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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  December 17, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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sandbags from the valley church's united mission in ben lomond. but so far this year, the nonprofit has only been able to secure a few hundred empty sandbags from the county and there are concerns about what could happen if the projected rainfall amounts become reality. >> well, if we want to relate to the storms of 1998 when we had this steady rainfall for that many days we flooded here, we filled 36,800 sandbags out of this parking lot. >> reporter: mission director annette markham has been helping residents impacted by weather for nearly 30 years. the shelves here are stocked with canned foods and other supplies for residents who lose power or are otherwise stuck inside their homes. but after so many years she is not will to predict. >> it's nature. you never know. maybe god will blow it over. it's the same as it always is. >> reporter: in the nearby town of felton this resident is preparing for the possibility that the san lorenzo river will
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overflow at the covered bridge. when that happens, that means tense times. >> when the river fills up it goes into that ditch and comes straight up here. >> reporter: so when you see the weather forecast -- >> the guy comes by with a bull horn and says you need to evacuate. >> reporter: now, for residents in mountain communities, obviously one of the big concerns is power outages. so emergency workers say now is the time to stock up on those alternative cooking sources, water and obviously a radio, anything to get through what could be happening over the next few days, allen. >> got to be prepared. all right, mark sayre in santa cruz, thank you. in the east bay, people are also loading up on sandbags. while pg&e crews do what it takes to keep the wind damage and the flooding to a minimum, sherry hu in oakland with what's being done. >> reporter: allen, wouldn't now it's been drilling all day and within the past half hour, it's really starting to come down. the city has the drill down by now. crews have been out all day long and as you can see these sandbags are being stacked up. they are ready to go at a
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number of locations here in oakland for people to pick up tonight and through the weekend. reporter: mike patterson and alan goldberg two oakland hills neighbors are thinking more about their football rivalry than the anticipated storm. not to say, though, they're downplaying the damage nature can cause. >> those two trees right over here and one of those last year came down over the road right after a car went by. that was pretty good. that was the biggest storm thing i have seen up here. >> reporter: today, the city's public works crews moved quickly to clean up as many drains as possible in a day's work. here along skyline boulevard, a gutter got clogged by branches and mud. down the road, workers were feeding the wood chipper. pg&e says 13% of its power outages are caused by trees. so the best prevention is to try to keep limbs and branches
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from tangling with power lines during windy, wet weather. oakland maintenance crews are rushing from one spot to another. this crew is flushing yet another storm drain so water won't back up and flood. >> what we do is run the flusher hose down the line, pull back the debris and vacuum it up records a different type of defense is on alan goldberg's mind. compared to what chicago bears fans like goldberg endured during home games like last weekend -- >> actually, i'm from the midwest. so anything that happens here, it's still great weather. there's optimists in the storm, there are. >> reporter: well, optimists, public works say it's more like being realists. so crews are on standby this weekend and ready to respond. in oakland, sherry hu, cbs 5. slick roads are to blame for several accidents around the bay area already including this 4 a.m. crash on highway 101 in southern marin. the chp says the driver of this
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chevy impala swerved to avoid hitting a deer. this is near the waldo tunnel above sausalito. but because of the wet road, he lost control. the car went down a ravines landed on the roof as you see but the driver we are told is expected to be okay. wet roads also contributed to this accident in antioch early this morning. the driver of the 18-wheeler lost control and ended up in a ditch. it happened on highway 4 near lone tree way. we are told the truck driver was not seriously hurt. all right. how much rain can we expect? brian hackney in the weather center with the breakdown of who gets what. welcome. >> thanks for asking me as soon as things got very important. you know, you look at the video of those accidents and you realize all it takes recipe for an accident just add water around the bay area. we are going to be adding a lot over the next five to seven days, at least. and you can see from the latest on the radar at least plenty of green go around for the bay area. some of the heaviest cells just off the santa cruz mountains so it is going to get very heavy over 17 in the next couple of your hours but the rain will be
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baywide and will turn to snow above 6,000 feet. there are winter storm warnings posted in the sierra up at mount shasta they expect a couple of feet but by the time monday rolls around they could get 10 feet of snow. the seven-day forecast is coming up. >> a say, welcome. glad to have you. a former bart cop who was fired in the wake of the oscar grant shooting will be allowed to rejoin the force. an arbitrator today overturned bart's firing of marisol domenici. she was one of the officers who helped detail oscar grant before johannes mehserle shot and killed him. bart fired her accusing her of lying to investigators about that shooting. but today, the arbitrator said that the hearing found no evidence that she lied. domenici's lawyer said she will return to work but it's not clear when. parents take their children there assuming they are safe but tonight, a bay area daycare is shut down after allegations of sexual abuse.
