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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  December 19, 2010 7:30am-8:30am PST

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north and south korea are prompting an emergency meeting . at the growing tensions between north and south korea prompting an emergency meeting at the un in new york. so far a series of storms has been mostly kind to the bay area. jim bernard will let us know if things will get worse or better in the days ahead. >> how is this for a rock and a hard place story a teen survives after he gets in the way of a rolling thousand pound woulder. good morning it is 7:30 a.m. on sunday morning december 19th, 2010 i am elizabeth wenger. >> i am phil matier. we have a lot of news and talk in the next half hour. >> that's right a lot to talk about repeal of don't ask don't tell and with us state assembly man to give his take on that. >> he has been with the gay
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civil rights movement since the days of harvey milk plus another move to possibly tolls in and out of san francisco. now the top of the news, just about a half hour from now the un security council will hold an emergency meeting to discuss tensions between north and south korea. marines from the south are preparing for a live fire drill tomorrow, possibly on the very same island shelled by the north last month. north korea is warning it will strike back harder than before. new mexico governor richardson has just held three meetings with leaders from the foreign ministry and military and now urging un to call for self- restraint on all siding. a series of winter storms is under way we got a little break yesterday but rain and wind in full force today parts of the bay area have already seen damage in oakland a large tree fell through the roof of one man's home leaving a 15-
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foot hole. the large pine fell from a neighbors backyard on thorn hill drive. its roots loosened in the rain saturated soil no. one was hurt but now the roof is covered with tarps. wet weather is also causing trouble on the roads. drivers facing dangerous conditions in the santa cruz mountains a car exiting highway 17 spun out of control on the slick surface the driver was not hurt chp says slippery conditions mean little room for error. >> slow down, take a little bit more time. >> pay attention try not to be distracted by your cell phone and stuff in the car. >> people in sultan are keeping an eye on the san lorenzo river if it floods dozens of homes are at risk. in ben lomen homeowners are stocking up on sand bags. the storm is still dumping a lot of snow in the sierra a look at highway 50, ski run boulevard south lake tahoe
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chains required twin bridges to meyers and also on interstate 80, kingville to 11 miles west of nevada state line. winter storm warning also in effect through the weekend, sierra above 5,000 feet, areas above 7,000 feet could see 6 to 8 feet of snow plus strong winds in the forecast in reno snow levels expected the drop to 6,000 feet so west side of the biggest little city could see 2 inches of snow today. well, these problems peal in comparison to wintery wait inner western rue crop. >> blizzard conditions are causing widespread flight cancellations. as elizabeth palmer reports this comes during a season of heavy travel. >> reporter: now this is winter weather as europe seldom sees it heavy snow has blanketed italy, belgium, germany,
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scandinavia, northern france and uk throwing people's travel plans into chaos. britain's major airports were closed on and off all day saturday while staff battled to keep runways clear london's heat row is closed and will remain that way until tomorrow this is the weekend many passengers were hoping to fly home for the holidays. >> what will be will be. if it is cancelled it is cancelled. >> pretty frustrating at this point just trying to get home for christmas. >> reporter: for many areas it is the leaviest snowfall in decades between 8 and 10 inches in a few hours. >> we were just outside of gate wick and there is nothing 5 minutes in it is a nightmare. >> reporter: of course by standards of the northern states of the midwest this is nothing while most britains can rummage around in the closet and find hat and mitts it is the hoe call government that can't get enough -- local government that can't get enough sand and plows for the roads.
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>> reporter: traffic was snarled up around major highways cars in the ditch several serious accidents. anyone dreaming of a white christmas may be having second thoughts. elizabeth palmer, london. an american exchange student convicted of murder in italy has a small legal victory. an italian appeals court said it will allow review of a crucial dna evidence in the case of amanda knox. two dna experts will review evidence on a knife believed to be the murder evidence. knox, 23, was convicted with her boyfriend of killing and sexually assaulting her roommate in 2007 she is serving a 26 year sentence. a vote in the senate means gays and lesbians would be able to work in the military.
