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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  December 21, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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6:00 last night that susan was leaving her home when she was attacked by the dogs. >> the dogs followed me and bite my legs and i can't open the door. i want out. i want to go to get something. i want to either go up to the car but cannot go. >> reporter: she has bite wounds to her arms, legs and lower back. there is still blood on the driveway. she says the dogs wouldn't let go. >> dogs follow me and bite my hands. >> reporter: that's what he valencia stepped in. >> i was yelling loud, stop it stop it, stop it, stop it! so finally came towards me and i hit him on the head with a brick. >> reporter: san jose animal care and services officers spent the day looking for the two pit bulls which they believe likely lived nearby. >> as far as for the owners, you know, just give us a call. we'll talk to you and we'll explain -- we'll explain you to what's going to happen. i can understand it's scary and
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traumatic if they think these are their dogs. >> reporter: he stopped an attack that could have had a more tragic outcome. do you feel like a hero? >> absolutely not. i would do it again. >> reporter: the pit bulls are beltway with black collars. no officials warnings have been issued for the neighbors, but residents should not hesitate to call 911 if they spot them. >> if they belong to someone in the neighborhood it is likely that their immediate neighbors say on either side of them know where these dogs live where they belong. so they may come forward. >> reporter: indeed. that's clearly part of the strategy at this point. animal services officials say they are waiting for tips for people to call in and say, we know where these dogs live. they do believe they live somewhere around where this attack occurred. >> thank you. oakland police defend their use of deadly force in the aftermath of a high-speed
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chase. officers opened fire that killed a 19-year-old young man yesterday afternoon. john ramos reports their actions may have saved other lives. >> they have been involved in -- well over a dozen homicides, multiple shootings on a weekly basis. >> reporter: oakland police say the car they were chasing last night contained four gang members on their way to attack rival gang. >> we tried to do everything we can to safely intercept this vehicle before they can gene and commit this shooting. >> reporter: the pursuit ended when the car crashed into a house. the young men began running. two officers caught up to one suspect 19-year-old edwards. >> the officer fired shots at the -- at mr. edwards. >> i heard it.
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>> what did it sound like? >> pow, pow pow. >> reporter: he died at the scene. police searched for the other three suspects. a juvenile was arrested hiding in the area. >> good young man like we all say he had his troubles don't get me wrong. they accused him of doing something he didn't do it. nothing was found. >> reporter: edwards was the fourth person to be killed by oakland police officers and oakland pd is criticized for being too quick to shoot but they say they had no choice. >> we did everything we could to stop these individuals from going out and killing people. it highlights the need for the community to come together and stop these young people from carrying guns. intervention is needed before they -- these young people to get the this point. >> reporter: in oakland, john
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ramos, cbs 5. >> an overflow crowd of mourners paid respect to a bay area soldier killed in afghanistan. the funeral for army specialist derek simple net that simonetta was held toda he leaves behind a wife of two years. other bay area headlines. six of seven gang-rape suspects will stand trial. they are accused of raping and beating a teenaged girl outside a richmond high school homecoming dance as others watched last year. the only suspect not charged was the youngest. the judge ruled detectives violated his miranda rights during a police interview. they all pled not guilty. in alameda, a fire victim suffered burns to about 10% of his body after flames torched this apartment this morning. the fire broke out in a second floor unit on willow street
