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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  January 15, 2011 8:30am-9:30am PST

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newly released video shows a peculiar rant by the man suspected in the arizona shooting rampage. plus, some think they are useful. others think they are hideous! the battle over bike racks in one bay area town. and a local university on the verge of laying off more than 100 workers. the battle over the budget hits again. it is 8:30 this morning, saturday, january 15, 2011. thanks for joining us. i'm anne mackovic. >> i'm jim bernard, in to take a look at the weather for the weekend and beyond. >> it's going to be gorgeous! >> looks like spring has arrived. patchy dense fog around the bay
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this morning, mainly in the north bay and some of the east bay valleys, with visibilities reduced in those areas. the fog will clear throughout the day, as we see already. a little haze out in the bay this morning. south bay's clear. vaca, top of the fog bank from that perspective. but we'll see more sunshine working its way out. looks like we're in for a prolonged dry stage here with warm temperatures continuing to prevail. much more, coming up a little later on. >> it's going to be fabulous. >> looks like a nice week. >> thanks, jim. in the news this morning, a first look at a bizarre video apparently made by the tucson arizona shooting suspect. pima county community college released the video. take a look. >> this is pima community college, one of the biggest
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scams in the country. [ indescernible ] >> this is a police station. this is where the whole shaboozi goes down with illegal activity. all the teachers that you have are being paid illegally and have a legal authority under the constitution of the united states. this is genocide, america. this is jared at pima college. >> loughner posed with photos with a weapon wearing a skimpy bikini. karen brown shows us it is one of several moves he made before heading to the shopping center last saturday. >> shooting at the safeway. >> man with a semi automatic weapon. >> reporter: police say that man, shooting suspect jared loughner, was methodically on the move in the early morning hours leading up to his bloody
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rampage. at 12:29, he checks into a motel 6. at 2:30 a.m., he picks up photos from a walgreen's from film he dropped off just a few hours earlier. police say they were disturbing photos of loughner posing with a glock handgun in a red g- string. at 4:12 that morning, loughner posted on his my space page, "good-bye, friends." at 7:27, he purchases ammunition at a wal-mart store. three minutes later, an officer pulls him over for a traffic violation and he is let go with a warning. from there, police say loughner returned home, where his father confronted him about a mysterious black bag. the man took off on foot, reappearing at a convenience store at 9:41. from there, he took a cab to a grocery store, where congresswoman gab yl giffords was holding an event. at 10:10, he opened fire, killing 6, injuring 14. gabrielle giffords remains in the hospital where the memorial
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continues to grow. doctors call her recovery miraculous, as her eyes are now tracking movement. >> we couldn't have hoped for any better improvement than we're seeing now, given the severity of her injury. >> reporter: federal judge john roll had come to the grocery store to see representative giffords. he did not survive. his was the second funeral in as many days, as the community and the nation mourn the dead. karen brown, cbs news, tucson, arizona. 100 people are dead and at least 14 more injured after a stampede near a religious temple in southern india. hundreds of thousands of worshipers were sent into a frenzy, when a bus collided with a jeep, crushing some people that were walking nearby. the overnight accident sent people running down the hillside of a dense forest, trampling one another. president obama loosening restrictions on travel to cuba from the u.s. starting in about two weeks, students and church groups will be allowed to go to cuba, and more airports will be
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able to offer chartered service, not only miami, new york, and los angeles as it is right now. the new rules will also allow any american to send as much as $500 every three months to cuban citizens, as long as they are not members of the castro regime. the rule changes do not need congressional approval. there could be fewer firefighters on the front lines, when fire season begins later this year here in california. part of the deficit-cutting plan, governor brown wants to reduce the number of firefighters on cal fire engine crews. if this proposal goes through, more than 700 firefighters would be laid off. the changes would greatly impact santa clara, san mateo, contra costa and alameda counties, because large portions of those areas are protected by cal fire right now. as a result, the firefighting load would be shifted to city and county departments, which as we've been talking about for months, are already fighting their own budget battles.
