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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 16, 2010 1:35am-2:10am PST

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winter luxury by air wick; also in new scent ribbons candles. you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." >> working round the clock, what's happening this weekend that has caltrans burning the midnight oil on the bay bridge. from being involved in a shooting death, a disabled man, to receiving top hop oars, the long road for five san francisco p.d. officers. and it turns out size does matter. the street that wasn't good enough to be named after one of the founding fathers of silicon valley. and imagine if every face you saw looked the seam. the condition that keeps tens of millions of people from recognizing their loved ones. good evening, i'm ken bastida. we begin tonight with some breaking news the. linda yee is standing by at a
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well known building in market street in san francisco. what's going on? >> reporter: i'm standing here at market and stockton street. a car out of control came down and hit right through the doors of the version megastore. the store has been closed but you see where it rested. the drivers of the car, four women inside, the drivers told police they were trying to avoid a big rig alongside of them on stop ton as they approached market. somehow they spun out of control but rammed right through the sidewalk, avoided hitting anybody, but did land in the lobby of this virgin megastore, two feet away from an active gas line. a very close call. one person was injured with minor injuries, police are still investigate investigating the big rig involved is not here but that's the story we're hearing tonight. >> linda yee with some amazing pictures there. thank you linda. >> reporter: okay.
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caltrans put four million pounds of steel on the bay bridge and do it by christmas eve. what's on the horizon that has them working around the clock. what are they doing? >> reporter: the storm the on the horizon. that's not going to stop these guys, you see that looks like a rocket on the launchpad. that's the tower they are building t mammoth construction project alongside the bay bridge continues to grow as crews work into the night. caltrans says its workers started a day ahead of schedule on what it called the suspension tower. the plan is to work around the clock and finish building this, the third section of the tower, by next friday christmas eve. they were going to try to finish by stunned but a rain and wind storm on friday pushed it back. >> we're going to go as hard as we can. >> reporter: the tower will
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have four separate legs kind of like a stool, the fifth section will be the top of the stool. it will hold up the span of the eastern bay bridge. >> we wanted the tower to be flexible in a large-scale earthquake so these towers are connected by an engineering innovation called sheer leg beam that allows the legs to move independent. the legs can bend and we can replace them. >> this phase of the project will end up with three of the four stool legs in place, it will be about 375 feet high, 40 stories above the bay. that's taller than the quake tower and the tribune tower and it will get each taller, once they finish the tower it will be 525 feet by. caltransst telling is telling drivers not to be distracted. the work is going to continue so they are asking folks you know what, keep your eye on the road. >> reporter:
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>> that's a perfect description, it looks like the big atlas rockets. >> reporter: no, just our bridge going in. just watch tv, don't look at it as you go bye. >> joe vasquez untreasure island. quite a scene in san francisco. this was another car that ran off, it crashed into the back of a house at amanda a meny boulevard. amazingly nobody seriously hurt here either, it's not clear exactly what caused this car to drive off the freeway. oakland's police chief is asking the f.b.i. to investigate last month's shooting death of an oakland man at the hands of police officers. police say they opened fire after 37-year-old trek jones ran from them and then grabbed for something in waistband. the officer thought he was goin' for a gun. turned out to be a small scale. well the man's family is disputing the police version. there is a district attorney
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investigation under way now but chief bats decided to take the extra step of calling in the feds. >> the fray marry reason is public trust and when you have an officer involved shooting in and the community is a little concerned we need to be open and concerned. >> wonderful. i mean i was blown away. i think this is a good thing. i have no trust in the police. >> this was oakland's fifth officer involved shooting of the year and the third fatal one. a fatal police shooting in san francisco is in the spotlight once again. officers killed a disabled suspect. family and friends called that killing unjust. but linda yee showings us those officers just got a big award. [ applause ] >> reporter: it's the department's highest award for bravery. gold medals of valor, five officers honored in a 2004 case. they chased after a kidnapping suspect who fired several times at them, then ignored commands
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to surrender. >> a stressful situation, the adrenalin is going. >> reporter: a case steeped in controversy the suspect reached into his car, turned toward the officers, he was killed. he lost his legs in another car chase with police years earlier. his gun was found later in his car. his family sued, the public criticism was relentless. >> reading the papers in the morning and watching the news and then you know talked about us getting terminated or suspended, it was frustrating, but when you know you did everything right it's a lot easier to sleep at night. >> then i just stopped listening to the news, i didn't watch the news any more, and just did my job, just went to work. [ applause ] >> reporter: now, 6 years later, the bad moments are behind them. >> you know what, i guess it's closure. you know. it's something we weren't really expecting, it's not why we do the job. so i guess this is a bonus.
