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tv   The Early Show  CBS  December 17, 2010 7:00am-9:00am PST

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done deal. in a rare late-night vote, the house says an overwhelming yes and passes a major tax cut bill so what will the compromise mean to you and your wallet? also speaking live to one of the democrats who took on the president and voted no. a hero's story. >> fired the first shot at the superintendent. i thought he was dead. i just opened the door and we went at it. >> mike jones, the security guard, joins us to share the story of huh he saved his colleagues. and kate and the queen. prince william brings his fiancee to lunch with his grandmother queen elizabeth and dozens of future in-laws.
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we'll go live to london for the royal dish early this friday we'll go live to london for the royal dish early this friday morning, december 17th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs you can really feel it, right? a week to christmas. >> yes. it is in the air, harry. >> panic city. good morning, everybody. i'm harry smith. >> i'm rebecca jarvis. >> you will have the opportunity to meet mike jones this morning, the hero security officer that saved the lives of his colleagues in this dramatic shoot-out in panama city earlier this week. story with jones. jones is the guy who's known there as the salvage santa. he has for years rehabilitating bikes and making sure poor kids in the community get toys at christmastime. this guy is a hero in a lot of different ways. >> absolutely is. >> we'll meet him. >> absolutely, harry. we go to politics first in washington where president obama and republican leaders got what
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they wanted. in a late-night vote, the house approved the compromise plan for bush era tax cuts even after days of outrage from the left and the right. cbs news congressional correspondent nancy cordes on capitol hill with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rebecca. house democrats bitterly opposed the bill but late last night enough of them either got over the opposition or swallowed it knowing that most likely the alternative was to see taxes go up for everyone. >> the motion is adopted. >> reporter: after three and a half hours of debate in a crowded chamber, members of the house voted overwhelmingly to pass the tax bill. >> time has run out. this is our only chance and the harm to our economy and the hit families would suffer is far too great a risk. >> reporter: the bill amounts to aerlly holiday gift for every american taxpayer, extending the bush tax cuts for everyone everyone colluding the wealthy for two years, extending
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unemployment benefits, every worker a two percentage cut in payroll taxes and temporarily extending a raft of tax credits from the stimulus package. the cost of all of that led 112 democrats and 36 republicans to vote no. >> $2,136, that's the raise we are giving ourselves with this bill. that's the raise that we're giving ourselves and we're borrowing every penny of it. >> let's be honest about what this deal is. a bipartisan deal gone bad. >> reporter: the bill cuts the estate tax rate to 35%. a white house concession to republicans which democrats tried but failed to strike from the bill last night. >> we are giving a bonanza to 6,600 of the wealthiest people in america who really don't need the help. >> reporter: because this bill is identical to the one that the senate passed on wednesday, it
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now goes to the president's desk for his signature but congress will be having this fight all over again soon because most of the tax cuts, harry, extended for two years. >> nancy cordes on capitol hill this morning, thank you so much. one of the strongest liberal criticals of the tax compromise, democratic congressman anthony weiner of new york joins us now from capitol hill. good morning, sir. >> good morning, harry. >> in the end of the day, you just decided to just say no. why? >> well, for a couple of reasons. first, you know, you reported on the deficit commission's work, the drowning in red ink we are all doing. well, in one vote yesterday we gobbled up all of the savings that even if we did that deficit reduction. we can't afford it. especially when you consider that a lot of tax cuts giving literally to millionaires and billionaires. the payroll holiday, if you look carefully, they borrow the money for that for social security trust fund which is a very, very bad precedent.
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overall, this was just not a very good deal for the american people, especially for the middle class. fiscally responsible person. i mean, i simply don't believe that someone who makes a million dollars should get $116,000 tax cut for christmas. i simply don't believe they need it. you know, today in america, 1%, top 1% of the country makes as much as the next 25%. we need to stand up for the middle class. i think the very well to do had their piece. >> what do you think this bodes for the president and for the new congress that comes into office in january? >> i think it's bad. first of all, i think it's bad because as nancy said in the intro, the tax cuts expire in wo ye two years, an election year and pressure on congress, again, to say you know what? it's an election year. renew the tax cuts or make them
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permanent. that would triple the national debt an i also think it's problematic because the republicans turned out to be, frankly, better poker players than the president. you know, they wanted two things this legislative session and they got them both, increase of the estate tax rate and taxes. >> and this new congress comes in to office in january, between the left side and the right side of the aisle, which way do you think the president is going to be leaning? >> well, look. i'll leave it to the pundits to figure that out but i think the president has to understand if he reaches out with a finger of bipartisanship he'll lose a pound of flesh to give up. bipartisanship has to be a means, not an ends. i'm not sure the president gets that yet but i'm going to work hard to make him a success. >> anthony weiner, does this sound like the beginning of a challenge to the president's nomination two years from now? >> by me?
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no. but i understand dave price is looking for a job so maybe -- so, we'll -- and i just want to tell dave, tell him that my endorsement's up in the air. woo me. >> all right. congressman weiner, thank you so much. do appreciate it. >> you got it. >> all right. dave -- give it a shot, i guess. thank you very much. rebecca? now the latest on the panama city, florida, school board shooting and the security officer that stepped in. he says he's no hero, just doing his job. we'll talk to mike jones and his wife in just a moment, but first, mark strassmann take us back to the scene of the standoff. >> reporter: from the back door, mike jones showed me what he saw on tuesday. gunman clay duke holding an entire school board hostage. the gunman noticed him in the doorway. off camera in this video. >> come on in. you got a real gun there?
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come on in. we're going to wait a minute. he probably doesn't even have a gun. >> reporter: jones tried and failed to lure duke out of the room. he ran to his car, grabbed the big gun, more ammo and bullet-proof vest and then slowly opened the board room door. >> when i did that, he squared his back to me and both hands in front of him. i knew he was going to shoot. >> i'm going to -- >> fired the first shot, boom. i saw him flinch and knew it hit him in the back and he kept shooting and so i came to this position and i fired another shot and i got to about here, fired another shot. finally, he went down. >> reporter: jones hit duke at least three times. >> he went down, his arm came up and he started shooting at me. >> reporter: jones crawled for cover behind the back row of chairs. >> i was firing shots on the ground like this trying to keep him pinned down and he wasn't moving. i thought, okay, he is dead. the gun fight's over and then he
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pulled the gun to the head. >> reporter: duke was dead but miraculous superintendent bill husfelt was alive. >> when bhe came up over the chair i just lost it. i went to my knees and started crying. oh my god, he is alive. >> reporter: alive because of mike jones. mark strassmann, cbs news, panama city, florida. >> mike jones and his wife colleen join us from panama city. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> hi. >> mike, let me ask you this. just to begin with, as you watched all of this unfold, what was your greatest fear? >> that the superintendent was dead. >> that he was actually dead? >> yes. >> because you saw -- >> he pulled that trigger and -- >> right. because you saw mr. duke open fire and you then saw mr. husfelt fall behind the desk there, right? >> right. he had his back to me. mr. duke did.