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newly installed bike racks are causing quite a stir in an area known for cycling. many people have asked for the bike racks, but now quite a few say they don't want them. julia goodrich has more. >> i think they are awful. they don't really fit in with the town. they are too modern and this is kind of a little old town. >> what did you think they were when you first saw them? >> i had no idea, maybe something to tie your dog to? >> reporter: the $30,000 allotment to install bike racks was a gift from the good neighbor steering committee, after a settlement agreement involving the valero refineries environmental effects. to settle the matter over the disputed look of the bike racks, a task force will be formed to decide whether the racks stay or go. >> we can relocate them for a nominal cost. we still have funding to bring new bike racks in, so the task force could choose other kinds
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of bike racks to install as well. >> reporter: while some are per plexed by the design of the bike racks, others really don't mind them. >> doesn't bother me. to me, i think it adds a little bit. they look pretty good. not rusty! >> not like a huge eyesore. >> they sort of resemble the wheel, so they might blend in more. >> reporter: what some residents do mind is the money and time spent to figure out what to do with the bike racks, like this bike rider, lisa. >> i think it's excessive. >> reporter: and back pedaling just a bit, the city admits group consensus should have happened before the bike racks were bolted in. >> i think, yes, in retro suspect, it could have been handled differently. 8:38. a big bust in a drug ring. eight california men are being charged for their alleged involvement in the operation out of san jose.
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the men bought the dvds out of a warehouse that manufactured and distributed counterfeit movies and music. the items were then sold at flea markets across california. an fbi probe uncovered the illegal dvd operation. all right. back to the good news of the day, it is good in the weather department this morning. >> 20 degrees warmer this weekend than last. we'll be looking at upper 60s here around the bay today, after the fog gives it up to blue skies, which it will do through the afternoon. we see still a fog layer hanging in around the bay, but again, it is on the way out. we'll take a closer look at your forecast, coming up for you in just a few minutes. award season also heating up along with our weather, as weekend early edition continues. the nation's critics choice for their top prize. also, why a local university has to say good-bye to more than 100 of its workers. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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summer pattern around the bay today, with warmer temperat,,,,,,,,
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live look at what is shaping up to be a gorgeous day around the bay. another round of layoffs has begun at uc berkeley. the chancellor says 150 managers and support staff will be gone by june. that will be a savings of about $20 million. the layoffs will not include faculty positions. it is the latest step for the university dealing with a shortage of revenue from the state. same time, the uc and csu system both received a number of applicants for this fall. back to the weather, live shot of the golden gate bridge, gorgeous. the fog seems to be moving away. >> it's going to thin out. patchy dense fog looks like a summertime pattern.
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i got rained on in tahoe last week. rain, that's awful! >> wipe yourself off and enjoy what we have here. >> still trying to dry out here. the rain is gone, and we see a drier and warmer pattern setting up across the bay. looking across the south bay, bay bridge, a little haze out there, but the fog right there is confined to the east bay valley. mount vaca, fog lifting through the morning hours, leaving us with sunny and warmer temperatures. for today, mid to upper 60s. feels like spring across the region here. as i mentioned, looks like we will be staying dry through the week. across the interior, mostly sunny skies. warmest temperatures approaching 70 degrees. may not hit it today, but probably will come the beginning of the week, as we see patchy dense fog in and around the bay, back to the coast, already beginning to burn off. that trend is expected to
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continue as a storm track creeps to our north. looks like it's headed for the pacific northwest this week. they will look at a lot of rain up there. as you can see, not much moving south of the oregon border. a few high clouds down into northern california, but we'll remain underneath this high pressure system all week long, leaving us with some dense morning fog here and there, but dry and warm conditions expected to continue through the week. again, after 20-degree warmup from where we were last weekend, we'll enjoy this warming trend while it lasts and while the low clouds give way to mostly sunny conditions here by midday. some of the interior valleys will hang on to the fog through about midday. again, taking a quick look at where we are rainfall wise, since we dry out for the week, we're still well above normal and that's probably a good thing because it looks like this dry pattern may continue for the next week at least and possibly beyond that. plenty of snow in the highcountry. again, i was whining about the
