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tv   The Early Show  CBS  December 20, 2010 7:00am-9:00am PST

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breaking news. holiday terror plot, british police arrest 12 man planning to detonate bombs in attacks. live to london with the latest how authorities uncovered the operation. wicked weather. the worst storms in a decade are soaking the west coast as torrential rains raise the fear of mudslides. thousands are left without power. in europe, kayous at airports. amanda's victory. a judge in idly orders key evidence to be re-examined raising the hope she might have the case overturned. we'll teak with her mother early this monday morning, december 20, 2010.
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december 20th. how about that. only five days now. >> the countdown continues. santa is coming to down. >> this is live west coast edition. >> good morning. >> remember last christmas we woke up to the one terror plot on the plane, the so-called underwear bomber. we remember that here. now this morning we wake up to this terror alert in london. we'll have much more on the arrest of the 12 men coming up. >> first the west coast is waking up to record rains that are shutting down highways and causinging rock and mudslides. forecasters say the worst is yet to come. cbs national correspondent is in flint ridge, california with the latest. good morning, ben. >> reporter: good morning. we're actually getting a bit of
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a welcome break from the rains. this neighborhood is preparing for the worst. this is a community sandbag truck. people stop by, fill up these sacks with sand. and the reason for that of course is the fear of flooding and mudslides. we have four days of basically nonstop rain. but you know, this wicked weather is not just a problem here. it's hitting the entire west coast. from the all too slick streets in spokane, washington, to the water-logged roadways of sacramento, california. >> pretty wild. >> reporter: in the west the weather outside is frightful. >> roar of the wind was horrible. we were covering our ears. it was awful. >> reporter: the winds near seattle snapped power lines and sent a tree through the roof of this home. >> this is done. no rebuilding this. >> reporter: the series of storms is caused by a huge plume of subtropical moisture stretching all the way from asia. it's mixing with a low-pressure system that is slamming into the pacific coast dumping five to
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ten feet of snow. near los angeles sandbags are again filling their role trying to keep runoff from hillsides from running into homes. >> we expect a little grandchild so it's any moment. we're on edge. we want to be able to get out when we need to. >> flash flood watches are in effect for areas burned by the station fire 16 months ago. it charred more than 160,000 acres leaving them prone to mudslides. the ground is now saturated from these rains that just won't quit. >> they were looking at up to 20 inches over the next three or four days. >> reporter: and thankfully we're getting a little reprieve from the rains right now. but they are expected to start again later today. then the worst of the storm is expected tomorrow into wednesday. we're all hoping come thursday we finally see the sun shine again. rebec rebecca. >> ben tracy, thanks. now here is jeff. >> thank you very much. to the breaking news in england
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where police arrested 12 suspected terrorists for plotting attacks using bombs and explosives. elizabeth palmer is live in london this morning with the latest. liz, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. before dawn there were several raids by unarmed officers in britain. they picked up as you mentioned 12 men age between 17 and 28. they were picked up at houses in three cities in the uk, london, stoke on trent and cartive. they are doing their best of avoiding a restaging like this, the 2008 in mumbai which showed how a group of well-armed radical men can bring chaos and mass killing to a crowded city center. in europe and brit at any crowded holiday season makes an obvious target. and police have beefed up security. following several vague but worrying intelligence reports this fall. in paris extra officers guard
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the transport network and tourist attractions. in germany there were bearricads around parliament. so far the extra intelligence has paid off there although in sweden last week a suicide bomber blew up himself and a car. there have been holiday season attacks in the u.s. too. in november, a somali american was arrested after an fbi sting for allegedly planning to bomb portland's christmas tree lighting ceremony. last year on christmas day, the underpants bomber tried to blow up a northwest airlines plane bound for detroit. in the case of the british aris it's not known mow imminent this plot was but the police said they did intervene now in the interests of public safety. jeff. >> liz palmer in london, thank you. cbs news national security analyst joins us now from washington. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, jeff. >> so, the arrest of the high
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profile anti-terror raids in britain since april 2009, we know as liz mentioned what happened in the u.s. last christmas. any idea right now who is behind this? >> it's not clear yet, jeff. but i think there can be speculation. the brits have experience with number of plots in cases in the past, where individuals of british ancestry or citizenry have gone to places like pakistan or somalia to train and come back to plot. there is no indication that's the case here but we've seen that in the past. you also have experience with homegrown cells, individuals who are radical itzed, decide to group together and decide to plot on their own. so it's too early to tell but i think the brits are looking at this, a serious threat. >> we talked about the home grown threats a lot in the u.s. any indication there is any connection to the u.s.? >> there is no indication yet. we've seen threat warnings related to the holiday period in the united states but nothing to
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indicate that these aests are connected. but certainly authorities are looking for potential connections. they are concerned about an al qaeda driven plot to conduct mumbai-style attacks. that threat is out there and authorities are worried >> that alert level stays through the holidays then? >> that's right. terrorists unfortunately take full advantage of the holiday period. it's a good time to get attention. and there are lots of targets, whether it's planes, trains or shopping malls. so unfortunately, people have to be vij ilent. >> juan, thank you for your time. >> thanks, jeff. >> the heated debate over a new arms control treaty with russia continues as president obama says he will sign the law clearing the way for gays to serve in the military. nancy has the latest. >> eight republicans join in the
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senate in voting to repeal "don't ask, don't tell" which the president called a crucial step for civil rights. >> 2965 is adopted. >> democrat achieved their long standing goal of repealing "don't ask, don't tell" just two weeks before an influx of republicans in congress would have made it impossible. >> really just two-thirds of the senators voting for appeal was a thrilling day. one of my best days in my 22 years in the senate. >> reporter: the vote was hailed by military leaders who will now work to undo the clinton era policy. many republicans ordered that process would be a distraction in war time. as soon as the vote was over senators turned to another military matter -- whether to ratify the s.t.a.r.t. arms treaty with russia. it would set a limit on both countries' nuclear war head stock pile and set up a system to monitor those reductions. >> this is a big mistake.
