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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  January 16, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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mystery may have prompted a
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murder suicide in the south bay. linda yee is in san jose, where police are piecing together what appears to be a dead mystery may have prompted a murder-suicide in south bay. police are piecing together what seems to be a deadly case of revenge. >> reporter: it is a tragic case. it all unfolded last night at this pete's coffee shop. it was a fatal meeting between two men connected by the missing woman. police believe it was her brother, 52-year-old wayne sanchez who shot and killed nasma. he was once charged with killing her. they met last night. >> the suspect approached the victim, and they had a conversation in the restaurant. it's believed during the conversation, the suspect accused the victim of being
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responsible for -- >> reporter: sanchez left the restaurant but returned a short time later. >> the suspect retrieved a handgun and fatally shot the victim. he went out into the parking lot, and as officers arrived, they heard what they believed was a single gunshot. so they went over to investigate that and they found the suspect disceaseed from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> reporter: all those the woman's body was never found, he was charged with the murder. the couple met at a bar and went back to his home that night. investigators believe he killed her and dissupposed of her body. >> police now have a lot of questions about the circumstances of how the two men ended up meeting here last night. >> we know there's that connection there, but we're trying to determine if this was something that was planned out
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or if the suspect ran into the victim and then everything unfolded as it did. can't speak to whether this was coincidental or whether the suspect was stalking him or preplanned this. >> because of all of those questions, police say they're going to be working with -- police to try to piece together all this information. and tonight the mystery deepens. >> thank you, linda. well, moving beyond its tragedy one step at a time. today, hundreds of people participated in a walk for peace in tuesday son. they're showing support for representative gabrielle giffords and the other victims of last week's shooting spree. meanwhile, the congresswoman continues to get better. she's noah longer on a ventilator and is breathing on her own.
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some of jared loughner's friends describe him as a normal teenager until he hit 19. they say that's when his behavior changed and his friendships fell apart. >> reporter: in the hours before the massacre, jared was wrapping up his life. he dropped off a roll of film, pictures he dropped off of him posing with a gun. then he dropped his -- off here at this house. then life as he knew it would be over in about eight hours. he seemed upset as he said good- byes. it appears he made one phone call to a close friend. that phone call went unanswered, so loughner left this brief message. hey, it's jared. so, i just want to tell you
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good times. peace out. later. >> reporter: peace out is slang these days for good-bye. >> there's a heavy saying at the end. >> it was all in past tense. it sort of bothered me how he said we've had good times. he was always quiet, but you could see there was that passion in him. he did care. he was always an observer. especially around the time he started getting mentally ill. >> well, much more on scott's interview with loughner's friends coming up on 60 minutes that airs right here on cbs 5 immediately after this newscast. checking in on the bay area headlines, one of two bank robbery suspects has been identified as anthony positive rose. he was arrested after a short chase that ended in dow. a second suspect was found dead
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in a backyard. even though gun fire was exchanged, police are not saying if the second suspect died from police bullets or his own. the gang rape case will head back to court. this time the alleged victim is bringing civil charges against the defendants, since the former da rejected the criminal case. the men rejected to settle the case for $9 million. the new da says he'll be watching the case carlosly -- closely to see if any new evidence comes to light. airline passenger -- year to year, overall traffic was down. a licensed to to kill is
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ruffling feathers. the biggest problem, they walk across the fairways and leave droppings. the country club's homeowner association got a permit to shoot 75 turkeys by march first. some say it's inhumane. what may be moving in that has local leaders upset. they serve the public what they want the public to have. and pg&e's operations under fire again with the utilities slashing pressure on its pipelines. a lot of sunshine in part of the bay area, but the fog is forming again and going to be thick tonight. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,
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of land from nummi. many in fremont do not want a rail yard in their neighborhood. pg&e admits it has been spiking pressure for years. it has people wondering if it contradicted to the explosion in san bruno in november. the utility is offering few answers. they are a bunch of thieves. >> he's one of many in san bruno still not happy with pg&e four months after the disaster. >> they're supposed to be a public utility. they serve the public what they want the public to have. and the now reports that the pipe may have been weakened because pg&e occasionally spiked pressure to the maximum level, something they've been doing for seven years on at least ten other pipes in
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california. >> surprised and afraid. >> reporter: jerry hill wants them to release those locations. >> i think the quicker and sooner they're required to let us know where those pipes are located and if necessary reduce the gas pressure in those pipes. >> reporter: but pg&e doesn't know where they are. >> we're currently working to verify where they are. whatever information is in our system, we need to make sure that's consistent. >> reporter: one of the major criticisms of pg&e is faulty record keeping. in fact, they didn't even know what type of pipe they had underground here in san bruno. they said it was a seamless pipe, and it turned out it had several seams. >> that leaves us vulnerable and unknowing of whether those conditions could be the same. >> reporter: hill has been pressuring pressuring the state to crack down on pg&e to stop doing the spikes. the alternative, shutting down the pipe for a week which cost
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a half a million dollars per mile. >> we're taking a look at all of our practices to ensure maximum safety. well, the fog just keeps hanging around. lawrence has hour forecast next. plus, late hours at the museum. town.,, [ wheezing breaths ] [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products.
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young museum's it is the hottest ticket in town. this is the final weekend for -- exhibit of post
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impressionist art in paris. and the demand is unprecedented. to accommodate all the art lovers, the museum will be open 17 hours a day from now until tuesday from 7:00 a.m. until midnight. they're sold out. >> i haven't been to the preimpressionist art yet. >> you're way behind. beautiful day once the fog kicked out. >> when the fog lingers, it's hard to get that sunshine going. the temperatures very cool outside. let's take you out there where we're seeing fog beginning to form. you know what, we're seeing some fog forming in the valleys, napa valley, concord. that's really the main concern over the next few days. high pressure building in overhead, you get that strong ridge sitting above us.