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rainy hit this week up in tahoe. not what you want to see, but we'll look for that to be gone here, as they look for mostly sunny skies to continue in the mountains and there's plenty of snow out there. shouldn't be any shortage of that. didn't notice any rocks or anything sticking up on the ski runs here, as we see mid to upper 60s prevailing with morning clouds giving way to mostly sunny conditions through the week. again, we see this warmup carry us into next weekend and beyond. hopefully this dry spring pattern won't go for too long because we'll miss the rain, right? >> no, i'll be fine with this break. and we are above normal, so that's the good news. >> we can take a break. >> did you have fun in tahoe despite the rain? >> we did, but i've never been that wet. soaked. long chairlift ride. >> sounds like it. thanks. it is the time of the year when there are so many award shows it, can make your head spin. last night, the nation's
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welcome back. 11 minutes before 9:00. today would have been the 82nd birthday for the late civil rights leader martin luther king, jr. hundreds of kids celebrated king's life in richmond yesterday, marching with their teachers and community leaders to promote dr. king's message of peace. monday is the official holiday. lot of folks have a three-day weekend. it's going to honor dr. king. well, many parents had some quick thinking to do this week, deciding how to explain the arizona shootings to their kids. it is tough to shelter shelter kids from the media coverage, and do you want to? jim stire joins us this morning with common sense advice. >> hi, ann. i remember watching the clip,
8:50 am
and since it is literally the official martin luther king birthday, we celebrate on monday, i remember growing up in new york city when martin luther king was shot and killed and bobby kennedy shot a couple months later. that memory is emblazenned upon my memory. and with what happened in arizona this past weekend, that's the same kind of experience that a lot of children are having. >> yes. >> depending upon their age. it is enormous. michelle obama, for example, wrote a letter to the nation yesterday on the white house blog about the impact of the shootings, particularly the tragedy involving the 9-year- old girl, christina green, and the impact it could have on kids who watch the news, who watch repeated images in a 24/7 cable news cycle. first of all, the actual shootings, then of course the funerals, memorial services, et cetera. this is a teachable moment as we say, when it comes to kids and media. >> what should parents do? number one, should you shield them from the news? >> i think it's an age issue.
8:51 am
so for example, we have a 6- year-old, jesse. jesse's too young to really appreciate this for the most part, and he doesn't really focus on this and we've not really talked with him about it. so for kids under the age of about 7, i would say you should shield them. >> they are not asking you about it. they don't hear it in passing. >> that's right. and if they ask you, you have to have a dialogue with them. that's the basic rule about anything with kids and media. let's be honest, if your kids come to you with a message, you've got to speak to them about that message, no question. but if a 6-year-old asks, you can't pretend it didn't happen. that said, about 7, 8, up, you will want to have a dialogue. they are aware a kid was killed. tragedy is a hard thing for kids to process. it's important that you as their parent help them do it. as they get older, it offers an opportunity to have a discussion about tolerance, about violence, about political views, how different public servants have reacted to this, one way or the other. clearly, you've seen very different reactions from, for
8:52 am
example, president obama than sarah palin. this gives you a chance like for my teenagers to talk to them about what's going on in american politics today, the level of vitriol we see, on the part of the media, how it might be in some way spark a tender box, psychologically deranged people. it also might be the time to talk about mental illness, it comes into the whole bullying in schools. >> absolutely. it does -- yeah, bully, but i think mental illness and how people can go over the edge. plus, also, american politics today are fraught with partisanship and a level of vitriol we haven't seen. kids can distinguish between news and entertainment. we've done research on that. and your average 10 or 11-year- old, they know what the news is, more scarier and heavy for them than watching a violent movie, which they know is fantasy. news is real in some way or
8:53 am
another. particularly when a kid is involved and you have a tragedy that gets this much media attention, having those discussions about the tragedy, asking their feelings, helping them process, but also using it as a teachable moment. i think when things like this happen, clearly politicians are using it as a teachable moment, calling for a level of civility and political dischord. i think with kids, you can use this as an opportunity to have this discussion, depending on the age. if they are really young, i honestly think the best answer, shielding them unless it's an issue for them. we as parents need to take -- i mean, with tragedies, you have to process the information, let kids express their feelings and help them process those feelings, and then whenever possible, you try to turn a tragic situation into some kind of positive learning lesson. i will say martin luther king, jr., i've never forgotten waking up the morning and learning he been shot in memphis, tennessee. i never forgot that moment, never forgot talking with my