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>> reporter: republicans consideringed it would limit u.s. defense options. >> i decided i cannot support the treaty. i think the verification provisions are inadequate. >> reporter: inspections ended a year ago when a 1991 treaty expired. failure to ratify this treaty would be a serious blow to president obama's foreign policy agenda. >> there is nothing in there that restricts our missile defense system, the president made that crystal clear. >> reporter: with the holidays approaching democrats hope to hold a vote soon so they can turn to one last priority. a $6.2 billion bill to provide medical care for firefighters and other emergency responders to the 9/11 attacks. >> america will be watching very closely to how this senate votes on something that geese the fundamental issue of who we are as americans and whether we stand by our heroes. >> reporter: the two new york senators dropped the cost of that bill by about $1 billion and changed the way they paid
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for it which they hope will win over some republicans. back to you. >> nancy, thank you very much. also in washington this morning democratic senator from new york keer sten gillibrand, senator, good morning. >> good morning. >> the -- let's start by talking about the s.t.a.r.t. treaty. it doesn't look great right now. in your opinion are there enough supporters to get this ratified before the end of the year? >> i think they are close to having the support they need. this is a national security issue. and it's a treaty that's going to be so important for moving forward on missile defense, everything we care about for national security. on securing loose nooks and high ran in the future. there are so many issues at play i think it's the kind of issue that can bring bipartisan support and enough to pass the treaty. >> why is it right now that you think some republicans are not supporting this? >> well, i think there's -- this is the time for debate. we have many amendments
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considered on the floor right now. and many republicans want to be heard on this issue. but as i said because it's a national security issue and because it's so important for our long term relationship with russia, that i think we can bring the parties together to resolve this and actually pass it. >> i think some believe there may be other issues. senator graham said he felt lame duck session had been poisoned and better to put everything into the new year. you agree with that? >> no, i don't. this is an issue that we've been working on for months, secretary clinton presented this to the foreign relations committee t armed services committee months ago, we had many hearings on this. it's very deeply debated. we have a week on the floor, a long time. in the past we had two, three, four days. so we'll have the time to consider it and this is the people's business. if you want to take anything from the last election it's that the american people want us to work together and get things done. you can't think of a more important issue than national security. >> speaking of pont issues i want to talk about the -- your
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bill the 9/11 health bill. once the senate finishes with s.t.a.r.t. they move to that. originally it didn't seem like you had the votes to get it passed. now maybe you do. what do you expect? >> well, i believe we're going to have this vote directly after the s.t.a.r.t. treaty vote. and i believe we have the support we need. we've been working very hard for many months and over the last several weeks addressing some of the concerns that my republican colleagues had about the bill. that's why we changed how we're paying for the bill. we've changed the total amount to reflect the fact that we've had a settlement and more funds are getting to the first responders. i believe we have the pack ang we need to have a christmas miracle. that's what we're aiming for. >> so the bill went from $7.4 billion to $6.2 billion. you think that's enough? >> i do. and now what we have is a bill that's going to cover all of the health care for the first responders, these are the men, you have to remember, these are the men and women that were racing up the towers when everyone was coming down and the ones who tried to find survivors and then remained.
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they were the ones there on christmas day after 9/11 while family members urged them to find our loved ones and any remains. these are the men who sacrificed so much. a lot of them are dying now, dying of terrible cancers and diseases, and it's heart breaking because these men are young, these men and women are very young. we had a display in the rotunda for a week and displayed 29 badges of nypd police officers who died since 9/11 because of these diseases and the average age was 46. so these are men and women cut down in the prime of their lives because of their heroism, because they responded when duty called. >> senator joining us from washington this morning. we appreciate your time. thank you. now here is betty nguyen at the news desk. >> good morning. in europe this morning a prechristmas travel nightmare is in its fourth day. this is the situation at london's heathrow airport.
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more snow is forcing airlines to cancel hundreds of flights, stranding thousands of passengers. it is the same at other major airports. north korea says it will not retaliate after the south korean drill on a disputed island. last month north korea shelled the island killing four people after another military exercise by the south. today, south korea fired artillery rounds for 90 minute as fighter jets were in the sky to head off any reply from the north. yesterday the u.n. security council could not agree on a response to the korean crisis. >> earlier this morning a bomb scare shut down a terminal at newark's liberty airport. the bomb squad was called in. turns out the suspicious package was a computer monitor which set off an alarm. the airport has reopened. a murder mystery in israel after an american tourist was found stabbed to death. christine's body was found outside of jerusalem.
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she was hiking there on saturday with a friend who says two arab men attacked them both with a knife. she worked for a ministry that encouraged jews to take up christianity. drinking water from millions of americans is tainted with a chemical believed to cause cancer. the environmental working group study found that water was contaminated in 31 of 35 cities tested. water samples turned up the industrial chemical featured in the movie erin brockovich. the government is considering setting limits for the chemical in u.s. drinking water. the women's basketball team at the university of connecticut is poytzed to make history. the uconn huskies won their 88th straight game, that ties the ucla men's record of 88 straight in the 1970s. uconn can break the record tomorrow night against florida state. a check of the weather outside. john elliott of
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>> and if you are blessed enough to have a break tonight don't forget, full lunar eeclipse. >> this is howling tonight. i heard. i don't know. >> the singing. not pretty. coming up a huge legal victory for amanda knox in italy. we'll talk to her mother this morning about what that means for her daughter's appeal moving forward. >> also, don't let high unemployment numbers discourage you. there are jobs out there. we're going to show you where to look, who to talk to all coming up on "the early show." this is "the early show" on cbs. withere's the life you live... and the life you want to live. fortunately there's enbrel, the #1 most doctor-prescribed biologic medicine for ra.
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major development in the amanda knox case over the weekend you heard. serving 26 years in an italian prison. a judge ruled some dna evidence, critical evidence, can be resubmitted almost a mini new trial for her, new evidence, new witnesses, she might walk away. we'll talk to her mother live this morning and also jack ford about that. >> could be a major game changer. also in the united states we know unemployment remains at ultra-high levels almost 10% unemployment right now. the question, is how do you get the jobs that are out there? we will show you. >> he that's coming up. stick around. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss he begins with kay. - will you marry me? - before saying those words, there's one word every man should know. - leo. - the leo diamond, certified to be visibly brighter, at kay, the number one jewelry store in america. - yes.
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its it's 7:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm juliette goodrich. bart says all of its trains are now on time. this afternoon an electrical problem affected -- this after an electrical problem happened yesterday. bart doesn't anticipate further delays. new details in the murder of a woman in san francisco's russian hill area. the man charged in the killing reportedly called his mother and ex-wife hours before the murder to complain about paying child support. 43-year-old gary holland is accused of dressing up as a utility worker before raping and stabbing 46-year-old kate horan in her apartment. north korea won't retaliate as south korea conducts artillery drills on its border islands today. the north had earlier warned of consequences if the south went ahead with the exercises. that promised an order for
7:26 am
people -- that prompted an order for people to take shelter on those islands including one the north attacked last month. traffic and weather around the bay area coming right up. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:27 am
good morning. traffic advisory for highway 17 so give yourself some extra time. mostly affecting your drive on the southbound side due to the weather. slow and go heading through los
7:28 am
gatos. elsewhere the bay bridge not too bad. look at this for a monday. metering lights are on but no delays to report as you hit the toll plaza. clear across the upper deck into san francisco. they have headed to sfo. everything looking good on 101. slow approaching 380. the sierra has chain requirements on 80. here's 50 at ski run and look at all that snow. here's your forecast. tracy? >> hey, thanks, gianna. we have some delays at sfo this morning about an hour and 30 minutes so if you are heading out, take that into consideration. it might hamper your opportunity to get out on time. hi-def doppler showing showers. yeah, they have been playing favorites this morning mostly with the north bay. some of the showers got some heavier downpours as well as some thunderstorms. that's the going to be the forecast for the morning as well as the afternoon. showers and thunderstorms are expected with highs in the 50s. more showers tuesday and wednesday. we're drying out thursday through christmas eve. and then christmas day, more rainfall expected. ,,
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it is 7:30. the crowd's excited. it's christmas week, right? >> happy times. >> why not. >> waiting for their presents. >> good to see you this morning, by the kay gimplsts to see you, jeff. >> looking for a job and can't find maybe you are looking in the wrong place. turns out 80% of all job openings are unlisted. we'll bring in an expert with advice on where you can find those jobs, where you can find that 80%. >> how to figure out who to talk about them. also, it was a big weekend for royal watchers, prince william and fi awn say kate middleton made their first public appearance since announcing their engagements last month. we'll tell you where they went and, also, show you their first official wedding china. i know you are looking forward to that.
