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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  December 25, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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we're at the scene of this we 's massive sewage spill, a christmas storm bears down on the bay area. we're at the scene of this week's massive sewage spill. monitoring the wet weather's impact. gusty winds and heavy rains showing up arn the bay area and we're not done yet. how much more we can expect coming up. and on this special day, the celebration here in the bay area, and around the world. good evening. and merry christmas. i'm ann notarangelo. well, a soggy christmas day didn't dampen the holiday mood around the bay area but it did cause some concern in marin county where the cleanup from a sewage spill is not complete yet. lawrence karnow is here tracking the storm. but we begin with anne makovec
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in marin county where contractors are standing by, just in case there are problems. ann? >> that's right. but the good news, ann, no drama. it certainly was a wet holiday. but no extreme problems on the roadways. we haven't heard of a lot of power outages. and that whole sewage spill fix seems to have helped. a pelting rainstorm, soaked christmas day, all over the bay area. >> a beautiful day. >> but not the spirit. >> the weather is great right now. if you take it for what it is. >> this mountain biker came to check out the white capped waves in the marin headlands. holiday drivers splashed through wet roadways in a multicounty area where an urban small stream and flood watch was in effect for most of the afternoon. the creek stayed within its banks in marin county but a dozen contractors were out near the scene of a huge sewage
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spill earlier this week, watching to make sure there were no toxic creeks flowing. >> we're out here trying to make sure people don't hit our pipes and keep them up and running so the sewage system doesn't erupt again. >> the work was finished last night but the temporary pipe system and its watchdog will remain through the weekend, just in case. >> somebody's got to do it. and i'm the guy doing it. >> reporter: they're giving special treatments, and neighbors dropping off holiday treats. >> people are nice in this area. >> reporter: an attitude that keeps people warm, at least at heart. >> this to me is granting, it is really giving recognition to how beautiful the area is, and being thankful for everything that we have. >> reporter: don't you just love her attitude? the other piece of good news is that i'm out here on the highway 101 near lucky drive in marin county, a spot infamous for flooding in the bay area and water on the roadway but there hasn't been any real
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large pools that have caused any problems. ann? >> a stormy weather story. you made us smile. pretty good, ann. anne makovec in marin county, thank you. meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the christmas storm. let's check in with him for the latest. >> a white knuckle ride coming into work today in the middle of the afternoon as the cold front is bearing down on the bay area. the front has moved on through. we're left with more scattered showers outside. but pockets of moderate to heavy amounts of rainfall. pretty good cell working its way into parts of the east bay. and almeda, moderate amounts of rain in the san leandro and another cell to danville and heavier rain coming in your direction and in the north bay, pockets of moderate amounts of rain and petaluma, good amounts here. and sonoma and the napa valley, you get the idea, more scattered showers and not that real wide solid band of rain like we had in the afternoon and more widely scattered. lighter amounts of rainfall. and in parts of the south bay. the central valley, they're still getting hit by that cold front. and you can see that is very heavy rainfall, all the way up through the sacramento valley
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and guess what, this is headed toward the sierra nevada and expecting more rain and lots of snow across the high country and more on the weather coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> great, lawrence, thank you. skiers and snowboarders heading up to the sierra after christmas are not going to be disappointed. some resort operators say these conditions are the best in decks after a string of recent -- decades after a string of recent storms. boreo mountain resort has 28 feet of snow in november and december, the most in 30 years. >> well, officials at sfo say recent allegations by an airline pilot and former employee about lax airport security are baseless and misleading. the allegations were first made public when the pilot posted them on youtube and what was shown in the video only showed a part of their security system for sfo and they say they meet and in some cases exceed federal requirements with regulations set by the tsa. >> we check our people.