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when i seen him square up with both hands with the weapon in front of him, i knew it was over. and when he fired that round and that close range, i just knew he was dead. >> and at that point, do you know you have to -- you have to act? >> right. i mean, that's -- when i opened the door to engage him in the gun fight. >> right. did you have a what you would call a clear shot? i mean, were you in a position where you could really encounter him? >> no. that was the whole problem. i'd entered the room once, tried to draw his attention to come to me and he wouldn't do it. and then when i was looking in the room the second time, they were so bunched up and all the board members were sitting straight up that i just department have a clear shot. and just about the time that's when he pulled the gun up and started shooting. i had no choice then. i had to go. >> right, right. because think about it from the
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perspective of your perspective. you're on the other side of mr. duke. duke is looking at all of the board members like that. the risk is if you fire at him, you could hit one of the board members. >> exactly. and that was the whole thing i was waiting on and mr. husfelt talking to him and, you know, i was afraid if i opened the door and to try it again and he just squared around and it was on then. i mean, i just couldn't believe it. >> what was your reaction then when mr. duke went down? it was clear that you could go over, literally removed the gun from his hand. and mr. husfelt then comes up from the other side of the desk. >> you know, every time i see him, i start crying, you know? i'm -- i'm just totally exhausted. i was like in a tunnel vision. i couldn't hear anything around me. it was like i was deaf and i was
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looking around the room and then all of a sudden he popped up and that's when i lost it and started crying and i couldn't believe he was alive. i just couldn't believe it. >> wow. >> a miracle. i mean -- >> all of this has weighed pretty heavily on you, hasn't it? >> yes, sir. it has. they sent me to the hospital for observation that night. they said my heart was racing pretty bad and the next day -- they put me to sleep that night. let me sleep. i haven't slept now and taking a little bit of an effect now. i'm pretty tired. >> i bet. you know what? i want to get colleen in here, too, because what most people know you for in your opportunity is, well, they know you're a retired cop and they know you as salvage santa. colleen, how good a man is the guy you're sitting right next to right now? >> he's an awesome man. i have -- that's what i fell in love with.
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everyone asks me why i put up with it. how can you tell him no? that's what he was when i met him and i just -- i love him. i'm very proud of him. he has a huge heart and here in bay county. >> we wish you the best and wish you the best on this christmas season. thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us. >> thank you. >> really do appreciate it. >> thank you. >> that's all right. >> mike and colleen jones. >> thank you. >> inspiration. people like that. all right. let's get more news now. betty nguyen at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning. good morning to you at home. wikileaks founder julian assange out of work and back to work an vowing to clear his name. heo night after he was freed on bail. cbs news correspondent mark phillips is in london with the details. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning, betty. julian say sang seems to be out and more determined than ever to
7:14 am
continue the release of secret documents through wikileaks that so enraged the united states. >> well, it's greet smell fresh air of london again. >> reporter: assange is out on more than $300,000 bail. put up by friends and supporters and under strict bail conditions staying at a friend's country estate and wearing an electronic tag. his lawyers have claimed that the sexual assault allegations that put him in jail and that may result in his extradition to sweden are a way of trying to shut down his wikileaks activity but assange says he's more determined than ever to continue. >> well, i continue on with our work clearing my name is not the highest task i have. the highest task i have is to continue on with my work. obviously, clearing my name is also important. >> reporter: assange denied the swedish sex crime allegations and says he's willing to defend
7:15 am
himself against them and aware there may be a case prepared in the u.s. based on the wikileaks release and saying that wikileaks activities will continue even if he's somehow out of the picture. >> we have also heard today from one of my u.s. lawyers yet to be confirmed but a serious matter that there may be a u.s. indictment for espionage for me coming from a secret u.s. grand jury investigation. >> reporter: in fact, wikileaks releases have continued during the nine days assange was in jail. the last coming just two hours before his release. if decapitation of wikileaks is the strategy, it seems there a's monster in the view of somewhere w many heads. betty? >> thank you, mark. u.s. security experts are warning about terrorist attacks in the holiday season. the concern is that terrorists
7:16 am
will target large gatherings. there is specific intelligence on holiday attacks planned in europe by al qaeda. but so far, no evidence of specific plots aimed at the u.s. and newly-released security video shows an attack on a pregnant girl in seattle last month on a city bus. five teenage girls seen attacking her, her boyfriend steps in but the fight goes on. and investigators say several items were stolen. goodness. the five attackers were arrested and charged with assault or robbery. the pregnant victim suffered minor injuries but her baby was not harmed. so that's good news there. let's get you the latest on the weather this morning. dave price joins us. good morning, dave. >> good morning to you, betty. we have a lot to cover so let's get right to it right now. let's take a look at the national overview first of all. lake effect left, one to three inches. that is not a lot when you talk about the totals we have seen over the past several weeks. keep in mind, a little area of
7:17 am
low pressure in the southeast. that rain pushing out over 24 hours and go away but let's move on and go out west. this is what we're talking about. this is a snow and rain maker. a low pressure system sitting just to the south of albuquerque. and then a big rain and snow maker as you head out to the southwest. you can see all of that coming
7:18 am
and at 7:18, the first look at the weather. harry and rebecca, over to you. >> thanks very much. shocking photos of 160 women, could they be victims of a serial killer? latest on the so-called grim sleeper when we come back.
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you know that old saying it's just lunch? >> all right. >> maybe not just lunch when you are kate middleton, dining with new in-laws who happens to be the queen at buckingham palace.
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>> not just lunch. >> yeah. we'll have all the details on the fateful encounter. >> when we come back. . >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by macy's. hi little guy! ahhhhhh! get off me! need help. take a seat. someone will be with you in 28 days. you'd never wait that long. so why wait 28 days for new releases? blockbuster has hot new titles, like a-team and inception, 28 days before netflix and redbox. rent them in store, by mail, stream on demand,
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behind bars, and a day care center following alle good morning. it is 725. i'm robert lyles. time for news headlines. a vallejo man is behind bars and a daycare center is shut down following allegations of child molestation. 30-year-old samuel cowper was arrested at mary's daycare yesterday morning. he is the son of the owner of the daycare center. officials say two girls have come forward saying cowper has molested them. the testimony employee accused of sending an -- the dmv employee accused of sending an owe financessive letter to a transgender customer resigned. she went in to register a sex change. four days later she said she received a nasty letter from the dmv worker who helped her.