7:31 am
>> absolutely. are you kidding he he me? can't wait. first a major development in the amanda knox case, convicted of killing her roommate in italy won an important victory in court over the weekend. before we speak with her mother this morning, cbs news correspondent allen pizzey is in perugia, italy with the latest this morning. >> reporter: the best news she heard since she first walked into the courtroom to go on trial for murder almost two years ago. a judge has ordered key dn av evidence used to convict knox and her former boyfriend -- will now be reexamined. the appeal judge said the review was merited on the ground of reasonable doubt. >> she has so many emotions and knows she's nnts and keeps her strong. >> reporter: two important pieces of evidence, the knife prosecutors said was used to kill meredith kercher and the victim's bra strap and dna will
7:32 am
be retested by experts from the university of rome. the defense argued the knife was not the murder weapon and that the bra evidence was tainted. the judge ruled that, quote, if it is not possible to check the identity for the dna, we will check on the reliability of the original tests. unquote. >> the procedures were fatally flawed. the procedures put two innocent people in prison for three years. >> reporter: but not everything is going in knox's favor. the conviction and 16-year prison sense of minor drug dealer -- was upheld on appeal and his trial concluded they were party to the crime. allen pizzey, cbs news, perugia. >> joining us from perugia, italy, amanda's mother edda mellas. good to see you again. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> i know were you in court over the weekend there in italy.
7:33 am
your thoughts this morning. >> well, you know, it gives us some hope. it was a good weekend. it was a good ruling. we've been asking all along that independent people take a look at the dna and now that's been granted. >> how's amanda doing this morning? >> well, she's, you know, definitely feeling a little better. you know, she went back. we were both, you know, all of us were just really relieved by the ruling and she's doing better. >> i know she made an emotional plea in italian to the court when this is all happening and you didn't see that in person but you heard about it. what did you think of that? >> well, i -- i was able to listen to a tape of it and, you know, it's what she's been wanting to do all along. she just really hasn't had the courage. she's terrified of this whole process and it's, you know, it's scary for her to stand up in court but she finally was able to say everything she wanted to say and it was a very
7:34 am
heart-felt, emotional statement. >> you talk about her being terrified right now. how is she handling that pressure? >> you know, she does what she has to do. she tries to occupy her mind with other things, you know, reading and writing and studying. she does, you know, what she needs to do. >> when you see her in court, when you are at these appearances and see what she's going through, the look on her face, what goes through your mind? >> well, as a mother, you're devastated to watch your child suffering, you know, watch her just, yeah it's terrible. having to watch her go through this. >> are you hopeful that at any point this time next year, let's say, amanda is going to be back hom home? >> oh, absolutely. we really feel strongly that the independent experts are going to come back and say that the dna is not what it should be, and that hopefully that will' be the first step in letting her free. >> okay.
7:35 am
edda mellas joining us this morning from perugia, italy. thank you so much for your time. our thoughts are with you and your family. >> thank you. want to bring in jack ford to talk about some of the specifics and evidence here, jack. good morning you to. >> morning, jeff. >> we're talking about a far different legal system, italy versus u.s. and makes a difference here. >> completely different and some ways puzzling. in the u.s. if convicted of murder she gets an appeal to a two or three-judge panel generally speaking no new witnesses or testimony. lawyers make legal arguments based on the transcript and the panel will decide whether it will stand or legal issues to send it back or do it again. this is akin to a second trial there. are new judges and a jury of six people listening to testimony, evidence, witnesses coming in here. amanda knox making an impassioned plea of her own and the judge order ad series of hearings. we'll take a look at the dna, independent experts, not where you have the prosecution and the defense jockeying with their own, independent experts, perhaps some new witnesses come
7:36 am
bog this case. you can see it is very much like she is getting a real second bite of the apple, the way the italian system works. >> the minetrial you talked about. hour optimistic should her parents be at this point? i would say her mother was optimistically but guardedly optimistic this morning. she has clearly seen barriers. >> i see no surprise to the family being optimistic. if i'm their law i'm saying, hey, we're getting a second shot of this. we have questions in the minds of the jurors and judges about the validity of the dna evidence and we know how powerful dna evidence can be. i think if you are the family, you are
7:37 am
up next, looking for work? we'll show you how to tap into the hidden job market.
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with unemployment levels still near 10%, finding a job can be very difficult unless you know where to look. according to website more than 80% of job openings are unlisted so here to help find that hidden market is career and workplaced a visr ellen gordon reeves. great to have you with us, ellen. >> thanks for having me. >> this topic so near and dear to so many people out of work after really having a job an entire career. you say the first thing someone needs to do is start getting organized hochlt you do they do that. >> you have to know exactly what you are looking for, assess your skills and talents. if you were laid off decide if you want to stay in the field or time for reinvention. >> no your field and don't play, you say, the wild card. >> you've got to be strategic. don't sent your resume hurtling cyberspace.ack void of i say the right person will lead you to the right job >> when you ultimately start looking for that right job and
7:42 am
person. your first tip to be mentally and physically prepared. how does that work. >> olympic athletes are are not sitting at home waiting for the next games, you've got to look your best, feel your best and exude confidence and competence. that's who employers want to hire. >> also it's interesting you say you need a business card. my question is what do you want to include on the business than card when you are out and about. >> to connect people they've got to have a wage to reach you. you have to have a professional e-mail address, one phone number not a home and cell. i don't want to have to think bit and a professional message. i don't want to hear hi, this is susan, john, fluffy, arf, arf, you are saying professional you. contact information, if you have a field, marketing, put that, otherwise name, phone number contact information sdpli wonder when to actually hand out that business card. do you do it at the beginning of a conversation or at the end, what's propt? >> follow the cues of a person but especially at holiday time if you are out you need to go to holiday parties even if you
7:43 am
don't feel like it. you have to be out connecting all the time telling people what are you looking for. >> when you are, refine that 30-second pitch to get it out in a quick amount of time. >> say what you are looking for, your previous experience and what you can do for the employer. employers have two goals, making money and saving money. show them how you can do that for them. >> we often hear to use social media nowadays. but what does that actually mean in this world? >> you have to put a discreet posting on facebook -- or be more specific does anyone know someone at "the early show." have as many exploratory and information interviews as possible. >> one way you can get from networking this is a good time to do that. >> don't forget actually to get off the internet and sends holiday cards, a great time to remember people and say, love to reconnect with you. i am looking for swrobs. i'd love to speak with youft afr the new year. really just get back in touch. >> get back in touch and make sure you do get out and go to
7:44 am
those holiday parties. very easy segue into it. thank you so much. we appreciate you being with us this morning. >> thank you. coming up next, wedding bells in england as prince william and kate attend a charity event and debut their official china. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. , dog: bacon? gotta get that bacon! dog: yummy. crunchy. bacon. bacon. bacon. there, in that bag! mom: who wants a beggin' strip? dog: me! i'd get it myself but i don't have thumbs! yum, yum, yum... it's beggin'! hm... i love you! beggin' strips! there's no time like beggin' time!