8:54 am
parents that day. parents out there, talk with your parents. >> very important to let his spirit live on in teachable moments. jim stire, common sense media, thank you for joining us. a san jose man is known as father to dozens of immigrants who were orphaned in the troubled african nation of sudan. and it's not just because the man is a priest. it's because he's helping give them a future. sharon chen introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: they were once lost boys, who escaped war-torn sudan as children, but now they have found hope in a future, thanks to reverend jerry trevino. >> they call me the arabic name for father, what they would call me. >> reporter: jerry found his hope in sudan in 2003. jerry's nonprofit raises money to educate children who have fled sudan's civil war, like joseph, they can rebuild their lives and one day their
8:55 am
country. these men spent years at refugee camps were arriving in the bay area in 2001. with jerry's help, both graduated from san jose state and joseph from usf, in business-related majors. now both men are on staff at hope with sudan. the job helps this man support his wife and toddler in kenya. >> we are very happy and very blessed. >> reporter: jerry started hope with sudan after retiring from a 30-year ministry to san jose's multicultural community. then he met the lost boys and visited sudan. >> i came to know their story and to really be touched by the tremendous suffering that they had gone through and then to discover these incrediblely bright, articulate, humble men. i was drawn into their lives. >> reporter: jerry recruits volunteer mentors, collects donations to fund scholarships
8:56 am
for more than 50 students, first grade through college. many times the students come from refugee camps with very little schooling. >> they begin their writing on the ground with their fingers, no books. when books came, they cut them in two and sometimes into 10 parts and shared them around. >> reporter: hope with sudan has helped educate more than 100 sudanese students. a tenth have earned college degrees. the board says jerry's commitment and caring anchors the success. >> the families they have were left in the sudan or not there at all anymore. and so they look to them like their father and what makes it work is they can rely on him. >> the joy is to know that a new generation is being prepared to lead a new country. >> reporter: for helping young sudanese immigrants build new lives, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to
8:57 am
jerry drino. sharon chen, cbs 5. >> and you can nominate your local heros for a jefferson award online at click on the connect button at the top of the page, then jefferson awards to find the e- mail nomination form. two of the year's biggest block busters need more space on the trophy shelf this morning, after receiving top honors at the critic's choice awards. the social network keeps making friends, winning the award for best picture and three other prizes. inception led all films last night with six awards, including cinemaing to gravy and best action movie. natalie portman won best actress for her daring role in black swan and best actor went to colin firth for his portrayal as king george vi in the king's speech. the u.s. postal service usually delivers on time, but some customers may never know it, thanks to thieves. the effort to capture the culprit when weekend early
8:58 am
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good morning. a bay area lawmaker says he's
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received threats and has been contacted by investigators in arizona. special delivery, surveillance cameras catching postal thieves in action. and the possible end to another long-time military policy. are american women ready for combat? welcome back to weekend early edition. it is just after 9:00. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm anne mackovic. >> what time is it? >> i have to be sure. >> it's saturday morning, doesn't matter. jim bernard here. let's take a look at the weather pattern. we're up about 20 degrees from where we were last weekend at this time. you may recall we were struggling to get out of the 40s. this weekend, we're headed into the mid to upper 60s in and around the bay. sunshine prevails over the city, still a bit of patchy fog lingers, but not at the beach, as we see ocean beach looking clear at the moment. that patchy fog is confined to the north bay valleys and it will be clearing through the
9:02 am
day, which we'll take a closer look at that and the drying trend setting up for the rest of the week, all coming up in the complete forecast in just a few minutes. >> sounding lovely. thanks for that, jim. top of the news this morning, president obama says he and congress, quote, carry on because we have to, this after capitol hill came to a virtual stand still because of the shootings in arizona one week ago today. in his weekly radio address today, the president said economic issues can be tackled, quote, in a spirit of common cause, with members of congress from both parties. congresswoman gabrielle giffords remains in intensive care this morning at a tucson hospital. doctors say she is improving. she's tracking movement with her eyes and she no longer needs a breathing tube. the new details, though, are surfacing about the suspect in the hours before the shooting. authorities say this guy, jared loughner, posed for photos with the gun, posted "good-bye, friends" on his my space page
