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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News Early Edition  CBS  December 28, 2010 4:30am-5:00am PST

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aggravation at the airports. as really aggravated. >> it is another day of aggravation at the airport. as the east coast recovers from a massive blizzard. when travelers will get a break. well, they thought they were scoring a great deal on a car. the warning this morning about a rash of violent craigslist robberies in one bay area city. good tuesday morning. it is december 28. i'm grace lee. and sydnie kohara and juliette goodrich have the morning off. we do know that rain could be returning to our area. tracy, when shall we expect it? >> rainfall moving in later in today. and it looks like this one could be a doozy. another storm on the way. more than two inches of rainfall expected in the north bay.
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and we've got wind advisories. we've got flood watches. and a winter storm warning. and action packed this morning. we will take a look at the forecast in a few moments. >> here is liz with the traffic. >> you're full of drama. i don't have that kind of drama. we have pothole drama. and going to rodeo, the sky ramp, to eastbound 80 due to a large pothole, they have shut it down. caltrans crews are out there right now. look out for the 882, and southbound 880. and that rank is shut down, and across the san mateo bridge. nice and quie the. traffic very light. a 13-minute drive time from hayward to the peninsula. quiet yesterday, too. we're crossing our fingers for a quiet morning commute on this holiday week between christmas and new years. much more to come. in the meantime, back to you, brace. >> thanks for the update. 4:31 now. all major airports on the east coast are up and running again after that massive blizzard pounded the northeast. still though, it could be days
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before those travelers reach their destination. whit johnson joins us from new york with more. how are you holding up in the cold out there? >> reporter: good morning we're holding up. the wind chill is pretty brutal. the top 10 worst snowstorms in new york city. and it is piled up as glaciers on the street corners here and still causing huge problems for folks trying to get out of town. northeast airports are back open. that doesn't mean passengers are going anywhere any time soon. >> we are trying to get to new orleans. unfortunately, i don't think it is going to happen for me today. they said they can book me on a thursday flight. i'm supposed to come back on thursday. >> thousands of travelers may be stranded for days. after the massive blizzard dumped two feet of snow in some areas. >> i'm in limbo. i'm aggravated. really aggravated. >> reporter: it is not just the weather many airlines moved planes and crews ahead of the storm and have to get them back
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in place and on top of that, nearly 7,000 flights were canceled during an already busy travel season. >> every flight is overbooked by the gate people. plus there is over 50 on stand by for every flight. until saturday. >> reporter: and train service is not much better. amtrak expects only limited trips today, between boston and new york. and is warning customers to expect more delays and cancellations. a massive cleanup operation is also under way here in times square. and where the ty is gearing up for the big -- the city is gearing up for the biggest party of the year. >> monday night, snowplows made room for the nearly 1 million people expected on new years eve. >> we will get it ready. we will always get it ready every year. we will get back to work. >> there is plenty of work to do. the monster storm hit new york city especially hard. and less than 24 hours. the region got nearly four times the amount of snow it usually sees in the entire month of december. now, it is not snowing anymore. but if you're traveling, it might as well be. airports from here all the way
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up to boston are saying that some people may not be able to book new flights until friday. grace? >> give us a little perspective here. as far as new yorkers are concerned, they're used to the snow but this one was really bad, right. >> reporter: absolutely. some meteorologists are saying this might be the sixth worst snowstorm on record. so they do think it is somewhere in the top 10. but i mean take a look at this picture. times square is a good place to take a picture. most people, even folks who live here in new york, haven't seen a picture like this with glaciers right in the middle of everything. an as we have mentioned, construction is going on right now for the new years eve bash and the city says forget the snow, they will be ready to party come friday night. >> whit johnson live in new york, thank you very much. 4:34. if you're looking to buy a car online, oakland police have a warning for you this morning. sharon chen is in oakland where some would-be buyers are becoming crime victims. sharon? >> reporter: good morning. police say that the victims think they're coming to oakland
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to buy a car and instead, they end up getting robbed at gunpoint. oakland police say the victims answer ads on craigslist for deals on expensive cars and they exchange e-mails and agree to meet in oakland neighborhoods like the diamond and rockridge drick and end up getting robbed at gunpoint and in the recent case, the victim was badly beaten. officers say criminals have ended up robbing victims of several thousand dollars and the robberies happened in april and stepped up again this month. the crime is not new to oakland police. they arrested a man in 2009 for a similar crime related to craigslist ads. and last spring, police made a pair of arrests after a sting operation. police say if you buy from craigslist or other online site door, agree to meet in secluded or residential areas. and don't take a lot of cash with you. and if the person appears suspicious, just leave.