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7:48 am
role in the royal family. i think you will see a rather low-key sort of involvement from kate, a bit more princess anne, rather than princess diana, which is not a bad thing. >> reporter: also a release of a new book on the newly engaged couple. it tells how her relationship with the prince developed, stalled and was eventually revived. the book details an early argument between the future king and his queen over a trip to africa, which william had planned with another woman he'd dated before kate. when confronted by middleton, the prince reportedly quipped do you know who i am? no one tells me what to do. despite the remark, william relented and wound up taking kate on their first summer vacation together. >> she got him basically by being a strong woman. all male royals look at prince charles and camilla all like strong women m. >> reporter: theirs is a relationship after all writers the bock's author above all a love story.
7:49 am
they marked another first the release of the first official wedding memorabilia goes on sale today. charlie d'agata, cbs news, lond london. >> each plate only costs $7 million. >> a great bargain. >> excuse me . >> what do you think of those plates. >> i've ordered several already. >> you have. >> it is back-ordered but, yes, a full set. >> you've also said -- >> there they rimplsts you said so many times to me no one tells me what to do. a little reminiscent. >> no one tells me what to do. right, that was interesting. no one tells me what to do. now someone is telling him what to do. >> in that case, we'll be right back. >> we'll be right back. >> you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ats, sweaters fleece and sleepwear for the family. this keurig brewer is one, oh nine, ninety-nine. plus, save sixty percent off fine jewelry. be the santa you want to be. find your santa at to stay fit, you might also want to try lifting one of these. a unique sea salt added to over 40 campbell's condensed soups. it helps us reduce sodium, but not flavor.
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it's 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. federal officials may want to subpoena witnesses to washington, d.c. for a hearing on the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. a member of the national transportation safety board says he and fellow board members are aware of the strong national interest in the disaster and its safety implication. today the senate will take up a bill that would provide healthcare for 9/11 first responders. it's just one of several items on the agenda as the lame duck congress tries to wrap up its work. passage of a new start treaty with russia to reduce nuclear weapons is still possible although some senators say there is not enough time. and north korea decided not to retaliate today as south korea conducted artillery drills on its border islands. the north had warned earlier of
7:56 am
consequences but now it says it backed off because the firing zones were change. traffic and weather around the bay area coming right up. stay with us. [ female announcer ] what will you gain when you lose?™ pride. pizzazz. sass! ughter ] [ woman ] i'm feeling that! [ female announcer ] the special k challenge™ begins january 1st. free personalized plans at what will you gain when you lose?™
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now everyone can explore the world from home. at&t is making high speed internet more affordable than ever at only $14.95 a month. one-year price guarantee. geim, i'm gianna franco in the traffic center. we have caltrain delays. 210 is disabled so plan for that in san mateo. the rest of mass transit problem-free. bart, ace, muni, no problems. no delays on the bay bridge
7:58 am
toll plaza. they have the metering lights on. reports of a stalled vehicle westbound at the incline but that's cleared out of the road. over to the golden gate bridge we go where traffic is moving well, southbound side out of marin county no delays. northbound if you head towards 101, everything is clear through the waldo tunnel. north there was all the way towards novato. and checking your drive in the south bay right now, traffic is looking good. i do know there are no delays on 880 at 237. here's tracy with your forecast. >> thank you, gianna. well, got a few delays on arrivals at sfo around an hour and 30 minutes. and this is, because of the weather. we have some showers. some of them producing some heavy rainfall moving into the north bay this morning. and also, a threat of thunderstorms in that line of showers for the morning and the afternoon. here's the seven-day forecast. showers and thunderstorms today, more showers possible tuesday. rainfall back in the bay area wednesday. could be heavy at times. and we're drying out thursday and friday. christmas day, more rainfall expected. ,,,,,,,, kyl ky
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ we're back with the crowd on monday morning. we just -- did we just invest a microphone cheer? >> it's the right time of year for it. >> cheers to you. jeff glor along with rebecca jarvis. good to have you here this morning. >> good to be here toasting you. >> toasting. good stuff going on this morning. you remember marilu henner from "taxi" the tv show? >> absolutely. >> marilu henner remembers just about everything. live in our studio. >> incredible. >> if you've got a chance to catch the "60 minutes" piece last night, you were in for a treat. autobiographical memory is, you can give these people any day in their live, november 11, 1977,
8:01 am
they'll tell you what happened that day, what was going on, what they were doing what mood they were in. absolutely extraordinary. you're going to talk to her? >>s remarkable what it can do fr solving alzheimer issues. can't wait it talk to her. >> i said i'm self-conscious about talking to you because i know you'll remember this federal reserve perp say the wrong thing. >> we'll quiz her on those memories and speaking with a brand new millionaire. jud birza. many of you know him as fabio. the youngest winner of "survivor." he turned 21 this year, happens to be the program's 21st season. the runner-up is with us to help us look back at the very dramatic ending. and live this morning, we were present a $1 million check. >> coming out of your paycheck. did i get that right? >> exactly right. >> okay. >> first, betty nguyen at the
8:02 am
newsdesk with a check of the headlines. >> good morning, everybody. newark liberty airport reopened because of a bomb scare. a package set off an alarm at terminal a. the bomb squad was called in. turned out to be a computer monitor. passengers have gotten the all clear. police in britain say they have knocked out a potential terror bomb plot with a series of arrests this morning. the 12 suspects aged 17 to 28 lived in london and two other cities. investigators searched their homes after the arrests. for the fourth straight day, there is travel chaos in europe. airports, train stations and highways are clogged again this morning, thanks to more brutal winter weather. cbs news correspondent mark phillips is at london's heathrow airport with the latest. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning, betty. well, you wish for a white christmas and then what do you know. it happen, and it's chaos. there is misery across europe
8:03 am
this morning in all forms of transportation. the problem is not just that it has snowed a lot in europe. it's that it has continued to snow, so airports haven't been able to clear the backlog of flights. or the backlog of stranded travelers, including americans, going nowhere. >> supposed to get on the 27th of december. stuck here 24 hours. told we're not leaving now until tuesday. >> reporter: airport authorities across europe have been criticized for not having sufficient snow clearing or de-icing equipment, and for not being prepared for the jam-up of people. it's not the sort of vacation video people expected to be sending home. >> there's been no food. there's been no vouchers at all. there's been -- blankets passed out at midnight and even then not passed out by staff. >> reporter: some flights are moving now, but not enough to clear the backlog and there's no relief in sight.
