, temperatures are going down very quickly. if you are out and about this evening, look at the numbers right now into the 50s except right around oakland at 52 back in through alameda. otherwise, numbers going down to around the freezing point tonight in many of our inland locations. below or near freezing in various areas. mid-30s will be common in san
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jose through willow glen into cupertino and campbell. the peninsula chilly in the mid- 30s and low and mid-40s commons across the central bay. this is yesterday's disturbance. this has actually caused some rain anywhere from point conception all the way to easterly direction into the mojave desert. quickly behind it, high pressure is building in so we had partly cloudy conditions this afternoon. another dry day on tap for your thursday. then upstream, this is very interesting. this is an area of low pressure system from the gulf of alaska. it's going to tap into subtropical moisture. watch your friday morning commute. rain everywhere from the north bay through the central bay into the santa clara valley. we do get a little bit after break during the afternoon hours but they quickly fill back in to make a nasty evening commute and the winds increase after 7 p.m. on friday night. getting away this weekend friday winter storm watch goes into effect, the snow should begin to develop around the
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afternoon hours on friday all the way through saturday then turning to more of a sleet mix as the temperature is at 36 degrees. more snow on sunday. watch for the winter storm watch to be upgraded into a warning. now, tomorrow, across the board, temperatures into the 50s under 60 degrees under partly cloudy skies. winds flat but will inch crease on friday southeast at 25, increasing on friday, gusty at higher elevations. rain tomorrow through saturday. maybe a break by sunday afternoon for the raiders game. another storm sunday night through your monday into the first day, allen, of winter, which officially arrives on tuesday. we'll talk more about that later. >> thank you. a small group with millions of dollars is buying parcels of land in the east bay and what it plans to do with that land might surprise and please you.
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john ramos has the story. >> it happens on a very personal level. i want to see this land stay protected. >> reporter: for seth adams, this i home, he works with save mount diablo which buys land around the mountain and transfers it to the public for protection. business is booming like never before. >> in a normal year we might buy four parisles. i bought six in the last three months. >> reporter: as housing prices fall, the bust of the california real estate market is creating what may be remembered as the golden age of land conservation. >> i have properties that were selling for over a million dollars in 2005 that i'm picking up for under $100,000 right now. >> reporter: and they have the money, hundreds of millions of dollars from proposition ww passed in 2008 and a $40 million federal grant. a group meets regularly to decide how best to use the
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funds. >> it benefits the public for to us have access to money during this time when we can take advantage of the lower price. >> in the last 2.5 years, we have protected 1600 acres of this landscape right behind us here some of it at really bargain basement prices. >> reporter: new housing development has dried up and there is more land than ever available. >> conservation purchases are the only major thing happening out in the big vacant parcels and they are kind of setting the market. >> reporter: one stevens built his home in clayton 14 years ago just for this view. juan is always worried about the possibility of development down there. >> instead of looking at this you're seeing tractors moving land and dust and builders and stuff like that. so that would have been a huge switch. so this is much better. >> reporter: adams sees this as his legacy. and as he gazes out at the horizon, he is really looking out at the future. >> it's a tremendous thing to
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be part of and it takes very few people to accomplish it. and ultimately no one, you know, 100 years from now will know who did it but they will be really happy that we did. >> reporter: in clayton, john ramos, cbs 5. cancer patients caught between the fda and a $6 billion a year pharmaceutical giant. that's coming up in two minutes. ,, people! look at you! texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! it's time for new school banking, bubbie. interest plus savings at why earn bupkis, when your savings can earn three times the national average!!
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♪ [ male announcer ] now everyone can explore the world from home. at&t is making high speed internet more affordable than ever at only $14.95 a month. one-year price guarantee. on friday, the f-d-a is expected to take a rare step, and revoke its approval for breast cancer. dr. kim mulvihill joins us world's best selling cancer drug is under fire, avastin. on friday the fda will revoke its approval for breast cancer. dr. kim mulvihill reports. the stakes are huge?