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especially if you don't see the vehicle that you're buying. and now, police and crimestoppers say they are going to be offering a reward, as much as $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of the suspect in these robberies. grace? >> watch out. thanks, sharon. live in oakland. police have identified a young woman found stabbed to death in an oakland park. she is 21-year-old jasmine jordan of fresno. her body was found a week ago with multiple stab wounds lying on rocks in the martin luther king regional shoreline park. oakland police say the victim knew people in oakland and visited frequently. so far, though, no arrests have been made. a santa clara police officer spent the christmas weekend in jail. 36-year-old clay rojas is under a federal indictment akaoudz of passing confidential information to a -- accused of passing confidential information to a member of the hell's angels and he is accused of giving information to william bettencourt because he owed him
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money. both men were arrested on charges bath in october. a fire chief is criticized for double dipping. kenth waldvogel will continue to work as the fire chief for santa clara county until a new chief is hired. according to the social mercury news, waldrokele will be paid the $200,000 a year pension plus $113 an hour. and that is based on his $236,000 salary. >> it doesn't sound right. you know, double dipping is a specialty on wall street. >> and i don't think we need to spend the money like that, when we're laying off other firefighters that we need, or policemen that we need. and i think this should be another way around that. >> and waldvogel says he has no intentions of staying on past june. a san francisco lawmaker is backing away from a ban on raids here in california.
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and assembly woman moss wants to talk to various groups before introducing a bill to ban raves and they plan to meet with the entertainment industry and law enforcement officials and young people about the issue. another storm is on the way. let's look at the weather and traffic and see what we can expect on this tuesday. tracy, you have it all for us, don't you? >> a lot going on this morning. another storm on the way. a pretty big one, too. we will time it out for you, this is all based on model data. and when we're expecting the heaviest rainfall to get to the bay area. and around 9:00 in the morning, and not so much going on but the light green comes in around noon and light showers expected north of the golden gate. and then take a look at this. and in the afternoon, heavy rainfall possible from the north bay, and pushing all the way down to the peninsula and well out to the east bay and that will be until late tonight, and even into the overnight hours, that is still possible to see heavy rainfall, from pleasanton to san jose, and even down in
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parts of the santa cruz mountains, and through tonight, and up to 2 1/2 inches of rainfall. and 2 1/2 inches of rainfall in one day. and we do have some flood watches because of that. and up to one inch in the east bay and an inch and a half in the peninsula, and up to two inches in the santa cruz mountains. and up to a half of an inch in the south bay. and that does not include the wind advisories that we have. and we also have a winter storm warning in effect for the sierra. and the five-day forecast, a few leftover showers, wednesday. but we will have the opportunity to dry out thursday and friday. and saturday and sunday, more showers expected. that is a look at your drama-filled weather. >> when is all of this supposed to start? geez. enjoy the dry weather while we have. it all right. a live look at the bay bridge. this is a shot of the upper and the lower decks. everything is looking okay from here. this actually goes toward the san mateo bridge. everything is fine. nice and quiet. like i said, enjoy this dry commute while we have it. it sounds like it won't last
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long. westbound 92 moving fine. lingering construction at 5:00. and it usually wraps in the next 15 minutes or so. and new this morning, the on-ramp is closed coming skyway to eastbound 80. a large pothole developed there. they had to shut down the entire on-ramp. i know we're efforting to get some live video from the scene there. so in the meantime, the main lines of the east shore freeway, if you're commuting westbound 80, and heading to hercules, that looks pretty good. that's a check of traffic. back to you. it is the calm before the storm. thanks for the update, ladies. 4:40. a world war ii veteran is killed in a fire at this bay area home. >> you can't say that about 90-year-olds, he is doing well. >> and stories of his brave service to our country. and a set back for a feline survivor found shot in the face. why silent night will not be