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the house had already approved repeal and president obama is expected to sign it. this means for the first time in u.s. history gays will be able to acknowledge sexuality without fear of discharge. more than 13,000 have been dismissed since 1993. the new policy would not take effect immediately legislation includes a 60 day waiting period for the military. well, just about every city unfortunately is strapped for cash. >> some san francis cans believe one way to generate more revenue for mass transit is start charging people a toll for driving into downtown. >> joining us now jose lewis of san francisco county transportation authority thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> we kick over a hornets nest every time this topic comes up. we have had you on before, now you are back doing it again going ahead with studies on
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this. >> that's right. let me make two statements first of all this isn't a communist plot and secondly, we are not trying to implement anything for five years. which means that what we are going to do with the blessing of the transportation authority board is continue to study in many depth different alternatives that could be used this is not a revenue generation plot to balance the books in san francisco it is a tool to get the better more balanced transportation system where everybody has a better time commuting getting from a to b not just people driving but on transit. >> 3 to $6 a day. >> we are talking in the analysis we did just a feasibility study $3 in $3 out but going to be review iting that as well. >> maybe it is because i lived in new york, new york city or because i am regularly a traffic reporter monday through
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friday, congestion is bad getting into san francisco but not horrible compared to some places like london. >> that's always a relative issue, and it is very likely to get much worse. people are not aware for example that san francisco is projected to add over 100,000 jobs in the next two decades. and also well over 100,000 residents. >> but those jobs and residents facing competition from outside the city, san jose, san ramon and other places that make it appealing for people to come there because they don't have this congestion tolling or cost of getting in. >> well, it is interesting, those numbers that i just mentioned are numbers that result from the competition between the different jurisdictions and this is not in a larger economic sense when you look how california will develop those are numbers
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expected to happen in san francisco no matter what if you look at the way people commute today and conditions today, people that choose to drive into san francisco for work every day, already paying a lot more than either 3 or $6 a day because they are paying for parking. >> the goal really is to ease congestion shouldn't we focus on making mass transit systems better? >> absolutely part of the issue is that we have got well over 600,000 people taking the bus, not talking about metro taking the bus every day and they are stuck in congestion the only way to make the bus flow faster is to deal with the cars that are in the way you know and it is not about putting everybody on the bus it is about reducing congestion a little bit so everything flows. >> but also about generating 60to $80 million to have money for mass transit correct? >> absolutely let's make it clear the schemes that work in the world with traditional
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pricing devote 100% of the money to transportation and improvement. street improvements, pedestrian improvements so drivers have a better time of it as well but only for transportation that is a covenant voters all over the world have demanded of government. >> supervisors have okayed a study that is the next step this one is not going away despite the cries. >> we will be talking about it for awhile. >> thank you for stopping by try to stay dry out there. >> all right well, president obama in compromise mode is it a good thing for the future to irritate leaders in his own party. >> former mayor of san francisco willie brown has plenty to say about that subject we will sit down with him coming up. teenagers unpleasant encount we are a thousand pound boulder a georgi pgh >> after a nice break yesterday, it is back.
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moderate rain across the bay. urban flood advisories up for the greater bay area. details coming your way in just a few minutes ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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crushed by a tho a georgia teenager is pleased he is alive to tell his tale. he was nearly crushed bay thousand pound woulder. 14-year-old charles mar low was playing outside his home when a 1300-pound boulder came rolling down the hill. he was pinned between it and another rock. family and neighbors tried to lift the rock it wouldn't budge the fire department was called in to rescue him after all that, he suffered only a broken bone in his foot. >> that just goes to show it can look bad at the beginning but ain't necessarily so in the end. >> plenty of sympathy. >> that is my segway into the weather.
