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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 24, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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a very interesti they asked for your help and got it. we are live at the firefighters toy program. we will tell you how they were able to get tens of thousands of donations. >> where were they on their business trip? >> baltimore. >> a very interesting take on the christmas story from some bay area children. and tonight we celebrate the countless people who have contributed to our ninth annual food for bay area families drive. good evening, everybody. i'm ken bastida. it is christmas eve. the spirit of christmas is alive and well at a local bar here in san francisco and the san francisco fire department put out a last minute call to help needy kids for the holidays. tonight, toys are pouring in.
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joe vazquez joins us where they have a familiar face helping out on tonight's toy drive. >> quite a bit of activity here at 11:00 p.m. on christmas eve. the firefighters toy program truck. thousands of generous donors across the bay area. these are your first responders in case of emergency but this week when the firefighters asked for help because they didn't have enough presents, it turns out that they are 40% down this year in donations and 100% up in people who need them. twice as many people needed them this year. when they put out that call it was you who responded in a huge way. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: on the night before christmas the rush is on to beat santa's deadline. >> wonderful, wonderful. >> reporter: they announced a couple days ago they were short
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so generous folks from around the bay area have responded to the appeal donating thousands of presents. most simply drive by and drop off. >> i know if we were in that situation i know people would do it for us. >> reporter: a cab company is going even further. drivers spent the day picking up gifts from folks who couldn't make it down to the pub free of charge. >> the best part was a lady that came out from the beauty salon, her hair in chemicals, a bag of toys and said merry christmas and i said thank you. that was a merry christmas. >> when you have to do things like take out the garbage. >> reporter: santa john formally of macy's has help get the word out. >> when we found santa was out of work we put him to work here. >> $7500. >> very nice. >> reporter: while continuing to take special orders inside.
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>> bay blades. >> reporter: santa john says it is a tremendous turn and to go for more than 30 years of giving away presents to now accepting them from grown up children who decided it is time to give back to the less fortunate. >> i think it is wonderful that people are so generous. i mean, this is the giving season of the year but we have people coming in like that all the time with bags of toys and it is just terrific. >> reporter: we are back live. macy's of course fired santa john because of what he said to grown ups outside the ear shot of children and that got international intention. since he came here he has help them collect more than 50,000 presents and even more were donated across the city at fire departments. the firefighters have began collecting presents.
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one of the first stops, ken, is a shelter in the tenderloin, 10:00 a.m. in the morning taking these toys directly to that shelter. >> it is just amazing. the firefighters protect our city every day of the year then on this special night they do that great work where they collect toys and pass them out to needy kids all around san francisco. it is a special night and a special thanks to them and it is so great because every year the bay area comes through. people watching the broadcast and knowing what is going on. might take a few hours later in the evening. look at that. new bike going to some kid tomorrow. fantastic. >> reporter: and we wait until the last minute. that's the human nature of it. that's when people really come through and they have done it in a big way this year. they were really far down a couple years ago. >> the need is out there for sure. and people came through as they always do in the bay area. joe vazquez in san francisco. thank you, joe. >> okay most kids know that christmas celebrates the birth
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of jesus. we know that. grace lee found ought what some bay area kids know about this famous story. >> reporter: it is a holiday that has lots of meaning. whether it is the lights that bring out your holiday spirit, the butte -- the beautiful. >> wednesday, a long time ago a lady named mary found out that baby jesus was in her tummy. joseph and mary had to stay in a barn. >> so where were they on their business trip? >> baltimore. >> apparently bethleham is so last year so what did bay area
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children have to contribute to this tale? >> i heard this story and a bunch of animals come to his house. >> does it have anything to do with baby jesus? >> no. >> i'm pretty sure it was like a shed. >> barn, shed or manager. it is a bit hazy. but we do know there were definitely wise men. >> while in the desert the two men were walking for a very long time. >> wait, two. are you sure it is two? >> i'm sure. >> they all had glasses. >> what makes them wise? >> because they are smart. >> they loved baby jesus they brought him gold. >> frankstein was there. are you sure. >> three wise men came to baby jesus on christmas day.