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>> yes. >> reporter: on one side the drugs are effective and prolong life, on the other side genentech which pulled in billions. caught in between, sick patients. >> reporter: kay stevens of oakland is busy waging war with the fda. she is collecting signatures for an online petition. a petition aimed at stopping the fda from revoking the approval of a drug, the drug avastin. stevens is steamed. >> don't mess with my avastin. period. >> reporter: stevens has advanced breast cancer n2008, after other treatments failed, in 2008 her doctor prescribed avastin. it works by cutting off a tumor's blood supply. stevens says she is now tumor- free. >> i regard it as my sole lifeline and it is my sole lifeline. >> reporter: avastin was developed by bay area biotech giant genentech. it's approved to treat colon, kidney, lung and brain cancer. in 2008, the fda gave the drug
6:21 pm
accelerated approval to treat advanced breast cancer based on an early study but subsequent clinical trials found the drug only prolonged lives on average by no more than three months. >> it hasn't proven to be what it was promised to be at the beginning. >> reporter: kim irish is with a patient advocacy group headquartered in san francisco. her organization urges the fda to revoke approval. >> no scientific studies show avastin increases overall survival for women with breast cancer. it's also a very expensive drug. and in addition, there are some unpleasant side effects. >> reporter: if approval is revoked doctors can still prescribe it for breast cancer but insurance probably won't pay. an estimated $88,000 a year. stevens cannot afford it. >> if it's going to prolong a person's life by one day, by one month, if they can only get one treatment, if that gives them an opportunity to -- to
6:22 pm
see a baby born, or have just that much time with their family, then i think it's worth it because we are, uhm, citizens, as well. and i think we have to have the right to choose, the right to choose the drug. >> reporter: the fda approves drugs based on the average response the studies. for the majority, avastin didn't do much. we need to say the cost and the risks outweigh -- the benefits outweigh that. >> when you're extending the person's quality of life it's tremendous. what is the precedent for this type a move coming from the fda. >> reporter: interesting. of the 90 drugs with accelerated approval with the fda only one has been withdrawn, and that happened 10 years after. one other drug has been severely restricted. but out of 90, it would be a rare event but it still could happen and we expect to hear by
6:23 pm
friday. >> a lot of times this is a very last hope for cancer patients, right? >> reporter: that's the argument. we need to know which women really benefit from it. don't look at the whole group. let's just find the subgroup. >> okay, kim, thanks. what you don't think about until you need it. once you do need it you might not know where to look. eric montgomery wanted to know, is there a place where i can donate or purchase used medical equipment? ken bastida has tonight's "good question." >> reporter: it's thursday afternoon, a busy time at home care's distribution site in oakland. >> we have quad canes, we have bed rails. we have commodes as you can see stacked to the ceiling. more commodes than anyone could ever want. >> reporter: affordable commode or plastic urinal doesn't seem like much but for someone on a fixed income, medical supplies are expense. >> i medical equipment is
6:24 pm
phenomenally expensive. these wheelchair cushions cost $200 and $300. >> reporter: susan murphy and the volunteers at home care's four bay area location with take urgently used medical equipment and recycle it, make sure that it gets to someone who can use it. >> people have walkers, commodes and shower seats. lots of people get hip and knee replacements. and they get those things quick, easy, no problems. >> reporter: all too often when the person recovers or passes away, the stuff ends up in the landfill. >> what people always need and we don't have are wheelchairs. and those little four wheeled walkers with the seats and the brakes. >> reporter: you can connect with home cares by email at go to, click on the icon to send me your good question. i'm len ramirez in san jose. payday loans are they a quick financial fix or easy way to get into long-term debt? why the san jose city council is having a look.