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>> oh, right jim. >> is it going to be worse for us? >> between a rock and a hard place. that is where we are at. a wet place. as we see a lot of rain spreading across the bay as expected for a change timing on cue here. we got a nice break in the rainfall yesterday, moved north again last night hitting the bay area through the wee hours to have morning now tapering off cloudy skies, light rain showers continuing out there this morning taking a look at live doppler radar after we check the golden gate which is wet as you would expect rainfall rates overnight in the moderate range as i mention there is an urban small stream flooding advisory out at this time which means there may be ponding on the highwayby ways overnight here is what moves through the bay area now moving off into the central valley. so we have seen the worst of it already this morning moderate showers, it will taper off through the day hang on to
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light rain until 2 this afternoon but we are on the backside of it as you can see here. through the rest of the day which you can expect rain continuing to turn to showers we may see an isolated thunderstorm or two by late this afternoon cooler air descends into the area, gusty winds, out of the south, 20 to 30, settling down by this afternoon in the mountain snow, oh, my goodness epic snow in the high country here from 2 to 8 feet across tahoe as we saw earlier. the pineapple connection, sagged to the south yesterday, gave us a bit of a break but crept north through the overnight hours and is back on us at this time we are looking at lots of moisture moving across from cape mend sin know down to point conception but as a result we have increasing rains gusty winds overnight.
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radar expectations through the day moisture winding down, moves off into high country is he rather and then more tomorrow into tomorrow night but should be much less light rain showers here by early tomorrow continuing through tomorrow night and through the week. on gain off again type showers no big break-in store as this pattern in the offshore waters is stationary that subtropical moisture will flow into the area by mid-week cold air will descend out of the north lowering snow levels producing more snow in the mountains as if they don't have enough already. taking a look right now at the seven-day forecast here we see a continuation of potential for showers on and is off through the week. that promises to be cooler than what we have had of late, expect snow levels to be dropping as if you are headed for the high country be prepared for lots of delays,
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again copious amounts of snow means you will be sitting on the side to have road trying to get across i-80 here. our rain across the bay winding down by this afternoon we should see breaks for a change. plan accordingly still soggy. >> raider game? >> soggy. mud bowl. >> mud bowl. >> it was pouring as i came into work this morning. >> if it continued all day like that we would be out with the sand bags. >> a lot of voters. >> are tired of bickers between the two major political parties. they compromise and find ways to work together. >> that is what they say when asked about government but leave it to repub lay can and democrats when they do that to get a lot of heat and president obama is getting a lot of heat from his own party members about cutting a deal with republicans on the tax deal. i sat down with willie brown, no stranger to cutting deals and taking flak for them and
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said what is this going up. when he was assembly speaker was he doing the same thing? >> well, it will depend upon how the press plays it today, on the various shows that follow us but i suspect that he will be perceived as having won a significant victory by the people who are going to directly benefit unemployed that got their benefits extended a few of the people that got some additional tax break not there before, but more importantly, i think the business world is going to begin to change its attitude, oh, so slightly about obama and that will be expressed. >> it comes at a cost when we look at the congressional democrats out of washington especially bay area ones, nancy pelosi, barbara lee, his core constituency they were slamming him. >> it is not much of a cost
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because by the time the election process starts they will have no place to go, they will be for obama the base will be for obama no one will challenge him on the democratic side of the aisle in 2012 that is what he is counting on. >> why do you think the bay area congressional contingent went so against him number one seems like these tax breaks given california salaries, we are not talking about something that is going to benefit people in indiana this would be in their own districts. >> in california, if you remember we are a true blue state. everybody wanted a different direction practically in the 2010 sweep stakes on the electoral side we on the other hand went in a stronger direction toward what is is called the left and the far left and that is who we are and that is what they are expressing. >> come new congress which comes in next month democrats will then be in the minority
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but is this a show of how obama will handle his new position with a democratic pa majority more working with republicans. >> i think obama interpreted the results in 2010 as being american people want us to work together. build a consensus if you are going to build a consensus with republicans you have to do it on their terms they don't ever build a consensus on democratic terms unless you usher in some unique situations on this issue obama will be the hero, for everybody on consensus building and you will see republicans start inviting them to tea. >> i would check it before i drank it if i were him. >> it is interesting if he hasn't gone with this deal and they didn't get the extension on the unemployment benefits he would have been branded as ineffectual, unable to break the grid lock. he is being branded as a sell
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out. >> but the sell out doesn't last as long on a negative side as being ineffective because every time people open their mouths they will say ineffective you can't keep repeating that one is a sell out because tomorrow that one will do something you agree with. >> yeah, i mean pretty much obama could do no right. >> seems to be something between the media and his own party and with republicans yes he is caught between a rock, hard place and quick sand. i think the mayor said it as well off camera, time off works for incouple wants you are not just -- incumbents you are not just working for office. they are throwing rocks at you today could be cheering for you tomorrow look at bill clinton. >> or inviting you to tea. another big night on the road for the sharks. when weekend early edition continues why san jose may have
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a rookie of the year in the making. >> ahead an attempt to rid san francisco of its chronic panhandling problem. why some people are steamed about the new law ,,,,,,,,,, [ mom ] my son only wanted one toy this year.