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they brought him presents. what do you think they brought him? >> toys and a tow truck. that's what i think. >> so we have got baby jesus, mary and frankenstein. anyone else in the bar? >> then santa came in. >> that's the true story of christmas. >> and to all a good night. in san francisco, grace lee, cbs5. >> more americans can say i'll be home for christmas this year. the air transport association expects about 44 million travelers to be on u.s. flights from december 16th clear through january 5th. and that is up 3% over the same period a year ago. no major delays at bay area airports this year. travelers at s.f.o told us why they are excited about this holiday. >> i'm looking forward to
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christmas dinner with my family. >> food. i'm starving. >> and presents, of course. >> family. >> see my new grand baby. >> that's exciting. she is 20 months old. >> and as far as the body scans and more thorough pat downs, all of that seems to be settling down. >> we could be in for a change though in the weather. lawrence has that. lawrence? >> yes, quite a bit of change, ken. we have had a break for the last couple days but christmas day looking to be stormy around the bay area. here is the storm system on final approach as it is making its way on shore. a lot of clouds right now. midnight tonight. should be dry for the better part of the night. but watch what happens tomorrow morning. the rain begins to move onshore at about 8:00 a.m. in the morning in parts of the north bay and you'll notice it
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moving on coastline and when it comes on it will slam onto the coastline and cross just about everybody. by the middle of the morning, middle of the day it is raining moderate to heavy rainfall all around the bay area. tapering off some showers in the afternoon but definitely a good day to stay indoors and enjoy all your family friends and hopefully your toys too. back to you, ken. >> sounds like a plan. we will check with you in a few minutes. there was other news around the bay area this christmas eve. a body was discovered at the point shoreline may be that of a man. but the body is so decomposed they are not sure. an autopsy is scheduled for monday morning. oakland city councilman arrested. the city councilman was speeding, changing lanes eratically. he was clocked at 80 miles per hour. he was charged with a misdemeanor dui and given a
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future date to appear in court. san jose police looking for a man that went for a crime spree. the man first tried to rob a clerk at club monaco clothing store and then he tried unsuccessfully to hijack a store. he fled the scene in a stolen white nissan al ima. another great holiday tradition. christmas lights. where you can see almost 16,000 of them. sin putting food on the table. a bay area family food drive. from the vatican to the battle fields of afghanistan people celebrate christmas. we will take you around the world. it's been a christmas eve
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here's another great holiday tradition: the morgan family christmas light show in newark. the show features 16,000 lights great holiday tradition called the morgan family christmas lights show.
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goes on every year in newark featuring 16,000 lights running from 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. undertaking tune into a local radio station to listen from the warmth of your car. and this christmas we are celebrating the countless cbs5 viewers all of you out there. our supportive donors who contributed to our ninth annual food for bay area families drive. tracy humphrey shows us who all made a difference. >> people should not go hungry. this is in support of the san francisco food bank in the amount of $50,000 for the past year. >> we are so proud to present this $50,000 to the food bank. >> we are collecting collections in the greater bay area. >> bank of america donated $50,000 to the san francisco
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food bank. donations spanning the spectrum. big corporations, bank of america, grassroots organization. >> the demand is great to feed those hungry in our own backyard and this year we are thankful to take so many steps forward giving generously each in their own way. >> we had 50 kids that swam for an hour straight. they swam a little over 4200 laps. >> you gro organic. >> mostly truth actually. >> global technology company and we have been a sponsor of the san francisco food bank for the last few years. this is the christmas season and like to give it a little extra boost. >> putting food on the table is a year long struggle. food bank of contra costa's executive director larry sly says every dollar counts. >> our food bank is serving over 132,000 people each month increasing by a third in the past three years. >> one in three children faces
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the risk of hunger. >> we can distribute $6 worth of food. so do the math. >> there is no such thing as too little. we can use any donation. we need that support because it adds up. >> reporter: more aid was given to our community thanks to more money and food donations than ever before. >> last year was probably 20,000 pounds. this year could be 30 or 40. >> you've got a big check here. $15,000. >> basically support them all year-round. not just with cash from the company but we really focus on having our employees get involved with the food bank. >> we raised over $3200 in about three weeks. >> wow. >> and we also got about 1800 items that the boys collected from the street. more of a physical food drive. and so very successful this year. >> cub scouts have gone high tech. what do you guys think? do you like it? >> $200,000. >> $200,000. we are talking six digits here. >> this year we collected a
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staggering $807,000 and 389,000. of food plus even more assistance continues to pour in from our donors. a complete list is on our website at webb i'm tracy humphrey at cbs5. happy holidays. >> pinpoint weather is sponsored by... ♪
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christmas eve around the bay area. it is that time of year when anything can happen, right? >> and it may just happen tonight. santa is on the way. we have got storms brewing through. high wind advisory for the bay area until 4:00 p.m. saturday. sustained. gusting to 45. especially out toward the coastline. what can we expect with the storm? heavy. especially into the middle of the day. a two hours or so of very heavy rainfall then possible thunderstorms and scattered showers in the afternoon. gusty winds and if you're traveling around the bay area be very, very careful. high profile vehicles getting ripped around in those windy conditions. here is your storm system.