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joe vazquez on what two young girls say lapd to them there. >> reporter: mary's daycare in vallejo is closed shut down by the state following allegations the daycare owner's son molested two young girls. police say they also confiscated digital images of children. >> we have seen some pictures and videos . at this time we are trying to investigate further if they are connected to child pornography. >> reporter: 30-year-old samuel cowper is now in jail charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious sex with a minor. he was arrested after mary's daycare, which also happens to be his parents' house in the 1300 block of elliott. he lives there, too of officials say two girls have come forward recently to report cowper molested them. one girl is now 13 but says she was molested between the ages of 3 and 7. >> during that time, she is claiming that she was touched inappropriately at least twice a month over that span of four years. the second victim is approximately 8 years old and she is claiming about up to
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about two years ago the suspect was taking inappropriate pictures of her while she was disrobed. >> reporter: the vallejo police department says as many as 80 people were watched by them over the decades. they are worried about more victims. according to documents from the california department of social services the state has temporarily closed the daycare facility. they have also taken steps to permanently revoke the license of the daycare providers mary and charles cowper. the state has also banned samuel cowper for life from any facilities managed by social services. >> my honest opinion is take him out and stone him. you know? i got nothing good for him. >> reporter: samuel cowper is in the solano county jail with bail just under a million dollars. joe vazquez, cbs 5. in san jose, police are investigating a series of robberies at pot clubs. they say that thieves hit four dispensaries and one marijuana
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grower this week. in one case a masked intruder knocked a dispensary owner out of his wheelchair and robbed the business. so far nobody has been seriously hurt but police are investigating the possibility that these crimes are in some way connected. in palo alto, a man ended up at stanford hospital with some serious injuries after slamming his car into the tree and a light pole. it happened just before 6 a.m. on san antonio road near middle field. police say that it was not really raining that hard at the time so they don't know exactly what caused the accident. the 24-year-old driver was unconscious when they pulled him out of the car. coming up, a big change for californians who get unemployment and disability benefits. why the check won't be in the mail much longer. one week of shopping left before christmas. the freebie you want to take advantage of but it's today only. the outlook at that time was grim. >> but making medicine personal is giving doctors a way to
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attack this man's cancer. why his treatment gives hope to others. ,,,,,,,,
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lightning fast. lightning strong. verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world. the check is not in the mail for tens of thousands of californians on disabilities. the state is beginning a changeover to a new payment
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system for most state benefits including unemployment the week before christmas. julie watts on the consumerwatch with more on what the switch means. reporter: cindy counts on state disability to feed her family while she recovers from foot surgery. >> my car insurance is due today for my daughters and i. i don't have funds in the account to cover that. i don't have very many groceries in the house. >> reporter: but on monday, instead of a check, she got a letter telling her that her next payment will come in the form of a bank of america debit card from the employment development department but when she called bank of america where to ask where her card was. >> he said it would take seven to ten business days to get the cards. >> reporter: state officials admit there is a lag but not that long. >> there is a little bit of a process for to us get the information over to bank of america for them to actually make the cards and then to get it into the mail. so might take another day or two longer to get that card.
