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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  December 19, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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possible. [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. ♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. [ female announcer ] so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. ♪ because it is. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. >> good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. no relief from this storm. all over the bay area power
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outages, downed trees, flooding and traffic accidents and it's not over yet. we have team coverage beginning with don knapp in marion county. >> reporter: the biggest impact -- in marin county. >> reporter: the biggest impact from the storm may be the loss of power. pg&e said 1,100 homes were left in the dark. on shoreline wind brought down a tree and the tree brought down a power pole. in san geronimo trees brought the branches down again. in hillsboro this teal came down over el cerrito street that slammed into this home. there were no injuries. water that came up fast was trouble for motorists all around the bay. this low lying area from exit 101 in marin county always seems to flood in heavy rain. highway patrol officers spot the this stranded motorist hit the flashers, came around and shoved the stalled car out of deep water. others kept on following
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through, but the chp officer couldn't hang around to shove them out eventually taking off like a speedboat to answer more serious calls. backed up water in this mobile home park on bayshore cut off access as the fire department waited for the pumps were available to clear the flood. >> the storm is causing a lot of headaches for homeowners in the east bay. elizabeth wanger on the battle one man is having keeping the floodwaters at bay. >> over 15 inches right there. >> reporter: jason meyers' wife captured this home video of water more than a foot deep outside their house in richmond. >> what are you going to do? maybe it will bring it to the attention of the city. >> reporter: a homeowner horror story, meyers and his familiar have been dealing with this every time it rains due to a faulty drainage system. >> yeah. we could bail. at this point it's gotten so frustrate doing we want to go through another winter? no, don't think so, but what are you going to do? >> reporter: stormy weather
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caused other problems around the bay area. strong winds and rain took this down tree in san francisco. a huge puddle of standing water partially flooded this on ramp to interstate 580 in richmond. in berkeley some folks took advantage of a break in the rain for a walk on the beach. >> the wind is kind of hard core, kind of hurts the eyes. >> reporter: over in oakland there was still a lineup to grab free sandbags and plastic sheeting. joseph tanios woke up to a flooded basement. >> as you can see, i've been dealing with it all night, so i lost my voice. i hope i don't get sick again. >> reporter: it's a problem meyers knows all too well. >> so much that we've lost due to mold. >> reporter: although the water has never seed into his living area, he says the -- seeped into his living area, he says
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the moisture has caused damage and his home has flooded 30 times. he bought the home at an estate sale for $20,060,000 almost eight years ago, but a recent assessment valued it at only 4,000 bucks. >> we expected some dry rot and 4th, but no one ever expected -- and so forth, but no one ever expected this. a homeowner in the oakland hills is dealing with a hole in his roof in all this rain. a monterey pine in his neighbor's yard fell last night. its roots saturated by days rain. the tree was quickly removed and tarps put in place. the price tag says that work alone is expected to be thousands of dollars. to get the latest on the storm let's go to meteorologist jim bernard in for lawrence tonight. >> hello that. steady stream of moisture moving out of the subtropics left about 3/4-inch to 1 1/2 inches across the region. here's what's left tonight, scattered cells showing up across the north bay here which
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will likely bring some thunderstorm activity into the greater bay area here this evening. as you can see, they're all on the north bay moving to south tonight. underneath these cells could be strong town pours and gusty winds -- downpours and gusty winds but they shouldn't last too long. we'll take a look at them and what's ahead this week in your full forecast in a few minutes. the weather is causing delays at all three bay area airports tonight. earlier told as the worst of the weather moved in -- today as the worst of the weather moved in, flights were delayed about two hours. flights at oakland airport are delayed about 30 minutes. in the high country the snow is still coming down, up to 10 feet has fallen already in some parts of the higher illustrations and several more feet are expected -- elevations and several more feet are expected. strong winds toppled a chairlift at the sierra tahoe ski resort.