7:26 am
and the new bart president is pushing for extended hours on saturdays. he hopes to keep trains running up to an hour past midnight. he says the change would help people who attend or work at entertainment and social events in the city. stay where you are. a look at traffic and weather when we return in just a moment. save $523! 16 minutes could save you 16%! come on... isn't it time an auto insurer gave it to you straight? that's why you should talk to state farm. but not yet. first, talk to any one of the 40 million drivers who already have state farm. 40 million. yeah, that's more than geico and progressive combined. by a lot. 40 million drivers. more savings. and discounts up to 40%.
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where else you gonna get discounts like that? call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online.
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good morning from the traffic center. a trouble spot in san jose. northbound 101 at tully road multivehicle accident looks like the number 2 lane is blocked. you can see traffic is very slow and go. 34 miles an hour through that area. elsewhere southbound 280 right around avalon westboro we have an accident that looks like this one is stuck in the number 3 lane. traffic backed up through daly city and westbound 4 still a trouble spot slow and go westbound all the way out of antioch into concord. give yourself some extra time. that's a look at your morning commute. here's your forecast with tracy. >> hey, thanks, gianna. it's going to be a wet forecast out there today. plenty of rainfall expected through the bay area. here's a look at what you can expect for the morning. rain showers, most of them concentrated in the north bay for now. we have some pockets of heavier rainfall embedded in the line of showers. that's the drill for the morning and the afternoon and the weekend. and much of next week. also, winter storm warning in effect for the sierra.
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got a week to go, guys. right? >> getting the last-minute shopping in. >> time is running out. welcome back. coming up, you might want to get your shopping done as quickly and painlessly as possible but don't let the crush take the money out of wallet. we'll identify seven popular items with huge markups and how to get them for less. >> we love a bargain. the king of cable talk is now off the air after thousands of interviews with just about every news maker. cnn's larry king said so long last night. we'll show you the big stars that came by to say good-bye to him and exclusive backstage
7:31 am
access as he celebrated with his family, staff and friends and that's in a few minutes. >> coming up. first, though, to los angeles and the latest in the chilling grim sleeper case. serial killer suspect lonnie franklin charged with murdering ten women but police say they found a stash of pictures in his house and worried that many more women could have been victims. cbs news national correspondent ben tracy is in los angeles with the latest. good morning, ben. >> reporter: good morning, harry. you know, the so-called grim sleeper terrorized los angeles for years and caught this summer and now police say they need the public's help because they fear he may have killed more people than they ever imagined. more than decades, a string of murders went unsolved, most of the victims thought to be prostitutes and drug leaders from a gritty section of south los angeles. police say the killer is this man, local mechanic lonnie franklin yrz who may have even more victims.
7:32 am
>> lonnie franklin's reign of terror in the city of los angeles which spanned well over two decades and we don't believe that we're so lucky or so good as to know all of his victims. >> reporter: franklin has been dubbed the grim sleeper because police believe he took a 14-year hiatus. it was a dna on a slice of pizza to link him to ten murders. when police arrested him and raided the home, they made an alarming discovery. hundreds of photos of women, no clue they are or what may have happened to them. >> main concern right now is the welfare of these individuals and their identity. >> reporter: on thursday, l.a. police posted the photos to a website and encouraging family and friends to come forward. >> there's an identity to establish, a family in the city without jis tis. >> reporter: franklin could get the death penalty if convicted.
7:33 am
those cases may soon be solved but now detectives are most concerned about the women seen in the 180 photographs and finding out whether or not they're still alive. >> these photos go back 20 and 30 years. people will have changed their appearance and aged. we're interested in speaking
7:34 am
now to the latest on the upcoming royal wedding. kate middleton had a very important date yesterday. sitting down with her fiancee's
7:35 am
family, including queen elizabeth. mark phillips is in london with the scoop on lunch with the in-laws. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning, rebecca. the queen's royal lunch part of the schedule for the holiday period but this particular pre-christmas family get together included a special guest. the newest future member of the family firm. the lunch was a family affair and so private but this shot shows kate middleton and prince william on the short drive from his place to his grandmother's across the road. gatherings of the royal family don't happen that often and when they do it's usually for a grand occasion like a marriage or a major holiday. for kate to be invited to the quiet palace event is a consolidation of the center of the establishment and the accounts of the event say she mingled confidently with the members of the royal family in attendance.
7:36 am
>> kate middleton is a confident, young woman. i think we saw that on the engagement footage. people might think it's daunting to go in there. for her, she has a super supportive prince william. >> reporter: the major christmas event is gathering at the queen's country estate about three hours north of london. the family trip to church is a christmas day rich krul. at this stage, it seems, though, that kate won't be there. nor it seems will william this year. he'll be working at the day job on duty as a search and rescue helicopter pilot. kate's expected to spend a final christmas with her own family, her last normal christmas perhaps before she's swept up in royal protocol. >> the other key thing to remember is everything that kate is now witnessing in the future she will be doing this. >> reporter: the first big occasion with the in-laws can be daunting for anybody. when the in-laws are the british royal family and the event takes place at the little townhouse
7:37 am
called buckingham palace, it is another test for kate middleton and another one she's apparently passed mark phillips in london, thanks. incredible stuff. >> might have been members of the royal family intimidated by her a little bit. >> very good point. >> star power. >> she does. coming up next, christmas shopping is hectic as we all know, tempted to just grab abe buy. but that could cost you very big money and we'll show you how to avoid that and the mark-up and save. this is "the early show" on cbs. ♪ daisy, do a dollop
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astrazeneca may be able to help. now that we're in the holiday home stretch you may be tempted to grab the most sought after prices no matter the price. aol adviser regina lewis is here to help you beat the mark-up. great to have you with us. >> thanks. >> there are huge mark-ups. what's the number one thing? >> walking into a grocery store, you see the chopped up items so it's all diced and spliced an ene rainy ready for you.
7:41 am
the mark-up is 40%. a great convenience play and you have to ask yourself, could i seth up an assembly line at home? >> i like that visual. as far as coffee goes, i mean, we always hear it's very expensive buying it in a cup every day. pricey. how do you recommend we buy it? >> 300% mark-up. ground coffee, there's value. dunkin 'donuts and a mug an giving someone more value than a coffee gift card that's for 12 cups of coffee at the 300%. >> very good idea. so when it comes to clothing, people give maybe even a designer label but how significant of a mark-up is a designer label? >> 500% to 1,000%. designer jeans in particular. >> 1,000? >> 1,000. the work around there is to go to blifly or overstock and stores like. thej. maxx and daffy's. >> jewelry, very popular.