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>> reporter: the card rollout started monday and people on disability and family medical leave will get them first, eventually by next spring those collecting unemployment will also transition from paper to plastic. gale hill brand of the consumers union has reservations about the new system. >> people on disability because of a mental challenge, that may make it more difficult to keep track of money you can't touch or see. >> reporter: bank of america withdrawals are free but using the card at other banks more than twice a month will cost you. >> but you still need to pay attention and see if fees are disappearing. >> reporter: edd says the change is worth t recipients can now set up direct deposit and say it's more secure. >> you just kind of have to hang tight, get that card and from that point forward you will have quicker access to your funds. >> reporter: and this evening, cindy says she has now finally received her new edd card. so far, so good she says. she likes it. hey, if you have a consumer
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problem call our hotline 1-888- 5-helps-u. allen? >> thank you, julie. have a great weekend. >> you, too. the battle over the $858 billion tax package is over tonight. president obama signed it into law. it's a huge tax bill extending tax cuts for millions of americans. the package extends the bush administration tax cuts for two more years. it also includes a 13 month extension of jobless benefits and a nearly one-third cut in payroll taxes that pay for social security. both sides say this is not the end of the battle over tax cuts. >> two years is better than a tax hike on january 1, but it will not end the uncertainty. >> as for the jobless benefits, the labor department doesn't know how many americans have used up all their unemployment benefits but it is well into the hundreds of thousands. still looking for christmas gifts? hoping to save some money? today would be a good day to shop online. today is free shipping day on
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the web. nearly 1800 retailers including toys 'r us, and the body shop are willing to deliver some if not all of their items by christmas eve for free but you better act soon because the deal ends at midnight. next, white-out conditions. how much snow is expected to blanket the mountains this weekend. it began as a light rain this morning and now as you can see by looking live, it's turning into rain and when it rains, it pours during portion of the weekend and there is no end in sight. details coming up.
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if you are planning to try to get an early start on the holiday vacation, you and everybody else, make plans because bad weather causing delays at san francisco international airport leading to these long lines at the ticket counter and, of course,
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security, too. right now, arriving flights are delayed more than 3 1/2 hours. and you can bet if the arriving flights are delayed, chance are departures will be delayed, too. no delays reported at oakland or san jose mineta. heads up though if your holiday plans including hitting the slopes. that winter storm warning is in effect in the sierra and jonas tichenor joins us from the infamous blue canyon to tell us how much snow we will get. it's the last place we can get to live. >> reporter: the memories of many reporters past lie here in blue canyon where they have experienced exactly what i'm experiencing today. this is day one of this storm hitting the sierra very hard. it's going to go on for many, many days and it is making travel difficult especially in the higher elevations where there is a lot of snow and ice on the ground. it really does take some skill to negotiate this mountain pass. >> reporter: it doesn't get much more festive than the whitescape of old truckee.
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it's the getting there that is difficult as if the treacherous road conditions weren't enough, you have freezing temperatures, a steady dump of snowfall, and then there's this guy. >> have probably only put these on four or five times. >> reporter: his name is dave. he is headed to reno hoping he is dealt a better hand and maybe a jacket. >> i have another shirt so i did plan ahead a little bit. it's just easier to do it without a jacket on. >> reporter: dave is not alone. with chain controls mandatory, he is just not paying the 30 bucks for convenience. neither are most professional drivers. >> you know, we make a living doing it so we are aware of what's coming down. >> reporter: they are hope is just to get over this mountain pass and avoid guys like dave, whose skill on these frozen road surfaces may be just another hazard on an already difficult journey. >> sure, they got bad driving
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habits and don't follow distance, everything you guys tell us every time on the reports. catch somebody off guard and then they are in an accident. >> reporter: caltrans says that you can expect it to be slow going through the mountain passes. they have the miles per hour set at 30 and yes, there is chain control. on a separate note, quick shoutout to my wife lisa, daughters abigail and talia in walnut creek hopingfully staying warm and dry. >> they are laughing at you right now. look at dad! look what dad -- yeah, he is stuck up there. i hope you get down. 30 bucks for a chain jockey? i think that's kind of worth it. >> reporter: 30 bucks up and if you're coming back, it's 15 to get it off. >> okay. so make sure you have enough for both ways. all right, jonas tichenor in blue canyon. thanks. brian hackney as a look at the radar and what's coming in.
