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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  January 13, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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right now the funeral for the youngest victim of the tucson tr t getting un good afternoon. >> i'm allen martin. >> right now, the funeral for the youngest victim of the tucson tragedy is just getting underway. let me me show you the scene outside of the church. family and friends remembering nine-year-old kristina green. as the family mourns, there is encouraging news about congresswoman gifford's recovery. >> reporter: friends and family have come to this tucson church to say good-bye to kristina green. she was born on 9/11. the largest of the american flags to survive the attack was flown. president obama said green had a happy spirit. >> she showed an aappreciation for life, uncommon for a girl her age. >> reporter: she was at the shopping tender to meet
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congresswoman gabriel gifford, who, doctors say, is beating the odds. >> this is a major leap forward, a major milestone for her. >> reporter: on wednesday, with friends by her side, she opened her eyes for the first time. >> when her husband saw her making this effort, he urged her saying "gabby, open your eyes, open your eyes." and sure enough, she did. >> reporter: the good news about the giffords come as the funeral is beinghood. the suspect became increasingly unstable in the past year, witnesses say he had several bizarre outbursts, making comments about war and violence toward children. a former high school girlfriend said he was nothing like that. >> back then, completely different person. very caring, very sweet. >> reporter: the people said
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laufhner bake increasingly dark. >> as a sign of of unity following the tucson shooters, one senator is proposing that lawmakers sit together during the upcoming -- mark udall proposed with gesture of bipartisanship. no word yet on whether lens lay tors will follow his lead. >> 30-year-old gabe zimmerman worked as an aide to representative gifford. more than $5,000 has been donated. the school hopes to raise 10 times that amount for a new endowment. another vigil in the bay area for the victims of the tucson tragedy, scheduled for 7:00 at the first often tearian church. >> arrests and now a possible motive in a bay area murder that happened a year ago. four suspected gang members are
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now in custody for the killing of 24-year-old duey tucker, a musician that played bass with entertainer lauren hill. the suspects mistook tucker for a rival gang member. >> i just want to say this is, obviously, a very bittersweet day. it has been a long year. >> now, we have some kind of closure because we know somewhat of why he died and was taken from us. >> a 159-year-old is accused of pulling the trigger in the tucker case. he was arrested for a murder in santa rosa over the weekend and then charged with killing tucker. >> nearly three dozen poll picker jobs are on the line. >> how you pay to cross the golden gate bridge may be changing. a committee is right now reviewing a recommendation to do away with all human toll
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takers and move to a totally automated system. it is one of several ideas recommended to reduce an $789 million deficit projected for the next five years. >> the wave of the industry is going to all electronic tolling. we are not the own ones. a number of other agencies already using it, looking at it. >> the electronic toll collection system would mainly be used for drivers that don't have the fast track passes. cameras would capture their license plate numbers and they would be billed. if approved, it would be implemented by the end of 2012. >> sheriff's department will not force a one-year moratorium on meters. critics say they are inaccurate and propose a health hazard. pg & exsaid they will keep
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installing the devices unless the public utilities commissions tells them not to. >> school lunches getting a major makeover, what is on and off the menu. >> reporter: kids don't put alot of thought into school lunch. >> very healthy and very good. >> reporter: but adults will have to. the government is calling for big changes, offering more fruits and veggies. >> now, school cooks won't have the choice. new imposed rules from the department of agriculture will raise nutritional requirements for the first time in 15 years. it's about time, the study shows kids eat 30-50% of their calories while at school. >> hot dog and bread. >> reporter: in this proposal, schools would have to cut the
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starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn and increase fruits, veggies and whole grains. a high school lunch now has 1600-milligram of sodium. this plan would cut it in half. it has to establish calorie maximums and minimums for the first time. from 550 to 850-calories, depending on grade level and serve only one percent or fat- free milk. changes may be a bit more costly. >> we have sometimes parents will volunteer. >> reporter: the principal here said the improvement they have made is crucial. >> there are no grocery stores in west oakland. a lot of the grocery stores are not selling vegetables and fresh fruit. the kids don't even have access to it. >> reporter: these kids are optimistic and glad to have school lunch.
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>> what do you like about it? >> we have something to eat and we are very thankful. >> reporter: cbs 5, in oakland. >> the real erin brockovich returns to the california town that made her famous. the coverup she said is making people sick. >> and we have some rainshowers out there, this afternoon. they will be in the forecast at least for a few more hours. we'll take a look at how much rainfall can you can expect today and a sunny, mild weekend that is on the way. ,,,,,,
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famous. and she's fighting the same problem she first exposed 20 years ago:
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contaminated ground water. erin brockovich is back in the southern california town that made her famous, fighting the same problem she faced 20 years ago. contaminated ground water. she said also polluting the water there and people are getting sick. bock in the 90s. she and neighbors filed a lawsuit that lead to a $330 million settlement with pg & e and a movie, based on her fight. >> i cannot believe we are here, again. i almost feel shameful that we thought this was being monitored and addressed and it appears it has not been. >> she claims there is a coverup going on, pg & e said they are working on cleanup and monitoring the problem. >> run away zebras on the central coast, people are shocked about how neighbors took matters in their own hand. three zebras escaped of what
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was one the world's largest private zoo. one rancher shot and killed two that he said was chasing his horses. another rancher shot and killed a third zebra after he got into his herd of cattle. >> it's a sad, sad thing that the zebras were put down. the reality is you could have a much bigger tragedy. >> one of the ranchers went so far as to call in the local taxidermist to sea the hydes have the hydes tanned. >> a 24 page report dealing with dogs in the golden gate national recreation area is being released. examiner reports the study calls for a ban on dogs in new marine peach and stricter limits to three locations in san francisco. today is the day giant fans
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have been waiting fog. the first chance to see the world series champs in action. ========== and helping the lost boys of sudan find a future. we'll meet this week's jefferson award winner. >> we still have a few showers out there and clouds rolling in. we'll take a look at the afternoon forecast. how much more rainfall could be on the way and we'll take a look, a sneak peek at a nice holiday weekend. that's also coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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tucson, arizona.. from february all right giant fans, get your orange and black reddy. tickets for spring training on sale. february 25th-march 26th. familiar names and faces. new ones, too. they are still the giants and they are the world series champions. >> tracey, i don't think they carry giants games in france. how are you going to get to see them over there? >> reporter: the power of the internet. >> you might want to run to paris, take a look at the forecast. fog rolling in, many locations reporting fog from the north bay to the east bay and right here in san francisco. there is our windsheild wipers trying to clean it off. forecast, what can you expect?
