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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  January 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." >> you can see the pull let holes in the glass. people were just screaming and running. >> six miami-dade in a and a congresswoman fighting for her life. the tragic events in tucson that have shaken the nation. the bizarre rantings of the suspect on youtube. the possibility that he did not act alone. >> and we stand before you in the deep -- with the deepest sadness for the act of violence. >> members of congress shaken by the attack. how they are reacting to news of the shooting. and good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. tragedy in tucson, a congresswoman shot in the head. gabrielle giffords is among 19 victims struck by gunfire.
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6 have died. the suspect gunman is now in custody but tonight there is word he may not have acted alone. karen brown with the latest. pkg region: national, topic: crime, poli >> reporter: paramedics rushed the victims of the shooting rampage to waiting helicopters, the devastating result after a gunman shouted something then opened fire at a town hall meeting held by u.s. representative gabrielle giffords. >> i'm about thee feet from her. i was lucky not to be in the line of fire. >> the gunman began spraying everybody at point blank range symptoms the people a county sheriff says giffords was the target of the shooting that happened after 10:00 this morning at a grocery store in tucson. the bullet that hit her went in one side of her head and outside the other. >> the neurosurgeons have finished operating on her and i can tell you we're optimistic about recovery. >> reporter: those who died include an aide to giffords, a
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9-year-old girl and judge john roll who had stopped by to say hello to giffords. the gun manned is identified as 22-year-old jared loughner of tucson, he was tackled by two which ended the gun fire. they describe the suspect as an unstable man with a criminal background. he used a semiautomatic pistol to take down as many people as possible. he recently posted videos about the abuse of government power and may have left good-bye messages on the internet. president obama spoke several hours after the shooting about giffords who he called a friend. >> she is not only an extraordinary public servant, but she is also somebody who is warm and caring. >> reporter: authorities say they are searching for a person of interest who may have gone to the supermarket with the suspect. karen brown, cbs news, tucson, arizona. congresswoman giffords is married to astronaut mark kelly, the commander of the space shuttle endeavor expected
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to launch this spring. details are emerging tonight about the suspected gunman, friends describe jared loughner as a pot-smoking loner who was disruptive and disturbed. he reportedly tried to enlist in the army but was rejected. at 22, he still lived with his parents, loughner demonstrated his contempt in a video posted on youtube. he burns the american flag while wearing plastic bags and pants and a smiley face mask. he tiedled this video "america, your last memory in a terrorist country" and urges viewers to burn every flag they see. let's go back live to karen brown who is in tucson. karen, thanks for joining us tonight. let me ask you what are some of these twitter posts we're hearing about giffords now awake tonight and talking to her husband. have you heard anything about that? >> reporter: well we are still being told officially from the hospital that she is is in critical condition and that the next 24 hours are absolutely
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critical as far as her prognosis goes. but when the neurosurgeon says they are optimistic about her recovery it's pretty good news. they really say she is responding to commands, when the president tried to reach her husband he was in the air flying here to suck son so we do know he is here and everyone truly is ah shoesly optimistic about her recovery. >> some information is coming in about this identified suspect jared loughner but what about this person of interest? is this a friend of the family, what do they think this person's involvement was? >> reporter: you know, ann, the sheriff was really -- would only give information up to a point. he basically said that they don't believe he acted alone, he came to the grocery store you see here behind me with somebody, he would only say it was a white man in his 50s, they were calling him a second suspect, now they are calling him a person of interest, they have a picture, a name, they know who he is and they are
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looking for him. >> karen brown in tucson, thanks for joining us tonight. house minority leader nancy pelosi and colleagues are reacting tonight to the shooting of representative giffords based on what they suspect was the motive for the attack. >> reporter: what was to be a bright new year's celebration with prominent democratic leaders began under a cloud. >> we stand before you in the deep -- with the deepest sadness for the act of violence that was committed against our colleague, congresswoman gabby giffords, her staffer, her constituents and now, we know, a federal judge as well. >> reporter: former speaker nancy pelosi told the pa lanci street gathering she is a great new american, part of a new generation of leaders. >> let us join in prayer with gabby giffords' constituents in arizona as well who have suffered a terrible loss today.