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>> mr. m, there is plenty coming in. let's keep our "eye on the bay" -- bridge. we have fog around the bay area being reported from san jose all the way down to out to concord. visibility is down to about a quarter of a mile in some places 1,000 feet. there is going to be rain, fog and snow in the mountains and rain and how. as you can see up in the north bay, nobody gets spared. these are beginning to be -- the cells are beginning to blossom as they come into marin and down in the south bay it's really going to come down in inverness, point reyes, good cell over here -- i'm sorry, right over here. it's been a while since i have done it but that cell is going to produce heavy rain in marin, more of the same especially in the santa cruz mountains. look at the rain blossom as it gets closer to the shoreline so we are going to get rain heavy at times tonight. it looks like the biggest push will be around 10:00 but it is going to be murder on traffic. i want you to look at something on the map. look at this part of the screen. on the time lapse of the
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satellite, just look at it. as it gets to the coastline, this just blooms because it's getting lifted by the coast and when it gets lifted it's going to get up and pour down. rainfall totals on this are going to be in excess of one inch for almost everybody in the bay area between now and sunday. and things are going to be windy, as well. not as windy as we thought yesterday. the winds will still be up around 25 miles an hour but not as bad as we thought. wet weekend, some gusty winds, low pressure offshore is continuing to pull all of this moisture from well out over hawaii into the bay area and so by sunday night, we are looking for 4" of rain in the north bay up to 2" in the east bay, the peninsula between now and sunday night 3", santa cruz mountains 5" of rain. and then it's going to rain some more. up in the snow, the rain turns to snow. winter storm warnings are posted. highs tomorrow only in the low 40s, cooling down to the 30s. tomorrow in the mid-50s for the bay area. the temperatures are normal. the rain, however, is going to set the stage for more rain
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this week. five-day outlook is calling for things to stay wet and when you add in thursday and friday, even though looking out that far ahead, it's hard to tell you about it still looks wet right through the end of the week. we'll update it all at 6:00 tonight, allen. >> all right, brian. see you then, thanks. coming up, how personalized medicine is treating the unique characteristics of disease and saving lives. ,,,,,,,,,, [ female announcer ] safeway talks gift ideas.
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right now, save $6 on a $40 4-pack. keep 'em on hand. only at safeway. ingredients for life. everyday medicine. so, what is it? dr. kim mulvihill is here
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personalityized medicine is being used to fight deadly disease to doses for everyday medicine. what is that? >> reporter: think of it this way. when it comes to medicine, one size does not fit all. personalized medicine is all about using the right drugs for the right patient at the right dosage. reporter: just over a year ago kyle madden was planning his wedding. >> i had zero symptoms day one. and then the following day, i couldn't walk a flight of steps. >> reporter: kyle was so short of breath, he went to the doctor. the 39-year-old, who never smoked, was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. >> the outlook at that time was grim. >> reporter: kyle had a lung biopsy performed. >> we're going into the tumor itself. >> reporter: and his tumor was tested for a specific genetic mutation. when he tested positive, he was
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given a drug that attacks that one mutation and shuts off his tumor's growth. lung cancer surgeon dr. david javlons explains while most treatments have been based on large groups of patients, penalized medicine takes the genetics of a specific -- personalized medicine takes the genetics of a specific person into account. he says it's the future of lung cancer treatment and the focus of his research. >> we need to do a lot more basic research into the molecular underpinnings of this disease to make better diagnosis. >> reporter: after three weeks of treatment his tumors melted away. >> half of the patients are dead within a year of the diagnosis. so here we are now in kyle's case we're out 15 months with really no evidence of active cancer in his body at all. >> reporter: it hasn't cured kyle madden but he was able to get married and says every day he has reason to celebrate. now, this personalized approach
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to lung cancer is rapidly expanding. the doctor says by looking at the distinctive characteristics of a patient's tumor, he hopes to more accurately predict how a given patient will deal with a specific treatment. not only that, but which patients are more likely to relapse. and therefore, in need of the most aggressive treatment. we'll be right back. ,, it's really delicious, mom. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it.
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"the toxicologist that i've bee to...he gave me a good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. >> the toxicologist that i have been talking to he gave me a list of problems that can come from the exposure. >> it's the case made famous by hollywood but the water problems are back and so is erin brockovich. >> and when bay area homes usually cost so much, why is this worth an easy $4,000? those stories and much more coming up tonight at 6:00. >> missing a few zeros. is that right? $4,000? you got my interest. $


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