6:25 pm
europe's riot du jour made in greece. this time a member of parliament found himself right in the middle of it. and a local basketball player overcomes injury on the court. why the dominican university senior cannot share that achievement with the people show loves most. ,,,,
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toughest anti- smoking policies in the country. yesterday santa clara county now has some of the toughest a smoking policies in the country. yesterday the board of supervisors unanimously approved an ordinance that requires tobacco retailers to pay a $425 yearly permit fee. the rule only applies to businesses in unincorporated areas of the county. new tobacco sellers also won't be allowed within 1,000 feet of schools. the changes take effect in 60 days. well, you probably see these commercials all the time. payday lenders that promise you cash today. but they can cost you a whole lot of money. now len ramirez shows us why san jose is taking a closer look at the business practices of some of these companies. >> reporter: no one is saying what the business is doing is illegal and the city isn't trying to shut down the existing businesses. but they don't want any new ones to come into san jose
6:29 pm
while they study new ways to regulate them. reporter: for some people who need cash quick, so-called payday loan businesses can seem like the only place to turn. it was for vladimir who was out of money and the landlord was knocking on the door. >> i just got a loan for $250 and i had to pay back almost $300. >> how can you possibly charge somebody 400% interest? >> reporter: mayor reed called it legalized loansharking in a city council committee hearing that's looking into cracking down on payday loan businesses in san jose. the issue is being pushed by a councilmember who says the loan business are preying on the poor in bad economic times. >> the way these places market themselves is that they are helping people get by. really, they are helping them dig a deeper hole. and that's the problem. they are not helping them at all. they are giving them longer ropes to hang themselves by and we have to make sure that we have some regulation in place that keeps them from allowing them to do this to people that otherwise don't any other
6:30 pm
options. >> reporter: he wants a temporary moratorium on new business permits for payday loan businesses while the city looks at new regulation including limits on how and where the businesses can establish in san jose, hours of operation, and more disclosure on the terms of the loans. no one at the loan office we visited today was available for comment but borrowers told us they are a temporary fix but a long-term trap. >> i kept paying once a month. -- i get paid once a month. the month is long. so by the third week of the month, you know, come up short with bills or -- so i went in and tried it. sure enough, it was so easy but i had to come up with it the next month so four years later i'm still there. >> it's kind of a circle that you keep going. you ask for a loan, and then when it comes to paying it back, then you have to reborrow. >> reporter: speaking of money problems, the city of san jose is so cash-strapped it is looking to a local nonprofit
6:31 pm
for funding to study this issue. they hope to have an ordinance before the city council sometime early next year. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. >> thank you. directv will have to pay millions of dollars for misleading customers. today jerry brown along with 48 other state attorneys general announced a $13 million settlement with the satellite television company. it follows an investigation that found that the company misled customers about prices and the kind of programming they could expect. the settlement requires that directv pay restitution to affected customers though it still is not clear how many people will get money. despite plenty of complaints on the right and left, the senate has passed president obama's tax compromise. the package will save americans thousands of dollars in taxes over the next two years. it also includes a reduction in social security taxes and an extension of jobless benefits. that bill now goes to the house for a vote.
6:32 pm
almost simultaneously, the house was voting to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" policy wigans gays from serving openly in the military. -- which bans gays from serving openly in the military. representatives voted to repeal the 1993 policy agreed to by president clinton. the measure now goes to the senate where it faces tough opposition. here's a big surprise. the majority of americans are not happy with congress. according to a new gallup poll released today, just 13% of americans approve of the way congress is doing business. that is the worst disapproval rating for lawmakers in more than 30 years. this is practically a nightly segment in this newscast so let's review. last week students protesting tuition hikes attacked a car in which prince charles and his wife were riding. the vintage rolls royce was damaged and camilla was poked with a stick. in rome yesterday, there were more student protestors. they were angry that prime minister sylvio berlusconi will
6:33 pm
remain in power while protestors outside set cars on fire, smashed windows and attacked police. politician came to blows inside parliament. and that brings us to today and to greece, where protestors and anarchists clashed with riot police. this started as a rally against government spending and service cuts. one member of parliament was beaten as he tried to take refuge in a nearby theater robbery. as you can see, his face was bloodied. there was also a 24-hour general strike which paralyzed public transportation, closed schools and interrupted hospital services and even court proceedings. well, it's tough enough to care for a newborn. but for moms without any money, it must seem impossible. >> i can only imagine how much this really, really means to them. and to know that i can help them with that is fantastic. >> how an east bay mother is equipping so many others with the basics for infants. >> and it wasn't just any old baseball game. mayors turned managers in the latest sweet taste of world