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showers still impacting the bay area. live showers moving into the peninsula. this is the funnel system. it's already clearing the bay area, back behind it. a little activity, the bulk of the rainfall is moving out. here's a look at what you can expect. cloudy skies, off and on rainshowers, afternoon highs in the 50s to the lower 60 says. tonight, all about the fog. visibility will be a concern. partly cloudy conditions in addition to the low clouds and temperatures from the lower 40s to near 50 degrees. not so cold tonight with all of those clouds, things not really cooling down. here's a look at our satellite and radar, showing our funnel system as it moves through the bay area. here it is, right here. now clearing parts of the south bay. that's why we have the rainfall returning today, rainshowers for today. after that, we'll be high and dry. how much rainfall, up to 4/10th of an inch in the north bay. up to a 10th in the east bay.
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south bay, santa cruz mountains. what about the sierras, they have rainfall, temperatures above freezing, especially for afternoon highs, mostly cloudy conditions for friday and also for saturday. our high temperatures for today, still closer to seasonal highs with 60 in freemont, 60 in san jose, 55 in san francisco. -- lower to mid-50s from santa rosa to san raphael. here's a look at our five-day forecast and rainshowers today, but after that, it's looking good. it's going to feel good, too, friday and saturday, plenty of sunshine. temperatures mild as you move into the weekend. three degrees shy of 70 inland for saturday. lower 60s around the bay and lower 60s for the coastline. more clouds expected sunday, monday, keep in mind is a holiday, nice holiday weekend and tuesday and wednesday, more seasonal temperatures and more sunshine. dr. martin luther king jr. day this monday, am fog with plenty of sunshine, temperatures
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rangenning from 60-66 degrees. that's a look at your weather. back to you. >> thanks, tracey. >> dozens of immigrants orphaned in sudan call a south bay man their father not because he is a retired priest, but because he is helping to give them a future. this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: they were once lost boys who escaped war-torn sudan as children, but now have found hope in a future, thanks to reverend jerry terrino. >> they call me arabic for father. >> reporter: jerry founded hope for sudan in 2003. his nonprofit raises money to educate children who have left the war. they can rebuild their lives and their country. >> reporter: two spent years at
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refugee camps before arriving in the bay area in 2001. with jerry's help, bol graduated from san jose state in business related majors. the job helps bol support his wife and toddler in kenya. >> we are very happy and we are very glad for the assistance he gave us. >> reporter: jerry started hope with sudan after retiring from a 30 year ministry and then he met the lost boys and visited sudan. >> i seem to know their story and really be touched by the tremendous suffering they have gone through and then to discover these incredibly bright articulate and humble young men. i was just drawn into their lives. >> reporter: jerry's recruits volunteers tutors. he collects donations to fund scholarships for more than 50
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students, 1st grade through college. many times, the children come from refugee camps with very little schooling. >> writing on the ground with their fingers. they have no notebooks. once the books came, they put them into two and sometimes into 10 parts and shared them. >> reporter: hope with sudan has helped to educate more than 100 sudanese students a 10th have earned degrees. >> they are all refugee kids. they are -- any family they had left in the city, they are not there at all any more and they look to him as their father and they can rely on him. >> the joy is to know that a new generation is being prepared to lead a new country. >> reporter: this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to reverend jerry. >> and you can nominate your
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local hero for a jefferson award at cbs 5. com, click on the connect button at the top of the page and then "jefferson awards." we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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save some money. >> turns out all of the fruits and veggies are not just good "for your health." they can make you prettier. a nutrient found in fruits, leafy greens, carrots, tomatoes, canteloupes and kale. >> coming up at 5:00, police say they have who is responsible for several violent home invasions in the east bay. the arrest just made. we'll tell you about that. relief for commuters, the transit terminal that will no longer be without the toilet. that and more at 5:00. that's it for the cbs 5 news at no ee you we have to say a special good-bye to tracey. this is her last show before she heads off for paris. >> i'll be gone for two to three months. >> what a wonderful adventure.
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>> then, i'll come back here -- i hope you have a grand adventure, eating and drinking and sleeping and -- >> i'm excited. >> i love the music, whoever did the music, i love it. i feel like i need a beret on. >> we will miss you. we will be about you, we are very jealous. >> you guys, come visit. >> you just can't stay. >> we'll take the show on the road, how about that? >> i like that idea. >> that's it forgot cbs 5 news at noon. we'll see you at 5:00.
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