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>> reporter: and the honor is bittersweet. >> it feels good to get the medals of course but just standing up here and hearing the incident replayed is very emotional, i didn't want to hear it again, actually. it was -- i'm ready to let it go. >> reporter: in san francisco, linda yee, cbs5. a federal court jury exonerated those police officers back in 2007. two years later an appeals court upheld that decision. the would be hero from yesterday's shooting at a school board meeting in florida spoke out today. school board member ginger littleton tried to knock the gun out of the shooter's hands. she missed and this morning she says she really doesn't know what she was thinking. >> i don't think anything was going through my mind except for the fact that these guys were sitting ducks, lined up like pigeons on a wire and i couldn't leave them without trying to at least divert or somehow or other dividend fuse the situation or just buy some time. >> check out the video as she
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creeps up behind duke. he aimed a gun at her board members. he fired a couple of shots at the board members before being shot by a security guard. duke then turned the gun on himself. kathleen also in the news tonight jerry brown's new job is posing an unexpected problem for his younger sister. kathleen brown is goldman sack's head of finance on the west coast 679 the securities firm is a major under writer of california's debt. her employer says in order to avoid the perception of a conflict of interest they are going to have to move her to a new job in chicago. she is the former state treasurer. her brother will become the state's next governor in january. at age 26 there's already a movie about him, his company has more than 500 million users, and now mark zuckerberg has been named time magazine's man of the year.
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there he is. the founder of palo alto facebook is the youngest to be chosen since charles lindbergh back in 1927. time cred isthe 6 him with changing the way facebook users live their life. some day palo alto mike name a street after zuckerberg. but they have another decision on their mind. the decision isn't as easy. size does matter when honoring this particular palo alto legend. >> reporter: the packard name is about as close to high-tech royalty as you can get. he started high pressure in this garage downtown and his family has donated generously to the city over years. despite all that not a piece of public property is named after him. which business interruption us to this 2-acre lot. they thought they would honor
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one of the founding fathers of silicon valley, one of the founders of one of the largest tech companies in the world, and one of the greatest palo altoans who ever lived by naming this packard court. why did you decide to recommend that court to be named after him? >> it's available. >> reporter: association president doug graham says it makes sense because the packard family lived here just a few houses away for 10 years. also, palo alto just isn't commanding so the chance to name a new street is rare. >> is this place important enough? well it probably isn't but what other chance do we have right now to put packard's name on something? anything in this city. >> reporter: council member larry klein has killed the idea and says the court, which will eventually have just four homes, was way too small for a tech giant like packard. >> we've got to be honoring mr. packard with something much larger, a park, a library, a
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major street if we had one, that didn't already have a name, things of that nature rather than a court. >> reporter: the city is reviewing its naming procedures and the packard corporation had no comment. it's official. you can finally say good-bye to those loud tv ads. when you will start seeing and hearing quieter commercials. what if every face looks the seam. to some people it does. the condition that is not as rare as you think. how low will it go? temperatures near or below freezing tonight. take a look at some of the current temps right now and current temps right now and stay with
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netflix now delivers unlimited tv episodes and movies instantly through wii. all for only 8 bucks a month. seriously, what is it? the law. the president signed legislation from palo alto congresswoman anna eshoo yeah, yak jacking up the volume on television commercials will soon be against the law. the president signed some legislation today. it will stop them from raising the very many on the commercials making them way louder than the rest of the show you are watching. they require them to adopt those standards within a year, they hopefully will start hearing quieter commercials sometime in 2013. we all have trouble putting names to faces from time to time, that's natural, but what if you couldn't tell one face from another because they all look the seam to you.
