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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  December 20, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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1-800-state-farm or go online. i love eggnog, i love gingerbread, i love pumpkin pie. i love everything but those blinking lights. oh yeah, right in my eye. [ female announcer ] if it tastes like the holidays, we've got it. safeway. ingredients for life. . you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm cindy cohara. san francisco is a great city for walking. but researchers also say it is one of the most dangerous in the year for pedestrians with
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hundreds hit by cars every year. she shows us the trouble spots. >> reporter: hey, two people get hit on average every day. part of the streets like market street and financial street like this where there are a large number of pedestrians. more than 8,000 pedestrians get hit by cars every year. when you count the pedestrians and car fatal san francisco ranks worse than tokyo and london. elizabeth stamp of the non- profit walk san francisco. >> san francisco is the most dangerous for pedestrians. >> reporter: according to her the top then include the financial district, bayview, south of market and tenderloin. they represent 4% of the city's population but more than 20 percent of the pedestrian accidents. and seniors are especially vulnerable. >> seniors especially are more at risk of being hit. and then, of course, once they are hit, they are more likely to be seriously injured or
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actually killed. >> reporter: many pedestrians aren't too surprised by the numbers. >> i know when the giants parade closed the entire market down it was nice having this as a pedestrian way instead of a car way, because it does seem the cars that are the offenders. >> john alex lowell suffered a traumatic brain injury when he got hit crossing the street nine years. now as the chair of the walking committee he is am asking the city make changes. >> there are insufficient enforcement of the current laws on pedestrian safety. >> we have a lot of work to do to redesign our streets for more vicious -- visibility for pedestrians. so that drivers and pedestrians can see each other, so that the speeds are safer on the streets, so that if people get hit, it's not as serious. >> now, the numbers say that december is one of the worst months to be a pedestrian in san francisco. that is because we tend to have the slippery weather and the slippery roads. there are fewer hours of day late. more people out and about on
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the streets. and whether they are on foot or driving, more people are tend to go drink because of the holidays. it's busy. >> well, they are inattendant, too, talking on the cell phones. >> and all of the distractions. sharon is the city trying to do a study to look at this to see what they can do about it? >> reporter: well, some of the organizations we mentioned walk san francisco and some of the others in the city are presenting a report next month to the city with one of the recommendations that we noted earlier in the story. so there are members of the city in the board of supervisors who are taking a look at it, looking at some of these possibilities, maybe having a longer signal, maybe painting some of these crosswalks so that they are more visible, options like that they will take a look at next month. >> anything to get those numbers down. sharon, thank you. sharon chin in san francisco. >> heavy snow is blanketing the sierra. a winter storm warning is in effect until 4:00 this afternoon. drivers have to have chains unless maybe, maybe if you have
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four wheel drive with snow tires. still that is no guarantee. a live look up near highway 50. ski run. chains required east of there. also required on i-80 to the nevada state line. ski resorts are back open today. this is after yesterday's severe weather shut many of them down, including sugar bowl and boreal. in the past 24 hours some of the mountain versus gotten more than three feet of snow. at the summit restaurant, though, well, business was kind of light. slopes are closed. missed out on a traditionally money-making weekend. >> we haven't seen near the customers or the people enjoying the sierras that we had anticipated. last year this weekend was great for us. unfortunately that is not the story this year. >> they may make up though but there is a silver lining to the snow cloud. it is expected to provide a very good snow base for skiing for months to come. >> i think everybody already up there is enjoying that snow today.
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very nice. >> yes. >> but again, tracy, for them snow. and for us, i know you are keeping an eye on the snow track for us so what does the radar say? >> some showers out there. they have been in the forecast since this morning. they will remain in the forecast well into the afternoon. and along with the showers, we also have a few thunderstorms. we have some lightning strikes in parts of marin county still this afternoon. san raphael looking at light rainfall as well as mill valley. look at that rain towards napa where you have the yellow and orange and where you are more likely to run into some brief but heavy downpours. how much rainfall this since thursday? well, it is adding up. the bullseye, the most is oakland with 2.94 inches of rainfall. and down in san jose close to an inch. more rainfall is expected today. more rainfall is in the forecast tomorrow. more rainfall in the forecast for wednesday. what about christmas?