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near buena vista avenue. the victims are recovering at the burn center at san francisco general. investigators say the fire appears to have started near a refrigerate but refrigerator but no word how it started. lawrence karnow tracking a storm in the weather center. what's behind you on hi-def doppler? >> we have a lot of green showing up again. that rain is already starting to head onshore and guess what, folks. we're in for another wet night around the bay area. not much of a break between the storm systems. maybe you saw some sunshine but not a lot. here comes the rain once again moving into parts of the north bay as we speak near santa rosa up towards healdsburg light showers beginning to show up now just this moisture out ahead of the main cold front so throughout the night tonight things are going to be intensifying. a couple of scattered showers in hayward. not too bad. the commute doesn't look too bad in san jose although we are starting to pick up light showers across the mountains. more rain on the way and gusty
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winds coming along with us too. gust 25 to 35 miles per hour just off the coastline. and another storm on the horizon. more on that coming up in a bit. imagine christmas without consumerism. that's the goal of a growing movement. coming up how one organization says it could hurt the economy and how toys 'r us is helping to fuel the economy. the last time for a forced an evacuation at this northern california mall this time holiday singers are to blame. why it hit a sour note. >> this rain gives me a lot to worry about. >> going to talk to lawrence about this too. it's about to go from bad to worse in southern california a preview of what forecasters are describing as an explosive finale. that's just ahead. ,, ,,
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he like shoppers are still going well, you got tonight and three more days before christmas and it looks like shoppers are still going strong. a survey released today shows 23 million consumers or 15% still plan to shop the day before christmas. if you don't plan to shop there are alternatives to giving. consumerwatch reporter julie watts live in foster city the big toys 'r us behind you. they have a big marathon sale
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starting at 6 a.m. it started? >> reporter: it started at 6 a.m. this morning. 43 shopping hours left fyi, allen. it's a frantic finish for many this holiday shopping season and toys 'r us is deciding to help out staying open 24 hours a day from now until 9 p.m. on christmas eve. that's an 87-hour shopping frenzy. pretty much defines holiday consumism. that's precisely the type of thing they are trying to change. >> who is on your list? >> mom, grandmother, best friend. >> reporter: how much will you spend? >> $500, couple of hundred dollars there. >> a heck of a lot more than anticipated. >> reporter: 'tis the season shop, shop, shop, spend, spend, spend. then... ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: enter the advent conspiracy. >> the advent conspiracy is about rethinking the way we do christmas. >> reporter: thanks to this
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youtube video the advent conspiracy spread worldwide. this pastor represents one of more than 1700 churches participating this year. >> christmas really is the height of consumerism for american culture. and many of us spend so much time and energy and money buying gifts for people that they don't need. >> reporter: the advent conspiracy suggests instead of buying gifts, give something more valuable, like time or charity. the movement's founder is based in the midwest to promote these living water gift cards which build wells in africa but thousands of others are against it. whether it's do it yourself or gifts that give back, they all take the consumerism out of christmas. >> the economy relies on the consumer. two-thirds of our gdp relies on consumer spending. >> reporter: he points out that consumer spending is what fuels the economy. >> this is crunch time in the
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retail. >> reporter: the advent conspiracy doesn't suggest consumers stop spending simply be more intentional about how they spend like buying shoes from tom shoes an online company that donates shoes for every pair bought. >> when we give them the shoes on christmas morning we'll tell them how that gift that was given to them resulted into another kid on the other side of the world getting a pair of shoes. >> reporter: he will also be buying soccer balls from a website that helps fight human trafficking. for more ideas, go to, news, consumer. but if you are one of those last-minute shoppers who would rather fuel the economy toys 'r us are open until 9 p.m. on christmas eve. >> even if time is running out you have choices. >> exactly. options are important. >> julie watts in foster city, thank you. well, a holiday celebration gets out of hand at the roseville galleria. halleluia, halleluia,...