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rude and aggressive panhandlers. it seems since the beginning of time san francisco has had a problem with rude and
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aggressive panhandlers. >> and trouble finding a solution and the latest attempt is being met with opposition. ♪ [ music ] >> yesterday protestors had a sit in to express their displeasure with san franciscos civil sidewalks law. the approved ordinance took effect friday and it bans people from sitting or lying on public sidewalks from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. now police are not going to start enforcing the law until february so officers can be properly trained on how to handle such matters. a cornucopia of local sports action on our sunday breakfast table as well including another good night for the sharks on the road. >> that's right here is kim coyle with hockey highlights, football newmore. >> good morning everyone it is reported broncos rookie quarterback and former heisman winner tim tebow will make his first career start today
7:56 am
against the raiders. the warriors trailed by as many as 15 in the 4th but had a chance to win it final 2 wouldn't. monte misses. blazers hang on 96-95. warriors have lost 13 of 15. former warriors going to be reunited in orlando magic pulled off two trade s with the wizards and suns. even the butler bulldog wanted some playing time against stanford. this is how you get the ball efficiently up the court matt howard to smith for the lay up at the buzzer. butler blows out stanford. 83-50. sharks wrapping up their road trip in st. louis the front runner to win the rookie of the year scores two more goals, leaves sharks with 17 they beat the blues 4-1. for the fourth year in a row cal volleyball team eliminated by penn state. that is a look at sports, we
7:57 am
will see you after the jets and steelers game for the 5th quarter. >> thanks kim. the day's raider game in oakland did not sell out in time so it will not be televised locally because of nfl regulations you can see the jetsteelers at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon here on cbs 5 other college basketball scores, st. mary's a 1 and 2 record. san jose state won big on the road at seattle, spartans now 7 and 3. berkeley golden bears beat cal by 10. san francisco pummeled by washington 80-52. the dream is over for now for young people brought to the u.s. illegally when they were children. bay area reaction to the so called dream act rejected on capital hill. >> an early christmas for some
7:58 am
local youngsters stuck in the hospital for the holidays ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mostly kind to the bay area so far. jim bernard, will let us know if things will get worse in a series of storms has been mostly kind to the bay area so far. jim bernard will let us know if things will get worse in the week ahead. >> growing tensions between
8:01 am
north and south korea prompting an emergency meeting moments from now at the un in new york. and the biggest surprise of all this christmas for the kids of an american military man. welcome back weekend early edition just about 8:00 a.m. i am elizabeth wenger. >> i am phil matier we have a lot of news and talk to cover in the next half hour. >> that's right we had the big senate vote, repeal of don't ask don't tell, huge newstate assembly man here to give his take. >> from harvey milk to the military he has seen it all and also a lot of holiday stories out there we have to cover plus sports but at the top of the news the storm is here and wet and causing some hazards on the roads. drivers are facing dangerous conditions in the santa cruz mountains a car exited highway 17 spun out of control on the slick surface yesterday you can see here the driver wasn't hurt chp says slippery conditions mean very little room for
8:02 am
error. >> slow down, take a little more time driving. >> pay attention try not to be distracted by your cell phone and stuff going on in the car. >> folks in the town of bell on the are keeping an eye on the san lorenzo river because if it floods dozens of homes could be at risk and in ben lomen homeowners are stocking up on sand bags. the storm also is getting stronger in parts of the bay area seeing damage in oakland as usual a large tree fell through the roof of one man's home leaving a 15-foot hole. large pine fell from a neighbors backyard on thorn hill drive its roots loosened in the rain sap ratted soil. luckily no one was hurt but the roof is now covered with tarps. meanwhile it is a blast of snow that is hitting the sierra. a winter storm warning in effect through the weekened above 5,000 feet. areas above 7,000 feet could see 6 to 8 feet of snow. strong winds are also in the
8:03 am