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it's not going to be a wash- out, is it? not that it would stop st. nick. take a look at the holiday forecast in just a few minutes. back to you. >> tracy, thank you very much. we will check back with you in just about ten minutes. this winter weather is causing delays in holiday travel plans. so if you are flying today, the best advice is to call ahead. right now arrivals at san francisco international airport are seeing a two-hour delay for departures. it's 60 minutes. on top of the weather, the airport is anticipating a swarm of holiday travelers. just today more than 120,000 people are expected to fly out of sfo. travelers are advise today get to the airport 90 minutes before a domestic flight. two hours before if you are on an international flight. >> we are looking between 5-7 minutes. peak times maybe 11 minutes going through security. we have all of the screeners staff and all of the check points are staffed and hopefully have no trouble getting through security. >> no delays reported as either at oakland or international
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airport. >> the situation is dire for europe where heavy snow has caused massive flight cancellations. so many people are camped out at london's heathrow airport that officials are handing out mats for people to sleep on. and then asking others just stay home until you can confirm that your flight is going to leave. the situation is just as bad in paris and frankfurt. the service will be crippled until at least wednesday. a terror plot is two thwarted by the police. they were arrested in a massive raid. remarkably no officers were hurt. charlie dagit with more on the counter-terror operation. >> reporter: there was increased security all around london after the british police arrested 12 men in pre-dawn raids in three cities. the suspects were reportedly planning multiple bombings at multiple locations in the u.k. but the police who rounded up the men were not armed. that could indicate the attacks were not imminent. >> with the information that we had, i believe that today the
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arrests were absolutely necessary in order to keep the public safe. >> detectives say the suspects had been under surveillance for months. the arrests are not believed to be linked to recent concerns that teams of gunmen were planning attacks on european cities similar to the mumbai massacre in 2008 that killed 170 people. that alert prompted the police here in london, and in other european cities, to beef up security at places like popular tourist sites and public transport systems. paris, extra police are guarding the tourist attractions and the metro. it's the same story in berlin, where there is a heavy police presence around the parliament. u.s. states department advises americans travelling in europe to be more aware. there has been no change in britain's terror threat following these latest arrests. it remains at severe the second highest rating means a terrorist attack is highlyly likely. charlie dagit, cbs news,
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london. those suspects rake -- range in age from 17-28-year- old. police have 28 days to question them before they have to be either charged or released. >> the fact that some doctors are in trouble. some doctors are violating medical policies on drug company connections. >> promising new vaccine to fight cancer. the hope that it offers to many patients. [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ music ] >> some stanford doctors may be crossing the line when it comes to their dealing with drug companies. k cbs radio matt significantletter reports that more than a dozen doctors were
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paid to make speeches for drug makers despite a university ban. >> reporter: this investigation finds that more than a dozen doctors at stanford medical school have been paid by drug companies over the past year to give promotional drug speeches. and that's in violence of the university's own policy. last year stanford became one of the first medical schools to pass this blanket ban on doctors giving paid speeches for drug companies. the university is calling this activity unacceptable. we talked to dr. arthur kaplan at the university of pennsylvania's center for bioethics. he says it is clear that the university has not taken steps to make sure that doctors are following this new policy. >> so if this feels, in terms of the honor system of reporting, i think they are going to get tough and basically say, if we find that you've earned money in drug promotion activities mass inquiry raiding as education, that's going to mean dismissal from the faculty. >> reporter: stanford is not alone on this. the investigation by pro publica also finds that a half a dozen other medical schools
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also had doctors that were in violation of those university's bans on giving speeches for drug companies that are compensated. and those schools are also launching reviews in the wake of this investigation. i'm matt zigler in san jose for cbs 5. >> that report found that more than two stanford doctors were paid more than six figures to make those speeches. >> it is being called a weapon, a game changer in the fight against cancer. an experimental vaccine is giving new hope for people who suffer from the disease. randall pinkston tells us about the study across 33 countries. >> carol terry went to her doctor for swollen ankles last year. but after listening to her breathing, her physician ordered an x-ray. >> i had an extremely large tumour. >> reporter: terry who had smoked for 45 years had stage 2 lung cancer. >> everything doing well? >> reporter: she had surgery to remove the tumour and then underwent four rounds of debilitating chemotherapy. doctors then suggested she join
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a new vaccine trial to stop the cancer from coming back. >> this is sags nation number eight today. >> reporter: the experimental vaccine exposes the body to a protein that helps buildup protection against the cancer that is attacking it. >> it is huge because it proves the concept of engaging the immune system in the fight against cancer. i cannot tell you how important that is. >> reporter: more than one million people die of lung cancer every year because there is no effective screening, most lung cancers are discovered at an advanced stage. the vaccine doesn't prevent lung cancer, but it gives patients a new weapon against the disease. >> it changes completely the way we treat lung cancer. it's a game changer. >> reporter: and since it has few side effects, patients are able to do more. >> my youngest grandchild is 11. she was in a parade, you know, to see her dancing and everything was wonderful. and also to be there to see her grow up. >> reporter: early vaccine test