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that's the perfect ingredient for fog. we're going to see the dense fog tonight. advisory going into affect at about 11:00 tonight. looks like it should give way to hazy conditions, but it's going to be a variety/of temperatures. only 49 degrees in fairfield, but 64 in fremont. only 52 in concord. there's some of that weather working into the -- even 62 in pacifica. much warmer towards the coast. tomorrow, patchy dense fog early and then 55 in lake tahoe. 52 in yosemite. it's going to stick around for a while now. the jet stream is moving well to the north. it's going to keep us high and try for a while now. we're going the have to deal
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with some mild temperatures and the fog over the next few days. with that in mind, tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., visibility less than a quarter of a mile. be careful. it's lower than that in some parts of the bay area. then in the middle of the morning, it begins to lift and then tomorrow afternoon, hazy sunshine around most of the bay area and then temperatures warming up. towards the coastline near 60- degree there is. san jose, one of the warmer spots. about 62 in fremont. east bay will be the tricky part. the computer models want to warm it up. about 63 in danville and 61 degrees in berkeley. how about the the north day. will, we're going to try to get you more sunshine. hoping to warm you up to 10 degrees. 66 in santa rosa and 56 degrees
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at stinson beech. the story is going to be the fog forming over the next few days and into the weekend. by the way, martin luther king, jr. holiday tomorrow. get out and enjoy a little fog tomorrow. lots of hazy sunshine as we head to the afternoon, especially towards the bay and the coastline. back to you. well, some reminders about martin luther king, jr. day festivities. the freedom train will leave at 9:30 a.m., stopping in sunnyvale, palo alto and san francisco. once in san francisco, the riders can attend the mlk event. schools, government offices, banks, post offices, there will be no mail delivery.
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all right. dennis is here because we're starting to figure out what's going top with the super bowl. >> you looked at the golden state warriors playing at 1:00 tomorrow. >> i did not know that. >> the warriors and net wills play at 1:00. >> i'll talk to my producer. >> can the 8-9 seahawks continue their run in chicago. ? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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forth..the jets and patriots finally got to decide it "on the " after a week of throwing insults back and forth, the jets and patriots finally decided to take care of business on the field. talk about the nfl's odd couple, bill belichick and rex ryan. harris intercepts brady. he beats brady. if he had not run out of oxygen, he would have scored. it's the first interception thrown by brady in 340 passes, but the jets did not get a touchdown on that turn over. then, ladainian tomlinson from sanchez. touchdown, 7-3 jets. patriots, far too many miscues today. they gamble. -- takes his eye off the football. fumbles it. he recovers. look at the field position there. bell check, that's a horrible,
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horrible gamble. four plays letter, sanchez to edwards, that's a touchdown. 14. -3 jets. 2nd half, with 20 seconds left in fact 3rd quarter, brady finds crump her. the pats convert. it's a jets lead. then caught tri-flies down the field for a 58-yard game. patriot fans are stunned. then it got real quiet. sanchez in the shotgun lobs one to santonio holmes where only the receiver can get it. he's in. it's 21 to 11. patriots get the field goal to cut the lead to 7, but the jets didn't let them get closer. the jets beat the patriots to advance to the afc championship for the second year in a row. >> we believe in ourselves.
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the same old jets going to the afc championship two years in a row. the only difference is we plan on winning this one. we're not fearing anybody. we came here on a mission, and we're trying to win a super bowl. >> so sunday at 3:30, it will be the jets from steel city. seahawks may have been the first game to reach the playoffs with a losing record, but no team looked better, now at 8-9, seatal was one win away from a .500 record and a trip to host the nfc championship. the only thing that stood in the way was bears. snow flurries at soldier field, not good signs for the visitors. olson beat -- on coverage. 58-yard score. 7-0, chicago on top. now, the bears lost at home to the seahawks during the regular season. no repeat performance today. chester taylor to make it 21-0
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at the half. cutler did not turn the ball over. he was also making plays with his feet. he rushed more than anyone on the seahawks. he takes in a touchdown to make it 28-0. this game was over. seattle actually showed signs of life in the 4th quarter, but cutler had the answer. bears in seattle, season, 35-24 is the final and they advance to the nfc title game. >> it's most disappointing because it's so hard to get here, and it's not automatic we're going to get here again, to get this far along, but we've learned a lot and grown a lot. >> it doesn't get any better, as i see it, than for the nfc championship to come down to the packers coming down on our turf this time. the packers and bears to finish it up, that's how it should be. >> next sunday it will be another classic bears-packers battle. each team won once during the
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regular season. the home team winning each time. it's noon at soldier field. >> women's basketball. cal with a 57-48 loss to the husband -- huskyies. -- reggie williams is on game day tonight. he's the warriors' sixth man off the bench and proving valuable in that role. >> okay. 11:00 tonight. >> yeah. >> he did it enthusiastically, the man that tackled the shooter describes the shooting. he tried to keep the shooting -- held down. and the golden globes, we're going to show you who some of
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those winners are. before we go, another foggy, cool week? >> looks luke it, dense fog about midnight, very dangerous driving conditions. some visibility less than a quarter of a mile. >> and when we get a break, the fog comes in again. >> right. >> okay. 60 minutes is next. we'll see you at 11. show: su good-night. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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