7:42 am
in december, the most popular month for diamond sales. >> a third of all engagements in november and december. mark-up is 100% to 200%. it's almost always on sale. you're never going to see a sign seeing marked up 70% off. a work around is a site called and you can save on average 20% to 40% on high-end diamonds and young men are doing this. selling more engagement rings than tiffany's because on a single karat is $500 to $1,000. >> and maybe cell phones for the children and families and big mark-ups there, too. >> yes. this mom is doing that. the cell phone the lost leader. giving you the phone for two-year contract. text messaging is where the biggest mark-up is. 6,000%. >> 6,000%? >> right. because it costs almost nothing
7:43 am
to send it. so make sure if you have a teen and getting them a cell phone opt for the unlimited text plan or come january you're going to be in tears getting the bill. >> good point. another thing to opt for is free shipping and today is a big free shipping day. >> about 60% of e-tailers have free shipping today. get in on it today. >> regina, thank you so much. regina lewis. up next, larry king is signing off for the final time at cnn. this is "the early show" on cbs. . are you sure these letters will get to santa? yes, of course. hold still. almost there. a little bit higher. i can't hold you up much longer. ah! whoa! [ all giggle ] ♪ hi, fellas. hi, virginia. why are you on the floor? [ female announcer ] bring your letter to santa into macy's and we'll donate to the make-a-wish® foundation. together, we'll collect a million reasons to believe.
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7:47 am
7,000 shows, larry king said good-bye. but left the farewell speeches to the celebrities. >> the days officially in california, larry king day. >> network news anchors. >> the best is yet to come, larry. you did it your way. >> and presidents who paid tribute to his career. >> one of the giants of broadcasting. >> reporter: before the broadcast king embraced those he's closest too off camera his long-time staff and his two sons, who seemed ready to follow in his famous footsteps. >> what's another thing i say? >> i'm too old for this. >> certainly a mixed feeling. you don't want to -- you know, this is -- this is part of my fiber. i spend a third of my life here. this is the premiere edition of "larry king live." >> >> reporter: when it beghan 1985, ronald reagan was president. king interviewed him and every commander in chief since. >> he approaches an interview with the mup mets the same way he would approach an interview with a musician or an actor or a
7:48 am
politician. >> there are king classics. a kiss with marlon brando. a ride-along with snoop dog. matching suspenders with lady gaga. >> you see him more as a friend. you see him more as grandpa. he'll ask a pleasant question. he won't be in your face. >> reporter: a big get could draw 15 to 20 million viewers but in recent years his ratings have fallen eroded by cable competitors with political viewpoints. >> never had the agenda. never went on the air like thinking i was going to change the world. the guest was important. i always knew i would be back tomorrow night. >> reporter: and on this last night, tony bennett offered a song and a wish. ♪ the best best is yet to come and, babe, won't that be fine ♪ >> to you, my audience, thank you. and instead of good-bye, how about so long?
7:49 am
>> i know larry and i've been following him for a long, long time. and one of the the great things about his show, all of, you know, sort of the critics said he's never tough on the guests and everything. the guests would come on and ended up saying stuff they ended up regretting later because they were so comfort tanl in his presence. >> right. he asked them quick, short, to-the-point questions. >> he always said, kid, ask short questions. >> that's good advice. >> we're going to be right back. you're watching lt early show on cbs. call unitedhealthcare medicare solutions today. you only have until december 31st to make sure you have the coverage you need. consider a medicare advantage plan. it combines medicare parts a & b, which is your doctor and hospital coverage and may include prescription drug coverage for as low as a $0 monthly premium. you only have until december 31st to enroll. call unitedhealthcare today.
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7:55 am
p g and e says it will good morning. it is 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. pg&e says it will immediately reduce gas pressure in older pipelines. the 20% reduction includes lines from fremont to oakland and from fremont to milpitas. the puc ordered the decrease in pressure for large pipelines installed before 1962, like the one in san bruno that blew up. police are looking for the person who stabbed a newark high school football star to death on wednesday. 300 people turned out last night to remember 17-year-old justice afoa at the spot where he was killed. police say past incidents may be connected to the murder. and it looks as if the u.s. senate will be voting tomorrow on whether to end "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays in the military. those in favorite repeal appear to have more than the 60 votes
7:56 am
needed to break a filibuster. the house already approved the repeal earlier this week. traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment. stay with us. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
good morning from the traffic center. traffic just crawling along through san francisco. we have a trouble spot south
7:58 am
101 at 80. the right lane is blocked. you can see traffic very slow and go through the area. now, if you headed on 280 that earlier accident at westboro is clear. but the damage is done. south 280 slow and go all the way out of daly city into san bruno. northbound 17 right at laurel an accident just reported. looks like traffic is slow and go in both directions. and a quick live look right now at the bay bridge. west 80 slow approaching the bridge and traffic light there once you go the towards the pay gates. that's a look at traffic. here's your forecast with tracy. >> thanks, gianna. rain showers this morning, mainly in the north bay for now. here's a look at some light and scattered activity through the north bay and some heavier rainfall moving into the santa rosa area as well as light showers in concord this morning as well as out in stockton. forecast for the day, showers for the morning, expecting more widespread rainfall for the evening as well as some gusty winds. highs in the 50s. continued chance of rainfall, some heavy at times through the weekend and also into the middle of next week.