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doctor sanjay gupta reports it's a real problem for millions of people. >> i've had difficulty recognizing faces for as long as i can remember. >> reporter: hayes face may not be familiar. oliver sacks has written 10 best sellers about the way the mind works. one, awake engineers, became a movie. and robin williams character is based on doctor sacks. >> where my glasses. >> on your face. >> now he is revealing his own disorder. an inability to recognize faces. >> facial recognition is an amazing achievement. >> reporter: but for him everything looks the satisfying. it's call face blindness or pros oh vagabond knows ya. >> did k you describe what you're satisfying. >> it doesn't add up to a unique image. >> for example look at these famous faces. easily identifiable.
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look again. still the same eyes, knows and mouth. but the face is harder to recognize. someone who is face blind can see the features but can't tell the face. >> reporter: if you can't tell who is who how do you recognize them. >> sometimes i kiss a person. it's so bad he wrote a book about his favorite uncle and used a picture of someone else. >> when this was published they said "are you mad, that is not our father, and it looks nothing like our father. >> he fixed it in the paper back. now he is able to recognize people if he has enough clues. >> reporter: is there anything familiar about this face at all? >> i feel it ought to be familiar and i have a vague sense of familiarity. who is it, he was obviously imminent, very much at ease with poise and pose. i don't know, could it be reading an? >> how did you arrive at that?
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>> there was a feeling of extreme self-assurance. >> reporter: harvard researchersest 1 out of 50 people have it. >> with regard to face blindness we can point to a particular area of the brain and say "it comes from here." >> right. and you can also stimulate that area and people will hallucinate faces. >> reporter: chuck close who gained worldwide renoun with his portraits of faces. >> we have to prove to the people we see that we care about them even though we're not going to recognize their faces. >> reporter: it's one reason he paints families. like his daughter maggie and his wife leslie. >> there are millions of us, of my sort, around who require, if not help, some sort of understanding and tolerance. >> actually my whole family had face blindness. >> reporter: by going public he
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hopes it will be accepted, like list decks ya. for cbs news, doctor son jay gupta. she has had a smile on her face all night because there's bad weather coming. roberta. >> it's exciting. but the timing of a series of storms, tonight we're able to see the move out there, wii leads us to be we do have clear skies and with the clear air mass in place from yesterday's storm system we have temperatures dipping down below freezing no to santa rosa, and around sonoma and glenallen, 40s very common around the central bay. it means tomorrow morning a frosty start in any of our inland locations, very chilly, we haven't had these kind of numbers in the last 10 days. this is yesterday's storm, a lot of subtropical moisture way back there. meanwhile we're watching the approaching system, diving out of the gulf of alaska, we'll be
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tapping into some tropical moisture, rain begins on friday through saturday with gusty winds. watch your friday morning commute after a partly cloudy day on thursday everybody is into the mix of rain and the winds begin to increase during the afternoon hours. out of the southeast, up to 25 miles per hour, evening commute just as sloppy and it gets worse after 7:00 p.m. friday all the way through your saturday. this means we'll see, by sunday morning, up to 4" of rain, wettest spots north bay and santa cruz mountains, generally 1 to 2" of rain across the central bay and the santa clara valley which means we could have some up ban streets and flood advisories goes going into effect. if you're head to go the high sierra it's really going to begin to wind up in the afternoon hours. temperatures under 60 degrees everywhere, rain friday, through saturday, after sunday afternoon it becomes a little more uncertain but we'll put daily chances of the forecast
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through wednesday, ken, that's a very busy pinpoint forecast. >> all right. thanks roberta. well there is always someone watching even while you drive. who ,,,, [ male announcer ] earlier today, your living room s s game day central. [ cheering a place for friends, family, and your husband's trademark victory dance. [ cheering ] now the crowd is gone. and all that remains is the stink. [ dog barks ] but you're ready because febreze air effects cleans away tough game day odors in the air.