9:03 am
and bought bullets from a wal- mart store. arizona detectives are considering a connection now between the tucson shootings and death threats received by a bay area lawmaker, state senator leeland yee. investigators told the chief of chaff that leland and representative giffords had very threatening similar faxes. yee has gotten threats before, including graphic ones last spring, after he criticized a speaking fee for sarah palin at cal state. a caller back in 2005 told yee he was a, quote, dead man for authoring a bill to prevent children from buying violent video games. a man is dead this morning after being shot multiple times in san francisco. the shooting was reported just before 3:30 this morning on twin peeks. it happened in a parking lot at christmas tree point, which is a very popular lookout area. police say the victim was in his early 20s. the search is on for an unknown number of suspects who took off in a white van or truck. crews could have a tougher
9:04 am
time battling wildfires, when wildfire season returns to california in just a few months. as part of his deficit-cutting plan, governor brown wants to reduce the number of firefighters on cal fire engine crews. if this proposal goes through, more than 700 firefighters would be laid off. the changes would greatly impact santa clara, san mateo, contra costa and alameda counties, because large portions of those areas are protected by cal fire. as a result, the work load would be shifted to county and city departments, which, as we've been talking about for months, are already fighting their own budget battles. someone is cashing in on checks stolen from bay area mailboxes. as linda yee reports, one such break-in was captured by a surveillance camera in berkeley. >> reporter: the video is telling, but will it be enough to track a suspect? this happened in the middle of the night last saturday. surveillance video shows a
9:05 am
woman using bolt cutters to break a lock on the mailboxes. if it weren't so serious, it's almost comical. >> very interesting outfit. looks like she's from the willy wonka factory. >> reporter: and she falls from using her strength, but doesn't give up. property owners believe she's been stealing from the business tenants since may. elliott abrams did what he could do protect the mailboxes. >> reinforced the steel. put the cameras up to try to catch the perpetrator. i've got 40 small businesses here that are all complaining about losing their mail. >> reporter: the owners of zazou accessories tracked down some of the stolen checks after suspects cashed them. typically in these cases, thieves wash the checks with a simple solution to erase the payee's name and fill in their own. >> they put zazou in parenthesis and then a fake name and cash that one.
9:06 am
they changed the amount. originally $149 and they changed it to $1149. that was a big payday for them. >> reporter: berkeley police have seen the video. property crimes investigators say they have got some leads. >> videos can be very helpful. depends on the specific situation, you know, what details aren't in that video, leads that that provides, how we can follow up on those leads. certainly if we identify a suspect, then the video can be very helpful. >> it's a big problem for us, because we don't, you know, a lot of people say the check's in the mail and when it doesn't arrive here and the mail has been stolen, we don't know. >> reporter: property owners installed this second camera after the latest heist this past weekend. they are already $15,000 into security measures. if this doesn't work, they may have to move these mailboxes. in berkeley, linda yee, cbs 5. eight northern california men are being charged after a
9:07 am
counterfeit dvd ring was busted by the fbi. investigators say the men bought the dvds from a warehouse on wooster avenue in san jose that distributes and manufactures counterfeit movies and music. the illegal items were then sold at flea markets in the central valley and some other california locations. the republican national committee has a new head, a new chairman. he is 38-year-old reince priebus, former chairman of the wisconsin gop. priebus faces several big challenges. he has to dig the party out of a $22 million debt and prepare the republicans to take on president obama in 2012. he also has to try to unite party members in the midst of an identity crisis brought on by the rise of the tea party movement. some republican donors who were unhappy with the previous chairman, michael steele, ended up giving money to outside groups instead. and a commission of current and retired military officers
9:08 am
recommends the pentagon allow women to serve in combat. thousands of women have served in iraq and afghanistan, but always in combat support roles. if the recommendation is approved by congress and the president, it would be the third largest social change to the armed forces in the past year. the other policy changes involve allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military, and allowing navy women to serve on submarines. the sun of president ronald reagan suggests his father was still in office while the beginning stages of alzheimer's disease started creeping in. ron reagan, jr. wrote a book about it, the new book titled "my father at 100". the u.s. news and world report released excerpts of the book. reagan, jr. wrote if the disease had been diagnosed at the time, his father would have left office. he believes his father began to suspect something was wrong in 1986, three years before he left office, and eight years before the actual diagnosis.