forecast. in the reno area the snow level is expected to drop to 500 feet. the west side of the city could see up to 2 inches of snow today alone. well, chain and snow tire requirements are widespread, no surprise here along sierra highways here is a live look another highway 50. ski run boulevard south lake tahoe. it looks beautiful but chains are required twin bridges to meyers, chains also requiredinterstate 80 king vail to 11 miles west of nevada state line. in international news at this hour the un security council is beginning an emergency meeting in new york to address growing tensions between north and south korea. marines from the south are preparing for a live fire drill today, tomorrow or tuesday and on the same island that was shelled by north koreans last month. north korea is warning it will strike back harder than before
8:04 am
a frequent unofficial envoy to the north, bill richardson has just held three meetings with leaders from the foreign ministry and military and urging the un to call for self- restraint. immigration bill supported by obama administration has gone down to dee feet in senate the dream act would have -- dream act would have provided education. latinos taking part in a holiday ritual found the moment sadly appropriate. >> in pasada, mary and joseph go door to door seeking shelter only to be turned down. this has come to have special meeting for undocumented immigrants. >> that sense of looking for shelter, looking for refuge like mary and joseph in bethlehem speaks to our experience coming from another country in search of shelter.
8:05 am
>> being turned down as they were again by the u.s. senate the dream act failed by just five votes it would have put 2 million undocumented young people on a path to citizenship if they graduated from high school, joined the military or attended college. 18-year-old elizabeth lee, and graduate from san francisco's lowell high school watched the bill go down. >> it feels hard for me. this is a dream we've lived here for many many years we love this country, consider this our only home. >> speaker of the house nancy pelosi told kcbs the fight will continue. >> they are here and our future we want them to be educated and serve in the military, this legislation will do that and it didn't pass today but we are not giving up the fight. >> opponents mostly republicans say the dream act would reward
8:06 am
undocumented immigrants encourage illegal immigration and take education spots away from american students. >> president obama called the vote incredibly dispointing. for student elizabeth lee the argument was basic. >> students like me undocumented also want a home and we consider united states our home. >> don nap cbs 5. all right congress has passed a repeal of militaries don't ask don't tell policy. >> state assembly man here to talk to the the progress since the days of harvey milk tom you knew harvey he was in the navy this goes back to ground zero on gay rights. >> it is true harvey used to make the joke about gays in military isn't that redundant from his experience no matter how you feel about the military, anti war movements et cetera and so forth yesterday was poignant for a lot of us. it just that introduction of
8:07 am
the issue, the controversy and then what apparently will be a final resolve i think it still needs to be certified et cetera but looks like we will there. >> what is next is the fight over? >> well, no. i think with attitudes no matter whether the law is or paper says, there is still education has to happen in and around it. i have heard people say well, i just wouldn't be comfortable taking a shower with gay men and i thought have you looked at yourself lately pal? i don't want to see your junk you know. that will still continue but now that people are not going to be fired or deselected or discharged with bad references et cetera that will give people the enthusiasm to be more positive about their own orientation and people accepting it. >> when you started in politics there was the brigs initiative you were a teacher they didn't
8:08 am
want gays in the schools. >> yeah >> since you have been involved in politics you have seen it go from that to rights to domestic partners to possibly marriage to military did you think you would see this day? >> i didn't think so rapidly if you grew up late 40s and 50s like myself when you couldn't even say the word or you know you were beaten up or what have you, i didn't think it was going to happen so fast. there is growing pains around that when something happens so fast, like from the 40s to now, this century, there are step that is are missing you got to catch your breath there might be is that need to be dotted and ts crossed. with prop 8 people got too comfortable around gay marriage and definitely it is a slam dunk we have this right and that right but you know i think that simulation came at a cost which was maybe a little
8:09 am
complacency. so the struggle around don't ask don't tell is very em blah mattic it took forever seems to make a little common sense not the wedge issue but first we had it then we didn't then do we have the votes then someone likelier man who i disagree with on a lot of other issues, come towards us that is the hero it has been interesting it is a great hanukkah christmas gift. >> i reported on this story yesterday we went to the streets in the castro district it seemed like it caught a lot of people off guard. people were surprised did you find that? >> yeah, because of the stop and go around this, same-sex marriage you are you are not you know so people are very reserved about when it is going to happen and does it really mean it happened this time. >> let's pull the camera back a little bit as you said we are in the bay area and it is one as you said with every step forward there is a certain amount of backlash do you