8:04 am
more cold and snow is predicted for the entire pre-christmas weekend. betty? >> cbs's mark phillips and heathrow airport. thank you. back home, more rain in los angeles meaning flooding and mudslides are a serious threat. it was a rough weekend up and down the west coast. icy roads in spokane, washington, tripped up a lot of drivers there. in california, several inches of rain and some areas led to flooding and highway accidents. at least 28 people including 13 children were killed by an oil pipeline explosion in mexico. the blast happened yesterday about 55 mimes east of mexico city. more than 30 homes were destroyed. officials say the explosion was caused by thieves trying to steal crude oil from the pipeline. gas price, on the rise this holiday season. the lundberg survey says the price of leg lar gasoline averages $2.99. up almost 8 cents in the last two weeks, and it's 39 cents higher than the price last year
8:05 am
at this time. if you're headed to the post office today, get ready for some long lines. postal officials say it is the busiest day of the year for them. they expect to handle 800 million pieces of mail. if you do -- do you have until tomorrow to get your cards or packages in for christmas delive delivery. get there today or tomorrow. the weather oits, see what it's like as you head to the post office. john elliott joins us live. hey, john. >> oh! thank you, betty. good morning, everybody. well, it's official. we just caught a wind right here, and the windshield for our friends on the plaza, 12 degrees! [ cheers and applause ] oh, but we want to say good morning to south carolina and georgia. and giving away $1 million. we'll tell you about that coming up later. everybody here is saying hi to
8:06 am
8:07 am
this weather report, sponsored by holiday gift cards from massage envy. locations nationwide. find one near you at the windchill is getting to me. now, after that look at your local weather, we're going to send things back to rebecca. >> thank you, john. coming up next, shhas an unforgettable life. literally. we'll speak with actress marilu henner about her exceptional memory. this is "the early show" on cbs. marilu henner about her exceptional life. this is the "early show" on cbs. ♪
8:08 am
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share the fun at ,beggin' strips! there's no time like beggin' time! ♪ in this morning's "healthwatch," superior autobiographical. he vi what scientists call an extremely rare phenomenon in which people can recall nearly every day of their lives in extraordinary detail. only six people in the world have been confirmed to have this kind of ain't so far, and one of
8:11 am
them is actress marilu henner. she and the other was profiled last night on "60 minutes." >> like these shoes. i wore them october -- first time, october 18, 2007. these i wore an april the 211 of this year. that was a tuesday. oh. these shoes i got a long time ago. 1982. april 9th. a friday of 1982. >> very cute shoes in her closet. marilu, great have you with us. >> i'm so glad you shot that clip because we shot this last year. when i said april 21st was a tuesday. that was a 2009. april 21st 2010 was a wednesday. to make the whole thing click. it's taken a while -- >> a glimpse of how this stuff work. tuesday, wednesday of last year. i mean, explain for those of us who are new to all of this. >> you know. >> how does it work? >> incredible. i've always had a great memory. people have teased me about it for years. always kind of my thing. i remember being a little girl
8:12 am
and able to say what did i do a week ago, two weeks ago, three weeks ago, a year ago. as i grew up what did i do when i was exactly my brother's age and i would just remember things. it was skill i developed but liked do it as well. so i think 2 it was a combination of nature and nurture. they explained last night, the first time i heard it, a certainly area of our brains larger than most people's, but i know it's also been a muscle that i've exercised. muscles. >> you consciously used. >> yes. some of the people -- even among the six of us there are differences. a lot of the people described, although you probably didn't see it last night i. did. >> didn't see them talk about this, how people visualize it. a lot of the people visualize it sort of in a calendar way. by calendar pages. for me, the closest thing to it is kind of like selected scenes on a dvd. when you see that, okay. so if you name a year, all of a
8:13 am
sudden the entire year lays itself out in chronological order and each day is a different selected scene and some of them are more vivid than others but i can go to each day and it sort of comes up. >> try? >> give me year. >> i'm curious. so -- >> give me good year. not a year i was divorced. >> okay. well i don't think i can tell you exactly, but -- say 1975. >> okay. so 1975. all right. so 1975, which was a while ago. okay. so i start to see, like, the whole year sort of lays itself out. and i go, okay. well, let's see. my birthday was on a sunday that year. that was april 6th, and christmas was on a thursday that year. and thanksgiving was on -- thanksgiving was on the 27th that year, and you know, so it starts to come in. my first date with a boyfriend
8:14 am
was august 12th. it starts 20 go like that. so i start to fill in different days in that year. you know? and different events. and i started on the broadway show "grease." i could go through my entire if you want but that would be boring. >> incredible. when i watch you on set, almost like you're visualizing it. you're not seeing me, instead these days. >> right. exactly. exactly. so it's -- it is. and i'm back there. it's like time travel. i'm back looking through my eyes. like i see what i was wearing the date of my first date i randomly pulled out it was a tuesday. i pull it out and know exactly what i was wearing and where we went to dinner and people would say, sounds like you've had a very exciting life. even the most mundane things i remember. so it lines up that way. >> talk about the book you're writing. >> yes. >> you are writing a book about this and also want to help people? i. do.
8:15 am
there are certain things people could take in the information, absorb it and retrieve it. i probably can't give anybody, in fact i know i can't, superior autobiographical memory like the six of us have, but i know i can help people. like in "an unforgettable life." the namy my book, "the unforget about life: yours." lessons learned from an autobiographical memory. it's so important to be able to help people. we're having so many people forget things nowadays and i know people are sometimes afraid of memories but they become emotional boogeymen. you don't want to remember. so you empower yourself more if you remember. >> this coming year. >> this coming year. out in the spring. >> thank you so much. this has been phenomenal. >> oh, thank you. coming up next, he's a model/actor, and now a millionaire. we'll speak with jud fabio bursa, the winner of "survivor:
8:16 am
nicaragua" when we return. >> announcer: "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by truvia natural sweetener. honestly sweet. sweetener. honestly sweet. ♪ zero-calorie, guilt-free no artificiality ♪ ♪ my skinny jeans zipped in relief ♪ [ announcer ] truvia. honestly sweet. save ten to forty percent on our entire stock of small kitchen appliances. kitchenaid artisan stand mixers are only two ninety-nine, ninety-nine. get a cuisinart twelve-cup coffee maker or an extra large griddler, only ninety-nine ninety-nine each. and all kenmore and elite small kitchen appliances are twenty percent off. sears. [scraping] [piano keys banging] [scraping] [horns honking] with deposits in your engine, it can feel like something's holding your car back. let me guess, 16. [laughing] yeeah. that's why there's castrol gtx... with our most powerful deposit fighting ingredient ever. castrol gtx exceeds the toughest new industry standard.
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don't let deposits hold your car back. get castrol gtx. it's more than just oil. it's liquid engineering.
8:18 am
all it took, one vote for jud birza better known as fab why to beat chase rice and win a million dollars last night on "survivor mick nick" before we speak with them both let's take a look back at the dramatic moment as the 21st season of
8:19 am
"survivor" came to an end. >> we have four votes chase. four votes fabio. one vote left. the winner of "survivor nicaragua," fabio. >> and joining us from los angeles this morning, there they are jud birza, fabio and chase rice. let's start you with, looking at that clip once again there. >> uhh. >> can you believe it? there's four votes for you and four votes for chase. at that moment, what were you processing, what were you thinking there? >> i looked over -- i looked over at the jury and i looked at ben with a kind of wait a minute eyes and he goes, chill out, chill out, you know, you are going to be all right. i think it was way closer than that. dude, i was nervous for sure, yeah. i thought chase was -- it was good. >> the one moment you don't have
8:20 am
to chill out but celebrate. go ahead, chase. >> i gave him a run for his money. i think he was pretty sure he had it you and nervous for a minute so it was fun to see him sweat a bit. >> the full experience, it was good. >> did you guys get any sleep last night. >> a half hour, maybe. >> i think i got 45 minutes. >> wow. by the way, chase, you end up with $100 which isn't too shabby. let's talk about the strategy a little bit here because there was a lot of talk about that this season. fabio, you kind of came in as the jokester some people said, the dumb blond, didn't necessarily strategize as much, the nice guy, the innocent guy. people wondered whether that would work in the end. did you ever question whether it woul would? >> uh, no. i basically just talked myself into it. every day i basically said, it is working, you know. it's happening, just keep it up, you are getting good response. and it was fun. >> heading into the end, did you consider yourself a favorite?