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released into the wild. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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proud world wa 4:43 now. an 85-year-old man killed in a fire at his east bay home is being remembered as a proud world war ii veteran and a beloved neighbor. joe vasquez talked with the veteran's son in walnut creek. >> he lived a good long life. >> reporter: keith brooks jr. takes a closeup look at the devastation that used to be his father's home. >> i remember fixing a short in that wall. years ago. >> reporter: fire officials have told him, his father, 85-year-old keith brooks senior, was upstairs where the fire started and that it had been smoldering for quite some time before it lit up and neighbors reported the flames before 2:30 and within a half hour, the fire was out but his father was dead. as was one of his bow love -- beloved cats. they're still not sure what started the fire in the first place. >> general patten, coming in
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from two sides. >> he fought under patton in world war ii as a member of the 86th infantry known at the blackhawks. >> where patton was directing the tanks, in that movie, he remembers seeing patton off from a distance. he was in that mud mess there, too. >> reporter: they won in germany. so like many young americans he was september off to japan to finish the war but he never quite made it there. >> that's when they let off the atom bomb. and so that turned around a lot of troops. right there. >> reporter: mr. brooks married. had two kids. eventually two grandchildren. he lived in walnut creek and was an accountant for bruiner's furniture store until he retired. >> well respected person here in the entire neighborhood. didn't have a grouch about anybody. you can't say that a lot about many 90-year-olds and let alone 56-year-olds such as me. >> he was passionate about his old unit the blackhawk and the web master for the web site that
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chronicled the lives and deaths of many of his colleagues from the greatest generation. and even though keith brook senior was never one for sharing war stories with his family. >> the generation was him, they saved the world. >> yeah we're quiet about it, too. you know, it was just their job. >> joe vasquez, cbs 5. 4:45. san jose investigators say they now know who owns the pit bulls that attacked a woman last week. they say interviews have led them to a suspect. and while they have not spoken to the person yet, they have had calls about those dogs before. one of the dogs was captured. the other has not yet been found. the victim was bitten repeatedly on her leg and back while walking to her car in the evergreen neighborhood. a veterinarian treating a sea lion that was shot in the face says the animal is now blind and it cannot be released into the wild. the 330-pound sea lion was found on a sausalito beach about three
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weeks ago and was brought to the marine mammal center. his roit eye is gone. and there is also permanent damage to his optic nerve. so he can't see at all. the animal is otherwise healthy and suitable for adoption by an a-- aquarium or a sanctuary. crank up the music. why a new report says headphones are not so bad for our hearing after all. job seekers, get ready for some stiff competition. why people who are already employrd suddenly looking elsewhere. and if you got a few gift cards from your christmas gift exchange, they could end up costing you money. ,,,,,,
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today, we gather to recognize the selfless decision of one of the most influential women of our time. the woman who, after having one too many drinks, chose not to drive home buzzed.
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here today to honor rachel is the family whose lives she spared. tuesday morning, 4:48. we have a message for parents. you know that loud music teenagers listen to. well, it may not be as bad for their hearing as you think. plus, the size of your brain could have an impact on your social life. terrell brown has today's top
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medical stories. >> reporter: new research suggests it is important for women to get enough vitamin d, a study in the journal pediatrics found babies born with low levels of vitamin d are twice as likely to develop respiratory infections and wheezing and vitamin d is usually used to maintain strong bones but recent studies show it is critical for the immune system. teenagers blasting tunes on headphones may not be causing hearing damage and a mu study looked at more than 4,000 teens and exposure to loud music doubled and overall rates of hearing loss did not significantly change. and researchers noticed some hearing loss to teenaged girls but think that loud music exposure in concerts is to blame not headphones. an interesting discovery when it comes to your brain. those with a bigger amygdala have itcher and more fulfilling social lives and it could lead
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to more extensive research of neurological and psychiatric disorders. i'm terrell brown, cbs news, new york. 4:50. days of heavy down pours have caused major flooding in australia. it is 24 hours and some areas saw up to 11 inches of rain. and the town of theodore in queensland is completely under water. officials are preparing to evacuate all 350 people there by helicopter. the rain has also left a lot of motorists stranded and it has shut down 300 roads across queensland. what does two feet of snowfall in just 24 hours look like? well, look for yourself. this is a time lapse from michael black in bellmar new jersey. he set up a camera on his back deck and took a picture every five minutes from midday sunday until early yesterday morning. and that snow really piled up fast. and in fact, so fast, he had to raise the camera several times.