8:10 am
anticipate a backlash on this nation? what will be the reaction on this? >> probably because you know this has been a cash cow for the right wing gay issue, you know raising money for candidates, for or against candidates however, the intensity of it is shrinking will we have backlash, yes but i don't think it is going to be as articulated and sustainable as in the past. >> so another landmark right on the march. >> right there. right there. we will see what happens in terms of same-sex marriage now. that will be the next one. >> all right. >> that one is not going away for sure that is going back to the ballots in the court and back and forth and congress isn't touching that with a 10- foot pole. >> thanks tom. >> thank you >> it is the time of year for warm fuzzy holiday stories we have a couple coming up including early christmas for
8:11 am
some kids dealing with medical issues. >> how some kids got a free shopping trip at a local wal- mart store. >> out the door, ponding and flooding on some of the local highwayby ways after moderate showers, the overnights will take a look at what you can expect for the rest of the day coming up on your complete forecast next me a little early for some bay area kids. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, welcome back. christmas came a little early for some bay area kids. >> that's right. 200 children filed into an oakland wal-mart each with a $75 gift card in hand. each student was nominated by someone in their life a teacher, coach for example, city council woman leslie brooks and oakland sports agent sponsored the program. >> there are so many unfortunate people we try to
8:15 am
give back and allow everyone to enjoy christmas. >> my parents don't have money to buy stuff and giving stuff away to the people who need something. >> get a lot of stuff with a $75 gift card at wal-mart. even santa claus as you saw took part in yesterday's festivities. >> santa's helpers arrived in style in another bay area location, bay area hospital. harley riders made a special delivery dozens from golden gate, san mateo hogs went to the san mateo county medical center for the annual holiday toy run they escorted santa who arrived in an ambulance no need to worry about his health he only used it to carry all the toys for the kids in the hospital. heavy snow and freezing temperatures in western europe have shut down airport runways and snarled traffic.
8:16 am
london heathrow is not accepting arrivalling and only making a few departures. staff have told people to leave the airport and call airlines for the latest update. they hope for a full reopening tomorrow today hundreds of flight cancellations at airports in paris, france, frankfurt, amsterdam and netherlands icy roads across europe have left cars skidding out of control. >> well, let's look at what we are facing here. i think it is a little better let's put nit perspective. >> i saw a lot of green it was all over the place. >> the only difference is it is not frozen. we have grey skies out there, delays at sfo running an hour. plan accordingly, fog and rain, causing those delays and ponding on the highwayby ways. causing urban flash flooding, advisories here or urban small stream flooding i should say and again that will be winding down through the day as we saw moderate showers in the wee hours of the morning, still wet out across the bridges but
8:17 am
beginning to see a break-in that low cloud deck across the golden gate. it means rain for the bay area and snow in the high country as we mentioned earlier winter storm warnings up travelling a mess getting across into tahoe where they are looking for 2 feet of snow at lake level what we are looking at here and mountain top up to 8 feet of snow expected. we saw moderate showers move across the area last night rapidly clearing the area as it heads for tahoe to add to the snow up there but did leave behind any where from a halfism to an inch across urban areas today and in the north bay and across the south bay hills, 2 to 4 inches of fresh rain there. as we take a look at what you can expect through the day we will look for rain to turn to showers here, gusty winds out of the southwest, 10 to 20 miles an hour and settling down and mountain snow as mentioned winter storm warnings in the high country, pretty much into
8:18 am
tuesday of next week before they see a bit of a break in the snowfall. that's great if you are already up there but trouble if you are headed in that direction. warm subtropical tap of moisture continuing look at the swath here from cape men doe sin know down to point conception looking at this warm flow of pineapple moisture moving north from hawaii. that is producing all the moisture out there today. as rain turns to showers, the colder air up in the gulf i alaska descends, lowering snow levels to 3,000 feet right now lake level they are looking at snow at 6,000 feet and the radar expectations today showing things winding down as all the moisture moves off into the mountains but it will return tomorrow with more light rain expected across the region temperatures remaining mid-50s for next several days it will cool slightly as mentioned through mid-week adds we look