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the tsa checks their people. and the ramp is thoroughly vetted with a 10-year fbi background check. this is just not willy-nilly. there is a whole serious of processes for people to get access to the plane. >> and tphrád to the safeguards, sfo says they could detect plastic explosives and it includes 1400 cameras, and thorough baggage screening. president obama is condemning the suicide bombing in pakistan that killed at least 45 people. the bomber was a woman wearing a burka. and she targeted hundreds of people lined up for ration coupons at an aid center in northwest pakistan. it is the latest strike by militants against the government's control of the region on the afghanistan border. the bombing comes a day after 150 militants battled authorities in the area. heightened security at christmas celebrations after recent bombings and security breaches. how this christmas is celebrated in rome and around the world. it is the most we paid in
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years. the prices at bay area pumps and what is behind the increase. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this holiday season, bay area drivers are paying more for gas than the ears. this holiday season, bay area drivers are paying more for gas than they have in years. and the average price of a gallon of regular is $3.28 according to aaa northern california. and san francisco is $3.37. and in san jose, it is $3.31. and in oakland, $3.30. those prices are the highest since 2008. and especially unusual since fuel is normally cheapest this time of the year. according to aaa, blame the price hike on a drop in supply, and the improving economy. san francisco's glide memorial church was filled with the christmas spirit today. the glide choir and congregation rocked silent night during the services and behind the scenes, 500 volunteers worked to repair and serve a feast with all of the
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trimmings. many volunteer year after year. >> it is wonderful. this is my whole family here, my son, my daughter, my wife, we get the opportunity to give and to serve others. and that's what christmas is all about. >> i can't tell you, it broke my heart doing this every year. >> when you're at your lowest point, there is always somebody that is lower and it is great to give back. >> they serve dinner to more than 5,000 hungry and homeless people. the church depends on donations to make their work possible. despite recent bombings and heightened tensions, it was a peaceful holiday celebration in rome. karen brown shows us christmas around the world. >> as the pope made his timeless procession down saint petersburg basilica, hundreds of digital cameras captured every step. >> despite heightened security concerns, pope benedict xvi was able to usher in christmas peacefully. recent package bombings at two
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embassies in rome, as well as security breaches during midnight mass in 2008 and 2009 had put officials on edge. in bethlehem, thousands were celebrating not only jesus' birth but one of the area's most peaceful christmases in a decade. >> it is awesome. i mean it is where everything started. >> reporter: with the halt in fighting between the israelis and palestinians, 20,000 more tourists were expected this year. while in afghanistan, american troops took a break from the fighting, to welcome santa as best they could. >> we're here doing our job. and we have to be here during the deployment, but of course, i would rather be home with my family and friends. >> reporter: all around the globe, including saint patrick's cathedral this new york, family and friends and even strangers gathered to celebrate their faith. and to teach the next generation the true meaning of christmas. karen brown, cbs news.
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in a community like ours, people should not go hungry. >> putting food on the table is a year-long struggle for some. and tonight we celebrate those who contributed to our food for bay area families drive. rain showers continuing around the bay area. pockets of moderate rain out there. and more on the way. we will talk about that, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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weather descends on the ast. hundreds of holiday travelers may find it hard to get home, as winter weather descends on the southeast. hundreds of flights have already been canceled because of the storm, and hundreds more could be canceled tomorrow and monday. the storm is the same one that hit the midwest earlier this week. and now, it is dumping snow on the east coast, from the south, new england, and travel in europe, not any better. many stranded passengers are forced to sleep on cots, as