7:59 am
a winter storm warning in effect for the sierra. ,,,,,,,,
8:00 am
>> there you go. welcome back to "the early show," everybody, on a friday morning. one week to go, right? >> it's the final countdown. >> the countdown is serious. a lot of people visiting from all over the country, happen to be in new york during the holiday season. some very serious signage here. very good. >> someone is having a baby. >> very impressed. >> congratulations. >> welcome back to "the early show," i'm harry smith along with rebecca jarvis. how many times do things go wrong and there's just something inside you that says i need to make my grievance known? >> maybe that happens too often for some of us. >> sometimes. whether you've at a restaurant or out shopping, sometimes you
8:01 am
just have to tell somebody this is not right. well, coming up, we're going to give a complaints 101 class. >> i like that. >> teach you how to complain effectively and to get what you want. and also along with this bitter cold comes some very significant health problems, like hypothermia or even breathing troubles. our resident expert, dr. jennifer ashton, is going to be along to tell us how we can beat those winter woes, harry. first, though, we want to get a check of the news. betty nguyen is at the news desk with the latest headlines. >> good morning, guys. good morning to you at home. this morning all that stands in the way of president obama's tax deal with republicans from becoming law is the president's signature. after a contentious debate, the house easily passed the bill late last night. a majority from both parties voted for the bill. it extends the bush-era tax cuts for everyone for two years and also extends long-term unemployment benefits, cuts social security taxes and also cuts the estate tax rate from
8:02 am
45% to 35%. democrats tried unsuccessfully to alter the measure, but the republican leadership wander any change would kill the agreement. >> while not perfect, this is the kind of action that most americans voted for last november. >> congressman anthony weiner was a vocal critic of the president's compromise. this morning he told harry the president was outplayed. >> the republicans turned out to be, frankly, better poker players than the president. they only really wanted two things this legislative session and got them both. that was the increase in the estate tax and increase in tax cuts for the very wealthy. >> the bill adds $858 billion to the federal deficit. this morning wikileaks founder julian assange is under house arrest at an estate about 100 miles northeast of london. now free on bail, assange registered with local police this morning. he has to wear an electronic device, observe a curfew and report to police daily, but he is free to resume work on his
8:03 am
website. he's fighting extradition to sweden, where he's been charged with rape, charges assange says have roots in the u.s. >> in the united states, what appears to be a secret grand jury investigation against me or our organization, not a single comment about what is actually going on. >> assange was released from prison earlier in the day. the latest wikileaks release of documents coming just two hours before assange was set free. now to that shooting incident in panama city, florida, and the hero who stopped a potential massacre. when clay duke opened fire at the county school board on tuesday, security chief mike jones shot him. this morning jones told harry he hesitated, fearing he'd hit the board members. >> i just didn't have a clear shot. and just about the time, that's when he pulled the gun up and started shooting and i had no choice then. >> jones is known around town as salvage santa, giving refurbished toys to needy
8:04 am
children. a school board member who hit duke with her purse during the confrontation is selling that purse on ebay, the proceeds going to salvage santa. good news out of north texas this morning. the case of a kidnapped woman. police have found her alive hundreds of miles from home. cbs news correspondent don teague has the story. >> reporter: when police in texas discovered 54-year-old eileen loskot had been abducted on her way home from work early thursday morning, they feared the worst. >> we absolutely believe that she is the victim of foul play. >> reporter: she was working a late shift at this dallas printer. she left at 1:00 a.m. just a few blocks from home, her car was hit from behind. >> it was a staged accident to get her out of the motor vehicle, yes, sir. >> reporter: she immediately called home to tell her husband, gary, about the accident but got voice mail. he retrieved the message several hours later and called police. >> all indications are that the phone was turned on during the course of the conversation, probably unknown to her captors.
8:05 am
>> reporter: after forcing her back into her car, they headed south about 50 miles to the town of cedar hill. on this bank surveillance video, loskot is seen about an hour later making three atm withdrawals, taking out $900. her captors then forced her to drive into new mexico, where they finally released her. loskot turned back toward texas, then contacted authorities in vega, texas, 375 miles from home. >> she is doing very well. >> reporter: police have arrested one man, a registered sex offender, who confessed to the kidnapping. the other two are still on the loose, presumably in new mexico. don teague, cbs news, dallas. private services are being planned for filmmaker blake edwards who died wednesday in santa monica, california. as a director edwards had a flare for comedy. he made seven pink panther movies and box office hits like
8:06 am
"10," "breakfast at tiffany's" and "victor-victoria" starring his wife, julie andrews. blake edwards was 88 years old. now let's take you back outside. dave price on the plaza where he is probably freezing with everybody else. >> no, you know what, i'm not because i am basked in the warmth of such nice people who have shown up today. pleasure to be with you. these ladies said you go and you tell them to put us on tv. >> that's right, yeah. >> where are you from? >> charleston, south carolina. hey, justin, brent, ashley and
8:07 am
8:08 am
this weather report sponsored by macy's. >> that's a look at your weather picture. one final word in this 8:00 half hour, go ecu pirates. that's what i say! all right, rebecca, we'll send it back inside to you. coming up next, we are battling the winter woes. your nose runs when it gets cold. how come? we'll have the answer and tell you how to stay warm and healthy this winter. this is "the early show" on cbs. ♪ express yourself
8:09 am
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honestly simple. ( chirping ) ♪ crayons and play-doh ♪ the latest dvd's ♪ lip gloss, gift cards, candy, shampoo ♪ ♪ anything for me? ♪ oh, stocking stuffers from walgreens ♪ ♪ you'll be glad you came ♪ get hershey's kisses chocolates ♪ ♪ in a great big candy cane [ female announcer ] stuff all your stockings in one easy trip to walgreens and get $5 in walgreens super jingle cash with every $25 you spend. good for anything in the store. [ female announcer ] stay jolly with walgreens. in this morning's healthwatch, those winter woes. freezing temperatures, ice, snow, they all have a definite impact on our health and dr. jennifer ashton is here to tell us why our bodies react the way they do. great to see you, jen. >> good morning, rebecca. >> the first thing i'm thinking
8:12 am
of is the shivering, the teeth chattering when you're outside. why is this going on? >> or sometimes inside in some cases. you have to distinguish between two things. one is shivering in cold temperatures. it can even happen in warm temperature, versus what we call in medicine shaking chills. but when you talk about just general shivering, it's really your body's attempt through its internal mechanism to generate heat through muscle contraction. that's what it does. the more movement on a tiny little level, the greater your temperature will get and you will hopefully get warmer. when you're talking about shaking chills, normally as a doctor when we hear someone say i have shaking chills, we think there must be little viral or bacterial particles circulating in their blood. completely different mechanism. >> speaking of big concerns, my mom always had the concern did i have my hat with me leaving the house. >> and don't leave with a wet head. my mom and your mom must have gone to the same mothering
8:13 am
school. that was a very common concept. not entirely wrong, because the bottom line is when it is cold outside you want to cover all of the body parts that are exposed to that temperature and your head is a big one. we used to hear a number circulating around that 40% or more of your body's core temperature heat loss can be lost through your head. the thinking now is it's probably more like 10%, but the concern, obviously, when you're talking about exposure to extreme cold is hypothermia, which is more common certainly in cold weather but, believe it or not, can even happen in florida. very common amongst elderly people. you want to get into shelter, remove any wet articles of clothing you might have on your body. as you rewarm yourself, rewarm from your core or the internal parts of your body first, so talking about the head, neck, armpi armpits, chest and groin, and warm up slowly. >> how do you determine whether you're dealing with hypothermia or you're just feeling particularly cold? >> well, first of all, is length of time. if you've been outside for a