8:19 am
at our 7 day -- as we look at our seven-day forecast still wet chance of isolated thunder storm activity this afternoon as rain showers wind down, cooler air across the region bit of a break monday and tuesday. wednesday surge of moisture come again christmas day looks like we will look for a fresh batch of rain across the area let's say this wet weather will continue on and off through the week. >> no white christmas but a wet one. >> no white christmas. tahoe has plenty of white. >> true. go there. >> there you are. bring chains. would people be willing to pay money to drive into san francisco. >> they might not have a choice we will have an update on what we talked about earlier the controversial toll plan as weekend early edition continues nd legal,,,,,,,,,,
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>> welcome back the toll idea is still alive and legal hurdles for a large scale marijuana cultivation in oakland two stories in matier and ross column. a toll for driving between san francisco and san mateo county. believe it or not parts are still on the table. san francisco supervisors have backed off from setting it up on the county line following up roar from san mateo county officials but the head of the county transportation authority told us the concept of having commuters kick in is not going away. lewis says there ought to be a way to generate revenue to run cal train, it benefits silicon commuters the most so they will probably have the pay up. meantime san francisco is going full speed ahead with a pair of studies on the idea of charging a toll to enter or leave
8:23 am
downtown. and also a hitch in oakland's plan to license large scale marijuana operations. more than $210,000 a piece, the license fee they would want to charge. in an unsolicited letter to the mare re-elect the plan would exseat legal boundaries set up under california's medical marijuana law. it remains an open question unquote for public officials and employees involved in the licensing could face criminal charges city council plans to discuss the issue tuesday. >> back to the toll war we think this is about more than just dollar signs? >> no, i mean they are trying to find a way to pay for whether it be bart, cal train, san trains so pay for cars coming in and out this is not going away i mean
8:24 am
politicianstuff are screaming but as long as you have those studies going on and the process in play somewhere down the line it will pop up again. >> we are talking 2015, four years of this. >> well, they said down the line with the bay bridge when would it get built eventually it happens. >> all right. money coming out of everywhere. >> out of your pocket. >> well, it is a christmas pres sent much too big to wrap. >> some kids get a best gift of all. that is what they got shipped in personally from iraq. ♪
8:25 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now everyone can explore the world from home. at&t is making high speed internet more affordable than ever at only $14.95 a month. one-year price guarantee.
8:26 am
well, welcome back. three kids in louisiana got a very special holiday gift. >> they did their father returned home from iraq. during their school christmas
8:27 am
play. well, dressed as santa on stage. lieutenant colonel brian champagne surprised his three sons in the audience the boys didn't think their dad would be home until next week. it wasn't until he took off his white beard they realized it was him the principal and teachers found out he was coming home early and asked him to be santa in the play. there is nothing better than a kid's reaction. >> that's right. all right now in other holiday news, a distinct presentation of christmas music in chicago. ♪ [ music ] >> that is the sound of 400 tuba players. they played familiar melodies specifically arrange for a large collection of the same instrument the tuba concert at a hotel in the windy city has been an annual event for 30 years. all right. from tuba to the weather jim
8:28 am
bernard. >> think of a transition for that one. >> tough segway we will move past that one. rain winding down we have an urban small stream and creek flood up, ponding on the roads as a result of moderate showers overnight as that tapers off through the day things drying out could be an isolated thunderstorm or two through the afternoon as showers wind down and scatters showers into the beginning of the week before the next surge of moisture arrives wednesday. wet and unsettled on through christmas plan accordingly as winter officially starts next week. >> there you go. >> believe it or not. >> right on cue. >> thanks jim. >> that is it for today's weekend early edition thanks for joining us. >> our next newscast is 5:30, face the nation is next here on cbs 5. >> we hope you join us next weekend enjoy your sunday
8:29 am
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