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they wait out delays. all right. lawrence is here. talking about our christmas day storm. and what is ahead for tomorrow, as people head out and about. >> i hope you had a nice christmas. >> i did. and you and your little girl? >> i got my lump of coal. i got the rain today. i knew what santa was going to bring me yeah anyway. a good day to enjoy family and friends and stay inside. a lot of rain that continues this evening. plenty of clouds across the sky as a pretty strong cold front comes through the area and more rain and showers continuing all around the bay area at this hour. and scattered showers for the most part. let's take a look at the high def doppler radar and indeed we're seeing more showers, pockets, of moderate amounts of rainfall, headed toward east bay, seeing some of the cells sliding through here and through walnut creek, and north bay, seeing more of that activity now, and probably will throughout the evening hours, and probably toward tomorrow, and more of a focus toward petaluma and sonoma, and a pretty good cell in your direction and the napa area seeing some moisture and lighter amounts of rainfall in the parts of the south bay and
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scattered showers and if you plan to travel around the bay area, be prepared. you're likely to run into a few cells and some rainfall. pretty slick on the roadways. that cold front that brought the heavy rainfall, brought the heavy rain in california. that has moved into the central valley where soon it is headed to the high country and they will see a ton of snow. and yes, this storm system, making its way around the state today and headed to southern california, and they don't really want to see much more. they had the flooding there and more rain headed in their direction and pick up and heavy at times overnight tonight and rainfall total, an inch of rain in san rafael and .6 in the santa rosa area and .13 in san jose. and some of the mountain tops, an inch, to an inch and a half of rainfall. more rain showers in the central valley for tomorrow. 50s here. and the high country, more snow across that area. a tough go. and winter weather advisories up. there be careful if you plan to travel in that direction. the storm system is driving up through behind that. and more scattered showers. a lot of the moisture will slide in toward the bay area
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overnight tonight. and into tomorrow. so no real cold front. but we will see more showers. they will be more scattered. on and off throughout tonight and the better part of the day tomorrow. a better look at it with the computer model and we will toss it forward to 7:00 and scattered showers on and off. the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm, too, and should diminish as we head throughout the day tomorrow and a chance of scattered will continue throughout the day and it looks like more rain is on the way and expect highs in the 50s as we head to tomorrow afternoon and yes, indeed, we've got more rain, lining up out there, and partly cloudy skies, and on monday, a chance of showers, come tuesday, and i think overnight, tuesday night, into wednesday, we get another good soaker, and a very cold storm, and not a white christmas, but i will tell you what, we've got some cold air coming down, and we could very well see some very low snow levels as we head in toward wednesday and thursday, and it could be a real neat day around the bay area and see what happens but we will definitely see much cooler temperatures. >> look forward to that. thank you. >> this christmas, we're celebrating the countless cbs 5
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viewers, and support of donors who contribute to our ninth annual food for bay area families drive. tracy humphrey shows us those who make a difference. >> in the community, like ours, people should not go hungry. and so this is in support of the san francisco food bank in the amount of $50,000 for this past year. >> we are so proud to be sending a $30,000 check to the food bank. >> we're collecting food donations at the barrels at the whole foods stores in the greater bay area. >> bank of america donated $50,000 to the san francisco food bank and donations spanning the spectrum, big corporations, bank of america, it is a grass roots organization. >> the demand is great to feed the hungry in our own backyard and this year we're thankful to thank so many who have stepped forward to give generously each in their own way. >> 50 kids swam for an hour straight and a little over 4200 laps. >> you grow organic fruit. >> mostly organic fruit.
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all tree fruit. peaches, apricots plums, nectarines. >> and the global technology company, we've been a sponsor of the san francisco food bank for the last three years. and this is a christmas season and we like to come down and give it a little extra boost. >> putting food on the table is a year-long struggle. food bank of contra costa county and solano counties, the executive director says every dollar counts. >> our food bank is serving over 132,000 people each month and that number has increased by a third in the past three years. >> one in three children faces the risk of hunger. >> for every dollar we raise, we get $6 worth of food. do the math. >> there is no no. such thing as too little. we can use any donation from $5 to $5,000. we need that support. because it adds up. >> much-needed aid was given to our community, thanks to more money, and food donations, than ever before. >> let's see. last year was probably 20,000 pounds. and this year, it could be 30 or 40 40á. >> matt, have you -- 40.