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huh lou yeah ♪ >> nearly 5,000 people turned out for a flash mob performance of handel's halleluia organized by a local choral society. the foundation began moving and some creaking near the food court so fire crews responded to a 911 call and evacuated the mall. >> doing what they had to do but the christmas spirit was still very much alive. >> the evacuation we are told was orderly. nobody was hurt. the name familiar? the roseville galleria was the one that was heavily damaged by an arson fire in october. well, next, digging out of the snow. i mean digging! why the preparations may end up being kind of a waste of time. >> it's common procedure for women who want to get pregnant. we'll see why increasing your odds can also increase the risk to mother and child. >> here comes the rain, lots of
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clouds all the day but yeah, the showers now moving n more rain to come and the wind, too. we'll talk about that next. ,,
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on january first. the potrero hill power plant is considered one of the dirtiest in the state. neighborhood activists blamed the pollution for higher san francisco's last fossing power plant will close december 31. the potrero hill is one of the dirtiest this is state. they blame it for respiratory problems. the state says the area will have enough power from a new under water cable coming from the east bay and cables from the peninsula. in the sierra tonight, people are digging out from one of the biggest snow drops there in recent memory. a few days ago jonas tichenor was up to his knees. now it's waist high, shoulder high, and there is more coming. >> reporter: there new pacific
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storm isn't giving anybody a break. we are all again at the illustrious blue canyon. we haven't had time to dig out of this and that's what folks have really been doing here trying to dig out from the storm that we have faced last week. for those who call the high country home, it has been a wintry roller coaster. still, a novelty for some, dig the snow here, the rest are trying to dig out. >> rerun out when we can to get the mail and do errands and go back in. >> this is her first winter here and she picked a doozy. >> we had a power outage for six hours and then two more hours the other day and so we're not used to that at all. >> reporter: for long timers who have learned embrace the constant pummeling of snow and
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ice. >> make the best of it. >> reporter: there is calm resignation and anticipation for what it means. >> when there is that much snow, you got to ski. >> reporter: there you have it, folks. go skiing. the measurable accumulation like a business windfall. over its snow tech -- >> we do residential snow removal here in the tahoe donner subdivision. >> reporter: their business is on fire so to speak. with crews at the ready for tonight's expected bounty. >> we have to wait for it to snow before we can go out and then we clear it quite rapidly,. >> reporter: daunting but not enough to send tahoe donner's newest resident packing. at least not yet. are you missing l.a.? >> you know, some of it. but, you know, it's beautiful here and the people are so wonderful. >> reporter: so if you are headed to this particular area, you're probably going to want to bring chains. but caltrans is also saying that they are going to be really bearing down on people who don't have enough tire
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tread. even if you have chains, here's a quick way to check it out. you take a penny, go to your tire and just put the penny in. if you can't see the top of lincoln's head you are going to b okay. if not, it's not enough tread, you will be sent back down the hill. nobody wants that. >> jonas, last time you gave a shout out to your family in walnut creek. they are not dry anymore. but they are doing better than how much snow you have. >> everybody talks about shopping. we were in truckee. people were still shopping there. but there was a whole lot more people doing digging out than they were actually shopping up there today. >> wow. all right, have a good time up there. jonas tichenor in blue canyon, thanks. meantime, harsh weather hammered southern california again today. 12" of rain in santa barbara since friday??? the storms keeping the rest of the crews busy, too. in orange county they had to save four hikers who got trapped overnight by
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floodwaters in the cleveland national forest. >> we made nine rescues in 14 hours and luckily they all turned out okay. >> this morning, animal rescue crews helped pull 37 horses from the overflowing santa ana river. and, of course, the trouble far from over. forecasters expecting the worst rain to hit down there tonight. some of them are describing it as the finale of a fireworks show and we'll go to lawrence karnow in the weather center. lawrence, that finalely is usually kind of exciting to see. this is dangerous. >> this is very dangerous. you can have flash flooding, debris floes. we are talking some places maybe five or ten inches of rain across some of the wetter spots so yeah, more rain coming from them. some problems their way. more rain is beginning to show up in the bay area right now but nothing like they are going to see in southern california. showers likely to intensify overnight tonight. need shot for outside but clouds gathering. not much of a break between storm systems but here we go. hi-def doppler picking up on it. you have those scattered showers, lighter moisture