9:09 am
good news this morning, certainly coming in from jim bernard in the weather department. >> spring is here. it's great out there, warming up into the 60s for most bay area locations today, and a dry pattern that looks like it's going to carry on through the weekend, maybe two from the looks of things. we have a blocking high pressure system setting up. of course that will mean a little more fog for the bay area, but summer pattern should burn off by midday. south bay clearing already, a little dense fog in the north bay, clearing through the day. we'll have the rest of your week-long weather forecast, coming up for you in just a few minutes. >> thanks, jim. as if being pregnant isn't tough enough for many women, what new information on what else they are carrying around in their bodies. that's coming up next. and a cure for a struggling basketball team. a road trip to los angeles to face the clippers and the warriors took advantage of it. ,,
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could the warriors avoid losing to the los angeles clippers for the second time this week? the clippers blake griffin doing his best shamoo impression there. ellis had 21 of his 30 points in the first half, making contact to make the bucket. blake griffin, looking a bit more agile here, as he moves through traffic to lay it in. he had 28 points, 13 boards on the night, but ellis had a night of his own. here he drives and dishes to a wide open vladimir, who drains the three and the warriors beat the clippers 122-112. in the nhl, the sharks host the st. louis blues tonight. san jose needs a win to avoid its first seven-game losing streak since 1995. college basketball today --
9:14 am
let's take a closer look at the weather forecast. we can't have enough. >> can't complain this weekend. sunshine working its way out around the bay and warmer temperatures on the way. a dry trend to last through the week, probably into next week as well. here's a look. starting at the beach, mostly clear skies, a little haze, high, thin cloud cover. patchy dense fog mainly in the north bay valleys this morning. that, too, is burning off, but it's likely to reappear in the early morning hours. there's the top of that fog bank, as we look back from the mount vaca cam. we will continue with fog in the likely locations of the north bay and east bay here in the early morning hours, but that, again, will be burning off by midday. temperatures will probably be the warmest across the peninsula here, mid to upper 60s for the next few days,
9:15 am
gradually cooling off through the week, but as i've mentioned earlier, that's about 20 degrees warmer than where we were last week at this time, as again, we see mostly sunny skies after that morning fog burns off. this pattern continues through the week and temperatures are going to stay balmy and dry throughout the week. high pressure system building off of central california coast pushes the jet stream and the storm track to our north. they will be looking at potential flooding in the pacific northwest, as they have got another pineapple connections, with moisture stretching from the hawaiian islands all the way across the pacific into the seattle and portland areas, where it's going to be soggy this week. but for us, this high pressure system will keep us high and dry, with dense morning fog possible in some of the likely inland valleys. dry and warm through the week and beyond, probably into next week as well, before we look at a threat of rain reappearing on the horizon. as the fog gives way to sunny skies, temperatures peaking out in the mid to upper 60s, maybe
9:16 am
a few low 70s out there, which is rather warm for this time of year. mostly sunny conditions and dry, seasonal rainfall totals, we can stand a couple weeks of dry weather, as we're over 100% for most locations. however, were this dry pattern to continue through the spring that, would mean a rapid snow melt up in the highcountry, which would make things messy, to say the least. i was up there last week and saw some rain, as well as dry streets for the first time in two months in the tahoe basin. temperatures, mid to upper 60s across the bay area, cooler at the coast. even there, upper 50s to low 60s likely to prevail, as we see this pattern continuing through the week. cloud cover you're looking at there, the morning fog which will give way to plenty of afternoon sunshine and again, continued dry through the week, into next weekend and beyond. that high pressure system off the california coast looks like it's going to stay stationery out there for the foreseeable
9:17 am
future. enjoy it while it lasts, because this is our catchup time as far as spring projects. >> yeah, we will enjoy it. best case scenario, too, to enjoy the spring weather and not feel like we're supposed to have rain. we're so far off normal. >> so far, we don't have a deficit, but it could change rapidly. we'll only know that in the fullness of time. >> buzz kill! >> sorry! >> enjoy it. a new study suggests pregnant women are actually contaminated with chemicals. dr. kim mulvihill explains the concern and what women can do about it. >> reporter: when stephanie john was pregnant, she was cautious. >> i was really careful about everything that went into my body because i felt like i was going to poison her with something if i wasn't careful! >> reporter: however a new report shows pregnant women are walking around in a chemical
9:18 am