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five people suffered minor injuries. the forestry service is warning with the snow comes the threat of avalanches. heavy rains in southern california have caused flooding and concerns about mudslides. rain began falling yesterday and won't let up until monday. more rain is expected on tuesday. a flash flood warning is in effect for mountain areas burned by wildfires in recent years. an electrical issue is continuing to cause major delays on b.a.r.t. tonight. from san ancisco to oakla smoke was reported just before 2:00 this afternoon in the tunnel that takes trains from san francisco to oakland. the malfunction caused caltrans to close the two for inspections. right now b.a.r.t. is single track -- the tube for inspections. right now b.a.r.t. is single tracking trains through the tube. >> they said all the trains now are going to one track on this side. so we have to get train going back through this tunnel that direction, although it hasn't
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happened yet. so we'll see. >> the trains that run between richmond and freemont were not majorly impacted and it's unclear when the system will be back to normal. checking other bay area news, a small earthquake shook the south bay this morning. the 3.1 was centered in los altos but it was a shallow quake felt for miles around. it was too small, though to, cause any damage. relief coming for people needing to purchase clipper cards. muni plans to open two more satellite sales in the next couple weeks. long lines have formed now to buy them. the new kiosks will be at geary and masonic and powell and market near the cable car turn- around. time is running out for a deal on a new county jail at san mateo. redwood city is offering a five acre $17 million site on the outskirts of town. the offer is only good until
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wednesday. residents have protested constructing a 768 bed jail downtown because, well, there's already one downtown. a community still searching for answers, what some is an bruno residents still want to know in -- san bruno residents still want to know in the wake of the pg&e pipeline explosion. and the challenger steps up in the battle to host the america cup. what are san francisco's prospects now? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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overnight fire that killed an elderly woman. nevada firefighters are looking for the cause of an overnight fire that killed an elderly woman. when crews arrived at the mobile home on san paulo way it was engulfed in flames. the body was found after the names were extinguished. two neighboring homes had to be evacuated. the cause of the fire is under investigation. in san bruno another community meeting to update residents about the september pipeline explosion investigation. congresswoman jackie spear and members of the city council hosted this meeting. representatives of pg&e and the ntsb were there to answer questions. before the meeting some neighbors said they had plenty
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of questions and that pg&e wasn't answering them. >> pg&e guys say last month they said we could talk to them any time. now it's another two weeks. well, what's going on? just be honest with us. don't tell had he one thing and say another thing -- me one thing and say another thing. >> we would like some more answers from the ntsb and the cpuc as to, of course, what happened on the pipeline. >> the san francisco chronicle reported today that an audit of pg&e pipeline performed four months before the september explosion suggests the utility took short-cuts during its inspections of the high pressure natural gas line. the lame duck congress has begun its last week of work before the new members of congress take their seats. lawmakers have a long to do list. >> the senate will come to order. >> reporter: senators met for a rare sunday session to debate a nuclear arms pact with russia.
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it's the fifth day the senate has considered the stark treaty. senator john kerry is spearheading the initiative with the president's backing. >> the leader of the strategic command, current and the past former seven support this treaty. the national intelligence community supports this treaty. >> reporter: but some republicans say congress is moving too fast. minority leader mitch mcconnell says he'll vote against the treaty. >> all of a sudden we're once again trying to rush things right here before christmas eve. i think that was not the best way to get the support of people like me. >> reporter: it may be a lame duck session for congress, but plenty of business has moved forward. a tax cut deal, the repeal of don't ask don't tell and voting down the dream act which would have allowed children brought to the u.s. illegally a path to legal status. monday the senate will take up a bill on healthcare for 9/11 first responders. >> this has been a long process. it's like running a marathon. we've had a lot of ups and a lot of downs, but now the
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finish line is in sight. >> reporter: some republicans say democrats are rushing to the finish line. >> the bill hasn't been through committee. there are problems with it and i think the first thing republicans will ask is do we have a chance to fix any problems that may exist with it? >> reporter: and there's still more that must be accomplished. before the end of the year congress will also need to approve a spending measure to keep the government running through march. say the the america's cup regatta may not be a shoe-in for san francisco. newport, rhode island leaders say the bmw oracle racing team headed by barry ellison is interested in their city. san francisco put in its bid last week and is considered a favorite since ellison will decide the next venue. the stormy weather picked up in intensity today. jim will pinpoint when we'll get some flakes coming up next. ,,,,,,
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don knapp is out and about covering the storm in mill valley right now and he was reporting in he is basically standing under a waterfall. that's how hard the rain is coming down. we've had hits and misses all day. >> reporter: we got hit with a pretty steady stream of moisture this morning. now we're looking at isolated thunderstorm activity which don happens to be standing under right now. as we take a look outside and we see the skies across the city not quite as wet as what don is reporting in from marin. however, taking a quick look at our high definition doppler we'll find out just what he's looking at here. as we see, strong thunderstorm