8:14 am
period of time and you're starting to notice that your fingers or your toes are losing their color or, believe it or not, if you stop shivering, that can be a sign that hypothermia is a risk. >> that's important to know. when your nose starts to run, this is such a weird thing. i actually just came in from outside and mine feels a little bit that way, but why? >> very common and very annoying for a lot of people. it's basically the nose doing its job. the major function. nose, believe it or not, is to warm the air and moisturize it. as that happens. little tiny blood vessels in the nasal passages dilate, get a little larger, more fluid is produced and that produces the drip, drip, drip that's so common but it's really just the nose being efficient. >> well, that's good to know because i find it kind of annoying but i'm glad to hear it's efficient. in terms of breathing out in the cold, sometimes it's hard tore breathe when you're in a really cold temperature, why is that? >> absolutely. if we move our way down from the face to the head and neck, again, very similar concept here, rebecca. cold air coming into our
8:15 am
respiratory airways, especially our upper airways, especially people who are exercising who might be breathing through their mouth, that air is not having an opportunity to be warmed and moisturized and it can constrict or cause a spasm in the upper airways, particularly problematic for people with asthma. very easy thing to do. cover your nose and mouth with a scarf or piece of fabric, even if you're doing exercise outside. the bottom line with all these things, they can be annoying, but we want people to enjoy the cold. >> i appreciate that, thank you, dr. jennifer ashton. up next, sometimes you just have to complain. we're going to show you the most effective ways to get what you want. this is "the early show" on cbs. cbs healthwatch cbs healthwatch sponsored by sensodyne iso active. nine out of ten dentists recommend sensodyne. for those that are looking for it. it comes in a canister. it starts out as a gel. now this is where the fun begins. once you start to brush with it, it micro-foams. having those small micro-bubbles
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8:18 am
this time of year the stores are packed, tensions are high. you don't always get what you want a. perfect recipe for complaints but even when you do speak up, it doesn't always work. here to help you get results when you complain is jamey
8:19 am
zanzinger. good morning. >> good morning, thank you for having me. >> you know, you're going to help a lot of people today. >> i hope so. >> i hope you feel good about that. the first you need to know how to complain, what are the basic tenants of good complaining. >> three things to remember. first is to address your complaint to the correct person. venting to somebody who can't help you will not get you results. >> right. >> secondly, be as unemotional and as polite as possible. when you are angry, aggressive and insulting you get, the more you put the person on the defensive. >> right. >> finally, be prepared. i can't say this enough. go armed with all of your receipts, remember the names of the salespeople you spoke to. research the company's legal obligations to you and when you're informed, they will take you seriously. >> they really do. if you have the specific information it's hard for them to go -- >> right. >> -- we can't help. when should you not complain? >> well, be very, very careful
8:20 am
when it comes to complaining at work, because you risk coming off as a whiner or just plain negative. >> that's not good. all right. we have several scenarios that we want to sort of run through here. and you're going to help us out. okay? we go shopping, right? and we're at the store. when do you know -- so, you're in a situation, say, with a sales clerk or something like that. when do you know it's time to sort of try to take it up the food chain, as it were? >> well, if the sales person can't help you. but, the first thing to remember is that the sales person is not your enemy. so, you want to put her on your side. talk to her as a friend. she didn't make the store policy. she didn't make the item. >> this is smart. this is good. >> so, get her to be sympathetic to your plight. start out by saying something like, i'm sorry if i sound annoyed but you can understand how disappointing it is to spend $50 o on a sweater and have it totally fall apart. >> sure. >> if she can't help you that's when you need to move to the next level.
8:21 am
>> go up the food chain. is there, if all else fails strategy, when do you employ that. >> absolutely. after you have called the company's 1-800 number and haven't gotten anywhere that's where if you paid with a credit card you may need to call your credit card company and discuss stopping the charges orp putting it on hold. >> help me out in air travel and hotel rooms and all of this stuff this time of year. what's the best strategy there? >> best thing to do is talk to someone right away. go to the front desk, call the 800 number of the airline, give them a chance to resolve it right away. if they can't and the problem has been really it's really bad, you might want to go to social media. this is a great way to get your point to hundreds of people. >> if not hundreds of thousands of people, right. >> right. write about your experiences on your facebook status, tweet about it, write a review on trip adviser dot come and thesing are
8:22 am
canvassing the sites and they will respond. >> that's very cool. i'm at a restaurant things are not going even in the neighborhood i would hope they would. what should i do. >> the tool is your appropriately named complaint sandwich what that is a complaint wedged between two statements of praise. you want to talk to the manager and say, hey, the soup was delicious but the service was incredibly slow and unfriendly and that's a shame because this is my favorite restaurant. what that does is show him not everything was terrible. and makes him go out of his way to help you out. whether it's giving you a gift certificate or comping your meal. >> the good old complaint sandwich. very good. finally home repairs, this can be difficult the guy's in your house and it's not getting done. what do you do? >> you want to first talk to the technician and go, before lunch -- or don't goff before lunch, go before the end of the day because when they are in a hurry to get out the door. >> forget it. >> -- they are going to be in no rush to help you. then move up the chain, show them europe warranties your
8:23 am
written, you knowing, expenses, any paperwork, and then move on up. if you have to write a letter to the head of the company -- >> do it. >>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:24 am
8:25 am
robert lyles. a vallejo man is in custody, and a day care center is shut down... amid allegations of child molestation. 30-year old story good morning. it's 8257. i'm robert lyles. a vallejo man is in custody and a daycare center is shut down amid allegations of child molestation. samuel cowper was arrested at mary's daycare in vallejo yesterday. he is the son of the center owner. investigators say two girls say cowper molested them. bay area rapid transit's new president is pushing for extended hours for bart trains on saturdays. he hopes to keep trains running an extra 45 minutes to an hour past midnight to help people attending social and entertainment events. pg&e will immediately
8:26 am
reduce gas pressure in older pipelines. the 20% reduction includes lines from fremont to oakland and from fremont to milpitas. the public utilities commission ordered the decrease in pressure for large pipelines installed before 1962, like the one in san bruno that exploded. stay right where you are. a look at traffic and weather when we return. ♪
8:27 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now everyone can explore the world from home. at&t is making high speed internet more affordable than ever at only $14.95 a month. one-year price guarantee.
8:28 am
bart delays out of the lake merritt station. 10 to 15 minutes in the dublin- pleasanton direction. otherrer than bart problem- free. south 280 a trouble spot here. southbound really sluggish. we are hearing delays up to 30 minutes out of san bruno, daly city and south san francisco. also, southbound 242 at concord, got an accident in the left lane. give yourself some extra time there, as well. here's tracy with the forecast. >> thanks, gianna. rain showers this morning in the north bay and a few out in the east bay. we are expecting a chance of rainfall to be with us all day as a storm system moves through the bay area. here's the seven-day forecast. today the first of many storm systems that will be impacting the bay area. rainfall is expected during the day, heavy at times with gusty winds as the afternoon approaches. rainfall in the forecast through the weekend and more rainfall through next week.