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>> reporter: congressman george miller told kcbs americans do differ politically. >> but we always sort of maintain that that's the distinction, that you can go from president clinton to president bush to president obama to speaker pelosi to speaker boehner and nobody fired a shot. >> reporter: congressman john garamendi suggests the shooting may be political. >> emotions are hot in arizona, they are across the nation, during the last campaign and the run-up to the health care bill her office was attacked and she was threatened. many others across the nation, democrats, that voted for that, were threatened. >> reporter: garamendi said he saw firsthand extremist politics in the u.s. during the fight over health care in washington. >> there are several hundred people outside with signs saying "kill pelosi." out of the chamber, several members of congress went out on
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the balcony, and cheered them on. >> reporter: it is, says garamendi, time for america to reflect. >> as elected members of congress, those that went out and rallied increased the heat amongst that crowd should also reflect it. >> reporter: pelosi praised democrats for passing don't ask/don't tell, passing health care reform. while she cannot suggest any motive for the shooting she said she will fight any effort to overturn the health care law. >> all right don, thank you. we're learning some more news about the victims that lost their life. 9-year-old christina green was brought to the event by a neighbor who thought the little girl who had just beanie elected to student council would enjoy it. fran see christina was involved in many activities from ballet to baseball. as for the death of a
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judge, john roll, the chief justice says it is a somber reminder of the importance of the rule of law and the sacrifices of those who work to secure it. three of the other people killed in the event were in their 70s, the sixth was one of giffords lives. two murders in the bay area, they came just hours after the mayor hit the streets looking for answers to the violence. a teenager becomes the victim of a hit and run driver. what additional factors police think may have contributed to the accident. fog and low clouds and it's chilly outside again. will we see some clearing tomorrow? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,
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and killed just after five o'clock at the corner of 62nd avenal. no suspe another violent light in oakland. police say a teenager was shot and killed just after 5:00 at the corner of 62♪1 nd 0 and have a nah. no suspects have been identified and a second murder happened just two hours later, a man was killed at 616th and campbell. they are the fourth and 15th murders of the year in oakland. unfortunately the killings come just after oakland's new mayor walked the streets to talk to residents about recent violence. jean quan says she wants to
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improve the city's image. but they say mayor quan admits she is gonna need help. kland pd - 83 - 8:03 is >> reporter: it's an effort to improve east oakland. mayor jean quan and the assistant police chief went door to door. >> this is one of our toughest beets we have. >> reporter: it's where 6 people were shot earlier this week at 89th and v street, a block from where we met her. >> i think it's pretty scary because all the shooting is scary to me. so every time i hear bullets i just hide in my room. >> reporter: the area is racked with poverty. only 3 out of 10 boys graduate high school. >> our goal here is to get the neighborhood it organized so that i don't have to personally come out here and knock on the doors every day. but you know, if i have to, i will. >> reporter: quan is letting people know about a new library although it already has a broken window. she is starting a school for new parents and opening a free
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clinic paid for with grants [ speaking foreign language ] >> it's all about her intentions, you got to have a clean heart and really want to do something so people can see it and do it. >> it takes a lot of courage on the community's part. >> reporter: the courage to see a better place. >> like no more shooting or anything. >> change is not easy but i think it's awful if you don't try. you don't get to change either. >> reporter: next step clean- up. she is coming back next saturday handing out these flyers hoping the neighborhood will join in. in oakland, anne mackovic, cbs5. >> well it's checking other bay area headlines a 15-year-old girl who suffered serious injuries in an overnight hit and run accident may have been drinking. san jose police say she was with her 18-year-old boyfriend who was arrested for public intoxication when she was hit in a cross walk about 1:00 a.m. they are searching for a silver
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or grey japanese make vehicle. the san francisco board of supervisors has made history. it now has four asian americans, making it the most ethnically diverse board in the city. the first order of business will be to approve ed lee, approve him as interim mayor, that will happen tuesday, a day after gavin newsom is sworn in as lieutenant governor. and a settlement has been reached over plans for a bridge as part of the hunters point naval ship yard redevelopment. environmental groups sued saying this 41-foot bridge could permanently damage shortly and wildlife. as part of the settlement bird habitat areas will be improved. mayor newsome calls the development one of the most important in the city's history. meteorologist is here and we did have a dry weekend as you planned, lawrence, if you could bring us the sunshine we would be happy. >> it has been cold. >> yeah. >> you get that fog and that dampness on your skin, the wind blows a bit and it is chilly