8:21 am
>> yeah, i did, dude. i knew -- i knew that you guys weren't going to let me get close to that final three, dude. i was like, you know, they're going to look around and realize i haven't made anybody mad so that's where the timing part of it came in. but, yeah, i felt really good going into it. >> chase, you clearly had a much different approach, much more strategic to this whole thing, forming the alliances, figuring things out that, far different than what fabio did. in the end, anything you would have done differently? >> uh, yeah, i probably would have done a whole lot differently. if i could have gone back i would have been moyer chill like this guy, that's how i am but i got caught up winning so bad so i was trying to make these alliances. in the end, it came back to -- you know, i couldn't get five votes, so i got four. yeah, i'da have tried to do something different to try to get that fifth vote that. million dollars would be nice. >> were you there for 39 days. you lost 30 pounds.
8:22 am
you had a full beard when you left. there's fabio without the full beard. chase, when you got home, what was the first thing you did? >> my mom, she picked me up at the airport and started crying when she saw me but then she took me to the grocery store, actually. she videotaped everything. you should have seen me, i'm like a kid a candy store in the grocery store, freaking out about everything. i'm sure people were like what the heck is this guy doing? >> before we end here, we have a very important presentation, i think it is something you might want nearby. i believe it's a life-size check and i think that says a million dollars on it. >> i think -- does a bank take checks like this? do i just go hand it to them and it'll work. >> absolutely, no problem. just hand it in. >> i think i'm going to snag this. i think i'm going to keep this for myself. >> fabio, youngest winner ever, 21 years old. what you are doing with it, quickly? >> a lot of fun, arts and crafts day every day, i'm going to travel the world. i'm going to hang out.
8:23 am
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with citi specials. what's your story? citi can help you write it. home for the holidays... you may want t airlines to it's 8:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. if you are flying home for the holidays contact the airlines for flight delays. the weather caused delays yesterday at 3 major airports in the bay area. the worst delays were at san francisco. at one point passengers were forced to wait up to two hours. the sierra still seeing a blast of winter snow. drivers are forced to travel on icy roads. this morning, chains are required on parts of interstate 80 and highway 50. ski resorts in the sierra closed over the weekend and they are expected to open around 9 a.m. and with christmas approaching, today is the busiest of the year for the u.s. postal service. it will handle 800 million pieces of mail. today is also the recommended deadline for sending greeting cards and holiday letters if you want them to live in time for christmas. after tomorrow, it's priority or express mail. we'll have traffic and
8:26 am
weather coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
>> we are dealing with caltrain delays. they have disabled train number 210 southbound. train 216 is making local stops between mountain view and san jose. bart, ace, muni, all running on time right now, no delays. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. holiday light. in fact, the metering lights are still on but no delays really as you approach the toll gates and as you work your way across the upper deck into san
8:28 am
francisco. if you're going on 280 in san jose looks good. northbound through san jose holiday light. 880 slight delays southbound just through hayward approaching 92. overall, though, san mateo bridge looks good over into foster city and a live look at 880 both direction clear as you head through oakland. that's a look at your morning commute. here's tracy with your forecast. >> hey, thanks, gianna. delays at sfo up to two hours and 30 minutes. here's what we're watching. showers, some of them showing heavy rain through parts of the north bay. san rafael, sonoma and napa, you have been wet for the past couple of hours. that's going to continue today. showers expected and maybe a possible thunderstorm. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. showers and thunderstorms likely through the afternoon. a few leftover showers tuesday and more rainfall wednesday. thursday and friday, we are drying out. but not for long. christmas day, more rainfall is expected. and sunday still a chance of showers. ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
it's welcome back, everybody, a warm -- >> balmy morning. >> what are you thinking without injure coat on. >> betty called my bluff, you should go without the coat. >> i was joking, i didn't expect you to take it seriously. now you'll have pneumonia. >> now when i get sick noimplsts, no it's your fault. >> it's on you. >> you know better. >> the bigger thing is not so much the coat, i can get by with a scarf and gloves. you have the coat on, man, it's
8:31 am
not that cold. >> pretty interesting, too, to talk about. >> i'm jeff glor with rebecca jarvis and bets tee nguyen this morning. coming up this morning, you want to save $500 on a round-trip flight from new york to l.a.? >> sounds good. >> very good. yep. >> don't buy a coat. our travel editor preert greeng burg with great holiday travel deals, last-minute bargains that may help you out. >> love those. also, he writes the songs that make the whole world sing now providing the instruments that let kids study music. we're talking about barry manilow. he will tell us all about his music project and his long and legendary career, as well. >> plus, they can be smoky, sexy, colorful. we are talking about eyes, folks. what the right makeup can do for them. believe it or not, you can change your entire look in less than 60 seconds. and we are going to learn how to do that. >> ♪ time in new england, took me away ♪ >> make it stop.
8:32 am
♪ rocky beaches and john elliott on the plaza ♪ >> o. ♪ oh, mandy." i say we have jeff glor do the rest of the show from out here. you've got to cover up. it is so cold. friends over here from texas and friends over here from daytona beach, i bet they are missing daytona beach and our friends at purina, how much money are you giving away? >> a million dollars! >> in increments of? >> 5,000. >> randomly giving away money why? >> why? because we want to help people and pet charities today. we will spread serious goodness around the country. >> i love this. $5 thounz
8:33 am
>> no wagering but we are curious to see if jeff glor still has his coat off. back to you. >> i do, indeed. one of the advantages --
8:34 am
one of the advantages here you don't have to actually put the coat back on. good stuff. in this morning's moneywatch, now great deals on last-minute holiday getaways. cbs news travel peter greenberg here with money-saving tips this monday. sir, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> lots of people -- for those who haven't booked already, looking for a last-minute deal the best thing to do is? >> be a contrarian, don't go with the flow there. are still deals out there. go to places that nobody else is going. like north carolina right now the outer banks, they've got deals out there right now, i mean the sheraton atlantic beach resort listen to this, something like $79 a night. >> wow. booking it now. >> right this minute, talking last minute. you can't more last minutes than december 20th. >> not too cold? >> no. >> you are not going swimming. but you've got a great view of the ocean. >> you might if you don't wear a coat. >> that's right. >> second strategy, avoid the obvious? >> yeah. firstly, another great deal government to napa, right now in napa doing 30% off because
8:35 am
nobody is doing wine country always in september and october during harvest. >> it might be a bit cool but getting such a great deal. >> you are not in in line behind 20,000 people doing a tasting. a really good deal. >> how flexible do you have nobody terms of timing? does it help if you can wait a week? >> it does. >> or two weeks or more? >> here's the deal. we talked about this of, about two times of the year we call dead weeks, the week right after thanksgiving and the week right after new year's. to give you an example what we are talking about an air fare right now from new york to los angeles is about $800 round trip in coach. january fourth and fifth drops to 219. >> depending when you are booking them. booking them now or waiting another week or so. >> they still go down because of the inventory to fill. another great example, cruising, celebrity cruise -- if you want to go december 24th there, are spaces available on their christmas cruise in the caribbean to jamaica it is over $800 a person for that cruise. if you wait a week, under $240.