8:29 am
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8:30 am
♪hey can contribute $10 to the salvation army right through the mobile phone. you can do it now at christmas time or any time during the year. >> way to go. really appreciate you coming by. the holiday tradition we kind of revised a little bit. really appreciate it. merry christmas to you. >> there you go. there's young dave. >> stop. stop for a second, because i don't know how many people who are watching on television realize you're actually playing the tub, a. >> yes, i do. >> you play the tub, a every year. >> just about. >> and you are really good and playing the tub, a. isn't it great? this is what we love about harry
8:31 am
smith. the salvation army, what great work you do, not just at the holidays but 365 days a year. we salute you and thank you for being here this morning. happy holidays to you. everyone in the holiday spirit, are you ready for some weather? >> yes. >> all right. let's take a check and see. it is cold. very, very good. let's see what's happening all across the country, shall we? looks like pleasant conditions in the northeast. it's cold but not bitter cold like it has been. keep in mind lake-effect activity, upwards one to three inches. to be honest with you, that's nothing in the lake-effect world right now. considering it is going to be quite possibly the coldest -- or excuse me, the snowiest december on record in places like syracuse. we're very close to that record now. gusty winds in the northeast as we head sunday into monday. where this low goes will determine who gets walloped. a real good bet for new england with rainy and windy conditions up along the corridor stretching
8:32 am
all the way from north carolina onwards again through maine. meanwhile we back out and take a look at the rest of the country. another storm brewing as a low pressure system sits off the california coastline. that's a rainmaker and mountain snowmaker. look at that. that's not a misprint. four to circumstance inches -- no, no, four to six feet in places like tahoe. heaven for skiers. the danger is going to be getting there. watch it. it's going to be a tough ,,,,
8:33 am
it's his birthday. it's his it's his birthday. it's his birthday. 37 years old. happy birthday and thank you for coming. thank you for being here. nice to see you and happy holidays. that's a quick look at your weather picture. harry. this morning we continue our partnership with macy's believe campaign benefiting the make-a-wish foundation. the inspiration behind it. here on cbs. here is a preview. the new york, they always tell the truth, don't they? i could write to them. >> yes. newspapers are very busy and they don't have time to answer every letter. >> thanks papa. >> and we are lucky enough to have virginia with us in the
8:34 am
studio this morning. good morning. >> good morning, harry. thanks for having me. >> believe me, it's my pleasure. now, you must be one of our youngest guests. you're eight, right? >> give or take 100 years. >> already so accomplished. in fact, you are a balloon in the macy's thanksgiving parade this year. how was that? >> that was pretty cool. >> yes, virginia seems to be on its way to becoming a holiday classic. for those who don't know, why don't you explain the story. >> well, it's all about me trying to prove that santa is real. >> which is a pretty big undertaking for a little girl? >> kind of. in the show i have to go across the entire city to find proof. >> that's right. you go to the new york public library. gow to herald square. >> yeah. that's where my friends allie and i met a guy named scraggly
8:35 am
santa. >> scraggly santa. didn't some people try to get in your way? >> well, tried. >> in the end you wrote a letter to new york sun asking him. >> my papa told me, if you see it in the "sun" it's probably so. >> the editor's response is famous to this day. what was it? >> yes, virginia, there is santa class. he exists as certainly as love and generosity exists. >> fortunately for us you never gave up. i see you brought a letter for santa today. >> yes. i'm going to mail it at macy's after the show. >> what did you ask for? >> that's between me and the big guy. >> you're mailing it at macy's because from every letter sent to santa from one of their stories they will donate $1 up to $1 million to make-a-wish foundation. we actually happen to have a mailbox right here. >> that's great. >> why don't you go ahead and drop it in. with that, we'll have $875,568
8:36 am
letters. >> but you know, we still need more. >> we sure do. virginia, that you so much for visiting. >> thank you. >> now, anything else you'd like to add this morning? >> just merry christmas, everyone. >> merry christmas, virginia. happy holidays. the new "yes, virginia" is now a book or dvd. you can also watch virginia's story tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central on cbs. for more on make a wish campaign and macy's go to now here is rebecca. >> great stuff. thank you, harry. we've all been told how important daily exercise is to good health. it can be challenging to find an activity that keeps you coming back day after day. early show special contributor is here with a story of a fun sport that is getting people off the couch and outside. great to have you with us.
8:37 am
>> good morning, rebecca. i'm obsessed with this game. it's changed my life i'll tell you. the sport with the funny name, pickleball. it's sweeping the nation. from the moment you give it a shock you'll be hooked. >> part tennis, part ping-pong, part badminton, pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in america. it gots its unusual name from a cocker spaniel named pickle, who used to chase down balls from the inventor. >> how much do you have? >> 108. >> here in the villages in central florida, the pickleball capital of the world, lifelong tennis coach turned pickleball coach has promised to school me on the finer points of a game devotees call addictive.
8:38 am
like most days, they begin and end with pickleball. >> no matter how good you are, you'll have a good time. >> playing on a surface a third of a tennis court, it's low impact and easier on the joints. one of the main reason older players are drawn to it. jo ann and dennis are in their 70s. >> do you play as a team or opponents. >> either. >> opponents. >> are you kicking butt? >> always. >> pickleball isn't for old-timer's. >> it's multi-generational game. the whole family can play. >> yes. >> after instruction from the coach, i was ready for a pickleball throwdown. >> reporter: you could hear as the 15 minute game got going, i was out of breath. getting plenty of exercise, no doubt.
8:39 am
just give it a try and you'll be hooked on the sweet sport with the sour name. >> taste of victory. >> i love this game. we have so much fun. i'm a pickleball nut. came home from arizona with a silver medal, get this, from the national pickleball tournament. these days he's got plenty of competition, the pickleball competition, there's more than 100,000 players and growing. >> you used to play tennis. how does this compare? >> i loved tennis but i super love pickleball. i played in college but i would be scared at net because it was wailed at me. it's a light ball, smaller court, not much surface. >> looks less expensive, too. >> go to, linked on our website, $20 for the racket,
8:40 am
composite, the balls aren't much. it's so much fun. >> i am addicted. this piece was two minutes or so. we were playing for five hours. i had to catch a plane and i was like, no, i want to stay. >> we're glad you brought it to us. thanks. now here is harry. this morning our perfect presents are all about food. early show contributor brought us gifts for food lovers. good morning. >> good morning, harry. >> you're looking festive. >> i'm feeling fess tifs with these gifts these are gifts i'd love to get. i'm a food lover. especially with the stocking gifts, they are around $7 and fun. i thought you would like whiskey stones. they are soap stones you put in the freezer.
8:41 am
they won't dilute you drink but they will keep it cool. these are bottle freezers from gypsy they hold your drink, keep it cold or hot. one size fits all. some fun kitchen timers. this is really cool. this is called umomi paste. it's a new flavor, robust. use it on parmesan, it's really good. makes all those flavors pop. that's for the foodie with everything. something totally new. for the health conscious food lover. these are great gluten-free, from is a, a lot of wonderful products in one place that are all natural. pancake mix, cookie mix. they are delicious and $8 or $9. a great inexpensive gift. >> gluten-free.