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outside folks. that's what we're seeing again tonight. fog showing up in the bay area, thick in spots, can see visibility down to a quarter mile or less as we head through the night tonight. kind of a mixed bag, the high clouds moving up above, a weak cold front sliding right through the state of california. unfortunately, not strong enough to mix out the low clouds and that dense fog so here we sit tonight, plenty of clouds, continuing to make their way throughout our skies and you've got that fog sitting all over the city of san francisco and all around the rest of the bay area. it's gonna stick around for quite some time. but we're looking at some brighter days ahead as it looks like finally some dry air is going to slide in behind the system, that should allow for earlier clearing early tomorrow, we're starting out with dense fog and even in the afternoon we are still going to be cool in spots inland. early morning fog giving way to sunshine, out towards the coastline a little more sun there. numbers chilly, 39 degrees in vallejo, 39 in concord, 38 in
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fairfield, 40 as you get inside the bay. not gonna get much colder. we're just about at the dewpoint, that's why we're seeing all that fog outside. still, dense fog going to be there in the early morning hours if you're traveling in this direction. high country looks good if you want to do some skiing. 35 with partly cloudy skies, looked like high pressure breaking down a little bit today, you could see the system diving right over the top of it. making its way on through. behind that we're still left with that fog out there. thick early on tomorrow morning, then as we get in toward the middle of the day things going to start to break up. a little more sunshine coming your way. starting out at 7:00 a.m. tomorrows, you got that fog almost everywhere, as we head through the afternoon a little more component of wind and that may crack those skies open and bring a little more sunshine. with that in mind we'll try to warm those temperatures up a few degrees anyway. temperatures on the warmer side, santa clara, 55 san jose, 54 in union city.
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still cool in spots well inland, dense fog early on by the afternoon maybe a little sunshine, still 40s and 50s, north bay kind of a mixed bag, going to see 40s and 50s out there. looking over the next few days, mixing out the fog, rain brewing. doesn't look like a major storm, but sunshine back tuesday, a better chance of rain thursday, could stay wet on and off right into next weekend. >> big storm. >> no, nothing big. i think the biggest have that period is probably thursday. >> thank you very much. welcome. the annual consumer electronics show in las vegas is winding down but a big year for 3d tvs. we hear what other trends emerged for this year. >> reporter: you can't walk anywhere at the consumer electronics show without catching a glimpse of a 3d tv. they are one of the biggest crazes at this year's event. >> the tv manufacturers have built these fantastic looking
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sets, they practically reply kate the theater experience. >> they come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to wow. >> reporter: check out this 3d tv, 152". panasonic won't tell us the price but i'm sure it's large as well. until recently you had to watch 3d tvs with expensive glasses. but, this year, you'll find cheaper ones and even 3d tvs that don't need glasses at all. >> they are going to be seating positions you'll be in, you can see regular contact converted to 3d and if you want your 3d from satellite providers. >> reporter: it is close to a year away from hitting the market and analysts say they are working out the kinks. >> until they change the law of physics or how we perceive 3d we're going to be stuck with you have to wear glasses or exactly within this 1 or 2 degrees in order to enjoy the 3d content. >> consumers still seem hess tent about the new technology. >> i think it will be a niche
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market. i don't think it will be in everybody's home. >> i haven't got it yet unfortunately. >> reporter: it is up to consumers to decide whether this will be a fad or a way of life. the whole time i was watching, we want one of those tvs. >> i could use a lot of those. >> especially for football. >> i didn't care about the playoffs until today. >> you have to have a big screen tv. if you have one, in 3d they will be in your living room. round 1 is underway. did rex find a way to beat peyton. the saints had an easy one in seattle. at least most thought it would ... [ no audio - stand by please ]
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the n-f-l playoffs kicked off this afternoon... and that meant a fr . all right. let the games begin t nfl playoffs kicked off this afternoon and that meant a fresh start for every team participating. seattle was only 7-9 in the regular season so no way they were going to beat the defending champion saints, right? >> no way. >> no way. qwest field the loudest in the nfl, the 12th man making plenty of noise this afternoon, tied at 17 hasselbeck goes back, he has brandon stokley wide open for the 45-yard touchdown. that gave the seahawks their first lead of the ball game. the saints wouldn't let them get too excited. seattle led 24-20 at the break. and they added to their lead in the third. hasselbeck with another bomb, this time to mike williams, hasselbeck threw a season best four touchdowns. the seahawks led 34-20 after three. final minutes, seattle clinging to a 34-30 lead. former cal star marshawn lynch broke through the line, simply