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rolling in now. and making its way in towards the bay area. it will slam onshore overnight tonight and in toward tomorrow looks like we will see that rain really picking up and winds already starting to pick up along the coastline. seeing gusts in excess of 30 miles per hour. hear we know. throughout the night it looks like pretty quiet for the better part of the night then as we head into early tomorrow morning beginning to pick up some showers in the north bay then the middle of the day it really rolls through the bay area. going to be heavy at times on and off. so be prepared. it is a good day to just kind of stay indoors and enjoy. turning to showers in the afternoon. temperatures mainly in the 50s. next couple days we are expecting showers more so into sunday. and a chance of a few light showers on monday and tuesday. wednesday a cold storm drops in the bay area. maybe even some snow. and, yes, folks, santa is on the way. we got him right here. santa tracker getting close now. he is getting close to vegas. hopefully makes his way toward the bay area in the not too
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distant future. get the cookies and milk out, folks. >> he was up around li a little while ago. >> half hour ago. >> he is moving. down to vegas? >> lights stay on late there. >> yes. >> thank you, lawrence. one local bay area couple has even more to celebrate for christmas after their missing dogs were found tonight. their dogs kevin and clint disappeared last week. you remember the story. tonight both dogs are safe and sound at home. clint was found at a home on 75th avenue above mcar thur. clint's owners say he was being carried for by a woman and her children. 4-year-old kevin was found beaten and shot with a bb gun. he is now recovering at home and expected to be okay. >> well, from the vatican to bethlehem to the war torn areas of afghanistan people around the world set aside concerns
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and conflicts to celebrate prison. karen brown on christmas rituals around the world. >> hundreds of digital cameras captured the pope in the vatican. despite heightened security concerns pope benedict was able to rush in christmas. recent bombings at two embassies in rome and two incidents at mass in 2008 an 2009 had put officials on edge. in bethlehem thousands were celebrating not only jesus' birth. >> it is awesome. >> reporter: with a halt in fighting 20,000 more were to
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atten the mass this year. troops took abreact welcome santa as best they can. >> we are here doing a job. of course i will rather be home with my family and friends. >> reporter: as all around the globe family, friends and even strangers gathered to celebrate their faith and to teach the next generation the true meaning of christmas. karen brown, cbs5 news. raiders hope peyton manning doesn't give them a headache on sunday. and all the one mississippi state player wanted with a popcorn but he ended up with a plane ticket next. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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manning saying to his teammates have you ever watched a colts game and wondered what the heck is peyton manning saying to his teammates at the line of scrimmage? now that's a good question. well, the raiders defense will be all ears on sunday. >> i don't really know what he is saying but i know he is saying something. >> 19. yo yo. >> i think if we all knew what he said then his stats wouldn't be as good. but i just know he directs the
11:29 pm
entire offense. >> 36, 1, 30. >> i'm pretty sure he used a lot of different words to just throw guys off and i wouldn't be surprised. >> as long as he has got another person driving the car number 18, i think that you can never let your guard down. one thing about him is it makes him such a hall of famer. he makes his receivers better. >> he is probably what you want in a quarterback. he is always in control. >> so, i mean, probably the perfect quarterback. while injuries have sidelined most of manx targets this manning targets. he is number 1 in yards, fourth in touchdowns and third in completion percentages.
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>> he is going down. >> the raiders. >> thank you, dana. ken says 5-3. raiders and colts blacked out sunday so you have to wait for the fifth quarter for all the highlights and reaction at 4:00 p.m. the celtics have won 13 straight games but shaquille o'neal has his eyes on a much bigger prize and can be summed up in his new catch phrase 18- 25. >> 18 for the people in boston and 2 and 5 for myself. and if you know anything about 18- 18251825. the mississippi state 182- 518-1825. two players were suspended indefinitely and send back after fighting in the stands much the two were actually roommates on the week long trip. last week palo alto high
11:31 pm
school won their first ever state title in football so you can understand why they were so excited on the bus ride home from southern california. ♪[ music ] living a teenage dream. after that 15-13 win over centennial who was touting that they had the best offense in the history of california high school football. >> that tightly had a real feeling in it.
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ours had holes in it. >> but you made your own music. >> so to speak, yes. you can say that. >> we will be right back. [ mom ] my son only wanted one toy this year.
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