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activity moving across the north bay, oh, moved quite a bit in the last few minutes. rain should be tapering off here for don as we will see once again the thunderstorm activity that you see focused on here moving into the east at this time. it will -- east bay at this time. it will continue to bring with it the periods of heavy gusty wind. now moving into the richmond vallejo area over towards concord and to the north we've got other cells showing up there. this is the type of weather pattern we're in for tonight into tomorrow. isolate ad cells of thunderstorms moving across the evening -- isolated cells of thunderstorms moving across the region. there will be some gusty winds and thunderstorms with those cells. however, they're not expected to last too long. the rain will be tapering off in san rafael as this energy continues to -- off san rafael as this energy continues to move off to the east. a little ponding on some of the
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highways and by-ways and some neighborhoods with poor drainage, but overall the major rivers are doing okay in northern california. so no threats there. we will hook at those cold showers and ice -- look at those cold showers and isolated thunderstorms on and off through the night as this pattern is likely to continue through next week. here's a look at our future radar expectations, light to moderate showers showing up for the most part, a few cells developing into tomorrow morning here and there will once again produce periods of moderate to heavy downpours. temperatures remain pretty consistent through the week, mid-50s to prevail and the seven-day forecast shows just that with showers on and off tapering off. there will be breaks in these showers, put once again there will be more on -- but once again there will be more on taps with we see another surge of moisture on wednesday and looks like come christmas day we'll be looking at another frontal system move into the area to reinvigorate the rain shower activity once again as the snow continues to fly in the high country of the
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sierras. that's your weather update for now. right now here's dennis. >> the 49ers making the playoffs hopes go up despite having a day off and the raiders try to keep playoff hope alive at the coliseum. we're up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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alive for the playoff hopes. oakland first place in scrimmage, denver defense hit on a fake to darren mcfadden. jacoby ford needed one block and he got it. 7-0 raiders. man, he is electrifying. jason campbell a steak 1st half, threw two interceptions -- shaky 1st half, threw two interpretations, this one into the hands of devin anderson. what could tebow bring to denver's inconsistent offense? how about 3rd and 24? he worked his magic, holds onto the ball, goes 40 yards up the gut, but former gator got great blocking. game tied at 7. still in the 1st quarter mcfadden breaks loose, 36-yard run, the third year running backer over the 1,000-yard mark for the first time in his career. the game is tied at 14, but the raiders dominate the 2nd half. 4th quarter campbell to marcel reece, cutback, 73 yards score.
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raiders have 502 yards of offense. only sitting in the ninth defensive effort did they finish it off. buckhalter is i haved for a safety. raiders -- is destroyered for safety. raiders win 29-33. >> it's a credit to our offensive players being that productive in two games, but i'm more excited about the fact that we're 5-0 in the afc west. that's a hell of a job by this football team. >> to be focused on the task. the task right now is beat the colts. try not to look at anything else, although kansas city must lose to tennessee. if we don't beat them, then nothing matters. >> so the raiders have a shot. they'll need to win. kansas city to lose twice. the raiders play the chiefs in the final week of the season and san diego, they need them to lose one of their final two games. matt cassel back in the lineup for the chiefs less than two weeks after undergoing an
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appearen detect my. to leonard -- an appendectomy. to leonard pope, the chiefs beat the rams 27-13 and the outcome of that is huge for the 49ers' playoff hopes. so pete carroll and the seahawks had a chance to move into the sole possession of first in the nfc west. unfortunately they were playing against the red hot falcons. matt ryan throws three touchdowns at the falcons win 34-18 for their eighth straight win. the winner of the nfc west will not have a winning record and even crazier, 5-9 49ers can still win this. they remain one game out of first and play at st. louis next week while the seahawks play at tampa bay. eagles and giants tied at 31, 14 seconds left, former cal star desean jackson back deep to return the punt. >> jackson bobbles it and now has to try and recover. desean jackson gets the block.
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are you kidding? desean jackson. now in for the touchdown, no flag! unbelievable. minutes to stun the giants and take over >> after being down 28-10 philadelphia scores four touchdowns in the final eight minutes to stem the giants and take over sole possession of first place in the nfc east. for over 30 years ucha has had the longest winning streak in college -- ucla has had the longest winning streak in college basketball until today. the yukon women made it 88 straight. their team has not lost since 2008. yukon takes it the other way in the 1st ham tiffany hayes lays it in, two -- 1st half, tiffany hayes lays it in. two of her many points tonight. >> i don't know that that changes me a whole lot right now. i'm going to a good restaurant tonight. i'm going to have a good bottle of wine and i would have done that's right way. so it will taste a little bit
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better tonight, though. >> and stanford star vanderveer with their second shot at 7 rear win no. 800. kelly -- second career win in overtime. ken he ken outscores the card a naturals by 10 in overtime as stanford drops their second straight 82-72. what does it mean now? vanderveer and the cardinal next game and her chance to get her 800th win will come wednesday at usf and the coach by jennifer azee former stanford cardinal. so i'm sorry that stanford lost two games, but that's a big win. to get 800 wins and to be able to do it in front of your hometown audience, that's a good deal. so fill up the hilltop. women's basketball wednesday night. >> thank you, dennis. so tomorrow is the biggest mailing day of the year, what you can do to make sure your cards and gifts arrive in time
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for christmas. trouble, though, our children's education, the perfect storm some say is brewing that could hurt california schools, all that and more tonight at 10:00 on the cw. before we go a lunar elisa letter here. >> coming up tuesday night for the -- elisa letter here. >> coming up tuesday -- lunar eclipse a letter here. >> coming up tuesday night -- alert here. >> coming up tuesday night. >> have a good night. ,,,,
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