8:42 am
>> gluten-free vegans. >> for the coffee addict like me. i love coffee. these are coffee grinders. they are fantastic because they have a clear lid. can you see -- >> how much is ground. >> about $20. give with a bag of favorite beans. a cool coffee mug. i've got some from anthropology. >> those are pretty. really nice. >> next up, baked goods. nobody can go wrong with these. this is a delicious restaurant here in new york. they have great stuff. their pan toni, i look forward to all year long. they only have it after december 1st. >> sometimes not so great. >> this one is good. it's the only one i like. as far as i'm concerned it's the only one i buy. >> where does it come from? >> it's yummy. from williams and, you can give three months of
8:43 am
croissa croissants. they come frozen, pop them in the oven, all of a sudden you have beautiful croissants fresh from the oven. >> if you have your coffee mug. >> i'd be thrilled. homemade orange poppy seed, pumpkin bread, those are great to have around, take for a hostess mix. cookies in a jar. you put together the recipe and put it in the jar. this is really special. from you go online and customize the flavor. this is harry holiday. >> this is my favorite flavor. >> i love it. this is black raspberry chip. ecreamery. i have a betty delicious. you can customize the flavors
8:44 am
for your friends' tastes. >> that's cool. >> these are fun from alton brown, food inspired, pink pepper corn, fig, basil. some great bath gifts, easy to keep on hand. next step for the wine lover. we all like our wine. there's fun wine gadgets. this is wine opener. it's electric. you just put it on top of the bottle and push the button, the cork pops up and out. then what you do, instant wine killer. don't have to put it in the frig. freeze this, pour, your wine is instantly chilled. >> when it comes out, it comes through here and that's what makes it cold. >> this is what makes it cold. if you have it sitting on the buffet, it stays cold. we also have a beer refrigerator. this is really great for a bachelor or guy like you that likes to watch football.
8:45 am
>> just wanted to see how this works. curious. >> do you like it? what do you think? >> it's like a ronco commercial. it works. it really, really works. okay. what's this? >> this is our beer frig. you put a mini keg in here from krups, it's about $100 so you have your own beer on tap. great for a bachelor, somebody who watches football games. >> man cave. >> i thought you would like this, this is a wine opener, moustache wine opener. twelve bucks, looks good on you. >> very good stuff. for more on these perfect presents, all you need to do is go to the website ,, ♪electronic santa song
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ jingle bells, jingle bells,
8:48 am
jingle all the way ♪ >> if you could feel a sort of added level of emotion during the broadcast this morning it is because it dave's last day on "the early show" and -- i have something very important to say to you in a moment but first i want you to just talk about your journey here and some of the great things you've had the opportunities to do and people you've had the chance to work with. >> i'm at a loss. the people i've had a chance to work with are the people -- and who have been the most meaningful to me are right there. >> yeah. >> on the other side of the camera. i don't know if we can take a camera and flip it around. it's all these people who no one gets to see. >> right. >> who do the magic of getting us on the air. and you and i have gone through countless co-anchors, co-hosts,
8:49 am
special correspondents. >> right. >> these are the folks, though, who, as you're traveling around the world, as you're traveling around the country, as you're in hurricanes, those are the folks. >> who are my family. >> right. >> and they mean the world to me. >> right. >> and with all the change that we've gone through here year after year after year, there's one other person and that's you. and i have sat next to you each day for eight years and i am blessed to have learned from you and witnessed you as a journalist but i'm more lucky to call you a friend. and even though this comes to an end, people often ask, you know, do the morning show personalities all get along, the one question that i always get [ laughter ] >> i love you, harry smith and i love andrea and this has been the most meaningful thing about my time here at cbs. >> you know, i couldn't agree
8:50 am
with you more. it's very interesting because that -- that question does get asked a lot and the fact is, as through this whole journey through the last eight years that we've worked together, the thing that i have found most rewarding is our friendship. because the other thing you need to know is this is like the little brother i've never had. and -- >> i'm so sorry. [ laughter ] >> and what's interesting about it there have been ups and downs, we've had moments where we would not talk to each other for weeks at a time. >> like family. >> because we were absolutely incensed and everything else. >> right. >> at the end of the day, our common interest was doing the best broadcast we kimplsts that's what family's all about. >> and i'm going to most miss waking up with the people on the other side of the television. i am -- i won't lie. i'm heartbroken to leave here. and good things are in the future and i want to thank everyone for the opportunity to have been here. but, the one thing i'll miss the most is being part of a morning
8:51 am
routine and who knows what the future has in hold. >> there you go. >> we're going,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:52 am
8:53 am
headlines... bay area rapid transit's ne pres it is 78:55. good morning, i'm sydnie kohara with your cbs 5 news headlines at 8:55. bay area rapid transit's president is pushing for extended bart trains on saturdays to keep them running an extra 45 minutes to an hour past midnight. an alameda county judge has denied a defense motion by two defendants in a high-profile murder case. yusef bey iv and antoine mackie face charges with the killing of chauncey bailey and two other men in oakland in the summer 2007. their attorneys were trying to get the murder charges dismissed. here's the kind of thank could happen during the holiday. some folks in alameda planning to fight crime by tap dancing. you might recall last week thieves ripped off dozens of homes on thompson avenue, known as christmas tree lane this time of year. at 5 p.m.
8:54 am
tomorrow, a group called dance 10 will perform its tap dancing christmas routine to raise money to replace the stolen items. traffic and weather around the bay area coming right up. stay with us. ,,,, [ steve ] i was registering my citi card for the holiday sweepstakes, when i got this toy from my colleague in japan. turns out robosan was the hottest toy of the year. [ news tv ] robosan 4000 is sold out across the country. [ steve ] i was going to sell it online and make a fortune. but then, i won a $1,000 prepaid card
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just because i used my citi card. so i made a decision, if citi could surprise me, why not do the same for someone else? [ male announcer ] register and use your card for a chance to win a prepaid card worth up to $10,000. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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and good morning from the traffic center. we are dealing with bart delays out of lake merritt. pretty much systemwide now at this point in all direction. this is due to insulation on the tracks. over 20-minute delays. give yourself some extra time. southbound 280 still continues to be a struggle. we have an accident here as you approach 380. traffic backed up to 19th avenue, at this point very slow and go. checking your drive through san jose, wet roads there so use caution traffic a little slow. here's your forecast with tracy. >> thanks, gianna. our forecast for today, plenty of rainfall expected. that rainfall will remain in the forecast, yeah, throughout the morning as well as the afternoon. here's a look at our hi-def doppler. light to moderate showers moving through sonoma, napa, as well as fairfield. and more moderate showers in the calistoga area. today will be not a complete washout but we are expecting a good chance of rainfall well into the afternoon as well as the evening. a continued chance of rainfall in the forecast saturday through thursday.
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