8:36 am
>> wow. >> you said not swimming. >> right. >> if you want to potentially hit the beach. >> right. >> you can still go somewhere? >> yes. you can go to the bahamas, and nassau. they've got great deals at the windyham beach resort. $199 a night, a 53% discount. if you want to go to j may ka, richmonhill about $115 a night. >> how long? >> good until april 30th. based on a whopping two-night minim minimum. hello, you won't go to jamaica for 24 hours. >> no, you won't. we talked about warm-weather destinations, for skiers, deals for them, too. >> believe it or not you if wait that extra week again all kids fly free on a lot of american airlines flights to telluride, all of a sudden saving so much on that deal plus doing discounts at the resorts and at aspen they have deals now, if you don't ask, by the way, you will not get extra lift tickets thrown in. always ask the things not advertis advertised. for example do my kids ski free,
8:37 am
can they eat tree and in urban areas if you are doing a hotel, ask if they will throw in free parking. guess what, they will. i was in san francisco recently and asked if they would throw in free parking. they said, yes, only when i was checking out of the hotel i found out they charged $62 a night for parking. for four nights that's -- >> 62? >> you bet. >> never hurts to ask. >> speaking of the kids you mentioned the kids, skaeg or whatever else. if you want to bring history in there, as well, any time travel sort of deals. >> once again the off-season go to williamsberg. colonial williamsburg this time of year 379 deal for a three-night, two-day deal for a family of four, very, very affordable. >> finally here. any tips for those people who are traveling right now who may see flights booked, who may experience weather problems? >> here's the deal. >> so many people on the road and in the air. >> airport departure boards haven't told the truth since 1957, all right. let's be honest. >> yes. >> the real key here, whether a volcano erupting in iceland or the weather around the world right now, don't ask if your flight is on time.
8:38 am
yes, the airlines are going to lie because it scheduled to leave on time. so was the "titanic" ask the following question you liked that, didn't you? >> i did. >> say flight 505 between new york and chicago, what's the aircraft number all the key about the tail number. what's the aircraft number assigned to my flight. oh, aircraft number 705. where is that plane? in belize, why would you even go to the airport at that point. but if the aircraft number is on the groufndz the key to the fact you have a chance of leaving. if there is no aircraft number on the ground assigned to your flight you're not going. >> does it make a difference talking to a person at a counter are o look at the board. >> don't he ever look at the board because it will lie. if is nothing showing up at the gate why you would go to be disappointed? the key is aircraft number on the ground. >> peter, always very helpful stuff. >> you got it. >> and happy holidays to you. >> same you to. >> for more you can go to our website rebecca? >> jeff, nothing complete as
8:39 am
special look more than a dash of makeup and with all those holiday parties coming up creating gorgeous eyes in less than 60 seconds is a real plus. here to show us how to do it celebrity makeup artist and author of "style eyes" taylor chang bubura. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> the perfect holiday eye look. >> it varies from person to person. you definitely want to do something bolder. if you used to nothing maybe a single swipe of color with maybe added shimmer, or bump up the color more so it is darker, a bit brighter. if you are used to doing something, you want to take it to the next level and do that smoky eye. >> we have olivia with us, beautiful model. we'll do the smoky eye on her. come this way and give us a sense what we'll do with o live yeah before we get the timer set because we want to make sure you do it in the 60 seconds. >> she already has her day-time look, the look you will have at the office. someone has called and said we
8:40 am
have an holiday party, we need to do something and get ready. >> on the spot. >> on the spot. >> you take the same shadow colors you had at the office during the day. a great palate and we'll add extra color, a bit more -- >> looks like you are ready to start the timer. >> i think we are, yeah. >> put it on the clock, guys. >> what we are actually going to do is add gray on that outer corner to the base of the lid. >> you are using colors she's already used during the day. >> yes, exactly. >> so, you have the palate she probably has in her handbag already and is in the office with. >> absolutely. >> whatever we he do on top is what we'll do on bottom. that creates that smoky eye. we're going to add a little bit of just a little bit darker color here, that she doesn't have on in the office, a navy. >> something darker in the creases. >> just a bit darker in the creads. >> you are halfway there, by the way. >> fantastic. >> and of course, a bit of
8:41 am
liner. look up for me. >> liner on the bottom. >> again whatever we did on top we'll do on the bottom. >> i see. >> then we'll smudge it. look up for me. >> okay. not that perfect line. you want it to be a little smudged. >> a little smudgy because it is going to be more sultry. >> you have five seconds left, taylor. >> i think we are photo of olive why. all right. so, you see o leave yeah, at least her right eye. looking very nice in the after photo and the before picture. thanks so much olivia. >> thank you. >> take a look at our next model we'll take a look at her before picture. >> fantastic. >> to give you a sense. all right, this photo of our model jess. >> yes. >> and jess is known for not wearing a lot of makeup on a
8:42 am
regular basis. we will turn her bold and beautiful. tell us what that means. >> she's normally used to wearing nothing. if i put something too dark she would feel uncomfortable. we'll take something more natural, like a gold but shimmery, giving intensity and one swipe of color. >> we'll do it again in 60 seconds. >> in 60 seconds. >> timer on the clock, folks. >> close. again at the base of the lid. you can use use your fingers, too. >> what is this? >> a gold simmery shadow. it doesn't have to be this color or purple, whatever you want it to be. you can use your fingers. >> another thing that will save you time, using your fingers instead of a brush. >> exactly. and we'll do a bit of liner. just on the outer, of course. >> close. we'll make it a little extra. look at me. close. >> 23 seconds on the clock as
8:43 am
you add your liner. that was a liquid liner. >> that was actually a cream liner. >> okay. >> just a tiny bit. >> then a little bit of mascara or a lot of bit of mascara. >> you've got five seconds. >> let's see? that's it. >> and you're done. >> and we're done. >> jess, beautiful. take a look look at the before and after. here's jess before and now here's jess after looking beautiful glowing, taylor, correct? >> yes. >> all right. a fantastic look. do you feel well? >> i feel great. >> you look fantastic. >> thanks. >> we r piano onstage
8:44 am
at the paris hotel and casino to discuss his remarkable career. prfk her name is lola, she was a showgirl ♪ >> he sold more than 80 million records and has had 25 consecutive top 40 hits. ♪ you know, i can't smile without you ♪ >> barry manilow writes the songs we know and love. he's the top adult contemporary artist of all time and, since 1974, he's performed to adoring crowds, most recently headlining at the paris las vegas hotel and cas no. what's it like performing here in las vegas. >> oh, i love it. i didn't know they woochlt but, you know, i performed here in the late '70s, can you believe i'm still going? believe i'm still going. >> i can believe it because you're that talented. that talent was evident long
8:45 am