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results are promising. while it is still experimental, terry is hopeful the vaccine will add years to her life. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york >> the suddenly high gas prices are not your imagination. trudy says the average price per gallon went up eight cents over the passed two weeks to $2.99. but of course here in the bay area is has been $3 for a long time. here are the numbers from the aaa auto group's daily survive survey. >> well, what is the most annoying word in the english language? the poll that shows one particular word that tops them all. it's been wet and wild for the >> and, boy, we have got some ominous looking clouds out there. here is a look out towards coit tower out there. those clouds, yes, they mean business. showers and thunderstorms remain in the forecast. how much more rainfall can you
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expect? and will we ever dry up? i will let you know coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, 3q
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rain boots or a nice slicker or something to keep me dry. it has been definitely really wet across the bay area. we have had a series of storm systems coming in thanks to the jet stream. or you should say no thanks to the jet stream. that has kept us with the ongoing look at showers. today we actually include and add thunderstorms into the forecast. especially into the north bay. light rainfall through nevada, as well as san raphael. illustrated by the yellow and the orange that you see there. and the green is just showing light scattered showers all the way down through san raphael and moving just to the north of oakland. through the east bay and down through parts of the south bay they are picking up some light rainfall as well along the peninsula. and the forecast for today showers and thunderstorms are expected for the afternoon. the temperatures in the 50s. for tonight we will take the threat of thunderstorms out of the forecast. but showers are still possible. and overnight lows are in the lower to the upper 40s. here is a big look at the sat
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late and the radar. and it does have a very good job of showing you what's going on. the cold front has come through back behind it. we are just on the edge of it, clearing the bay area. but we still do have that low pressure system. it is our parent low. what is spinning all of the different disturbances into the bay area. it sits there a nice kind counter clockwise circulation. it picks everything up and takes it like a corridor along the interstate. and that is what's going to keep us unsettled. so the chance of showers for the next couple of days. up to an inch in the north bay. a half an inch in the east and south bay. up to one month into the mountains. in the sierra they continue to get pounded. winter storm warning in effect until 4:00 this afternoon. and they are still looking at an ongoing threat of storm showers tuesday and wednesday. take a look at those temperatures, just above freezing for the day-time highs. five day forecast. so for tomorrow still a few showers are possible. wednesday another storm system comes in. so we will have a better chance
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of widespread rainfall. some of it heavy at times. thursday and friday we are drying out. a little sunshine in there. but just in time for christmas day. another round of showers in the bay area. and that will be for saturday and also for sunday. our my picks photo, a fox in alameda? yes, there is a fox in alameda. beth caught it right there at bay farm island in alameda. good job, beth. if you have a nice photo you would like to show off you can feel free to e-mail it to us at >> a beautiful animal. >> wow. >> tracy, thank you very much. >> okay. what do you think is the most annoying word in the language for the second year in a row. you have teenagers you know. >> yes, because they say it all the time. whatever. whatever dad. >> it's terrible so dismissive. but more than 1,000 polled in the survey and results are showing 39% think that whatever is the most annoying english word. the runners up were like. that's been around for a long
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time. 28%. and the phrase you know what i mean. that got 15%. but at the end of the day, i hate that one, too. at the end of the day, whatever. >> dad, whatever, you know what i mean. >> just go away, dad. [ laughter ] >> a reminder if you have a consumer related problem or question. our consumer watch hotline is open every friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. >> volunteers are there right now for you. and they will not say: whatever. >> right. >> we will be right back. [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. >> well, taste of the day is going to be peaches. they are summer and winter and chilly. and the peaches are coming in. they are going to get bigger and sweeter and less expensive. what's out there are okay. but for a holiday table having some peaches isn't going to be bad. but if you don't store them well they won't taste right. and that won't be good. the less greening the better. less greening to them. so you want to assure it's more yellow. that's important. and the size are about immediate yam right now. later in two or three weeks we will get bigger sizes. just a slight give to the touch. not that much. just slight. when you bring them home store them on the counter but not in the fridge.
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on the counter. when they are ready to enjoy in four or five days. remember, they come from chile. that's pretty far away. not local grown produce. it's already been a few days. so when you buy them enjoy them in two or three days. a nice give to them and enjoy them. peaches from chile in our market for the holidays. store them properly or else you could be disappointed. or you could be very happy when you select them right. and i'm your fresh groceryer. ease healthy -- eat healthy. peaches are a good thing. >> coming up at 5:00. he wrote a how-to guide for pedophiles. why the arthur is now understood arrest. >> and helping you spend money. those stories and more at 5:00. >> facebook ceo zuckerburgburg is in china. he met with the ceo of buy do but it is unclear what they talked about. facebook remains blocked on china. most people interest there are
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not even familiar with the website. but they are aware he is the person of the year this year. >> this could be the most famous person of the year. the woman that hit a man with her handbag at the council meeting. she was able to whack the man's arm. she wasn't able to harm him but the purse is a hit. that auction is wednesday. and all of the proceeds are going to charity. >> not since rut buzzy and laugh-in has a purse became so famous. that's it for noon. >> our next broadcast is at 5:00. >> stay dry. ,,
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