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your neighbor with the cell phone camera. the eyes on well you are being watched constantly. and not just at the bank or by your nosy neighbors, the eyes on you are coming from the state of california. in many cases nancy this concord wants to know how many traffic cameras does caltrans have and who operates them. tonight's good question. seems like everybody has a camera out there these days, more and more of our private lives are being recorded and downloaded by somebody. you're not even safe in your car any more or maybe you're safer. caltrans is now operating over a thousand cameras around the state. 300 of 'em right in the bay area. >> this tells us right away what the problem is, where it is and how bad sit.
2:02 am
>> bob hawes says when a 911 call comes in it is often relayed to the caltrans center where operators can get a firsthand look at what is going on to respond appropriately. >> if we see on an automated map that all of a sudden traffic has gone from green to red we know we have a problem we know which cameras we can fall up to see. >> operators have the ability to see in real time what traffic problems are doing to the bay area. in addition to the network of cameras they have road section others that can verify information when there is is a problem. >> people don't want to be stuck in traffic. we want to provide the safest and most convenient way to get you home. >> go to click on the i con to send me your good question. and the sharks coach called it absolutely unnaceptable..we'l l show you what he was talking abou >> teacher versus pupil. the sharks coach ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ female announcer ] safeway is the place to stock up on itunes gift cards. right now, save $6 on a $40 4-pack. keep 'em on hand. only at safeway. ingredients for life. i don't know if i'd break out peaches and herb but -- >> 1978. reunited. are. ca. >> but 49ers florida quarterback steve smith will be reunited with nor have turner. smith played his best ball when turner was the offensive coordinator for the 49ers. >> looking and completing, touchdown, frank gore. >> one of the plays of the season right there by alex smith. >> smith threw for 16
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touchdowns and led the team to a 7-9 record that year have a. after turner's depart tier his career regressed. >> to be a head coach in the game you understood that, no, so not devastating, but frustrating nonetheless. felt like the trajectory could have been different if that didn't happen. >> the 49ers could be in first place if they beat san diego and both the rams and seahawks lose. however the 49ers can be eliminated if they lose to san diego and both the rams and seahawks win. there you have it. in 44 seconds i will bet you could walk the fridge, grab a cold on, let the dog out and sit back down for this poor sami kapanen. you want to know what the sharks did in 44 second? god thing todd mclellan didn't bring a stop watch to nashville. joe thornton sets up dany heatley. sharks have a 2-1 lead. with 3 minutes and 21 seconds left the game sergei company state sin with the redirect to try it at 2. then, 44 seconds
2:07 am
later, no lie, another defensive blunder, steve sullivan to colin wilson, the sharks below it within 44 seconds and lose 3-2. would i the way it only takes ken bastida 18 seconds to get a beer. >> completely unacceptable. of called game management was poor. >> poor indeed. rich hardin signed with the a ace today 1 1/2 million, hardin will be used out of the bullpen. top 5. high school hoops in florida, mason holland shoves a player from the opposing team. holland is called for a technical. referee calls it so holland goes after the ref. mason was kicked off the team and apologized today. number 4, check out the rudy gay skunk 'fessfest. that's 1, it is not traveling roberta. heat hosting the cavs. dwayne wade is superman, not once, can i see another one please. you think the heat is heating
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up? that is 10 straight wins. knicks down 2 with .4 seconds left. amar'e the game winner? didn't get it off in time. didn't count. that didn't count, the does. manu ginobili. game-winning jumper, fade away, the spurs beat the bucs. that one got off. you see the clock there? that one got off. that's it. ,,,,,,
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