6:34 pm
series victory. >> and on that subject the as make another splash in the free agent market. i'm dennis o'donnell. and what if -- what if chargers coach norv turner had stayed with the 49ers? how his departure changed everything, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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full-time labor of love. kate kelly introduces the east bay mom who is making sure other new what started as a one-time clothing drive has turned into a full-time labor of love. kate kelly introduces the east bay mom who is making sure over new mothers aren't going without. reporter: it's not unusual for lisa klein to find bags of baby clothes on her front porch. 2 happens daily ever since she checked new and gently used clothing for victims of hurricane katrina. >> i sent one email and one four days i received 200 tons of baby clothes on my front porch. >> reporter: she realized she could fill the same need
6:37 pm
locally. so she started a nonprofit called love twice. >> each box has maybe three blankets, 10 pairs of pants, 15 onesies, a board book, socks, little mittens. >> reporter: her basement is command central. it's where she sorts, folds and packages all the items a newborn would need the first year. >> they may leave the hospital and go to a shelter or a safe home and they might just leave the hospital with nothing because the hospital issues blanks so they get a box from love twice. >> reporter: lisa and a network of volunteers help collect the clothes and distribute them weekly to over 30 local shelters, clinics and safe houses. >> i can't keep up with the demand. even though i get 25,000 pounds, these agencies want more clothes than i physically have. >> reporter: one of the agencies in need is brighter beginnings of richmond where natalie berbick is programming manager. >> there aren't enough words to express how impactful it is and how helpful it is for our families.
6:38 pm
it just takes a little bet of stress off a new mom's first year. >> reporter: to spread the word about love twice lisa relies on the mom's network with blogs and newsletters like this one and at several kid-friendly locations she set up collection bins for new and gently used clothing. >> i was a new mom at one point and i know how much you are going through and i didn't live in a shelter and i can only imagine how much this really, really means to them. and to know that i can help them with that is fantastic. >> reporter: so for creating a network of moms helping moms, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to lisa klein. kate kelly, cbs 5. >> lisa puts in about 50 hours a week of work. that's just herself. it's funded in part by some small grants that are going to run out next year. without more assistance, she may have to close down. if you can help you can find a link to love twice on website works click the cbs 5 connect at the top of the page and then jefferson awards. not one, not two, but a series of storms heading to the
6:39 pm
bay area. when you will need your umbrella. the details as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,
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sports history. the giants world series t display at s this is probably the closests the rest of us will get it a piece of sports history. the giants world series trophy went on display at san francisco city hall today. after the holiday the trophy will go to northern california, oregon, nevada, from there goes to new york making stops at the hall of fame in cooperstown and in new york city. the world series title finally gave mayor newsom a chance to collect his winnings from the mayor of arlington, texas. patrick sedillo reports on the traditional mayor's bet. >> it's time to pay the fiddler. >> reporter: here at the gilman playground baseball field san francisco mayor gavin newsom came to collect on a bet. >> i know this is difficult but he is a good sport, great that he came out here and it's good that he didn't forget me because i'm the future ex-mayor here. i thought he would wait me out so he could deal with the other
6:43 pm
mayor. >> reporter: mayor robert cluck of arlington, texas bet newsom his rangers would prevail in the world series. the loser has to wear the other team's uniform so mayor cluck flew in to pay up. >> what do you think the fans will see back home? >> i want to tell you, i had to do this i made a bet i always take care of my bets. >> reporter: the settlement, a friendly baseball game benefitting local kids, teaching the values of true sportsmanship including integrity, responsibility, and honor. >> because we're out of school we get to see a game in real life. >> i like baseball. >> reporter: being a good sport and keeping your word is the lesson. >> it teaches them sportsmanship to get along with everybody and that it doesn't matter if you're a winner or not a winner, that everybody
6:44 pm
has something to-cent. >> reporter: to contribute. >> reporter: this time winners are on both sides. patrick sedillo, channel 5. >> grace lee in the house! here at cbs 5 itch to tell you a quick story. juliette goodrich a co-anchor and i went to new york. we went to visit a psychic and she told me there would be a grace in my life this year. >> really? >> it's true. i'm not very graceful so i knew she wasn't talking about me. >> neither am i. >> welcome to grace here in the bay area. we're currently we have skies are clearing, temperatures are dropping like a rock. this is coit tower where today in san francisco, 56 degrees down from the average high of 58. we had 53 in kentfield to 59 degrees in oakland. a relatively seasonal day across the bay area. tonight the numbers are dropping off very rapidly as the skies are now clearing out. colder air is filtering in with the passage of yesterday's front. 31 overnight low in santa rosa.