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matt, you have a big check here. $15,000. >> we basically support them all year wrong. not just cash from the company. but we really focus on having our employees get involved with the food bank. >> we raised over $5200 in three weeks. and we also got about 1800 items that the boys collected from the street. more of a physical food drive. so very successful this year. >> the cub scouts have gone high-tech. what do you think? do you like it? >> yes. >> and how much is that? >> $200,000. we're talking six digits here. this year, we collected a staggering $807,000. and 389,000 pounds of food. plus even more assistance continues to pour in from our donors. a complete list is on our web site. at then click on food for bay area families. i'm tracy humphrey at cbs 5. happy holidays. >> wow, thank you for your generosity, bay area. hey, santa delivered my oldest daughter, my 5-year-old, a basketball hoop and a basketball. and apparently that is the
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sport du jour. >> oh, yes. >> they're talking about it today. >> on a day like today, if you have a hoop and a basketball, are you styling because it was all about hoops on christmas day. an it was awesome. the nba was front and center today and the magic tried to make the celtics win streak go away. back in caly, the heat and lakers were all fired up. how is this for holiday cheer? elbows and players flying all over the place. stick around. sports is coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tonight.. they'll just have
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to wait until 7:30 to get it.. warriors fans will get the ultimate gift tonight. they will just have to wait until 7:30 to get. it the doves will host the firstchristmas day game since 1984. and some of the nba's biggest star es found these big colorful shoes under their tree. pretty cool. pretty wild? you don't like them? >> duane wade could have used these. he blows the dunk. and we have seen plenty of guys miss. and him? i don't think. so he still had 18 points. the lakers offense did not find the rhythm. and kobe bryant had 16 out of 18 and earned every one. lakers down by nine. and out of control lakers. out of control ron artest. he flies into the bench and artest says he wants to play football one day and he nearly takes off off-duty reporter jim gray. and i don't know if he is scared of artest or the big
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yellow arrow. visibly shaken. king james was feeling. it a triple-double. it is all miami. the heat dominate in this one. on the break right there, duane wade. no problem it is a miss. king james is right there to put it back. miami goes on to get the win. kobe not happy. and heat have won nine straight on the road. how about this guy? you recognize him? tiger woods sitting courtside in orlando for the magic hosting the celtics. and boston with a 14-game win streak and the celtics led by 12 in the second half. but look at that. get it out of there as dwight howard swats that one away from paul pierce. very impressive. but still had five blocks and 11 rebounds in the ball game. and how about this? this one sparked going the other way. and brandon bats with a team high 21 points. a jumper in the line. that ties it at 77. the magic close out on a 14-1 run. and jameer nelson with the step- back three and takes that one. magic ends boston's streak. and snap the spurs 10-game winning streak.
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and getting it going. what did he get? i'm sure the glass. knicks sporting the green for the holiday spirit. derrick rose with 25 points. would have been 27 but aplayer stoudamire sends this back to the return window. get that out of there. that happens to hardly to rose. and landry fields caught everybody by surprise. look at that play. very awesome. fields had 14 points and 11 boards. great hustle. knicks over chicago, 103-95. the raiders have won more games this year than they did any of the previous seven seasons. oakland has still a shot at the post season but to stay alive they need to beat peyton manning and the colts and have to get it done tomorrow. and manning has not been his usual perfect self this season. it is not all his fault. injuries all season long makes it difficult. the manning has the colts on top and for the raiders to beat indy, they know they have to avoid beating themselves too.
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>> pretty much, we can't get penalties. you got to play through. and i mean as long as we're watching the raiders, the raiders have problems with penalties. but as long as we can minimize them. and don't get into the game and have 12 penalties and then we will kill ourselves. but five, no problem. >> i think we will be okay. >> the raiders! >> there is dana. thanks a lot for that. the raiders are blacked out locally here tomorrow. we will be showing you the chargers and bengals. stay tuned after the game for the fifth quarter with complete highlights of the colts raiders game. and the niners are 5-9 but believe it or not they are still in the race. not kidding. they're still right there. and it actually is more of a crawl though. because in the nfc west, things are going kind of slow. there the biggest game in eight years for those guys will be tomorrow in st. louis against the division-leading rams. and no way is takeo spikes sitting out there one. the veteran linebacker broke his hand two weeks ago.
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so he and patrick will is will have the matching caps. you see those two things right there? huge. look like kaá clubs and in the 13-year career he never made in the playoffs and a broken hand is not going to stop his quest. >> even when i broke it, i knew it was broken, but it was like, man, i'm in. it don't matter. as long as it is not on my lower extremities, i'm good. i'm going to be all right. i will be all right. >> there you go. a little busted hand. that won't keep a big guy lime hick out of the lineup. they're 5-9 playing the rams, 6- 8, a great game, all for the marbles basically. on this christmas, most kids are playing with their new toys but one 5-year-old is giving them away. the inspiration from her deployed dad to give to kids right here in the bay area, coming up on eyewitness news at 6:30. that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30. we will see you back here in a
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half hour and at 11:00. merry christmas, everybody. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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