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does the rest and makes every single one of these guys miss. 8 guys missed him, that's it, 67 yards later he is going into end zone, they knock off the champs 41-36 and at best to round 2. >> shawn ace run reminds me of the run against the vikings, maybe it is overrated there but one of the greatest runs i ever saw. at a time when you needed it most it was just an incredible play and i'm sure that everybody will remember that run forever. >> whoever is in the tournament has a chance to win. you saw that, today was a prime example, everyone is talking about the biggest and all that, that stuff is make or lose, win or lose a game. the team that comes out and plays and makes the most plays and doesn't hurt themselves is the team that wins and that's what seattle did. >> that's why they play the games. over in the a.f.c. rex ryan said it was personal playing peyton manning and the
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colts, he had only beaten manning once in six tries. peyton and the colts led 7-0 at the half and 10-7 after three. but ladainian tomlinson capped off a drive with a 1-yard plunge. his second touchdown of the night, 14-10 jets. final minutes colts down 14-13 when mr. clutch adam vinatieri steps up, drills the 50-yarder, could have made it from 60, does he ever miss a kick when the game is on the line? but left too much time. found bray len edwards, hanging on, falling down, the clock winds all the way down to 3 seconds and peyton manning can do nothing but watch as nick folk hits a 32-yarder as time expires. poking it right there. the j.e.t.s. knock off the colts, they'll play the patriots on next sunday. i think we earned about 12 hours of enjoying this victory. this is a great football team, we beat them at their place,
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beat peyton manning at their place, i don't know if that's been done a whole heck of a lot. i know it hasn't been done by a team that i have been on. >> every year in the playoffs we're always you know kind of the favorite to win and expected to win and this would have been a fun little run. it has been a fun little run these last few weeks, we felt like they have all been playoff games and this is the best team we played in some time and you know, certainly had a chance, just came up short. >> all right. to the ice now. dany heatley and the sharks trying to snap a three-game losing streak at the tank. logan couture keeps it himself on a 2 on 1, 19th gold of the season, tie game. nashville took the lead again in the third. sergei company state sin scores on the put-back. the sharks have lost four straight at home. more sports on the way after a short break. we'll see how the local hoops teams did and the bears were in tempe for some pac-10 action with the sun devils. we're coming right back. ,, ,,
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due to the shootings in tuscon... the game has been re-scheduled for tomorrow morning at 11:30... cal in tempe.. today's stanford/arizona basketball game has been postponed due to the shootings in tucson, rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 11:30. cal and tempe looking for their first win. alan crab with the break away right here, that's going to be a dunk at the other end. for go of his 17 points, they led by as many as 15 in the first half. they were able to hold off down the stretch, 21 points as the bears beat the sun devils in the valley of the sun 65-61.
11:29 pm
the peperdine waves may be one of the coolest mass psychologists in the country and the st. mary's gaels may be one of the underrated teams in the country. knocked down 15 threes and lead by as many as 33. five gaels scored in double figures and mickey mcconnell handed out a record 15 assists, they cruised to an easy win, they are 14-2. broncos fans fired up for their wcc opener against usf. less than two minutes to play. foster gives santa clara a 1- point lead. a new career high. they can't believe it. but the dons would be denied their first road win of the year. michael williams with the big three in the corner, they erase a half time deficit to get the lead 64-67. stanford brew out arizona state for their 54th win at mains pavilion and cal finished off their sweep of the arizona
11:30 pm
schools with an 80-60 win against the wildcats. >> can we go back to football real fast. >> sure. >> they gonna win the super bowl. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> wouldn't that be cool. >> there is a possibility. >> they won today. >> thanks for goin' out on a limb. >> i'm doing elvis, it's his birthday. 76 years old. ároll. >> sports entertainment. >> come on saints. >> oh, please. >> the king. >> okay. ,, ,,,,
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best describes 20- 10. finally tonight, a fun exercise, picking the word that best describes the year 2010. according to the american dialect society it's "app." it is the slang term for a smart phone or computer application popular arrived by apple's phrase there is an app for that. nun, it is like describing eating something delicious, number 2, nom. they base their word on the word that best salutes ideas. >> i like that one. >> that is it for news at 11:00. thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow night. good night everybody. >> good night. ,,,,,,
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