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although starting to pick up moderate amounts of rain just west of healdsburg. more of that on the way through the evening hours and overnight but it's going to be a slow mover so we went see a lot of rain. scattered showers along the peninsula now nothing too bad and in towards the san jose area just widely scattered showers here. you can see the storm system in southern california. that brought a lot of rain down there. that was the same system that brought showers here in the bay area and it continues in that direction. kind of brief break but here's your next storm system diving in toward the bay area bringing with it more rain but it's beginning to stretch out somewhat. area of low pressure developing on the back side has a dive into southern california. that's why things will slow down here with the advancement. still 1.5" in the north bay maybe as much as two inches in the higher elevation in the santa cruz mountains but the storm system will start to pull apart so with that in mind looks like early showers tomorrow morning and then becoming much more showery in toward the afternoon. temperatures running mainly in the 50s outside. i think if you are headed to high country snow likely and
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watch out some dangerous snow conditions up there as the storm system dives n looks like it's going to continue to roll by overnight tonight. and bring with it increasing winds, brief periods of heavier amounts of rain but you can see that low on the back side here. that's what's going to kick it down into southern california. that means things aren't going to be as bad but we have another storm bearing down on the bay area that could move in looks like on christmas day. and that one looks like it's going to pack a punch for the bay area. with that in mind, well, let's check the next few days. we are going to see clouds rolling by with rain likely all around the bay area. showers tomorrow morning drying out, sunny breaks in the afternoon. thursday and friday dry, christmas day here comes that rain once again. that's the latest from here. back to you. >> thank you. well, if you need a little high-tech help to start a family, a new study points to the best technique for mom and baby. ,,
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high tech help. but now a new report details which technique is best for mom and the baby. dr. for many couples starting a family may involve high-tech help. >> reporter: as for high-tech we are talking about in vitro fertilization or ivf. there is a good reason why implanting one embryo is best for mom and baby. when it comes to transfer embryos from the petrie dish to the womb a double transfer is the norm. the thinking double the embryos increase the odds for a baby. part of the logic is financial.
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>> if a couple is paying $12,000 to $14,000, they are willing to take a risk of twins to have a little bit higher pregnancy rate. >> reporter: you see the greater the number of baby, the greater the risk for all. even with twins. >> those babies being born sometime before 32 weeks far more likely than if you have a singleton. actually even birth defects are higher among twins than among singleton births. >> reporter: a new report in the journal "lancet" finds transferring a single embryo led to fewer miscarriages and low birth weight babies. >> it should be the standard in this country and it's more so in europe that you put back a single embryo. within those good-looking embryos there are some that are not genetically normal. we are now approaching the ability in young women to produce pregnancy rates of 60 to 70% with a single embryo transfer. >> reporter: so right now steps are being made to go down this path of one embryo, one healthy
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birth, and really get away from octo-moms. >> that's right. the goal here is to get away from putting high numbers of embryos into any woman but be able to put low numbers in have a successful singleton pregnancy as often as possible. >> reporter: there are another important number to consider when looking at ivf, the mother's age, the age of the eggs and in his group they are able to transfer a single embryo 60% of the time for women 30 and younger. the younger the woman, the younger the eggs the greater the success with one embryo. >> a lot of couples will take the risk. >> i have seen it over and over and over again. >> thank you. the billionaire's giving pledge. we'll talk with two billionaires who have signed up to give away the majority of their wealth to charity. so to that story and more tonight only on the cbs evening news. ,,
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"there have been some people moving out of california in all probability." the first numbers from the 2010 good evening. i'm grace lee. here's what we are working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. >> there have been some people moving out of california in all probability. >> the first numbers from the 2010 census, why there's cause for concern and optimism here in california. and high levels of a toxic substance found in san jose's drinking water. what was found and why some are dismissing the report as unscientific. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. allen? >> thank you, grace. see you then. it is an early white christmas. that's the san francisco zoo. they were making it look like the north pole. this is the polar bear habitat. the san francisco ice company blew 10 tons of shaved ice today creating this winter scene for the bears. it's like home. they rolled around and enjoyed a taste of it and an appropriate celebration, isn't it? winter solstice. the bears got a little present there. got


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