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and eventually he had to create a tunnel to keep the clock in the picture. >> and they did get a lot of snow. >> no snow in the bay area here. and up in the mountains, maybe a little bit, right? >> up in the months, up to 30 inches of snowfall. a winter storm warning in effect for the sierra. high def doppler shows some light showers this morning in the north bay moving into the santa rosa area and later on this afternoon and through this evening, much heavier rainfall expected to encompass the entire bay area. forecast this morning as you're heading out the door. a cloudy start with with a chance of showers. and temperatures ranging from the lower 40s to the lower 50s. this afternoon. cloudy with rain and winds expected to pick up. highs in the 50s. we have a number of advisories, here they go. flash flood watch in effect for the north bay counties and in effect later on this evening and a wind advisory in effect and winds gusting as how as 55 miles an hour, and again, that winter storm warning in effect, the snowfall up to 30 inches possible. and here is a look at what we
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are expecting, it is a pretty significant storm that is going to be moving through. this is based on model data showing a pretty good chance of light showers. just about through early afternoon. after that, look at all of the colors here. that lets us know we could see some pretty heavy torrential downpours moving in late this afternoon, through this evening, and it could be very heavy at times. and that's going to still be in the forecast, for the early overnight hours. and how much rainfall through tonight? up to 2 1/2 inches in the north bay. up to one inch in the east bay. up to an inch and a half in the peninsula. and up to two inches in the santa cruz mountains. we will move into the new year saturday and sunday with more showers expected. that is a look at the weather. here is traffic with liz.
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>> it will be closed again, and a large pothole developed and caltrans crews are out there repairing it and they have to completely shut down the
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on-ramp. to the south bay, everything is nice and quiet, 101 from morgan hill and heading out of downtown san jose on 280. a couple of headlights there, and approaching the 880 interchange. some people may be taking flights back to wherever home is. and right now, everything is nice and quiet toward sfo. 101 and 280 both look good. 84 percent of employees plao look for a new job next yeaa new survey said most people didn't even consider changig jobs through the recession because so few companies wee hiring. but after years of increased work and frozen salaries, many workers who e disappointed with their curt jobs will be looking elsewh.
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u-s retailers are celebratig one of their biggest shoppig years ever, despite the blid on the east coast. according to one analyst, ss of clothing increased more n 11 percent against last yea. jewelry sales and luxury sas were up about 7 percent. sas of electronics rose only slightly by just over one percent. overall online sales rose by more than 15 r cent. these figures are according to mastercard advisors' spendingpulse. if you got a gift card this holiday season, you may wano set a budget. it turns out getting a gift card can maku spend a lot more then you expect. julie watts on the consumerwatch explains how. many stockings were stuffedh gift cards this year .. buts it turns out, they're the gt that keeps
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shoppers who paid with a $50 gift card spent 13 to $26 more than those given $50 in cash and a consumer psychologist says that's no surprise. >> people do spend a little bit more frivolously with a gift card than they would with cash. >> reporter: she says concerns over wasting money actually lead to spending more. >> turns out consumers don't like to have small balance on gift cards. they will buy something additional rather than to walk around with a gift card with three or $4 left on
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it. it's still a good idea to use the card right away. stores make millions off folks who stash them in a drawer and forget about them. >> home depot declared a $44 million profit. that's the amount of old gift cards that were sitting in people's drawers unredeemed that they then could declare as a profit. >> i like getting presents more than gift cards. >> reporter: while that may be the case for many, the national retail federation says 77% of shoppers were planning on buying at least one gift card this year. if you are the recipient, your best bet is to think of them as cash. your best bet is to register your gift card. that way you can track your balance and you don't have to worry about losing it. stores like crate and barrel and wal-mart and others have these features. a robber targets bay area electronics stores. the powerful explosive he threatened to set off.
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a new warning about craigslist-related robberies. where they are happening, coming up. >> plus the northeast begins to dig out but that travel mess is not close to being over. the headache still in store for passengers today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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