suit, contaminated by potentially dozens of dangerous chemicals. >> we found ddt -- >> reporter: the team analyzed blood and urine samples from hundreds of pregnant women across the country, looking for chemicals ranging from pesticides to heavy metals. the news? >> 43 of these chemicals were found in virtually all the women, 99 to 100% of the women. that means that each pregnant woman has at least 43 chemicals in her body. >> reporter: repeated exposure for developing babies. the added concern? the mix of so many different chemicals at once. >> example is lead, mercury, and pcb, which all can affect brain development. >> reporter: dr. woodruff believes the harm could extend beyond the womb. >> childhood or even adulthood. >> reporter: pregnant women can take steps to reduce the risk, including-- >> keeping your house clean and washing your hands. lot of these chemicals are actually found in dust. >> reporter: in addition, certain personal care products
9:19 am
and organic foods may contain fewer potentially harmful chemicals. as for stephanie? >> try not to microwave anything in plastic. dedicated reader of labels. >> reporter: cbs 5, health watch. >> things turned out very well for her. you could be paying a lot more for gas than you realize. get this. on the consumer watch, we'll tell you why you need to be careful when swiping your debit card. and one of the bay area's most anticipated sporting events, but onlookers will not be allowed this time, disappointing a lot of people. disappointing a lot of people. we'll be right back after this.,
9:20 am
9:21 am
well, if the annual maverick surfing contest takes place near half moon bay this year, fans will not be able to gather at the scene to watch it. this was the scene a year ago, when the crowd, as you can see,
9:22 am
was surprised by a huge wave. 13 people were hurt. this year, organizers want to avoid a similar situation. they are closing the viewing area on coastal bluffs and beaches. a big screen will show the action in a lot nearby and it's also going to be live on the internet. lot of folks really want to line up there, so it's going to be a disappointment. debit cards, of course, easy to use, very convenient, but better be careful when using them to buy gasoline. julie walsh explains how some gas station customers are in for a very unpleasant surprise. >> reporter: swipe the card and fill up your tank. two simple steps that could cost you more than you think. especially if you choose debit instead of credit. that's because many gas stations charge a holding fee. 75 to $100, just for swiping your card. >> i had no idea. >> i think that's crazy! i don't think that should happen at all. >> reporter: but it does. it happened to robert at this chevron station.
9:23 am
his first transaction at the pump didn't go through, so he swiped his debit card a second time. >> i look and i see i got charged $150 as a holding fee for getting $30 worth of gas. >> reporter: two $75 charges taken directly from robert's bank account for four whole days. >> merchants are trying to ensure they are paid in full. >> reporter: consumer action says gas stations, hotels, and rental agencies all charge holding fees as insurance to make sure you have enough money to cover the bill, but as long as the charges are tied to your debit card, you won't have access to your own money. >> what if you need the money, or if you don't have the money in the bank? >> reporter: that's the problem. charges can lead to overdrawn bank accounts and bounced checks. we've heard of customers who had to wait 15 days just to get access to their own money. and no one, not the federal trade commission, the controller of currency or the california bankers association were able to say just how long businesses could legally hold on to your money. >> i didn't okay it, didn't
9:24 am
authorize it. there was nothing on the screen. >> reporter: that's what's most alarming to many. there's no law that says gas stations have to give you information or even tell you they are holding your money. >> that's ridiculous, ridiculous. that should stop right away. >> interesting. that was julie watts reporting. if you have a choice, she said you should use credit instead of debit. but if you must use a debit card, pay inside where you can use your personal identification number, your pin. those transactions are registered immediately. still to come on weekend early edition, an afternoon tea just a few hours earlier. we'll be right back. ,,
9:25 am
the internet on a plane! are you from the future? um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me.
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monkies at a zoo in croatia are having a tea party of sorts. >> drinking a variety of tea mixed with lemon and honey. zoo keepers are trying to boost the moangs' immune systems.
9:27 am
they say the animals, some as old as nine, can catch colds and flu as easily as people, and with similar symptoms. along with the tea, monkies have been chomping on bananas and a few pineapples mixed in there as well. >> my cat had a cold the other day, sneezing, it was bad. >> need to have a tea party. >> i think so. finally, a michigan woman has put her own spin on leonardo davinci's last supper by making it out of laundry lists. >> laura bell is one of the few people who loves to do laundry. thinking about the project, to enter the grand rapids art prize, she found the answer in her dryer. she glued dryer lint onto the last supper and sold it for $12,000. >> turned into its own little job. looks kind of cool. i don't know who paid the
9:28 am
$12,000 for it. >> not sure. >> that's their bills. weather wise, looking at a drying trend across the bay here that's going to last for the week, as temperatures warm into the mid-60s, going to be simply marvelous across the region here for the foreseeable future. a little dense fog in the early morning valleys and some of that will burn off by midday. looks like a summer pattern. >> looks lovely. i brought my winter coat today, but guess i'm not going to need it. >> you won't need it for long. >> love it. thanks, jim. thanks for starting your saturday with us. we'll be back tomorrow morning at 7:30. we'll be talking politics and all your overnight news as well. meantime, next newscast on cbs 5 is coming up at 5:30 this afternoon. >> see you tomorrow.
9:29 am
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