6:45 pm
freezing throughout the tri- valley. mid-30s santa clara valley. low 50s common across the central bay. this is what you need to know. i'm trying to break it down into bullet points for you. tonight near or below freezing temperatures. and then looking ahead when the kids get out of school for vacation on friday, all the way in through saturday, heavy rain develops, some gusty winds and by tuesday, up two to 10" of rain throughout the santa cruz mountains, two to five inches across the immediate bay area. the latest area of low pressure is now gathering some strength out of the gulf of alaska. it will be diving down in a southerly direction then tapping into subtropical moisture. that's where we are going to see the heaviest rainfall. now, looks like by friday morning commute, everybody is in the rain from the santa rosa area all the way to gilroy and morgan hill. a little bit of a break during the afternoon hours on friday. and then we'll see heavier rain
6:46 pm
and gustier southeast winds at 25 miles per hour gathering strength in the evening hours on friday night through saturday. and by sunday morning, when this system tapers off, up to 4" of rain is expected north of the golden gate bridge, 4" also in the mountainous areas of santa cruz. couple of inches across the peninsula and in the south bay as well as the eastern portion of our district. could see some urban and small stream flood advisories in effect. thursday looks dry in the greater lake tahoe area. if you want to get away, it looks like in the morning hours friday, snow begins during the afternoon hours, with the winter storm watch in effect all the way through sunday morning. tomorrow, one day at a time, partly cloudy skies, numbers under 60 degrees everywhere. winds are relatively flat. here's the extended forecast again rain begins in earnest by your morning commute. it last through the evening commute. it last all the way through saturday. may see a little bit of a break in the activity by sunday afternoon hopefully for the raiders game and then on monday
6:47 pm
through tuesday into wednesday, we have daily chances of rain in the forecast. a very wet and cool weather pattern here in the bay area. stacey moffett is here from global partnership with chevron and susan basin is here from the alameda county food bank. we are presenting "food for bay area families" a special time of the year that we all enjoy here at cbs 5. welcome, ladies. >> thank you. >> you have a special presentation, stays circumstances. i do. we're giving $200,000 to two local food banks, the alameda county community food bank and the food bank of contra costa and solano counties. >> i understand this is very important especially for the alameda county food bank because the last time i was reading up on this, what is it, one out of every six people go hungry in alameda county? >> we are currently serving one out of six residents of alameda county and one in three children faces the risk of hunger. >> i was reading that's about 43% of the children are hungry? >> yes.
6:48 pm
and it's shocking. it really shouldn't be. this gift will go a long way towards eradicating that problem. >> stacey, you get to do the big presentation. i know you have been carrying this check in your pocket all day long. >> so we have the check. [ applause ] >> how much is that? >> $200,000. >> okay. she said $200,000! we're talking six digits here? >> we are indeed. >> oh, my goodness! how far will this go? >> this will go a long way n alameda county, one dollar provides $5 worth of food so do the math. >> okay. i'm trying. [ laughter ] >> i'm trying to do the math. i have to hear from allen and grace and dennis one more time. $200,000! >> awesome! [ applause ] >> thank you! >> we want to invite the community that you, too can help out. go to and click on "food for bay area families." you, too can make donation. every little bit helps whether it's food or monetary, right? >> absolutely. >> all right. okay. gang, $200,000.