before he found fame. >> i did jingles. i wrote some jingles that you might know like this whfk whenever you're driving and wherever you're bound, like a good neighbor, do you know that he wo one? state farm is there ♪ ♪ and i wrote, i am stuck on a band-aid and a band-aid is stuck on me ♪ i bet you didn't know that. i did jingles, background singles and all sorts of things and then "mandy" hit and my life was never the same. ♪ well you came and you gave without taking. ♪ >> "mandy" became his first number one hit when he was 31 years old. as his star rose, he continued to work behind the sooerchs, composing and producing. >> the first time i was ever truly introduced to your music was your score when you did "thumbbelina". ♪ can you hear mef >> you were composing, writing,
8:46 am
you were everything. >> oh, i loved that, too. ♪ let me be on wings, let me be your -- ♪ >> good. >> ♪ let me take you far above the clouds ♪ >> pretty, right? >> in high school, barry found his identity through music. >> when i heard that they were taking away music classes it just about killed me because i know there's barry barrys out there, where are they going to go? where would i have gone? i don't know where i would have gone. >> inspired to act man i low started the man i low music project to donate instruments to schools and music programs that need help the most. >> we send them everything that they asked for. >> my gosh. >> isn't that an oh, my god. >> reporter: these instruments go to a generation that has no idea of his iconic status. >> i know you are staring at me. you don't know what the hell i
8:47 am
do, right? i used to be the justin bieber of the '70s. >> so far, the manilow music project has made major contributions to students in palm springs, los angeles, atlantic city and most recently clark county, nevada, where they've donated $500,000 worth of instruments. >> we've got tennis apps. >> like the first christmas! >> with his career and his charity man ilow is beginning to focus on a bigger picture. >> i'm getting old, you know. i know i look fabulous but i'm getting old. >> you look incredible. >> but i've had a lot of experience. i think that when it's all said and done, people will remember, they won't remember what you do, they'll remember how you made them feel. >> such great stuff. it was clear you guys had a connection there. >> was it not obvious? >> i mean, you got into it there, right. >> yeah, i got into it. i don't know what inspired me but i just started singing that song from "thumbelina" so funny.
8:48 am
>> i couldn't stop. >> like you out there singing "mandy." >> yes, yes, "mandy," "weekend in new england" i will croon all morning long. sorry. he's obviously a legend, you working on your career, as well, he was giving you advice. >> he was. basically be a triple threat. he thinks just singers are crazy. i don't know what that means but he thinks it is more admirable to be a singer, composer, a triple threat. i think that was the best advice not just being a singer but for me playing the guitar as well as singing and maybe producing one day. >> so you can remain in control of some of that stuff. what people might not know quickly he started in cbs. >> yes. he worked in the mail room at cbs going to jewel yard as working on his jingles, you heard a few in the piece. >> ♪ time in new england, take me away ♪
8:49 am
. thank you very much. >> thank,,,,,,,,
8:50 am
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a very special treat to ge begin this christmas treat, impressive holiday light displays our affiliates and facebook frenz have told us about beginning in texas where we checked out the home of shillerly alexander. >> wow. >> look at. >> that a hundred thousand lights right there. >> shirley started 20 years ago. >> with only 600 lights back in the day. >> 600 to 100,000. >> i wonder what her electric bill is going to be light. >> you wonder about that but she's warming so many hearts. >> that's true. and i heard she keeps a light, a red light on the top of the house to call santa. >> that's so -- >> so he stays safe, yes with the reindeer. >> makes a difference. >> in buffalo we used to drive a half how to see a big light
8:52 am
display downtown one person's house every year and we used to look forward to that all year long. >> so cool. >> it was so, so cool. we have another one in florida, right our friends at the miami affiliate wfor sentence in this luminous display. >> a warm christmas. >> very warm. this is in plantation, a two-decade-long project this one is. the previous one, 100,000 lights. how many here, do you think? >> 150,000. >> rebecca, you are sharp. >> i love numbers, can't get enough of them. >> 20-foot-tall treat. >> it is quantifiable. >> a ferris wheel you saw that. look at the angels. >> great. >> unbelievable. >> i'd hate to be the person who has to take all of it down. >> it would take two decades. >> also for the one you saw there, they collect money for charities and local animal shelters, if you visit, they also do good deeds. >> excellent cause and view. we encourage everyone if you want to send these to us make you can make the air if you think it is worthy of national air tell us on our facebook
8:53 am
page. friday live at the scene of our final fantastic light display. friday live at the scene of our final fantastic light display. >> sounds,, the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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headlines... it's 8:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. new details in the murder of a woman in san francisco's russian hill area. the man charged in the killing reportedly called his mother and ex-wife just hours before the murder to complain about paying child support. 43-year-old gary scott holland is accused of dressing up as a utility worker but raping and stabbing a 46-year-old woman to in her apartment. bart is smooth this morning after electrical problems in the transbay tube yesterday. much of the system was shut down after a train operator smelled smoke. crews worked overnight to pictures problem. no further delays are expected. and the victims of a deadly san bruno pipeline explosion face a new obstacle, federal income tax. pg&e has given $15,000 to victims whose homes were
8:56 am
destroyed in the blast. residents were told last month that money could be taxed by the irs. traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment. stay with us. ,, [ female announcer ] why watch regular tv when you can experience the next generation of television service? at&t u-verse tv. tv like you've never seen before at a really great price. switch to at&t now to get u-verse tv starting at just $39 a month for six months, dvr included. or get up to $300 in promotion cards with a qualifying u-verse bundle. u-verse tv lets you record and play back your favorite shows in any room. and you can record up to four shows at once on a single dvr. maybe that's why u-verse tv is ranked "highest in residential television service satisfaction in the west" by j.d. power and associates three years in a row. switch to at&t now to get u-verse tv starting at just $39 a month for six months, plus dvr included. or get up to $300 in promotion cards
8:57 am
with a qualifying u-verse bundle. at&t u-verse tv. tv like you've never seen before. at&t. good morning from the traffic center. we are still dealing with
8:58 am
caltrain delays. southbound 210 train has been disabled. they are using train 216 instead to make local stops between mountain view and san jose. over to the bay bridge we go where traffic has been very light this morning, you can see still clear as you approach the toll gates. no trouble so far through there. if you are headed to the oakland airport, traffic flowing freely in both directions. no delays on 101 going to sfo. tracy has the forecast. >> thank you, gianna. forecast for the morning, if you are thinking about getting out of dodge for the holiday, you are going to run into problems. 2.5 delays on arrivals at sfo and for the morning and also for the afternoon, showers are expected. now currently they are in the north bay. some of them coming down pretty heavy at times through the napa and sonoma area. keep that in mind for today. showers as well as thunderstorms. here you go. seven-day forecast. showers and thunderstorms through the afternoon, more showers possible tuesday and wednesday. sunny thursday and friday, rain on saturday and sunday.
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