6:49 pm
we are going to dinner now! >> first place or elimination? i'm dennis o'donnell. we'll show you what's at stake for the 49ers. and a high school player goes after a ref next. ,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
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e san diego char it is d-day. tomorrow night on cbs 5 right here the 49ers pivotal game of the year against the san diego chargers. it will be a battle of the teachers versus pupils because in 2006 alex smith started all 16 games and under offensive coordinator norv turn erp smith appeared to be blossoming into the quarterback he was supposed to be. >> frank gore -- >> one of the plays of the season right there by alex smith. >> catch by gore, too. >> smith threw for 15 touchdowns led the team to april-9 record. after that see -- to a 7-9 season. after that season, turner went to san diego and smith's career regressed. >> it felt good. i was excited about it. that second year for me was fun and a lot of development for
6:53 pm
me. i learned a lot. >> to be a head coach, not devastating but frustrating. really felt like things could you know -- trajectory could have been different if that maybe didn't happen. >> and there are two interesting scenarios for the 49ers. they will be in first place if they beat san diego and both the rams and seahawks lose. but 49ers can be completely eliminated if they lose to san diego and both the rams and the seahawks win. ramification tomorrow night right here on cbs 5. one day after godzilla invaded the coliseum the as went back to the future bringing rich harden back to the organization after they traded him to the cubs in 2008. oakland signed the hard throwing righty to a one-year deal $1.5 million. harden was drafted by oakland in 2000 and eventually became their ace but injuries pretty much derailed his once promising career. in fact he has been on the disabled list nine times. so why take the chance? he is only 29 and the as will
6:54 pm
use him exclusively out of the bullpen which they think will keep him healthy. this is a disturbing scene at a high school basketball game in florida monday night. mason hollins shoves a player from the opposing team. hollins calls for a technical foul by the ref and he goes after the referee. the county had to forfeit the game. mason was kicked off the the team. the ref suffered an injured wrist and mason hollins could face charges. late this afternoons the basketball player apologized for his actions. and he is devastated that he is no longer part. team. meanwhile one bay area player is the team that means everything to her. and shelley's teammates are actually part of her family. >> ism the first day i went to school third grade in mr. tate's class, i remember i was the biggest tallest kid the same height as my teacher. >> reporter: shelly always had
6:55 pm
the build to play basketball but didn't start participating until her freshman year at san rafael high school. >> didn't know much about the sport. i remember me sitting on the bench i was like what's a foul, what's this? >> reporter: it's hard to imagine her stuck with the sport but she has been a vital forward in parts of five seasons at dominican university all without the support of her biges fans. >> my grandmother, mother. my aunt takes care of me. >> reporter: her father moved her and her sisters away from the hurricane hurricane swept island of st. martin to pursue a better life. a few years later her mother entered the country illegally. >> i knew my mother wasn't always be there or there would be a chance that she could be gone, i was always good. a lot of kids they have their parents here not that they don't love them. it's just that they don't
6:56 pm
realize how good it is you know -- their parents are until they're gone. >> reporter: by the time shelly was a freshman at dominican, her mother and sisters had fled to montreal twice to escape deportation to haiti. her mother insisted shelly stay behind to stay in school. >> they took a greyhound bus. they were on the bus for five days like towards -- to make it towards the border in canada. if my mother had allowed them to come get her and had been deported to haiti, they would have been involved in that huge earthquak i have had relatives that almost died in the earthquake. >> reporter: the separation was the hardest when she tore her acl last season. her advice is still only a phone call away. >> when i told her that i was going to play, she said you better be careful. didn't you learn something? >> she is hoping that her mother will be able to see her graduate. it's uncertain at this time whether she will be able to get
6:57 pm
back into the country do that. >> but a quick story. we were downstairs in the sports department and anthony plays in a band so a couple of months ago he was in hawaii playing on abandon a tv station called kgmb-tv. >> hey, what the heck. >> and that's grace lee to the right who is anchoring at this tv station. >> oh, my goodness. >> that was us posing. they were going to teach us how to play but we were horrible failures. >> anthony says, i know her, she used to be in hawaii. he put the pictures together. >> nothing gets by anthony. [ laughter ] >> anthony is better looking. >> you have a dog named sonny. >> i do. >> a chihauhau. >> i do. >> and i have two. >> i'm getting out of here. it. gold bond.
6:58 pm
it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. now get up to $300 back in promotion cards. at&t. rethink possible.
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